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My Little Brother's Feet

By Kewl Dad

Chapter 54

I waited up all night

Morning came and the guilt with it. You've heard of the walk of shame no doubt, well I can tell you it's no fun. Trevor put me in a cab and kissed me goodbye and wished me luck. He had been just what I needed the night before but now he was just a reminder of what I had done to poor Buster and I could barely look him in the face. I could see the look of hurt in his eyes, but I couldn't help him, not then, I had problems of my own to take care of and though I would always be grateful to Trevor, there was no future for us and we both knew it.

"Goodbye, thanks for...well for last night. I have to go try to fix what I messed up though," I said touching his face, "I hope you understand."

"Of course Dommie, go...go to your man and tell him you love him and make everything alright."

"I'll...never forget you," I said as I pulled back my hand. He smiled and closed the car door and the last thing I remember seeing was a tear running down his cheek. The cabbie drove off then and I didn't look back. I never saw or heard from Trevor again after that morning.

At the motel I was greeted by Toby and the other guys from the band and read the riot act.

"What the hell Dommie. Buster has been out of his mind with worry all night. He even called the hospitals and the police. He spent a small fortune in cab fare looking for you. Man he is one messed up dude."

"He was messed up before I left," I said defensively, "I had to get away from him for a while, that's all."

"If it's about the drugs, he's done with that. He cried Dommie and told us all about what happened and he swore that if you came back he'd never touch drugs again."

"And you believed him?"

Toby snorted, "Dommie, what happened to you. You used to be...well, such a nice guy. Now you're being a real dick."

"Where is he?" I said ignoring his slam. Maybe I agreed with him, but maybe I had good reason to be a dick.

"Asleep in your room. He passed out about 5 and we carried him to bed. He was pretty messed up."

I nodded, "Thanks," I said simply. I really didn't want to get into this with the rest of the band.

Buster roused as I sat on the bed and when his eyes flickered open he smiled and yawned, "Hi," he said softly. 

Why couldn't he have been mad or acting like an ass instead of being all kind and  understanding? Now I really felt like an ass.

"We need to talk," I said gathering my strength. If I didn't do this now I never would.

"If it's about the drugs, I'm done with that stuff. You were right Dommie, I was an idiot and I swear I'm clean and I'll never do that shit again."

"I'm glad," I said patting him gently, "but it's not about that...well, not exactly."

As I recounted the events of the preceding night his smile faded and he cast his eyes downward. A tear trickled down his cheek and he quickly wiped it away. I didn't leave a single dirty disgusting detail out and when I finished at last he raised his head and our eyes met.

"I guess I deserved that, didn't I?" he said sadly, "after all that shit with the teenage fans. I'm sorry Dommie. I know I don't deserve you, but if you'll take me back...I'll never mess up like this again."

Was I hearing him right? I was the one at fault here. I was the one who cheated with a 30 something porn star. I was the one who stayed out all night and had Buster half out of his mind. I almost laughed, but it was too tragic a situation to make light of it.

"Did you hear what I said? I cheated on you Buster. It's not like the fans, I knew about them and I was there. This was different. I cheated Buster....I broke our number one rule...I got with someone without your permission."

"But you only did it because I was such a jerk and got high and fucked all those boys. I totally understand," he said giving me a sad smile.

 I pulled him to me and held his head against my chest, "That was no excuse and we both know it, you're just being the kind and sweet boy that you always have been and I appreciate that. If you can forgive me I swear to you that I will never make that mistake again."

"Can you forgive me?" he whimpered.

"I already have," I said kissing the top of his head.

"Then everything is okay, cause I forgive you too."

"It can't be that easy," I chucked, "I feel like I should be punished or something."

"We've both been punished enough, now it's time to forget all that and move on."

"One you didn't get with those boys last night?"

"There were no boys, I lied. I spent the whole night looking for you. I waited up all night for you. You're the only boy I want. Can't you see that?"

"I don't deserve you," I said letting my tears finally fall.

"Yes, yes you do. We deserve each other. We were intended to be together. I know how we met wasn't all that romantic, but it was perfect for us, don't you think so?"

"Yeah," I said sniffling and laughing at the same time, "I guess it could've have been better, but it could've been worse."

Buster sighed, "I'm still pretty tired. Why don't you lay down with me, you look like shit," he teased.

"I must smell pretty bad. Let me go take a shower and I'll be right back."

He nodded and fell back down on the bed and the moment his head hit the pillow he was asleep. I bent down and kissed him then went in to take a long hot shower.

When I joined him a short time later I noticed the clothes he had fallen asleep in a pile by the bed and I chuckled. Apparently he wasn't as tired as he had led me to believe. I was wearing only a pair of boxer briefs but I chucked them before climbing in beside him.

Rolling into me he put his arm across my chest and nuzzled my neck, "Don't you ever, ever leave me again you bad boy."

"I think we've both learned our lesson. I pretty much think we're stuck with each other for the rest of our lives."

"And maybe even after that," he giggled.

We made love and it was something very special. So special that I can't even describe how wonderful it was so I won't even try. We had both been through a lot but we had found that even the worst possible things happening to us couldn't tear us apart. Our love making was a celebration of love and our commitment to one another and we were healed and renewed by it.

Chapter 55

As the tour winds down

and it all comes to an end

From LA to Seattle, from Seattle to Las Vegas the band performed flawlessly, earning the love and admiration of fans wherever they went. By the time the tour wound it's way back to the midwest we were ready for a break.

For the show in Dallas we flew Kevin and our folks in and of course Joey and Joe insisted on joining them. It was wonderful to have the whole family together again and when I saw my mom and dad I ran to them and before I knew what was happening I was crying my eyes out and hugging them both as if I hadn't seen them in a million years.

My mom sensed there was more to my tears than our reunion and as soon as she could she got took me aside and pulled the truth out of me. I cried as she held me in her arms then kissed my face and I felt like a little kid again. She had always been the one who understood me the best, and even when her darling baby boy had turned out to be gay she was my biggest supporter.

She offered no advice which both surprised and pleased me. Instead she told me that she had always thought that Buster and I were destined to be together and the fact that we had gone through so much adversity and come through it stronger and more in love than ever was confirmation of that. I thanked her for her support and her love and she simply smiled and said, "It's what mom's do. It just comes naturally."

But I knew my mom wasn't a typical mom and the only one that came close to her was Buster's mom. Don't get me wrong, our dads were great too, but it was our mom's that loved us the most and supported us when the chips were down.

Refreshed and recharged I joined my family and we had the most wonderful two days I can ever remember. 

The concert the next night was amazing. We had added a few new songs and the fans went crazy. I thought we'd never get off stage that night as they chanted and stomped and cried for more and we wound up doing two encores. 

Back at the hotel, we regrouped and all went out for dinner, but there was no rest there either. By now the boys were on the cover of every teen magazine, featured on the cover of Newsweek and a few other magazines and in the news almost daily and even in the high class restaurant where we dined  we found ourselves signing autographs.

The family was impressed, but I think I speak for all of the rest of band when I say we were tired of all the fame and recognition and ready to go home.

Back at the motel our folks went back to their rooms but Kevin, Joey and Joe went with us back to our room. It seemed like forever since I'd seen them and I couldn't keep my hands off Joey. I had really missed my little bro and his cute feet, and even though he was older and bigger in all ways I still thought of him that way I had when I was twelve and he was ten.

We snuggled on the couch as Buster and Joe sat at our sides and we made up for lost time. One thing led to another and before too long we were kissing and fondling each other and when the clothes began to come off it was Kevin who led us off to the bedroom and all hell broke loose.

I attacked Joey's feet as if starved and he seemed just as anxious for our foot play as I was. Kevin and Joe and Buster were busy doing all sorts of things but I was too busy to really pay attention. Once I had slobbered and munched on Joey's feet till I was satisfied I moved up and pushed his legs up and entered him almost roughly.

A lot had changed since the first time I had planted my hard cock in my little brother's tight little love tunnel, but one thing hadn't and that was the love I felt for him. We had both learned a lot over the years and our love making was different in some ways, but in others as old and familiar as a well worn tee shirt. 

I leaned down and kissed him as I blasted my hot thick cum into his  guts and seconds later his cock erupted splattering his load against out stomachs. As soon as I was done coming I pulled out slowly and began to lick his tasty cum from his body. When I had a mouthful I kissed him once again sharing his own unique flavor with him and he gobbled it down greedily.

I was suddenly aware of Kevin prone on the bed beside me and I turned to watch as Joe fucked his ass while my bf fed him his hard cock. It was a glorious sight and even though I had come only moments before my cock went from semi to hard in a matter of seconds.

Joey sat up and began to rub Kevin's tummy affectionately and I moved to the other side and began to kiss, lick, and suck on his erect nipples. Minutes later Joe cried out and began to come in Kevin's ass and Buster wasn't far behind. 

As Buster came I watched as Kevin struggled to keep up with his massive load and smiled. How many times had I been the recipient of Buster's huge tasty load? As Joe pulled out I took his place and pulling Kevin to the end of the bed I stood up and raised his ass to the level of my cock and drove it home.

Kevin grunted with pleasure and as I began to thrust against him he whimpered and pulled Joey toward him to service his cock. I watched as Joey moved around and fed Kevin his cock which was hard again and this time it was Joe and Buster who were on the sidelines cheering us on.

I took a little longer this time but when I came it was no less intense. I had fucked both my little brothers and all was right with the world. Maybe it was because it was considered taboo or maybe it was just my way of releasing all the tension and turmoil of the past few months, but for whatever reason it was one of the hottest most intense sessions I can ever remember.

We rested then and ordered room service. As we sat around drinking sodas and recuperating, Buster and I found ourselves spilling our guts. For the next half hour we shared all that had happened and how we had come through it unscathed and when we were finished Joey threw an arm around both of us.

"I knew something was going on, but I never thought it was drugs," Joey said bumping his head against Buster's, "you knuckle head, you have it all...a career, talent, and the best boy ever," he said turning to give me a smile."

"I know, I know. I was a jerk, but I learned my lesson. And I still have all that, but mostly I have Dommie and that's the greatest thing of all," Buster said humbly, "and when this tour is over we are going somewhere, just us two and have a proper honeymoon."

Joe laughed, "A honeymoon, like newlyweds have? Well, that's a new one, but I guess it makes sense. Hey, maybe you and I should do that Joey," he said grinning.

"Hey, don't forget me," Kevin said frowning, "I have a bf too."

"Well, you're a bit young to go off on a honeymoon, but if the two of you stay together, maybe someday you two can go on your honeymoon," Joe said.

"Who's horny again?" Buster asked as he stood up and grabbed me by the hand.

"Oh, God, here we go again," I said in mock exasperation, "come on let's get it over with."

Buster giggled as he pulled me toward the bedroom, but the others weren't far behind us.

As Buster plowed into me, Joey was busy planting his hard cock in Kevin's ass. Joe stood up and straddled Kevin and fed his cock to Joey leaving Kevin to concentrate on being fucked. He was rubbing his cock slowly, but it wasn't masturbation that caused him to spew a short time later as Joey's cock rubbed his inside nut.

I watched as Joey got that "O" face and began coming in Kevin's ass and then I closed my eyes and concentrated on Buster's cock moving in and out of my hole. It felt so good, so perfect, so familiar and I never wanted it to end. 

But Soon Buster sped up and I knew he was close. I clinched my sphincter tight around his cock and he began to shoot. I felt his cock expand and contract as he unloaded inside me and when he was spent he fell down on top of me and kissed me roughly.

"My turn," I growled as I bit his bottom lip playfully," now on your belly lover."

Buster laughed as he crawled off me and took my place on bottom beside the other three sex maniacs who were still going at it and I quickly entered him. It felt wonderful as I sank into Buster's hot wet hole and I wondered if it would always be this good. Truth was it just seemed to keep getting better and as crazy as that sounds I can truthfully say that it has held true even to this day.

We loved, we slept, we awoke, and we made love again and again all through the night. No one was excluded and before the night was over we had joined in every way and every combination imaginable. 

We were tired but happy when we awoke the next morning and headed off to the bathroom. We showered, brushed our teeth and joined the folks for breakfast in the motel restaurant and pretended we hadn't just had an orgy the night before.

Eventually it was time for the folks to go and we rode with them to the airport and sent them on their way leaving just Joe and Joey. Kevin gave us huge hugs and fussed about not being able to stay, but there was school for him and work for dad and anyway we told him, we only have two more stops on the tour and then we'd be home.

Joe and Joey went with us to the next city, Oklahoma City and we had as much fun there as we had in Dallas. Of all the crowds we'd encountered on the tour the fans in the midwest seemed to be the most enthusiastic and that was one of our most memorable stops.

From OKC we went on to Kansas City but I don't remember much about that night. We had put Joe and Joey on a plane that afternoon and I was lonely for my little bro and brooding. Buster knew what the problem was and he assured me that once this tour was over we would be sure to have Joey and Joe over more often.

From KC to Omaha and then to Chicago, which we hated, and finally the Big Apple New York City. That was the definitive show of the whole tour and the entire show was recorded and later some of the numbers were released on I-tunes as live versions of our best songs. The city was amazing and even though we didn't have much time to enjoy it, we all agreed that NYC was the best, and we were glad they had saved the best for the last.

Tired but exhilarated we flew back home and split up at the airport. As we hugged each of the band members goodbye we found we were a little sad that it was over. But it had been a long and hard tour and a lot had happened to all us. We were better for it, but ready for a break and we knew that soon enough we'd get back into the swing of things and go on with our lives.

Buster and I returned to school the following semester and besides an occasional interview or guest appearance on some local show we were pretty much left alone. The cd peaked at number six then fell off the charts entirely. The band continued to take jobs locally but Buster opted out and concentrated on his studies. 

I was content to become a student once again as well and with the money we'd made on the tour and off the cd we had a nice nest egg for later. We went back to NYC for our honeymoon but that story is best left for another time and another place.

It was kind of sad really to think we had been on top for that one golden moment and then almost forgotten the next, but the problem was our hearts just weren't in it despite how much we enjoyed the fame and notoriety. The rest of the group scattered, a few winding up in other groups and a others leaving show business altogether like Buster, but  we had the memories and a drawer full of cd's and magazine articles and hundreds of other reminders of how fleeting fame can be.


There is probably a lot more to tell then what I have already shared here, but I have to admit I'm getting kind of tired writing about Buster and me and the life we share. Maybe some day, oh say ten years from now, I'll write some more and let you know that we're still together and still having the time of our lives. Because if there is one thing I am certain of it's that our love will stand the test of time. 

Buster is planing on becoming a music teacher when he graduates and I want to become a writer. Yeah, big surprise there, lol. Considering how much I have enjoyed writing about my life and all those who have been so important to me, I guess it was only natural that I would go that route.

Kevin is active in sports at school and he and his bf are still together. Joe and Joey spend a lot more time with us these days and they are planning on opening their own business when Joey graduates. Our folks are still there for us anytime we need them and we visit them as often as we can.

As I write these last few paragraphs of a story that began so long ago, I wonder if anyone who is reading this really understands what a strange and wonderful life we have had so far. From two little gay boys who were just discovering themselves to two self assured young men we have come a long way. We have had our share of good and bad times but in the end we managed to keep the good and loose the bad and what was left was the best of the best. We had each other and Joey and Joe and Kevin, our friends, and of course our folks but mostly we had love. If you don't think that love is important in your life, try living without it. It's what babies cry for and what we humans seek all our lives. From cradle to grave nothing is more important than that four letter word, L.O.V.E. Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence.(Erich Fromm). I couldn't have said it better. 

The clock is ticking down and soon Buster will be home and we're driving home this weekend to see my parents and Kevin of course. Joe and Joey are going to be there too and I have a feeling that somehow us boys will find a way to get together and have some fun. 

Life is funny sometimes, you think you know what you want and you go after it, but in the end you realize you already had what you wanted and what was really most important. Our life has been sort of like that. Not that we would have passed up the opportunity to be famous, even if it was only fleeting fame, but we are truly happy with our lives these days and don't miss that stuff at all. 

I hear Buster coming up the stairs and I'm sure he'll want a little lovin' before we hit the road. So I'll end this here and let you get on with your life, just as we get on with ours.

Dommie Martin 

July 12,2012

The End

It's been a long and wonderful journey but our story has at last come to an end. But has it really? In a way Dommie and Buster and all the rest will live on in our minds and out there somewhere they are loving and living the life that we've been only been given a glimpse of through this story. I hope you have enjoyed sharing and their lives as much as I have and though ending are always sad, I hope this one gives you hope. Hope that despite trials and tribulations in our lives, we can overcome them and come out on top. If we loved as hard as we hated what a wonderful place the world would be.

Kewl Dad

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