My Little Brother's Feet
by: Kewl Dad

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely a coincidence. This story depicts sexual acts between minor boys, including brothers. If reading such is illegal where you reside or you are not at least 18 years of age, please go no further. To all others, enjoy. This work of fiction is the property of the author and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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My Little Brother's Feet
 As we near The Beautiful End
Chapter 51  
Buster's good news

Who knew that anyone with any connections at all was checking out the dives that Buster and his band were playing? I don't know maybe it was just a fan or someone passing by or maybe record people hang out in those places to find new talent, but whatever, Buster got discovered.

He was skeptical at first when he was approached by the scout from the record company but he soon came around when they started talking contracts and first album and tour dates. He called me and told me to get my ass down to the college pronto and I did, my heart beating 90 miles an hour and my mind imagining all kinds of shit going on.

I found Buster in the lounge outside his music class and he wasn't alone. The guy was maybe 35, had long hair and was sort of sloppily dressed for a guy who probably made in excess of 250k a year, but once he started talking I forgot all about the way he looked. His name was Doug and he told us that Buster and the boys were the next big thing and he expected their first album to go gold and he didn't predict that every day. 

I could see Buster was still reeling from the initial news and I decided I needed to step in and make sure he got a square deal. I guess that's how I became the manager for the band. I wasn't about to agree to anything before I did my homework so I put things off till the following Monday and as soon as we got home I began to do my research.

It turned out that Doug was not only honest and looking out for Buster and the boys' best interest, he was also a cool guy and became a close friend. We signed the contracts on Monday at a Chili's restaurant and Buster was due in the recording studio the following Wednesday in Los Angeles.

We couldn't wait to tell Joey and Joe and we invited them over that night and after dinner, when we usually started the sex stuff we sprung the news on them. Joey was jumping up and down and hugging us and kissing us and he was so excited you'd have thought it was him who was going to become the next big thing. Joe was a bit more reserved but he hugged us both and congratulated us but the look on his face said there was something bothering him.

Finally as we settled down on the couch I pulled Joe down beside me and kissed him then hit him with the question that had been bugging me ever since we dropped our happy news on him.

"So Joe, you don't seem as pleased as we are, what's up with that?"

He frowned and looked down at his feet, seeming to be at a loss for words or unsure how to proceed, then he sighed theatrically and began speaking in a slow emotional voice that put a damper on our happiness.

"Have you ever thought about what this is gonna mean for the two of you..hell, for all of us?"

" means lots of money, traveling and fan mail to show appearances, hell we might even get on Ellen." Ellen was my favorite talk show host and not just because she was gay.

He frowned even deeper, "Do you think it's all fun? There are late night flights and early departures and press interviews and autograph signings and recording sessions that go on forever and then there's the performances and they never stop pulling at you and trying to get a little bit more out of you until you either snap or turn to drugs." he said gloomily.

"Damn, Joe chill out, I'm not going to turn to drugs and I'm not going to let them do that to me," Buster said, but he didn't sound to sure of himself now. 

Truth was we hadn't really thought things out all that well and his contract did call for a lot of stuff that Joe had mentioned. Maybe I wasn't as good a manager as I had thought.

"I hope not, but I knew this guy once. His dad was a friend of my dad's and he landed a recording contract and he was on his way to the top when he just suddenly shot himself one day. No note, no sign that he was even thinking about suicide. It was...terrible. I...I used to mess around with him when he'd come over, but of course no one knew that except us two. I must've been about 10 or 11, it was before I met Joey of course."

"That won't happen to us," Buster said softly, "I promise," the last he directed to me as we met each other's eyes and he smiled warmly.

"I know you think that now, but what will being apart do to you guys? Unless Dommie quits school too, he won't be able to be with you all the time. What will happen then? You have needs, we all do and what happens when you have thousands of hot guys throwing themselves at you. You're strong Buster, but not that strong. Hell, none of us are. I'd be balls deep in ass before the curtain closed."

I didn't know what to say, I had never thought about Buster and all the boys who would be screaming his name and maybe even throwing their jocks on the stage for him to sniff. I felt a knot in my stomach. One thing was sure, I would have to take a leave from school and be with my man.

"Dommie," Buster said looking at me in panic now, "You need to be with me...the whole time, that's all there is to it."

I smiled, we had been together so long that we had begun to think alike. I wasn't really all that keen about leaving school right now, but a guy has to do what he has to do to keep his man.

"I guess I could take a leave of absence too, just till we get through this first recording session and tour."

Buster jumped up and pulled me up off the couch and began to maul me playfully and before I knew what was happening we were naked and doing it on the floor as Joe and Joey hurried to catch up. I watched from my position on my back while Buster plowed into me as Joey mounted Joe and impaled himself on Joe's cock and began to ride him like a bucking bronco.

Ahhh..sweet sex. It seemed to make everything right and it was the perfect way to celebrate our good news. As Buster leaned down to kiss me I shoved my tongue down his throat and he growled into my mouth and began to come in my little butt. I know they say you can't actually feel the cum shooting into your guts, but I felt something. Maybe it was just Buster's cock expanding as it shot load after load of hot cum in my ass, but whatever it was it was awesome.

It was my turn then but I was looking around to see if Joey was finished. I hadn't had my little brother's feet for a few weeks and was craving those piggies in a big way. I whispered to Buster and he giggled and nodded his head in agreement, "Go on get your foot fix," he said kissing me and my heart soared with love for him. He knew me better than anyone and wanted me to be happy and if that was all it took then he was happy to oblige.

Joey was climbing off Joe who seemed to be exhausted after breeding my little brother so I left him to recover and grabbed Joey and pulled him into a hug and kissed him greedily. His eyes were wide open and he was grinning because he knew what I wanted.

Half dragging him to the bedroom we left Buster and Joe to do whatever they felt was prudent and went off to do our own thing. I had Joey lay flat on the bed on his back and I jumped on him and devoured his hard cock. It was better than I had remembered and his pre-cum was like honey. I often wondered, when Joey and I were old men would we still find this as exciting and would we still be randy for each other every time we got together. I didn't know the answer, but I guessed it was worth living long enough to find

I sucked him for a while before going down and licking is sweet nuts and then his taint and he moaned and raised his little butt till I could get at his hole. He was still leaking Joe's cum and I licked and sucked till I had all of it in my mouth then moved up to kiss him and share it. It was like some sort of bonding ritual and I was so horny by the time we broke the kiss that I couldn't wait to finish his cock off and get after his feet.

He came rather quickly, flooding my mouth with his delicious Joey Sauce and I gobbled it all down as fast as he produced it, being greedy this time and not sharing. I held him in my mouth till I was sure I had all of his tasty load then gave his cock a wet sloppy kiss and scooted off the bed and stood between his legs.

Grabbing his feet I pulled him down until he was in position and I devoured his left foot. He yelped as I began to suck and lick  each of his toes in turn before licking the soles of his feet and then starting on the other foot.

"Oh, one does that but you and I miss it soooo much now that we don't live together any more."

I hadn't thought of it in those terms before. I had always knew that he liked what I did with his feet, but I figured I was the only one craving it. I had a new perspective on things then and I took my good slow time working on both feet twice before finally taking care of my own needs.

I was as horny as a rooster in a barnyard full of hens as I lubed up his feet and pulled them around my aching cock. I moaned as his soft feet touched my cock and I almost came then but I wanted this to last so I just stood still and let his feet rest against my cock as I cooled down.

"Fuck my feet Dommie," Joey said sounding far away and drugged. He was working his cock now and despite having been blown a few minutes earlier he was rock hard again and leaking. 

Never one to deny a sexual request I began to move slowly letting his soft smooth feet slide along my cock until I hissed with approval. He took over after a few minutes moving his feet expertly just has he always had and soon I was ready to come. 

He sensed my impending orgasm and sped up his jerking and suddenly I began to shoot long ropes of jizz that hit his stomach and cock and that was enough to push him over the edge. His cum shot straight up two feet and splattered back down on his pubic area and ran down his balls. I could see the wetness and smell the bleachy odor of our combined cum and it drove me crazy.

My last few volleys had wound up on Joey's feet and I quickly licked them clean then attacked Joey and licked his chest and cock clean. This time I shared and as we kissed and savored our combined cum Joe and Buster entered the bedroom holding hands. I looked up and saw lust in their eyes and I knew we were in for a long steamy night of sex, sex, and more sex. 

I rolled off Joey and opened my arms for Joe and Buster grabbed onto Joey and the games began. 

We didn't want to drop the news on our folks on the telephone so we waited till the weekend and took a trip back home. Joe and Joey had other plans and couldn't come but Buster and I were pumped as he headed home and not just because of the good news. We were anxious to see our new little bro Kevin and maybe share some body

It was six by the time we pulled into the driveway and Kevin met us hopping up an down like a kid that needed to pee. He swarmed us and gave us a hug and I patted his cute behind and asked him how it was going with his bf Lucas. He was grinning from ear to ear as he said things were great and that Lucas had wanted to come over but  had to go out of town with his folks. 

"He'll be back Sunday and maybe he can come oven  then..if you're still here."

"Oh, we could wait around for that," Buster teased, "unless you don't trust us around him," 

Kevin blushed, "I trust you guys, but you're so hot...."

I put my arm around Kevin and led him inside, "Not to worry Kevin, Lucas is a lucky boy and we won't come between you two, trust us."

My folks met us at the door and there were more hugs and back slaps from my dad then we all went into the family room and sat down while mom got us drinks. There were some snacks on the table and we dug in and waited for mom to get back before we dropped our bomb.

Once we were comfortable and drinks in hand I began speaking. I had their undivided attention from the start and when I was finished they had a million questions. I think dad must've been thinking along the same lines that Joe was but mom was ecstatic and kept kissing Buster and hugging him proudly as if he were her real son and I was the

Kevin went crazy, jumping up and down like a little kid and swarming Buster and throwing questions at us non stop. We finally managed to get everyone settled down and then I began to go into the details including our taking a leave from school.

"But you will go back, right?" Dad said looking concerned.

"Sure dad, we know we can't depend on our good looks to get us through life forever," I teased rolling my eyes comically.

"Even if this thing takes off and really amounts to something big?"

"Well, we'll worry about that when the time comes. I mean if we're both millionaires, we might not need to go back to school."

"Well, if you become millionaires I suppose you can do what you want, but if not I expect you to finish school young man," my father said pulling the parent card on me.

"Yes sir," I said feeling ten years old again.

So we partied a different way that night, feasting on mom's delicious meatloaf and mashed potatoes and gravy and corn on the cob. She had baked an apple/pineapple cobbler and we had that with ice cream for dessert.

We were stuffed by the time we pushed back from the table but we all pitched in to clean up and soon we were back in the family room enjoying that warm glow that only being in the presence of your family can bring. It was especially nice to see that Kevin was fitting in so nicely. He was sitting next to mom and she would occasionally run a hand through his hair or pat his leg as she spoke affectionately about her new son.

I guess I should have felt a little jealous, but truthfully I was so happy with my life that things like petty jealously didn't affect me anymore. I think the kind of relationship I had with Buster might have had something to do with that. Except for that little incident when we were just starting out we had never had a jealous moment since and considering we had both been with other guys that was amazing to think about. Of course the most important thing was: we didn't keep secrets. If we saw someone we wanted we talked it over and if the desire was strong enough the other gave his approval and it happened. No hurt feelings and no jealousy. Of course that didn't happen much, in fact most of the time if we met someone we wanted to bed we'd both bed Now tell me we didn't have the perfect relationship.

I sighed, "It feels so good to be home. I just wish Kevin had been around while I was growing up, it would have been nice to have another little brother."

" got me now," Kevin said jumping up and tackling me as we both laughed out loud.

I gave him a noogie and then Buster jumped in and we gave him a good tickling. It wasn't really sexual in nature, but I have to confess I was boning up and from the lump in the other two's pants so were they. Mom was chuckling softly and I could see the love in her eyes and the contentment of having all her boys home..well almost all of them.

Dad had a smile on his face and seemed happy to see his family interacting once more. Mom had told me that he and Kevin had become very close and did a lot of running around together and sometimes even Lucas joined them. I guess dad have accepted that Kevin was gay as easily as he had accepted that Joey and I were gay boys.

After a while we settled down and watched a movie and it was nice to just be there in the bosom of my family and not have all the pressures of sex or school or anything else pressing in on me. Sometimes I wished I was a little kid again, innocent and not caught up in the daily cares of the world, but then I'd look at Buster and I was glad I was who I was and where I was.

Around ten the rents went off to bed and left us boys to watch another movie and talk. We hadn't discussed Lucas much with the folks around but now Kevin really opened up to us.

"Lucas is so cool," he said with a sly smile, "and soooo sexy."

"So, I'm assuming that you two are doing it regularly now," I chuckled.

He blushed and nodded, "All the time," he whispered, "even in school in the bathroom near that math room by the gym."

Buster and I laughed, "That was where we met," we both said at once then locked pinkies and giggled.

So we explained all about how we had met it that bathroom so long ago and I was swept back to that time in my life and it was overwhelming. I felt a tear form in my eye and Buster gave me a knowing look and squeezed my hand and kissed me tenderly. Kevin watched us with a little smile on his face and I could tell he was impressed with the kind of love Buster and I shared. Maybe he and Lucas or some other boy would have that kind of love some day and if so, I would always feel like we were partly responsible for that .

We talked into the night barely watching the movie and when we finally went off to bed it was an unspoken given that we would all three sleep together. There was plenty of room in my old bed since we'd replaced it with a queen size when Buster and I became lovers and squeezing one more in was no big deal.

We peed and showered (Buster and I together) and brushed our teeth and climbed into bed. I was a little nervous but I knew things would be fine when Buster leaned over and gave Kevin's cock a little squeeze as he kissed him passionately.

I felt like a voyeur until Kevin reached over and grabbed my cock causing me to squeak in surprise then moan as he began to jack it expertly. He had certainly learned a lot in the short time he's been with Lucas. No longer was sex merely a mechanical function, it was now about passion and pleasure and he was very good at giving both.

When Buster finally came up for air Kevin rolled into me and began kissing me as he continued to work my cock. Buster began licking and sucking my nips and soon I was moaning like a French whore. 

Kevin moved down after a while and took my cock in his mouth and showed me a whole new side of him, the oral side. He really knew how to work a cock, going down to the base and swallowing causing ripples of pleasure to travel through my body.

Buster was kissing me now and rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples and I was very close to coming then, but they had other ideas.

Releasing my cock Kevin jumped up and rolled me over as if he owned me and began eating my ass as if it was a tasty meal and he was starved. Buster didn't seem phased as he chased the action and started kissing me again as Kevin worked wonders on my booty

I should've known he was just prepping me for his use still when Kevin mounted me I was a little surprised, but I quickly got over it as his hot hard dick slid inside me. I groaned and bucked up to force him in all the way all at once and with a grunt he bottomed out. He took in a sharp breath and then began to move slowly and gently as if he was afraid he would hurt me or something.

"Come on bro, fuck me like you mean it," I said lowly so as not to alert the rents that I was getting plowed by their newest son.

He then proceeded to fuck me like he meant it, and by that I mean he was pounding my poor little ass like he was tenderizing steak. I loved it though and my cock was hard and leaking beneath me but I couldn't get to it in this position.

"Wait, change positions," I said and although he seemed annoyed at first when I fell down on my back and raised my legs he plowed back in and picked up right where he left off. Now I could get to my cock but Buster got to it before I did jerking it slowly and then finally sucking on it as I moaned with pleasure from getting it at both ends.

Kevin was getting close now and was moaning and gasping for air as he pistoned in and out of me faster and faster knocking the breath out of me with each forward lunge. Buster was really going after my cock now and I was in danger of coming any second but I really wanted to wait for Kevin so I reached down and pried Buster off my cock causing him to give me a dirty look and whine a little but he knew what I wanted.

Concentrating on Kevin's cock rubbing against my prostate I felt my orgasm coming faster and faster and suddenly I was there. I began to squirt splattering Kevin's chest with my cum and that was all it took for him. Throwing his head back and howling he began to fill my ass with his hot teenage spunk. I felt his cock expand and contract as volley after volley of his baby batter hit my guts and I experienced my second orgasm courtesy of his cock in my ass. My second load was more of a dribble but Buster was right there cleaning it all up and when he was done he shared it with us both. 

Exhausted Kevin and I fell back and cuddled while Buster lay there watching us and looking amused.

"What?" I said at last.

"Oh, its just that you two look so cute together. Sort of reminds me of you and Joey."

I blushed, in a way it did feel sort of feel like that, except it was usually me plowing Joey and not the other way around. I wondered how Kevin would feel about a little foot worship, but I was too tired to worry about it right then. I knew Buster needed to get off too, but he didn't seem to be in any hurry and I decided to see what he would do about it.

I didn't have to wait long. He went off to the bathroom to pee and when he came back instead of climbing in beside me he made me move over and he got in the middle. I knew he was after Kevin and I was curious to see how Kevin would react. I needn't have worried, Kevin thought Buster was as sexy as I did and maybe it was a big turn on to be taking my bf away from me if only for a few minutes.

Buster didn't waste any time and Kevin certainly didn't resist and before I knew it Buster had Kevin's legs up and he was sliding into him. I have to admit it was mondo erotic to watch my bf fucking my new little bro and I was starting to bone up again. 

Buster didn't wait to see if Kevin liked it fast or slow, hard or easy, he just started to pound him as hard as Kevin had pounded me. I guess Kevin liked it because not only did he not complain, he was moaning and jerking his cock as Buster made pudding of his

I rolled over and began rubbing Kevin's chest and he took my hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it as if I were royalty. He looked over at me and I saw lust and love in his eyes and I loved him even more than I had before. He was my brother and that was the most wonderful thing in the world. It didn't matter that he hadn't come out of my own mother's womb, he was my brother as sure as Joey was and I would die for him just asI would for Joey.

I guess I had a tear in my eye, because Kevin reached over and wiped something from my cheek and stuck his finger in his mouth and smacked his lips then smiled at me and winked. I leaned in an kissed him and his tongue snaked into my mouth and we made out the whole time Buster fucked him.

When Buster came so did Kevin and I broke the kiss long enough to catch the next few volleys of cum then lick him clean. I moved back up and shared with Kevin but Buster was too out of it to participate. He fell down like a ton of bricks and just lay there panting as Kevin and I kissed and soon we were all asleep.

We made love again near sunup and then Kevin slipped off to his room so the rents wouldn't suspect we were corrupting their baby boy with our perverted antics, but our parents weren't stupid. Why do you think they went to bed so early that night?

Saturday we went shopping with mom and to a flea market and we bought gifts for Joe and Joey plus some cool stuff for us.  We had lunch at a little cafe that we had been going to since I was a kid and the food was just as wonderful as it had always been. I had my favorite dessert coconut cream pie, but Buster said he was watching his weight which caused us all to laugh since Buster had the perfect body (and I should know since I saw it all the time) and never gained an ounce no matter what, but I guess he was feeling sort of nervous about what was ahead and I let it slide.

We headed home after stopping at the video store and when we got there, dad said Lucas had called twice and wanted Kevin to call him as soon as he got home. I told mom she really should get Kevin a cell phone just for such emergencies and she laughed.

Kevin ran off to call lover boy and we helped mom put away the groceries and then went up to take a little nap. We had been resting about fifteen minutes, just snuggling and kissing a little when there was a sharp rap on the door then Kevin burst in as if he owned the place.

"Lucas got back early and he's coming over to spend the night," he said excitedly.

"Oh boy," Buster said sounding sleepy, "can we use him too?"

I think Buster was joking but Kevin took it quite seriously, "Well, if he says it's okay, but I'm afraid once he's with you two he won't want me anymore."

I laughed, "Kevin, are in no danger of losing Lucas to us, first of all we would never do anything with him unless you both agreed, he's yours, and second you are way hotter than both of us put together."

Buster looked at me and shrugged, if it had to be that way he would follow my lead, "Yeah, Kevin you're one hot stud and Lucas is lucky to have you."

"Well, what if he wanted all of us know, mess around. Would you then?"

"Well, we'll just see how things go, okay. No expectations okay?"

Kevin dropped it and let me and Buster get back to our nap, but pretty soon we were making out and one thing led to another and pretty soon we were rutting like barnyard animals. 

Afterwards we showered and got dressed and headed downstairs to see if Lucas had arrived yet. Mom was making lasagna and dad was out back messing around in the flower bed. Kevin was nowhere to be found and finally mom said he had gone to meet Lucas at the corner. 

Apparently Lucas only lived a few blocks away and I guess Kevin wanted a chance to talk to him before he introduced him to the hungry wolves at this We wandered outside and helped dad for a while and pretty soon Kevin came bursting out of the patio door followed by Lucas. He was even cuter than I remembered and there was something about the way he carried himself now, a certain swagger maybe, that said he had been fucked and that he liked it. 

I was surprised when right in front of dad, Kevin took Lucas's hand and led him over to where we all waited. I could see Buster checking out the redhead from the corner of my eye and I smiled. Buster had a thing for redheads and if there was any way he could get at this one he would.

"Hi Lucas," dad said in a friendly voice seemingly unphased by the hand holding. I guessed it was better than kissing or fucking in the

"Hello sir," he said and I almost choked. Since when had my dad started requiring his son's friends to call him sir.

"Easy on the sir stuff son, remember I told you it makes me feel old," dad laughed.

" mean," he said blushing but smiling cutely.

This time I chuckled out loud, "So you have two new sons now?" I teased.

Dad gave me the stink eye but chuckled, "If you can't change them, you accept them." he said simply and I suddenly realized that was dad's whole outlook on the gay thing. I loved him even more then and I couldn't resist giving him a hug.

I was almost 22 but I would never be too old to give or get a hug from my dad and he didn't refuse me then. He hugged back and then Buster had to have a hug and we were all laughing by the time we left dad to finish his gardening and went off to get better acquainted with Kevin's new bf.

We went for a drive and wound up at the park where Joey and I had played a million times when we were little kids and where Buster and I had had sex in the bathroom more times than I can count. 

We sat atop a pic nic table and Lucas seemed to relax a little and open up to us.

"Kev says you two are gonna be famous. I can't believe I'm gonna know some famous singers."

"Well, Buster anyway," I said rubbing Buster's arm affectionately, "I'm just the wife and manager." I laughed.

"But you're gonna get to travel and see all the cool stuff and maybe meet famous people. Wow, that is so cool. Wish I could do that."

"If we play nearby we'll be sure to send you front row seats and pay your way there, both of you," Buster said with a far away look in his eyes. I think he was already divorcing himself from our old life and that scared me....a lot.

"Cool, you guys are really cool. I can totally see why Kev thinks you are so hot," he said blushing. It was so cute on him and his emerald eyes seemed to be sparkling with lust.

"Hey, I gotta go take a pee," Buster said hopping down from the table, "anyone else wanna join me?"

I knew what he was up to and I was all over it, "I do," I said winking at Kevin, "how about you guys?"

"Oh, okay," Kevin said catching on quickly, "come on Lucas let's go with em."

Lucas followed Kevin obediently and I could see who played what role in their relationship. Kevin was the boss and Lucas was his little

The bathroom looked the same and smelled the same, but instead of grossing me out the memories came flooding back as my nose was assaulted by those familiar odors of stale pee and who knew what else. I was hard as soon as I pulled out my cock at the urinal and it was all I could do to squeeze out a piss. 

Buster, on the other hand, whipped his cock out and hosed down the urinal and then turned to the other two with his dick in his hand and said, "Who wants to play?"

Kevin looked at Lucas but the smile on his face and the lust in those green eyes said it all. Kevin shrugged and sort of pushed Lucas toward Buster earning him a hurt and frightened look from the boy.

"Hey, what the?"

"Go on you know you want to suck that," Kevin said roughly.

", no I don't. You just pushed me for no reason," Lucas said in a hurt voice.

Buster and I were dead still and silent as we watched this little drama unfold then when it seemed like they had reached an impasse Buster jumped in.

"Hey, I was only kidding. No need for anyone to get upset or have hurt feelings. I'm an idiot, just ask Dommie. I take a joke too far."

I shrugged, "Its none of our business but as your big brother I feel it is my obligation to give you some advice. You may not like it or take it, but I have to give it anyway."

Kevin seemed calmer now and was actually rubbing Lucas's back and looking at him with apologetic eyes, "You know I trust you guys and anything you say I know is go ahead."

"It's simple, jealousy is the death of any relationship." I told the stories of Buster's and my infidelity and how we finally worked things out as they listened closely. "Even today we never let jealousy get in the way. If I see someone I wanna get with I tell Buster and he always says yes, but usually he gets some too," I chuckled, " the point is our relationship is strong enough to last even if we stray occasionally."

"So, it's like okay to mess around as long as we both agree?"

"I'm not  necessarily saying that is right for everyone. Only you two can decide what works for your relationship, but you need to figure it out at some point before you wind up hurting each other like Buster and I did. If you don't want to mess with other guys, if you want to be exclusive, that's cool as hell, but don't wait until one of you messes up to figure out what works and what doesn't."

"I guess I see, anyway I'm sort of being an ass since I messed with you guys already," Kevin said directing his speech to Lucas instead of me.

I saw a moment of hurt on Lucas face then it was replaced by a nervous sort of anticipation and lust. The boy definitely wanted to taste Buster's cock and maybe more and if Kevin gave him the go ahead he would be on his knees in a heart beat.

"So...I'm sorry Lucas and Buster and Dommie...I want us to all play if that's okay."

"Very alright," I said, "if you're sure."

"I'm sure," Kevin said grinning, "if I can get some of that ass again, Dommie."

"Oh, my aching ass," I moaned, "well come on then big boy, put it to me," I said dropping my drawers and leaning against the wall."

In no time flat Lucas was on Buster's cock and Kevin was up my ass and all was right with the world again. We rutted in the bathroom till we had all nutted then walked home, me a little bow-legged and by the time we got there it was dinner time.

The rents were in a really good mood but I could tell there was something on their minds so after dinner as I was helping mom load the dishwasher I asked her point blank what was up. She hum-hawed a few minutes then spit it out.

"Well, your father and I were invited to a party, but since you boys are here.....well, we didn't want to leave you here alone since you came so far just to share your good news."

"Mom, you go get dad right now and tell him he is taking you to that party. We can visit tomorrow. Anyway you guys usually go to bed so early, what's the difference," I asked winking.

"Oh, Dommie are you sure?" she asked, but I could tell she really wanted to go to that party.

"Yes, mom we'll be fine. We'll watch a movie and play video games till bed time. And we'll try not to trash out the kitchen too much," I added laughing. She was very territorial of her kitchen.

"Well...if you're sure. I know Kevin and Lucas will be fine as long as you boys are here."

Boy if she only knew.

So a half hour later mom and dad pulled out of the drive and the last thing dad said was, "Don't wait up for us." We all laughed at that and I knew that meant that he and mom would either be out really late or stay over.

"Well, girls we have the place to ourselves shall we have a pajama party?" I teased.

"I'll show ya how much of a girl I am," Kevin growled and Lucas giggled like a little girl to prove my point that some of us were girl-like.

"How bout a naked party instead," Buster said grinning lewdly.

"Okay, that'll be the rule tonight....everyone has to be naked all the time tonight."

"Uh, but what if your folks come back?" Lucas stuttered.

"Pfffftt...they won't be back till the wee hours of the morning. A lot of people don't know this but my folks love a good party and when they have two very qualified baby sitters like me and Buster to take car of the brats, they are gonna party till they drop."

"Hey, who's a brat?" Kevin protested.

"Come here brat and I'll show ya," I said opening my arms for my new baby brother.

He forgot his annoyance and swarmed into my arms and I began to undress him slowly. He caught on quickly and began undressing

me as well and Buster moved over to Lucas and started on him. Soon we were all naked and sporting wood and we decided to have some fun.

We threw some quilts on the floor and tossed some pillows here and there and I went up to my room and grabbed the lube. When I returned Kevin and Lucas were making out but so far nothing sexual had happened. Buster was stroking slowly and watching the two love birds so I tackled him and got on top of him and began grinding my hard cock against his causing him to moan.

We started making out like teenagers and when we came up for air Lucas and Kevin were watching us as they cuddled.

"Hey Dommie and Buster, you ever been to an orgy?"

I laughed as I thought fondly of that after party party when we had graduated and I found myself telling the story in detail to the two boys as they looked on wide-eyed.

"Wow, that is so cool...ummm can four people have an orgy or does it have to be more?"

"Four is a good start, why you wanna try that tonight?"

Kevin nodded, "If Luc does." he said looking at his bf hopefully.

Lucas smiled and I could see the lust in his eyes, "As long as you're there." 

So we managed to shift around until everyone had something to suck on or play with and we began our mini-orgy. Lucas had hold of Buster's cock with his mouth and Buster was working on Kevin and I was filling in grabbing and licking every place in between. Then Buster found my cock and I was preoccupied while he worked some magic there.

We switched shortly and I wound up with Kevin and before I knew what was happening my new little brother was on his back, his legs held high, and inviting me to come on in. Not one to pass up an invitation to paradise, I found the lube and greased us up and plowed on in. His ass was just the right combination of tight and hot and wet. I wondered how clean he was back there but truth was I didn't really care that much right then. Dicks were washable and if I got a little chocolate on mine it wouldn't kill me.

I needn't have worried though, apparently Kevin and Lucas both practiced good hygiene and I was proud of them for figuring this stuff out on their own. I think the fact that Kevin was my new brother made it all that more exciting and I was shaking with desire and lust by the time I began to move in and out of his hot hole. 

Buster was fucking Lucas now and from the look on Lucas face he was enjoying Buster's rough handling. That was something I noticed about my bf. If he loved someone he fucked them a whole lot different than if they were just a passing fuck. In time I knew if he continued to fuck Lucas his technique would change, but for now Lucas was just a piece of meat for his pleasure and I don't know why but watching him pound Lucas's skinny white ass was amazingly erotic.

Kevin and I on the other hand were bros and our fucking was more tender and as I leaned down to kiss him he responded passionately. I felt his hand go to the back of my neck and he continued the kiss as if he was desperate for it. Maybe he was, maybe he needed to know that he was not only accepted but loved. I smiled at him as we broke the kiss and he smiled back shyly. I knew in that instant that I loved him heart and soul and nothing could ever change that. 

I began to make love to him, the fucking was over with, and pretty soon we were both headed toward the abyss of release. When I came inside him Kevin cried out and began to spurt without ever touching his cock. I grunted out my approval then kissed him once again as the last of my orgasm washed over me and the last few drops of my cum oozed out into his hot love chute.

I pulled out unceremoniously and fell down beside him and we snuggled up and kissed some more as we cooled off. Kevin's cock was already starting to chub up again and I knew my ass was about to get a pounding equal to that of his boyfriend. Buster was pounding that ass like he was angry and I knew Lucas would be sore afterwards but he didn't seem to mind.

I witnessed Buster's orgasm and heard his impassioned cries but that was nothing compared to Lucas's howling and carrying on as he spurted onto his and Buster's chest.

I raised my eyebrows and looked at Kevin who was grinning widely. Apparently this was nothing new for Lucas and I wondered how Kevin kept him quiet when they were doing it at home with the rents around.

Buster pulled out and shoved his cock at Lucas who obediently sucked it clean then he laid down next to Kevin and snuggled up on the other side of him leaving Lucas sort of out in the cold.

"Come over here, Lucas," I said opening my arms for him and he was grinning as he scampered over and hugged up to me.

I patted his skinny behind and said, "Poor baby, did my boy friend hurt your little butt?"

"Uh uh, I liked it. It was really good," he said grinning widely and glancing at Kevin almost nervously but Kevin just chuckled.

"He's a freak," Kevin said laughing, "he likes it hard."

"Well, you just snuggle up to me and cool off a little, okay?"

"I'm fine," he said nuzzling my neck playfully, "you wanna fuck me too?"

"Maybe," I said reaching down to rub his cute butt, "but I need to rest a minute and recharge my batteries."

"Oh, okay. Yeah, that's cool."

We all took a much needed pee break then got a soda and sat around for a little while talking. Kevin and Lucas cuddled and I thought they looked really cute together. It was obvious that Kevin was the dom and Lucas the sub just from the way they acted and it seemed to work for them. I was sort of Buster's bitch and Lucas was Kevin's and it worked for all of us. 

"So, when you have thousands of teenage boys screaming your name and throwing their cum scented undies on the stage are you two gonna nail a few of them?" Kevin asked looking a little envious.

I had wondered the same thing ever since Joe had brought up the pitfalls of fame , but I wanted to hear what Buster had to say. He took a sip of his soda as if to make things more dramatic then said, "I don't know. I can't answer that until it happens, but one thing is sure....whatever happens it will be what Dommie and I both decide."

I smiled and rubbed his back affectionately, his answer was perfect, I just hoped we could both deal with all those screaming teenage boys when the time came. Kevin however wouldn't let it die.

"So...Dommie, you'd be cool with Buster screwing a bunch of teenage boys?"

"I didn't say that, Buster didn't say that. What we said was that whatever we decide, we decide together and that way no one gets hurt."

Kevin smiled and looked as if lost in thought, "Wow, that would be so cool though, all those hot guys wanting to get nailed."

We played around a little after that and Kevin seemed hornier than before. Even for a teen he had an amazing amount of stamina and took on all three of us before he finally collapsed in a heap.

"Here's my butt, do what you want," he laughed, "but I'm too tired to help."

Buster didn't mind doing all the work and I watched with excitement as my bf shoved his cock up my new little brother's ass and fucked him senseless. Buster seemed wilder and less inhibited than usual and Lucas looked a little frightened to see his bf being handled so roughly.

"It's okay," I said soothingly, "Buster knows how to throw a fuck without hurting anyone. And I bet if you asked Kevin he would say he is enjoying it."

Lucas shrugged, but my words seem to have had an effect on him, because he was rubbing around on me and looking longingly at my cock which had just made a comeback after watching Buster nailing Kevin.

"Can...can you do that to me?" he asked shyly.

I raised an eyebrow and smiled, "Hard like that?"

He nodded and looked so cute, so shy, and I couldn't resist him, "Okay, but not here. Let's go up to my room." 

"But...I thought....I mean, that you two didn't do stuff unless you were together..."

"Buster!" I yelled, he turned to look at me with gritted teeth and an animal gleam in his eyes, "I'm taking Lucas upstairs to fuck him, is that okay?"

"Yeah!" he growled, "Fuck him hard and fuck him once for me," he laughed.

I turned to Lucas and he shrugged and followed me upstairs. Once we were in my room I shut and door  out of habit.

"Do you need to pee or anything?"

He shook his head and looked at me nervously. He was shaking but I think it was from excitement rather than fear. Lucas was a submissive bottom and I was sure he wanted me to take charge and show him a thing or two and I was willing and able to do so.

"Well, I do need to piss," I said getting a wicked idea, "so come with me."

Lucas looked confused but followed me obediently to the bathroom. I was shaking a little now, from nervousness and excitement, and I realized this wasn't just about showing Lucas who was boss anymore, it was about satisfying some of my deeper darker fantasies.

"Get in the tub."

"Whaaat...uh, okay," Lucas said timidly.

I waited till he was in the tub then stepped in and before he could react I grabbed my hard cock and forced a stream of piss out. It hit Lucas on the thigh at first but as I continued I aimed at his crotch and hosed down his privates. At first he looked surprised and a little horrified but as I continued I could see the excitement and lust return. I ordered him to turn around and he did so quickly and the last pit of my piss went down the crack of his skinny ass dribbling to the floor of the tub and running down the drain. When I had shook off the last few drops of piss I ordered him to turn back around and ordered Lucas to his knees. 

I was playing this all by ear, this was like nothing I had ever done before and hadn't even known I wanted to do it until that very moment, but suddenly it was like I was a different person. 

"Clean the piss off my dick!" I ordered, and he never hesitated a second as he leaned in and began tonguing and sucking on my cock until it was spit shined.

I told him to stand and I pulled him into me and kissed him roughly reaching back to squeeze his ass as I tongue  fucked him throat. He was putty in my hands and his trembling was a huge turn on to me. I felt as if I had total control over him and it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

I pulled the curtain and started the shower and bathed us both, again he was docile and let me take complete control. When we were clean I dried us off and grabbed him by the shoulders and pushed him toward the bedroom. 

Once we were there I shoved him down on the bed and fell on top of him crushing our hard cocks together and kissing him savagely again. He was breathing hard and shaking harder now, but I knew he was still alright with what was happening and wanting more and I was happy to give it.

"Have you ever been tied up?" I whispered roughly in his ear.

"Nnnn.....oooooo...are you going to do that?" he asked, his voice raspy and tinged with raw excitement.

"I...don't have any rope but, I'll find something," I said more to myself than to him.

I hadn't taken everything when I went off to college and mom hadn't touched my closet since I'd moved so I wasn't surprised to find four or five old neckties there. I grabbed them with shaking hands and returned to the bed where Lucas was watching me closely with half lidded eyes as if he were drugged.

"On your stomach," I ordered and he flipped over obediently and spread his arms and legs out to make an x. He already knew what I was going to do and he was not only willing but eager.

I started with his right hand tying it loosely to the headboard. The idea wasn't to hurt him or make him a captive, the idea was to give me complete control of what happened between us. But if he wanted to he could easily get loose and end things, but I had not doubt that wasn't going to happen. I moved down and secured the right foot the same way and then finished the other side. 

"Comfy?" I said laughing.

He nodded exaggeratedly and mumbled "Yeah."

"I'm going to do some things to you that you have never had done before," I said, my voice quivering with excitement, "but if there is anything you don't like just tell me and we'll talk it over first." I wasn't a hard and cruel master at this point but I wanted to dominate this boy tied up face down on my bed so bad it hurt.

"Anything," he cried, "do anything...I don't care...I won't stop you."

My hair stood on end as I thought about the implications of those words and my cock throbbed with desire. It was time to see exactly how serious I was about all this.

I didn't have a dildo, but I knew who did. Okay, before you get grossed mom is a normal, very sexual women and though it upset me a little a first when I discovered she had sex toys, I soon got over it and I think it just helped me accept my own sexuality even more. Furthermore I'm pretty sure dad knows too and maybe they both play with them. The thought of dad letting her slide that dildo up his ass had been the inspiration for many a fap when I was younger.

I left Lucas face down and ran to my folks room and dug in the drawer where I had first found mom's secrets. Thankfully she hadn't changed locations. I chose a medium sized dildo with balls attached and rushed back to my bedroom. 

Lucas turned his head and looked at me curiously and when he saw the dildo his eyes got big, but I could see he was excited and not scared.

I found some lotion in the bathroom and greased up mom's dildo and walked to the head of the bed and stuck my cock in Lucas face, "Suck me for a little while," I ordered. He complied immediately and opening his mouth he sucked me inside and began giving me an excellent blow job. 

Leaning back I positioned the dildo between his butt cheeks and found his hole. I pushed against it and Lucas moaned around my dick. I was shaking as I pushed a little harder and when it slid in an inch or so he convulsed and swallowed my dick completely working his throat muscles as my legs went weak. 

I was able to keep a steady pressure on the dildo though and as it began to slide further inside him he bucked up to meet it. Before I knew what was happening the entire 7" of flesh covered latex was buried in his ass, the artificial balls the only thing visible from behind.

"Do you like that big rubber dick up your ass?" I growled.

He shook his head vigorously since he couldn't speak with my dick in his mouth and I began to move it in and out slowly making sure to rub against his prostate with each stroke. He grunted around my dick and I almost came. I didn't want to nut yet, not there anyway so I pulled out of his mouth and slapped him hard across the face with my dick. He moaned loudly and stuck out his tongue and licked my cock as it struck him again.

I let loose of the dildo long enough to move around behind Lucas and began fucking him with it once more, this time faster and harder. He moaned even louder now and bucked up to meet my hand on each stroke. His ass was swallowing that thick rubber dick like a pro and it was obvious his ass was getting maximum stimulation and he was loving it.

"Are you going to come?" I asked suddenly noticing he seemed to be grinding his crotch into the bed almost violently.

"Yesssss....he moaned."

I pulled the dildo out of his ass quickly and he yelped as his ass hole snapped shut. "Not yet," I said evilly. This was a whole new side of me that I didn't know existed and I was learning as I went along.

I mounted him then and shove my cock up his ass using only the lube that was already there and the generous pre-cum my cock was leaking and he sighed with relief as he was full once more. I pushed all the way in and just lay there on top of him feeling the heat and wetness of his insides and biting at his neck and ears roughly. I wasn't going to hurt him, at least not damage him permanently, but I was enjoying the hell out of this rough play.

"Awww...gawd...feels so good," he moaned, "please fuck me, fuck he hard...please Dommie."

"Not yet," I said pulling out and smacking Lucas on the ass hard enough to leave a hand print. 

The smack on his ass and my quick withdrawal left him whimpering and begging for mercy "Please Dommie, put something in my ass...anything...the dildo or your cock...I don't care, gotta have something...feels so empty..."

"Soon, but for now just lay there and think about how good it's going to feel when the real thing comes along."

I had another wicked idea and I was shaking with excitement as I thought about it. I had seen double penetration on the web and though I was doubtful about it at first it had eventually become a great turn on to watch two cocks sliding into an ass at the same time. I had never even considered trying it before, not until that night, but now I knew I would never be satisfied until I did. My only question was who would be the second, Buster or Kevin. My first choice of course was Buster, and Kevin was wiped out after fucking all three of us earlier, so I decided it would be Buster if Kevin didn't object.

But not yet. I grabbed the dildo and shoved it back up Lucas ass and began violently fucking him with it while he moaned and cried out in obvious ecstasy. I continued for over ten minutes until suddenly he bucked up and cried out  loudly and I knew he had come. I pulled the dildo out slowly causing a sort of sucking noise as it withdrew and looked at it. It was covered in lotion and his ass juices, but not brown, no blood, which I was grateful for. I knew a thing or two about asses and didn't want to hurt Lucas but I was too far gone to stop myself now.

"Wait here, I'll be back and then you are going to get fucked hard and long."

The threat caused Lucas to moan in anticipation and he mumbled through the haze of his afterglow, "Hurry, I need a dick in my ass bad."

I slowly walked down the stairs making sure to make lots of noise so Buster and Kevin would know I was coming but they were all done and watching TV piled up together on the couch. 

Buster looked up long enough to say, "Done already?"

"Naw, I need help."

"You didn't kill him did you?" Buster teased, "Need me to help you get rid of the body?"

Kevin laughed, "If you did you owe me a boy friend."

"No he's fine, all tied up at the moment and begging for dick, but I know that thing we talked about....I want us to do that to Lucas."

Buster looked interested suddenly and the lust in his eyes said he knew exactly what I had in mind, "Double dicking?"

I nodded and looked at Kevin who raised an eyebrow and said, "What's that?"

"Just what it sounds like, two dicks, one hole. Dommie and I saw it on the internet. It's pretty cool...for all three."

Kevin nodded, "Oh, you guys wanna both fuck Lucas at the same time, right?"

"If you don't care," I said suddenly realizing I was taking tremendous liberties with his bf without his permission.

"Hell no I don't care,but  I gotta see this."

I grinned, "That's the spirit little bro, and once you see how much he likes it you better start looking for a third."

We found Lucas still bound face down and rooting around and when we came in he looked back at us with excitement, "Are all of you gonna fuck me?"

"Nope, just me and Buster right now, but both at once."

"Oh, at both ends?"

"Nope, both in your ass," I said untying his hands. This position was definitely not going to work for double dicking. I needed Lucas riding me while Buster snuck in from behind.

Kevin was watching with interest and stroking himself despite the fact that he'd fucked all three of us earlier and I figured before it was over Lucas would have another cock up his ass.

"How do we do this?" Buster asked. I'd been studying the technique for a while and thought I had this one figured out.

Falling onto the bed on my back I coaxed Lucas to straddle me facing my way and without much work we got my cock up his ass and as he sunk on down I told Buster to kneel between my legs.

He got it immediately and I didn't have to tell him what to do next. His already greased cock was ready to go and it was easy to see where Lucas ass hole was because my cock was in it. Putting the head against my cock to guide him he pushed slowly and Lucas grunted and suddenly I felt Buster's cock sliding along mine and he was in. 

It was amazing when you thought about it. How a butt hole could stretch enough for one cock to get in there, but we had two in there and Buster's was even thicker than mine. Lucas didn't seem to mind it, no in fact he seemed to be enjoying it quite a lot if his moaning and cursing were any indication of how he felt. He was trying to fuck himself on my cock while Buster was pushing his cock in rubbing not only Lucas's ass hole but my cock as well.

The feeling was amazing. It wasn't so much about anal penetration for me as it was about my cock rubbing against Buster's within that hot tight tunnel that was Lucas's ass. I closed my eyes and let Buster and Lucas do most of the work and pretty soon I was panting and very close to coming. I motioned for Kevin to come over and he scooted in and I grabbed him and kissed him passionately as Buster continued to fuck Kevin faster, his dick rubbing against mine with each stroke as I felt my impending release approaching faster and faster.

Suddenly Lucas threw his head back and moaned loudly and his cock began to spurt like a fountain. The first blast hit Kevin in the back of the head and the next two hit his back. He moved in time for me to receive a thick rope of cum across my face and then I blew. 

I came so hard that my nuts hurt and I wondered if I had damaged myself. The good feeling far out weighed the pain as I continued to cum shooting deep within Lucas. Buster came then and the combined amount of cum was too much for his ass to hold, and since it was stretched so wide a stream ran down his thigh and pooled on the bed, and still we continued to cum until we were completely spent.

Buster pulled out unceremoniously and shook his head as if to clear it, "That was the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my life." he said falling down beside me on the bed. I was still embedded in Lucas's ass and neither of us was in any condition to disengage at that point.

Kevin got up off of the bed and took one look at my dick still in his bf, the cum on the bed, and decided he wanted a piece of the action. Without even asking or alerting me to his actions he moved up as Buster had and pushed his hard wet cock in beside mine. I had gone a little soft but the friction from his cock against mine had me fully erect again in seconds. I should've protested I guess, but I was already there and I knew Kevin would feel cheated if he didn't get his turn so...I just went along for the ride.

Kevin was far more eager than Buster had been and he had a nice fast rhythm going pretty quick. My cock was a little irritated but is still felt good and I knew I could easily come again, only this time I figured it would be a dry come since I had just busted a huge nut with Buster.

"Uhhhh....this is awesome," Kevin grunted, "you like this Lucas, you like my cock and Dommie's cock in you?"

"Yessss...." Lucas cried out almost making me laugh. I looked up at his face and his eyes were closed and his mouth was hanging open and I reached up and pinched his nipples hard. He threw his head back and moaned and then a little cum oozed out of his cock and dribbled onto my belly button. I reached down and dabbed a finger in it and tasted it, it was thin and watery but not bad. The poor kid was shooting blanks form coming so much and if we didn't get him to bed soon he might become dehydrated.

"Ahhhhh....yessss..." Kevin moaned as he pounded Lucas harder rubbing my dick almost raw in the process. As good as it felt I wanted it to be over soon so we could all go to bed and get some sleep.

I didn't have to wait long and when Kevin came I wasn't far behind him. Poor Lucas came again as we did and grunted as if trying to squeeze out some more spunk, but he was completely dry this time. I shot a little volley then that was it, but it was still more than I had thought I was capable of. 

Kevin pulled out and helped Lucas get off of me and he all but carried him to the bathroom. They closed the door and I heard the toilet flush several times then the shower running. I smiled, despite using him like a cheap whore, he was taking care of him, a sign of true love. I pulled Buster to me and he settled in beside me and we kissed till we started yawning then we gave it up and soon we were both asleep. 

I guess Kevin took Lucas to his room because when I woke up a few hours later to go pee they were nowhere to be seen. Buster was snoring softy and for a moment I just gazed down at my handsome lover and my heart ached with love for him. We had been through a lot together, but every trial and tribulation just seemed to make our love that much stronger.

I peed and decided to check on Kev and Luc and sure enough they were cuddled up in Kev's bed asleep. They looked so cute together. I hoped they would be as happy as Buster and I had been, but someone once told me that what Buster and I had was unique and not too many couples ever achieved the level of trust and understanding that we did. That might be true, but from what I had witnessed so far I thought Kevin and Lucas stood a good chance of succeeding.

The night passed uneventfully and that next morning we slept late, which suited my folks just fine since they had been quite late getting home. We had brunch about 11 and Lucas had to go home shortly after that.

We helped mom clean up the mess then us boys went out back and hung around and talked for a while. There was an easy comradery between us and Kevin, and we had a very pleasant afternoon together. After last night's escapades we were more subdued sexually but we did talk about the dp quite a bit. It was our first time but we had all enjoyed it so much that I figured it would become a regular thing with Buster and me when we could find a willing third.

"Hey you can do that to some of those screaming fans and you can both satisfy them," Kevin teased.

"They won't want me, maybe one of the other band member, but I'm only the manager."

"Yeah, but I've seen the band. You're way hotter than all of them...except Buster of course."

"So Buster is hotter than me?" I said faking annoyance.

"No, I meant of the other and Buster are...equally hot," he said grinning.

"That's better little bro. So, you and got that special thing going on?"

"I like him a lot, well love him I guess, but sometimes....well, I see someone else and I wonder what it would be like to be with them."

"Ah, the wandering eye," Buster giggled.

"Have you talked to Lucas about that?"

"Naw...too embarrassed I guess or afraid of hurting his feelings. In case you haven't noticed, he's sort of stuck on me..." he chuckled but I could see the love in his eyes despite his doubts.

"I think you should. And if you find someone you really want to get to know, include him. I know it sounds weird but look what we did last night and no one got jealous or hurt. It was just fun and afterwards I had Buster and you had Lucas."

Kevin looked down at his shoes then back up at me, "Yeah, that was pretty cool. I could totally see that working for us."

"Good, now let's go see what the rents are up too. I want to spend some quality time with them today since who knows when we'll get back this way."

"Oh, yeah," Kevin said sounding sad, "I just got you and now...." he shrugged.

"Hey, don't worry we'll keep in touch and remember we promised we'd fly you and Lucas to a concert."

"Oh, yeah," he said perking up, "suppose I can get some of those leftover teenage boys that will be screaming your name?"

"All you can eat," Buster laughed and then we went inside.

We spent the rest of the weekend with the rents, shopping, going to the drive in and finally having a sort of a celebration dinner at a big restaurant. It was nice, I know it doesn't sound as exciting as the sex stuff, but you have to balance your life and family comes first, not matter what. I was just sorry Joey and Joe couldn't be there, but there would be other times and other dinners and a lot more fun and laughter before it was all over.

We drove back home in a quiet funk and barely talked even when we got home. We both had a lot on our minds and a lot to do to get ready for what was ahead. It was exciting yet a little scary but like most things it would take care of itself eventually. We made love only once that night, but it was the most wonderful sex I can remember having in a very long time. It was about our love that night, and our bodies were merely instruments that we played to celebrate that love. We slept in each other's arms and never stirred more than a few inches from each other the entire night. It was as if our bodies knew that soon we would be apart more than together and they were storing up memories for those times we would be apart. They say every new beginning comes from some other happy ending, or something like that, but were we really ready for a new beginning? We had signed the contracts and made the deal and now we had no choice but to move forward and meet our obligations. It was exciting and it was scary but we were convinced there was nothing we couldn't handle if were together and with that thought in mind we began our new life.

The end of chapter 51

As the story winds down we see Dommie and Buster enter a new phase of their life. They will need every ounce of their strength and their love will be put to the test over and over, but with each other's help they can muddle through somehow. This is a stand alone chapter because I want the next two chapters to be the final two of the series. I know a lot of readers will be sad to see it end, but as they say: all good things must come to an end. Thanks to all the loyal readers who have continued to keep up with the story and to those new readers who have stumbled across it and wrote to me expressing their approval. 

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