My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter 45  
Party down

The time flew fast that last year of school and before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye to that era of our lives. Of course we planned on going out with a bang and not a whimper, and that's what the party was all about. Months of careful planning and going over the guest list finally had come to an end. We had a good mix of kids for the party, some older like Donnie, and some younger like Joe and Joey, but most were kids that were graduating along with Buster and me.

There was always someone at school trying to beg an invite, but we were careful who we invited and no one made it on the list unless both Buster and I approved them. Donnie was sort of iffy at first, he had been in some trouble since I'd last seen him, but nothing serious and in the end we decided to let him come just because we liked him so much. For me he was sort of my first, well I mean besides Buster, but I guess a guy never forgets that first time. Girls too I guess, but I don't know much about that.

Joey was as excited as we were, I guess because it was his first big boy, but I could see the uncertainty and sadness in his eyes when he realized I'd soon be leaving home. Even if it was only for a year that we'd be apart to him it was like a lifetime. I guess I sort of felt that way too, but the excitement of what lay ahead sort of overshadowed that part and I was actually looking forward to Buster and I living together and attending college.

Our parents were the greatest during the planning and execution of the party and though at first they'd planned to chaperone, in the end they decided we were mature enough to handle things ourselves and the four of them made plans to go out to dinner and to a casino. Of course we had their cell numbers and could reach them if needed but that was only in an emergency.

Anyway most of the kids would be going home around midnight, some as late as 2 AM, and only a select few were staying over. That select few were our gay friends and one or two that were curious enough to ask to be included in the after party, party.

Among those friends was a foreign exchange student from South Africa name Rikki. He was white, which seemed strange to me at first (I mean I thought Africa was full of black guys) but of course it made perfect sense considering the whites had ruled and oppressed the blacks there for many years. Of course Rikki wasn't oppressive or a ruler, he was just a cute blond boy who hadn't quite made up his mind if he liked girls or boys, or both and we were going to help him work it

Strange as it may seem we invited quite a few girls to the first part of the party and not one turned down our invites. Some of them were girls that knew about Buster and I but a few were just girls that seemed nice and thought the party was a great idea to keep kids safe. There was a strict no alcohol rule, which we promised our folks to enforce, and of course no drugs, the idea being to have a safe alternative to the dozen or so booze and drug filled parties that would take place that night.

Several other parents got behind the idea and we actually had donations of money and food and drinks for the party so it wound up costing us very little. Even a few of the teachers endorsed the party and contributed and before it was all over it was the event of the season.

Of course our house was too small for a party that size, but fortunately one of the parents owned an empty warehouse and with a little sprucing up it turned out to be an awesome place to hold it. The warehouse could easily hold a hundred kids, but we only had 58 on our invite list. We would eventually wind up with 70 due to tag alongs and last minute invites but there was still plenty of room and more than enough refreshments to go round.

The day of the party we took off from school early and met our parents and a few other adults at the warehouse to set everything up. The theme was The Twilight Saga which all of us was crazy about and we had posters of all the characters and we decorated the place to resemble a forest with trees and kept the lighting low. We had a dj of sorts, a nerdy guy names Derick who had a turntable and every record you could think of and he played a mixture of funk, rock, alternative and...disco. Yeah, disco and believe it or not we actually liked it. In fact Buster went crazy when he heard this one song, I don't know the title or the artist but the lyrics go something like this, Little boy I 'm gonna take your love and I'm gonna wear it out. Buster kept singing that line all night long and for weeks and months

The last minute details were all taken care of, the drinks were chilling in huge tubs of ice. The snack table was loaded with finger food and sweets, the dance floor was ready for action (we even had one of those rotating disco balls) and the guests began to arrive.

First was Cody and Kenny who were back together again after Kenny's dad moved the family back to our town. Cody who loved werewolves and all that stuff thought the theme was awesome and I had to agree. Kenny looked good, he'd gained some weight and buffed up a bit, and Cody was drop dead gorgeous now that he had lost weight and put on some muscle. 

We hugged and caught up on things and then the rest of the guests began to arrive. Donnie brought a kid named Roger who was two years younger and looked like a mixture of black and Hispanic. He was smoking hot in his tight black jeans and matching jacket and I smelled trouble a mile away, but the good I knew that before the night was over I'd get a chance to see what was hiding inside those tight jeans. 

The girls came in twos and threes though a couple of them came with boyfriends. Buster and I had all kinds of friends and were pretty well liked and respected by the kids at our school. One girl named Miranda was a cheerleader and as pretty as a model and caused quite a stir among the, but she left alone as far as I know.

Rikki came alone, driving the car his host parents had loaned him for his stay and his arrival caused almost as much of a stir as the cheerleader but for different reasons. Rikki was just a really, really nice guy that everyone liked and everyone wanted to be his friend. Well, so did I but for different 

Buster breezed by singing that silly song about wearing my love out and Rikki laughed as if it was the funniest thing he had ever heard. Well, maybe it was, maybe in SA they don't have disco or bad jokes. Buster ate the attention up and took Rikki aside while I greeted the rest of the guests.

By seven o'clock we had roughly 60 kids milling around snacking or chatting but no one seemed anxious to try the dance floor. Buster decided he'd lead the way and grabbing Miranda he headed to the dance floor and proceeded to show everyone just what a great dancer he was. I knew Buster was agile and graceful ,could sing like an angel and was great in bed, but I had no idea he was so gifted on the dance floor till that night. I had a whole new respect for my lover after that night.

By 8 everyone had arrived except a couple who had canceled at the last minute to go to other parties and I was free to enjoy myself. I danced with Buster and managed to keep up, then with a couple of the girls and finally with Rikki. If he was shy or worried about what the other kids would think he didn't show it, of course it was all innocent fun and after that even a few of the other boys danced together. 

We scarfed down food and drank sodas and Gatorade and played games on the two big screen tvs and gaming systems we had set up and the girls gossiped and danced with each other and any boy that was willing and though it might sound like a lame party, it was actually a lot of fun. It just proved to us that you didn't have to be bombed out of your skull to have a good time.

As the evening progressed we got a bit bolder and some one suggested we play truth or dare. Now if you've ever played that particular game you know it can sometimes lead to embarrassing and often sexual dares. Fortunately with the girls present the boys were a bit subdued but we still had some close calls and some of the more shy kids there were as red faced as beets before we called it quits.

Someone suggested we play spin the bottle and of course we all laughed at first, we hadn't played that game since we were little kids, but in the end we would up playing anyway with some interesting results.

Since we had more boys than girls it was decided that whoever the bottle landed on you had to kiss that person, boy or girl. At first some of the boys balked, but it was the girls who convinced them it was all in good fun and no one would carry tales outside the party. In other words, what happened at the party stayed at the party.

So there were six of us to start, Miranda and a girl named Kim, me, buster, Rikki, and a boy named Wayne who was a football jock and as far as I knew as straight as an arrow. The first spinner was Rikki and the bottle stopped on Miranda. He blushed but went through with the kiss then smiled brightly and sat back down. It was my turn to spin then and as much as I wanted the damn thing to land on Rikki or Wayne it wound up pointing at Kim. I was a good sport and did the lip lock with her and I have to admit it wasn't half bad. One thing girls do know how to do is kiss, and Kim was damn good at it.

Next was Buster and as luck would have it the bottle wound up pointing at me. If he as disappointed he didn't let on and as he grabbed me and dipped me as he kissed me wetly making funny slurping noises.

"Gross...get a room," Wayne said laughing.

"Later we shall have a room, but this is just the warm up," Buster said breaking off for air, "Just be glad it didn't land on you Wayne, once you been kissed by the Busternator, you will never go back to girls again." He laughed.

Wayne blushed and looked away with embarasment but now it was his turn. He must've been mulling over all the possible results of his spin because he watched that bottle spin like his life depended upon it. As it slowed down it did a wobbly loop and came to rest

Now I'm not as bold as Buster and might have let Wayne back down but the girls and soon the other boys who were looking on made it clear that Wayne had to go through with it or loose face. Now there is only one thing worse than doing something you don't want to or agree with and that's being called a coward or worse if you back down after promising to do it.

 So it was with Wayne. He had no choice and it seemed neither did I. I would have been content with a quick peck on the lips, but  apparently Wayne was a man of his word and intended to do things right.

As he moved closer I was aware of his animal smell and I felt a bit flushed. I'd never really been attracted to big athletic types before, but something about Wayne was causing my engine to purr like a GTO. I was shaking a little as he got closer and and I looked over at Buster who was staring at us as if captivated by our every move. There was no help there, or anywhere for that matter, so I just relaxed and let Wayne take control.

I was stunned when he took me in his arms and proceeded to kiss me every bit as passionately as Buster had and he didn't let up even as the hoot and hollers began. Buster's eyes were as big as saucers but he was smiling and mouthing something that looked like "holy shit" and then it was over. 

I have relived that kiss many times in my mind over the years and I am still amazed at how much passion and downright sex that boy put into it. If he was straight he was certainly not encumbered by that fact when it came to kissing gay boys like me. I will remember that kiss for the rest of my gay ass days, or until senility takes my mind and I won't even remember what day it

After the kiss from Wayne everything else we did seemed lame and not worth mentioning but we did have fun and got to know each other a lot better than we had over the course of the school term. It was a shame most of us would be going our separate ways after graduation, but that's life and as the song says, "every ending has a new beginning" or something like that.

Midnight came and some of the kids began to trickle out.  A few had been dropped off by parents, some had shared a ride, and by one o'clock there was only a handful of us left.

Buster and I slow danced while the others mulled around talking and perhaps contemplating what tomorrow would bring. There was definitely a sense of sadness if not gloom in the air and Buster and I were damned if we were gonna let the party end that way.

So we started a line dance. At first it was just us gay boys then as the beat got into the other's head they began to join in one by one until all of us were kicking and thrusting and generally making fools of ourselves and having a blast doing it.

Wayne who had stayed even though his ride had left earlier, was one of the most enthusiastic of the dancers. He was grinning ear to ear as his big beefy body gyrated to the music and despite his size he actually looked quite graceful. Maybe it was all those years of football, or maybe he was naturally inclined but either way he was the best dancer on the floor.

At two we said goodbye to all but the chosen few who would be joining Buster and I at Casa, but Wayne kept hanging around until we finally extended an invitation for him to join us as well.

"Ah, I don't know. You guys probably don't want a hetero messing up you homo erotic fun," he teased.

"Well, you can just watch or join in," Buster offered. "It doesn't make you queer to watch unless you get a boner," he laughed.

Wayne laughed too but I could tell he was torn between leaving and joining us. It was Rikki who tipped the scales in the direction of his staying. He moved over to Wayne, all 105 lbs of him looking like a pup next to a hound dog and said simply, "I would really like if you stayed Wayne. We can talk if you like and you don't have to watch the homos play," he said grinning.

Wayne burst out laughing and his decision was made. He rode in the back seat with Rikki while Buster drove us to my house and occasionally dirty-minded me would look back to see if they were keeping their hands to themselves.



Chapter 46

The After Party

Our house isn't as large as I'd have liked for our party, but with my parents gone we made use of every square inch of it, excluding their bedroom, and things worked out okay.  We had moved the furniture around in the family room and added a couch from the living room and there was the breakfast bar with four bar stools close by so there was room for everyone to sit, but most of us were too excited to just sit.

Rikki and Wayne moved off to the a corner near the fireplace and sat side by side on a love seat were chatting animatedly as I watched from the kitchen. Buster came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me about then and I could feel his hard cock against my ass and it made me shiver with anticipation.

Biting my ear playfully he purred and whispered, "Want to go to your room and make love?"

"What about our guests?" I asked quivering with desire for him.

"Well, I guess they could join in or watch if they want," he said easily and I knew he meant it.

"Even Wayne?" I chuckled.

"Especially Wayne. He needs a few pointers if he is going to get with Rikki tonight."

"Do you think that will happen?"

"Oh, yeah. If not tonight eventually. I think when Wayne kissed you he turned to the dark side."

I slapped at him playfully, "It's not the dark side, it's the rainbow side."

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Well anyway he must've like kissing you, he popped a boner in case you didn't notice. I could see it from where I sat and it looked huge."

"Really, hmmmm...maybe I should go chat him up myself," I teased.

"I wouldn't mind, but give me a go at him too, okay?"

"I think we're too gay for him. He probably needs to work his way up to our level of gayness," I chuckled, "Start with poor innocent Rikki and then move onward and upward."

"Why do you think Rikki is so innocent? Maybe he's been dipping his pen in rainbow ink all along," Buster laughed, pleased by his wittiness.

"Hmm, he may have dabbled in gay sex, but I don't think he's had much experience. But I think he is willing to learn."

Donnie and his young friend approached then, but Buster didn't move away. The hot Hispanic looking kid's eyes went straight to the connection between us and he grinned.

"Did we interrupt somethin nasty?" he said with a definite Spanish accent.

"Nope, just giving Dommie something to lean on," Buster joked.

"I bet," he said as his eyes bored into Buster's crotch and my ass, "we gonna do something soon man, I am sooo horny," Roger said eying Donnie suggestively.

"Uh, can we use your bedroom?" Donnie said nervously.

"Be my guest," I said happily, "and if you don't mind....maybe we could join in or at least watch." I added lustily.

"Hey, the more the merrier and all that shit," he said winking, "Donnie don't mind do you dog?"

"Naw, I don't mind. I been with these guys before and it's always fun."

So against my better judgment we excused ourselves from the other guests and headed off to my room. The bathroom door was open and we could see Joe and Joey and Cody and Kenny in Joey's room making out. I didn't bother to close the door, and I hoped before long they'd join us in my room.

Roger wasted no time shucking his tight jeans and tee shirt and once he was down to his boxer briefs it was obvious he was a little stud. Muscled and lean his package protruded from his underwear obscenely as my mouth watered in anticipation. As the I undressed slowly I watched with fascination as Roger pushed those black boxer briefs down to reveal a hard dark skinned uncut cock that was at least 7' long and 2" around. I gasped in amazement and my butt hole twitched at the thought of that slab of meat pounding into me and I hoped beyond all hope that I could take it if the time came. 

Buster was naked then and grabbing me he threw me on the bed and moved on top of me kissing me passionately seemingly oblivious of the other two in the room. From the corner of my eye I watched as Donnie laid down and Roger climbed on top of him but there was no kissing, only grinding and eventually Roger moved up and sat on Donnie's chest and began fucking his throat. 

To say Roger was violating Donnie was an understatement. He seemed angry and desperate as he slammed that hard piece of meat down Donnie's throat relentlessly barely giving him time to breath, but Donnie didn't protest and in fact seemed to be enjoying himself immensely. I guess there are all kinds of relationships and if they work that's cool even if I do prefer love over raw sex.

Buster had moved down and was licking my balls and I grabbed his head and gently guided him onto my leaking cock. He slurped it down and proceeded to give me one of his amazing blow jobs, but just before I came he pulled off and straddled me and sat down on my wet slick cock and began to ride me almost desperately. I grabbed his hips and held on, guiding him but not taking over. I knew when he fucked like this that he wanted to be in control and I was fine with that. He was scratching that itch deep inside him with my hard cock and if things went as they usually did he would come just about when I did without ever touching himself.

Roger had moved off of Donnie's chest and was kneeling between his legs now, watching us as he pushed Donnie's legs up he aligned his wet cock with Donnie's hole. With a grunt he pushed inside Donnie who's face was mask of pain and pleasure and then began to pound Donnie's ass as relentlessly as he had his mouth.

My attention was torn between my lover riding my hard cock and the action next to me and when Joey and Joe entered the room it was a few minutes before I was aware of then standing naked and watching us.

"Cool," Joey muttered, "look how big his dick is," he said to no one in particular. 

"Almost as big as mine," Joe teased. He was big but not that big...yet.

Joey slapped at Joe playfully and knelt down beside my bed bringing his face even with mine. Joe didn't waste any time as he knelt behind my little brother and worked his cock into Joey's tight hole. Joey leaned in and we kissed as Joe began to fuck him slowly and lovingly and I felt a sense of peace and well being come over me that was almost too much to comprehend. We were more than just a bunch of gay boys having some fun at that moment, we were representatives of a whole new generation of sexually free males, closer than brothers and a force to be reckoned with in the future.

I knew Buster was close by the look on his face, his labored breathing and his frenzied movement and I braced myself for my own orgasm. Beside me Joey's sweet face was filled with bliss as his lover made love to him and we kissed once more. Then just as I had predicted Buster and I came together and we were lost in our bliss for the next few minutes as his hot wet spunk spilled out onto my chest and my own filled his tight hot guts.

I lay there with my eyes closed oblivious to all but my own burning afterglow until I heard Donnie swear and  I jerked my eyes open and watched as Roger began to unload in Donnie's ass. He was swearing and panting like a dog as he ground out the last of his orgasm against Donnie's willing ass and then he fell down on his older lover and for the first time kissed him. It was a noisy kiss filled with passion and almost violent as he bit Donnie's tongue and lips in the process. Now sated he rolled off to one side and lay on his back while the two recuperated.

Beside the bed Joe had finished and the two lovers swapped places and now my little brother was pounding his cute black lover relentlessly. I smiled at the two of them as Buster freed himself from my deflating cock and stood up.

"Fuck me!" I heard Roger say and I jerked my eyes around to see who he was addressing. My cock throbbed in anticipation hoping it was me, but alas his request was for Donnie.

With a gleam in his eye Donnie roughly pushed the boy onto his back and raised his legs high to reveal a perfect dark pucker that looked well used but still tight. With a little spit and a grunt he shoved his cock into the boy and began fucking wildly.

At last I understood. They were a perfect match because they both liked it raw and rough and I accepted that for what it was. My relationship with Buster was different, but the one Donnie and Roger had was just as real and just as important. I think I had a sort of an "ah ha" moment that day and I never looked at sex quite the same after that.

We stayed till the end watching first Joey then Donnie get off then we cleaned up and got dressed. If the others missed us no one let on and the party seemed to have kept going on despite our absence.

Unlike the party long ago at Buster's where we had actually planned group sex this time we had no expectations about how things would go. If couples did their thing individually that was fine, but if it turned into an orgy that would be even better. Of course what we had just experienced in my room with the others was very cool, but I still longed for more.

At eighteen I could come a half dozen times in one night and my batteries recharged in about 30 minutes so needless to say a short time later I was looking around to see who was

Noticeably absent was Rikki and Wayne and when I asked about them I was told they went for a drive in Rikki's car. I cocked an eyebrow and smiled. I could just see Rikki going down on Wayne's big cock in the front seat of his parked car in some dark and out of the way spot and I felt my cock throb with desire to witness that.

But my dirty thoughts were in vain as a few minutes later they returned with a bag of ice and two 24 packs of beer. Now where they got the beer I have no idea, and technically we weren't supposed to have alcohol even at the after party, but let's face it, we were 18 and eager to experience life and no one was driving home, so in the end we allowed it.

Not everyone drank, Roger surprising me by being one of those, and not everyone who drank got drunk, but Buster and I got totally wasted. Rikki surprised me by drinking at least 5 beers but as far as I could tell he was sober the whole evening. I asked him later about it and he said from a very early age his parents had allowed him to drink moderate amounts of wine and beer so his system was used to it unlike those of us who were novice drinkers.

Cody was a riot when he was drunk, making everyone crack up with his jokes and antics and he and Kenny couldn't keep their hands off each other the whole evening. Donnie drank quite a bit and became moody and I saw him and Roger off in a corner and Roger seemed to be scolding him. Donnie made a mad dash to the bathroom and I swear there were tears in his eyes, but maybe he just needed to puke.

Maybe it was the alcohol lowering everyone's inhibitions, or maybe it was just that we needed to reach out and experience life and share with one another. Maybe it was that desperate need we all have to fit in, to belong, and to reach out to another human being and feel alive, but for whatever reason that night became something I will never forget.

It began simply, couples holding hands and making out quietly but before long others were joining in and before long everyone was touching and experiencing one another. Wayne was the first to make the move and though we had predicted it would be with Rikki, we were amazed to see him gravitate toward Roger. Roger seemed to welcome his attention and I wondered if Wayne was up for the kind of loving Roger could dish out, but in the end (no pun intended) Wayne was more than enough man to take it and give it right back. 

I worried that Donnie might object and perhaps interfere but he was too busy chatting up Rikki who seemed as interested in what he had to say as he had with Wayne. Joey and Joe were initiating a little fun with a kid named Damion who was one of those goth kids who wore all black and had multiple piercings and was totally out at school but not all that popular. We had befriended him because, well because that's what Buster and I did, help the, and we had become quiet close. We'd even had some sex together, the three of us, but despite his radical looks, he was very timid and vanilla in bed but Buster and I had taught him a few new tricks which he seemed to be using with my little bro and his lover.

On all fours with Joe's cock in his mouth, Damion was getting his ass pounded by Joey and from the look on his face he appeared to be in Heaven. Buster was behind me with his dick in the crack of my ass rubbing gently against me as we surveyed the room, proud of what we had done and feeling very emotional at that moment.

Roger was going down on Wayne now and I was right, Wayne did have a big cock but Roger didn't appear to be having any problem deep throating it and I wondered if before long it wouldn't be disappearing in his other end.

Cody and Kenny as usual were all wrapped up in each other but I did see them join in a little group grope for a short time in the kitchen. The only person not participating in the fun at the moment was a boy named Kevin who was watching with interest but seemed reluctant to join in. 

I knew Kevin was gay though neither Buster or I had done anything with him, because he had confessed it to me one day in tears after a run in with a basher. Buster had taken care of the basher and I didn't ask how, but Kevin still seemed vulnerable and so Buster and I took him under I wing, just as we had Damion and a half dozen others.

I nudged Buster and looked toward Kevin and Buster grunted, "You want me to go get Kevin's motor running," he teased.

"Someone needs to, he's the only one not playing. As good hosts we owe it to our guests to make sure everyone has a good time."

"Maybe his idea of a good time is watching live gay porn," Buster joked, "and this is some hot stuff here...I tell ya."

"Would you be hurt if I went over and talked to him for awhile, maybe see what's up with him?"

"Naw, if you don't mind if I mingle with our other guests, I see some prime meat I'd like to get to know better."

I kissed Buster, "Go and play and I'll join you later."

I wandered over to where Kevin sat and made a place on the couch for my naked butt, "Having fun?"

"Yeah, thanks," he said not taking his eyes off the action for a moment.

"You like watching, don't you?"

He nodded, "It's hot....but I don't know these guys very they might not want me to join in."

"Have Buster and I taught you nothing?" I asked with mock exasperation, "A hard cock knows no strangers," I added laughing.

He giggled, "Yeah, I guess but I haven't really done all that much stuff before."

"But you want to, right?"

He nodded again and looked into my eyes, "I...well, I have weird fantasies I guess." he looked worried or frightened and I leaned in and gave him a hug.

"Tell me all about them, I promise I won't think it's weird and if I can help make it happen I will."

"Well, it's nothing's just...well...I like doing stuff to guys while they are asleep." he said blushing bright crimson.

I stretched and yawned, "You know I'm awfully tired and I think I'm going to go take a nap...hint, hint. I will be naked and exposed on my bed and I am a very sound sleeper."

"Maybe you could put on some underwear," he said catching on quickly, "I like it when they wear underwear and then I take them off."

"Yeah, I get cold so I will probably put some undies on. Well, gotta go. I'll see ya later," I said rising. My cock was throbbing in anticipation and I stopped only long enough to explain to Buster what I was doing then I was off to my bed.

I must have been a little more tired than I thought or maybe it was the alcohol because before I knew it I really was asleep. Despite what I had said to Kevin, I am not a light sleeper and when I heard the door open I was instantly awake but I kept my eyes closed and pretended to sleep on.

He was shy at first gently touching my foot, my leg, then my arm, my chest and then I felt the bed move as he sat beside me and he became more daring as he rubbed his hand across my underwear clad crotch. The effect was immediate as my cock jumped to attention and he squeezed it gently before reaching down and cupping my balls through the soft fabric.

I had heard of this particular fetish before, I think it's called frotage, but I had never really thought about it until I was in it, and let me tell you it was hot. His hands continued to roam my body as I ached for him to touch me where it counted but I found even the non sexual touches were a bit erotic and I relaxed and enjoyed them.

He leaned down and I could feel his hot breath on my crotch and I throbbed with anticipation. Just do it, I screamed in my head, pull it out and suck it man. But he had other plans. I shivered as he snaked his hand into the waist band of my jockeys and felt around for my junk. He played with my pubes a bit before letting his hand slide down and then he cupped my balls and squeezed them gently. 

My cock throbbed and was oozing with pre-cum and by the time he finally gave it some much needed attention I was ready for anything. He worked my cock out the fly of my jockeys and began to jack it gently and I thought I had never had as good a hand job as that in all my life. But I wanted more than a hand job and hoped he wasn't going to finish me off right then.

After a few minutes of stroking me he put my cock back into my jockeys and began kissing my cock through the fabric. He blew gently causing me to shiver and then he reached down and began to remove my underwear. I was tempted to raise my hips to make it easier, but instead I pretended to sleep and let him do it on his own. He was gentle and patient and before long he had my undies down around my legs and then it was easy to work them on down to my feet and off. I sensed he was doing something with them and cracked open my eyes to witness him sniffing the crotch and ass of my undies and I almost creamed myself right then. I was glad I wasn't the only freak who enjoyed sniffing boy's

Tossing my undies aside he moved back up to my crotch and began pushing my legs apart. I sighed  and moved them a bit apart as if adjusting myself and he moved in and began sniffing my balls. I shivered as his soft hair tickled my crotch and then I felt his tongue against my ball sac and it was all I could do not to moan with pleasure. The boy definitely had tongue skills and I was hoping he knew how to use his mouth as well. 

When he left my balls he toyed with my dick a minute before giving it a perfunctory lick, lapping up my pre-cum like it was candy and smacking noisily. Then in one movement he swallowed my entire cock to the hilt and just held it there working his throat muscles like a python squeezing it's prey and I almost came right then. 

Fortunately he was not through experimenting and he came up off my cock then and moved up to my belly button, tonguing my outie before moving up to my nipples where he sucked and licked them till they were pointy little erasers red against my tan chest. 

When his lips found mine it was all I could do not to respond and kiss him back but I wanted to keep the sleep fantasy alive so I just lay there and let him have his way.  I did get a little carried away and offer my tongue but he didn't seem bothered by that and sucked it into his greedy mouth and used it for a while before letting go.

When he finally moved back down I supposed he was ready to suck me and finish his fantasy, but not so. Instead he gently nudged me and tried to roll me over. 

Now there is no way you could roll a boy my size over without help so I pretended to turn over in my sleep and clutching my pillow I snuggled into it and made a few snorting sleep noises before settling down again.

When I felt his face against my ass and heard him sniff it I knew what was next. I felt his hot wet tongue against my hole and I couldn't help but wiggle a little and push up against him but it didn't seem to bother him any. He continued to tongue fuck me for quite some time, putting his tongue as far as possible in me and then suddenly he raised up and there was no contact between us. I heard him undressing and I wondered what was next, but I soon found out. 

Crawling in behind me he straddled me and before I knew what was happening his slick hard cock was against my hole and I barely had time to relax as he pushed inside me. Fortunately he wasn't very big and I had no trouble taking him but I was a bit surprised that rape was part of his sleep fantasy. Maybe to him it wasn't really rape since he knew I was only pretending to sleep, but it still troubled me a bit.

But I wasn't troubled for long as I relaxed and began to enjoy his cock inside me. He was neither gentle or rough, being somewhere in between, but was passionate enough to please me and when he finally came he fell atop me and kissed my neck and ears while he basked in his afterglow.

I was a little disappointed that he hadn't gotten me off first, but a few minutes later when he rolled me over he went down on me and didn't stop sucking till I blasted a tasty load of Dommie Juice in his mouth. He slurped it all down noisily, gave my dick one last lick, then crawled off the bed and left the bedroom. 

I raised up and watched as the door closed behind him and I swore out loud, "Damn that was hot, I need to teach Buster this fantasy."

I rested a bit longer and was about to get up and join the others when there was a knock on the door and when I answered Roger and Wayne walked in looking flushed.

"Oh, hi guys, I was just about to go. You need my room?"

"Yeah, but we were hoping you'd stay," Wayne said sheepishly.

I looked at Roger who nodded, "Yeah man, it's cool. You gotta bomb body and I like to make it with you and dis guy."

Now I had just busted a nut, but I was hard again in seconds as I looked at Roger's hot body and Wayne's beefy one and I just couldn't refuse an invite like that. I begged off just long enough to check in with Buster and grab a soda and when I returned the two were kissing and pawing each other in the middle of my bed. I jumped in and joined then and wound up getting fucked by both, and surprisingly fucking Wayne's hot tight ass.

There was a lot of sex that night, couples and groups, but the coup de gras was the orgy just around daylight where all of us joined in the middle of the family room and roamed from body to body doing everything imaginable. 

We were tired and sore and hung over the next day, but after breakfast aound noon the others began to leave and eventually it was just Joey, Buster and I left to greet my parents who had stayed overnight in a casino motel.

The place was reasonably clean by the time they arrived and we'd been careful to eliminate all signs of the beer, but I found out later that we hadn't been quite as careful as we'd planned, but like I said, our parents were the coolest, and no one got hurt and we were careful so nothing was ever said about it.

We slept most of the rest of that day and then went out with Joey and Joe that night to see a movie and have dinner. Before long there wouldn't be very many days like that and we cherished every moment of it. We took a lot of pics that spring before we moved away to college and I remember one of Joey looking lost and sad as he stared out of the car window. 

I tried not to let what was coming spoil the excitement of the new life ahead of me, but it was hard at times. No two brothers had ever been as close as Joey and me, and we still are to this day. He was the first one to share my secret and the first to give me my taste of feet. To this day I thank my lucky stars and God for putting him in my life and like I have said many times, he is the first one I call with good news or bad. We share it all and even though these days we live apart, we are still as close as two brothers can ever be.

End of Chapters 45-46

College and the end is near.

The school year has ended, our boys are graduates now and college bound. They have ended this era of their lives with a party to end all parties and they have discovered new things and experienced new things, but now it is time to move on. There are goodbyes to be said, but hellos ahead and somehow they will make it through it all. Change is good, change is constant, and change is inevitable.
Next, our boys enjoy their summer then it's off to college.

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