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Chapter Five
For Better or Worse

    I don't know exactly what I expected our lives to be like after Buster and I exchanged ankle bracelets and became boyfriends but it wasn't all hearts and flowers. He was still Buster and he could be stubborn at times and then on top of that we had our rents to contend with and things didn't go as smooth as we would have liked them to. For one thing we had a lot more trouble getting together than I thought we would and part of that was Buster's fault for getting grounded for two weeks for sassing his dad. Man I really let him have it for that one and we actually sort of had our first fight over that and didn't speak to each other for a whole day.
    But a day was all I could go before I apologized and then he apologized and we found time to kiss and make up in the bathroom during sixth hour math class and this time no one interrupted us and it was sooo good. We didn't try that again the rest of the week because we thought it was risky and besides Buster was coming off his grounding that weekend and we didn't want to mess things up.
    I didn't tell Joey right away what Buster and I had done but that Thursday night  he saw the bracelet and I told him. At first he seemed sort of upset but I had a bro to bro talk with him and I told him that even though Buster was my boyfriend he was my brother and nothing could ever come between us. He sighed and said it was okay, cause Joe was his boyfriend and they were together before me and Buster and I didn't get mad so he wouldn't either.
    I wondered if he was really okay with it though cause later that night after mom had tucked us in he came to my bed and didn't even ask if it was okay. He just climbed in and snuggled up to me and said, "Member when we did that stuff when Joe was over? You said you would think about it and you didn't say no....have you thought about it any more?"
   He kind of caught me off guard and worse than that I was horny cause Buster and I hadn't got to fool around since that day in the bathroom at school.
    "Yeah, I've uhh, thought about it, but you know now that me and Buster are...ummm, boyfriends I don't know...."
    He seemed to think about that a minute then he said, "But Joe is my boyfriend and he don't care. "Please Dommie, just this once," he begged in his little boy voice. I don't know how my mom and dad ever resisted him when he used that voice. I guess grownups are a lot tougher than us kids.
   All the time he was begging he was rubbing his hand up and down my arm and it was causing me to get a boner bad. I didn't know how Buster would feel about it but we hadn't exactly said we couldn't do stuff with other boys even though I guess I sort of expected that.
   "How about we just jerk off together? That's not bad is it, I mean I watched you do it before?"
   "I guess we could do that, I'm sort of horny and I guess that wouldn't be too bad."
    "Yeah, thanks Dommie." he said all excited.
    He didn't waste any time getting his little dick out and I guess seeing him going at it sort of made me hornier cause it didn't take long for me to join in. He gave me a smile as he laid there and watched me fap as his little hand went up and down on his boner. I was already pretty horned up and then without really thinking about it I looked down and there was his little feet and I felt my boner jump in my hand and I had this crazy urge to reach down and grab them and.....rub my dick on them.
    The more I thought about it the hornier I got and I guess Joey must've noticed that I was thinking something cause he stopped and said, "You sure we can't do that other stuff?"
    I stopped too and rubbed my eyes with my free hand and tried to think what I should do. I didn't really want my little bro to suck me off again, that had been a little weird, but me rubbing on his feet sounded better and better. But if I did that it was only fair that I do something to help my little bro get his nut, so I was really confused. I guess what really pushed me over the edge was when Joey moved around on the bed till his feet were in my face. I think he was hoping we'd do each other, you know a 69, but even though his dick was right there too, all I saw was his feet.
   "I...gotta idea," I said, but you can't tell anyone, not even Joe and I won't tell Buster either." I said as my heart beat really fast and I meant it too, at that moment.
    "Okay, I promise," he said and I could see he was excited about doing something that was secret. You know how little kids are, lol.
    I didn't have to ask twice when I told him what I had in mind he went for it right away. So I decided to suck my little bro off and then rub on his feet till I nutted. I know that sounds really sick, but remember I was twelve and he was ten and sex was just a big adventure to us and maybe because it was a little....naughty or taboo, it made it more fun.
    His dick felt really good in my mouth, and a lot different than Donnie's or Buster's. It tasted different too, maybe because he couldn't come yet. It really didn't have much taste at all, just skin, like if you sucked on a clean finger or something, but I liked it anyway. Yeah, I said I liked sucking my little brother's dick. But what I really wanted was his feet so maybe I sucked harder and faster just so I could get to them, but he wasn't complaining. In fact he must've really liked it cause he kept moaning and he was breathing really fast and panting and stuff.
    I sort of got into it after a few minutes and I decided to give his little balls a lick and he really liked that. I even took them in my mouth, both of them, because they were so small and he shivered like he was cold. That made me hornier and I went back to sucking him and ran my hands under him and felt up his butt. More sickness....okay, but his butt is so soft and round and then he pushed up against me and forced himself deeper (if that was possible) and  he came. Okay, it's not like when I come, not wet, but I know it's just as good because I used to have those dry comes myself.
    He sort of cooed like a baby then he fell back down on the bed and just laid there. I was afraid he'd changed his mind about letting me rub off on his feet but he was just resting. Suddenly he raised one of his little feet and pushed it against my mouth.
    "Suck my toes, Dommie." he ordered me, and he didn't have to ask twice.
    I sucked on his little toes and licked his feet and sniffed them and generally did everything to them that I could think of and when I was so horny I couldn't stand it any more I scooted off the bed and stood at the end. I tugged on his feet and he scooted down till his feet were right at the end of the bed. I knew we needed some kind of lube so I grabbed the hand lotion off the nightstand and squeezed some on the soles of his feet. My dick was already pretty slick with my pre-cum so I put it between his feet and he clamped them together.
    I almost came as soon as I felt his soft feet grip my boner but I bit my lip and it eased up a little. I heard Joey giggle and I looked up to see he was propped up and staring at me. I grinned and he laid back down and began moving his feet up and down my boner, fapping me with his feet.
    If you've never tried this, you should. I know it sounds weird, but it is soooo hot and when I finally came it was awesome. Okay, but then the guilt stuff started. I felt really sick and it wasn't just because I had done stuff with my bro, I was thinking about Buster and that I was going to keep this from him and what a lousy boyfriend I was.
    I think Joey knew something was wrong but he didn't ask. I wiped off his feet and my shrinking dick and we put our underwear back on. He didn't go right away, instead he snuggled up to me and thanked me for doing that stuff and he said it would be our secret forever and not to worry. He was rubbing my arm and he was so sweet but I still felt lousy.
    I let him stay in my bed till we both fell asleep but later when I woke up he was gone. I could still smell him on the pillow and I missed him. I think I even cried a little then and I didn't really know why. Man, sometimes life is sooooo complicated.
    The next day at school I put what Joey and I had done out of my head and concentrated on Buster. It was Friday, the last offical day of his grounding but his rents had agreed to let him come over and spend both Friday and Saturday night because they said...get this: "Dommie is a good influence on you"
    We ate lunch together like always and were sitting side by side playing footsy when this kid we both know, but sort of don't like sat down across from us. His name is Charles but everyone calls him Red, because...yeah, you guessed it, he has red hair and freckles. He is sort of fat and stinks and is so obnoxious no one really likes him except his little gang that are just as obnoxious and smelly as he is only that day he was alone.
   "So girls, I see you're dating now," he snickered, "Probly holding hands under the table, aren't ya?"
    How could he know that Buster and I were boyfriends? I was totally shocked and I guess my face turned red and I didn't know what to say, fortunately Buster did. He is my hero.
    "Red, shut the fuck up or I will take my pocket knife and cut off that 2 inch prick of yours. Everyone knows you got the smallest pecker in school."
    "You been starin?" he jeered but I could tell Buster had hit him hard.
    "Fuck no, aint got no magnifying glass," Buster howled and I joined in. It was really funny, but I guess you had to be there.
   So Red just sort of oozed away like a slug without saying anything else and I figured he wouldn't be giving us any more trouble, but I still wondered how he knew or if he was just being an ass as usual. We finished lunch and went back to our lockers and said goodbye and stuff and I didn't see him again till six hour math. I kept watching the clock and I know he did too and when the bell rang we shot out of our seats and headed to the bus. We took our usual place at the back and discussed our plans for the weekend.
    He didn't mention sex at all until we were almost to my house, the last stop on the bus route, then he leaned in and whispered, "I am soooo horny, I hope you are up for this, cause I am gonna wear you out."
    I giggled and forgot all about my guilt and shame and decided to just have a good weekend and not let anything ruin it. Buster had his clothes in his backpack and when we got off the bus we ran to my house and went straight up to my room. Mom wasn't home yet and Joey was over at Joe's as usual. He would probably be back later but sometimes Mom had him go over there when she was late so he wouldn't be alone.
    As soon as we got in the door I closed it and locked it then locked the bathroom door. I wasn't gonna make that mistake again. I stood against the bathroom door after I locked it and looked at Buster and he just giggled.
    "What are you doing?" he said trying to be serious but cracking up anyway, "You can't hold me here against my will." He loved to say crazy stuff like that, most of the stuff he said he got from movies or TV.
    "You're free to go at any time," I said just making shit up, "but first you have to take those clothes off."
    "But why?" he whined like a little girl and I almost cracked.
    "Because you've been naughty and you have to be punished."
  "I know, I'm sorry but I promise I won't touch myself down there again."
    I raised an eyebrow, now it was getting interesting. "You're a bad boy but I need to be sure. Take off your clothes and show me what you did."
    "Please don't make me...oh, okay," he said anxious to get to the good part.
    I watched as he peeled off his shirt and my dick jumped in my pants. His body was so awesome, and I was so lucky to be his boyfriend. Next he sat on the bed and untied his shoes and slowly pulled them off. Next he took his slow time pulling off his socks and I held my breath waiting to see his feet. Then there they were, maybe not as cute or perfect as Joey's, but cute enough that my boner got harder if that's possible.
    He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans and my eyes went to his crotch. I could see he had a boner too and I could just imagine the wet spot in his undies and how slick the head of it would be once we got it unwrapped. He teased me a little as he pulled his zipper down inch by inch then slowly lowered his jeans to expose his underwear. I don't know where he got them but he had a pair of light blue CK boxer briefs on and they were hugging his dick tightly and I could see every detail of it long before he lowered them. In fact he strutted around first and shook his rear at me then he grabbed the waistband on both sides and just sort of pushed them up and down until I couldn't stand it any longer.
    I rushed over and grabbed his undies and yanked them down and he giggled but didn't try to stop me. His boner sprang up and slapped his belly then just hung there sort of at an angle and I started ripping off my clothes.
    I was naked in no time flat, I didn't tease, I just wanted to get things going before my mom or Joey popped in. I shoved Buster down on my bed and he said, "Oh, you like it rough huh?" and giggled.
    I covered his mouth with mine and when I came up for air I was panting but I still managed to say, "I've been waiting for this all week, and no one or nothing is gonna stop me now."
    We kissed and felt each other up for like twenty minutes then we moved around until we could reach each other's dick and started fapping each other. After a few minutes I started licking Buster's balls and he had to do that to me too and then we started sucking each other and it was awesome. I mean I know it wasn't the first time or anything but it was still soooo good, maybe because we'd had to wait two weeks for it.
    We came almost at the same time and gobbled each others jizz down then rested before hopping up an getting dressed and going downstairs for a snack. We were both starved after all that exercise, so I fixed us a PBJ and we drank Sunny D sitting at the breakfast bar. A few minutes later mom and Joey came in. She had picked him up at Joe's and I was a little disappointed. I had hoped Joey would be staying over at Joe's but it turned out Joe's folks were taking him to see  his grandma and they were leaving early the next morning.
   "I see you boys fixed yourself a snack," mom said, "you can order pizza later, your dad is still out of town and I have a splitting headache so I'll probably just eat a salad and go lie down."
    I was sorry mom had a headache, but glad we were going to have pizza and be pretty much left alone. If it just wasn't for Joey it would've been perfect. I figured we'd let him hang out with us till bedtime then we could finish what we'd started.
    Around seven we ordered pizza and played video games while we waited. We didn't have time to go to the video store but Buster had brought a new game he had got at the mall and I found out that's where the new undies came from too. He said when he saw them he thought how much I would like him in them and he was right.
    When the pizza came we watched one of the movies  from my dad's collection. It was the original Terminator movie and Joey giggled at the part where Arnold was naked when he came through the time portal. I have to admit he was pretty hot looking, but I like Buster's muscles better. Joey kept thanking us for letting him watch  the movie and stuff and it kind of got old after a while so I told him he didn't have to keep sucking up that he could stay up with us till bedtime but then he had to go to his bed. He seemed okay with that, but I wasn't taking any chances. I was locking all doors when Buster and I went to bed. I had a long hot night planned for my boyfriend and me.
    After the movie we moved up to my room to play PS2 and I let Joey come too. I wanted to wear him out so he'd be tired and not interrupt me and Buster later when our heads were banging against the I let Buster and Joey go first and I went in to take a shower. I had originally planned on the two of us taking a shower together, but I thought with Joey around that probably wasn't such a good idea. When I got dried off I put on a pair of silk boxers and told Joey it was his turn. He whined a little but finally handed me his controller and I took over.
    As soon as the bathroom door closed Buster paused the game and grabbed for my crotch.
    "What are you doing," I giggled, "Can't you wait till later?"
 "Not with you in those sexy panties....just let me feel it....pleeeeeze."
    He was already squeezing my junk so I don't know why he was begging so I just sort of leaned back on my arms and let him have his way. He reached inside my boxers and started fapping my dick and that felt really good, but I didn't wanna come in my favorite boxers so I told him to either let me pull them down or to quit for now.
    "I have a better idea," he said looking evil, "how about if I swallow the gooey mess."
    "Joey might be back any minute," I warned but I don't think I really cared at that point.
     "He can be next," Buster teased. Or was he teasing?
   Anyway at about that same time  the door started to slide open and I pushed Buster's hand away and in walked Joey wearing nothing but a towel. He had his sleep shorts in his hand and dropped his towel as soon as he got in the room and started putting them on. I tried not to look but Buster almost broke his neck looking and I think Joey saw that and was sort of putting on a little show. He turned around and shook his little ass as he pulled up his shorts and then spun around just as the waistband pulled up under his dick and raised it and he was a little hard.
   Buster elbowed me in the ribs and said, "Is that what you looked like two years ago, cause if it were a total fox."
    "So what am I now, a dog?" I said disgustedly. He was checking out my little bro right in front of me. No, he was the dog.
    "You're way hotter now, just sayin...I can see that the both of you are hot boyeees," he said trying to dig his way out.
    Joey finally got his sleep shorts up over his boner but I could still see the outline of it. He ran over and grabbed up Buster's controller and told him he could go take his shower now.
    "Who made you boss?" Buster said wrestling Joey to the floor. He was seriously pressing some flesh and it was making me mad. Wasn't I enough for him? Did he have to rape my little bro too? Why was I getting so mad? They'd wrestled around before and I didn't get upset, heck I usually joined in. Was it because I felt like Buster belonged to me now? We were boyfriends now, did that mean we couldn't still do the same stuff and be ourselves? I had so many questions and no one to go to for answers.
    Finally I guess Buster got tired of the wrestling and he did go to take his shower and left me and Joey alone. I really wanted to talk to him about what had just happened but the more I thought about it the sillier it sounded. I was acting like some dumb old girl. Man, I had to get a grip or I'd spoil things for later and I really, really wanted things to be perfect when Buster and I hit the sheets.
    While I was thinking about all that stuff Joey beat my ass at Zombie Town and I threw down my controller in disgust and fell back and closed my eyes. Next thing I knew Joey was kneeling over me with his little face  so close I could smell his toothpaste breath and when I opened my eyes he started giggling.
    "I was gonna lick your nose," he giggled.
    "Gross, you have germs you little weasel," I said but I wasn't mad and I grabbed him and started tickling him and he giggled even more. I had him down on his back then and I was straddling him and holding his arms down at his sides and he looked up at me and stuck out his tongue.
    "I wouldn't want that thing in my mouth either," I said.
    "How bout up your butt," he giggled.
    "Ewww, gross. You need your mouth washed out with soap."
    "Or with your dick," he giggled.
    "Oh, yeah, that what you want. You want some of this?" I said grabbing my dick through my boxers and shaking it at him.
    "Yes please," he said then cracked up.
    Fortunately Buster came back about then and he was wearing those same blue CK's that fit him so well. His package was right out there in plain sight and I felt my dick get stiff just looking at it. Of course being on top of my little bro who had just begged for my dick in his mouth didn't help any either. Boy were we a bunch of horny boys, or what?
    "So what are you two up to?" Buster said raising his eyebrows.
  "Dommie was trying to stick his dick in my mouth," Joey giggled, "help me Buster."
  "I was not, you little creep," I said as I rolled off of him,"anyway he was begging for it," I laughed.
   Buster rolled his eyes in a funny way and said, "I can't turn my back for a minute....."
    "Aww don't get mad," Joey said in his little boy voice, "I know Dommie is your boyfriend now."
    Oops, I hadn't exactly told Buster that Joey knew, but I swear I was going to that night.
  "Oh, okay with that little man?" Buster asked surprising the heck out of me. Why did he care if Joey was okay with it anyway? This was between us two.
   "Yeah, if Dommie had to have a boyfriend, I'm glad it's you. Anyway I have a boyfriend too, and he's black and has a big one."
He said proudly.
    Buster just laughed, "Is he hung like a pony?"
    "Uh huh, it's big."
   "Cool, so it's okay if Dommie and I kiss and stuff when you're around?"
   Hey, wait a minute. I'm right here. I was screaming in my head. This concerned me too, but just like always Buster was taking control.
    "Sure, I don't care," Joey said grinning.
    "Cool, we'll keep the really disgusting stuff private, but I didn't want you to get freaked out if I gave old Dommie a lip lock or squeezed his butt," he laughed.
    "You can do sex in front of me, I don't care. Dommie saw me and Joe do it and....." I knew he was about to tell everything, but then he looked at me and blushed and shut up. Fortunately Buster didn't seem suspicious.
   "Oh, well....that's up to Dommie, but I'm not shy," he said grinning and plopping down beside me. I gave him a WTF look and he just shrugged and mouthed the word "what".
    "Later," I whispered and we let it go for then.
   Joey and Buster played video games for the next half hour while I laid beside Buster on my stomach and rubbed his leg. Once he looked down at me and said, "How am I supposed to concentrate with you doing that," but he didn't sound like he wanted me to stop so I just kept doing it and even let my hand snake around to inside his thigh and brush his junk.
    I giggled when he shivered and crashed his car into a wall. It sat there all pixilated and sort of shimmering and he threw down his controller and said, "I'm done. I can't play this damn game any more."
    " said damn," Joey giggled.
   "So, who gives a shit?" Buster said giggling. He usually didn't talk like that but it was like he was trying to prove something to my little bro.
  Joey didn't reply, I don't think he knew whether Buster was kidding or really mad. I didn't think he was mad, just frustrated maybe, but I'd fix that in a few minutes.
    I stretched and yawned real big even though I was too horny to be tired, "Well, I think we should go to bed, don't you think so Buster?"
    "What? Oh, yeah...I'm pretty tired myself. And this little squirt needs his sleep," he said attacking Joey again. Only this time he picked him up and carried him out the door. I watched as he went through the bathroom and in a few minutes he came back alone.
    "I threw him on his bed, but he said he had to pee first and could you come and say goodnight. Man, you too are like the Brady Bunch or something", he said, but I don't think he was dissing me, I think he was jealous.
    I sat there a minute and I heard the toilet flush and then I jumped up and went to Joey's room. He was laying on top of his covers with his little feet out in plain view and I wondered if he was doing that to tease me. I tried not to look at them as I walked over and helped him get under the covers. I bent down and smoothed the hair from his forehead like my mom always does and I kissed it. Yeah, I kissed my little bro on the forehead.
    "Goodnight bro."
    "Night Dommie, have fun..." he sighed.
  "We will, just like you and Joe. And remember, don't come knocking, no matter what. Respect my privacy, okay?"
    "Even if I have a bad dream?" he said pooching out his lip.
    "You won't. Don't invent stuff, okay?"
    "I promise....Dommie?" he sighed.
    "I'm glad you got a boyfriend now. Now we're alike."
    "Yeah, maybe we can double date,"I said then we both laughed.     So I told him goodnight again and I left. I closed the door to my room and locked it and then made sure the door to the hallway was locked and I turned to look at Buster. He was laying on the bed still in those sexy blue CK's and I slowly walked over and just stood there staring at him.
    "You see something you like?" he said trying to be serious for once.
    "Oh yeah, lots." I said as I turned off the light and climbed onto the bed beside him, "I had a whole thing planned but now, I just want to see what happens. I mean just know what I mean?"
    He didn't answer, instead he rolled over and started kissing me and I forgot what the question was. We rubbed around on each other and kissed for maybe twenty or thirty minutes loosing our underwear somewhere along the way before we started to get serious. Our dicks were leaking like crazy and we left a slimy trail on each other as we rubbed together. Suddenly Buster straddled me and reached down between us and took both our dicks in  his hand and then lowered himself onto me keeping us lined up. Then he started moving against me and our dicks were rubbing together and it felt so good. It almost felt as good as getting sucked and we were kissing the whole time too so that made it even hotter. I didn't want it to ever end but I could feel my balls churning and I knew I was gonna come soon.
    I broke off the kiss and nuzzled Buster's ear and whispered, "I'm coming." and he moaned and he came too. It was so amazing, I mean I found out later how rare it is for two people to come at the same time but Buster and I did it a lot after that first time.
    There seemed like a gallon of cum between us, all over our bellies and crotchs and I know some got on the bed, but I'd worry about that later. We were stuck together with our own jizz and I didn't want to get unstuck. We kissed some more even though we were both pretty spent after that massive come, but it didn't take long till our dicks were starting to get hard again.
    "Ummm, what's that poking me?" Buster teased, "An ink pen? A soda straw?...No, it's a flashlight...right?"
    "It's a Kielbasa," I said giggling, "Wanna taste?"
    "Well, I am kinda hungry. Is there anything to go on it?"
    "Just mayo, and lots of it," I giggled.
    "Okay, mayo it is then, but I usually like Miracle Whip."
    He scooted down then and started licking some of our cum off my body. His tongue felt warm and wet and my boner sprang back to life and throbbed as he kept on licking around everywhere. Pretty soon he grabbed my boner and started licking the head all over and I moaned. It felt so good I couldn't stand it.
    I wanted to do the same thing to him so I whispered for him to move up so we could 69 and he shook his head no, "Huh uh, this time I want to take my time and give you the best feeling you've ever had, then if you want you can do the same for me."
    I didn't protest, I was loving what he was doing and it was nice to just lay back and do nothing except moan. I raised up and watched while he continued to lick me up and down and when he spread my legs a little and started licking my nuts, I almost came up off the bed. It felt better than anything I could describe and I was clawing at the sheets as he nuzzled my nut sack and then I felt his hot wet tongue licking lower and deeper until he reached my little pucker and he was licking my a-hole. As gross as I thought it was to do, it was also awesome to have it done to me. I could barely stand it as he not only licked it but tried to put his tongue inside. Where did he learn that? Was he a lot more experienced than I thought? I finally decided, who cares? and went with the flow.
    I was getting closer and closer and then he just quit all of a sudden.
    "What's wrong?" I said, raising up to see why he stopped.
    "Nothing, but.....there's something I want you to do to me and I don't know if you will or if you'll get mad, but I just gotta ask." He said sounding like a different Buster than the one who usually took charge of things.
    "I promise I won't get mad. Just ask me. Is it what you just did to me? Cause even though I thought it was gross at first, now I think it's pretty cool. And I might not do it to anyone else, but I would definitely do it to my boyfriend."
   He shook his head, "It's not that, but I wouldn't mind that either. Maybe I should just go back to sucking and forget it," he sighed.
    "NO, tell me. We've got to be able to tell each other stuff and not get all mad or shy and stuff. We've seen each other naked and
had sex , nothing to be shy about."
    He was on his knees between my legs and my boner was throbbing waiting for him to continue or do something. I think my balls were turning blue like I've heard guys talk about. Then he moved up and sort of laid on me and kissed me real slow and that felt really nice and then he moved his lips to my ear and sort of tickled it with his lips and said, "I want you to fuck me."
    I was shocked at first. I mean we had never really talked about butt sex, but he knew I thought it was kind of gross and now he was asking me to do it with him. I was just glad he wasn't asking me to let him do that to me, but then I sort of panicked, what if I did that to him and then he wanted me to let him do it to me? I didn't know if I could do least not now. What should I do?
    Of course all this went on in my head in like microseconds and then I thought, WTH...he's my boyfriend and he really wants this and if I don't try it I'll never know and what better time than with the one boy I really care about? So, I nodded and he smiled really big and kissed me long and hard and my boner was pressed between us and I decided this might be fun after all.
    He knew exactly how he wanted it to go and I let him lead, just like always. He laid down on his tummy with a pillow under his middle to sort of prop his butt up and told me to get behind him and straddle him.
    He said to use some lotion on my boner and take a little and put it on my finger and work it into his a-hole until I could work two fingers in and then it would be ready for my dick. I did all that but I was trembling and so nervous I almost backed out, but boy am I glad I didn't.
    When he was finally ready he reached back and sort of guided me into his hole. I mean it was amazing. I've read stories where guys have to work and work just to get the head in and then they have to go real slow and stuff till they're all the way in, but with Buster I just pushed and I went in all the way and he never so much as grunted.
    Now if you've ever done butt sex, you know what I mean when I say it's so hot and tight and silky smooth inside there and I almost came the minute I slid in. Fortunately Buster knew just what to do. He told me to just lay on top of him till my dick settled down and that's what I did.
    As I lay there I stretched out all my senses and I could feel his butt cheeks against my balls and my nipples against his back and my feet were curled up under his and they were so warm and soft and I think I knew right then that as gross as I had thought butt sex would be it was the most wonderful thing two boys could share. I kissed the back of Buster's neck and nuzzled his ear and he moaned and told me to start moving in and out only to take it slow and if I thought I was gonna come to just lay back down on him till it passed.
    I raised up a little and looked down at my dick as it pulled out of Buster's cute ass. It was so hot watching my dick move in and out and before long I was moaning and moving faster. I know I had promised to do what Buster had told me but I just couldn't wait any longer. It felt so good and I loved him so much at that moment and I just had to let go and then I busted my nut right in Buster's guts and I hoped that's what he wanted because it was too late now.
    I must of looked like a retard (sorry again) as I came and made that face (I heard it called an O face before) and I was grunting and moaning and I think I even cussed. Then I was drained and I collapsed on Buster and I was drooling and later when I got up I saw I had left a trail of slobbers on his back and shoulders.
    "Awwww...I wanted you to hold out, but that's okay Dommie, I know how good it feels. Next time you won't blast so fast." Buster said softly. "If you do it long enough I get my nut too."
    I was a little recovered by then and I ask how that worked and he told me about that thing inside called a prostrate, or something like that, and that if you rubbed against it with a dick or finger it stimulated your sperm shooter and bam, you came too.
    That sounded crazy, but Buster said it had happened to him a bunch of times and then I thought...Does that mean my boyfriend got fucked a lot before we met.?
    "Mmmmm...still felt good having you inside me Dommie, I love you more than ever now. It's like I'm yours now," he said sighing.
    I managed to climb off of him then and I fell down on the bed beside him. I stared down at my wilting dick and checked it for poop. I mean after all that's a poop chute back there. I didn't see any brown, only the hand lotion mixed with my jizz, so I figured Buster must've washed his ass really good in the shower or something. I was totally ignorant about that stuff but I'd soon learn all about it.
    "'ve, ummmm....been fucked before?" I asked trying not to sound upset, but he could tell I was.
    "Dommie, that was before we the old school and stuff. Hey, look at me," he said rolling over and facing me. His big brown eyes were starting to tear up and he looked scared.
    "It's okay, I just didn't know," I said smiling a little.
    "If it makes you feel any better, until you fucked me, it was just sex, now it's love."
    I wasn't sure I understood that, but it sounded nice. "Who, uh...were the other boys?"
    You've met two of em, Rick and Donnie, and there were a couple more back at my old school. I sort of got into trouble back there at my old school. That's why I had to change schools. See, me and this other kid, Mike got caught fucking in the bathroom. Fortunately it was a pretty cool teacher that caught us and he didn't rat us out to the principal but he talked to our rents and they were so shocked and didn't believe it so they decided to move me just so I wouldn't have to deal with that stuff if it got spread around."
    So that was what Donnie meant when he said Buster had got into some trouble at his old school? I felt like I didn't really know Buster at that moment, but I had just nutted in his butt, so I wasn't in any position to judge anyone, was I?
    "That must've been tough," I said reaching over and hugging him. He was my boyfriend no matter what, and like he said, all that stuff happened before we met. I wasn't so innocent either...I had done stuff with my little bro, Joe, and that teen in the park so I was just as bad (or good) as he was.
    He smiled really big and kissed me and we started making out again. My boner sprang back up but it was Buster's turn to get his jollies so I moved down and started licking his nipples (which I found out he really likes) and then down to his cute tummy and I stuck my tongue in his belly button and then moved down to his dick and held it and licked it like a lollipop while he moaned and thrashed around and then I licked his nut sack and while I was down there I could smell my own cum oozing out of his hole and for some crazy reason that turned me on and I thought to myself, I fucked Buster and came in him and now he is my boyfriend for real. That made me so horny and crazy that I raised his legs up high and began licking my cum from his ass and thighs and he like went crazy then. He was moaning so loud there was no way Joey didn't hear him, and we'd be lucky if mom didn't hear him too.
    He rolled over suddenly and I attacked him again and licked his hole and got a good taste of myself plus a sort of bitter taste that I knew was ass. I was freaking crazy, and even though I had meant to suck him off all I could think about was fucking him again and that's what I did.
    He didn't care though, he wanted it and when I shoved it in he cried "Yes, Dommie....fuck me hard." And I did. This time I took it slow and about half way through Buster told me to pull out and he flipped over and raised his legs and even though I never would have thought it was possible I was able to enter him that way and it was sooooo good. I could see his face and he looked crazy with lust. I could even reach down and kiss him and I did a lot of that.
    As I got closer, he begged me to go faster and I did, no problem, and he was humping up off the bed and grunting and groaning really loud, but I didn't care who heard us. I was fucking my boyfriend and nothing could stop me now.
    I was almost there when suddenly he cried out and his dick began to shoot his cum all over my chest and that was all it took to send me over the edge. I came so hard in Buster's tight guts that I saw stars and then I just fell down on him and covered his mouth with mine and moved my hips till I had every drop of cum out of me and then I just laid there and panted.
    We were both breathing hard and our bodies were covered in sweat and his cum and our spit and I had never felt so good in all my life. I wondered what my mom would have thought about her little boy if she could see me now, and I almost laughed. Boy, talk about things changing and changing fast. One minute butt sex is gross and the next, I can't get enough. And guess what? I wasn't worried about Buster asking me to let him do that to me, cause I wanted him too now. I wanted to feel what he did and to have him come inside me and make me his boy too.
    I fell asleep right there laying on my boyfriend and when I woke up later he was still there under me and he looked up at me and smiled and I knew right then and there that it was time to loose my virginity to the boy I loved.

Chapter Six
The New Me

    I know everyone wants to hear all about that night that I lost my virginity to my bf, and I will tell you about it in a minute, but first I want to tell you about some other things that were going on in my life.
    First of all, remember I was only twelve years old and up till I met Buster I had been just a regular kid who liked the same things that other kids liked and my life was pretty normal. Of course puberty had a lot to do with the way things turned out too, oh and of course that fact that I'm gay.
    It seemed like all of a sudden sex was the most important thing in my life, well, and love....for Buster. The thing with my little bro's feet didn't help things either. I was not only sexually active, but guilty of incest too. Wow, I guess I was one messed up kid. Funny thing is though, I didn't feel as messed up I should have. I guess once you find out you're a certain way it just seems normal to you, no matter what other people think. Of course I was surrounded by other boys who liked the same stuff and so they weren't giving me any grief over it, but I knew that most of the kids at school would demolish my rep if they found out. I mean I bet there were other kids like me and Buster, but we weren't exactly advertising for them. For one thing, we had each other and for another there just wasn't enough time or opportunity to look for kids like us. But what we didn't know then was that someone had been noticing us and soon we would find out we were definitely not alone.
    I guess the reason I stopped to tell you all this is because I want you to know that I wasn't a bad person, still aren't but that I did make some mistakes and I wasn't always perfect. I tried my best to be a good bf to Buster, and good big brother to Joey, and a decent kid all around, but the kind of secrets I was keeping (we were keeping) eventually took it's toll on me.
    Enough about that, I know you want to hear the sex stuff, so here goes.
   Remember what I said before: I fell asleep right there laying on my boyfriend and when I woke up later he was still there under me and he looked up at me and smiled and I knew right then and there that it was time to loose my virginity to the boy I loved.
    Our bodies were like glued together by our dried cum but it felt sexy and I liked the smell. It was sort of crusty now and there was a lot of it but I didn't mind right then. I could feel our pee boners pressing together and it sort of hurt and fell good at the same time.
    I kissed him on the mouth and we played tonsil hockey for a few minutes then I broke it up and I went to pee. I peed and took a wet washcloth and washed the cum off my chest and belly then washed my privates and my butt just for good measure. I didn't know anything about inside hygiene then, but I had taken a dump earlier that day and after I showered I had soaped up a finger and stuck it up there to clean my poop chute so I thought I was pretty clean. I brushed my teeth and gargled with Scope and Buster came in then and started peeing....and peeing...and It's amazing what six sodas will do to a guy.
    He moved up beside me at the sink and washed his hands and looked at me in the mirror and smiled that sexy smile that makes me love  him so much and my boner was coming back. So was his and I reached down and gave it a little squeeze and he yelped, then I ran off to the bedroom and got ready for him.
    He came back about ten minutes later and I could tell he had cleaned up too and his breath smelled like scope too, I guess we think alike. I was laying on the bed all spread out and he knelt down between my legs and gave my boner a lick before rolling over beside me.
    "Cock teaser," I said giggling.
    "Not a tease, just a preview....unless you got something else in mind."
    "Actually, I do," I said mysteriously.
    He raised his eyebrows like he always does and said, "Want some of my money maker again?"
    "Actually, I have a better idea....if you're up for it," I said twanging his cute boner.
    "Uhhh.......I'm up, I'm up...what is it?" he asked excitedly. I still don't think he had a clue what was about to happen.
    "Mmmmm...hand me the hand lotion," I said sitting up. He looked at me curiously but grabbed the lotion and handed it to me and smiled. I think he thought he was about to get a good fapping from his bf.
    I squeezed some of the lotion on my hands and rubbed them together to warm it up a bit before slicking up his boner really good. He moaned a little and I smiled at him. Then I handed the lotion to buster and told him to squeeze some on his middle finger. I think he might have been catching on by then cause he was shaking a little as he took that bottle and squeezed out way too much for his finger. The excess dripped down on his leg and I reached over and dipped my finger in it and applied that to his dick head.
    "Whaat am I doing?" he sort of stammered.
    I rolled over onto my tummy and raised my little rear and looked back at him. "Can't you guess lover?"
    "Are you sure? he said trembling now, "I promise I won't hurt you if you want to do it, but you don't have to, there is plenty of time to decide."
    "I want it....more than anything in the world. So, quit being greedy and let me have some of the fun too."
    He was grinning like an idiot as he knelt behind me and started rubbing his finger against my pucker. I don't know what I expected but it didn't hurt, it felt great. Of course he hadn't stuck it in yet, he was just rubbing around all over it and that was so hot. When he got it good and greased he squeezed a little more on his finger before he tried to put it in and it slid in easily. It felt strange, sort of like when you poop, and that's actually kind of a good feeling (blush). I felt him push it further inside and then I felt the rest of his hand on my butt and I knew he was all the way in. He kept his finger in there and just wiggled it around and I felt him touch something that felt different, and made me feel like I needed to pee again.
    I gritted my teeth and then the feeling passed and it felt really, really good. I guessed that was the thing that could make you come from being fucked, a prostrate or something like that. After a while he pulled his finger out and I heard it make a sort of plopping noise and I giggled and he slapped my ass. Was this it? Was little Dommie about to loose his cherry?
    I heard Buster squirt more lotion and then I felt something at the back door but it wasn't his boner, it was two of his fingers and it took him a little longer to work them in, but they fit just fine and it didn't hurt at all. I just felt full and this time he didn't touch that one spot so I didn't feel like I had to pee, but the rest felt really good. He sort of moved his fingers in and out for a little while  then he leaned in and whispered, "Are you okay? Does it hurt?"
    "I'm good, it feels awesome." I said truthfully.
    I guess he believed me because he kept on doing it and after a little while longer he decided I was ready for the real thing.  I felt his fingers pull out and I figured it was time and my stomach churned a little and it was my time to tremble. I felt his soft warm hands on my butt then and he rubbed the lotion from his fingers into my skin. He didn't stop there though, he leaned forward and started massaging my back and shoulders and all the time I could feel his boner dragging up and down my butt crack, sort of teasing me.
    I relaxed as he massaged my back and by the time his hands reached my butt I was ready for anything. I sighed and felt so relaxed and happy and if I hadn't been so excited about getting fucked, I might've fallen asleep. Eventually he gave my butt a little slap to let me know the pampering was over and he was ready to get down to business and I was as ready as he was.
    I felt something cold on my pucker as he squeezed a little more lotion on it and then I felt the head of his cock press against my hole. I tensed up but he had anticipated that and he slapped my butt and told me to relax, and told me again that he wouldn't hurt matter what and he added that if it got to bad to just tell him and he'd stop. I didn't tell him that I had already decided that no matter how much it hurt I wouldn't stop and I just nodded.
    He ran his dick up and down my crack for a long time just to get me used to the feel of it and I was getting really anxious and I was glad when he finally began. At first he just placed his cock head against my pucker and sort of slid around in a circular motion. Even that felt good and the longer he did it the more I wanted it inside me. I let him do it his way though and I didn't try to force him to hurry. For one thing, I knew that he had more experience at this, and for another I wanted this to last as long as possible.
    I was so busy thinking about how good it felt and how much I loved Buster and I almost missed it when he finally started to slip in. My attention went straight back to my butt and I almost tensed up again, but then I remembered that I read somewhere on the web, that you should bear down like you were gonna poop and it would slide in and that's what I did and guess what? It worked.
    Just the head was in now and he stopped and waited for a minute or two to let me get used to that before he pushed a little more in. I couldn't believe it didn't hurt or that it felt so good, but I remembered what Joey had said about knowing you were gay if you liked that butt stuff, so I guessed maybe gay boys just naturally took to getting a boner up the  
    I raised my butt up a little as he pushed on in and then I felt his balls against my butt cheeks and I knew I had all 4.5 inches of Buster Weenie in my tight little hole and I giggled.
    "What's so funny?" Buster asked in a dreamy sort of voice.
    "I did it...and it didn't hurt at all. My boyfriend is fucking me and it feels sooooo good, and I'm so happy."
    He chuckled, "Yeah, it was easier than I thought. I thought there'd be screaming and blood everywhere," he teased.
    "I would have let you do it if that's what it took, "  I admitted, but we didn't discuss it then cause Buster started moving.
    His strokes were slow and shallow at first and I loved how it felt having him on top of me and inside me. It is like the most amazing feeling in the world and now I understand why woman like to get fucked by men. I could never do that...fuck a woman or girl, but I totally understand it. I cold feel his hot breath on my neck and it tickled then he started kissing my neck and shoulders and sort of drooling on me, but I didn't mind. I loved it actually and when he raised up on his arms suddenly his boner was deep inside me and that felt amazing.
    He started moving faster then and I could feel his balls slapping against my butt with every downward stroke. His dick moving in and out of me was making a wet slapping sound, almost like fapping but way sexier and that was driving us both mad. My boner was leaking pre-cum like crazy and pressing into the bed and that felt really good but I didn't want to come like that, I had other plans for my next load of cum.
    Buster was sort of moaning now and moving faster and faster and jarring me and the bed and the bookcase headboard was banging against the wall and I wondered if Joey was awake and knew what was going on. Somehow that got me even hornier and I even wished I hadn't locked the door so he could sneak in and watch. I had so may things spinning around in my head and so many feelings running through my body that it was like being high or drunk or something. Well, at least that's what I've heard it's like, I've never been either.
    So Buster is fucking  me like a rabbit now and our bodies are slapping together and we're sweating like mad and it feels soooo good and I know it feels even better for Buster and that makes me happy knowing I am giving him such an amazing feeling then he cries out, "I'm cominggggg." and he pushed in with a grunt and I could actually feel his hot cum shooting inside my guts and it was so amazing that I almost came myself, but not quite, and I'm glad for that cause Buster's ass is mine when he gets done.
    He shoots about three more squirts and then he falls down on me and just lays there like a beached whale, lol, but I don't care. I know how good it felt when I collapsed on top of him and I hope it feels as good for him. I can feel his heart beating against my back and our sweat is cooling in the night air and I have never felt so relaxed or happy in my whole life.  
    Buster doesn't fall asleep on me like I did him and I am glad because when he pulls his already shrinking dick out and rolls over on his back, I cover him and start kissing him. I use my tongue a lot and even though he is still out of breath from fucking he returns the kiss and the tongue and then he pushes my face back and says, "I suppose you want a crack at my money maker now?"
    I grinned, "No hurry, we got all night."
    He didn't want to wait all night though and he raised his legs and I grabbed the lotion and before he knew what hit him I was on him and in He was so loose I didn't even have to use my finger and I  hoped I would be that way soon. Well, I intended to get plenty of practice that weekend and every chance we got after that so I just knew it wouldn't be long till I was as loose as Buster.
    I won't bore you with my fucking Buster's, but it was every bit as good as the first time and before the weekend was over we had done it to each other twice more, plus some other stuff that I will tell you about later, but now I want to talk about what happened with Joey.
    Buster and I were up pretty late that first night and so we slept kind of late the next day. My mom let us sleep in because she still didn't feel too good, I think she had a cold or something, and we didn't get up till like ten o'clock. I could hear Joey in the bathroom around 8 but he didn't come in even though I had left the door unlocked when I got up to pee about 6. I guess he went back to bed or downstairs cause I didn't hear him any more after that.
    Buster was snoring and looked so peaceful and I just laid there and watched him for a minute or two before I snuggled up to him and went back to sleep. I felt him leave at one point and I remember hearing the toilet flush but I dozed off and don't remember him coming back to bed but later when I woke up he was there all soft and warm and it felt so good.
    There was sunlight coming through the window and I heard birds singing and I felt so happy just to be alive and with Buster and I didn't think about all the stuff I'd been worried about right then. I stretched and noticed my bottom was a little sore and some of what happened that night before came back to me and I smiled.  Buster's eyes slowly opened and he smiled over at me and I leaned in and kissed him. It felt so good and right.
    "Morning sexy."
    "Morning lover."
    "What time is it anyway?"
    "Umm about ten, you ready to get up?"
    Buster stretched then and I felt his morning wood pushing against my leg. I reached down and grabbed it and he pushed against my hand. I wanted to fap him or suck him or something but he had to go pee really bad and when he came back we were both out of the mood. We got up and I suggested we take a shower to get rid of the evidence, lol and we sort of messed around in the shower, but it was mostly kissing and rubbing on each other and we didn't get off...then.
    We dried each other's back and got dressed and went downstairs to see what we could find to eat. After a night of sex, we were starved. Mom was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking coffee and she smiled when she saw us and motioned us over for a hug and kiss. My mom was like that, she always treated my friends like they were her kids too. She always told them the first time they visited they were guests and after that they were family.
    She surprised us by having waffles already made and they were warming in the oven. She microwaved some bacon and we had waffles with peanut butter and syrup and big glasses of Sunny D. We were stuffed when we got up and it was Buster who insisted we do the dishes and clean up since mom didn't feel well. She kissed him on the forehead and gave him another hug and told him how sweet he was and I was grinning. Man, it was great, even my rents liked my bf.
    I wondered where Joey was but we were kind of busy cleaning up so I didn't start looking for him till we were done. He wasn't upstairs or out back but when we went out front he was there with Joe shooting hoops in the basket on the front of the garage. Me and Buster joined them and played teams for a little while then we took turns playing one on one. I beat Buster once but he beat me three times. Joe and Joey were about equally matched but when we switched off I beat Joe two out of three times and Buster beat Joey all three.
   But neither of them got mad or anything and we sat on the stoop and drank Gatorade and chilled for a little while and talked. Mom was upstairs resting and we were the only ones around but we kept it quiet anyway.
    "Buster is Dommie's boyfriend now," Joey said softly to Joe, "like we are."He said then reached over and took Joe's hand in his. I figured Joe would jerk it away but he let Joey hold it and he didn't even seem to care.
    "Cool," Joe said grinning, "you guys have sex last night?"
   I blushed and just grinned, but Buster leaned in and said, "Three times, and the weekend aint over yet."
    I saw a strange look on Joey's face but Joe was grinning as wide as if he was the one having sex. Then again, maybe he was. I didn't know if him and Joey had had a chance lately, but I knew they did it every chance they got, or at least that's what Joey told me.
    We talked about non-sex stuff then, video games, movies, school, all that normal stuff and then about noon Joe had to go home and then to his grandma's. Joey went in to use the bathroom and Buster suggested we go hide form him and see if he could find us. I thought that sounded okay, but it turned out it was a big mistake.
    We ran to the backyard and looked around for a place to hide and decided on the garage. Our garage is detached from the house and is big enough for two cars and it even has a loft inside where dad stores lumber and stuff. There is a narrow staircase leading up to it and it is kind of hidden from view. We ran up the stairs and found a good place to hide behind a couple of sheets of plywood that dad bought to make lawn plaques out of but never got around to.
    It was stuffy up there but not too warm and we sat down and waited and before long we started kissing and grabbing at each other. We were giggling and I told Buster we better be quiet or Joey would hear us cause the garage door was up and he made a zipping motion across his lips and then giggled through locked lips. We quieted down but kept messing with each other and waited.
    I guess we lost track of time because the next time I looked at my watch it was after 1 and I told Buster we should just go because Joey either didn't come looking for us or he gave up. We came down the stairs laughing and pushing each other and then went inside to get a drink. I didn't see Joey anywhere downstairs so I suggested we go up to my room and pee and see if he was up there. I don't know why that was so important at the moment, but it was. I had a sick feeling in my stomach and turns our I had a good reason.
    I heard Joey before I ever saw him. As I entered the bathroom I heard him crying in his room on the other side of the door. Buster heard it too and he looked at me and shrugged. We peed and Buster went into my room, but not before he told me I should go check on Joey. He didn't have to tell me that but I was glad he understood.
    I slid the door open slowly and looked inside. He was curled up on his bed and crying softly. He saw me and buried his head under the covers to muffle his crying and I felt like crying myself. I slid the door closed and walked over to the bed and sat down in front of him and just sat there a minute trying to think what to say. I turned to the lump under the covers and reached up and pulled the covers down a little. He tried to pull them back up, and when he couldn't stop me  he turned his face away from me. I reached up and rubbed his back and he let out a little chocked sob.
   "Hey, what's wrong Joey?" I said softly, "We were just messing with you. We thought you'd find us in a few minutes, honest." I said sincerely.
    "You don't like me any more do you?" he wailed.
    "What? Don't be crazy, I love you little bro. Why would you think that? Haven't I told you enough times," I was a little annoyed that he would think that after all the talks we'd had.
    "I.....kkkknow," he sobbed, "but you want to spend all your time with Buster now." What he had said was crazy and we both knew it.
    "I see you every day, we live together and we're tight. We know, do stuff together." I said making a decision that if that was what it took to keep Joey happy I would do that again too.
   "But you saaaiid, we shouldn't do that any more and what about Buuuster?" he blubbered.
    "I can't keep it a secret and I won't lie, if he says I shouldn't then I won't, but I don't think he will care."
    "I'm sorry Dommie, I don't mean to be a baby...." he said wiping his eyes and smiling sadly, "It's just.....I love you so much bubber....." he said and then cried some more.
  I grabbed him and pulled him to me and he felt bigger than the last time I remembered holding him. He was growing up fast but he still acted like a little kid sometimes. I kissed his forehead and he melted into me and except for a few hiccups he was done crying. I held him for a long time and then I pulled him up and looked into his eyes, "You gonna be okay now. I love you but Buster is my boyfriend now and he will be around here a lot, just like Joe is, and I want you guys to be friends too."
   "I like Buster, I think he' really,"he giggled. "Maybe the three of us could do stuff...or with Joe too."
    My dick stirred when he said that. I guess I was becoming a little sex maniac, cause sex with my little bro and his boyfriend sounded soooo hot.
    "I don't know, that's a lot to think about, but first things first. First I tell Buster about what we already did and then....."
    "Okay Dommie, I won't cry no more. I'm sorry....I'm just a baby."
    I reached in and kissed his face and he surprised me by turning his head and kissing me on the lips. At first I thought it was a mistake or that he just meant to give me a quick one but when he stuck his little tongue in my mouth I knew what he was up to. I tried to resist, but damn it, I'm just a freaking sex addict and his lips were so soft and his warm little body was pressing against me and I was rock hard by then and there was no going back.
    I must've been in Joey's room the better part of an hour and when I slid open the door and walked into my room Buster was laying on my bed watching TV. He looked up and smiled and melted my heart, he was so handsome and so sexy but we had a lot to talk about and here wasn't the place.
    "Up for a bike ride?" I asked without explaining anything that had just happened in Joey's  room.
    "Where to?" he asked simply.
    "The park....I'll explain when we get there."
    "Lead on lover," he said and I loved him so much right then for being such a good friend and better boyfriend.
    I found mom and told her we were going and asked Joey if I could borrow his bike and he gave me a hug and told me I could have anything that was his anytime. I smiled and told him we'd be back in an hour or two and he nodded.
    I rode Joey's bike and Buster rode mine the short distance to the park and when we got there I remembered the last time I'd been there and what had happened with the cute teenager in the bathroom. I hoped he wouldn't be there today, but what were the chances? We rode our bikes up to the bleachers at the little baseball field there and climbed to the top row. Fortunately there was no one playing ball today and the only other person in the park was a man walking his dog out on the north edge.
    "Sup?" Buster asked after a few minutes, "You're not pregnant are you?" he teased.
    "If I was I'd be glad to have your baby," I said laying my hand on his leg.
    "It about Joey?"
    I nodded and took a deep breath. I didn't stop talking for the next fifteen minutes and the whole time Buster just sat there leaning back on his arms and staring at me with this little smile on his face. At first I thought it was smirk, but the more I talked the more I realized he thought what I was telling him was funny or at least okay. That worried me as much as if he had been mad, because I hadn't expected this. Finally after I had told him all about Joe and Joey and what I had promised Joey today...I told him about the sexy teenager in the bathroom and then he finally spoke up.
    "That was Donnie's big bro, I already heard all about that," he said as if it was no big deal.
    My mouth must've been open cause he said, "Better close it or the flies will get in." Then he laughed and slapped me on the back.
    "And you're not jealous?" I asked in disbelief.
   "First, when you messed with Donnie's bro we weren't boyfriends, and second....I don't believe in getting jealous. If you don't want to be with me, that's one thing, but if you just want something else once in a while I can live with that as long as I get to be number one."
    I knew he was serious, I had known him long enough to know when he was speaking from the heart and I loved him even more for being so understanding. Only problem was, I wasn't sure I could be that understanding if it had been the other way round.
    "And as for Joey, he is like a little version of you and you are both soooo hot. I don't see how you have kept your hands off him all these years. If you hadn't succumbed to my charms he was next on my list," he chuckled. He loved using big words like that.
    I slapped him, "Pervert...he's just a kid," I said then we both cracked up laughing at the absurdity of that. I had begun my journey down the sex road a lot earlier than him and well, I had already done more with him than I had Buster until last night.
    " won't be upset if I have to stuff with Joey?"
    "Hell no! Question is, can I watch....or join in sometimes?"
    I grinned, "He asked that same thing and even suggested that Joey join in too. Is that an orgy?"
   "Mmmmmmm....dark meat," he teased, "I'm hard just thinking about it. Hey, wanna go to the bathroom. I think I need to pee....or something," he giggled.
    "Or something...I bet. Yeah, come on, it smells in there but it's pretty private."
    The bathroom actually smelled better that day, not that we cared, all we could smell was each other's sexy boy smell and we were as horny as goats. We went straight to the back stall and Buster dropped his pants and sat down on the crapper and pulled me to him and jerked my sweats down and started sucking on me like he was starved for my special Dommie juice, lol. He had me all worked up and it didn't take me long and toward the end he was poking his finger in my pucker and that got me really hot. I didn't know he was getting me ready for his turn, but I didn't care. I was his and he was mine and we might mess with other boys, but we loved each other and that was all that mattered.
    I filled his mouth with my juice and he swallowed it all like a good bf then he stood up and spun me around and I knew what was up then. He used spit to make us both slick and he actually got it in pretty easy. I grunted as he entered and leaned against the wall and held on for dear life while he banged away, fucking as fast a bunny and pretty soon he was biting my neck and hissing that he was coming and to hold on it was a big one. I laughed and he pinched my behind and then he started filling me up and I thought, lot of good that shower
    We got out just in time, the guy with the dog had either came to pee or spy on us boys and he gave us a funny look as he passed us and I wondered if he was one of those guys who liked boys. Funny, I used to think that was sick or something I guess cause that's the way us kids are taught, but now that I know how good boy sex is, I can't blame them for wanting it too. Sick huh?
    We rode home and found Joey on the front step and he jumped up when we rode up and looked at me hopefully and I nodded and he did a little victory dance and me and Buster laughed and tackled him and we rolled around on my front lawn and we were just three very happy boys and two of us were in love and the other one loved us too. Heck we all loved each other in our own way and life was awesome and I had the best boyfriend in the world and the best little bro and I was the luckiest boy in the world and the weekend wasn't over yet.........

End of Chapter Six
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