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My Little Brother's Feet

By Kewl Dad

Chapter 52

Life as a Rock Star

Who knew being famous was so much work? Yeah, it's cool and all and the perks are great, but hey it's a drag sometimes. I envy Dommie sometimes because he can just stay in the motel or go shopping or see the sights, but I'm either stuck in rehearsal or signing autographs when I'm not actually on the stage. The other guys in the band are eating it up though and I don't want to muck things up for them so I just grin and bare it. It's only for a year, right?

Our first stop of course was LA and we hit the recording studio the second day we were there. Dommie stayed the whole time, every day for six weeks while we hammered out our first album (CD). It was called "A Different Tune" and most of the songs were written by the band and had gay themes or at least universal ones that even us gay boys could relate to. The record company execs pretty much left us alone as far as content and I think they were pleasantly surprised with the finished product.

It was decided we would start touring in a month coinciding with the release of the CD so that meant we had a whole month to just lay low and see the sights, right? WRONG! We had to rehearse and rehearse and rehearse while the production company put together a big show featuring everything from lasers to huge video screens. I'll say one thing for the record company, they went all out for this bunch of little faggot

I think Dommie was more excited than I was by all the hype and glitter, and when his mom and dad and Kevin came out to visit he took them on a grand tour of the city and then to one of our rehearsals. Now Dommie's rents are really hip people and after all this was there son's bf (and their son in and they soon embraced our music and became our biggest fans. Of course it didn't take any convincing to make Kevin fall in love with the music since he totally related to it, and his enthusiasm was contagious. He even went so far as to ask for all of us guys autographs and at first we thought he was just joking but when we realized he was serious I dragged his ass to the dressing room and had a bro to bro talk with him.

He didn't understand why I was so upset, but when I finally broke down and started crying, spilling out all my frustration and misgivings about being famous he ran to get Dommie. I had pulled myself together a bit by then, but Dommie knew me better than anyone and when he sat me down and began soothing me I opened up to them both.

"It's just so hard sometimes," I whined, "up at 6, in the studio by 8, fifteen minutes for lunch, another session in the afternoon and sometimes another at night. I'm so tired, and I'm not sure I can do this much longer. And then when Kevin asked for my autograph I lost it. I'm sorry bro but I'm not your hero. I'm just a tired little gay boy who happens to be in a band."

"No, no you're not," Dommie said gently, "You're a wonderful and talented young man who I happen to love more than anything or anyone in the whole world and if this isn't right for you tell me right now and we'll end it."

"You know we can't do that," I said pulling myself together, "we signed a contract and besides I couldn't do that to the other guys. Naw, I'll be fine. I'm just so tired."

"I'm going to talk to Hal and see if I can't get you guys a few days off to rest and recuperate. He's a reasonable man, I think he just gets wrapped up in things and forgets that you guys are humans and not machines."

"Do you think he'll go for it?" Hal was our manager and in charge of everything and though he was a nice guy he was a bit obsessive.

"If he doesn't I'll go over his head," Dommie said hugging me. I knew if anyone could make it happen it was my Dommie.

"Meanwhile I want you to sit right here. Kevin keep him company while I go find Hal, okay?

Kevin nodded but he looked a little worried. I figured I had just destroyed any hero worship or respect he might have had for me, but I couldn't worry about that at the moment. I was too much into myself to care what others thought.

"I'm sorry," Kevin said moving over next to me and touching my arm gently, "I never thought about how hard it must be to make all this happen. I want you to know though, that I still think you're awesome and I totally see where you're coming from."

I smiled and gave him a hug, "You're a good kid, thanks."

We chatted while we waited for Dommie and about a half hour later he came busting in the door all smiles and grabbed me up off the couch and gave me a big hug.

"Come on you guys, mom and dad are taking us all out to lunch and then we're all going to Disneyland."

"What? But how?" I stuttered.

"It took a little convincing but I finally got my point across and you and the band have the next three days to raise hell," he said excitedly.

"Wow, Disneyland," Buster giggled, "Seems like only yesterday your rents caught us doing the nasty in our motel room that first time we went to Disneyland."

"What?" Kevin said looking shocked, "I gotta hear this."

We gathered him up and went out to find the rents and on the way we told him about our first trip to the Magic Kingdom and we were all laughing by the time we met up with the others.

We ate lunch courtesy of the studio at a fancy restaurant called Spagos and we actually saw Leonardo DiCaprio, and OMG he is just as hot in person as he is in the movies. Dommie dragged me and Kevin over to his table and even though at first I could see he was a little annoyed when Dommie told him who I was and about the band he opened up and was very friendly and we all wound up with autographed pics. I guess he is used to this sort of thing and comes

After lunch, which was pretty good, but sort of weird too. We were whisked away to DL by limo, and we met the other guys from the band there. Away from home and with no rents to look after them, we sort of lent them ours and they seemed to enjoy the attention.

We had a blast that day, riding and eating till we were ready to puke and all the pressure and strife seemed to burn away, at least for the day, and by the time we got back to the hotel that night I was ready for some loving.

The record company put Dommie's family up in the same hotel we were staying in a two bedroom suite so Kevin had a room to himself and also his own entrance door. A fact that later allowed him to come visit his two favorite gay boys after the rents were asleep (or making whoopee)

But first Dommie and I took a dip in the hot tub and made out. We didn't want to get too serious yet because we wanted to save it for when Kevin got there but we didn't have to wait long.

We had given Kev a key card so he could get in without disturbing us and suddenly there he was standing in the bathroom door looking at us like a rottweiler looking at a pork chop.

"I am soooo horny," he said as clothes began to fly and in a heart beat he was in the tub with us and all over us.

Man he wasn't kidding, that boy was horny and it was all Dommie and I could do keep him from dragging us down into the tub and drowning us in passion.

Finally we dragged him into the bedroom, still wet and took turns drying each other off before we hopped into bed. I was at his head kissing him and Dommie was at his feet, doing his foot thing and we met in the middle and both went to work on his beautiful hard cock.

The boy was moaning and wiggling like he had ants in his pants and I knew he wouldn't last long but as much as I wanted to taste that delicious boy batter of his, I wanted him to come a different way, at least the first time.

Dommie must've read my mind, or it's just that we think so much alike, because he let up at the exact same time and flipped over onto his back and raised his legs for him like my little bitch boi does when he wants some

I lubed them both up and helped Kev get into position and then I moved up and began kissing Dommie while his little adopted bro beat his ass up like he was mad at him.

Dommie loved it though, as he got older it seemed he liked it rougher and I was afraid that some day I wouldn't be able to satisfy him without kicking his ass

But Kevin has a soft side too, and as he got closer to coming he leaned down and pushed me out of the way and started kissing Dommie passionately as he made little circles with his hips and finished up.

I knew exactly when he started to come as his back arched up and he moaned even as he kissed my bf. I rubbed his butt gently and felt him shiver as he fired volley after volley of his hot spunk up my Dommie's sweet butt. I heard Dommie sigh in satisfaction and then they just laid there for a while as both recovered.

"Who wants sloppy seconds?" Kevin said as he finally pulled out with a wet plop and rolled onto his back.

"I thought I'd nail the little stud that just nailed my boy friend first," I said in my evil Buster voice.

Raise those legs and grit your teeth little girl, it will only hurt for a minute."

But apparently it didn't hurt at all and Kevin was moaning and thrusting against me as soon as I got all the way in. Dommie was taking turns kissing us both and generally helping and I have to admit it was so hot that I didn't last as long as I would have liked. But there would be plenty of time for more fun before the night was over and so I gave in to the feeling and fell into the abyss of orgasmic joy.

We rested for a while and then I watched as Dommie nailed Kevin and did some deep thinking. I was a little ashamed of the way I had broke down earlier, but I knew that neither Dommie or Kevin would ever tell anyone what a little baby I had been. I think I loved them even more at that moment and got all teary eyed again but they were too busy to notice.

I rolled onto my back and all I could hear was the sound of their breathing, the soft wet sounds of sex, and their low moans and I must've drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke Dommie was sitting straddle of my chest and pushing his cock toward my lips. I roused up out of sleep and smiled and opened up for him and cleaned his tasty jizz off until he got too sensitive and pulled away.

"Tired, lover?"

"Not now, I'm recharged. Who's next?" I said smiling at them both.

"Well...I really would like for my bf to make love to me," Dommie pouted.

"Oh, shall I go get him. Ummm, who is it anyway?" I teased.

He hit me, hard, and I started giggling, "Hey, I don't like it rough...just you."

"Shut up and fuck me," Dommie said leaning down and pressing his nose against mine almost painfully. Well, who was I to refuse the boy?

Kevin stayed till early morning then slipped back to his room and fell into bed. I guess we got about three hours sleep that night, but I was recharged and ready for anything after spending the night with my two favorite guys.

The weather was typical California perfect and after brunch all of us went down to the pool and swam and played and sun bathed. It felt wonderful to have nothing to do and nowhere I had to be and to be surrounded by the people I cared about most and I can definitely say that those three days were some of the happiest of my life.

It's a shame that I couldn't see what was ahead, or I might have packed up right then, and contact be damned, went back home, but as it was the horror was about to begin.

I was so proud of Buster, and the others of course, but Buster was my man and I was especially proud of him. I hated that he had had such a hard time and I couldn't even see it, but the three day vacation had re-energized him and he seemed as happy as he had been at the beginning.

The rehearsing was coming along great and I got to see a full dress rehearsal including all the special effects and it was awesome. Buster shined like the star that he was and I was so in love with him that I felt like some goofy school girl. I was hooping and hollering and the crew was looking at me like I was crazy or something but I didn't care. That was my man up there on the stage and they were damn sure gonna know I was his biggest fan.

After the rehearsal we all went out to dinner (the band, me and Hal) and talked about what was next. The family had gone home a week before and though we missed them we'd been way to busy to worry about it. I called them that night and told them we'd be hitting the road the next day, first stop San Francisco, and they wished us luck. Kevin asked to talk to me alone and I took the call in the bedroom wondering what was up with him.

"Dommie, I know Buster seems okay now and all, but I'm worried about him. Keep an eye on him, okay? And if things get too bad, tell someone, okay?"

I hated to say it but I knew exactly what he was talking about and I assured him I already had that plan in mind. We chatted for a few more minutes and then he wished us luck and gave us his love and I went back to Buster.

"So, you keeping secrets from me now?" Buster said sounding miffed.

"No, of course not. Kevin is just worried about you, that's all. He made me promise to keep an eye on you and make sure you were okay, that's all."

"Just cause I broke down like a little girl once doesn't mean I will do it again. Ease up, okay?"

I went to him and sat down next to him and put my arm around him, "If it was me would you ease up?" I asked gently.

He hesitated only a moment then a smile cracked his beautiful face, "Naw, I guess not. I'm sorry. I know you love me and care what happens to me, but I'm fine...really."

I wasn't sure if he was trying to convince me or himself, but it didn't matter, I was hell bent on making sure he was really okay. It's a shame I didn't do a better job.

San Francisco is awesome, well what little we got to see of it. We did make it down to The Castro, the heart of the gay community and believe it or not we even got recognized by a few people. My little Buster was famous already and the band's first show was a sell out.

We arrived at The Filmore about five that day to get ready for the show. We felt a little humbled thinking about all the great rock bands that had played there, Prince, Smashing Pumpkins, and all the rest, but we were soon too busy to think about that much. The place is amazing and the show looked even bigger and better set up on their stage. Everything was in place and the boys warmed up just to make sure all the equipment was functioning properly then we went on a tour of the theater. We saw pictures of the bands and performers who had played there and I felt small and insignificant once again.

I think Buster was a little overwhelmed too, but it was hard to tell what he was thinking. I guess he had a lot to think about and I didn't realize just how much pressure he was under until much later. But we were young and this was without a doubt the most exciting time of our lives and we soon managed to beat down our own demons and do what we had to do.

Not that my job was that hard. I guess I was just sort of support for the band. I was the guy who took care of the small stuff and the go-between for our manager and the band. Hal was a nice guy, but sometimes I had to read him the riot act to get what we needed and wanted, but in his defense he was the best at what he did and we were lucky to have him. How else could we have wound up at the Filmore that day?

At eight as we nervously milled around in the dressing room the first band went on stage. They were a local band and not bad, in fact actually very good, but I still believed our band was better and after all, we were the headliners that night and people had paid a small fortune to see them play. I watched Buster as he thumbed through a magazine looking much calmer than I felt and I wondered where he was getting that cool from. I was nervous as a cat in dog pound, but Buster seemed to be taking it all in stride. I wish I had recognized what was really going on then, but I was just a gay boy from a small town and didn't know the ways of the world yet. I would soon get an education I hadn't planned on.

At ten the boys were in place and as the spotlights zoomed in on the stage the crowd began to go wild. They were actually chanting the band's name, "Painful Sin, Painful Sin, Painful Sin," and it was like the most awesome feeling in the world to know it was my Buster up there in front of all those people deserving all their attention.

As the band began to play the crowd was mesmerized and what had been a madhouse full of noise settled down into a quiet and respectful audience. It was mostly young people, but there were some older ones there too and from the looks of them, not all of them were gay or lesbian. I saw a couple of older guys, maybe 50 or 60 who were practically leering at the cute boys in the band and I snickered to myself. Old perverts, but I totally understood why they were lusting after the boys, they were smoking hot.

Shirtless by the closing number (having ripped it off and slung it to the audience) Buster soloed on his own contribution to their repertoire, He's My Baby, a song he wrote just for me, and I was swooning as he motioned for me to come on stage. I was hesitant at first, but what the hell, you only live once and this might be my five minutes of fame, so I went and he sang that damn song to me in front of a live audience and the crowd ate it up like penny candy. I was dripping tears by the time he finished the last soulful "I love you," and then I was all over him as the audience hooped and hollered and cried out for more.

I quickly exited and pulled my self together as the band did an encore trying out a new number that the drummer Toby, had written. It was actually pretty good, but it could have been crap and that audience wouldn't have cared. My boys had that audience by the gonads and if no one else in the whole country bought their CD it was a given that those loyal fans out there that night would.

They would up playing one more song then the stage manager shooed them off leaving a screaming and chanting crowd behind. We could still hear them in the dressing room as we all came down from our high (no not that kind) and it was sort of a let down when we finally packed up and went down to the limo.

A small crowd had gathered and Buster insisted on signing a few autographs, one of them for this gorgeous God of a boy who looked 14, but turned out to be 16. His name was Gunter and he gave Buster his phone number and Buster took it willingly. This of course I found out much later....when he showed up at our hotel room.

The Limo whisked us back to The Four Seasons Hotel and we broke up and went to our rooms. Buster said he needed a shower and when I suggested we shower together he said he was in a hurry and I could go next. I thought that was odd, but I didn't give it a lot of thought just then, and I went in to get undressed. He came out a few minutes later still toweling his hair and looking wide eyed and ready to take on the world. I thought that was odd too since I was wiped out and I hadn't just put on a show, but I assumed it was just the rush of being in the spotlight that shored him up.

I took a quick shower and as I was drying off I heard voices in the living area. I finished drying off and wrapped the towel around me and went on out expecting it to be one of the boys from the band but when I came face to face with the little blond boy from the crowd outside the theater I stopped dead in my tracks.

He smiled and looked me over and I swear he licked his lips, before saying, "Hi, I'm Gunter. I think you are so hot and I totally see why Buster wrote that song for you."

My mouth must've been hanging open cause Buster laughed and said, "Close it Dommie before the flies get in. I invited Gunter over for some fun, is that cool?"

What could I say? I had told Buster up front that I was open to his savoring the fruits being a celebrity would bring, but this one looked awfully young.

"Uh, how old are you Gunter?" I stuttered.

"Sixteen, almost no worries, I'm legal if that's what you're asking."

I looked him over, yeah he might be 16, I decided. He was small but well built and even through his t-shirt I could see his chest was well defined, his tummy was flat and his arms were muscular. He was a pretty as he was well built and had a slight feminine look to him but from the lump in his jeans it was obvious he was all male.

"Here," he said reaching in his pocket and fishing out an ID, "see for yourself."

Gunter Alvin Robinson, it read and his date of birth made him 16 and 8 months old. I shrugged and handed it back to him. He was still a little young, but I supposed in this city, in this state, he was typical and if this was what Buster wanted then I was on board.

"I'm Dommie," I said at last, "let me grab some clothes and I'll be right back."

"Uh, Dommie," Buster said grinning, "why bother? We're all gonna be naked in a second anyway."

"Oh, well...okay, I just wasn't sure if I was invited or not," I said trying not to sound pissy, but failing.

"Can I talk to you in the bedroom for a minute?" Buster said gritting his teeth. I knew I was in big trouble then.

"Uh, sure. Gunter make yourself at home, there's soda in the fridge."

The kid nodded and as Buster dragged me to the bedroom, he was headed toward the kitchen area. Once in the bedroom Buster closed the door and pushed me down on the bed, hard. I was a little pissed, a little scared, and a little embarrassed. I tried not to show any of it though and responded with a wise crack.

"Owww...not so rough daddy, I like it rough but not that rough."

"Dommie...shut up!" he barked and as I looked into his eyes I saw a complete stranger and that scared me out of my wits. "You said it was okay if I brought fans home to play, so why are you acting like it's a big surprise and like you think I'm not gonna share with you?"

"I was...kidding, I didn't' think you'd take it that way," I lied.

"Dommie, I love you but sometimes I could just....well...better not to think about that, just don't muck this up, okay. I want that ass out there and I want it bad." he said with lust in his voice and in his eyes. You can fuck him too, or I'll fuck you afterwards or whatever, but first I want to fuck him till he can't stand up."

I had never heard Buster talk that way and at first I thought he was kidding, but the look on his face said otherwise. I didn't understand it, but it was obvious, my lover was a different person at least for the moment. Again, if I had been more worldly I might have recognized why, but that was yet to come.

"Okay," I said meekly, "Whatever you want lover," I added trying to sound up beat.

What he did next still haunts me to this day, but I have long ago forgiven him for it. Before I knew what was happening Buster's open palm flew against my face with such force that I actually fell off the bed. Looking up from the floor and rubbing my cheek he looked down at me and I saw a change come over him as if he had peeled off a mask.

Reaching out a hand to help me up he said near tears, "Dommie...I am sooo sorry. I don't know why I did that. I was just so angry...but not at you. It's the pressure..yeah that's it. I didn't mean to.... I swear, I'm so sorry," he said kissing the hand print on my face.

"'s okay," I said shakily too stunned to cry or react rationally yet.

"Oh, Dommie," he said pulling me against him and kissing my face and then my lips, "I love you so much, and if you want me to I'll send him away."

"No, it's fine," I said not willing to risk upsetting him further by denying him this new piece of ass, "I think it'll be fun. No harm done," I said rubbing my face, it'll be gone by morning," I said referring to the hand print on my face.

He looked stricken as he kissed my nose and then my face gently, the old Buster back at last, "I love you sooo much, and I am so sorry and I promise I will never, ever hit you again."

I nodded, "I know, it's okay." I said feeling a little better, "Let's go take care of our company, no need to be rude."

He nodded and smiled, "This will be wicked, you'll see."

Wicked is not exactly how I would describe that evening, but it was pretty cool. I know a lot of boys get jealous when their man is fucking someone else, but I guess little Dommie is a real sick kid, cause it actually got me so hot that when it was my turn i was pounding that little blond boy's ass like I was making instant pudding. He was a good sport (and a good fuck) and being a total bottom boy he was reluctant to even let us get him off, but Buster insisted and gave him a toe curling beejay while I kissed him and he was in Heaven by the time he came down Buster's talented throat.

We sent him home in a taxi and took another shower (this time together) and then hit the sheets, tomorrow we were flying back to LA for the next concert. I know, why didn't they schedule that one first? but apparently they wanted to hit the gays first and SF was full of them. I snuggled up to Buster but he was out like a light and didn't stir the rest of the night. As I lay there rubbing my cheek and feeling the sting there I wondered what I would do if Buster ever broke his promise and hit me again, maybe even harder next time, but the consequences were too intense to think about so I pushed it out of my mind and tried to thing about the adventures that were ahead for us. I fell asleep with a warm glow and didn't awake till morning.

The wake up call was for 8am and as I roused from a deep sleep I reached over for Buster but his side of the bed was empty and cold telling me he had been up a while. I stretched over and lifted the phone and placed it back down to stop the ringing and grabbed a few more z's before crawling out of bed.

Expecting to find Buster in the bathroom I was surprised to find I was alone as I drained my morning wood. I scratched my balls and washed my hands then looked in the mirror. Thankfully the hand print was gone and there was no tenderness in the area. I decided I had over reacted and that it was really no big deal, but deep inside alarm bells were going off like crazy. This was not the Buster I knew and loved, but I was too dumb to see it at the time.

By the time I was dressed, Buster showed up with the other guys and we headed down to breakfast. I was starved and ate like a little pig, but Buster was just picking at his food. I frowned but chalked it up to nerves or whatever, but his loss of appetite was just one more sign that I had overlooked in the big picture.

I can't believe I hit Dommie. I don't know what came over me. Sure I been a little stressed, but that's no excuse. I thought the pills Toby gave me would help me relax and they did help me to get through the show and all, but afterwards I felt really weird, not bad, just weird. I had all this energy and I fucked that kid Gunter till both of us were dripping wet with sweat. I guess I should feel bad about that too, but the kid def wanted it and I wasn't about to miss hitting that cute little 16 year old ass. He was a good kisser too and Dommie seemed to enjoy it as much as I did, so what's the harm? I hit that ass twice and I bet that boy was walking funny for a few days after he met me....ha ha. Well, anyway we're headed back to LA and this time the show is in an even bigger theater and it's sold out too.

Hal says record sales are good, but we won't really see any big results till we've had a few more play dates. I hope we can last that long, but as long as I can get those pills Toby gave me, I'll be fine. I just hope I can keep it from Dommie, cause I know how he feels about drugs of any kind and I don't need that lecture right now. Toby says they're not dangerous, they're just like energy boosters or something and that's what I need most right now. Only bad thing is I've sort of lost my appetite since I started taking them and I think Dommie has noticed, but I'm hoping he just thinks it's because of the stress or whatever. I fake it, but sometimes after I eat I have to go puke it back up and that sucks, so I'd rather just not eat till this is over.

One of the other guys in the band, Mark, saw Toby give me the pills and he made a big deal out of it until I told him that it was none of his business and sort of roughed him up a little. I didn't exactly hit him, but I did grab him by the collar and push him against the wall. He looked really scared and that was sort of a rush for me, sort of like when I beat those bullies up back in school a million years ago. Anyway once I get used to all this I can quit taking them and things will be back to normal.

Dommie is like my biggest fan and I love him more than anything but sometimes he treats me like a retarded child and I get a little mad at him. I guess the reason I hit him that night was because it just sort of built up in me and when he started acting like he didn't know what was up with that kid Gunter, I just lost it. I'm sorry I hit him, but you know...maybe he deserved it, a little anyway.

God that sounds so awful. Sometimes I think Dommie is too good for me and I'm just ruining his life, but the kid is definitely hooked on me and I think if anything ever happened between us he would never get over it. Truth is neither would I so I just have to be careful and not let this rock star thing come between us. Meanwhile I'm gonna get all the tail I can from my adoring fans. Those are the kind of perks they don't tell you about when you sign the

Chapter 53


The show was awesome. The crowds were crazy and we played three shows there in three days. Well, they played three shows, I'm just the manager, but I did get to be on stage a couple of times when Buster sang his love song to me. The only problem was it didn't seem to mean as much to me after that first time in SF. Not that I didn't like it, but Buster just didn't seem to be as in to it as he was the first time. I guess after a while singing the same songs over and over must get tired, but the crowds didn't notice and ate it up like cotton candy.

Buster seemed to be revitalized otherwise and didn't complain any more about the work load or the rehearsing and he seemed to look forward to the shows. Of course one reason was the fans. Not just the ones screaming their heads off in the theater but mostly the ones who hung around outside waiting for the boys to come out. Just as he had picked up Gunter he made it a habit of picking up at least one new boy after each show.

The first night it was a red haired kid named Paul and if I had known the truth about him, I would have tried to stop it but as it was I didn't find out till much later that he was only 13. Technically we were guilty of child abuse, but of course no one ever found up or cared I guess for that matter and we got away with it, but it still leaves a bad tasted in my mouth (no pun intended).

Instead of having the kid come to the room later, this time Buster just dragged him into the limo with us and closed the screen between the driver and us. Then all hell broke loose as Buster and the other boys in the band took turns ravaging the poor kid. Okay, okay, I took my turn too, but like I said I didn't know he was jail bait at the time.

He was slender and tall for a kid his age and was packing 7" of slender perfect cock and looked older or at least we convinced ourselves he did and so we had our fun. His ass was creamy white and despite his age, he was no virgin. He craved cock like some guys crave crack and he wasn't happy till every one of us had fucked him at least once. Of course all of this didn't happen in the limo, just the first couple of guys got off in his ass there (Buster being first) and then the rest took place in hotel. I guess the hotel people just thought he was one of the band since he didn't look that much younger than the others and we had no trouble getting him up to the room, naked and sucking cock while being fucked by one of the boys in the band.

Even Steve, who up until then had proclaimed he was straight but a little curious, satisfied his curiosity by fucking that little red head not once, but twice. I think after that day Steve realized he was more like us then he wanted to admit and he was always right in the mix when we had fans in the hotel with us

Buster was like a crazy man when he fucked the kid the second time and took a long time, the kid moaning and cussing the whole time, and when he finished he slapped the kid on the ass and pulled out and walked around to his front and shoved his cock in his mouth for him to clean up.

I was in back by then taking my turn but I heard him call the kid a fucking cunt and that hurt me a little. I mean the kid wasn't a piece of meat for us to use, he was a living human being and deserved more, but it didn't keep me from getting off in that hot little ass.

I lost count of how many times the kid got fucked that night. Hell, there were even a couple of the road crew there after a while and this one greasy looking dude that was about the size of Chris Farley pounded that little kid's ass like it was his first and last piece of ass.

Around midnight we sent the kid home in a cab with a glazed look in his eyes and that was when I found out his real age.

"Not a bad fuck for a 13 year old," Buster said as he downed his six beer of the evening.

"What?" I yelped, "He's 13 and you knew it? What the hell, Buster. We could all go to jail for this shit."

"Naw, don't worry. It's not like the kid is a virgin or anything. He's been fucked since he was ten, he said so, and he aint gonna tell no one, except maybe his fuck buddies when he brags that he fucked an entire band and half the roadies," he cackled.

I was too furious to speak but this wasn't the end of it and Buster seemed to sense it. He kept everyone hanging around for as long as he could but eventually everyone drifted off to their own rooms and we were left alone.

I started the shower and Buster came in just as I was stepping in.

"Can I join you or are you too mad at me?" he said meekly.

"Come on, you stink. I want to wash the smell of chicken off you," I sternly.

"Ouch, you are pissed, aren't you?"

"Buster, we'll talk about it later, but right now I need a long hot shower to relax me."

"You seemed pretty relaxed when you were plucking that chicken," he cracked.

"Not funny," I said giving him the stink eye.

He held his palms out as in submission and slipped up behind me and put his arms around my waist. It was hard to stay mad at someone you loved so much and he was so damned sexy. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass and for a moment I thought about protesting, but the bitch in me won out and before long I was bent over and he was fucking my hot little ass.

He blew a big load despite having come at least twice earlier but when he was done he didn't pull out. Instead he stayed in as he placed kisses on my shoulder and back and ran his hands up and down my upper body.

"I love you so much," he said gently, "I promise, no more chickens...I'll check id's from now on, okay?"

I sighed, what use was there to beat a dead horse. Either we got away with or we didn't, either way I talking about it wouldn't change a damned thing so I let it lie. Instead I took my anger and frustration out on him and pounded his ass harder than he had pounded that kid and I guess that made us even. I was shaking as I blew my load in his ass and all I wanted was to get to bed and sleep as soon as possible.

We washed each other and went off to bed where we snuggled and fell right to sleep without any further discussion of the chicken we had all plucked that night and I prayed he was being truthful when he vowed not to make that same mistake again.

Day two began with breakfast and afterwards the boys had an autograph signing at Aemoba Records and there were hundreds of fans lined up by the time we got there. There was the usual mix of kids, gays, and pervs, and fortunately no time for Buster to single one out and invite him back so we were at least safe until after the show that night. The signing ran over and took over two hours but it was pretty cool and I got lots of pics and even bought a couple of actual vinyl records for my collection.

After the signing we had a late lunch and then went back to the hotel to take a nap. I put Buster to bed and when he was asleep I went into the living room and called my mom. I just needed someone grounded to talk to and I hoped I didn't fall apart while doing it.

"Hi baby, what's up. Is everything okay?" she asked sounding concerned.

"Fine mom, the crowds have been awesome and the signing today was really great, we sold lots of CD's and had a great time."

"But...?" my mom asked hearing the unspoken stress in my voice.

"'s Buster...I mean he just doesn't seems like his old self. He's doing crazy stuff and always so....full of himself. It's almost scary mom."

She laughed, "Well, Dommie what did you expect? He's being adored by thousands of fans everywhere he goes and everyone is telling him how great he is, how could that not get to someone?"

I guess I hadn't thought of it quite that way since I wasn't exactly in the same position, "I guess mom, but it's just so hard to deal with sometimes. Sometimes I wish it was over and we were both back home, but other times it's pretty cool."

"I know, thanks mom. Hey can I speak to Kev?"

"Sure, he's right here, hang on."

Kevin wanted to hear all about our escapades but of course I couldn't tell him about the boys we brought back to the motel because mom was right there, but there would be time for that. We talked for about forty five minutes and then I talked to mom again and finally said hi and bye to dad. I felt renewed and a little better about things just knowing I had my family behind me and I decided I was making too much of Buster's moodiness and love of fame and that I would try harder to understand.

I slipped back into bed with Buster and snuggled up to my man and went to sleep almost immediately.

The blare of the alarm woke me an hour later but Buster was already up and moving around.

"Hey, ready to do this again?" he asked grinning.

"It's you that does all the work, all I have to do is hang onto your coat tails," I laughed.

"Hey, don't sell yourself short, we couldn't have gotten this far without you," he said leaning down to give me a kiss.

"Liar," I said pulling him in for a nice sexy kiss, "but keep up the lying, I love it."

"I'm not lying....about that," he teased, "but there may be a few confessions forth coming."

I raised an eyebrow, "Oh, can't wait to hear them." I yawned and stretched and watched him get dressed. He was lean and muscular these days and still the sexiest guy I have ever known and I was so happy he was mine even if I did have to share him once in a while.

"Get up," he said pulling back the covers and swatting my butt, "We need to get there a little early, we're trying out a new number tonight and we need to run through it once or twice."

I groaned but got up and went off to pee, brush my teeth and get dressed and when I got back Buster was gone. I found him in the living room gathering up some music and stuffing them in his briefcase. It looked odd to see this young Rock God carrying a briefcase, but he always carried it and it was full of music and band stuff.

We arrived at the theater two hours before the first band was scheduled and the boys ran through the number three times before they were happy with it. Buster and the boys went off to the dressing room to wait and I went to find Hal. I found him in the wings watching as the road crew made some last minute adjustments to some lights and he turned to give me his full attention when he saw me.

We talked about the rest of the tour for a while and he brought me up to date on CD sales. We were well ahead of schedule in that area and he and the record company were very pleased. I was smiling when I headed back to the dressing room, but my smile faded when I walked in to find Buster talking to some guy I had never seen before.

The guy was sleazy looking, and had shifty eyes and I pegged him immediately as a drug dealer. I guess I should have seen the signs before, but suddenly it was all too clear.

"What the hell?"

"Oh, hi...this is..ummm"

"Burt, it's Burt. You need anything else just call me," the sleazy guy said giving me a once over before heading for the door.

When he was gone I steeled myself for the confrontation I knew I had to make. Buster was playing it cool, not volunteering anything and going about his business. The others guys were gratefully not around at the moment, whether planned or accidental, and I wasted no time lighting into Buster.

"Are you doing drugs? Is that why you've been acting so weird lately?" I practically screamed

"It's no big deal Dommie, just some energy stuff to get me through these long days. That's all."

"Right. Buster you're smarter than that. I don't know who told you this was safe or the right thing to do, but they were wrong. Drugs are never the answer and you know it."

"You don't know everything Dommie," he said in a hateful voice, "it's not you that has to do this crap every day, day in, day out, it's me," he said punching himself in the chest with a finger for emphasis, "it's me and I need something to help me get through it, okay? I'm not addicted and it's not hard drugs, it's just....a pick me up, that's all."

I snorted, "A pick me up. Is that what they told you. Wait, were you taking this crap when you hit me? Is that what caused that shit to go down? I wondered at the time, but thought you were just stressed out."

"That was an accident, I apologized for that so quit throwing it in my face all the time."

"This is the first time I have ever mentioned it since that day, so don't try to lay any guilt on me."

"I know, I'm sorry. But it's okay, I swear. Just let it go, okay?"

I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers into them in an effort to relieve the headache that had just started there, "Buster you have to stop, now...right now. No more drugs of any kind. Does Hal know about this?"

"Naw, no need to worry him. I got this covered."

"No! No you don't. Not if you actually think it's okay to keep it up. I don't ask much of you but this time I mean it Buster, you have to stop this and NOW!"

He sat down and looked at me with disgust, "Dommie, just stay out of this, okay?"

"How can I stay out of it, I love you and I care about you and I won't stand still and let you ruin your life for this. If we have to break this contract we will, but you can't go on like this."

"Okay, I'll quit...for you."

"Promise me, no lying this time?"

"I swear," Buster said but I still wasn't completely convinced.

"I'll be watching you closely Buster to make sure you're keeping your promise."

"Great, now I have a nursemaid," he snorted.

"One that loves you more than the world," I said near tears, "And I'd take a bullet before I'd let you ruin your life with drugs. Please Buster, try to understand how I feel about this."

"Oh, now it's about how you feel," he snorted, "well how about how I feel?" he said punching himself again in chest almost violently.

"Look at you Buster," I cried, "You're like a different person. You never used to get this angry about anything. You were always the coolest guy I know."

He calmed down a little and sat down noisily on the small couch, then began to rub his eyes, "Can I just have some peace and quiet for a minute?" he said quietly.

"Maybe you'd like for me to just leave altogether," I said unleashing my hurt and fear suddenly.

"Don't be stupid Dommie, I'm not sending you away. I just need some time to think. That's all."

"Fine, call me when you've come to your senses, or not at all."

He looked up at me with so much anger that I was suddenly afraid for my safety. This wasn't the Buster I knew and loved, this was some drug crazed stranger and I practically ran from the room. I heard him scream something as I exited the door, but I was crying to hard to turn back and find out what it was. I passed Toby in the hallway and he tried to speak to me but I just pushed past him and headed for the exit.

Outside in the fresh air I felt some better, but I was too upset and stubborn to go back. I hailed a cab and went back to the hotel and fell into bed and cried myself to sleep. I awoke about the time the band would be going on stage and started a new round of crying feeling unloved and hurt that Buster hadn't tried to call me or come get me. I decided right then and there that it was probably over. I know that sounds stupid and immature considering all we had been through, but I guess I was just too upset to be rational about things.

I got up around ten o'clock and took a shower and got dressed. If Buster wanted to play this game, then I could play my own games. I had the doorman hail me a cab and I told him to take me to the hottest gay bar in LA. He grinned at me and  said, "That would be Micky's or that's what I've heard," he said acting innocent, but I think he probably knew first hand from the looks of him.

"Then Micky's it is," I said feeling suddenly very wicked and liberated. If it was over then I'd find someone to help me forget Buster.

Located on Santa Monica Boulevard, Micky's was a far cry from any club I'd ever been in. It was packed with boys and girls mostly young and hot and featured strippers and go go boys that were to die for. I was drooling as I sidled up to the bar and ordered the frilliest drink I could think of and as I turned to gaze across the crowded dance floor I saw him.

He was blond and tanned a, a typical California surfer type with dazzling blue eyes and the sweetest cutest face I had ever seen. His body was chiseled and his tight jeans showed off his huge package and cute butt, but he wasn't alone. On his right was a girl that looked as if she had just stepped out of a teen mag and on his left was a dark haired boy with dark brooding eyes all dressed in black and goth looking. He had piercings in his ears nose and lips and as when he opened his mouth to take a sip of his drink I saw a stud in his tongue.

I watched then as they made there way over to the bar, shamelessly staring at the surfer guy and ignoring his two companions as if they were just so much static and suddenly our eyes met and he smiled causing my hear to flutter and my face to redden. I looked away but when I looked back he was still staring at me and as our eyes met again he smiled revealing perfect teeth. I sipped my over-priced fru fru drink and tried to look casual but anyone watching could have seen how enamored I was.

My heart was beating so fast I was afraid he could hear it over the thump of the driving beat from the DJ and when he sidled up to the bar only inches from me I almost fainted. I could smell his musky man odor overlayed by some expensive cologne and I breathed deeply trying to suck more of his inside me.

"Hi," he said smiling again, "New here? I haven't seen you here before and I come here a lot."

"Yes, I managed to say. Then I said something lame about being with a band and tapered off as he offered his name."

"I'm Trevor, my tragic goth friend here is Leon and this cute trann on my right is Michelle."

"I'm Dommie...uh, short for Domminick. Glad to meet you." I said lamely.

"He's hot, Trevor," Michelle said in a husky voice obviously male. Looking closer I could see that he had an adam's apple and big hands, sure give away for cd's and queens.

"Wanna fuck?" the goth boy asked as casually as if he had just asked if I wanted a drink.

"Uh...." I stuttered.

"Shut up Leon," Trevor said harshly, "everyone isn't a slut like you."

"Whatever, why waste time when you know that's what's gonna happen anyway. Really foreplay is so lame," he snorted. "I'm gonna go dance, don't go without telling me, okay?"

"Have fun," Trevor said smiling again, "Don't worry I won't leave you sorry ass here, I promised Zeke I'd bring you home in one piece."

The goth boy turned to go and Trevor turned to me and said, "Zeke is his daddy. He's like 50 and takes care of Leon. They make an odd couple, but he's good to Leon. He doesn't like the bar scene but he lets Leon go with me sometimes and I make sure he gets back in one piece."

My opinion of my bronze suffer God just went up 20%. He was obvious a good friend to watch out for Leon.

"Sweetheart, I'm going to the t-room to see if I can score some blow," Michelle said lowering my opinion of her/him.

"Be careful," Trevor said, "and don't run off with the first man that shows you any interest," he chuckled.

"Why, men are all the same," he said in a faggy voice, "wham bam thank you bitch."

Trevor laughed and patted Michelle's ass as he sashed off to the bathroom.

Turning to me he smiled, "So what were you saying about a band?"

He ushered me out to the patio and where is was a bit quieter and when someone abandoned a table we moved to it and continued our talk. I told  him everything about the band but waxing over my relationship and recent trouble with Buster, but Trevor was very perceptive and saw through me.

"So the lead singer, ummm...Buster, right? is he you boy friend?"

I blushed, How did he know? "We...well, I don't know any more. He...he's been different since he became famous."

"So you had a fight and you came out to Micky's to get some revenge sex and forget about him?" he said bluntly.

I felt so low, so guilty and this perfect God-like beauty had just outed me.

"It's cool. I love being the other guy and helping with revenge sex. I have the morals of a tom cat and I'm a free spirit so you're safe with me. I won't tell and I won't come looking for you or embarrass you in front of the boy friend. Oh, and I get tested monthly and I'm as disease free."

"But, I'm nothing special...." I stuttered, "Why would someone like you want to get with me?"

Trevor looked at me as if I were crazy, "You don't know how cute you are, do you? Has this boy friend of yours been keeping you down. Dude, you are hot as hell and I'd love to get with you. Top or bottom, you name it, I do it all."

I thought about that for a moment. Was this really what I wanted? Was I just trying to hurt Buster? What would this mean in the scheme of things? Would it be unforgivable, or was it just righteous pay back?"

Trevor picked up on my hesitation and mood right away, "Uh oh, having second thoughts about cheating, huh?"

"I...(sigh) have never cheated on him, not since I we were kids and that was pretty much payback. But ever since then we've had an open relationship, but we always tell the other one who and where and usually share them."

"Well...if you're down with sharing, we could go find him and all three had some fun," he suggested.

"Except right now I'm mad at him and hurt and I don't want to be with him."

He nodded, "All the more reason to ride the Trevor express," he chuckled, "and hey, we can keep it on the down low and your BF never need know."

I thought about that a minute, Could I keep a secret like that? And what was Buster doing right now? Was he dragging some kid back to the hotel to fuck him brutally in retaliation of my confronting him about the drugs? Or was he worried about me and wondering where I was? Huh, not much chance of that. If he was worried he'd have called by now."

"I feel awful dragging you into my trouble," I said sighing, "but when I saw you I thought you were the most beautiful man I had ever seen."

"And I bet you'd be surprised to know that I'm almost 40," he said grinning.

"What? No way, I said looking at him in disbelief."

Whipping out his wallet he pulled out a California driver's license. His full name was Trevor Howard Beatty and his date of birth put him at 38 years old. I looked at him again, but I still saw the most beautiful and flawless man I had ever seen.

"Doesn't matter," I said smiling, "In sort of makes you hotter. I have always wondered what it would be like to be with an older man."

He chuckled, "I have lots of experience if that's what you mean. Not old enough to be your daddy, but maybe an older bro," he joked.

And that brought on thoughts of Joey and Kevin and I wound up telling him about my incestuous relationship and how I had discovered sex because of my fetish for my little brother's feet. He was practically leering the whole time I was talking and when I finished he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his crotch. It was hot and the lump there was enormous. 

My eyes grew wide and I said, "How big is that thing?"

"Nine inches, I used to be a porn star in my youth," he chuckled, "and a dancer till I figured out there were better ways to make a living."

"Uh, like what?" I said wondering if he was a hustler now.

"I got into banking and now I make over a hundred grand a year managing other people's money."

I relaxed a little, "Nine is pretty big, I've never been with anyone that big. It''s sort of exciting to think about. I wonder if I could...."

"Take all of it? Maybe, maybe not, but I bet I could scratch an itch inside of you that no one else has."

God I was turned on. I was starting to feel a buzz from the drink and my inhibitions were quickly melting away. I had kept my hand on his crotch the whole time and he was sort of thrusting up to meet my hand as I rubbed him there.

"We should go to my apartment and finish this up," he hissed, "don't wanna cum here, kinky as it may be."

I laughed nervously, "I feel really bad about this but, you know what? I deserve this after the way he treated me."

"Ahhh....revenge is so sweet. Come on lover, lets go before you change your mind."

I allowed myself to be pulled out and a valet brought around a red Beember convertible. I climbed in and away we went. Fortunately his apartment was nearby and I didn't have time to think about what I was doing and when we got there he wasted no time getting me into bed.

His body was as lean and chiseled as I had thought and I still found it hard to believe he was actually 38. As he leaned in to kiss me I did see a wrinkle or two I hadn't noticed before, but they actually gave him character and I still thought he was the most beautiful guy I had ever seen. He was an excellent kisser and if I still had any misgivings they quickly vanished as he began making love to me.

I was so worked up that when he finally entered me I barely noticed that he was horse hung. Fortunately he wasn't all the fat, but when he finally planted the last four inches of that long cock in me I did squirm a little. He was right though he touched places that had never been touched before and when he began to long stroke me I was in Heaven.

I was grunting and moaning and begging for more as he fucked me slowly and passionately, bending down occasionally to kiss me with those sweet perfect lips. It was obvious he was a non smoker and he smelled nice and manly and I was in love if only for that moment. When he came I felt as if someone had stuck a hose up my butt and turned on the faucet. His jizz was oozing out of my hole long after he pulled out and rolled onto his back beside me.

"Wow, that was intense," he said happily, "someone has taught you well. I love a bottom that is passionate and en voled. Some guys just lay there like a limp rag, but you were right there with me helping me get there and I love that."

"I guess I'm really just a little bitch boy," I confessed, "Buster says....."

He chuckled, "It's okay, don't be embarrassed. I had someone once and I still think about him."

"I know, it's okay. about this bitch boy flips and gives you my modest 7 inches?"

"Seven is nice," he said leaning over and taking my cock in his mouth. It was hard already but stiffened even further as his talented tongue and mouth worked on it. 

Once I was wet and ready he straddled me and sat down on my cock and when it had sunk all the way into him he began to move slowly up and down driving me crazy. After a while I flipped him over on his back and pushed his legs up and rammed back in and fucked him hard. I guess I was taking out my anger and frustration on him, but either he liked a violent fuck or he was great at adapting because he actually came just from getting fucked. When I had blown my load I fell down on him and kissed him roughly and he kissed back just as hard. When I rolled off and onto my back he snuggled up to me and kissed me on the cheek.

"Get it all out?" he said with a little laugh.

"I'm sorry....."

He kissed me gently, "Shhhh...don't be. I love being the other man when this happens. And as for the fuck, it was the best. I usually don't cum from getting fucked, but you did things to me that no one else has."

I blushed, "I wasn't too rough?"

"Hell no, it was perfect. Your bf is a lucky guy. Now, (sigh) as much as I hate to let you go, you should go find him and confess your little sin and play kiss and make up. Some nice makeup sex would he wonderful, don't you think?" he said propping himself up on one arm and stroking my smooth hairless chest gently.

"I...was hoping...I mean I understand if you don't want me to, but I'd really like to stay the night."

He raised his eyebrows and smiled, "You sure? Cause my second favorite thing in the world is waking up next to a warm, soft, hot guy."

"What's your favorite thing then?"

"Going to bed with a warm, soft, hot guy," he giggled.

I laughed and pulled him into a kiss. I was fastly falling in love with this perfect stranger and I couldn't help myself. I snuggled into him for a while then got up and peed and got rid of his enormous load. He suggested we take a shower and that led to another round of sex as the warm water cascaded over our trembling bodies. This round was more passionate and gentle and just as enjoyable and when we were dried off and back in bed he suggested we take a break and eat something.

"Like what?" I teased tugging as his semi erect cock. Even soft is was a good five inches, "a sausage maybe?"

"Later lover, how about a sandwich or some pizza, there's some left over from last night. I could nuke it."

"Ummm...a sandwich sounds good. But can we eat it in bed?"

He chuckled, "You're insatiable aren't you?"

"Only with someone as hot as you," I said blushing. Suddenly I realized I hadn't thought about Buster for a while and I felt a little guilty but quickly got over it.

Trevor made a huge sub on a twelve inch roll and cut it in half and served it with chips. He handed me a beer and took one for himself and we headed back to the bedroom. Before he climbed into bed he started a video on a big screen TV on his dresser and when the credits rolled I realized this was one of the porn videos he had starred in.

He was as sexy back then as now, but he had a sort of cavalier attitude about him that had mellowed over the years. He was cocky and self centered in the videos and I loved watching him fuck the hapless males he came into contact with in the video. I was sporting an erection half way into the first scene and he reached over and twanged it.

"Like that?"

"Ummm," I said around a bite of the delicious sub, "You were awesome...uh, still are."

"I was a dick back then. So full of myself and using everyone I could to get what I wanted. I made a fortune but everyone I knew hated me and I had no friends. I was miserable but it was my own fault. By the time I left the industry I had amassed a small fortune and could have quit working altogether. I danced in a few clubs and made some more money and eventually met...well, my one and only lover Adam. He was a corporate banker and ten years older than me and that's how I got started in the banking business."

"So, what happened with...uh Adam?"

He sighed, "I got too old for him and he moved on to a newer model."

"What, that's crazy, you look exactly the same as you did in the video. How could he just dump you like that, he must be crazy or a real ass hole."

"The latter, he's had four boy friends since me. One was seventeen. He's what they used to call a "chicken hawk". I have no doubts he cruises for chicken down on the strip when he's not pounding his newest young love."

"I'm sorry," I said placing a hand on his leg and causing his cock to jump. We both laughed and the mood became lighter.

We made love the third time after finishing our sandwiches and lay entwined for a long time afterwards talking quietly. He was a very sensitive and sweet man and I was falling deeper and deeper in love with him by the minute. I didn't give any thought to what that could mean or whether it was wrong or right, I was in the moment and that was all that mattered.

"Your boyfriend is one lucky guy to have a sweetheart like you," he said as we cuddled and he stroked my hair.

"Let's not talk about him, okay?"

"Okay, just saying, you're a jewel and I feel lucky that we met tonight. It's a shame it's just a one nighter."

"Does it have to be....just for one night?" I asked softly as my heart beat faster.

He looked at me with uncertainty but smiled after a moment, "Not as far as I'm concerned. How long will you be in LA?"

I frowned, "One more day, then it's off to Las Vegas. That is if I go with the band." I said realizing I was on shaky ground here.

"Of course you're going," he said gently, "you can't give up what you have just over a silly argument. I mean I should have told you this before, but damn it sometimes I'm just so needy and I needed you, if only for one night."

"How can someone as wonderful as you be single?"

He shrugged, "I'm damaged goods, too old for the twinks and too young for the daddy's boys. I'm lucky I score at all."

"What, that's crazy. Where I live, uh where I'm from, you'd be so popular they'd have to take numbers."

"Then maybe I should go back with you," he giggled.

"I wish," I sighed, "and live with me and Buster...." I said feeling so confused.

He kissed the end of my nose and hugged me tightly, "You should go to him, you know that, right?"

I nodded and began to cry and he folded me into him and comforted me like no one had ever done before. I told him everything and he understood and took my hurt away, absorbing it into him like that empath on Star Trek. I felt better after awhile but I still didn't want to leave his warm loving embrace and the warmth of his hot fine body.

I sighed, "He should have called," I said stubbornly.

"Did you check you phone, maybe the ringer is off."

"What, oh my God. I never thought. I might have turned it off when they were rehearsing...." I said jumping up and finding my pants and my phone. There were four text messages for me, all of them from Buster and each one more desperate than the one before.

I'm sorry, I swear I won't do that anymore. Please just come back, okay. I can't do this without you.

Then: Dommie, I love you. Where are you. I need you. Please.....

Next: It's almost time to go on, where are you? I can't sing your song without you to sing it to. Toby says you ran out crying. I'm worried. Don't do this to me please.

And finally: Well, the show is done. Since you don't care what I do, or who I'm with I'm taking a couple of fans back to the hotel to fuck senseless. See ya.

I should have been upset and maybe even mad but I knew I had brought this on myself, and I wasn't about to go back to the hotel and interrupt his little fuck fest.

Trevor had been studying my face and when I read the last one and nearly collapsed he was at my side in a heart beat, "Bad news?"

I laughed tragically, "I guess you could say that. He's fucking a couple of fans, probably chickens," I snorted. And then I told him about the first fan and what had taken place that night in San Francisco.

"Well, maybe I was wrong, about you going to him. You're welcome to stay here tonight if you want."

"Are you sure?" I sobbed.

"Shhhh....yes, come back to bed and I'll make you feel better," he promised.

I nodded and allowed him to lead me to the bed and he proceeded to make love to me for the fourth time that night. For a thirty something guy he sure had stamina and I was hard pressed to keep up with him. Maybe it was left over from his porn star days where he would fuck three or four guys in one video or maybe he just had a huge mojo. I forgot about Buster as I plowed into Trevor for the fourth time that night and when I came I fell down beside him and passed out.

End of Chapter 53

Oh my! What have our boys gotten themselves in to ? Buster trying to cope with fame and success and falling into the drowning pool that most celebrities never surface from and poor Dommie is seeking solace in an older man's arms. Will this be the end of the most compatible couple of all time,? or just another one of those things that doesn't kill us and makes us stronger? Well...the end is near one way or the other. I had promised to end this series in two more chapters but as you can see the boys didn't cooperate, so it may take a while longer. But I promise there isn't much more. Stay tuned for more. And thanks for hanging in there.

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