My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 43  
Do we get a discount for frequent disasters?

Those were great times growing up and being in love. Especially with the full support of our parents and most of our friends, but it wasn't always a walk in the park. Like the time Buster got the holy shit beat out of him by two haters who later wound up in prison.

It was our senior year and everything seemed to being going great. Buster had a job at a Pizza place delivering pizzas and I worked at Kmart part time. Joey and Joe threw a paper route together in Joe's Civic and we worked a lot of crazy hours so we didn't get together as much as we used to. Of course I saw Joey every night and Buster at school, but what I meant was the four of us didn't get together all that much.

What happened was Buster got into an argument with these two idiots at school about gay rights. Now right away Buster should've known you don't talk gay rights, or rights of any kind to idiots like that (unless it's the right to bear arms) but he was pretty outspoken that year. We'd come out to everyone that year and had a lot of support even from the faculty but there were of course still the haters and homophobes and the closeted that didn't like what we were doing.

The discussion turned ugly when one of the haters said his little brother had been molested by a gay guy and of course Buster went crazy on him, explaining that gay didn't mean pedophile and all that, but the guy just wouldn't listen and he took a swing at Buster. Of course Buster, my hero, ducked the punch but instead of punching back he just grabbed the guy's arm and pulled it around behind him.

"Give up?" Buster said between clenched teeth.

" asshole...let me go.'re breaking my fucking arm you faggot."

Of course Buster just amped it up a bit when the dude called him a faggot, but fortunately his buddy had better sense and talked his friend into saying uncle. He was rubbing his arm and giving Buster go to hell looks as he left and that might have been the end of it if fate hadn't stepped in to mess things up.

It was a Friday night, I was working till close at Kmart and didn't get off till around 11 and Buster was delivering pizza till midnight. Joey and Joe were at the movies and my folks had gone out of town to visit my aunt and uncle and wouldn't be back till Sunday. Buster and I had planned on having a nice quiet evening at my place, but of course things didn't turn out exactly like we planned.

It was Buster's last delivery of the evening and guess who's house the delivery was to?...if you guessed one of the haters, you get ten points.  To this day I still don't know if they planned the whole thing or if it was just some cruel trick of fate, but whatever the reason here's what happened.

As soon as the door was open and Buster saw who was behind it, he knew he was in trouble. The other guy was right behind him and without even a howdy or fuck you the two grabbed my baby and pulled him into the living room of that dirty pig sty house and went to work on him. 

Now Buster is a good fighter, and strong as an ox, but he was taken off guard and there were two of them and they fought dirty so he didn't stand a chance. I can't give you a blow for blow and Buster doesn't even remember a lot of it, but it was a pretty severe beating.

Around 12 when he didn't show up back at the pizza place they called his cell, but got not answer and the manager called me. His name was Peter and he was a cool guy and he knew Buster and I were tight though I'm not sure he knew just how tight and he said he was worried about Buster and if I'd come by he'd go with me to look for him.

Well, needless to say I was scared shit-less and though I had just barely gotten home, I ran out to my truck and headed toward the pizza place. Peter was waiting outside and the place was dark because he'd already closed up for the evening so he piled in beside me and we were off.

"This is the last address he delivered to," Peter said reading off an address that meant nothing to me, "It's a pretty rough neighborhood, and even though my boys never have more than 50 on them, there's always the chance someone might have...well, robbed him."

I felt my stomach churn and my heart skipped a beat and not in a good way as I thought about my Buster laying in a pool of blood somewhere with a bullet wound because someone wanted 50 lousy bucks.

"Or of course he could've had car trouble, that old Neon isn't the most reliable car on the road...."

"No, he would have called me if he had car trouble. We have an agreement, we stay in touch. I was just about to call him when you called me. I was getting a little worried myself."

We arrived at the address and the first thing I saw was Buster's white Neon. The lights were out but the driver's door was slightly ajar and though we couldn't see anyone inside we parked behind it and took a look anyway. As I pulled open the door I held my breath expecting the worst and Buster fell out into my arms. 

Even in the dark I could see how hurt he was and my hands were slick with his blood as I gently lowered him back into the seat. Peter was right behind me dialing 911 even as I knelt to see about my baby. I held back my tears till I made a full examination and then I let loose. 

The  had broken my baby's beautiful nose and blacked both his eyes, loosened a few teeth, though thankfully he didn't loose any, and cracked two ribs, but the worst part was they had pounded him so hard he had a concussion. Of course I didn't know that till later at the hospital, but once I knew I began to plot my revenge on whoever had done this horrible thing to my boy friend.

The police arrived at the same time as the ambulance, but of course the two were long gone and didn't show up back at school the next day either. In fact they left the state and became the center of a multi-state manhunt making the national news. They were eventually apprehended in Arkansas and brought back for questioning about a week after Buster got out of the hospital.

I called Buster's folks on the way to the hospital and they met us there and I rushed to them and hugged them and completely fell apart. Buster's mom pulled me aside and comforted me while his dad went in to check on Buster and take care of the insurance and stuff.

Peter stayed with us the whole time and kept saying how he felt responsible and that the company would pay for the hospital bills and stuff, but of course we didn't know at the time that Buster's beating wasn't actually work related.

The doctors called Buster's folks in after about  fifteen minutes and gave them the scoop. I wanted to be there too, but I couldn't convince the nurses that I belonged there so I had to wait, pacing the floor the whole time and trying to brace myself for the worst.

I think at this point that Peter may have had an "Ah ha" moment and figured out that Buster and I were more than just friends, but if he did he never treated either of us any different after that night.

Buster's dad came out to break the news to us and it didn't seem so first, then when he mentioned the concussion I lost it again. Peter was right there beside me helping me to stay on my feet and Buster's dad kept reminding me of how tough Buster was and that he would get through this just like always.

I remembered being in this place once before, only then I was the one in the exam room and it was Buster pacing the floor and I almost laughed at the irony of it all. We'd certainly given this particular hospital enough business what with my collapse, Joey's near death car accident and now Buster's beating. I wondered if we got a discount for frequent accidents and I did laugh.

Buster's dad looked at me as if I had two heads but Peter recognized my laughter as a symptom of shock and helped me sit down as he talked softly to me. Buster's dad went back to check on Buster and soon he and Buster's mom came back out and walked over to where I sat and told me that Buster was in x-ray and he would probably be admitted as soon as they were done.

"You can see him when we get him settled in his room, I've already cleared it with the doctor, he understands." She said rubbing my shoulders. Did she mean she had told him Buster was my lover?

I just nodded and wiped my eyes and waited. I wanted to call my folks but decided to wait till I knew more. No need to drag them back if it wasn't necessary. Then I remembered Joey and I panicked.

"I gotta call Joey, he'll be worried." I pulled out my phone and punched in his number and he answered on the first ring (buzz...whatever). I filled him in as gently as I could being as honest as possible but trying to hide just how scared I was, but he knew me too well.

"We're on our way," he said and he talked to me the whole time they were on the road.

By the time Joey and Joe arrived Buster was out of x-ray and waiting to be moved. Joey hugged me and I lost it again, but only for a moment. He reminded me of the last time we were here and that we always came out on top no matter what and I sort of believed him. We did seem to be charmed when it came to coming out of disasters in one piece, but I would have preferred not having the disasters to begin with.

Eventually Buster was moved upstairs to a room and about an hour later I was allowed to go up and see him. He was conscious but it was all I could do not to fall apart when I saw his face. His eyes were swollen almost shut and his sweet lips were bruised and raw, but he still managed a weak smile.

"You should see the other guy," he cracked then winced with pain.

"I know this probably isn't the time or place, but who did this to you baby?"

"Couple of guys I had a run in with at school. You remember? The gay bashers."

"But how? Did they plan this?"

He shrugged but even that hurt and he winced again, "Who sleepy...will you still love me now that I'm ugly," he muttered.

"Ugly? You are the most beautiful boy on this earth," I choked out through tears, but he was already asleep.

I spent the night there beside him and not one of the nurses or staff challenged my being there. I think the doctor had something to do with that, but it could have been Buster's folks who pushed it too. They were there too, in and out all night but mostly in the waiting room and I was left to carry on my vigil alone. I wished I could sing as good as Buster did, I would have loved for him to wake up to a sweet song like I had that day so long ago. It seemed like only yesterday, but it had been almost 6 years since I'd collapsed at Buster's house and wound up in this very hospital.

Joey and Joe went back to the house and I finally called my folks the next morning. They talked to Buster's folks and decided to cut their visit short and arrived at the hospital around noon that Saturday. 

I ate a sandwich in the cafeteria with my dad and we talked about what had happened. 

"Promise me you won't try to confront the boys who did this to Buster alone," he said and something in his voice said he wouldn't have minded confronting them himself.

"Not much chance of that, they can't even find them. What I'd like to see is their asses in jail. Maybe some one will beat holy crap out of them there...or rape them or something," I said angrily.

"Dommie, I know you're angry..hell we all are, but we don't have all the facts yet, so let's not get too carried away. You say you know the boys from school and that Buster had a run in with them before, but we don't know if they are the same two who beat him up."

"Sure we do," I said tossing the rest of my sandwich on the plate, "that address is where one of em lives, the cops told me so. They were as pissed as I was. They said that kid has been in trouble before." 

"What about his folks, where are they?"

"There's just a mom and she's in rehab right now, he was living there alone with his idiot friend who got kicked out his house for smoking pot."

My dad looked thoughtful, "You know this was bound to happen. It's been just too easy, all this...putting your life out in the open. You know Dommie some things are best kept to yourself."

If my dad had punched he in the nose, he couldn't have hurt me more. Was he saying he expected someone to beat us up for being gay? Was he ashamed that he had a gay, two gay sons?

He must've understood the look on my face because he backtracked immediately, but the damage was done. I didn't reply, I just picked up my tray, dumped my sandwich and went back up to the waiting room. My dad showed up a little while later and headed straight to my mom, no doubt to tell her what had happened.

A little while later, as I sat watching Buster eat Jello, my mom came in and asked if she could talk to me in private. I shrugged and got up to give Buster a kiss, one last act of defiance, and followed her to the waiting room. Somehow they had managed to talk someone into use of a small room where Doctors gave the good or bad news to families and I wondered if my news would be good or bad.

"Dommie, I'm so sorry if you misunderstood what I said earlier. I am not saying you shouldn't be who you are. Your mother and I have accepted that a long time ago. We care for Buster almost as much as we care for you and we consider him to be part of our family. What I meant was that maybe you shouldn't be so outspoken to others. It's fine to come out to friends and families, but sometimes boys like those who beat up Buster take that as challenge to do something about it. I am ashamed to say that when I was in school I was one of those boys," he held up his hand to still my next comment, "I never beat anyone up over it, but I said some cruel things and even quit being friends with a boy who came out to me. I guess I was afraid it would rub off on me or it would destroy my reputation. Things aren't quite that bad these days, but you need to be careful, that's all I'm saying."

"It's okay," I said loosing a little of my anger, "but we don't rub it in people's faces, we just don't lie anymore. There's a difference."

My mom rubbed my arm and smiled, "You have done a wonderful job of handling all this, but like your father said there will always be a few who resent what you and Buster have. Just be careful, that's all we're saying."

"Okay, we'll be careful, but does that give every idiot who comes along a right to beat us up for loving each other?" I lashed out.

"Of course not sweetie, those boys were wrong and should be punished."

"Well,'s too late now, everyone at school knows and most of them either accept it or don't give a damn."

"Watch your mouth," my dad said, then he blushed. I was almost 18 and he was still telling me to watch my mouth.

I laughed, "Dad, if only you knew what my mouth has seen," I said causing both my parents to blush. I felt bad then and apologized but the damage was done. We were even, they'd hurt me, I'd hurt them....well, wasn't that just wonderful?

"I need to go check on Buster," I said standing up and neither of them tried to stop me. Things were a little awkward for a few days after that, but eventually we got over it and things went back to normal.

Buster came home the next day and I spent a lot of time at his house taking care of him, but mostly avoiding my parents. Joey knew something was up but he didn't pry and like I said things eventually got back to normal. 

About that time they caught the two guys who beat Buster up and we had to go talk to the cops again and make an identification. I barely recognized the two though because they looked like they'd been to hell and back and probably had. They had been hiding out in the woods living off the land and hadn't bathed for days (probably nothing unusual) and they were all scratched up and looked scared and hungry.

If they hadn't done what they had done to Buster I might have felt sorry for them, but instead I hated them. I wanted to bust through that glass and beat the hell out of them both, but of course I couldn't so I let the law do it's thing.

They got probation and had to do some community service and we never saw them again till about a year later when they were on the news for robbing a c-store and beating up an Asian guy and eventually they went to prison.

Chapter 44

We Graduate!!

Buster's wounds healed and he was no worse for the wear and eventually we moved on. It was after all our senior year and this would be our last year with all our friends. I know most kids say they can't wait for school to be over, but I think a lot of them are like Buster and me and sort of sad when it finally comes to an end. We had easy classes for the most part and only a partial day of classes due to our good grades and diligence all through high school so we had time for extra curricular activities and fun stuff. 

I was on the year book committee and Buster was Senior class treasurer so we both had something to put on our year book We had decided early in the year, with both our parents firm approval, that we would have a party the night of the prom for a bunch of our friends, straight and gay where everyone was welcome and accepted. We were really excited about it and spent a lot of time planning it and eventually our parents got into the spirit of the thing and it went crazy.

Joey and Joe were of course welcome too and we had invited Aaron and Donnie and pretty much all of our old group plus a few new ones. But graduation was still a ways off and we still had plenty to do to keep us busy.

Joey and Joe were busy with their lives too but we still managed to get together with them once in a while. One weekend we all took off work and drove to an Nsync concert in the city. The place was crazy with girls screaming their heads off, but there were a lot of gay boys there too, and so we didn't feel so out of place. In fact we sort of hooked up one of them.

His name was Robbie and he was 16. He had just gotten his driver's license and inherited his folks ten year old Toyota and he had made up a story about spending the night at a friend's house just so he could attend the concert.

Robbie was cute, with long brown hair and big soft brown eyes and dimples at the corners of his mouth. He was a little shorter then me but about the same weight so he looked a little fuller than me. Not fat, not even chubby, he was just right. In fact he had the cutest butt I think I have ever seen on a boy.

Of course I wasn't necessarily thinking about doing anything sexual with Robbie, but I decided if things headed that way I wasn't going to resist. Buster on the other hand knew from the beginning that he wanted to hook up with the kid and that's just what we did.

We were too young to rent a motel room and Robbie lived fifty miles the other way, so we were limited in what we could do, but fortunately Robbie knew a place near the lake where we could be alone.

We pulled up our cars and made a little circle and hauled out the blankets we kept in the back of my truck and made a little pallet. I was nervous as hell, partly because we were outside, and partly because I didn't really know this kid, but I loosened up pretty quick when the others started swapping spit.

Joe and Joey didn't seem too interested in the new kid, but once clothes started coming off they moved a little closer to see what the kid looked like. He was smooth as a baby all over and I began to panic. What if he was lying about his age? We were almost 18 and the kid was a minor? Well, of course we never worried about stuff like that when we were kids too, it was all cool, but I knew there was a difference between two kids messing around and a kid and an adult doing that stuff.

Fortunately I found out the kid just kept his pubes shaved and sure enough looking closely I could see the stubble. His cock was about 6" and fat and he had two of the biggest balls I'd ever seen on a kid. His butt was even more awesome uncovered and it seemed like everyone had to get a handful of it before the night was over.

What good is a cute butt if you can't use it, I wondered, and I was determined to do just that if the occasion came up. Robbie was shy at first but warmed up as we began to include him in our little games and everyone took turns kissing him. He was a dynamo once he got warmed up and he seemed to be especially attracted to me.

I knew Buster wouldn't give me any grief over getting with Robbie, but I was still a little apprehensive, that is until Robbie took the initiative. He pulled me against him and before I knew what was happening, he was on his back, legs in the air, and I was burying my cock deep in that cute ass of his.

He was a natural bottom and very passionate, and willing to do almost anything. Buster moved closer and the kid grabbed his cock and wolfed it down and began blowing him while I fucked him for all I was worth. Joe and Joey were making out and watching the whole thing and before long they were beside us with Joe on top pounding my little bros ass while I pounded Robbie's.

I took my time, moving him around to several positions before finally taking him doggy style and filling him up with my special Dommie sauce. He hadn't finished off Buster because of the different positions we'd been in, so he insisted Buster fuck him next.

Buster didn't have a problem with that and soon he was pounding Robbie's smooth hot ass while I rested. But it didn't take me long to recharge my batteries and when Robbie tugged on my cock I let him have it. He blew me (despite the fact I'd been up his ass) and it was one of the most amazing beejays of my life, partly because I was watching my bf fuck his cute ass.

Of course all good things must come to an end and around midnight we decided it was time to go our separate ways but we promised to keep in touch. I still have Robbie's phone number and I talk or text him about once a week these days.

We got home around 2am and the house was dark, but as usual when we came in my mom woke up and made sure we were okay. I know some kids get upset because their rents insist on checking up on them, but my mom did it simply out of love and I never minded. We all gave her a hug and headed off to bed.

Needless to say we were too tired and spent to do much fooling around, but the next morning Buster and I started talking about what a turn on the three way with Robbie was and, and we made long slow love as the sun rose. We slept a bit longer then got up to my mom's special waffles and bacon and we ate like we were starved. Let's face it sex burns a lot of calories. If people would just have sex regularly there would be no obese

The year burned away, a couple of times we met Robbie in the city and had some fun, but mostly we stayed busy and continued to wrap up our last year of High School. Graduation and the party were approaching at lightening speed and sometimes I wished I could just stop time and make that year last forever. But of course time stands still for no one (don't ask me who said that) so we tried to make the best of the time we had.

Buster was going to the community college next year but I wanted to go to the university about 60 miles away. I was trying to convince him to go with me to the university, but he kept putting me off. One day he finally admitted the reason he was going to community college was because him or his folks couldn't afford university.

I felt bad for him, I mean my parents aren't rich, but they had been saving for mine and Joey's education for a long time and if I worked part time I'd be fine. But could I make it without Buster there to encourage and love me?

If Buster couldn't go to university, then maybe I could go to community college too. I even discussed it with my rents, but the look of disappointment in their eyes made me feel bad so I dropped the subject. I was left with a major quandary but the solution would soon present itself.

Joe's folks moved about six months into our senior year to a smaller house with no pool and got rid of about half their cars. At first I thought maybe they were having financial problems but Joe said it was because they figured Joe only had one more year of school and then he was off to college and they wouldn't need the larger house. In other words, they were downsizing.

Remember how I said Buster had an amazing voice? Well, he decided that last year of High School to pursue his singing and joined the  choral club. At first I was a little po'd at the extra time it took from our relationship, but just hearing him sing once I knew I was being selfish and after that I went out of my way to encourage and help him in any way I could.

At regionals the choral club took first place and Buster's solo did not go unnoticed by the choral club director from the university. She was there looking for talent for the next school year and she pulled Buster aside afterwards and asked him to try out for her the following week. 

We were pumped about it but we still didn't know how Buster could go to university even if he was accepted, but after one interview he was offered a full music scholarship. We partied and celebrated that night and our rents didn't even get mad when we all got a little drunk. Things just couldn't be any better, we were going to university together. We could even room together and we even drove up and looked at apartments one afternoon.

So, our the next three or four years of our life were planned and we were free to coast and enjoy our senior year. Joey and Joe were excited for us, but a little sad to think we'd soon be so far away, but I assured them that we would come back almost every weekend and every holiday and in a year they'd be coming to school there too.

The days flew by and finally it was the day before graduation and I found myself reflecting on my life. I remembered how naive I had been when I'd discovered sex and how Buster and I met and all that had happened since. I was teary-eyed as I thought about my little brother and how our relationship had bloomed since discovering sex. I loved him more  every day and I just couldn't imagine living without him, and I knew I would miss him a lot once I was off to school, but I was excited about the future and I knew somehow we'd make it through.

End of Chapters 43-44

Next graduation and the Party of all parties.

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