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My  Little Brother's Feet

    Chapter Seven: More Feet

        I promised you I'd tell you about the rest of that weekend and here goes. After the talk with Joey I was afraid Buster and I would never have any time alone again, but as luck would have it, Joe called Joey right after Buster and I got back. His folks had changed their mind about taking him to his grandma's and he wanted to know if Joey could come over and spend that night, but Joey had a better idea. He talked mom and Joe's folks into letting Joe come over to our house instead. 

    At first I was sort of mad and I almost went to mom and complained, but Buster took me aside and said, "Hey, it'll be cool. Remember all that stuff we talked about, did you mean it or not? Cause if you did, now is the time to prove it."

    Well, what could I do? I mean I did mean all that stuff, but I really wanted this weekend to be just me and Buster. Buster said he understood, but we'd had  Friday night to ourselves and we would still have some time together and this might be really hot, so why not just go with it? So, I finally gave in and after a little while I actually began to think it might be pretty cool.

    I wasn't ready to give in completely though and so while we were waiting for Joe to arrive I drug Buster's sorry ass upstairs and forced myself on Well, not really...once I told him what I had in mind he was a maniac.

    We locked the doors and started ripping each other's clothes off and we were already hard by the time we got naked. I pulled Buster down on the bed and started at his feet. Like I said, they weren't as cute as my little bro's but the were pretty sexy and at that moment I was crazy for them. I didn't even care that they were sort of sweaty from the bike ride and smelled a little musky, I just began to lick his toes and suck on them and he looked down at me with his eyes all bugged out and said "Holy shit!"

    I giggled around his toes and just kept on sucking and licking till I had both of them all slobbered up. Then I took my boner and ran it up and down the soles of his feet and it felt really hot for both of us. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched and the look on his face was priceless.

    "Oh, my god! You are such a freak....and I love it," he gasped. "Is this what you did with Joey? If it is I am definitely down with that."

    "I just nodded as I took his feet and held them while I pushed my dick in and out between them and I moaned. I hadn't planned on any of this, but once I got started I knew where it was going to end. I wanted to stop and take care of Buster first but once I got started on his cute, soft feet I was a goner. I cried out as I spunked all over his feet and his legs and I felt my knees go weak and I almost collapsed. He looked down at me and the mess I had made and started fapping his dick like crazy.

    I didn't want him to come without me, so I crawled up a little and kissed his legs and let my tongue trace a trail to his crotch. He shook his boner at me and it was wet on the end and I licked a little drop of pre-cum off the end, but didn't stay down there. Instead I moved up some more and stuck my tongue in his belly button and  tasted his salty flavor. He giggled and put his hands on my head and ran his fingers through my hair and I felt him sort of tremble. 

    I moved up to his nipples and bit at them, but not hard, and then licked them till they were hard. It is so amazing to me that boy nipples can get just as excited as boy cocks and I learned that getting his nipples sucked was a big turn on for Buster. I nuzzled his neck before moving on up and kissing him using lots of tongue. I could feel his boner pressed against mine and it felt really good, but this time it was all about Buster. Maybe I was trying to do such a good job because I was a little insecure at the moment. I wanted Buster to remember who his boyfriend was and who loved him the most.

    Once I broke the kiss I worked my way back down to his boner and started licking it like a lollipop. I didn't spend a lot of time doing that because I didn't want him to come too quick, so I moved down between his legs and started licking his nuts. He spread his legs wide for me and I really gave his nuts a I wasn't satisfied there though. I remembered how good it felt when Buster licked my a-hole and even though he was sweaty and maybe not so clean down there I lifted his legs up and gave his a-hole a good licking. I didn't try to put my tongue in, after all this was my first time and I was only doing it for Buster, but I actually sort of liked it. He tasted a little salty and bitter like before, but the feel of his soft tight pucker was a real turn on, maybe because I knew my cock had been inside there and how good it felt.

    He moaned and raised up and said, "Fuck me Dommie."

   "Not yet," I said taking complete charge, "First I want to make you feel as good as you did me last night. I gotta recharge my batteries first anyway."

    He fell back down and the grin on his face said it all. I gave up his ass and moved back to his balls and took them in my mouth. I don't know where I got that idea but it was pretty cool having my boyfriend's nuts in my mouth. It was like I had complete control of him, lol. He groaned a little and then sighed and I knew he was liking what I was doing and there was lots more ahead.

    I spit his nuts out and licked them clean and then I started on his cock. I licked the wetness off the tip again and then I took all of it in my mouth in one gulp. He was about my size, 4.5 inches, and even though I'd only started sucking dick lately, Buster's cock was a perfect fit. I guess I was a natural cocksucker because I didn't gag once and I never scraped him with my teeth and I knew how to  use my tongue to lick around the head and he was squirming like he had ants in his pants. He tasted so awesome and the feel of his cock was amazing. It was hard of course, but it felt smooth against my lips and so hot and of course it tasted soooo good. I could smell his musky boy smell and that drove me on as much as the rest.

    He was moaning then and he reached down and grabbed my hair and just held on while I bobbed up and down. After a few minutes of this he got a tighter grip on my head and just held me there while he thrust up fucking my mouth and that gave me an idea. I pulled off and told him to swap places with me. At first he didn't understand, but when I told him to sit on my chest he got the idea. 

      "Feed me that dick," I said lustily.

    "Fuck yeah," he said and he grabbed his dick and slapped me across the face with it and we both giggled. Then he rubbed the head on my lips and I could taste his pre-cum and that made me hungry for more and I gobbled him down.

    I held still then while he started face fucking me and it was awesome. After a few minutes I reached back and grabbed his ass and started squeezing it gently. 

    "Stick your finger in me Dommmie," he said lustily.

    He was wet and hot back there and my finger slipped in easily and he started rocking on my finger and feeding me his shlong at the same time. It was all I could do to keep up with him but I did a pretty good job. My mouth was full of cock and his pre-cum and my finger was buried in his tight hole and my own cock was leaking like crazy and so hard it hurt. 

    "Ahhhhh....Gawwwwdd...." he cried out and then he bucked up and started coming in my mouth. I thought I would drown in it at first, but I managed to pull back a little and then I could taste his delicious Buster Juice and I drank it down as fast as he shot it.

    He stopped moving when he started coming but after the second or third shot he pushed back in once or twice and just sort of swirled his dick in my mouth. Then he rocked back on his heels and just sat there on my chest and rested.
     He didn't rest long though. Suddenly he was moving over my boner and positioning himself to sit on it. Yeah, I said sit on it. I was watching with complete amazement. Was this possible? Well, a second later he was reaching back and grabbing my boner and lining it up with his hole and he started lowering himself on it. His ass felt hot and tight as I slid slowly inside him, inch by inch, until I finally felt his ass cheeks against my crotch and then he just sat there a moment with a big-assed grin on his face. 

    "Holy shit," I said through gritted teeth. And then he began moving. He rode my boner like a kid on a hobby horse and the look on his face told me he liked it as much as I did. 

    I didn't think I could last very long, but Buster wasn't about to let me come too quick. When I started moaning and breathing hard he just stopped and sat down on my boner and didn't move. I could feel his soft squishy guts hugging my boner and that felt good enough for a while. I just laid there with my dick up my boy friend's butt and rested. 

    After a few minutes he started moving again and this time he didn't stop when he saw I was ready to come. Instead he speeded up and reached back and spanked his own ass and started whooping and hollering. I was afraid mom would hear and come see what was going on but I was too horny to shut him up. He did tone it down a little when he realized how loud he was being but he kept on slapping his own butt like he was riding a bucking bronco. I was being jarred senseless by his bouncing around, but I didn't care, I was lost in lust. I wanted to come soooo bad and I could feel my nuts churning and then.....bammm...I started shooting into Buster's hot tight behind. I could feel my cum splashing inside Buster's guts and I don't think I had ever shot so much or so hard. Man, it just kept getting better and better.

      We rested a few minutes  and then Buster leaned down and kissed me. His lips were soft and warm and  his tongue was like a little animal as it roamed around my mouth. We swapped spit for like ten minutes and my boner was still inside Buster and hadn't gone down a bit. I probably could've come again but I was exhausted and I wanted a nap after all that sex. I told Buster and he rolled off and snuggled up to me and pretty soon we were both asleep, still naked.

    The next thing I remember someone was shaking me and when I opened my eyes Joey and Joe were standing there beside my bed giggling.

      "They're nekkid," Joey giggled, "Good thing mom is asleep."

    "What time is it?" I asked rubbing my eyes and sitting up. I looked beside me and there was Buster just waking up too.

     "5 o'clock," Joey said, "get up why dontcha, you sleep too much."

    "They're worn out from sexin," Joe giggled, "wish I'd been in bed with em."

  "Maybe later," Joey giggled, "Dommie said we could, didn't ya Dommie."

    I didn't say anything but I sort of nodded, then Buster said, "Let's get dressed Dommie and get some food then we can all decide what we wanna do tonight."

    What did he mean? Video games? Pizza? An orgy?  I Guessed I'd find out soon.

    "You little creeps go on and play while me and Buster take a shower and get dressed," I scolded.

    "Why we're gonna see you nekkid anyway...later," Joey said frowning.

    "Maybe, maybe not. If you don't go away right now, you may not see us at all tonight," I warned.

    "Come on Joey, lets go shoot some hoops, I gotta new move I wanna show ya," Joe said, saving me from hurling any more empty threats.

    As they closed the door Buster rolled over and kissed me, "Still not sure, are you?"

    I shrugged, "I said I would and I don't break promises."

   He butted his forehead against mine and looked at me cross-eyed," Just take it slow, no need to worry bout it. It will be cool, you'll see."

    How did buster know? I wondered, Had he been here this kind of situation?

    Buster and I peed and hopped in the shower, only this time we didn't even so much as kiss. I was still thinking about what was going to happen later and I think Buster just backed off to give me space. I was glad because after the sexercise we'd gotten earlier I was pretty well spent. Could I even get it up later if we did do this thing?

    I felt better after a shower, my dad always said that he could even face his execution as long as he had a shower first, and I kind of knew what he meant. I wasn't being executed but I was being asked to do some stuff that I wasn't completely sure of. Funny how looking back I can't figure out exactly what it was I dreaded or feared.

    We got dressed and went out and sat on the step and watched Joe and Joey shoot hoops, but we didn't join in. After a little while they came and sat down beside us and I could smell their sweat and boy musk and it was almost comforting. 

    "Mom says she is gonna fix us some chicken nuggets and stuff to snack on tonight. She says we've been eating too much pizza," Joey said spinning the basketball on  his finger and then dropping it.

    "Oh, cool," I said trying to sound more enthusiastic than I was. I sighed and leaned back on my arms and Buster put his hand on my tummy and rubbed it playfully and I laughed despite myself. I smiled at him, I really did love the jerk, and as long as I had him I could face anything.

    "Hey, Joe, wanna go play some PS2?" Joey finally said, jumping up and bouncing the basketball on the porch.

    "Yeah, I will beat your cracker ass though, so don't be cryin when I do," he joked.

    They ran off then and it was just the two of us and I was sort of relieved. Buster put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me against him.

    "You don't gotta do nothin you don't want to," he said softly, "I wouldn't have agreed to this if I had known you would stress over it."

     "I'm not," I lied, "I'm just tired, you wore me out."

     "Since when do you wear out so easy?"

    "Just sayin.....Oh, shit Buster, if it was anyone but my little bro....." I was near tears and he held me tightly and I knew he didn't care if anyone saw him. 

    "So, you do Joe and I'll do Joey," he suggested, "or just me, it don't have to go down anyway you don't want it."

    I leaned my head on his shoulder and sucked up his warmth and love and I felt really good all at once. I didn't even care when my mom walked out about then and found us all hugged up.

    "Well, glad to see you boys are getting along so well," she chuckled.

    I didn't jerk back or try to pull away, I was tired of lies and hiding my feelings and even though I wasn't ready to shout it from the roof tops, I didn't care if my rents figured it out. What's the worst they could do, disown me, lock me away till I was 18, keep me from Buster? The last one scared me. What if they did find out, or Buster's rents found out, after all they already had a red flag with the thing at his old school? Would our parents be so cruel to keep us apart and hope we got over "being gay". I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

    I pushed Buster away as hard as I could and took off like a flash, "Bet you can't catch he turkey," I yelled trying to pretend we'd been wrestling or something, but it was so lame not even an idiot would have bought it....yet, Buster took my lead and played along and jumped up and ran after me yelling, I'm gonnna give you a horse bite when I catch ya."

    My mom just shook her head and laughed, but she wasn't fooled, not then and not before, and not after, but I wouldn't find that out till quite a while later. She yelled at us to come in when we got through horse playing, that she had the snacks ready and Joe and Joey would eat them all if we didn't hurry.

    I let Buster catch me then I said in a very serious voice, "We gotta be more careful about that lovey stuff in public." And I could see the hurt in Buster's eyes. I wanted to take it back but I just couldn't. He nodded and just sort of moped back up to the porch without giving me the horse bite or anything. Painful as that would have been, the look on his face when I said that hurt me worse.

    I followed him in and he seemed his old self as he joined Joe and Joey who were dressed in only shorts and barefoot now and I noticed Joe's feet first. I've always been amazed at the contrast between the tops and bottoms of black kid's hands and feet. I couldn't see the bottom of Joe's feet just then, but I knew that if I could they would be pink and clean and oh so cute. I started to get a boner and I forgot all about my worries.

    We watched a movie Joe brought and ate chicken nuggets, tater tots, carrot and celery sticks with Ranch dressing, and strawberries and sliced apples. For drinks mom gave us one soda each and told us to drink water if we needed more, but I knew later we'd be able to sneak some more soda and she wouldn't say anything.

     Dad was still away on his trip and even though mom felt better she said she was still tired and would probably turn in early so we had another night of unsupervised fun to look forward to.

    The movie was okay, but not that great, and Buster and Joe kept making fun of the actors and stuff and Joey kept telling them to be quiet because I think he really liked it. I thought it was funny at first till Joey jumped up said, "You guys are ruining things." Then he ran upstairs. I didn't think he was talking about the movie though. I think he was jealous of Joe and Buster cutting up together.

    Buster looked at me as Joey stomped off and I shrugged, but I got up and went after him. This was getting to be a habit.

    I caught up to him in my room playing PS2. He didn't even look up when I came in but at least he wasn't crying this time. I sat down beside him and didn't say anything for awhile, then I finally said, "Can I play?"

    He smiled and I loved him so much it hurt. He nodded and I picked up the other controller and we played for a long time just sitting there talking about the game and not the other stuff and we had fun. It was nice to just do something normal with no pressure to be someone else or do stuff that was exciting but a little scary too. 

    We must've been gone about an hour when Joe and Buster came looking for us and Joey acted like nothing had happened. He was laughing and cutting up with Joe and Buster and I thought maybe it was me that was crazy, and not him. But then I figured it out. He just needed what I did, a little bit of normal bro on bro time and now we were just fine again. I sighed and he looked over and smiled and this time I smiled back and we both knew what had happened. It wouldn't be the last time feelings got hurt or one of us got jealous, but after that day we didn't stress on that stuff any more. Well not much anyway.

      Mom came in and told us she was turning in and that we needed to be sure we all got a bath or shower before bed. We told her no problem and she gave us hugs and kisses all around and I knew we wouldn't see her again till morning.

    Joey and Joe took the bathroom first and they must've taken a bath together because there was water all over the floor and suds left over from the bubble bath when Buster and I went in to take our shower. It was hilarious, Buster almost busted his ass when he stepped into the tub cause it was so slick, but I grabbed him and held him up and he hugged onto me.

    "Wow, you really knock me off my feet," he joked.

    "What about your meat?" I joked.

    "Prime rump roast, wanna pound or two?"

    "Wouldn't mind, maybe later....if you have time."

    "Don't start, I always got time for you," he said leaning in and kissing my nose.

     I sighed, "Well....start by washing my back."

    He took the scrubber thingie and poured body wash on it and worked it till it was good and sudsy then started working on my back. It really felt good and relaxing and I swear I could've gone to sleep right there in the shower. When he got to my butt, he didn't just do the outside he soaped up a finger and pushed into my hole and I yelped.

     "Hey, don't get so personal," I teased.

   "Just relax, you don't want a dirty butthole when the fun begins, do you?"

    "No...uh, is that how you wash yours? Cause it was really clean....uh, before."

    "Dommie, old Buster is gonna tell you how to keep the caboose clean," he giggled and then he started talking about enema's and squirt bottles and stuff and I lost  him.

    "Huh? You mean those things that mom used to give me when I couldn't poop?"

    "You are priceless, and sooo cute. Poop...he he. Yeah, only plain water ones that just wash you out, not make you poop more. You can get em at any drugstore, or even Walmart."

    "I'd die if my rents knew I bought those things."

    He shrugged, "So, you hide em dummy. And you don't like ask your rents to take you to the store to buy gotta go stealth...he he."

    "I guess, could you come with me when I buy then?"

   "Sure, no problemo..." he said in his best Arnold voice, but he still sounded like Buster.

    "So how do we make sure we're clean enough now?"

    "Soap and a finger or two lover, that's how. I'll let you do yours while I do mine."

    We soaped up our a-holes and rinsed them off and finally got out of the shower. Buster toweled my back and then I did his, but we didn't do any naughty We were saving that for later.

    When we went back into my bedroom Joe and Joey were sitting naked in front of the TV playing PS2. Buster's eyes bout popped out of his head when he saw them and he looked at Joe with a sort of hungry look. I knew I shouldn't feel jealous, but I did a little, then I relaxed and decided I had to get over this petty stuff or I'd make everyone miserable.

    Buster licked his lips and sat down beside Joe.

   "Whatcha wearing those for," Joe asked, noticing both Buster and I had on undies.

    "Why? You want us to take em off?"

    "Hell yeah," he said nudging Joey and Joey giggled.

    Buster shrugged. Always the polite one, I guess he figured it was only fair....yeah, right. He just wanted Joe to get a look at his junk. Well, I couldn't blame him...he did have cool

     I didn't wait for Buster to say anything, I just peeled off my boxers and sat down next to Joey. Joey looked at me and smiled and I smiled back then stared at his feet. Buster saw me staring and he chuckled.

    "Joey, better hide those little piggies, or the big bad wolf might huff and puff and blow your weenie then eat your piggies....he he."

     "Don't care," Joey said simply, he can if he wants can you."

     Buster's eyebrows shot up. As much he wanted Joe and his extra long cheese coney, he he, the thought of having his way with my baby brother must have been stronger. He looked over at me and grinned and gave me one of those secret looks, the kind lovers exchange, and I nodded. Nothing was gonna ruin this night. If he wanted Joey, he would have him.

    "Hey, what about me?" Joe whined, "I got the big stuff, don't nobody care?"

    "I do," I said giving him a wink. If Buster was gonna be busy with Joey, then I'd just have some chocolate.

    "Alright Dommie!" he said excitedly, "I gonna get some of that azzz?"

   "Nope, that's just for Buster, but you can have the rest." I don't know exactly when or why I made that decision but I knew it was right.

    "I can live with that," Joe chuckled, "You too are in love, aren't ya?"

    I blushed but Buster spoke up with one of his silly movie lines, "We are kindred souls, destined to be together. The sun rises and sets on yon Dommie's ass..." then he cracked up.

    "Thanks, glad to see how you really feel," I said sarcastically.

    "Just kidding, you know I love ya, don't ya?"

    "I guess, but maybe you better prove it," I said getting a wicked idea about  how to get things going now that I had decided I really wanted them to happen.

    "Oh, how lover boy?" Buster ask looking interested.

    "For the rest of the night, you  have to be my slave."

   "I thought I already was," he giggled, the he got serious, "Okay, I'm your slave for the now what do I do, oh master?"

    "First come sit by me slave." He jumped up ran over and plopped down beside me as Joey and Joe watched with interest.

    "Now rub my back slave." He started rubbing hard at first trying to be silly, but I gave him a dirty look and he did it slowly and nice, like he had before and it felt really good. 

    I was thinking about what to do next when Joe spoke up, "Make him your bitch," he said sounding ghetto, and not like himself at all.

   "Mmmmm...okay, for tonight Buster you are my beeatch..." I said pronouncing the word like some black guys do.

    "Oh, yes master," he said in a funny high voice.

    "Lick my toes," I commanded him then.

   "Yes master," he said laying down at my feet. This was new stuff for him and he took his time. 

    First he lifted my foot and sniffed it like a dog sniffing tail. I guess he decide it smelled okay and he gave it a lick. That felt so hot and I heard someone moan, then I realized it was me. He continued to lick and suck on my toes for a few minutes and I just sat there and loved every single minute of it.

    "Now, put my whole foot in your mouth slave."

    He didn't argue, he just shoved my foot into his mouth as far as it would go then mumbled something around it that I didn't quite understand. When I ask him to repeat it, he pulled my foot out of his mouth and said, "Tastes like chicken," he giggled. That got Joey and Joe to giggling and wrestling around in the floor. And then Joe took one of Joey's feet and started licking it. At first I was jealous, Hey those are my feet! I almost yelled, then it started turning me on seeing Joe's pink tongue sliding across Joey's little foot. I closed my eyes and let all my senses go to what  Buster was doing and it felt awesome.

    I opened my eyes but Joe had moved up from Joey's foot and was licking his boner now. I'm wasn't sure but it  looked like my little bro's boner was bigger than I last remembered it, or maybe Joe just excited him more than I  had. Buster looked up at me as if to say, what next?, and I motioned toward my crotch and my own boner and like a hungry dog he slid up and started licking my cock. I was wet on the end and his tongue lapped at my pre-cum and then he slid his tongue down the shaft all the way to my balls and he licked them till they were wet and sloppy. 

    I moaned and he looked up and smiled. I looked over at Joe and Joey and Joe had all of my little bro's cock in his mouth and was moving up and down on it like it was no big deal. I knew how he felt, it was the perfect size for sucking because you could easily get it all in your mouth without gagging and it tasted awesome. At that moment I wanted it in my mouth so much I couldn't stop what I did next.

    It was like I was outside my body looking down on some stranger who suddenly leaned in and pushed Joe away and took Joey's hot 10 year old cock in his own mouth. Joe didn't seem to mind, in fact he grinned so big I could see all of his teeth and then he said, "That's what I'm talkin bout...yeah, suck your lil bro's cock...go Dommie...go."

    Buster never missed a beat, not even when Joe moved over and started licking his cock although I did feel him shudder a little. I thrust my hips up a little and Buster took me in his mouth and swallowed me whole. It was my time to shudder and I moaned lowly as I felt his wicked tongue start circling my cock head. All this time I was going up and down on Joey's cute 3.5 inch boner and squeezing his nuts gently and he was doing some moaning of his own. It was actually more of a sigh, and soft oh's and in his little boy voice it was sooooo sexy.

    It didn't take long before we were all ready to come, but poor Joe had no one working on his cock, so he took matters into his own hands and began fapping so fast his hand was just a blur while sucking Buster's monster (LOL) cock and then it started. I came first filling Buster's mouth with my hot boy cum and I moaned really loud around Joey's dick and I felt him thrust up and then shudder and I knew he was having his little dry come and it was a good one. Buster was last and when he came he flooded Joe's mouth with so much cum that some leaked out the corners of his mouth. It was like I was in a dream as I looked around saw all the happy, dopey faces and then Joe cried out and I jerked my eyes to his dick and what I saw was unbelievable. Joey had told me Joe could wet come, but knowing it and seeing it were two different things. He didn't come as much as me or Buster (especially Buster) but it was a lot and it went all over his legs and some on his chest and my first thought was, I wonder what it tastes like? I giggled as I imagined that it might taste like chocolate and then I decided why not find out. 

    Without asking I scooted over to where Joe laid and started licking it off his stomach. He gasped when my tongue touched his chest and then he smiled really big and mouthed, "Oh yeah". It tasted amazing. Not as rich as Busters or mine and not as thick but it had it's own flavor, actually sort of sweet and I remember wondering if he ate a lot of chocolate. I couldn't get my mind of the chocolate

    I pretty much cleaned all of the cum off Joe and then I suddenly realized Buster and Joey were watching me with smiles on their faces. I guess I had passed the point of no return and they were glad I had done it so easy. I smiled too and blushed and gave Joe's cock a final lick and sat up.

    "Well, not bad for a white boy," Joe said but he was beaming.

    "Wait till next time," I said grinning, "I'll show you how good I am."

    "The boy is good," Buster said patting me on the rump, "but this here belongs to me."

    I nodded, "I'll do anything else," I said being seriously, "but my butt belongs to Buster," then I looked at Buster and he nodded, "and his butt is mine...any questions?"

    Joey's hand shot up, "But you can do butt stuff with us, right? I mean (whispers) fuck us?"

    Again I looked at Buster who shrugged and I made a decision for us both, "Maybe later, after we've done the other stuff, but for now it's fapping and beejays, any problem with that?"

    Joe shrugged and Joey pursed out his lip but he nodded, "Anyway Joe and me can do that stuff together and you and Buster can too." Then an excited look came over  his face and he said, "But we can do it and watch each other, right?"

    I didn't see any harm in that and looking at Buster, it seemed he didn't care either, "Sure, I don't see why not. We've already seen each other naked and done the other stuff. But for right now I'm tired and hungry and I'm gonna go raid the fridge. Who's with me?"

    Turns out everyone was hungry after the sex, and thirsty so we slipped on undies and went downstairs to see what we could find. Being as quiet as we could we grabbed sodas and chips and some left over pie in the fridge and slipped back upstairs. We sat in the floor and ate and drank Pepsi and had a belching contest. Buster won cause he can belch the alphabet on one drink of

    It felt good to just be a kid again and doing normal kid stuff but I knew we had crossed some sort of line when we messed around and things would never be the same again. Not that that was so bad, but in a way I guess I sort of lost my innocence that day. I looked at the others, my boyfriend, my little brother, and Joe and I smiled. They were all great kids and I loved all three of them in different ways. I loved my little bro till death do us part and I knew I'd take a bullet for him if that was what it took. I loved Buster in a different way, and somehow it actually felt stronger than my love for my little bro. I would do the same things I did for Joey, take the bullet...blah, blah, blah, but there was more. I couldn't explain it then, but now I see it was that kind of love you find in old married couples. The kind that never goes away and only gets deeper and we were lucky to have found that kind of love even if we didn't know we had till a long time later. I loved Joe too, he so sexy and funny and though I'm not sure I would take a bullet for him, I knew I'd have his back if he ever needed me. He was a tough little guy and not as emotional as us, or at least he didn't show it if he was, but I knew he loved my little bro and through him he loved me and Buster. It was a tight little bond that we all shared and at the time I thought no one else could ever share what we shared but I would soon find out that there is always room for one more if the love and respect is real.

    Whew, lots of crap I guess that's why I became a writer. Yeah, that's what I do now but I won't bore you with that...yet. Now I want to talk about those days when I was still a kid and in love and learning more about life than some people ever learn in a lifetime.

    We finished our snack and took a piss and we all just sort of knew that it was time to do some more stuff. There wasn't like a schedule or a plan, it just sort of happened and and it was great.

    Buster and I sat on the bed and started kissing and Joe and Joey watched us with smiles on their faces then they started lip dancing too. It was so hot seeing my baby bro with his lips pressed against Joe's lips which I thought looked very kissable and they let their hands roam all over each other as they removed each other's undies. I took the hint and tugged at Buster's and we stood and helped each  other out of them and kissed and hugged pressing our boners together. 

    We had all come just an hour or so before, but from the way our boners were rising, you'd of thought we hadn't gotten off in a week. I guess that's one of the good things about being young, endless boners, but even today Buster can get me up with just a touch. I melted against him and I forgot all about Joe and Joey and just concentrated on my boyfriend. I reached back and grabbed his ass and bit at his ear and whispered, "I want some of this...."

    He pulled back his face and looked me in the eyes and smiled, "Let's show the kiddies how to do it."

    Joe and Joey had stopped what they were doing when Buster said that and they were watching us with excited looks as they stood with their arm around each other's waist. I gently pushed Buster down on the bed and went around to get the lotion. I squeezed  a little onto my hand and covered my boner with it and then greased up my fingers and started poking around at Buster's backside. I knelt between his legs and he raised them up to give me better access and I leaned down and kissed him as my fingers slid home. He moaned and pushed against my fingers and I fucked them in and out of him for a long time. I was enjoying the feeling I was giving him almost as much as he was but I knew he'd enjoy what came next a whole lot more.

    I pulled my fingers out and grabbed one of his feet in each of my hands and pushed his legs up as I moved into position. He reached down and grabbed my boner and guided me in and I sank in all the way without a whimper from either of us. I did moan loudly as I bottomed out and I could feel his guts clenching and releasing my cock, sort of milking it and if he kept that up I knew I wouldn't last long. 

    "Stop doing that," I said through my teeth, "Let me do all the work." And he did stop that but his ass is just so hot and so tight and I had to slow down or I was gonna come too soon, just like that night with Joe and Joey.

    I stopped moving and laid down on Buster and kissed him deeply and used lots of tongue and he started thrusting his bottom against me like he was hungry for more so I let him have it. I started jackhammering him then, like a crazy man, in an out, thrust after thrust and all I cared about was getting my nut. I didn't have to wait long. I cried out loudly and pushed against him and I felt about a gallon of cum shoot out of my dick (well, maybe an ounce or two) so hard it almost hurt. It seemed like it would never end, but I guess it was really like four or five spurts, each one a little less, then I was done and I collapsed on top of Buster and we were both panting and breathing so heavy and our hearts were beating fast and pressed together like that it felt soooo nice.

    He kissed me then but we had to break it off after a few minutes so we cold suck in enough oxygen to keep from passing out. I felt his hand on my ass and I knew what he was thinking. I wanted what he wanted but I was gonna let him take control and not seem too eager. Well, I didn't have to wait long. He nuzzled my ear and whispered something dirty and I giggled but moved off of him and laid on my tummy. He grabbed the lotion and like before he started by massaging my back until I was really relaxed then taking his time to loosen me up with his fingers before putting in the real thing. I appreciated his patience but I was looking forward to the day when he could just climb on and go to work right away, lol.

    He finally got me all ready and that's when Joe and Joey moved over to the bed too. Without saying anything Joey laid down beside me and took my hand in his. Joe knelt behind him and pulled his butt cheeks open and dived in with his tongue. It was such a turn on that I felt my dick start to chub up beneath me and I had to reach under me and adjust it.

    He didn't seem distracted by the action beside him but later he told me it was the hottest thing he had ever seen and it made fucking me so much hotter. I felt him move into position and as he and Joey did the same. I craned my neck to see but couldn't see as much as I wished I could. I saw Joe's dick and it looked huge from where I lay and I was suddenly afraid he would hurt Joey, and I knew I wouldn't let that happen. It might ruin everything, but then I forgot that as Buster pushed in a little and I relaxed and bore down to help him. He slid the head in, then a little more until finally he was all in. I felt his balls against my ass and he just laid there a minute before continuing. 

    Actually he was watching Joe enter Joey and then so was I. I could see the shaft but not the head and I knew that must already be in Joey's little hole and even though I was still a little worried I felt my boner jump at the sight of Joe's piece of chocolate in my baby bro's pink ass. 

    Joe grunted and Joey sighed and I knew from the sound of Joey's sigh that it didn't hurt, that it felt good, and I quit worrying. I felt Buster start moving and I forgot about Joe and Joey for a minute as I concentrated on the amazing feeling in my guts. I closed my eyes and reached under me and adjusted my dick again. I still held Joey's little hand in mine and he squeezed it gently and my attention went back to his side of the bed. 

    Joe was long stroking now and I cold see his cock was wet as it pulled out and then it went back in and although I couldn't see the penetration, it was hot just the same. I felt Buster speeding up and I heard him grunt and he threw his head back and howled. I started to tell him to keep it down, but what was the use? If mom didn't expect four kids to make some noise she wouldn't have let us have a sleepover to begin with.

    He stopped howling and now he was panting like a dog as he fucked faster and faster. His balls were slapping against my ass and there was a wet fapping sound and I could smell his pre-cum and my ass and I thought that was the best smell in the whole world. I could smell Joe's sexy in-between smell and Joey's little boy smell mixed with his butt smell and my head was swimming with all the flavor in the room. 

    I sighed and almost drifted off. It felt so good and I was so happy and then I felt Buster thrust in hard and jerk and he started coming, and coming, and coming. Joe was close, I could see it in his eyes and without a word his mouth opened so wide I could see his tonsils and he thrust down and started coming so hard I saw his eyes roll back in his head. He panted like a dog and thrust a few more times then fell down on Joey and closed his eyes. 

    Joey giggled. He was still a little kid in some ways even though he had a boyfriend and was a sex crazy queer boy and that made me smile. I gave his little hand a squeeze and he turned his head to me and winked. I loved him so much it hurt and I loved Buster who was laying on me, inside me and drooling on my neck, lol, and I loved the black cutie laying on my bro and I wanted to fuck him so bad at that moment it was almost unbearable.

    I didn't know how to ask though, or to hint even, but I knew if he offered it was on. I just laid there holding Joey's hand as my boyfriend laid on top of me panting like a dog and I could still feel his dick throbbing inside me and it was still hard. I could feel my own dick beneath me pressed into the bed and it was wet and in need of attention but I was in no hurry. I might've drifted off for a minute because suddenly Joe was in my face and I could see the whites of his eyes and they looked really big.

    "Hey, you....Dommie....wake up lover boy," he giggled, "we drew straws and I won," he said grinning, "I get to get you off first."

    What straws? What was he talking about?


    "I said....I get to get you off first. So how do you want it, a nice slow beejay or some of dis ass?" he said slapping his cute backside.

    I couldn't believe my luck, a few minutes ago I was drooling for his ass and now he was offering it as easy as if he were giving out candy. Well, in a way it was candy, chocolate candy and I wanted me some.

    "I...I mean either is okay, but I...." I still couldn't ask, even though it had been waved under my face.

    "Okay, okay, I want a ride on dis ass. No problem man, I'm tired after riding yo little bro, so I can rest while you plow me."

     So, just like that I got my wish. I gotta tell ya though I was nervous as hell. It was one thing to fuck my boyfriend Buster, but so far I hadn't really done all that much with Joe. I knew Joey didn't care but I wondered how Buster would feel about it. So I decided to just ask.

      I lured Buster to the bathroom saying I had to pee and would he come with me. He laughed but I think he caught on and didn't say anything, he just followed me and once we in there with the door closed he just stood there and waited for me to start.

    "Uh, I was wondering...I mean, we never really talked about all this stuff, not everything...." I stammered.

      "It's okay, I know what you're talking about. You can fuck Joe, I don't care. We can both fuck them or each other, we just can't get fucked by them...okay?"

       I nodded and smiled. I really did need to pee then and I let loose and then Buster took a turn. We went back in and no sooner had we got in the door than Joe and Joey had to go pee too. I was glad to have a few more minutes to think about what I was about to do.

     I was ready by the time they came back and as it turned out it was easy. I mean it was fun and hot and all but Joe was a real sweetheart and made it easy for me....and, Joey even helped.

    As soon as they got back in the room Joe went over to the bed and stretched out on his stomach. I guess I never really noticed before just how cute his ass was. It was tight and muscular but stuck out like a lot of black guys asses do and it even had dimples. Man I was drooling by the time I got saw that ass and I just knew this was gonna be fun. Before I could get to it Joey grabbed the lotion and started greasing up my boner. Man oh man, that felt so good I could've come right then but fortunately he didn't take too long. Next he squirted some lotion on Joe's butt crack but didn't even work it in. I found out Joe don't need much work to get his hole loosened up.

    I was shaking as I crawled up there between his legs and leaned over him with my arms outstretched on either side of him. I could feel his slim waist against my wrists and his skin was soft and warm. I was so hard my cock was sticking out straight so I really didn't need to guide it in. Once I found his hole I just pushed a little and he humped up and I was in. OMG it felt so hot, so smooth, so tight and I almost came right then. I stopped moving once I was all the way in and just held myself there above him until my arms were shaking.

    "Well, go ahead," Joe said turning his head to look at me, "I aint gonna break."

    I grunted and started moving slowly in and out and the feeling was so intense I was shaking even harder. I moved my hands in a little on either side and actually grabbed his slim waist and that felt really good too. I heard him moan or grunt and then he started bucking up a little and I knew I had hit that spot inside him that feels so good. I was getting a good rhythm and it was feeling amazing and I had it under control. The more I did this the more control I had over my orgasms. I remembered what Buster had said about laying flat on him when I was getting too close so I tried it with Joe and he seemed to like that. His little foot was rubbing against the sole of my foot and that felt really good too and I wondered if maybe later I could do some stuff with his feet.

    He felt really good under me, soft skin but solid beneath. He was a sturdy little kid and very athletic and it showed in his body. He would probably become a real stud when he got older and attract lots of attention from whichever sex he decided to go with. Right then I wasn't sure if Joe was as gay as the rest of us. I mean I knew I was, and Buster said he was too and Joey  seemed sure, but so far Joe hadn't committed to anything. Maybe he was bi and that thought made my fucking him seem even hotter.

    I raised back up and started moving again, faster now and I knew it wouldn't be long till I came, but I didn't care. I wanted that amazing feeling more than I had ever wanted it and I wanted it to be in Joe's hot tight guts.

    I was moaning and thrusting hard when I felt my balls tighten up and then it happened, spurt after spurt of my hot cum shot up into his guts and he sighed. I knew he could feel it too and I knew how good it felt and at that moment we were sharing something very special. I bent down and kissed the back of his neck as my cock spurted one last time and then started to get soft. I laid down on him one last time and let my body press against him everywhere possible and stretched out my senses to take in all of the feelings. His feet were rubbing against mine and that felt awesome. Suddenly he took one of my hands and pulled it to his lips and kissed it. 

    I was not only amazed but deeply touched by this simple act of affection. I had a whole new opinion of Joe at that moment. I snaked my other hand up under his armpit and held him close against me and just laid there for a little longer. 

    I finally let my soft dick slide out of Joe's ass and fell down beside him. Joey was right there at his side and he kissed Joe on the lips then hopped up and just stood there looking at the three of us.

    He squinted his eyes as if he was thinking really hard and then pointed at Buster. "Now Buster gets to fuck me."

    I was totally shocked. No, this wasn't right. I couldn't let Buster do that to my little bro. Anything but that. I guess my look said it all and Buster became my hero all over again.

    "Thanks," he said smiling at my little bro, "but for now the only one I want to do that with is Dommie." 

    I wanted to jump up and hug him but at the same time I felt guilty. I had just fucked Joe and now I was stressing on Buster doing the same thing to my little bro. Maybe that was the problem, that it was my little bro and not someone outside the family. I decided right then and there that if I was ever going to get over this kind of thing I had to face it.

    "Why? You said he was a little hot version of me. Awww come on Buster I don't mind," I lied and I guess I was a pretty good actor cause no one caught on, "I nailed his boyfriend now you can nail Joey."

    Buster looked at me and frowned, "You sure bout this Dommmie, cause a beejay would be just fine."

    I grabbed Joey and spun him around and patted his cute butt, "How can you pass this up Buster, it's prime boy rump," I laughed. Boy this acting was getting easier and easier.

   The look in Buster's eyes said he didn't want to pass it up, but he was still unsure so I pushed him over the edge, "I'll even help. Come on lover I'll lube you up."

    So, how could he refuse? He shrugged and walked over and sat on the edge of the bed and I grabbed the lotion and started lubing up his hard cock. It felt harder than usual and was sort of oozing pre-cum like never before and I realized he hornier than ever before too. I didn't care, if he wanted my little bro's ass then that's what he would get. My hands were shaking but I managed to keep smiling and finally got him good and lubed up. 

    Joey had stretched out on the bed on his back and was lifting his legs up to expose his little bottom. I squeezed some lube on my finger and bent to work it into his hole which was already a little slick from Joe's cum. It wasn't nearly as tight as I had expected and I didn't waste any more time with that.

    "Okay, he's ready," I said raising up, "it's all yours."

    Buster gave me one last look and I pointed at my little bro's ass and he shrugged and moved on up and knelt between Joey's legs. He took his legs in his hands and positioned himself and as Joe and I watched he lined his cock up with my little bro's hole and pushed. I heard Joey grunt and then Buster pushed a little more. One more grunt then Buster held his place for a minute to let Joey adjust. Joey pushed his ass against Buster and he sunk in a little more and then Buster just leaned in and sank the last couple of inches in till his balls were touching Joey's ass.

    I was too turned on to be jealous at the moment, although there was a part of me wishing that was me in my little bro's poop chute. Buster had lost all interest in me or Joe or anything now. All his attention was focused on Joey and the hard piece of flesh that joined them. He was gentle with Joey at first but Joey wanted more and Buster gave it to him. By the time he was ready to come Buster was just a blur as he stroked in and out and the sound of his moans, and Joey's grunts and the fapping noise was driving me crazy. 

    It was like a car wreck, I didn't want to see, but I couldn't look away. I could see Buster's dick pulling out then going back in and his balls flapping against Joey's ass and suddenly I realized I was grabbing my own dick and it was so hard it hurt. I started fapping but Joe came over after a minute and took over and I reached over and did the same for him.

    When Buster came he cried out loudly and then just stopped, buried in my little bro's poop chute and not moving. The look on his face was peaceful and his eyes were closed as if he was asleep. After a few minutes he opened his eyes and noticed me and  Joe and just smiled. I sort of lost interest in coming then and I guess so did Joe because we both stopped fapping each other and just watched as Buster pulled out of Joey's butt and went into the bathroom.

    Joey just laid there on his back still breathing heavy and stretching out his little feet seductively, well to me it was seductive so I moved closer and took one of them in my hand and started rubbing it and he purred. Soon I was down on my knees licking and sucking his feet and toes and Joe sat on the bed and just watched.

    Buster came back and took one look and joined Joe on the bed and watched us too. I didn't know where this was leading but it felt right and I wasn't jealous about Buster fucking Joey any more. I didn't care at that moment who did what to whom, I just wanted to be part of it all. 

     At first I was content just to sex up Joey's feet but when he pulled his legs up and showed me his still seeping butt hole I was like a crazy man. I lunged for it and licked the cum from his thighs and let my tongue find his hole and there was no going back. I was between his legs and pushing my steel rod boner into his little butthole in nothing flat. It was squishy in there but still mega tight and I slid in and out easily. I didn't waste any time going slow, or pausing, I just fucked like crazy and in about twenty strokes I was coming. I didn't have much come left after fucking Joe but it still felt amazing. And guess what? This time I wasn't guilty or ashamed. Boy, it's amazing how quickly a guy can change his mind about sex stuff.

    I fell off of Joey and rested. I was so tired I was shaking and Joey sat up and started rubbing my back and I felt like I could go to sleep right then, but I wasn't quite done yet. I sat up and pushed Joey down and I went down on his cock and began sucking like crazy. He moaned and ran his fingers through my hair and in no time flat he came again. By now I knew exactly what to expect when he came and I worked with him to make sure he got the best feeling out of it. He sighed and patted my head like I was a good doggie and I let his dick slide out of my mouth and I kissed the head, then his balls and then moved up beside him and kissed him on the mouth. He kissed back, with lots of tongue and spit and it was sooo sexy.

    We took a shower after that and Joe and Joey went to his room and  Buster and I went to sleep in my bed and didn't wake up till early the next morning. We didn't talk about what had gone on that night then, but when we did it was all good and we knew everything would be okay from then on. We made love, yeah I like to call it that now, when we woke up and then slept a little more before showering again and going down for breakfast.

    At the breakfast table we were just four normal boys and mom didn't see the little looks or winks we gave each other but the four of us knew what had gone on and that things had changed between us and would never be the same. I didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing right then, but I had decided to accept it for what it was and just go with the flow. There were lots more changes ahead but I knew that we'd be able to handle them now, no matter what.

Chapter Eight

Vampires and Werewolves

    Back at school me and Buster got back into the scheme of things pretty quick. We still had homework and after school activities and family life, the usual stuff for kids, and we didn't always have time to get together like we would have liked. But we saw each other every day and we ate lunch together every day and we had math class together and sometimes we'd slip off to the bathroom and suck each other off but mostly we still fapped until we could arrange a weekend sleepover at one of our houses.

    After that night I fucked Joey I was afraid he would be after me constantly to do it again, and when he wasn't I felt sort of disappointed. Crazy, huh? But we did do stuff after that. Mostly fapping together or like that first time, me sucking him and then fucking his cute feet. I had become pretty good at that and it always brought me to an intense orgasm. I guess my beejay's were pretty good too cause Joey always trembled when I made him come.

    Joe and Joey actually got together more than Buster and me but they had more opportunities since Joey stayed over there so much after school. But I didn't feel deprived or unloved and I was happier than ever. I don't know if our rents noticed the change in us boys, but if you ever meet a boy who seems kind of cocky and older than he is, chances are he's having sex with It makes you feel more confident and older somehow and braver, or at least it did for us.

    Anyway, back at school things were sort of boring and then one day a new kid showed up. I had home room with him and one other class but I didn't get a chance to talk to him until lunch. He had moved to our town from some place like Kansas or Oklahoma and I figured he could use some friends since new guys tended to get picked on at our school. 

    So at lunch that day Buster and I sat down at our usual table and I looked around for the new kid. His name was Cody and he had brown hair and blue eyes and was about Buster's height but he must've outweighed him by 20 pounds or so. He wasn't really what you'd call fat, just....I guess husky maybe, and he was drop dead cute. I worried that some of the bullies might pick on him because of his weight and I wasn't wrong.

    Finally I saw him come in and he took a tray and started to sit down at a table where some of the idiots were seated. I was watching a train wreck and I was too late to stop it.

        I nudged Buster in the ribs and he looked where I was looking and frowned, "Oh, hell...why'd he have to pick that table?"

    "He's new, he just doesn't know. I was gonna steer him to our table but I didn't see him in time."

    I could hear the laughter now and one of the idiots was playing in the new kid's food. After a minute they got loud enough for everyone to hear and the whole cafeteria was listening.

     "Whatcha eatin fatty? You should stick to salad..oink, oink," someone snickered.

      "Yeah, boy tits...betcha got some nice boy titties dontcha."

    The kid was speechless but I could see the tears welling up in his eyes and I had to do something. I stood up and my hero Buster was right behind me as I stomped over to the bullies table.

    "Hey Cody," I said as I approached ignoring the idiots. They weren't afraid of me, but Buster had a rep as a dude you didn't mess with so they kept quiet, "We saved ya a spot at our table. Come on you don't want to eat over her,. it smells." I said bravely. If I had been alone I might not have said that, but Buster was glaring at the others just begging them to say something.

    "Yeah, go eat with those guys," one of them said, "We don't like fatties at our table. 

    I had to laugh, their leader was twice Cody's size and talk about I let it slide though cause I'm a lover, not a fighter and they weren't worth getting into trouble over. 

    We managed to get back to our table and I looked at Cody's tray. The bastards had stuck their penis handling hands in everything he had. I offered him part of mine and so did Buster but he said he really wasn't all that hungry but he did eat the apple on his tray, the only thing they hadn't ruined.

    "So, you're from like Kansas or something?" Buster said at last. 

    "Oklahoma, my dad is in the Air Force and he got stationed here so we had to move. I've lived in like ten different places since I was born. It sucks too, every time I make friends I have to move, so...lately I just quit trying." he sounded sad and I decided right then that if he'd let me...uh us, we'd be his friends even if only till he moved again.

    "Have you ever lived overseas?" Buster asked with interest.

   "Yeah, Germany and the Philippines. That was pretty cool,but Oklahoma sucked big time and so did most of the rest."

    "You got any brothers or sisters?" I asked.

    "Nope, just me. You?"

    "I gotta little brother named Joey, he's ten."

   "I gotta older sister, but she's at college now," Buster added.

    "So.....what do you guys do around here for fun?"

    I gave Buster a look and he grinned. "Oh, the usual. Watch TV, play video games. I have a PS2. My little bro plays baseball. We have cool rents and we have sleepovers a lot," I added thinking about the great sex we had on those sleepovers.

    "I've never been to a sleepover," he added sadly, "never really had any friends to sleepover with," he added then blushed when he thought how that sounded, but I just smiled.

   "Hey, next time we have one, you're definitely invited," I said and Buster just smiled. He was so easy.

   "Really, that would be so cool. Do you guys like vampires and werewolves?"

    Whoa, where did that come from? Was he a wacko? "Uh, you mean for real or like movies and stuff?"

    "Movies of course, everyone knows they're not real," he laughed, "I like playing role-playing games and being a werewolf, but not the kind that's like a hairy man, I mean like a real wolf."

    "Oh, yeah...that's cool. I can totally see that being cool. Do you like Zombie Town? I have that game."

    "Yeah, I love that game. I only played a few time though at the arcade. I only have a Nintendo 64 and can't talk my folks into a PS2."

   It was time to go back to class then and we said goodbye and split up in the hallway, Buster and me to our lockers and Cody to his but we promised to meet again the next day for lunch.

   In sixth hour math we had a sub again and Buster and I took advantage of it and had a quickie in the bathroom. The sub was a young dude, maybe fresh out of college and kind of cute and when I came back in he gave me a weird look and our eyes met and he smiled and nodded and I blushed, as if he knew what I'd been up to. Maybe he did, maybe he could smell my cum or Buster's or maybe being almost a boy himself he just knew what boys did and figured we had too.

   When Buster strolled back in a few minutes later I made it a point to not look at him and he didn't try to get my attention. Later on the bus I told him about the look the sub gave me and he laughed and  said, "Oh, he just thinks you're hot and probably wants a ride on that butt of yours."

    I jabbed him in the ribs and he cracked up laughing. The weekend was coming up and for a change I was spending the night at Buster's Friday and we were hoping to stretch it to Saturday but we weren't sure if we could swing that.

    "So, what do you think about Cody?" I finally asked.

  Buster shrugged, "He seems pretty cool. At fist I thought he might be kind of weird, what with the werewolf thing but I can see what he means. Why, you hot for him? Aren't I man enough for you...does he have a bigger one than me...huh, huh, huh?" he said getting in my face.

   I swatted him like a fly and pushed him away, "No stupid, I just feel sorry for him being new and all and those guys calling him fat. He's not fat, know...husky or whatever they call it."


    "And what? Okay, okay...he's cute. So sue me."

  "Hmmm...thinking about adding a fifth to our little group?"

    "Naw, nothing like that. I'm sure he's not gay like us. Every boy in school isn't a sex addict like us you know?"

  "Ha, you'd be surprised. At my old school the bathrooms were always full of guys fucking or getting sucked. It was sex city there."

    "Really, well not at Stephen P. Campbell Junior High," I reminded him.

    " could be if we put the word out. Maybe I could pimp you out and make some serious money too."

    "Shut up, I don't do it for money."

    "Do what for money?" some one said from behind us. We hadn't even realized we weren't alone on the back row. Whoever it was must've been laying down when we sat down.

    We both turned to see a kid named Kenny rubbing his eyes and yawning. He had been asleep on the back seat the whole time and now he was peeking over the seat and asking me what we were talking about. I didn't know the kid very well, but he seemed okay. He was skinny and blond and had those weird grey eyes that some dogs have and he wasn't the cutest boy in school but he wasn't ugly either. He was always dressed nice when he came to school but by the time the day was over he was a mess and today he was messier than ever. He looked as if most of  his lunch was on his shirt and his hair looked like he combed it with an egg beater. That was why some of the mean kids called him Pigpen like the Charlie Brown character.

    "Oh nothing," I said, "were you asleep back there?"

    He yawned again, "Yep, I'm always tired. Mom says it's cause of the medicine I take."

    So was that why he was so skinny, he was sick? I felt sorry for him and promised myself I'd try to be more friendly to him from now on.

    "You guys are like always together," he said suddenly, "that's so cool. I used to have a friend like that, but he died."

    Wow, what could I say to that? Anyway I'm sure his friend wasn't exactly like mine, not a boyfriend...or was he? Who knew?

    "Sorry, what happened?"

    "He died of a disease....leukemia, ever hear of it?"

    "Yeah, that sucks. How old was he?"

    "Ten, it was like two years ago. I miss him a lot," he said and I felt so lucky that I had Buster and we were healthy and happy.

    "Was his name Roy or Ron or something like that?" Buster asked looking thoughtful.

    "Roy, yeah...did you know him too?"

   "Naw, but I heard about it. He was doing real good then just got sick and died like overnight, right?"

    Kenny nodded and wiped at his eyes. Was he crying? I felt awful for him but I didn't know what to do.

   The bus stopped then and it was Kenny's stop so he told us goodbye and as I watched him go I wondered if maybe his friend wasn't just like mine after all. Maybe Buster and I weren't the only queer boys in our school after all.

    Buster was pretty quiet the rest of the ride until his stop and then he looked at me with his big brown eyes and said shyly, "See ya tomorrow. I...I love you." was so cute and I wanted to jump up and hug the stuffing out of him but, instead I grabbed his hand and held it for a minute and then told him I loved him too. He got up then and I watched as he walked down the aisle and I noticed how cute his butt was and started getting a chubby. Looked like I'd be fapping when I got home.

    "I'm home!" I yelled when I let myself in but no one answered so I assumed I was home alone and I was glad.

    I headed upstairs unbuttoning my shirt as I went and by the time I got into my room I was half naked. I sat down and slipped off my shoes and socks and snaked off my pants. I was down to my boxers when Joey came in from the bathroom. 

    He took one look at me and giggled, "Gonna fap?"

    "Unless you gotta better idea."

   "Ummmm....I'll let ya rub on my feet if you'll suck me."

    "Yeah, I think I could handle that, let me pee first."

    I sucked off Joey and he came pretty quick and then it was my turn. I greased up my boner and pulled him to the end of the bed and held his feet together and stuck my cock between the soles of them. Since the first time I had experimented with different ways to do it and I liked this way best. I would hold his feet and move in and out between them like I was fucking and Joey didn't have to do anything except lay there. I liked the feel of his feet in my hand and it didn't take me long to come like that. I shot my cum all over his feet and legs and then we cleaned up and got dressed.

   I started on my homework and Joey played video games in the floor. It felt very comfortable to have him near me. I had gotten over the incest thing after the night I fucked him and I didn't worry that I'd screw either one of us up (no pun intended) and I knew we loved each other and would never hurt each other so it was all good. I finished my homework just about the time dad got home and he came up to say hi. I know I haven't said a lot about my dad up till now but he is really a cool guy. 

  Like I said, he and I used to spend a lot of time together but lately I'd shied away from him for fear he's find out my secrets and hate me. I should've known better, but hey, I was only a He had been busy a lot lately working on some new stuff at work, but now it was done and he was home almost every night now.

    "What are you goons doing?" he joked as he walked in.

  Joey jumped up and tackled dad and squealed "Dadeeeeeeee."

   Dad picked him up (my dad is really strong) and held him out and just looked at him while he kicked his feet like he was trying to run, "You are getting so and your brother," he said smiling over at me. "Hey, how about after supper the three of us go to the batting cages?"

    "On a school night?" I asked, sure mom wouldn't like that.

    "We don't have to stay out too late, just till 9 or so. How about it? I've missed my little guys."

    How could we say no? Anyway, we wanted to spend time with dad and we both liked the arcade at the sports center where the batting cages were. Joey liked to bat but I usually didn't take too many swings myself.

    So that's how we wound up at Sports World that night and guess who we ran into? Donnie and his big brother Rick. At first I was sort of scared then I thought, Hey these guys aren't exactly going around announcing that they been having gay sex with boys, including me and Buster, so I relaxed and said hi.

    Donnie was really friendly and Rick introduced himself to my dad and told him that he had met me through Buster and my dad accepted that without comment. While Joey and dad went off to the cages I convinced dad to let me hang out with Donnie and Rick and he didn't give me any grief over it. Joey was just excited to have dad all to himself for once.

    We hung around the arcade for a few minutes talking then Donnie said he had to go pee and Rick said he did too and asked me to come with them. I didn't need to pee, but I didn't mind going along. Who knew? I might get a peek at their junk.

    The bathroom is small and at the back of the arcade and half of the lights are burned out so if you're in the back stall it's like almost dark back there. It's been that way as long as I've been going there and I don't know if they just can't fix it or don't want to.

    Donnie and Rick peed at the urinals and I hung back by the door trying to act casual but hoping one of them would turn around or something and when they didn't and finally zipped up I figured it was a bust. Then Donnie walked over and smiled at me and nodded his head toward Rick who was standing by the sink and looking our way. He nodded at Donnie and the next thing I knew they were sort of dragging me back to the last stall. 

    "Hey," I protested but I was laughing and so were they, "What're you doing?"

   "We just want to show you something," Rick said grinning. 

    I went along willingly and they weren't really pulling me any more, just sort of guiding me in and then they locked the door and Rick sat down on the toilet and Donnie moved up in front of him and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It was hard and looked bigger than when I last saw it at Buster's party and then it disappeared into Rick's mouth, all of it in one gulp. I grinned as I watched Rick suck his brother's dick and my own dick was getting hard now. I reached down and rubbed it through my sweats and that's when Rick reached over and pushed my hand away and started rubbing it and squeezing it as he sucked Donnie.

    Donnie came really fast and Rick made a big deal of swallowing all his jizz and then opened his mouth to show us how much was there all over his tongue and mouth and to be honest, it looked kind of gross. Then Donnie zipped up and Rick pulled me over by my dick and jerked my sweats down and went down on my super hard cock. I lasted longer than Donnie, but not by much and then Rick put my cock back and stood up.

    "Okay, my turn," he said sounding really horny, "who's gonna take care of me?"

    "I will," I said before thinking. But it was okay, I really wanted to.

    "Alright, little man, but no teeth and I cum a lot, remember?"

    "No problem, I can handle it."

   He smiled and I sat down and he unzipped and hauled out that beautiful stiff cock that I remembered from our meeting in the park and I took it in my hand and jacked it a minute before I put my mouth on it. I think he was surprised at how good a cock sucker I had become (practice makes perfect) and he was moaning after a few minutes and thrusting in and out with my bobbing. I finally just held still and let him fuck my mouth and he came in about three or four minutes and boy, oh boy did he come a lot. I could barely swallow all of it and even when he was done I could still taste it in my mouth and it was so much stronger than any of the younger boy's I'd sucked that it was almost overpowering.

    He zipped up and we all left the bathroom together and got back out to the arcade just as Joey and my dad were coming back in. I pretended we'd been playing games and then Joey wanted to show me a game he liked and so I told the brothers goodbye and Joey led me and dad off into the arcade.

    We didn't stay much longer and when we got home we went straight up to our rooms and got ready for bed. I took a quick shower because I was afraid mom would smell the sex on me and then hopped into bed. About ten minutes later mom came in a kissed me goodnight and then she went off to Joey's room. 

    I was almost asleep when Joey suddenly climbed into bed with me and patted my face. "Hey, asleep?"

    "Yes," I mumbled sleepily.

   He giggled, "No you're not." Then he was shaking me and his face was only inches from mine.

    "Joey, I'm tired. Let me sleep," I whined.

  "Awww....come on Dommie, wake up, just for a minute...I gotta tell you something." he was prying my eyelid open with his little fingers and I let my eyes roll back in my head like I was dead, " look silly."

    "What is it?" I asked, still not opening my eyes all the way.

   "Nothing, never mind," he said sounding miffed and I felt the bed move as he jumped down. Now what? I moaned to myself.

    "Come back, you little turd, you already woke me up," I said finally opening my eyes and raising up. He had stopped at the door and was grinning as he walked back to my bed. The little shit was playing me.

   He crawled back into bed and snuggled up to me his little feet touched my leg causing my dick to jump. Man, what was wrong with me? I'd had sex twice already today, and my dick still wanted more.

     "How come I can't come to Buster's too?"

    "What? Why would you ask that? I don't go to Joe's when you sleep over, do I?"

    He took his little hand and ran it down my chest giving me goose bumps. Man he was just a little tease. "I know, but it would be fun...wouldn't it?"

    "Anyway, Buster didn't invite you, he invited me. And  me and Buster need some time alone once in a while."

   He was quiet for a minute then he said, "Oh, okay. I guess I understand. Dommie?"


    "Can I lay with you till I get sleepy?"

    "Whatever," I sighed, "Just let me sleep, okay?"

    He smiled and even in the dark I could see how happy he was, "Okay, I will. Night Dommie....I wuv you," he said then he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

    "Night Joey, I love you too, but I am soooo tired."

    He sighed and snuggled in and didn't say anything else and soon I drifted off to sleep. When I got up to pee just before sun up he was gone.

    Thursday morning I was late for the bus and mom had to drive me to school. Buster was waiting for me at my locker and he looked worried, "Man I thought you were sick or something."

    "Naw, just missed the damn bus," I was, uh...pretty tired and I overslept, that's all."

   "Up all night fapping no doubt, or (whispers) fucking little bro's feet...he, he."

    "Shut up," I scolded as my face turned red. It wasn't my little bro that I'd been messing with, it was Buster's buddies Donnie and Rick and I guess I felt guilty. "I didn't even fap last night." At least that was true.

    "Hey, that new kid, Cody....he was looking for you this morning."

    "He was?"

    "Yeah, I think he likes you....he he," Buster giggled.

    "Who doesn't?" I joked, "I'm a cool guy....and soooo sexy."

    "I know, it's all I can do to keep my hands off of you," he teased as he moved closer to me and pretended he was going to grab my crotch. I backed up and looked around. He was getting awfully bold in public. That's when I saw that kid from the bus, Kenny staring at us. He had a strange look on his face and was grinning. I blushed and pushed Buster so hard he almost fell into the lockers.

    "Hey, what the....." he said with a surprised look on his face, "Oh, you like it rough," he said grinning and started for me again.

    "Buster, cool it! Everyone is watching us."

    "So, we've joked around like this before, what gives?"

    "I'll tell you on the way to class, okay? Just cool it for now."

    "He could tell I was serious and he stopped clowning and we got our books and started for class. Kenny was nowhere in sight and I told Buster about him watching us. 

    "Aww...the plot thickens," he said in a silly voice, "another conquest for young Dommick...he he."

    "Stop, I'm serious. If he told anyone else about us...I mean if he figured it out...we could know... get picked on and stuff."

    "Don't worry, I won't let that happen. I got pull here, you know that right?"

    "I know, but you can't keep everyone quiet...there's Red and his thugs."

    "Okay, okay, I'll cool it. Maybe we should have another talk with Kenny. You know, scope him out. Best way to find how much he knows is to make a friend out of him. Anyway, kid could probly use a friend or two."

    I frowned, "I don't know...maybe we should just forget him."

    "We'll talk about it later, okay?" he said as we split up to go to our separate classes. But as always I knew Buster had already made up his mind and whether I liked it or not, we were probably going to have a new friend, or at least try to.

    School was boring now that I knew there was more to life, but I was a pretty good student and it didn't take much effort to make B's and an occasional A. Buster wasn't quite as good as me, but what he lacked in smarts he made up in charm. He could charm the teachers at our school, even the male ones, and get away with murder. It was hilarious at times, but embarrassing at others. 

    The day dragged on and by sixth hour I was anxious to see Buster again. We had of course seen each other at lunch but we spent most of our time talking with the new kid, Cody and we found out a lot more about him. He seemed pretty cool, but at times he acted kind of distant or shy and I hadn't quite figure him out yet.

    I wanted so badly to meet Buster in the bathroom but our regular teacher was there and she gave us a lecture the whole hour and we just didn't have a chance. So, I was horny as heck and I guess Buster was too, because as soon as we got settled on the back seat of the bus he reached over and grabbed my crotch. I let out a little yelp and he giggled but I don't think anyone was paying attention to us and this time we had checked the back seat and there wasn't anyone hiding behind us.

    I laid my jacket across my lap and played it cool and Buster managed to get his hand down my pants. I felt his fingers searching for my dick and it was getting harder by the minute and soon he found it. I moaned a little as he wrapped his hand around it and started fapping me slowly and as the bus drove on and with kids all around us he fapped me till I came. It was awesome to get my nut right there in such a public place with all the kids that I had gone to school with for all that time and I didn't even care that now my underwear was a sticky mess.

    I loaned Buster my jacket and returned the favor and soon he was squirming and I had a handful of creamy Buster cum and as I pulled my hand out I wiped it on his pants. I giggled and I saw one of the girls in the seat across from us give us a dirty look. Stuck up little beatch...if I didn't already not like girls, one like her would turn me against them for sure.

    I was a sticky mess when I got home and went in and stripped off my clothes and took a shower. I was just getting out when Joey came in and took one look at me and giggled.

    "Nice dick," he said grinning.

    "Thanks, what're you up to?"

   "Nuttin, just gotta pee. You gonna fap, or have you already?"

    "Naw, I'm good. Anyway, mom'll be home soon."

    "Anyway, I already did it," he said as he whipped out his dick and started peeing. He finished and zipped up and flushed the toilet. He washed his hands and said, "See ya," and ran out the door.

    I was glad he wasn't nagging me for sex, I was tired and for once sex wasn't the main thing on my mind. The thing with Kenny had me worried and then there was Cody and I had a lot to think about. I took my dirty clothes down to the laundry room and threw them in the hamper and went to the kitchen for a snack. I poured a glass of Sunny D and grabbed a package of peanut butter crackers and headed back up to my room to do my homework. I had it done by the time mom got home and I asked her if I could go ride my bike for a while. Of course she said yes and I managed to slip away before Joey asked to go too. I didn't feel like company right then.

    I didn't really have a destination in mind, I just wanted to be alone and to think about things. I rode in the opposite direction of the park, not because I was afraid I might run into Rick there, but because I hadn't gone that way in a while and there was sidewalks all the way through the neighborhood.

    I passed the school where Joey goes and there were some kids playing on the monkey bars but I didn't stop. I heard one of them yell my name but I didn't recognize any of them so I kept on riding. Past the school the houses are a little newer and bigger and then there is an open area that is lower and collects rain and is supposed to prevent flooding. Us kids play there sometimes and there is a wide tunnel running under the street that the kids call the love tunnel for some reason and I rode my bike down there but the tunnel was full of water and I didn't feel like getting wet so I just parked my bike and sat down on some rocks outside it.

    I had come a long way in the past few weeks and sometimes I wasn't sure I was ready for all the changes that were going on in my life. I loved Buster, that was for sure, and I didn't regret for one moment meeting him, but sometimes I wondered if we would have been such good friends if it wasn't for the sex part. I loved Buster but what did that really mean when you were our age? How would we feel next year, or the year after. Would one of us change our mind and suddenly like girls, or find another boy to love? There were just so many things to think about, but I guess in the end I decided that it didn't matter what happened later, I just needed to live for now and somehow I'd get through the rest.

    I was so busy thinking that I didn't hear the other kid ride up on his bike and when he spoke I almost jumped off that rock and into the water.

     "Hi. Dommie...right?"

    "Geez, you scared the crap out of me Cody, I didn't hear you ride up."

    "Sorry, I saw you ride by the school and I waved and yelled at you, but I guess you didn't see me," he said looking down at his feet.

    "That was you? Oh, sorry...I didn't recognize you or I would've came over."

    "No problem, I live behind the school and I been hanging out there sometimes. Mostly little kids hang out there but some of em are pretty cool. So what you doing down here?"

    "Just thinking, I got some stuff on my mind."

    "Oh, well....I should just let ya get back to thinking then I guess," he said sounding hurt.

    "No, please...I'm done thinking. Hey, if we take off our shoes and socks we can wade into the tunnel, it's pretty cool in there. If you want to I mean," I said hopping down off my rock.

    "Yeah, sure....what's in there anyway?"

    "They kids call it the love tunnel for some reason and it runs all the way under the road up there and under ground for about another 50 feet before it comes out in another place just like this. It's supposed to help stop flooding or something. Halfway through there is another tunnel that goes in about 15 feet and then dead ends, I don't know what it's for but it's higher and always dry."

    Of course what I didn't know then but learned some time later was that it was called the love tunnel because boys and girls (and maybe even boys and boys) went down to that dead end tunnel and made out or even had sex. But not knowing that then I didn't give the name any thought as Cody and I waded the cool water and made our way down the tunnel.

    We had left our shoes and socks with our bikes and rolled up our pant legs, but the water was only a few inches deep so it was no big deal. The bottom of the tunnel is concrete and fairly clean but we took our time making sure there was no glass or anything to hurt our feet. About 10 feet in we noticed there was writing on the walls but it was too dark to read. There were a few beer cans and an occasional branch or piece of wood but mostly it was clean. 

    We couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel, lol, because the tunnel made a sharp turn after it passed under the street but after our eyes got adjusted to the darkness we could see pretty good. Once Cody sort of stumbled and I reached out to steady him and I couldn't believe how solid he felt. I made sure he was okay before I let go of him and he thanked me shyly and we went on.

    "There might be a werewolf in here," he joked, "or some ghosts."

    "Naw, just us...and I don't bite," I said laughing, "unless you want me too..." I added trying to make it a joke but sort of feeling him out too.

    He laughed, but didn't say anything else for a while. "You and your friend Buster, you guys known each other a long time?"

    "No, not really, but we just sort of hit it off and now we are like (boyfriends) best friends. We spend like most of our time together...this weekend I'm spending the night and sometimes he sleeps over at my house," I said offering more hints.

    "You guys are so lucky. I never really had a best friend before. The closest I ever had was a cousin when I lived in California, he was my age and we hung out a lot...then we moved again and I haven't seen him since," he said sighing.

    "Just up ahead is the side tunnel, it's pretty dark though you might not be able to see anything," I said suddenly wishing it was Buster that was tagging along. In the dark we could've done just about

    "It is kind of dark, maybe we should go back," Cody said sounding a little nervous, maybe he thought I was up to something or was gonna try to scare  him.

    "It's up to you," I said, "I've seen it before, just thought you might like to see it since you're gonna be living around here."

    "Oh, well...okay...I guess we can go on then."

    Suddenly there was a sort of scrabbling sound over to the left and Cody bumped into me and steadied himself by grabbing onto me. I'm sure he didn't intend to, but his hand brushed my junk as he did and then he jerked it away like he'd been burnt. I almost laughed out loud, boy was this kid nervous.

    "What was that?" he said sounding a little scared.

   "Probly a rat or a cat or something. Sometimes there's squirrels or raccoons in here too. They won't hurt ya as long as you don't rush up on them or something."

    "Maybe we should go back, don't rats carry rabies?"

    I did laugh then and he laughed too, "Well, I guess but I don't think he's still around. He's more scared of us then we are of him."

    "Yeah, I guess. Sorry to be such a wuss, I know...being new and all...."

    "Hey, I totally understand," I said and I laid my hand on his arm. His arm was as solid as the rest of him and it was warm, very warm. He didn't pull away or flinch like he had done when he accidentally touched me earlier so I left my hand there, "Let's just go back, next time we'll bring a flashlight. We can't really see anything anyway."

   "No, I wanna go on...clear to the other side," he said suddenly sounding very brave.

    I shrugged and dropped my hand from his arm,"Okay, it's not far now."

    "There's the other tunnel, I can see it," he said when we had gone a little ways further up the main tunnel, "Can we go up there? It's dry up there, right?"

   "Sure, there's steps over here, just be careful they might be slippery."

    We climbed the steps and the ledge above was dry and dusty, meaning the water hadn't been very high lately. There was cool air coming out of the tunnel and it smelled dank, like a cellar or something. There were a few beer cans at the entrance but we really couldn't see too far into it.

    "Hello....hello..." I called out and it echoed back and we both laughed.

   "Hey you, mister rat," Cody yelled and we both laughed again. "What's in there anyway?"

   "Vampires and werewolves," I teased, "And they vant to suck your blooood," I said trying to sound like Count Dracula as I grabbed him by the shoulders. 

     He didn't flinch this time and let me shake him as we both laughed. I held him even after the joke was over, more testing, and even in the dark I could see his eyes and they were studying me carefully. I wondered if I had let my hand slide down to his chest if he would've pushed me away or freaked out, but I didn't do anything else and after a few minutes of just staring at each other I let him go. We walked into the tunnel a little ways but it was too dark (well, not for some things) so we went back to the main tunnel and walked on to the other end.

     We messed around over there for a few minutes and instead of going back through the tunnel we walked up the road that ran along beside it and back to our bikes. Cody said he had to get home for dinner and I figured I should too, and we rode as far as the school then he went his way and I went mine. We said goodbye and he thanked me for showing him the tunnel and said he'd see me at school tomorrow. I told him it was cool hanging out with him and we should do it again sometime and he said, "Yeah, and next time bring flashlights," and we both laughed.

    At school the next day I told Buster about meeting Cody and us going into the tunnel and he wanted all the details.

    "Does he have a big one? Does he suck...he he?"

   "Is that all you think about? Well, sometimes there isn't sex involved," I said trying to be serious. Then I added in a whisper, "But I did test him a little and he's not shy about being touched, although he sort of freaked when he accidently brushed my junk."

    I explained what had happened and he listened closely and rubbed his chin as if thinking deeply about what it meant, "Hmmm...maybe he was just waiting for you to make the first move. Maybe he's just shy or not sure....this seems like a job for old Buster, I bet I can figure him out pretty quick."

    "Or scare the poor kid to death," I teased, "Don't try any crazy stuff...okay?"

  "Define crazy," he said, then laughed. "I won't, I won't...I'll just throw some old Buster charm out there and see where it lands."

   "More like bullshit," I muttered under my breath but he didn't hear me or didn't care because he was too busy thinking or whatever.

    We parted to go to our classes and we didn't see each other till lunch. It was chicken nuggets and tater tots day and they were fairly decent and Buster charmed an extra helping out of the lunch lady and he was divvying them up when Cody showed up. He sat across from us looking nervous, like maybe we were tired of him or just kidding about being his friend, so I decided to ease his mind.

    "Hey,'s it going buddy. You're in luck the food is actually edible today. I think these nuggets actually contain chicken," I joked.

    "Yeah, but the tater tots contain no actual tater," Buster laughed.

    "I'm not all that hungry anyway," Cody said sighing. I'm trying to loose some of this know, so kids won't make fun of me so much."

    "Hey, I think you look just fine," Buster said placing special emphasis on the fine. I wanted to crawl under the table, but Cody didn't seem upset at all.
    He was smiling as he said, "Well, loosing a few pounds wouldn't hurt."
    "Any way I need all these nuggets to keep my strength up, right Dommie?" he said nudging me in the ribs.
    I blushed but smiled, "Yeah, you're an animal and animals need their meat."
    Cody seemed to be enjoying our joking around and watched us closely as we ate our lunch messing with each other's food and making faces. I wondered if that was the kind of stuff him and his cousin used to do.
    He picked at his food and finally asked us if we wanted the rest and Buster jumped on it, he eats like a pig sometimes, but he never gains an ounce. I was full eating just what was on my tray and didn't even finish my fruit cup. I drank my juice and belched and Buster had to top that and was so loud kids across the cafeteria looked our way and giggled.
    Cody thought that was hilarious and laughed so hard he caused milk to spew out his nose. We all cracked up at that and I think Cody finally accepted that we really were his friends. We finished our lunch and went off to class and after school Buster and got on the bus as usual and guess who was already there? Yeah, Cody. See, his mom had brought him to school the first week till she could figure out the bus schedule and stuff and now he would be riding the bus with us and getting off at my stop.
    He smiled when he saw us but looked kind of nervous again so Buster and I made sure he felt welcome. We dive bombed him and dragged him to our favorite seat with us. Yeah, maybe Buster and I couldn't mess around or talk dirty any more on the ride home, but we could have fun with Cody too. And what a great way to get to know him. The ride took about twenty minutes and a guy could learn a lot in that length of time.
    Somewhere along the way Buster mentioned that I was coming over to spend that weekend and Cody replied with, "Man, you guys are so lucky to have each other to hang out with. I bet you guys have a lot of fun together, don't ya?"
    Wow, what did he mean by that? Was he suggesting we fooled around or something? Naw, he probably just meant regular stuff, not sex.
  "Yeah," Buster said grinning, "and most of it is illegal in 48 states....he he."
    "You guys are so cool," Cody said laughing at Buster's joke, "I wish I had a friendship like you two do."
    I wondered about that, of course I was thinking sex again....he he.
    "Hey, I gotta great idea," Buster  said looking at me for my reaction.
    "How bout if you ask your folks if you can stay over Friday night with us. Dommie and I have plans for Saturday but you could come over Friday night if your folks'll let ya."
    I guess I'm just easy, cause even though Buster didn't ask me in advance, I wasn't upset that he had just ruined any chance we had at having sex Friday night. Okay, maybe a little, but we did have Saturday night and maybe we could figure out some way to sneak around and do some stuff even with Cody there.
    "I don't wanna ruin you guys' night," he said but I could tell he really wanted to and was hoping we'd beg him, "and I don't even know if my folks would let me."
    "Aww, come on. You can ask em, can't ya. All they can say is no," Buster pleaded.
   "Well, I guess...if you're sure..How about you Dommie, what do you think? I don't wanna mess up your fun or anything."
    Again, he was making me think he knew more about what me and Buster did than he should, but that was silly. "Hey, the more the merrier. At Buster's birthday party there were four of us sleeping over and it was a blast." I said eying Buster and grinning.
    "Well, if you guys are sure I can ask my folks tonight and tell you tomorrow."
    "Here, I'll give ya my phone number and you can call me and let me know, plus if your rents need to talk to my rents to make sure it's cool and all. I know my rents won't care, they are soooo easy...he he."
    Buster scribbled down his phone number and handed it to Cody and I decided to give him mine too and we got his number so  we  could
all keep in touch and stuff.
    Cody and I got off at our stop and Buster tried to look sad and pressed his nose against the glass and pounded on the window as the bus drove off leaving us laughing. We split up and went our way to our houses and promised to call each other later.
    No one was home when I got there but I wasn't really in the mood to fap, so I changed and had a snack and did my homework. About an hour later Joey and mom got home and Joey came running upstairs and knocked on my door. I yelled for him to come in and he rushed in and skidded to a halt by my bed.
    "Whatcha doing?"
    "Nothing much, just finished my homework."
    "I don't have any. Guess what? Joe is coming over and spending the night tomorrow while you're over at Buster's."
    "Cool, tell him I said hi. We might be having a new kid there at Buster's too. He's gonna ask his parents and let Buster know tonight."
    I had told Joey about the new kid but he hadn't asked much about him until now. "Is he gonna have sex with you guys too?"
    "I don't think so, we're not sure if he likes that stuff or not. We just wanted to make him feel welcome."
   "Awww...every boy likes that stuff. I don't care if they're gay or not, they like that feeling." Joey said as if he was an expert on sex all of a sudden.
   I laughed, "Maybe, but we gotta be careful, you know, make sure before we let him know what's up with us."
    "Yeah, I fap today?"
   "Nope, saving it for the weekend," I laughed, "You and Joe do anything?"
    He grinned, "Yep, well...gotta go change. See ya later alligator," he said running our of my room. He stopped in the bathroom and I heard him pee and the toilet flush and I went downstairs to say hi to mom.
   I told her about the new kid, Cody and she acted really interested. I hadn't really said much about him to her until then and when I told her he might be sleeping over at Buster's with us Friday she said she thought that was really nice of us because she knew how much we enjoyed our time together. Man, it even sounded like my mom knew what Buster and I did.
I grabbed a bottle of Sunny D and headed out to shoot a few hoops before dinner and after a few minutes my dad drove up. I moved so he could park his car in the garage and when he came out he stopped to give me a hug and ask me how my day went.
    "Fine, how was yours dad?"
   "Fantastic, hey...did mom tell you I got a promotion and a big raise. I'm gonna take some time off during Spring break and we're going to go on a little vacation."
  "Yeah! Where to dad?" I asked excitedly. Then I suddenly thought about Buster and lost a little of my enthusiasm.
    "Not sure yet, I thought we'd decide as a family. Oh, and if his folks will let him, I thought Buster could come too," he said grinning.
    I jumped him then and hugged him tight and told him he was the best dad in the world. Then I unwrapped myself from him and blushed. I was maybe acting a little too happy that Buster was coming with us. If I wasn't careful dad would figure out what was really going on and I didn't know how he would take that. It was enough that mom might be catching on but I'd die if my dad knew. I guess I believed all the crap I'd read and heard about how dads just couldn't accept their sons being gay and how they disowned them or something and I just couldn't stand the thought of my dad hating me.
    I felt sad that I couldn't be honest. I mean Buster and I were so happy together and how could that be bad? But I just knew I couldn't tell my folks or any adult for that matter and it was a secret I'd have to learn to live with.
    Dad went on inside and I shot a few more hoops, but this was just too good a news to not share so I went upstairs to call Buster. He was outside but his mom yelled for him and he was all out of breath when he answered.
    I told him all about the vacation deal and he was really excited and said he'd ask his rents first chance he got when they were in a good mood. Mean time, Cody had called and it was on for Friday night and then he apologized for asking him without checking with me.
    I told him it was cool, that we'd still have Saturday like he said and who knew, maybe even find time Friday. I was too excited about the vacation to be upset about it anyway and I liked Cody so I figured it would be fun.
    I hung up and it was dinner time and we talked about the vacation thing and dad said he wanted everyone to think about where they wanted to go and in a week we'd get together and make a decision. Joey wanted to go to Disneyland, but I wasn't sure where I wanted to go and mom said any place was fine with her as long she was with her boys, and she meant dad
    I was still thinking about where I wanted to go on our vacation and about Friday night at Buster's when I finally fell asleep and before I knew it it was morning. I was tired but happy that Friday was finally here and I ate my breakfast and got ready to walk down to the bust stop.
    Cody was there already and smiling. He was really excited about the sleepover and he asked me again if I was alright with it. I thought that was nice of him to care what I thought and I tried to make sure he understood I was cool with it.
    When we got to Buster's stop he ran up to us and gave us both a big hug and was clowning like always and his happiness was contagious. We were all giggling and cutting up all the way to school and we couldn't wait for the day to be over with.
    Time drug on and finally it was lunch and we three met and discussed our plans for the night. Buster's mom was gonna take us to the video store to get movies and order pizza for us and she and Buster's dad were going out to a movie and would be gone till after ten so we had the whole place to ourselves. I couldn't believe they trusted Buster and us so much, I didn't think my folks would ever do that for me, but then again they left me and Joey alone quite a bit.
    The afternoon went pretty quick and finally it was last hour and Buster and I watched the clock all hour and when the bell rang we shot out of there like a fat chick chasing and we made it to bus just about the same time as Cody. We took our usual place at the back of the bus and cut up the whole way to Buster's.
    Cody had his stuff in his backpack, but of course I didn't bring any clothes since we shared each other's clothes on sleepovers, but I did bring my Zombie Town game and some comics Buster wanted to read.
    Buster's mom met us at the door and gave me and Buster a hug and then after she was introduced to Cody she gave him one too. Moms, you gotta love em, they think every kid is We went up to Buster's room and Buster and I changed clothes right in front of Cody. I figured this was a good test and I really couldn't tell, but I think he was checking us out a couple of times. Of course Buster and I are so hot no guy could resist checking out our hot bods, lol, but I still wasn't sure. Maybe he was just curious, I mean even straight boys like to check out the competition.
    We put on shorts and tees and left our shoes and socks off and Buster told Cody he should take off his shoes too. I was pretty excited at the thought of seeing some new feet and I didn't care if he saw me staring or not. His feet were about the same size as Buster's but they looked thicker and his toes were fatter, but not in a bad way. I wouldn't mind sucking those fat toes...he he.
    Buster just wouldn't let Cody rest though till he changed too and I was embarrassed for him and even suggested that he could use the bathroom to change if he wanted, but he said it was no big deal and stripped off his jeans and put on sweat pants. I could see he was a little nervous about taking off his shirt and I made it a point not to stare, but Buster was watching him like he was a porno
    I did look long enough to see that he didn't have big titties like some uhh...husky boys do. His chest was smooth and though there was a little roll around his midsection his chest actually looked pretty good. His nipples were dark brown and hard, maybe because of the air or maybe cause they were sensitive, and I wondered what they would feel like in my mouth. I felt myself getting a boner and looked away just as he slipped on a tee shirt.
    We were ready to party down then and we played PS2 for a while then we put our shoes back on and went out to Buster's back yard and played with his dog. Cody seemed to really like the dog and said he had a Malamute  which is sort of like an Alaskan Husky and Cody said he liked him because he looked sort of like a wolf.
    We talked about werewolves again and Cody told us a little bit more about what he liked about them. I don't think we quite understood what it was he liked about them, but we told him that was cool and then we talked about some of the stuff Buster and I liked and we all got to know each other a lot better.
    Buster's mom drove us to the video store and we picked out three movies and two video games and since there was a pizza place right next door she had called the pizza in before we left and it was ready to pick up when we finished at the video store.
   Buster's dad was waiting and all dressed up for his date with Buster's mom and we kidded him and told him to be careful and have fun and not stay out too late and he laughed and said he bet we wouldn't even mind if they stayed out all night. Then he told us he wouldn't tell us to be good, but to at least be responsible and safe. That sounded really strange coming from a parent and I began to wonder, Does everyone know what Buster and I do? But that was crazy of course, cause if they knew, they'd never leave us along ever again.
    They left right after that and we ate pizza in the family room and watched the first movie on the big screen and had a blast. We didn't really watch a lot of the movie, we were too busy cutting up and feeding our faces and drinking pop and just being kids. It felt good for a change not to have all that pressure about sex and stuff and I was really glad Buster had invited Cody.
    Cody was really loosening up too and we were finding out behind the shy outward appearance there was a funny and smart kid. He seemed so comfortable with us and I found my self liking him more and more as the night wore on.
    We went up to Buster's room after the first movie and Buster suggested we take a shower. I had been holding my breath wondering when he would bring that up and how Cody would react but he didn't make a big deal out of it. Buster told Cody he could go first since he was company and he grabbed his sleep shorts and some clean boxers and Buster showed him where everything was and came back to wait with me.
    We could wait till he's nekkid and say we  have to pee," Buster joked.
    "And scare the poor kid to death, you sex maniac..."
    "Or just tell him it's a rule that whoever sleeps over the first time has to sleep naked...."
    "Right, then he calls his folks to come get him and we're all in trouble."
    "Or we could just jump him....."
    "Shut up," I laughed, "You are such a perv."
    "And you love it," he said grabbing my junk through my shorts.
    " careful...I been saving it..." I grunted.
    "Oh? For who, me or Cody?" he teased.
    "For your dad," I joked, "he's pretty hot."
   "Now who's a perv...gross......uhhhh....yuk," he said pretending to gag.
  "Anyway, I was are we know...get together tonight?"
   "I been thinking that and if we have to we can just meet in the bathroom after he's asleep. We'll make sure we're side by side and if I grab your nuts....he's time to go," he giggled.
   "Very good plan," I said sarcastically, "except he might be a light sleeper and wake up and wonder where the heck we are."
    Buster sighed, " gotta better idea."
    "Yeah, we come clean and tell him we're sex maniacs and can't keep our hands off each other and if he doesn't let us satisfy our urges with each other, we'll satisfy them with him....he he."
    "Very funny, but hey, it might work...he he."
    "Seriously, I can wait till tomorrow night if you can."
    "Uh uh, I don't think I can. I mean I want tomorrow too, but I want it tonight...really bad," he said sounding desperate.
    "Okay, go with the nut grabbing then," I laughed, but he knew I meant it was okay.
   "Gotcha...cutie," he said moving over and kissing my lips just as the door opened and in walked Cody. To cover himself Buster pushed me down on my back and began tickling me, but only a blind man would've missed that kiss.
   Cody was wearing a pair of loose cut off sweats and an over-sized tee and his hair was still wet and curling up on the ends above his blue eyes. He actually looked pretty cute but I was too freaked out to appreciate it. Buster let me up and said, "That'll teach you a lesson."
   "Cody, he's pickin on me," I whined, "Help me."
  Cody laughed, "You guys are always messin around, aren't ya?"
    I wasn't sure if he meant "messing around" or messing around, if you know what I mean and it took me a minute to answer, "My mom says we're like two pups playing," I said lamely, "but sometimes Buster is like a pit pull....he he."
    We all laughed at that I hoped I had covered for us, but I really wasn't sure. Buster and I went to take our shower and even though we had already got caught kissing, I didn't resist when Buster suggested we take our shower together to save time. If Cody thought it was weird he didn't act like it, or say anything, so I thought maybe we were still safe after all.
    Of course once we were in the shower we decided this might be our only chance to sex it up so we didn't waste any time. I was hard as soon as we got naked and so was Buster and as we stepped into the shower he grabbed me and it was on. We played tonsil hockey and felt each other up as the warm water ran over our bodies and finally I dropped to my knees and started licking Buster's balls and he moaned and ran his fingers through my wet hair and then I licked his cock head and he begged me to suck him.
    I didn't waste any more time, I just swallowed his boner and let my tongue move all around his cock head while I bobbed up and down and put super suction on it. He moaned again and it didn't take long before he was thrusting up and flexing his knees and then I felt him start to shake and then a second later the Buster Juice came flowing out and I drank it all. I didn't stop till I had all of it and then I kissed his dick and stood up.
    "My turn," I said getting up and swapping places with Buster, but he wanted me to fuck him so he turned around and bent over and I used conditioner to lube up my boner and gave him what he wanted. I had been saving up for this and it didn't take me long to nut and I filled Buster's butt with my creamy jizz.
    Afterwards we lathered each up and rinsed off and still made it out in record time. Cody was playing Zombie Town when we came back in dressed in only our undies and I swear he stared at both our junk before he went back to his game. Well, we are Who could resist?
  We played video games for a while then Buster suggested we watch one of the other movies and Cody thought that was a good idea. We went downstairs and grabbed some more snacks and Cody couldn't believe we were wearing only our underwear.
    "My folks won't be home for another hour or two, so what's the big deal? Besides my folks are cool, boys in underwear don't freak em out," Buster laughed.
    Cody smiled and I saw a twinkle in his eyes and it made him look so cute. I was right behind him as we headed back upstairs and I perved on his butt, it was just, squeezable...he he and I wondered what it would look like naked.
    The second movie was one of those Scary Movies where everything is so stupid it's funny and we laughed our asses off, especially Cody. He said he didn't get to see movies like this very often and he was having the best time of his life. I felt kind of bad for him, if this was the best time he ever had and I guess I tried harder after that just to make sure I treated him right. Of course Buster always treats everyone right and made Cody feel like he really fit in, which he did, but Buster really is amazing in that area.
    I noticed Cody didn't eat a lot of the snack stuff, but he did drink more soda and occasionally would belch and then Buster would belch back and it sounded like a bull frog convention or Once Buster farted really loud and we all cracked up as we held our noses but really it didn't stink too much, but it was hilarious. I guess right then we were just like boys everywhere, and being gay (well me and Buster anyway) didn't matter. We were young and having the time of our lives and enjoying each other's company and nothing else mattered. I quit worrying about the kiss Cody had seen earlier and concentrated on having a good time and I did.
    The movie ended and we took turns peeing and brushed our teeth and played some more Zombie Town. It was after 11 before Buster's folks got home and only his dad stopped by to see if we were still alive, lol, and when he saw we were he said, "Well, I don't see any missing arms or legs, and looks like no one lost an eye so I guess you boys did alright,"he teased, "Just don't burn the house down while you mom and I are asleep and the sleepover will be a successs."
    We laughed at that and Buster ran up and tackled his dad and almost knocked him over and they wrestled for a minute and I thought that was so cool. His dad surprised me by giving Buster a big hug and a kiss on the forehead and Buster didn't act like it bothered him at all, in fact he was hugging back and there was a goofy smile on his face when his dad kissed him goodnight. Suddenly I was jealous, I wanted a goodnight hug from his dad too, but all I got was a smile and a spoken "Goodnight" and that was pretty cool too.
    "You and your're like really close, aren't ya?" Cody said after Buster's dad had left.
    "My dad is the best...isn't he Dommie," he said giving me a lewd look because of that stuff I'd said before about his dad being hot.
   "Ummm....I was wondering, where are we gonna sleep?" Cody asked sounding a little shy.
    "I got it covered," Buster said, "we always sleep in the floor when more than one sleeps over, I got cushions and stuff for the floor. It's pretty comfortable, isn't Dommie?"
    "Yep, we had four of us one night when Buster had his birthday party, and it was cool," I said remembering the fun time I'd had with Donnie.
   "We can set it up now, if you want and watch the other movie and then if we fall asleep it's no big deal."
    So we spent the next few minutes putting down the comforters and bedding and pillows and Buster and I plopped down next to each other and just before laying down Cody surprised us and slipped off his sweat shorts before laying down. I only caught a glimpse of his boxers shorts before he piled down beside me but it looked like his junk was pretty big. I definitely wanted to get a better look at it and was glad I was beside him on that side.
    The last movie was a chiller killer flick and pretty scary and Buster kept touching me and trying to scare me when stuff happened in the movie and Cody was cracking up so the next time there was a scary part in the movie I did it to him.
    I meant to grab his arm but but missed and wound up grabbing his junk cause he moved his arm about then. He jumped but laughed and I apologized, saying I meant to grab his arm and he said that was okay, it felt good and then he laughed really loud. I didn't know if he was flirting or making a joke.
    Buster rolled over on his side and said, "Hey if you guys are gonna play grab the weasel I wanna play too." and we all laughed but Buster looked at him kind of funny and I didn't really know what that look meant.
    There was a kind of sexy part of the movie where some girl was supposedly giving a guy a beejay, but of course they weren't really showing any of the action, just him standing there looking down and then throwing his head back and moaning and stuff but it was still pretty hot and me and Buster giggled.
    "Oh yeah, oh baby, suck that thing...." Buster said then he grabbed me and started feeling my arm up and acting crazy and Cody laughed at that and he said, "I wouldn't mind being that guy," I looked over at him and he blushed and I grinned.
    "Maybe you could be," Buster joked, "that girl might come by later and surprise you...he he."
    What was he trying to say? Was he suggesting someone might give him a beejay later, and of course it would have to be one of us since there were no girls in our world.
    "I hope so," Cody giggled, "I'll just keep my eyes closed till she's through so she won't be embarrassed."
    Oh hell, I was laying right beside him and he was practically saying he wanted an anonymous beejay. But Buster had started this so I kept quiet and let him finish it.
    "She should be here sometime after midnight," he said seriously, "Just relax and enjoy, she's really good at it."
   "I can't wait," he giggled, but I wondered if he was really just giving Buster the go ahead. I think he had us figured us out but I still wasn't sure. Of course I thought he could just be joking and if someone actually did touch him he might freak, and I was glad it wouldn't be me.
    The movie ended and we all took turns peeing and then we settled back down and once the TV was off it was pretty dark in there. I could feel Buster's leg against mine and pretty soon his hand was on my arm and it felt warm and nice and I started to get a boner. Even though we had busted a nut just a few hours ago, I was ready for more if we could figure out how to do it and I knew Buster was always ready.
    Suddenly Buster's mouth was at my ear and his breath tickled, "Swap places with me, okay?"
    I didn't ask why, I already knew he wasn't going to rest till he at least tried to bring Cody over to our team and truthfully, I wanted it as much as he did. I moved over as Buster raised up and slid across me touching me with his boner and I felt mine throb against the mat below me.
    If Cody noticed he didn't act like it and I wondered if he was one of those kids who fall asleep as soon as the lights are out and everything gets quiet. I listened to see if I could hear him snore or anything but all I heard was my own pulse beating in my ears and I realized I was either very nervous, or very excited.
    Since it wasn't me doing it I had to ask Buster about what happened next and here's pretty much what he told me.
    At first Buster wasn't sure if he should go ahead with it since there was the risk of Cody freaking out and telling on him, but he said he finally decided that he could always play it off as a joke if that happened.
    He said he wasn't sure if Cody was asleep or awake at first, but he soon found out he was awake. He said he started by just touching him on the arm and when he didn't flinch he let his hand move to his chest. He said the same thing I did about Cody's chest, that he was surprised it was so solid and not flabby at all.
    He rubbed his chest for a minute and then moved his hand under Cody's tee and felt his skin. He said he was warm and slightly sweaty and that his nipples were hard and that's when he began to wonder if Cody was awake. He played with his nipples for a minute and then he let his hand drift down to his stomach and he said at that point Cody sort of shivered, you know like when something tickles you unexpected, and he stopped for a minute but when Cody didn't push his hand away or jump up and run he decided it was still cool.
    Now was the moment of truth. Buster told me he was shaking as he moved his hand down a little lower and felt the top of Cody's boxers. From there he moved it down slowly until it touched the base of Cody's penis and he wasn't surprised at this point to find it was hard. He said he pretty much knew he was home free when he felt that boner and felt Cody squirm beneath his hand.
    From there he didn't waste any more time. He grabbed Cody's boner and squeezed it and Cody sort of moaned and even I heard that. He said he wanted to feel it without the boxers so he let go of it and stuck his hand down the front of Cody's boxers and felt it. He said he felt different and even though he knew what uncut meant and had seen uncut cocks he had never felt one before and it took him a minute to figure out what was different. When he did figure it out he said he smiled really big and skinned the loose skin back and Cody moaned again.
    Not one to waste any time, Buster pulled his hand out and began pulling down Cody's boxers. Now at this point two things could've happened: one: Cody could resist and maybe freak out, or two: Cody could cooperate and that's what he did. Buster said he even raised his butt up so Buster could pull his boxers all the way off and kicked them off as they slipped around his feet.
    I was laying there watching Buster's backside the whole time but I couldn't see a whole lot of the action but I could see the boxers coming off so I sat up then, and let Cody know I was awake. It evidently didn't bother him though and he just laid back down and let Buster continue.
   Buster must've noticed me and he moved down between Cody's legs then and I could see all the action. Good old Buster didn't waste a minute, he was already lowering his face to Cody's boner but at the last minute he aborted and licked his nuts and that made Cody open his legs a little more and I could hear him grunting and breathing hard.
    I watched Buster and he was holding Cody's boner in his hand and that was when I saw that it was different than ours. I knew right away what the deal was because my dad was uncut and so was one of my cousins, Mike. When we were like seven or eight we had messed around a little like little kids do and I remember thinking his was so cool with all that skin and wishing mine had it too. But Cody's uncut cock was a lot more interesting than my cousin's. I could see he was about the same size as me and Buster except his was a little fatter and he had a lot of extra skin and as Buster pulled it back he had a fat mushroom looking head. I couldn't see the color in the dark, but it was lighter than the rest of his cock and looked shiny.
    I didn't get to look at it too long though cause suddenly Buster got tired of waiting and just gobbled the whole thing down in one gulp. You should've heard Cody moan, it was almost funny, and I had to cover my mouth to keep from giggling. I knew how good Buster's mouth felt on my cock and what I found out later is that uncut cocks are a lot more sensitive so he it felt extra good on Cody's boner.
    Buster was squeezing Cody's nuts as he sucked on his cool looking cock and I couldn't help from rubbing my own cock as I watched. I considered joining in and maybe rubbing Cody or something but I didn't want to freak him out or throw too much at him at once so I held back. I didn't know if this was Cody's first time or not but he sure did seem to be enjoying it and for that matter, so was Buster. I tried not to be jealous, but that was my boyfriend sucking our new friend and he sure seemed to be enjoying himself and it was hard. I finally convinced myself that if it hadn't been Buster it would've been me because this was meant to happen.
    I wondered again if this was Cody's first time because he was already thrashing around and moaning and I knew he wasn't far from coming. Then he grabbed Buster's head and force him down almost roughly and started to come. I heard Buster gag once then start to swallow and later he told me he couldn't believe how much jizz Cody made. He's a trooper though and he took it like a pro and didn't quit till he had sucked Cody dry and licked him clean. Now the awkward part begins, I thought.
    I didn't know what to say or do but I knew Buster would so I just relaxed and let him handle things.
    "The girl from the movie couldn't make it so she asked me to take over, hope that was okay," Buster joked.
   "Well, I don't think she could've done a better job. That was awesome. Look you guys, you don't have to try to hide stuff from me, I know what's up. I had a friend like that too when I was in Oklahoma."
    "I knew it," Buster said slapping his forehead like the V8 commercial and looking over at me, "I just knew it. And you were worried."
     "No I wasn't, and even if I was I knew you could turn him even if he wasn't one of us," I laughed.
     "So, you guys do sex stuff a lot, don't ya?"
  "Every chance we get," Buster said wiggling his eyebrows, "Wanna watch us?"
     "Heck yeah," he said sitting up.
    "You ready Dommie?" Buster said to me as he licked Cody's cum off his lips.
     "Sure, I guess....but wouldn't it be more fun if Cody joins in," I said feeling generous, not to mention I wanted to handle that uncut cock of Cody's.
     "Yeah, but he can rest and recharge while we have some fun and then join in for the next round."
      "Sound good to you?" I asked Cody.
      "Yeah, that's cool, you guys go for it."
     So, that's how we wound up putting on a little show for Cody that night and we did it all. We kissed for a really long time and Cody seemed to like watching that a lot. I wondered if him and his friend kissed or if it was just sex and I decided I'd try to find out one of these days.
      From kissing we moved to a quick 69 but neither us wanted to come yet so we mostly just licked each other's junk till we were good and slick. I wasn't sure if I should do the feet stuff because I didn't know if Cody was cool with that or not, but then I thought, Hey this is me and Buster's time and we should be able to do whatever we liked.
I moved down a bit to get to Buster's feet and he rubbed my legs as I started licking his feet. When I looked back Cody was watching with his mouth open and sort of fingering his dick which was hard again and when I stuck his big toe in my mouth and started sucking his eyes almost bugged out. I don't know what I expected his reaction to be, but I was thinking I might get a crack at his feet later if I read that look on his face right.
    Buster moaned as I sucked each little piggy and Cody was slowly fapping his cock as he watched. I considered fucking Buster's feet but decided that might cause Cody to have a heart attack, lol, so I decided to fuck his cute butt instead.
    Now, I didn't know this at the time, but Cody had never done butt stuff with his friend or anyone else and when he saw what we were up to he was super excited. We took our good slow time and I did him from the front like he likes it and we kept kissing every time we got a chance. Cody moved closer and was watching closely as my cock went in and out of Buster's  hole and he was fapping like crazy now.
    "Hey, don't waste that," Buster managed to say even though I was hitting him pretty hard by then, "Dommie will take care of that for you when he's done here."
    I didn't mind that Buster was making plans for me because I really wanted a crack at that skin covered Keilbosa and the thought of it made me even hornier and a few strokes more and I was blasting Buster's guts with my hot cum. I was shaking and felt like I could pass out but I managed to get it all out and collapsed on top of Buster and we kissed again.
    I rested a little then sat up and looked at Cody. Since Buster and I had decided not to let anyone else fuck us all I could do for Cody was suck him but that was fine with me because I wanted to work that skin with my hand and my lips. I asked him if he was ready and he nodded and I told him to lay on the bed and it would be more comfortable for us both. I had him move to the end with his feet on the floor and I knelt between them and took a look at his little guy with his sweater...he he.
    It was like I thought the skin was really loose and fell down even when his cock was hard and the head was big and pink and shiny form his pre-cum and I started jacking the loose skin and grinned at how cool it all worked. It was like watching a hot dog slide out of a bun or something and it made me get a boner again just watching it. I could smell his cum from earlier and his own musky odor and it was stronger than Buster's and sort of spicy, but I liked it a lot. He had more pubes than Buster and me and I thought that was cool and as I jacked him I ran my fingers through them. They were soft and wiry and a little wet but felt nice and I think he liked what I was doing because he moaned real loud.
    The aroma had made me horny to get it in my mouth so I started licking it and I loved the taste and feel of it. His balls were pretty big which might explain how much cum he puts out and I licked them too and he moaned louder. Finally I couldn't wait any more and I deep throated him in one gulp. He shivered and moaned again and started thrusting against my mouth, but I already had all of him in there. I let him settle down before I started moving up and down on his boner using my tongue to stimulate his head and he was thrusting then and moaning and he grabbed my hair like he did Buster's and sort of face fucked me till he came. He didn't come as much as he did before but it was plenty and it tasted okay and I didn't mind. I licked him clean and leaned back and Buster was right there behind me and ready to get his rocks off. He spun me around and positioned me doggy style and I felt his finger find my hole and it was slick with lotion. I opened up pretty easily and when he put his slick dick head against my hole he slid in without any trouble.
    Cody was sitting up now and watching and his boner still hadn't gone down. I winked at him and he smiled and Buster kept on drilling me and I knew we were in for a long night and that this wasn't the last time the three of us would get together and I began to wonder how far this would go. Would we eventually get Joe and Joey involved with Cody too? I was too busy getting fucked by my boyfriend to worry about it though and I soon forgot all my worries and enjoyed myself.

End of Chapters 7-8. Did you like it? What do you think of the new character? Want to see more of him? Well, in the next few chapters you'll see him bloom and maybe even find a bf of his own.

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