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 My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

Chapter 49
 Buster to the rescue!

Buster arrived about fifteen minutes later and from the look on his face I think he thought I had rented the room just to give our love life a little kick. When he saw K his smile faded then he looked at me and shook his head in disbelief. 

"Dommie, isn't he a little young?"

I laughed, "Buster you know me better than that. It's not what you're thinking. This is Kyle, uh he likes to be called K. I met him at the mall and he needs our help." While Buster bumped fists with K I filled him in on how we had met and what had happened to the kid and I could see the concern and compassion in my lover's eyes and I was so proud of him. He was just like me in many ways, a softie who was all about helping the under dog, and if anyone could help this kid it was us.

"Wow, Buster said sitting down on the bed as I offered him a Coke from the mini-fridge. He popped the top and took a drink, "So any ideas?"

I nodded and suddenly he must have gotten the same idea I had, or read my mind like he sometimes does, because almost at the same time we both said, "Mom." He meant my mom of course because he called her that as much as he called him own mother that. I smiled and nodded.

"Have you talked to her yet?"

"Nope, I just met K this afternoon. I think she will go for it, but it's important that she meet him first. Don't you think so?" K was following our conversation with curious excitement and I finally turned to him and told him what we were talking about, "My mom loves kids, especially boys and she has been so lonely and lost since me and my brother and Buster  left for college. If we can get her to love you she will take you in and your problem is solved."

"Why..why would she love me...I'm broken...used up. I've done awful things...." he said lowering his head in shame.

We slipped our arms around him, me on one side and Buster on the other, and I said, "You are not broken, you are not used up. You did what you had to do to survive and no one, especially us or our mom, would ever turn you away because of it. You're a victim, can't you see that?"

He shrugged, " really think she will like me?"

"I think she will love you, but we have to do this just right. Buster, I think we need to make a road trip back home this weekend."

"Cool, why don't you call your folks and make sure they're going to be home and meanwhile K can stay with us."

I gave Buster a look that said maybe that wasn't such a good idea, and then told him I had already rented the room for three days. It was Wednesday so the timing was perfect. We could leave Friday afternoon. I'd come get him at checkout time of 11 and he could hang with me while we waited for Buster. It was a perfect plan, but like most perfect plans it had few glitches in it.

The next day when I came to check on K, he was nowhere to be found. Pounding on the door produced no results and so as a last alternative I went to ask the guy at the desk if he could let me in. It was the same Asian guy only this time he seemed more interested in things.

"I send him away. I give you back your money. He no can stay here. He is too young. You lucky I don't call the cops. I run a nice place here and don't want that kind of thing happening here. You should be ashamed...young boy like that....nasty, nasty."

I let him finish then I told him the whole ugly truth. He calmed down immediately and lowered his head in shame. "I sorry...I did no know. I...feel bad now. I hurt him maybe..sending him away. I hope he okay. Please forgive me...I give you all  your money back," he said trying to assuage his guilt in the only way he knew. 

I sighed and thought about what to do next. I accepted the money numbly as he apologized once more than stepped out into a rainy dreary Thursday morning.

I tried to think. Where would he go? Why didn't he call Buster's phone? He had my phone after all,  and then I wondered if maybe the battery had gone dead. I hadn't thought of that. But, he could have found a way to call. Did he go back to the pimp? Was he wandering the streets again? Was he back at the mall?

I called Buster using my back up phone, one of those pay as you go things, and he answered immediately. It was if he sensed something was wrong and when I explained what had happened he told me to stay put and that he was on his way. I hated for him to cut class, but I didn't try to stop him, I needed my Knight in shining armor and he was on his way.

I sat in my car thinking the worst and when Buster arrived I fell into his arms and sucked up his strength. Together we split up the possible places to look and then headed out after a good luck kiss. I headed to the mall and he headed downtown where the hustlers hung out. We decided that was best since I wasn't as tough as Buster and if K's pimp happened to be around he might just need some convincing to let K go.  I was nervous as hell, but hopeful that K was at the mall and everything would be alright.

The mall was almost empty and a quick tour of it produced no results. I even asked a few of the kiosk venders if they remembered seeing K and still came up empty. I was about to leave when I had an urge to take a pee and headed toward the bathrooms near the game arcade.

As I pushed open the door the first thing I noticed was that the place was spotlessly clean. That told me it was still early and the public (especially the younger crowd) hadn't been in to abuse it yet. The second thing I noticed as the door closed behind me was that the last stall was occupied, and by two individuals. 

Even though the stall door and walls came down to within a foot of the floor when I leaned down I could clearly see two sets of tennis shoes. One set was pointing forward as if someone were sitting on the pot and the other set soles out as the other person knelt before the person on the pot in the classic cock sucking pose.

At first I was reluctant to even do my business there. I had had my share of t-room encounters and didn't want to freak them out or interrupt their fun, then I suddenly realized I had seen those tennis shoes before. The kneeler was wearing the exact same kind and color of tennis shoes that K had been wearing when I picked him up. I knew this beyond the shadow of a doubt because I had almost bought an identical pair the last time I went shopping.

I closed my eyes and sighed. I still needed to pee and emptying my bladder had just became a major priority. If I was to confront K after he finished his job, I needed to be able to concentrate on him and not my aching bladder. I stepped up to the urinal and let loose a long hot stream of piss and was suddenly aware of moaning and the tell tale sucking noises that a good wet blow job produces. I felt like a voyeur and yet against my will my cock began to swell even as it sprayed out my hot piss. I shook myself off and washed my hands just as someone cried out "Oh Fuck," and then it was silent.

The silence was almost oppressive and as I dried my hands the door opened and a man in a business suit stepped out, took one look at me and high tailed it out of the bathroom. Slowly the door to the stall opened once more and out stepped a disheveled young boy, a wad of cash in his hand. He barely looked up as he shoved the money in his pocket but when he saw me and his mind registered who I was he sighed and looked down at his feet, those feet that wore those tell tale tennis shoes.

"K, I was worried. When I came to see you the clerk told me what happened, but I explained and he apologized. Why didn't you call me? I would have come and got you and took you somewhere else or fixed things for you."

He shrugged, "It's no use. No one can help. The first thing I thought of was turning a trick. Just forget it okay? I a should just go back to him and keep tricking," he said wiping a bit of stray cum from his mouth, the cum of the business man no doubt.

"You're not going anywhere except with me. I will not let you go back to that life, that man. I....told you I would help and I will, but you have to trust me."

"You don't really want to help me. If you did you''d let me thank you....let me make you feel good."

I sighed, "What do I have to do to get it through your head that I want to help you and I won't use you like all those other guys did. If....if we ever did anything like that it would not be as a thank you, it would be because we cared about each other and it was right. Do you understand the difference?"

He looked ashamed then and tears began to flow down his cheeks. I went to him and hugged him and kissed the tears from his cute face. I am a strong man with definite ideas of right and wrong, but I have to tell you this kid was hard to resist. 

He sniffed back his tears and said, "I'm sorry. I should have called you. I...I just felt so alone."

"Which is why you are coming home with me and staying with us." I said making a decision that I hoped I wouldn't regret later.

"Really, but what about..what you said before...about me being too  young and you getting into trouble?"

"If anyone asks you are my cousin, okay?" I laughed.

"Okay, cuz." he said managing a weak smile.

I called Buster and we met back at the apartment and he was waiting with open arms. As he pulled me into a hug and kissed me I couldn't help but notice that K was watching us in awe. He had never seen two people in love, let alone two gay boys, and it was a real eye-opener for him. 

When Buster finished with me he went to K and gave him a brotherly hug and a kiss on the cheek," Welcome to our humble home."

"Thanks, you guys are the best. I don't deserve this, but thanks," he said, his voice full of emotion.

"Yes, you do deserve this and if you will just trust us we will see this thing through to the end." Buster said in his no nonsense voice."

"I called my mom last night and she is anxious to meet you. That was what I was going to tell you when I came to see you at the motel today."

"I'm....sorry. It was dumb, I should've trusted you more. Can you forgive me?"

"Already have, now relax. Are you hungry?"

He nodded and I fixed waffles and bacon for all three of us and we ate and talked and soon it was like we had known each other forever. It was a warm and fuzzy feeling, almost like being in he bosom of your family and I thought about what all this meant. If mom and dad adopted Kevin he would be my little brother too. Suddenly I wondered what Joey would think of all this and running it past Buster first, I called him and he agreed to come over.

Joey arrived about ten minutes later with Joe in tow and after we all hugged and kissed (with Joe squeezing my ass) I introduced Kevin and proceeded to tell them the whole story. When I finished Joey smiled and went to Kevin and pulled him up off of the couch and wrapped his beautiful strong arms around him and kissed him on the lips, "Welcome to the family bro," he said and that was that.

I wiped tears from my eyes, I loved Joey so much right then that if there hadn't been a room full of people there I probably would have dragged him off to bed and ravaged him for hours. I knew Buster and Joe wouldn't mind but Kevin was just a kid and I didn't want to upset his delicate

Joey and Joe hung out the rest of the evening and we had a really good time. I think Kevin was impressed with the fact that here before him were two loving gay couples and I think that gave him hope for his own future love life. He was a cute boy, and sweet and I knew he would find someone before too long and the four of us would be right there to advise him and guide him along the way.

At bedtime we put K in the spare bedroom and he was out like a light. Tomorrow I planned to take him shopping and get him a few new clothes since all he had was what he was wearing when I found him. 

Buster was an animal in bed that night and no sooner than the lights were out he was on me and kissing me lustily. I didn't know if the presence of Kevin was the cause of his sudden lust, but I didn't care. Like I said I don't care where Buster gets his appetite as long as I'm the main course. My mind was full of junk until he started to move down my body, nuzzling my stomach and belly button then tracing a path with his tongue down my pubes to my nuts where he took them into his hot hungry mouth and began to suck on them. I moaned in appreciation and sighed. There was nothing better than being with my man and I turned all my attention to him.

From my nuts he moved on to my hard leaking cock and began to lick it like an ice cream cone as I moaned softly. Even after all this time he could do things to me that no one else could and I loved him more with every passing day. When he took my cock into his mouth I cried out in ecstasy and I think that might be when Kevin woke up. 

As Buster continued I became louder and more verbal and by the time I had come in his mouth I was cussing up a storm and egging him on. He was balls deep in my ass when Kevin finally pushed open our bedroom door to see what all the commotion was about. 

I don't know how long he was there before I noticed him and nudged Buster, but Buster was too far gone to care. Everyone in the apartment complex could have been at the door for all Buster cared. He was going to bust his nut no matter what and I knew it was pointless to try to stop him. Not that I wanted too, he felt so good inside me and I felt a second orgasm coming just from the his dick rubbing my g-spot deep inside. No, all we could do was continue and pick up the pieces afterwards.

I was eventually aware that Kevin was not only naked but he was masturbating furiously as he watched Buster plow my hungry ass and when at long last Buster came, Kevin wasn't far behind. I watched as two thick ropes flew across the hardwood floor of our bedroom just missing the throw rug, then I closed my eyes as my own cock erupted coating Buster and I with my hot thick cum. 

When I opened my eyes again Kevin was gone, the door was closed and if I hadn't known better I'd have thought I had dreamed the whole thing.

Buster was collapsed on top of me, panting for breath as he came down from his orgasmic high and it suddenly occurred to me that maybe having Kevin watching him had added to his excitement. I knew Buster liked to put on a show and Kevin had certainly been an appreciative audience. My head was swimming with thoughts and I didn't know what to do or say.

Fortunately when Buster recovered he knew exactly what to do. Licking a bit of cum off my chest he kissed me and nuzzling my ear he whispered, "Let's just pretend we didn't know he was there. We were so busy there is no way he could be sure if we saw him or not. He might be embarrassed or freaked out if we call him on it."

I nodded, "Okay, but if he brings it up...."

"If he does then we'll discuss it, otherwise it never happened."

We tried to go to sleep after that but we were both so turned on by what had happened that we wound up 69ing and blowing another big load before we were spent. I was exhausted by the time we finally passed out and I didn't wake till almost nine the next morning. Buster was already gone and there was a note on his pillow saying he had an early rehearsal and that he would see me around three and we could hit the road.

I sniffed his pillow enhaling his unique scent and grabbed my morning wood and smiled. Why can't all wood be as hard and big as morning wood, I wondered. Then I padded off to the bathroom still naked. I managed to bend my wood down enough to get a stream going and as my bladder drained my wood began to soften. I was almost done when Kevin barged in as if he owned the place and I jerked a little and sprinkled the toilet seat.

"Oh, sorry," he said as if he were surprised by my presence.

But I'm not that dense. He wanted to catch me naked and with cock in hand, " Almost done," I said lamely.

"'s okay. I'm not in any hurry. I just wanted to...uh, brush my teeth," he lied. I had given him a spare toothbrush the night before but I didn't think oral hygiene was a big priority right then, though oral sex might have been.

"Look, let's just cut the crap. If you want a good look, just take it and get it over with. I'm not shy, but that doesn't mean I'm going to have sex with you," I said bluntly then felt bad when I saw the look of hurt and shame on his face. I tried to back peddle but the damage was done.

"I'm sorry...I'm go. I didn't mean to make you mad. I...I'm sorry..really."

"Wait," I said releasing my now totally soft cock, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off so pissy. I just...well, I can understand you're curious and all. And I am a major stud," I teased and he managed a little laugh.

"You are hot, hell so is Buster and Joe and oh my God, Joey is like perfect." He said admiringly.

"Whoa, hands off my little bro. He's spoken for," I said but what a crock of shit that was. If Joey wanted to get with Kevin it would happen and age didn't mean a dam thing.

"I know, I know. I'm just fucking horny right now. That's why I blew that guy at the mall. He was cute and he kept staring at me so I went to the head and he followed and I just grabbed his cock through his slacks and led him to the stall," he laughed, "he was so easy to lead around, and when I asked for fifty bucks he didn't even flinch, just pulled out a wad of bills and shoved them at me. I stuck em in my pocket and jerked down his slacks and underwear and his cock was awesome. So big and dripping wet. I shoved him down on the toilet and dropped to my knees and went after at. He tasted so good and when he came it was like I had total control of him. He never had it so good I bet," he chuckled, "and I made fifty bucks."

I just stood there digesting all he had just told me and I began to worry that maybe you could take the boy out of the tricking, but maybe you couldn't take that tricking out of the boy. Would he continue to trick even in a loving and safe environment? And what about school? Would he be hustling high schoolers for their lunch money for a quick blow job? What had I gotten myself into?

He must've seen the doubt and concern in my eyes because he lowered his head and leaned against the sink, "If you don't want to introduce me to your mom now I understand. I'm no good. I'm spoiled meat and no one wants me anyway."

"Oh come off it K," I said angrily causing him to jerk his head up and meet my angry gaze, "You are so full of yourself. Poor, poor me. I'm a victim, I'm no good. No one wants me. Blah blah blah. Well get over it. You are not spoiled meat, you are a person, a cute wonderful boy, but no one can help you if you don't want to be helped. First you have to believe in yourself. I can't help you, Buster can't help you, my folks can't help you if you don't want us to. Do you understand me?" I said sighing and moving toward him. 

He collapsed into my arms and I was aware of how solid and yet smooth he was. Was that his hard cock digging into my leg? I didn't want to get his hopes up so I pulled away a little and he let his arms drop to his side and he lowered his head again.

"See, even you don't want me. You think I'm broken....used up."

I sighed, "Why do you consider it an insult that I don't want to use you like a cheap pair of socks and then toss you away? I told you, I think you are too young, but even if you were 18 I'd still want to get to know you and make sure it was right before I hopped into bed with you. And Buster would have to approve of it too, that how it is with us. We're a couple and neither of ever do anything the other one doesn't know about."

He raised his  head and looked me squarely in the eyes, "You love each other a lot, don't you?"

I nodded overcome with emotion. Buster was my heart and soul and I was glad it showed in the way we treated one another, "Maybe someday you'll find someone like that and you'll understand."

"You think I could?" he asked shyly.

"I'm sure of it. Your looks alone will get you plenty of attention, but it's your personality and how you treat others that will win them over."

"I...have a confession to make," he stuttered, "last night...I uh, heard you and Buster. I knew what was going on but I pretended I was worried that something was wrong and I came to...uh, to your room. When you didn't say anything or stop I figured you were having too much fun to notice me I stayed and watched. I know, I know, I should have left, but I just couldn't stop watching. It was so fucking hot watching Buster fuck you and see how much you liked it. It was like a live porno and I beat my meat the whole time and when I busted my nut it was the best ever. I'm really sorry. If you want me to go, I will. I....I feel really bad about it now."

I laughed, "We saw you, but we didn't want to mention it if you didn't. I think Buster was sort of putting on a show for you. He's such a stud and always glad to show off. Me, I'm just a little bitch that loves dick and especially Buster's. I can't blame you for wanting to watch, but it was sort of weird for first. And there is still the age thing. So, it's our little secret, okay?"

He nodded, "Thanks. I totally get what you mean about my having to want to be helped and believing in myself and I'm gonna try my best not to disappoint you....if you still want to try."

I hugged him again. His erection seemed to have gone down during our conversation and he was like putty in my hands. He hugged me back and he was shivering a little. I kissed his cheek and he smiled. He was just a kid, but he had been through hell and it was hard to figure out how to deal with him at times. But in the end love and caring usually work best no matter what the situation and I would try my best to make sure he got plenty of both.

I got dressed and fixed us a quick breakfast and we went shopping. I bought him two more changes of clothes, some undies and socks and I washed his dirty ones. While we waited for Buster I packed for the three of us and when I realized that Kevin might not be coming back with us I felt a little sad. Despite all the BS he had put me through I had become attached to him rather quickly. I smiled at the thought of having him for a little bro though and hoped it would all work out for the best. I was confident that if there was any way possible my folks would come through. They had never once let me down and I didn't think they would start now.

Chapter 50 

Our new bro


Buster buzzed in around three and took a quick shower and ate a sandwich before we hit the road. I drove with Buster riding shot gun and Kevin in the back leaning forward to talk to us all the way there. He was bubbling over with excitement and nervousness but I knew once he met my folks he would be okay. If anyone could charm the savage beast in him, it was my mom.

As we pulled into the driveway I could sense Kevin's nervousness and almost smell his fear. He was shaking as he climbed out of the car and I slipped my arm around him and patted his back. "Don't worry, it's all good. You will love my folks and I'm sure they will love you."

I led him inside and my mom met us at the door. Typical mom, she hugged Kevin and kissed his cheek then took his hand and as we followed she led him into the family room where dad sat perched in his favorite recliner. He jumped up and shook Kevin's hand and offered him a seat and he sat down warily on the couch. I sat down beside him on one side and Buster on the other and I think that helped with his nervousness. 

Mom took a seat across from us and smiled, "Are you boys hungry. It's a long drive, surely you must be starved by now."

"We're fine mom, we'll stay for supper though and the night if it's okay."

"Why would you even ask? This is your house as much as it is ours, isn't it dad? You and Buster are always welcome here." 

My dad grunted and nodded, he was the easiest going, most agreeable guy I had ever known and I knew that whatever mom decided he was 100 percent behind her. He smiled and proceeded to tell us how good we looked and that college life must agree with us and then he went on to tell us about the latest thing at work and it was just like old times.

Kevin listened and watched us as we interacted and I could see his fear fly away from him. He sighed, this was so much different than anything he had ever experienced and he felt safe and secure here among my family. I slipped my arm around him and he smiled shyly at me. I smiled back and nodded.

"So mom, what do you think? Can Kevin could stay here for awhile?"

Mom smiled, "We've already fixed up the attic bedroom for him. We didn't want to touch your or Joey's rooms but it turned out nice  and your father moved that full size bed from the garage up there."

I laughed, "Well, you've been busy. Maybe I should go show Kevin where he'll be staying.

After that day we never called Kevin by his street name "K" again. That was part of his past and he didn't' want to be reminded of that. From that day forward he was Kevin, or Kev, or just bro and he fit in as well as if he had been born into our family. My dad's company helped with adoption expenses and six months after I found Kevin in the mall he officially became Kevin Andrew Martin (KAM). We had a huge party and invited all our old friends and some new ones including Kev's new bf Lucas. He was a cute little red head with emerald green eyes and skin so white it looked like porcelain. He wore braces but he had a killer smile and a sweet personality and we all loved him as much as we loved our new bro. Kev said they hadn't done the deed yet, though they had made out a few times and I told him there was no hurry. That when it was right they would know it but that once they did it they would never be satisfied with anything less. 

Kevin confided in me that he wasn't sure if he was a bottom or a top, that he thought about both ways with Luc but that he definitely thought Luc was a bottom. And what a cute bottom he had. Despite being slender though well built, the boy had a butt to die for. Even clothed you could see what a great ass he had and I was sure if Kev ever got into that thing he would figure out very quickly that he was a top.

Anyway, Kenny and Cody and Aaron were at the party and they all welcomed Kevin into our family officially and there was a lot of spit swapping and groping but none of us got too carried away, at least not till later, but I'll have to let Joey tell you about most of that because I was with Buster and being good....well, as good as we can be together.

My mom was positively glowing that night. She had found a new reason to live and her only worry now was what would she do when Kevin finished high school and went to college.  I teased her and said she would have to keep working the Boys home and try to find new boys to adopt. She slapped me playfully, but I don't think she thought it was that bad of an idea. I added that she should always ask if they were gay, because she was the best mom a gay boy ever had. She cried then and pulled me into a hug and we cried a little together then straightened up and joined the  party.

Two weeks later Kev called me and told me that he and Lucas had finally did the deed and it was the most amazing thing ever and that he had decided he was versatile and that was so cool because now he could top and bottom. I told him that was how it was with me and Buster, except I mostly got topped because I'm such a little bitch and he laughed. He said he thought Luc was mostly a bottom and that was cool cause he really liked that cute ass of his and I was hard and went looking for Buster when I hung up the phone. I shared my news then jumped on Buster and rode his cock for twenty minutes until we both gooed, him up my ass and me all over both of us. 

At this point I am going to let Joey tell you about that night of Kevin's party. I will read it when he's through and fix any grammatical errors, etc., but it'll be his words and he has a knack for making things sexy.

Joey's Story

Not gonna waste time introducing myself, you all know and love me by I'm the kid who seduced my big bro with my little feet and later with my cute ass, but we've come a long way since then. We have a new bro now, his name is Kevin and he is sixteen almost seventeen and sexy as fuck. He has a bf named Lucas but when this happened he and his bf hadn't done the nasty yet. Hard to believe huh, I mean I started having sex before I was even old enough to shoot, but hey it's their life and their business.

Anyway the night of the party we had some of our old friends over and we had a real blow out. After the rents went to bed (around 11) us boys went into the family room and sat around drinking sodas and eating junk, but we got bored before too long. Cody and Kenny were making out quietly but Lucas had to go home early and Kev was all alone. I felt sorry for him. I had Joe and Dommie had Buster, it seemed everyone had someone but he was all alone and worst part was he wasn't gonna get any anytime soon. I knew Buster and Dommie would be making the bed move in Dommie's room before too long and Cody and Kenny were going at it now at a rapid pace and I figured they would be doing it on the floor within a few minutes. That left Joe and me and as much as I wanted Joe up my ass that night, I wanted my new bro even more.

I took Joe out to the kitchen on pretense of getting some more sodas but what I really wanted was to talk to him about Kevin and how we could help him out. Well, Joe is always horny and always willing to help a guy out so one thing led to another.

Later after Cody and Kenny left and Dommie and Buster went up to his room to make out we sat down by Kevin and pitched our idea. He listened with rapt attention and from the rise in his shorts I think he was pretty interested. We made him a deal. We could either go to his room or he could come to ours and we would do anything he wanted us to. Anything, anything at all. He swallowed hard and thought about it for about two nano seconds before nodding and following us up to my room. 

I checked out the bathroom I shared with Dommie and his door was closed. I knew it was no big deal but I didn't want Dommie to know right then. I was afraid he might pull that silly stuff about Kev being to young and all. Bullshit, we had started when I was ten and by the time I was Kev's age I was a full blown (and blowing) slut.

We took turns peeing then I closed the door to the bathroom and locked it, something I hadn't done for a very long time. 

"Let me undress both of you," Joe said in his husky sexy voice. We had discussed how this would go earlier and he was playing his part perfectly.

Kevin was shaking by the time Joe got to him but he was staring at me like I was Christmas dinner and he hadn't eaten in a week. I smiled and shook my hard little cock at him and he swallowed and licked his lips lewdly. I knew he had a thing for me from the first day we met cause Dommie had told me, but I had never done anything about it till now.

Kev had an awesome body and his cock was bigger than I had imagined just from looking at the outline through his pants. It was maybe 6 or 6.5 inches and pretty fat, but the most impressive thing was his balls.  They looked like ping pong balls inside a velvet sack and they hung down so low I wondered how he kept them in his undies. I licked my lips and waited. Joe was going to run this and I'd have to wait for him to tell me what to do.

"Joey, baby...get down on your knees and lick your little bro's nuts. I hadn't thought of it that way before. I had always been the little bro to Dommie and now I was the older bro and it was a massive turn on.

I dropped to my knees and lifted those huge nuts and gave him a good licking and Kevin cried out as if I had racked him. I was afraid I had hurt him, but the look on his face said he was in Heaven so I continued. I licked his balls till they were shiny with spit then took first one then the other nut in my mouth and just held them till his knees almost buckled. 

I put my hands on his hips and buried my face in his sparse pubic hair and inhaled his heady boy odor. I was on fire with desire for my new little bro and wanted to taste him so bad, but I had to wait for Joe to give me the word.

Sensing my need, Joe moved up behind me and leaned in to kiss Kevin. When he broke the kiss he whispered, "Beg him to suck your cock bro. He wants to but you have to tell him it's okay."

In a trembling voice Kevin stuttered, " cock Joey. Oh, please bro...suck my cock."

I wanted to just plunge my mouth over that prong and go after it, but I wanted this to be a long and memorable suck so I began by licking his cock from head to base over and over as he moaned and trembled. I was afraid he would collapse and looking at Joe for permission and getting a nod I guided him over to the bed and had him lay down with his legs hanging over the end of the bed and his feet on the floor. I knelt between his legs and gave his balls another lick just for fun then went back to his cock. His cock was leaking lots of pre-cum and it was awesome tasting. I lapped it up like a cat eating cream and it just kept coming. I thought to myself, he must be a great fucker with that pre-cum he won't even need lube and my ass twitched a little. I am such a little bitch sometimes.

I went back to licking his dick but I knew he was ready for more so I amped things up a bit and put my mouth just over the head of his still leaking cock. He squirmed and tried to drive it deeper but I wrapped my hand around it and maintained my hold on his cock head with my hungry mouth controlling the suck completely. He must've felt helpless but I needed to be in charge this time, even if I was taking orders from Joe. 

I must've sucked that way for about five minutes when Joe sat down beside us working his big dick and he said, "'Take it all, baby, take all of that cock and make your little bro beg for more."

I swallowed Kev to the hilt in one movement and relaxed my throat muscles and let it slide into my throat. If I could have seen his face I'm sure his eyes would have been rolled back in his head and his mouth hanging open, but I was too busy sucking to notice for sure. I came up quickly, took a deep breath and swallowed again. Eventually Kev came alive and began to buck up off the bed and attempt to throat fuck me. I put my hand back on his cock and went to work on the cock head again and he learned his lesson and gave up trying to control things.

When he relaxed I went back to swallowing him slowly over and over until he was shaking and panting like a dog. I kept this up for fifteen more minutes before Joe finally said, "Let him get his nut baby, then I'm gonna fuck that sweet ass of yours while he watches and rests up. Then he can have a go at it."

I could feel the excitement welling up in Kevin, not just because he knew he was going to come soon, but because he knew he had a second orgasm coming up my cute and I felt my little bitch coming on. I quickly finished Kevin off moving faster and faster and swallowing his cock as he moaned and thrashed about on the bed. When he began to come it was like a water main had broken and it was all I could do to take all of his hot sweet cum and not loose any. I savored his taste and feel and then moved up and kissed him letting him taste his own spunk on my tongue and he greedily ate it from my mouth. When it was all gone I moved back down and licked him clean until he pushed me away and rolled onto his side. 

I wasted no time climbing up on the bed and raising my legs high to expose my boy hole. Joe already had the lube and as he slicked up his pole and my ass, I looked over at Kevin and he was already hard again. I giggled and said, "Watch this. This is how I like it, so don't let me down."

Joe pushed in slowly at first then planted the last half of his cock in my ass and began to fuck slowly. He had me almost doubled in half, my legs pushed up high and Kevin had a good view of Joe's cock going in and out of my little ass. What is it about watching penetration of an ass or a pussy that turns guys on so much? Is it the thought that it could be their dick sliding in and out over and over and how good it feels or is it just that we like watching a dick do what it was intended to do? Whatever the reason, Kev's eyes were glued to the action and when Joe began fucking faster and harder his eyes grew wide and he licked his lips and smiled over at me. 

I nodded, "Faster baby, give this little bitch what she needs."

Joe grunted and began to pound me harder, his huge nuts slapping my ass on every downward thrust adding a new sound to the grunting, and wet squishy noise of his cock invading my hole. If Buster and Dommie were still awake there was no way they could miss what was going on in my bed, but they would of course assume it was just Joe and me. 

Joe came with a loud grunt then slowed down as he ground out the last little bit of his orgasm and filled my guts with his hot thick cream. I could feel a little leaking out and running down my butt cheek, but when Joe finally pulled out he licked it up and kissed my pucker. I sighed in compete satisfaction. The only thing that could have been better was if I had come when Joe did, but I was sort of saving myself for Kevin.

We rested for about ten minutes drinking water from the bathroom tap and peeing again then I rolled onto my back, raised my legs high again and Joe told Kevin it was time to breed his big brother. Kevin was literally shaking as he positioned himself behind me and if Joe hadn't lubed him up and helped him get lined up he might have never made it in. 

When he did finally get the head in he broke all the rules of butt fuck etiquette and just plunged all 6.5 inches of his fat cock up my ass and I squeaked out in surprise. He leaned down and kissed me and apologized but by then I was over the initial pain and eager to get rammed by my little bro. I sighed and he began. I could see that Kev hadn't had much experience fucking, but he would soon learn with my help and maybe Lucas's and for a beginner he was doing alright. I always say even the worst fuck is still a good fuck and Kev's fucking was actually pretty satisfying once he got his rhythm figured out. He was one of those guys who fucks slow and deep, sometimes laying down on me, deep within my guts and just moving his hips in a circular motion. He was rubbing against my g-spot and I knew if he kept this up much longer I was going to spew all over the both of us. 

He raised up and began fucking me hard again and that was all it took. One moment I was screaming his name and the next we were both nutting. He was filling me up with his hot sweet spunk and I was spraying the both of us with my nut as he fell down on me and crushed his lips to mine. He kissed me for a long time as he finished unloading in my ass then moved down and cleaned up my chest and tummy while I lay there and gasped for air. I was so tired, but in a good way, and so happy and I pulled Joe to me and thanked him with a wicked kiss. He kissed the end of my nose and whispered, "For you baby. I love you."

I sighed and told him I loved him too then pulled my new bro up on my other side and snuggled with both of them until we fell asleep. I awoke a little while later to the sights and sounds of Joe fucking my new little bro. I smiled and watched till I fell asleep. Life was wonderful, and I had it all.

End of Chapters 49-50

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