My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 39  
One love lost

I was there the day Jason came to break up with Joey. He'd been home about a week and healing nicely. Mostly he was just bored but between me, Buster and Joe we'd kept Joey entertained and sexually Jason had been noticeably absent since running away that day, but Joey never talked about him even though it was obvious he was hurt by his abandonment.

James however came almost every day and through him we learned of Jason's day to day activities. Little did we know then that those activities included his spending almost all his free time with James, but we would soon learn that and more. It's hard to believe that Jason lived just next door and still managed to elude us most of the time. Of course I wasn't going to go looking for him, though Buster threatened to a couple of times, but you'dve thought we would have accidentally bumped into one another at some point.

Joe however was at Joey's side almost every waking minute and often slept over on weekends on a cot mom set up near Joey's bed. All the bad things we had ever thought about Joe disappeared like cake on a fat boy's plate and we gladly welcomed him back into our little family. I think Joe's sweetness and attention was what kept Joey's mind off Jason most of the time, but we all knew his absence was bothering him more than he let on.

 It was Saturday and Joe had spent Friday night with us but his dad had picked him up around noon to take him car shopping. Joe's dad wanted a new car and he had promised Joe that he could help him pick one out and though he was reluctant to leave my little brother, Joey insisted he go and take pictures and bring them back for us to see. He had only been gone a few minutes when Jason showed up.

He was taller these days and had that peach fuzz looking hair over his lip and his braces were long since gone. He was still cute, but more mature looking than us other boys and even through my anger I still found him sexy. He looked as if he had been crying and his mask was one of pain and indecision, but he was determined to see Joey that day and despite all our feelings, we agreed.

"Do you want me to stay?" I asked Joey seeing the mixture of hurt and joy on his face.

"Do you mind Jas?" Joey asked sweetly.

I don't think Jason wanted me there but he wasn't about to deny Joey anything at this point and I was glad, because I just new what Jason had come to say would be bad and I wanted to be there for my little bro.

"It's fine, I won't stay too long...I uh, I'm really sorry I didn't come sooner, but I...I been sort of messed up lately...actually ever since...ever since the, uh...the accident," he said not meeting either of our eyes, "see...I sort of felt like it was my fault..and I guess in a way it was...but see James, well he made me see that it was just a terrible accident and we both sort of well...helped each other get through the rough spots."

I wanted to scream, "What about Joey? Who was here to help him through the rough spots?...Joe of course and Buster and me." but I held my tongue, I was afraid to start for fear I'd light into him and scare him off before he could finish and I wanted this to be over.
    "See...well, me and James...we," he sighed deeply and I could see him shaking physically and I wanted to go over and hug him, but my loyalties were with my little bro and I wasn't going to comfort the enemy yet, "We...didn't plan just sort of happened...I mean he didn't even know he...that he...he liked guys..but now...."

Oh my God, him and James had been kicking it while my little brother had been laying there in bed and wondering where his sorry ass was. I was ready to kick some ass and I was glad for once that Buster wasn't there, because it would have already been over with if he had heard this crap.

I watched Joey, trying to judge his reaction but his face showed nothing. I did notice him making a fist with his good hand and I wondered if I should move in and make sure he didn't hurt himself trying to punch his two timing bf in the nose (or nuts).

"Oh...God, I'm so sorry," Jason said then ruined all my anger by starting to bawl like a baby. 

He fell to his knees beside the bed and sobbed on poor Joey's good leg and then the most amazing thing happened, Joey reached down and began to stroke Jason's hair and shussh him with comforting sounds. He patted the boy and cooed to him even as tears ran down his cute face and I just stood there like a statue, unable to feel or act as I watched this little drama unfold.

Eventually Jason's tears subsided but Joey continued to stroke him and comfort him and I was reminded once again what a special boy my brother is. Even with a broken heart he had comfort for the one breaking his heart. My vision blurred and I realized I had tears in my eyes, I wasn't crying because of Jason though, I was crying at the wonder of my little brother. After all he had been through, now this, and he was taking it with dignity and compassion. I only hoped I could be half as good a person as my little brother some day. 

"It's okay," Joey said in a remarkably calm voice, "I still have Joe, and now you don't have to worry about sharing me any more."

Jason raised his tear-stained face and sniffed back some snot, "I will never forget you, and I will always love you...but I am in love with James and that is a whole different thing. I think you know what I mean...I think you feel that way about Joe, you always have. I always felt it and at first I tried to deal with it, but eventually it got to be too much. I couldn't compete with that kind of love. So...I am setting you free...can you do the same for me?"

Joey nodded, as a single tear ran down his face, "Yes, and I don't want anyone to be hurt or mad about this," he said looking at me sternly, "and we are all still going to be friends...okay?"

Jason nodded then, "You mean...even after what I did, how I still want to be my friend?"

"Yes, I will always love you too, and I don't want to loose you completely. And I love James too, he has been awesome through all this. I guess I kind of knew what was happening. When James would talk about you his whole face lit up."

Now that Joey mentioned it, I had noticed that too. Wow, I didn't know how to feel now. I wanted to be mad and hate Jason and maybe even James too, but not if that hurt my baby brother more. I would do anything for Joey and if this was the way he wanted it, then that was the way it would be.

"I'm just happened. Are you...hate me now?"

"No," my brother said simply, "I could never hate you. I'm glad you found someone to love and who loves you back. I'll be fine, I have Dommie and Buster and most of all Joe, so I will make it just fine."

"You are like the best thing that ever happened to me...until now, and I will never forget you....any of you...but, it might be sort of weird coming around with James and stuff..."

"No, it won't. I one will say or do anything to make you feel bad. Will they Dommie, " he added giving me that pleading look that I could never refuse.

"If my brother says that's the way it will be, then that's how it will be...I promise."

Joey smiled and relaxed a little. Jason stood then and leaned down and kissed Joey on the lips one last time and I walked him to the door. I don't know what he expected from me but he seemed tense and on the defense, as if I might attack him at any moment, and when I laid my hand on his shoulder he jumped a little.

"We've been through a lot, all of us, but I promise you...if this is how Joey wants things then you'll get no grief out of me or Buster....or Joe. I think Joe will actually be relieved. He has always loved Joey and has regretted what happened between them every day since it happened. I've no doubt he will be there for Joey for a very long time." I said, and no truer words were ever spoken. They are still together to this very day.

I surprised Jason by giving him a quick hug which brought on more tears but fortunately, James was waiting for him and he didn't have to drive. I watched as they drove away then quickly went in to help Joey pick up the pieces.

To my surprise Joey was calmly tapping out a message one handed on his laptop.

"What's that?" I asked.

"My diary, today I lost a boyfriend, thought I should write it down so someday I can look back on it and remember how I felt that day."

"And how do you feel?" I asked eying him for some sign of his real feelings.

"In a way it's a relief, in another it's someone took some part of me away, " he shrugged, "you know, sort of like it felt when you and Buster were having problems."

I sat down beside him and bumped heads with him. He leaned in and we kissed. He sighed into my mouth and I felt his breathing speed up. I pulled him to me and he melted against me. I glanced down and saw the tent in his shorts and my eyes flew open wide, the little devil was all horned up over loosing Jason. I let my hand wander down to his crotch and he moaned into my mouth.

"One minute," I said as I got up and locked both doors. 

I returned to his bed and undressed him and myself and climbed into bed with him. Because of his two casts and I had to be careful but I managed to get us into a 69 position and we gobbled each other's hard cock down and began slurping noisily. Again I was glad Buster wasn't there because I didn't want to share my little brother with anyone at that moment. Man he tasted good and his cock was so familiar and just the right size. You know now that I think about it, I think that brother empathy that we shared allowed us to feel each other's sexual feelings as well, because it seemed like I could actually feel my own mouth on my cock.

We must've sucked each other for a half hours while playing with each others' nuts and finally fingering each other's tight wet holes and when we came we blasted into each other's mouth and then just laid there in each other's mouth as we recharged our batteries. 

I wanted Joey to fuck me and I wanted to fuck his feet. It was tricky but I managed to get my ass in the right place and Joey did the rest. He was like a dog in heat and I was his bitch as he pounded me roughly, probably pretending my ass was Jason's and when he came he was cussing and pulling at my hair, but I didn't mind. Hell, I loved it. I had made him forget all about his loss and what better way than to show him he was still loved and needed by someone?

Fortunately the cast didn't cover Joey's foot and that foot was not in pain so I positioned myself at the end of the bed and went after them. God, I cannot describe how awesome that felt to rub my cock against his soft feet using my own cum as lube. I must've set a new world's record for distance as my cum shot out and hit the curtain over Joey's bed. He laughed his ass off and I knew everything would be okay despite what had just happened with Jason. 


As time went by we saw less and less of Jason and eventually James too, but just like Joey and I had promised, no one ever made either of them feel bad about their love. They eventually moved in together when Jason turned 17. His parents accepted James easily into the family and being as progressive and open-minded as they were, had no trouble setting Jason free. 

Joe and Joey became stronger lovers than they had ever been before, closer maybe than even Buster and me, and the four of us had lots of great times together in and out of bed. 

While Joey recovered he was visited by all our friends and occasionally we'd have a few of them sleep over and we had some fun times then. Aaron was one of those overnight guests and he and Buster renewed their friendship with my blessings. I was over being jealous and I knew that Buster kept no secrets from me. If either of us wanted to mess around with someone else, all we had to do was tell the other one and it was cool. We still have that kind of relationship though these days we are pretty much content to spend our time in each other's company. 

Our love grew stronger with each day and life seemed golden for the four of us. Joe's folks and my folks finally got it through their heads that Joe and Joey were more than just friends, but just as they had accepted Buster and me, they accepted the salt and pepper couple Well, who couldn't love my little brother. Joe's folks already did and Heaven knows my folks loved Joe too, so it was only natural that things went as they did.

Joey recovered quickly with our help when it came time for physical therapy and sex is good exercise so he got a lot of exercise. By Christmas he was good as new and the memory of the accident had pretty much faded from our lives. But once in a while the story of Joey's 7 minutes in Heaven would get retold and to this day I still get goose bumps hearing and reliving it.

My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 40
LIfe if like an hourglass

The years sped by like cars on the highway and we found ourselves turning 16 and eager to get our first set of wheels. Buster and I had both taken Driver's Ed in school and passed our driving test  the first time. My dad had promised me a car for graduation, but I was trying to sell him on the idea of getting it now so I could drive Buster and me to High School. So far I hadn't convinced him, but I thought he was weakening.

If Buster was a fox before, at 16 he was a God. His stomach was like a washboard and he had a full six pack and that little trail of hair from his navel to his pubes that women called the Path to Paradise, and all the girls were crazy for him, but of course by then most everyone knew he belonged to me. 

I wasn't quite as buff as Buster, but I was slim and wiry with a swimmer's body and though I lacked that trail leading into my pants I was pretty sexy Joey was still a beautiful boy and looked younger than 14 but he had grown some and his feet were now size 10's. Of course that didn't stop me from having my way with them, there was just more to love now and love them I did, as often as possible.

Joe had always been a sexy boy and now as a teen he was drop dead gorgeous and packing 7" of ebony fury in his pants. He was strong and handsome and a natural born leader. He was class president that year and was busy with that a lot, but he still managed to spend a good deal of time in Joey's 

If Joe had been old enough to drive I have no doubt his folks would've bought him some exotic sports car, but Buster and I weren't that lucky. I did manage to talk my mom into letting me use her car on her days off or when she went in late but it just wasn't the same.

My mom's car was actually a Dodge mini-van and it was sort of embarrassing to drive it at first, then when I started filling it with our friends at lunch time, I was glad I had it. We called it the Dude Bus, but sometimes we even brought a girl or two along and we always had a good time. Some of our best friends were straight, but they accepted us and even defended us if on the odd occasion  someone stepped out of line and said something bad about us. Even our teachers accepted us for the most part, though it was a stretch for some, like Mr. Barry the football coach, so Buster and I were pretty much out at school.

One day I gathered up our usual gang and a girl named Becky and drove us to Pizza Hut for lunch. They had an all you can eat buffet which was good since we only had 45 minutes to eat and we loaded up our plates and pulled some tables together and sat down to eat. 

Becky was a cheerleader and very pretty. Even a gay boy like me could see how pretty she was and she was nice too. One of the guys, Danny had a crush on her, but he didn't think he had a chance with her because he was not one of the jocks. He was kind of chubby and though very smart he didn't rub it in anyone's face. He was cute, and if he'd been gay or even curious Buster and I both said we'dve given him a go, but as it was we were just good friends and I think he confided in us because he figured we understood being on the outside.

That day Becky was sitting between Buster and Danny and though she was paying a lot of attention to Buster, she would occasionally look over at Danny and say something causing him to blush. I thought it was so cute, and I was determined to see if I couldn't do a little matchmaking. 

So after that day, every chance we got Buster and I talked up Danny to Becky and finally one day she shook her head and laughed and said, "If you want me to go out with him just ask. I think  he's sweet, but a little shy. If you can get the little mouse to ask me himself I might just say yes."

I invited Danny over that Friday after school and though he had been over a few times before he seemed to know something was up. We took him up to my bedroom and played video games for a while and then we dropped the bomb.

"Becky thinks you're sweet," I said suddenly and he stopped playing and stared at me as if I was crazy.

"That's not funny," he sulked, "you know I like her, don't tease me about that."

"Swear to God, she said that. Didn't she Buster?"

"Absolutely, and she said if we could...and I quote: "Get the little mouse to ask me out, I just might say yes"."

"Holy shit, are you serious?" he said causing me and Buster to crack up. We had never heard him use that kind of language before.

"Yeah, and it's about time you got laid," Buster teased.

"Shut up! Becky isn't like that," Danny said surprising us again. Boy did he have it bad.

"Calm down killer. First things first, let's just get you a date." I said trying to inject some reason into the situation.

"What do I say? Where would we go? How would I get there?" he rattled off excitedly, "Naw...I can't do way."

"Relax, you just get her to say yes, we'll handle the rest," I said laying a hand on his shoulder. He didn't flinch like some straight guys do and I noticed that he felt warm and solid and I got a little aroused.

So we spent the rest of the evening coaching our boy on what to say and what would go down once she said yes. All he had to do was get the date and Buster and I would be his chauffeurs for the evening. We watched a movie then and pigged out but I noticed Danny didn't eat as much as he usually did and I smiled. He wanted to look good for his date.

At bed time I made Danny a pallet in the floor as usual and Buster and I shared my bed. We usually didn't do anything too noisy when we had him over but that night I was so horny I couldn't keep my hands and lips off Buster.

"I can hear you guys," Danny chuckled.

"Sorry," I said coming up for air, "Want us to go to the bathroom?"

"Naw...I don't care. Anyway it's kind of.....well, exciting I guess. I mean I never really did anything before so I guess anything would be cool at this point," he muttered.

Buster sat up and gave me with that WTF look and I shrugged. Danny had never even remotely hinted that he was curious about gay boy stuff.

"Well, come on up here and get a better look," Buster teased.

"I better not," he mumbled, it sounded like his head was under the covers or something.

That was as close as we'd ever got to seducing Danny and suddenly I realized why? We had never really pushed it. We had just assumed he was completely straight because of his thing for Becky and we didn't want to mess things up for him. Now, I wasn't sure. It seemed strange now that he was so close to getting what he had wanted for so long he was giving in and I wasn't sure what we should do at this point. Fortunately as usual Buster took the lead. 

"You know any experience is good experience when it comes to sex," Buster said soothingly. 

"What do you mean?" Danny said pulling his head out from under the covers.

"Well, it's best if a guy isn't a virgin when he gets with his first girl...and we may not be girls but we know a thing or two about boys," Buster chuckled.

I could hear the wheels in Danny's head whirring away and for a few breathless seconds I thought he might jump up and run away, but instead he got up on his knees and peeked over the bed at us.

"I aint gay," he said lowly, but there was no strength in his words, like most guys he felt he had to put that disclaimer out first to cover himself later.

"So, who cares?" Buster said, "Straight, gay,'s all the same. Sex is sex, it's fun and everyone should try it at least once."

"You mean....uh, gay sex, right?"

"Yep, do you think you're the first straight friend we've had this talk with...hell, most don't even talk. They just make sure we know they're willing and we do the rest. Is that how it is with you Danny? Are you willing? Do we need to take over now?"

More silence, as the wheels went round and round in poor Danny's head. Then he let out a huge sigh as if accepting his fate and said, "You can't tell anyone....ever!"

I took over then, "Danny, you know us better than that, we don't tell secrets. Besides, most of our friends think you've already done stuff with us anyway," I added chuckling.

"What! Why! Oh my God, no wonder.....I mean...even Becky?"

"Well, we don't talk to Becky about our sex lives, but I don't think she thinks that. She probably thinks you're too shy for that."

He was leaning on the end of the bed at our feet. Beneath the covers I had my hand wrapped around Buster's hard cock and there was a tent there and Danny was staring at it like it was one of the seventh wonders of the world.

"Want a better look?" Buster asked, and without waiting for an answer he threw back the covers to reveal his 6.5 inches of boy meat with my hand wrapped around it. 

I heard a little gasp from him and he swallowed hard. I wondered if he'd ever seen another boy's dick before and if he was comparing and maybe feeling a little inadequate. Boy did I have a wrong number.

"Can...can I see yours too?" He asked looking over at me.

I had nothing to be ashamed of, my cock was just a hair shorter than Buster's and about the same girth. I pushed the covers down and my boner popped up and I heard that little gasp again.

"You guys are pretty big, but....well, mine is bigger," he said shyly.

"What?" Buster said with enthusiasm, "you don't get to just drop a bomb like that and not back up the claim," he said scooting up a bit causing me to loose the grip on his cock.

"Oh, well...." Danny said and even in the dark I could imagine his face going beet red, "I...guess...but I gotta get it hard first."

"We could help with that," Buster said lustily. He just couldn't wait to get his hands on that forbidden fruit.

"Well...promise you won't get mad if...if I don't like it and want to stop," he sputtered.

"We promise," we both said together then did a pinky swear and laughed.

"Come up here," I said patting the bed between us and slowly Danny crept up and came to rest just inches from mine and Buster's crotches.

"Well, get those undies off," Buster said impatiently.

Danny wore boxers and they were loose which may have explained the fact that until that night we had never seen the outline of the monster that he unleashed then. It was fat and loosely cut and at least 7.5 or 8 inches long. His balls were huge too and I could just imagine how much jizz he must put out and my mouth was watering.

"Damn, boy....where have you been hiding that thing?" Buster giggled, "It's ginormous."

Danny blushed but we could see that he was proud of his endowment even if he was still a little nervous about this whole situation. He was at least three fourths hard and as Buster reached out and gave his cock a feel it plumped to full glory and it was our turn to gasp.

"Oh God Danny, you gotta let us suck that," I pleaded. But what I really wanted was to have it up my butt. I had become a bit of a bitch-slut-whore lately and loved getting fucked.

"Well...." he said covering his eyes with his hand and looking so cute, "I guess that would be okay."

"Okay? Okay? Hell it would be a dream come true," Buster said excitedly, "and you are going to love it."

We made a place for Danny between us on the bed and he laid there on is back while Buster and I fondled his junk and if his reaction was any indication of  how he felt about it I knew we didn't have to worry about him asking us to stop any time soon.

His dick was leaking like crazy and I just had to have a taste so I stuck out my tongue and ran it across is piss slit and he began moaning and clawing at the covers. Buster joined in then and the two us had a tongue duel over his cock head and shaft. Danny was squirming and bucking up and clawing at us and the covers as he moaned like a cheap whore so I was pretty sure he liked

I left Buster to work on his cock while I turned my attention to those bull balls of his and he nearly came up off the bed. I pushed his legs up and I caught the scent of his virginal butt hole and nearly came on myself. I tried like crazy to get my tongue in there but he just wouldn't cooperate so I left it and went back to his balls and eventually helped Buster prepare him for what was to come.

As bad as I wanted him up my butt, I was afraid that might be too intense for his first time, so Buster and I took turns sucking his horse cock while the other worked on his nuts. I was lucky enough to get the prize when he finally came producing about a gallon of creamy boy jizz, but I shared it with Buster by kissing him and then we laid down on either side of Danny and waited to see how he felt after the loving was over.

He closed his eyes and covered them with his arm and we could hear his rapid breathing and I swear I heard his heart beating too, but it was probably just my own blood coursing through my ears from my own excitement. I wanted to get off and soon but I didn't want to take away from what Danny had just experienced. There would be time for my nut later.

"Oh God, you guys...." he moaned softly, "is it always that.....intense?"

"It is with us, but we're experts," Buster teased.

"I feel like my nuts are inside out," Danny chuckled, "but it's a good feeling."

"See....I knew you'd like it. And it didn't turn you gay or anything...did it?" I teased.

"Nah, I still want to nail Becky," he admitted then blushed, "I mean make love to her."

Buster and I laughed, "You go boy, we'll teach you all you need to know about getting some poontang."

"First thing you need to learn is how to fu...I mean make love," I said grinning. I had a plan to get that ass fucking after all.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked with interest despite the fact that he was still swimming in post orgasmic bliss.

"Fucking is fucking," Buster said harshly, "my boy Dommie is as better than a girl at it."

"You the butt?" Danny said sounding a little disgusted, "isn't that dirty. Don't ya get poop on you?"

"Not if the boy is clean, and my boy is the cleanest. He loves big one too, don't ya Dommie?"

It was my turn to blush, but I was going to be honest anyway, "Yeah, and the minute I saw that big cock of yours my butt started twitching for it. I promise you if you do this one thing for me, I will love you forever," I  begged like the little bitch that I was.

"Now?" He asked sounding unsure, "I just came so hard I can't move."

"No, not now, first me and Buster want to fool around. Maybe you could watch and then when you're ready....." I quickly suggested.

He relaxed immediately and I knew it was already a done deal. He was as curious as I was horny and before the night was over I would have that wonderful, beautiful, huge cock up my ass.

Dannny and I swapped places and he rolled onto his side and watched as Buster and I kissed and ground our hard cocks together. I sat on his chest next and fed him my cock and he took it like a man as I face fucked him filling his throat with my patented boy He gobbled it all down and pushed me down on his hard cock and I rode him like a boy on a hobby horse until he exploded deep inside me. 

I noticed Danny was fondling himself as he watched and by the time we were finished he was rock hard again. I smiled over at him and he blushed but I could see the excitement in his eyes as I climbed off Buster.

"Be right back," I said excusing myself to the bathroom to get rid of Buster's load before taking Danny's.

I met my baby brother in there as he was taking a piss and he looked up sleepily and gave me a 'what's up' look.

"You won't believe me, but ask me tomorrow," I said grinning.

He shrugged and went back to bed. He slept a lot those days and we didn't have him in my bed as often as we used to, but I knew Joe kept him pretty busy.

I guess Danny thought I'd ride his cock like I had rode Buster's but I had other plans and when I fell onto my back he looked confused. I raised my legs then and with some coaching and a little spit from Buster's mouth as he prepped Danny's big cock, he soon got the idea.

I had been with a few boys with big dicks but none quite as thick as Danny so it took me a little while to adjust but when I did he sank in almost at once until he was bottomed out and his pubes were tickling my balls.

It might have been his first fuck, but let's face it, fucking is instinctive. I guess it's embedded in our genes to fuck and make babies but of course we weren't making babies, just fucking...and boy was it a good fuck.

Danny took to fucking like some people take to swimming and soon he was pounding me for all it was worth as my poor little ass bounced all over the bed. My hero Buster was kissing me and loving on me as Danny abused my hole, and then I pulled Danny down and made him kiss me and we found something else he was good at. If he kissed Becky like that he'd have her naked on the back seat of that mini-van in no time

Since he had come so hard only a short time ago Danny was able to last for at least 20 minutes as he brutally assaulted my poor little ass, me loving it and begging for more the whole time. When he came he leaned down and kissed me deeply and I swear I heard him mumble "I love you," but it could have been Buster who said that.

He stayed in me for another five minutes as he kissed me and ran his hands down my body then as his cock began to shrink it slipped out and he rolled onto his back and sighed deeply. Buster moved in and began to rub my tummy and soon I was super hard again and he took me in his mouth and got me good and slippery then fell onto his back and I fucked him as Danny watched in amused surprise.

"I didn't know you both did that," he said later after we had cleaned up and were preparing to settle down to sleep.

"Dommie likes it best, but I like it too," Buster explained. It feels good, you should try it sometime."

I expected Danny to refuse that suggestion with righteous indignation but instead he looked thoughtful and said, "Only if they have a small dick."

We all laughed at that and then we settled down to sleep only this time we let Danny sleep on the bed with us. It was a tight squeeze and we were touching most of the night, but that only made it that much better. I woke about 3 that morning and got up to pee and felt myself drawn to Joey's bed. 

He was tossing and mumbling and obviously having a bad dream so I laid down beside him and held him till he relaxed. His eyes slowly opened and when he saw me he smiled sweetly and I kissed his face.

"Have a bad dream?"

"Uh huh, it was about...about the accident and dying and all..."

I kissed his sweet face again and he sighed, "Shhh, it's okay. I'll stay with you. Danny can keep Buster company," I said gently.

"Huh, you it finally?"

I nodded, "Yeah, wanna hear all about it?"

Joey nodded enthusiastically and I told him the story of how Danny had lost his virginity to Buster and me.

"Cool, think he'd want to do stuff with me and Joe?" Always looking for more fun, my baby brother.

I laughed, "He made us promise not to tell so you'll have to seduce him on your own, but as cute as you are that should be easy."

He batted his eyes at me and smiled coyly, "Like this?"

I hugged him close and I knew even as tired as I was I was going to make love to my baby brother. Those feet that had started it all four years ago were calling for me and I couldn't wait to taste and feel them once more. There was nothing better than that familiar and loved feeling and those golden times of my 16th year were some of the best of my life.

End of Chapter 40

As our boys grow older their ideas and attitudes may change but their love for one another and those around them only becomes stronger. It is a time of discovery and making new friends, of experiencing new things and of sharing with those they love best. Their lives are golden but not without trials and tribulations, but it is how they overcome those that makes them who they are. As we move forward, we will see some old friends move on and new ones fill that void in our young lovers' lives. Their lives are like a tapestry, golden and ever changing but impossible to hold taking them forward through their lives as they hang on for dear life.

Thanks again to all my dedicated readers and to those new readers who may have stumbled upon my little story and paused to read it. I hope it has made you feel something, whether it be sadness, love, joy, or laughter for my ultimate goal is to evoke something from you,  the reader. May your life be as exciting as filled with love as those you read about.

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