My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 41  
Life aint so easy, even for me.

You know bein a brother is tough enough but being a brother with rich folks is even tougher. Yeah I know, you're probably thinkin "Oh, boo hoo..poor little rich brother crying cause no one understands him" but it aint that way. I know I'm lucky and I aint complainin, just sayin, it aint as easy as you think.

Kids at school, especially the other brothers, treat me different for one thing. I aint included in a lot of the stuff that say for instance a regular brother might be. Like shootin hoops. Yeah, I know that's a stereotype, but I love hoops and I'm pretty fly at it. That's why it's whack that the other brothers don't always let me play. Sure there are a few, like Andre and Jamal who are like my best buds (besides Joey and his bunch of course) who hang out with me and we shoot hoops and do stuff, but I might as well be white as far as most of the brothers are concerned.

I don't try to act no different and I sure don't flaunt what I got but somehow I get dissed for it anyway. That's why when I met Joey and we hit it off so well that I knew I had to get over that stuff and just move on. I know I don't deserve Joey, you probably are thinkin the same thing, but we love each other. Yeah, even though I was a total dick and dropped him, I always had this hole in my heart where he used to be. And damn if he didn't feel the same about me. Then when he got with Jason I thought I was gonna die. Yeah, it hurt so bad that I almost lost my mind, but I'm tough and I didn't let it show even though Joey coming over was a constant reminder of what I had lost.

When they invited me to the party that time I figured it was to mess with me, and I even wondered if I wasn't setting myself up for some more heartache, but it turned out it was the best thing could've happened to me. Even if I had to share Joey with Jason, it was worth it just to have him back in my life. 

I tried not to hurt Jason's feelings but I couldn't help but show Joey how I felt and it was pretty obvious after a while that Joey was still sprung for me too. Jason didn't know it but there were times when me and Joey got together without him, usually at my house but even a few times at his house and we felt kind of guilty but we just couldn't help it. I love that boy more than anyone in the whole world and I believe he loves me that way too.

Dommie and Buster were cool too. I mean besides Joey I love those two crackers with all my heart. Yeah, I love them too. Those guys accepted me for what I was and never treated me like a black kid or a rich kid, they just treated me like an equal and I love em for it. It is so cool that they are in love and I never seen two boys more right for each other (cept for me and Joey) and it hurt me when they had that little break up and that it was Jason then too causing all the grief made it even worse when it came to me and Joey.

Then Joey got hit by the car and I thought he was gonna die and I just knew that if he did, I would die too. I tried not to show how much it hurt and how scared I was, but I was a total mess. My folks threatened to take me to a shrink if I didn't talk to them so I opened up and let it all out and you know what? It helped. My folks are like the coolest adults in the world and they totally understood what I was going through. It was then that I finally came out to them and I was shocked when they said they had known for a long time. 

My mom laughed and said she could see it in my eyes and in Joey's and in the way we acted when when we were together, and when Joey got  hurt it was even more apparent. I cried for the first time in a long time, but it helped and I managed to get through it and be there for my angel. When he was recovering I was there for him every  minute. I used to sleep next to him, but some nights I'd sneak into his bed and we'd make love. I had to be real gentle and creative, but he was starved for my lovin and I was starved for my angel Joey so we made it work. 

Don't matter if you like me or not. Don't matter is you're racist or just a hater, Joey chose me and I chose him and we are together. So get over it and move on. There I said it. Now let's move on.

One good thing about having rich folks is they tend to spoil their kids rotten. Me, I aint rotten, but I do get spoiled a lot and when they offered to buy me a new car for my 17th birthday I could've said I wanted some expensive sports car but I decided I had enough trouble as it was so I went a different route. 

Instead of a Jag or a Vet, I had my dad buy me a four year old Honda Civic hatchback. Sure it was cherry and had some killer wheels and a dope sound system with kickers but it was more like the kind of car a regular kid would have and I loved it.

It was white with red stripes and star mags and a spoiler and Joey loved it as much as I did. Dommie was a little jealous at first but for his birthday his folks bought him a Ford Ranger Edge and he was in love all over again. It was bright yellow with blue stripes and aluminum wheels and him and Buster installed a new sound system and kickers in the back and it was as dope as my Civic. 

I guess Buster's folks didn't consider getting him a car because they figured he'd be riding with Dommie all the time anyway, but he still wanted wheels of his own and so he got a job at a pizza place and saved 500 bucks and his dad helped him out some and he bought a while Dodge Neon that was in pretty good shape. It needed some fixing up but Buster was really good at that kind of thing and before too long he had it looking good.

Joey and I still weren't officially out at school or with his folks but we pretty much knew that everyone knew or at least had there suspicions but we didn't advertise it. We went everywhere together and when Joey turned 16 I let him use my car to take his driver's test and then we took turns driving.

It was late summer that year Joey turned 16 and we had just pulled around the Dairy Queen and were headed back down the loop that all the kids drove, when we saw Dommie and Buster in Dommie's truck heading our way. We honked and they motioned for us to follow them so Joey made a u-turn in the Walmart parking lot and took off after them.

We caught up with them at the next light and Joey pulled up  beside them. Buster yelled out the window to follow them and when the light changed Joey pulled in behind em and we were off. They drove on out of town and pretty soon I knew where we were headed....the lake.

I knew even before we got there what they had in mind. After all even though we were gay, we were still teenagers and experiencing all the normal stuff teenager do. Of course we were a little bit more responsible than most teens, maybe because of what we had been through, but we were still curious about certain things. One of them was alcohol.

Sure we'd copped a beer here and there and got a little buzz, but as far as I knew none of us had even been drunk...until that night. I don't know where Buster got the beer but when we got to the lake I discovered he had a cooler full of 6 point Bud. It was ice cold and oh so good and before I knew it I had drunk like four of them.

Back then I was about 5"8 and 125 pounds so you can imagine how hard that beer hit when it hit. I know a lot of guys are mean drunks and some are just stupid, but I discovered when I was drunk I was a freaking sex maniac.

I've heard that some guys who drink too much can't get it up, but not me. I had all 7" of my hard meat pushing at my fly and I was all over Joey in a bout a minute and a half. Dommie and Buster were laughing but they were playing nasty too so it was all good.

I ripped Joey's clothes off and we were in the back of the pickup on a blanket Dommmie brought doing the nasty when we got a visitor. I was all up in Joey's butt when I heard a car drive up and the next thing I knew I heard a car door slam and I just froze.

"Well, well...what we got here?...some queers and a nigger," I heard someone say in a southern drawl.

"Holy shit, Nathan...that nigger is fuckin that white boy in the ass. He's rapin that white boy...and you know what we should do to a nigger rapist don't ya?" Some one else said.

"Don't look like that boy is protestin too much..I think he's just queer for the nigger. And look at them two over there, naked and hard as a piece of stove wood. I think we go us four homos here...Larry...that's just sick," the first guy said spitting on the ground in disgust.

Up until then we hadn't said a word but Buster finally managed to find his tongue and as usual he wasn't taking no shit from anyone.

"You cow fuckers need to go on back to the farm and leave us the hell alone. What we do is our business and if you call my friend the n word again you and me gonna have some real problems."

I unwound myself from Joey and covered him with the blanket and shimmed down off the truck bed, with my dick leadin the way, "Yeah, you little dick mother fuckers..who you callin a nigger?" I said all tough like.

I didn't expect the right cross that came next and before I could recover Buster was all over the guy who hit me and Dommie was right behind him. Joey was up out of that pickup bed and jumping into the mess, God bless his white ass, and as soon as I quit seein stars I joined in.

Turns out those two rednecks talked a lot tougher than they fought and we kicked their asses and they turned and ran like the chicken shits that they were. We picked up rocks and belted their beat up old pickup, but I doubt you could tell where we hit it cause it was already a piece of shit but it felt good to do it anyway.

We were too fired up to get back to the loving and too drunk to drive home yet so we went skinny dipping instead. Big mistake.

My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 42

The water was cold and refreshing and I began to feel myself sobering up some and Joey was horny again so we started playing  grab ass then feeling each other up. I guess Dommie and Buster were doing the same thing too cause we were all  too busy to notice the car lights or hear the engines of the two pickups that pulled up next to Dommie's truck a  few hundred feet up the bluff.

Joey and I were kissing when the first shot hit the water a few feet to the left of us. At first I didn't know what it was then I realized someone was shooting at us. I told Joey to dive and swim as far out as he dared and then head upstream and I was right behind him. I heard Dommie shout then a loud splash, some laughing, then another shot but it was farther out and I didn't hear it splash. 

You know how in movies and stuff they make it look like things are moving in slow motion? Well, that's the way it seemed that night as I dived under the water and swam after Joey. Damn even in the face of death that boy's ass was soooo fine and I was oogling it as I swam up behind him. I had a freaking hard on and it was like a rudder keeping me on a straight path the whole way.

We swam till our lungs were ready to burst then popped our heads up and the mother fuckers shot at us again. They had been moving down the bank as fast as we swam and when our heads cleared the water the hillbilly-deliverance-butt fucking redneck mother fuckers tried to pick us off. I heard Buster cussing up a blue streak then another shot rang out and I heard a different kind of noise. It was sort of a thud then someone screamed and I went cold all over.

It was me that screamed, cause I just got shot in the BUTTOCKS. Yeah, the mother fuckers shot me in my gorgeous ass. I guess the sound of my screaming scared them cause I heard one of em say, "Oh shit. I think I killed that nigger. Man, I never meant to hit him..just scare him...oh fuck. I don't want to go back to prison...."

Back to prison? Shit the guy was an ex-con? What did he have to loose? He might as well kill us all as to go to jail for wingin a black boy in the ass. I was scared shit-less about then and I don't mind admittin it. Joey was by my side in a heart beat and crying but I told him it was okay, just a little flesh wound in the butt. It hurt like hell and the water was making it sting worse but I felt with my hand and I could tell the bullet just grazed me and wasn't lodged in me or anything. I tried to remain calm but suddenly I felt light headed and just before I passed out I felt someone grab me and start pulling me to shore.

I was pretty sure it wasn't Dommie or Buster and I knew for sure it wasn't Joey cause he was screaming the whole time for whoever it was to get their damn hands off me but whoever it was I figured they were either saving my life or killing me.

I woke up to the sight of Joey's sweet face looking all worried and I smiled at him and he leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I heard someone make an ughh sound then Dommie and Buster were there and I figured things were okay.

Someone else was there but so far I couldn't see them and then suddenly he stepped into view and I was shocked out of my mind. It was one of the guys from earlier, not the spitter but the other guy and he looked white as a sheet.

"You okay boy?" he said and I was about to light into him for calling me boy, but the way he said it wasn't mean or anything so I let it slide.

"No thanks to you and your racist friend. You could've killed us," I yelled.

"I know, I'm real sorry. I didn't mean hurt anyone...I just wanted to scare you," the guy said sounding scared himself.

"Even if you hadn't shot us, we could've drowned you moron...what if we hadn't been able to swim. Ever think of that?"

"No...I uh, I said I'm sorry. aint gonna call the police are you?" he begged making a long 0 out of the o in police.

"Give me one good reason why we shouldn't?" It was Buster saying that.

"Cause...uh..well, I...see....I did some time for some break ins and well, if I go back I'm looking at some serious time. You don't know what it's like in there...the violence.....the's bad man...."

So was he sayin he got his ass raped in prison?

"Who's gonna pay for my ass being sewed up?" I said trying to keep a straight face.

"I....don't got much money, but I'll pay...some how...I swear...just don't call the police...please. I'm real sorry for what I done and I'll never do it again."

I took a good look at the guy then. He was maybe 25, about my height and a few pounds heavier but he was in good shape and not bad looking if you liked facial hair...which I didn't . His crotch was only a few feet from my face and I gave it good once over. Either he was well hung or glad to see me, because his pants were full of meat. I felt my own cock stir a little then winced with pain as my butt started throbbing again.

"Tell you what mister, today's your lucky day. I'm gonna let you slide, but if I ever hear of you or any of your buddies bothering anyone down here'll be getting your booty plundered every night by some big black guy named Bubba."

"Gee gonna be okay, I wish I could be sure....are you going to the hospital? Can I go to make sure?"

"Why do you care?" I just had to ask.

"I...I don't know, I guess maybe I feel really bad about what I did...and who I run with. But I swear...I aint gonna do this shit no more, no matter what my buddies call me."

"You gotta cell phone?" I asked stupidly. After all he was an ex-con and a redneck to boot.

"Nah...I..don't like those things...sides they're too expensive," he said lowly.

"Come on Joe, let's go," my baby said taking my hand and giving the redneck a searing look.

"In a a minute," I said shaking off his hand, "You planning on following us to the hospital?" I said turning to the guy who shot me.

"If you all'll let me."

"You know you're not supposed to have a damn gun?" Buster snorted, "That's enough to get you back in prison."

"Oh, it wasn't mine, it was Leroy's. I gave it back to him soon as I heard you scream."

Dommie laughed, "Good thinking..let him go to jail instead."

"What're you gonna tell em at the hospital?" Dommie asked, he was the analytical one of our group, "The docs have to report all gun shot wounds to the's a matter of policy."

"Oh shit..shit, shit, shit..." the guy said looking scared again.

"Relax...I aint going to the hospital," I said finally standing, "By the way, I'm Joe...just so you know the name of the kid you shot...the black kid."

"I'm John," he said sticking out his hand then pulling it back as if he had stuck it in a fire.

I stuck my hand out and he slowly moved his toward it but at the last minute I made a fist for a bump and he smiled slowly and met me with his fist. We bumped and then I saw a strange look come over his face. He blushed then lowered his head and began to cry softly.

Joey looked embarrassed, Buster looked curious, but it was Dommie who walked over to him and put his arm around him. He looked at Dommie with confusion then wiped at his eyes.

"You guys..." he choked out, "you got something special...I can see that. Don't matter that it aint...uh, well you know, but I aint go no room to judge. I've done some stuff in my life too."

"Come on Joe, let's go," Joey said again.

"Where are we going?" Buster asked curiously, if not to the hospital?"

"Dr. Barnes, he's our family doctor and a friend. He knows all about me," I said eying John for his reaction.

"Doesn't he have to report it too?"

"I don't think so, because I'm going to him as a friend, not a doctor. Anyway I could just say one of us was playing with a gun and it went off or something. No need to go into details."

"What about your parents?" Dommie asked.

"He won't tell em unless it's serious...I've been to him for stuff like this before."

"You've been shot before?" Joey screeched.

"No silly, but I've been in some fights and got the shit kicked out of me a few times." This was some of the shit I mentioned earlier, see some brothers don't like a rich brother.

Joey frowned, "How come I never knew this before?"

"Cause I was protecting you, and it wasn't nothing I couldn't handle." I knew right away we'd be talking about this later, but for now he just let it slide.

John followed us to Dr. Barnes big house and I rang the buzzer at the gate. He answered right away and opened it for us. We drove in and the gate closed behind us and I wondered how John felt being closed in again.

Dr. Barnes met us at the door and ushered us in but he did give John a curious look. Dr. Barnes is the blackest man I have ever seen and John kept giving him little sideways glances as if he couldn't believe this was all real.

He has an examining room right in his house and he led us there without even asking why we were there. I had Dommie and Buster wait outside with John, but my baby Joey was right by my side the whole time.

"Whoa," Dr. Barnes said checking out my wound, "someone shoot you in the butt, boy?"

I laughed but I knew lying would do no good so I made a joke out of it, "Damn duck hunters, thought I was a black swan or something."

Dr. Barnes chuckled, "Well as long as it wasn't this one who shot your ornery ass. You been good to him lately?"

Joey blushed, he had no idea the doc knew about us, but like I said he was more a friend than a doctor.

"I have. And he's been good to me too. We was meant to be together." I said feeling very happy suddenly. Was it shock?

"Well, good. Enough unhappiness in the world these days..good to see some love even if it's the forbidden kind," he laughed at that and moved over to get some supplies to clean out the wound.

"You've had your tetanus shot, but we need to watch for infection. It's not deep but it did bleed a bit. No need for stitches, I'll just use some butterfly band aids. Does that sting?" he chuckled as I winced when he dabbed the wound with alcohol.

"Like a mofo doc. Sometimes I think you like hurtin people, or at least me."

"Oh man up, it's just a little alcohol. Hmmm...I don't think they'll be any scaring. You can still run around bare-assed naked and no one can tell you were shot," he laughed.

"Very funny, are you done yet?"

He spanked me on the other buttock and chuckled, "Yep, go and be healed," he said then turned to Joey, "Help him keep it clean...the wound..." he chuckled, "and watch for redness and tenderness...let me know if you need anything else."

"That's it? No lecture about safety, no questions about why I got shoot or by who?"

"Whom, and no. If you'd wanted me to know you'd have told me. And what I don't know, I can't tell. So let's just leave it that way. Okay Joseph?"

No one but Doc Barnes ever called me Joseph but I didn't mind. It was his way of making me feel equal and not like a kid.

"Thanks Doc. But just to rest your mind, it's all good. No was just a silly accident."

"I see, and did the older gentleman out front happen to be part of the accident?"

"Sort of, but it's all cool. Well, gotta run Doc....uh, just like always right? Mom and dad don't have to know, right?"

"If I started yackin now, I'd have to tell it all, and where would that put me? We have an understanding Joseph, I am here to fix whatever ails you, no questions asked, and it is strictly between you and I. Now, go take your entourage and go have fun, but no spankings young man..." he laughed, "and stay out of the water till it heals. Come back in a week if it doesn't look 100% better by then."

I hugged the doc and gathered Joey up and we went out to find the others. John was pacing the floor but Dommie and Buster were just sitting on a couch looking sleepy. They jumped up when we came out and we thanked the doc and left.

Outside John thanked us again for not turning his sorry ass in and we piled into our cars and he into his truck and we left. We never saw John again after that day but as far as I know no one ever had trouble at the lake again.

Back at Joey's house I managed to get myself invited to spend the night and of course so did Buster. It was sort of crowded, but I think we liked that and his folks never complained. They were cool with us boys just being boys and didn't try to know what went on behind closed doors. We ate and watched movies and when it was bedtime no one asked who slept where, it was just understood that we'd pair up as usual and after showers we said our good nights and then headed off to Dommie's room to start.

Yeah, we were horny little bastards and a little nick in the ass hadn't slowed me down one bit. We started out really slow that night, kissing and making out then as we got hornier we began to reach out to the others in the room and before long we were swapping tongues all around. I let Buster go down on me cause he loves my dick a lot, but I was saving my seed for my baby Joey so when I got close I shooed him away and began returning the favor. He can come a dozen times so he let me bring him to completion and then he chilled for awhile just snuggling with Dommie while Joey and I made out some more.

My baby Joey has the sweetest little ass in the world and before too long I was licking at his hole and nibbling at his cheeks and he was moaning and wiggling that fine ass and begging me to fuck I did.

He is a perfect fit for me and he loves it so much that most times he comes just from having my dick rub his g-spot in there and that night was like that. I had him flat on his back, his fine smooth legs up high and his ass right there for me to poke as I entered him he let out a little sigh and smiled. I bent down and kissed him and began moving really slow, in and out, as I held his legs up. He is so flexible that I bet he could suck himself if he tried but he don't need to cause there is always someone around willing to do that, even if it's just Dommie.

You probably wonder how I feel about that. Well, see I just think of it like this. Him and Dommie are like one person when it comes to sex. I don't get jealous cause that would be like me getting jealous of Joey's hand when he jerks his meat. They love each other more than any two people in the whole world (maybe even more than Joey and me) and there can't be anything wrong with two people making each other feel that good when they are so in love. I have to admit I envy them their closeness, but I'm not jealous...big difference.

Buster and I have talked about this and Buster doesn't understand why anyone would ever have a problem with it, he says it's just how it is and to think about it is silly. He loves Joey and he loves Dommie and he doesn't care what they do together as long as they leave some for

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Dommie roll Buster onto his side and begin to rub his dick up and down his crack. A few seconds later he spit on his fingers and wet his dick and pushed it in. I heard Buster moan lowly then Dommie began to move against him and it was so hot that I felt my dick throb a few times and I went back to work on Joey's sweet ass.

Joey is amazing because his dick stays hard the whole time he is getting fucked and like I said, he can come without touching it. His cum is just like candy and when he came a few seconds later I reached down and rubbed my fingers in it and licked them off. Mmmmm...sweet. He smiled and closed his eyes and I leaned down and kissed him again, this time deep and long and a few strokes later I began to unload in my baby's hot tight ass. My orgasm was so intense I almost passed out and it was all I could do to not collapse on top of him.

Instead I broke off the kiss and slowly pulled out of his ass causing a soft sucking noise. I looked down, clean as always, and then I began to lick the cum off my baby's soft smooth tummy and chest. I sucked his nipples and he got hard again. Oh my, my baby be sooo horny.

Much as I love making love to my baby, I like him pounding me almost as much. I snuggled up to him and let him rest a minute then I went down and began to lick his nut sack and the base of his cock. His cock was so hard I could see it throb with each beat of his heart and I took it in my mouth and sucked out the last few drops of his delicious honey before climbing on him and sitting on his cock. 

It was my time to moan as Joey slid into me inch by inch until I sat upon his lap, my balls resting against his pubis. He was clean shaven then but I had a short fro down there that I kept trimmed and he said it tickled him. I laughed and threw my head back and began to ride his cock as he reached up and put his soft hands on my hips and held on for dear life. I loved how he felt inside me, but even more I loved knowing I was pleasing my baby. I lived for him those days, and I tried every day to make up for what I had done, but he never mentioned it or threw it in my face, ever, and if that isn't being the better man then I don't know what is. He told me that he always knew I'd be back that we were meant to be together and though he had loved Jason in his own way, that what he felt for me was something totally different.

I guess I sort of knew what he meant, I couldn't think of anyone or anything I wanted more than Joey and I felt like the luckiest boy in the world. Dommie was done with Buster about then, but I was riding Joey for all it was worth. I was going to make it last till he was begging me to make him come.

His soft hands went to my chest and he tugged at one of the two hairs I'd grown there recently and I scolded him, "Don't go pulling my chest hairs out boy."

He giggled, "You mean these pieces of thread?" he said tugging at them again.

"Jealous? I'm glad you're smooth though...mmmm." I said as I ran my hands across his chest, stopping to rub his erect nipples.

That was all it took and a second later he bucked up and began to come inside me. I let him thrust against me and take control and when he settled back down looking blissful but tired I leaned down and kissed him again. He hummed into my mouth and giggled.

I stayed like that till he started to get a little soft, though he seldom ever lost all of his hardness when we were together, and then I rolled off beside him. Buster and Dommie looked sleepy so I gathered Joey up in my arms and helped him into the bathroom. We peed and washed up a bit then went off to his bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Later I woke up with something soft and warm pressed against my crotch and the snake stirred and with a little help from my baby I broke off another piece of that delicious booty. I sucked him off and finally got a belly full of that boy candy and then I was content to sleep the rest of the night away. 

I dreamed of Joey and Dommie and Buster, but it was a weird dream...sort of dislocated and I woke up feeling sort of sad and lonely. My butt was throbbing so I turned it toward Joey and he snuggled up to it automatically and I went right back to sleep. My life wasn't perfect, but it was so much better those days and all my problems seemed small and insignificant compared to before. I loved Joey and he loved me and nothing could change that. We were meant to be, Joey had said it and I knew it was as true as anything I'd ever heard. I remember reaching out to him over and over that night and he was always there for me, just as he was when we were awake. I didn't know what the future would bring for us but I was sure whatever happened we'd face it together and that was all I needed to know.

End of Chapter 42

This chapter is for all those readers who like Joe and all those who weren't so happy he and Joey were back together. I don't know why some readers don't like Joe. He made a mistake but he more than made up for it with his dedication to Joey especially after his accident. If it's a race thing...I don't wanna hear it. Grow up it's 2014 for God's sake. You live on the edge, you have deviant sex drives and you're still a racist? Come on, get over it. Joe is here to stay so deal with it. I have spoken.

Thanks again to all my dedicated readers and to those new readers who may have stumbled upon my little story and paused to read it. I hope it has made you feel something, whether it be sadness, love, joy, or laughter for my ultimate goal is to evoke something from you,  the reader. May your life be as exciting and filled with love as those you read about.

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