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My Little Brother's Feet
Chapter Nine

        One week after dad laid the news of the trip on us we sat down at the dinner table and over mom's famous meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans and mom's homemade hot rolls we decided where we would go on our trip. Dad called it our mini-vacation and after that night so did all the rest of us. Of course Joey wanted to go to Disney Land or Disney World and I didn't really care as long as Buster was going too, so guess what we decided? Yep, you guessed it Disney Land here we come.
      Buster's folks didn't say yes at first and he and I were really sweating it for the first few days of that week, but on Thursday Buster's mom called my mom and they talked for like 30 minutes and worked out all the details and it was a done deal. At first they wanted to pay for Buster's motel room and all his expenses, but my folks told them that he could just stay in the same room as me and Joey (yeah!) and it wouldn't cost any more anyway. As for the expenses they finally worked out a deal where they paid like a hundred dollars to my folks and gave Buster a hundred to spent on food and junk. My dad argued a little about the hundred and said he didn't expect Buster to pay anything, that we had invited him and he was our guest, but he finally gave in just to make Buster's rents feel better.
      We still had a couple of weeks till the trip so Buster and I spent a lot of time making plans and not all of them were for Disney The thought of spending several nights in a motel room with Buster and Joey, alone and no rents, was so exciting I could hardly sleep at night.
     We continued to hang with Cody and  we got to know him a lot better and we found out there was a lot more to him than met  the eye (and I don't mean his  naked body, lol) and we were slowly learning that he was a pretty cool guy. He liked cars a lot, of course most boys do , but he was absorbed with  them , especially 4wheel drive trucks. His dad had one and he and Cody spent a lot of time together tinkering with it. He also had a lot of model cars and trucks and added new ones every chance he got. A couple of times he asked me and Buster to help him with a new one and we had a blast cutting up and doing sort of an assembly line thing. Cody told us that  he loved two wheelers and motorcycles too and that his dad had sort of promised him a motorcycle when he turned 14, which was the legal age for one. Buster and I weren't as mechanically minded as Cody but we had to admit there was something really cool about  motors and speed and off roading and all that stuff.
       After that weekend at Buster's Cody loosened up around me and Buster and began to tell us about his fears and desires. It seemed he was a lot like me and Buster in a lot of ways, including liking boys, and he said he had known he was different ever since he was about ten and this girl he knew offered to go all the way with him. At first he was excited about it, but when they actually tried it he said he just couldn't go through with it. He told the girl he didn't want to because it wasn't right and that she deserved some one better but she took it as an insult and spread a rumor that he was gay. He said he lost a few friends over it, but then they moved again and he started over. He said that was the only good thing about moving so much, if you got into trouble or didn't like a place or the people, you could just start over somewhere new.
     He said he hadn't really done anything with a boy until him and his cousin started fooling around and that became pretty serious. He said his cousin was skinny and blond and kind of girly acting and always let him lead things when they got together. They started out jerking off together, then progressed to jacking each other, and eventually sucking after his cousin begged him to let him suck him off one night. Just to be fair Cody had sucked him off too and he said that was when he knew for sure that he liked boys and not girls, because he loved sucking dick. He blushed when he said that, but I guess the look of understanding on mine and Buster's faces told him it was okay and that we understood.
     Cody said eventually his cousin brought up the idea of butt fucking and at first he was sort of grossed out, but the more he thought about it the more it excited him. One weekend at his cousin's house after the adults were in bed and asleep, his cousin brought up the subject again and Cody being in a very horny mood decided to give it a try. They took a bath first and helped each other get clean, especially his cousin's butt and Cody said that by the time they finally got around to it he was so excited he could barely stand it.
     He said his cousin had somehow discovered he liked fingering his hole and sticking things in there and one thing led to another and he finally decided a dick would feel even better. He and Cody had already done everything else, including kissing, and anal seemed to be the next step and he wanted Cody to be the one. In fact, Cody said, they sort of had a relationship going on, and Cody admitted that they really loved each other and it wasn't just sex.
   Then of course, they moved and he said he only saw his cousin now on the holidays or special occasions. He said at first it really hurt to leave his cousin behind, but that he was so used to giving up friends and starting over that soon he got over it. He said he would like to find someone and have a relationship like me and Buster did, but he said, "What are the chances there are more gay kids at our school?" Pretty soon we'd find out.
    Joey took to Cody like a kid to his favorite blanket and for a little while I was afraid Cody might be looking at my little bro as a possible bf, but so far they hadn't even seen each other naked, let alone have sex and I didn't encourage either. It was about two weeks after that great time at Buster's that Joe invited all of us to his birthday party.
    Even though my folks knew Joe's folks pretty well, I had never met them and was a little nervous about going over there, but I sure wasn't going to diss Joe by saying no, and Buster was so excited about the party that I soon got over my nervousness. What was really cool was, even though Joe hadn't even met Cody yet, he invited him too just because he was our bud....well, and maybe cause Joey told him
   The party was on Saturday at 2:00 and Cody and Buster's folks dropped them off at my place and my mom drove the four of us to Joe's. Like I said I had never met Joe's folks and I had never been to their house and I was not prepared for the shock when we drove up the drive to their house.
   "Holy shit," I said then covered my mouth and muttered, "Sorry!" before my mom could reach back and slap me, "This is Joe's house? It's a....a mansion....It makes our house look like a dog house," I stammered.
    Mom laughed and Joey giggled, "I told you his house was neat. Dontcha ever listen?"
    "Think I could get Joe's folks to adopt me?" Buster joked.
   "You're the wrong color," Joey giggled, and mom said, "Joey, I'm sure the color of Buster's skin wouldn't make any difference to Joe's parents, but they already have one stinky boy, they'd probably like a girl," she said then laughed. My mom was so much fun.
    "I could dress up like a girl," Buster laughed keeping the joke going.
    "You'd make an ugly girl," I teased and gave him a shot in the arm.
   "I am hurt. Mom!" he said crying to my mom, "Dommie is hurting my feelings," he pouted.
    "You boys kiss and make up," she teased. But truth was we wouldn't have minded kissing about right then, or ever for that matter. Cody was red faced but smiling as he listened in silence.
     She pulled the car up in a circular drive under a porch thing, I forget what it's called, but the garage was like behind the house and held like four cars and you could park another 2 or 3 under that porch.  A tall pretty black lady came out ran over to my mom's side of the car and mom rolled down the window.
     "Hi, Cathy (my mom's name), I'm so glad you let the boys come for Joe's birthday party, he is so excited," she said in a friendly voice, and I liked her already. Of course she was Joe's mom but until that day, I had never seen her or heard much about her.
    "Oh, you know....if I had said no, Joey would have moped all day," she laughed and rubbed Joey's shoulders gently. He really was her favorite and her baby.
     "Joe's out back in the pool, I hope you boys brought your swim suits, but if you didn't we have a selection in the pool house," she said looking back at us three in the back seat.
     "I did, I got em on under my pants," Joey said grinning. Why didn't the little shit tell us Joe had a pool?
     We finally got out of  the car and left my mom and Joe's mom to talk and we went inside. There was this two story entrance hall and a long wide flight of stairs and all three of us were craning our necks and looking around like tourists, lol, but Joey knew the way and he dragged us on down a hall and through a dining area past a kitchen and finally out a set of French doors that led to a patio that was bigger than my whole back yard. About 50 feet further out was an Olympic size pool surrounded by trees and gardens and a little house sat at the far end of it.
    "That must be the pool house Joe's mom mentioned," I said to Buster and Cody who were looking around with a look that said they thought they were dreaming.
    Joe spied us (well, mostly Joey) and climbed out of the pool and ran over to us. He was dressed in baggy swim trunks but they were white and wet and I could see his dick clearly through them and he was simi erect. Was it because of my baby brother? Joey and Joe bumped heads and it was so cute. I'm sure they would have done more if there weren't so many other kids around.
    "Hey you guys, did you bring your swim suits?" Joe asked excitedly.
    We explained that we didn't know and that someone ( I pointed at Joey) didn't tell us to he had a pool so we hadn't brought any and Joe said that was no biggie and told us to follow him. The pool house is really like a little apartment with a bedroom, a little kitchen, and a living room with a TV and all that stuff, but the bathroom part is sort of like one you'd see at a public pool only nicer. It was all tiled and had three private showers and two potties with doors and three sinks and a place to get dressed. On one end there were some cabinets and Joe opened one of them and there were different sizes of swim trunks, even Speedos in there. I was tempted to take a pair of Speedos, me being so buff and, but decided I might turn too many people on, so I chose a pair of dark blue trunks with white piping down the side. Buster, being the wild kid he is, picked out a pair of Hawaiian print trunks that were so bright they hurt my eyes. Cody chose a pair of red ones with yellow inserts in the legs and looked around as if he didn't quite know what to do next.
     Buster and I didn't even think twice about changing in front of Joe and Joey, I mean after all we had all seen each other naked before, and when we dropped trou and undies Cody followed our lead. That's when Joe started grabbing for us. Cody looked shocked but he was giggling  even though he didn't join in. Joe knew Cody was cool of course because Joey had told him so he treated him just like one of us and I think Cody really appreciated that. He was all smiles and seemed really happy as we all headed to the pool and dived in.
    I'm an okay swimmer, but Buster swims like an otter and Joey is awesome. So is Joe but so far all Cody had done was dog paddle and float. I wondered if he knew how to swim. Maybe all that moving around had kept him from learning some stuff, but suddenly he was out of the pool and headed for the diving board and wham he did a perfect one and a half gainer and knifed into the water, reversed and broke water as neatly as a dolphin. It was awesome to watch and I think my eyes were as big as saucers and I know my mouth was wide open as I made a gigantic O with my lips.
     He swam over to us and I said, "Wow, that was awesome. Where did you learn to do that?"
    "At this one school I was at they had a swim team and just for kicks I joined. I wasn't as good as some of the other boys but I learned a lot." Then he looked around to make sure no one else was nearby and added, "It's a good way to see boys almost naked and in the showers...all naked." he giggled then blushed.
    "Awesome dude," Joe said swimming up next to Cody, "You gonna stay for the sleepover, Cody?"
    Cody looked at me and Buster. What sleepover? His eyes seemed to say. It was news to us too, so I just shrugged.
   "No one said it was a sleepover," I said then I thought to myself that we had been put together again by our rents. They had to know. Did Cody's rents know too?"
   Joe started laughing, "Gotcha didn't I? Your folks already said yes, even Cody's. I was gonna wait till later and play a trick on ya, but I couldn't do that to ya, I likes you guys too much."
     "Did you know about this?" I asked looking menacingly at my little turd brother.
     "Yeah, it was hilarious, the look on your face..." he giggled.
    I grabbed him and dunked him and it turned into a free for all and soon all of us were giggling and splashing and having the kind of good time that only boys who really like each other can. Looking back on that day and all the days that came after and before I realized that those were the best and happiest times of my life and I was so lucky to have Buster, Joe, Cody and of course my little brother Joey in my life.
     Around three we climbed out of the pool and Joe opened his presents and we had cake and ice cream and punch. We played some sappy party games and there was even a big pinata shaped like a hot air balloon and when it was Buster's turn to hit it he missed and hit this one kid name Justin in the butt and it was hilarious and we all busted up laughing even Justin.
    I didn't mention much about the other kids at Joe's party cause except for one or two I didn't know any of them. Some were cousins of Joe's or kids he knew from school but he hung mostly with us and we didn't have a whole lot to do with them. There was one surprise there though. Remember that kid Kenny who was asleep on the bus that time and overheard me and Buster talking sex stuff?  Well, turns out Joe knew him through his parents and he was invited to Joe's party.
    We had been there like a couple of hours before I realized that's who he was because he looked different half naked, lol. He wore a clingy nylon swimsuit that was sort of cross between Speedos and trunks. I know that doesn't make sense but I don't know what they're called. All I can tell you is I've seen pics of boys in them in magazines and I think they were popular in the 60's or 70's but mostly little kids wore them I guess cause they didn't have a lot of junk to Anyway, I guess Kenny either brought them or found them in the pool house and actually they looked kind of good on him.
    Shirtless and in those tight little swim shorts he actually looked kind of sexy. I mean he is still a skinny kid but it's not like you can see every rib or anything and his little flat tummy was sooo cute. His legs were smooth and long and looked muscular, sort of like a swimmer's legs and somehow he had managed to get a good tan and I would have almost bet that if I could've seen beneath those swim shorts he was brown there too.
    I nudged Buster and he looked where my eyes were pointing and he raised his eyebrows. "Well, he looks better today, don't he?" he chuckled.
   "I wonder how Joe knows him?" I asked watching him climb out of the pool. I could distinctly see the outline of his little boy junk and it looked semi.
    "Maybe he's screwing him," Buster laughed.
   "Get serious, I don't think the kid is sexual at all...straight or gay. He's like....I don't know, so bland or something."
    "The quiet ones always fool ya," Buster said as if he knew more than he was saying.
    "Like us," I giggled.
    Cody walked up then and said, "Whatcha guys giggling about?"
    "See the beanpole over there in the kiddie shorts," Buster teased, and before he could say anything else, Cody interrupted him.
    "Oh, you mean Kenny. Yeah, he's in my math class and we have PE together. He's pretty nice," Cody said smiling.
    "You know him?" I asked in astonishment.
    "Yeah, why?"
    I filled him in on the incident on the bus and he just shrugged, "Probly was asleep, he takes a lot of medicine and is tired a lot. I feel sorry for him cause hardly anyone talks to him. We ...uhhhh, are sort of friends. Is that okay?" he asked looking at us as if he had done something wrong.
    "Hey, yeah, that's totally cool," I said clapping him on the shoulder, "He seems like a cool kid, but I just didn't know you knew him....that's all."
    Cody looked relieved and I wondered, Did the Codster have a crush on young Kenny? I smiled, it would be so cool if Kenny was one of us gay boys and he and Cody got together. Well, from my lips to God's ears as they say....he he.
    We swam some more after the cake and ice cream and Kenny sort of gravitated our way and I watched Cody to see how he acted around the kid and I was totally surprised by what I saw. I know that look cause I see it every time I see Buster and me or Joe and Joey and I was sure that was what I saw in Cody's eyes too, the look of love....he he. I started watching Kenny to to see if he gave off any vibes, but he was more closed up than Cody and it was hard to tell, but....I could see that he seemed to like Cody even if only because he was so hungry for a friend and  I decided that I would go out of my way to make him feel welcome.
    Good old Buster saw what I was up to and he jumped right in and pretty soon Kenny was grinning like a lottery winner and I could see the look of gratitude in Cody's eyes. He wanted all his friends to like each other and we were well on our way to that.
    Kenny is not so much a swimmer as he is a life and we pushed him around as he floated on his back and had a blast.  Of course I couldn't help but notice his nice small soft feet and I made sure I got to push from that end and I boned up immediately just from pressing against his feet. How I wanted to just go crazy and suck on his toes right there in Joe's pool, but I managed to control myself, but I knew I had to get off soon or I'd shoot in the pool and it would look like a mayonnaise
    I told Buster I needed to go pee and he looked at me like I was crazy. Every boy knew you just peed in your trunks when you were in a pool. Everyone did it and no one died from a little, but when he saw my boner he just nodded and said he did too.
    We climbed out and headed to the pool house and I tried to hide my boner with my hand but looking around I could've sworn Kenny was looking directly at it with his grey dog eyes and grinning. We pushed open the door to the bathroom and some kid I didn't know passed us on the way out and excused himself and ran toward the pool. There was a slight boy poop smell in the air and I figured the kid had to pinch a loaf and Buster giggled and held his nose.
    I considered going into one of the stalls and fapping but suddenly I had a better idea. The showers were actually more private and plenty roomy for two so I coaxed Buster into the fartherest one and closed the door. I started the shower and adjusted the temp and in a heart beat I was all over Buster like white on I dragged his swim trunks down and dropped to my knees and swallowed his weenie in one gulp. It was funny cause he sort of yelped then he started moaning as I went to work. After a while I came off of it and gave his balls a good licking and then stuck a finger in my mouth and poked at his butthole as I went back to sucking and licking his cock. He lasted longer than I thought he would and when he came he almost drowned me with his tasty, thick cum. I drank it down like a hungry calf and licked him clean before standing up.
    "How was it?"
    "You seemed distracted," he teased.
    "I was thinking about Kenny," I teased back, "What a body."
    "Yeah, it'd look great on a milk carton," he giggled.
    I cuffed him on the arm, "He's a nice kid and  I think Cody is sweet on him."
    "Ahhh, young love...soooo sweet.." he said making kissy faces at me, so I kissed him and I felt his boner poke me.
    "You up again? It's my turn lover boy," I said breaking the kiss.
    "How you want it? Buster tonsils or Buster rump?" he snorted.
    "Hmmmm....such a choice...let me see.....rump!"
    "I have a very nice cut here, choice grade a Buster rump for your pleasure," he said taking position against the wall.
    I didn't have any lube but there was a bottle of body wash on a ledge above the shower head and I grabbed it and soaped up my boner and his ass and went to it. I didn't last maybe 20 strokes and when I came I almost collapsed with pleasure. I hadn't expected it to be so good, but you know how sometimes an orgasm is just like....I don't special and it feels extra good and you think, why can't it be like this all the time? Well multiply that by 10 and that's what I felt that day in Buster's tight hot hole. I sagged but fortunately I was holding on tight to Buster's waist and I didn't fall but I did almost drag us both down as I put all of my body on his.
    He reached back and hugged me awkwardly and turned his face and we kissed but I was too tired to even do that very long. I needed a nap and I needed it now.  We rinsed off and put our trunks back on and got out just as Kenny and Cody came through the door. Cody took one look at us and figured everything out in a flash. That's what happens when you come to know someone and all of us boys were thinking the same those days.
    "We had to wash the chlorine off," I stammered, "It was itching our skin."
    Cody nodded, "That's what Kenny and I were gonna do," he said looking me directly in the eye. Kenny was looking at his small cute feet and that brought my attention to them. Even though I had just busted the best nut ever, I would've humped those two small cute feet in a heart beat if he had waved them at me.
    "We'll get outta your way," Buster quickly said, "I mean...Dommie needs a nap, you know how cranky he gets...." I popped him one before he finished and everyone laughed and Kenny seemed to come out of it. He was red faced and I knew right then that Cody knew something about him that we didn't yet, but I was catching on quick.
    Once we were out of ear shot Buster leaned into me and said, "They're gonna screw or something, I bet ya."
    "You think so?" I asked playing dumb.
    "Come on, did you see the look on Kenny's face. He was red as a beet, and did you see the tent in his shorts?"
    I had somehow missed that, no doubt because my attention was on his ten little piggies and I'd missed his "No, really? Was Cody...uh boned up too?"
    "I couldn't tell in those baggy trunks but I bet he was. I bet him or Kenny is squealing like a pig about right now....he he."
    "I doubt they're that advanced...if they are doing anything at all. I might believe they are feeling each other up or just playing show and tell. I wonder if Kenny is cut or uncut...."
    "Cut, I'd guess. Cody is pretty unusual you know. Not many in the turtle neck club these days," he chuckled, "In Europe most guys are uncut. Wish I 'd been born there. It's not fair that they took my foreskin....wahhhhh," he said pretending to cry like a baby.
     I laughed, "Sorry lover, but at least we're both skinless. No need to have penis envy...ha ha."
    "Except min is bigger," he teased.
    "Is not," I said and stuck out my tongue.
    Joe and Joey saw us then and ran over to see what we were up to.
    "We were clogging your shower drain with young jizz," Buster giggled.
    "What? And you didn't invite the birthday boy...damn....racist muther....." he laughed.
   "Sorry, it was an emergency," I explained, "There were just too many fine boys and too many cute feet to resist so I had to do something."
    I told Joe I really needed to lay down somewhere and at first he didn't understand, he thought I meant for sex but once he understood he took me and Buster up to his room. Well, I say room, it was actually more of an apartment with a living area with a little wet bar and mini-fridge and a huge bathroom with a jacuzzi and a walk-in shower big enough for all of us at once.
    His bed was huge too, I think it was a king size or something, and so high off the floor I could barely reach it. But somehow me and Buster managed to get into it and like five seconds later I was out like a light.


    Until I met Dommie and Buster I'd never really had any real friends. The one person I had ever gotten that close to was my cousin and that didn't last long before we had to pack up and move on again. I guess when you're a kid you sort of take things like that for granted, but even though it's been almost ten years since that day at Joe's birthday party I still remember how good it felt to have friends like that who cared and understood what I was going through.
    I knew when we saw Dommie and Buster coming out of the shower together that they had been messing around and I think Kenny knew it too. See Kenny and I had become friends sort of suddenly and I didn't know if he felt the same way I did, but I sure was hoping. I had thought maybe if we went to the bathroom I could at least get a look at his junk and maybe show mine off too, but I had no idea it would go any further. In fact I don't think Kenny did either, I think we were just two boys who felt the same and fate or whatever had brought us together and we had no control over what happened.
    After Dommie and Buster left I walked over to one of the stalls hoping Kenny would follow. My heart was beating like two hundred miles an hour and I was shaking as I opened the door and suddenly Kenny was right there behind me. I was glad but scared and very excited, a lot of feeling were going through me and I didn't really know what to do next. But in all the excitement, I really did need to pee and badly. I was aware of Kenny shutting the door behind him and latching it and I relaxed a little. At least no one could see us, cause those stalls went to within inches of the floor and the door went all the way.
    I couldn't wait any longer and as I pulled down my trunks and let loose Kenny stepped up and popped his soft wiener over the top of his swim shorts and started peeing too. For a minute we were just two little boys crossing streams as we peed together like most little boys do and I relaxed a little more. It was nice having someone who trusted you and was comfortable enough with you to just whip it out and start peeing and I figured even if nothing else happened now or ever I at least had that.
    I tried not to stare, but I had to get a look at his junk cause who knew when I'd get a chance again, right? So I let my eyes wander over to his penis and that's when I figured out he was checking me out too. That and the fact that he suddenly laughed and said, "You got skin, you're!"
    "Yep," I said proudly, "I'm the only one at our school that I know of."
    Kenny looked like he was about to say something then he stopped and just stared some more, working his mouth like he was thinking hard about dick maybe. I was almost done peeing and I dreaded that moment cause then I'd have no excuse to keep my dick out but suddenly I noticed Kenny had already stopped and not only had he not put his dick back in his trunks, it was getting boned up. Well, one look at that I started chubbing up too and I was terrified he'd think I was doing it on purpose. Of course that was totally lame because after all he was the first to get hard but my mind just wasn't being very practical that day.
    "How does it work?" Kenny asked suddenly, squinting at my ever growing dick and craning his neck.
    "Whaaaat do you mean?" I stuttered. Did he want a demonstration? Or did he mean how did I pee with it? But he'd just seen me pee.
    " know...when you...uh, jerk off. I mean do you have to pull the skin back and use lube does it work?"
    Boy was I relieved, I knew then that Kenny wanted what I wanted and he was a lot braver about it than I was. So I demonstrated how it worked when I jerked off and of course it got totally hard. His was hard now too and about the same length as mine, but not quite as fat. It looked nice though, with a mushroom shaped pink head and a wide piss slit that looked like it could pump out gallons of cum and I hoped to get to see that before we were done.
    I had to take it slow or I would've popped my cork after a few strokes and after a while he joined in. Of course being uncut he had to use a little spit, but he wasn't cut as tight as some boys I've seen and he actually had a little loose skin to jack with. I know it sounds crazy but even over the smell of the choline from the pool I could smell his dick and that funky boy smell that I love so much even to this day. I could see he was feeling it as much as I was and I wondered if he wanted us to get off or if he was just stroking because I was.
    I got my answer pretty quick when without even asking he reached over and moved my hand and took over jacking my dick. Let me tell you I almost came the minute he touched me but I managed to grit my teeth and hold on long enough to reach over and take his dick in my hand and start returning the favor. Have you ever had someone just jack you? I mean there are all kinds of stuff two people can do together, but do you remember the first time some else touched your dick that way. It is the most amazing feeling, right? And even though there is other stuff that may feel better after that first time, that first time being touched like that is something special and that's the way it was with me and Kenny that day.
    Four or five strokes more and I was gritting my teeth and making low grunting noises and then my dick pulsed and my first squirt hit the wall in front of the toilet. A second later Kenny's dick exploded in my hand and a stream of white jizz arced up and over the toilet and hit the floor. Our next squirt wasn't as strong and mostly coated our hands and a little even got on Kenny's shorts but we held on right to the end. Two or three more little squirts then it was over. I was drained but Kenny seemed full of energy all of a sudden. He grabbed some toilet paper and wiped his jizz up as best he could and put his dick away and before I could even move he was out the door and gone.
    I was terrified. Was he going to go tell someone what I had done? No, that was stupid, right? He started it and he was as much to blame as me, so where did he go so fast. I cleaned up and walked back to the pool feeling guilty and scared and I found Kenny doing cannonballs off the diving board. I relaxed a little, at least he didn't seem upset, right? So I jumped in the pool and swam out to him just as he hit the water. He saw me coming and treaded water till I got there then he hugged onto my neck and drug us both down. Once under the water and away from anyone's prying eyes he kissed me. Yeah, I said he kissed me...underwater. Ever been kissed underwater? It's weird but right then it was the sweetest kiss anyone ever got. It only lasted a second and then we were swimming back up for air but the look on his face was priceless.
    It was a goofy grin like you sometimes see on little kids when they're really happy and I guess that fit him pretty good. I smiled at him and I knew right then and there that if he'd have me, I'd be his forever. It's funny how boys our age learned to love so easily, and despite what adults think, it was not puppy love. I knew what it meant to love someone instinctively or maybe it was from watching Buster and Dommie, cause if there were ever two people who loved each other, it was those two. I hadn't really seen a lot of the love Joe and Joey shared, but I could tell it was different, not as deep and more casual or something, but I knew they did care for each other and had a committed relationship and that was pretty cool too.
    I sat on the side of the pool and watched Kenny for a little while and started noticing things about him I hadn't seen before. Little things but stuff I mentally made note of, little things like the way he pinched his nose and shook his head to clear his ears and the way his hair hung around his face and ears. I noticed a scar just above his cute belly button and made a note to ask him about it later. It turned out it was from a bike wreck when he was ten and he had to have five stitches. He said he almost bled to death, but I doubted that. He tended to exaggerate sometimes.
    Dommie and Buster were nowhere to be seen and I asked Joey later and he said they were taking a nap in Joe's room. I wondered if they were really sleeping then remembered that look on their faces as they came out of the shower earlier and decided maybe they had worn each other out there.
    Eventually Kenny got tired of cannon balling and swam over and floated at my feet. He pinched his nose and shook his head and I thought that was so cute and my heart sort of fluttered in my chest. I wasn't hard again, but I felt a tingle all through my body and when he touched my leg I almost passed out from the electric shock. His hand was soft and warm and he let it drift down my calf till he touched my foot.
    "Wanna see something funny?" he asked suddenly.
    I didn't trust myself to speak for fear my voice would be just a squeak so I just nodded. And before I could do anything else he was climbing out beside me and was tugging at my hand to follow him.
    He led me past the pool house into a grove of trees and up ahead there was this funny looking little shelter, a gazebo Kenny said, and he dragged me into it and plopped down on one of the benches around the wall. It was shady there and cool and we could hear birds chirping and bees buzzing and in the distance the splashing of the other kids in the pool. It was peaceful there and nice and as I sat down next to Kenny he took my hand in his as if it was something we had done every day of our lives. In some ways Kenny was like a little kid, he didn't have the kind of worries most of us did and if it seemed right to him he just did it. Of course that got him into trouble sometimes, but right then it was a nice quality.
     "That was the bathroom," he said and I blushed.
    "Yeah, very cool. I was....totally surprised though," I said hoping he'd explain himself more and let me know for sure if he felt like I did.
    "Why, didn't you like it?" he asked looking like a little kid again. I thought he was gonna cry for a minute.
    "Are you kidding, I loved was awesome...stupendous....amazing....ginormous...." I said laughing because I was suddenly so happy and so in love.
    He giggled, "Yeah, yours is so cool. I love the skin, it's so awesome. I wish I had skin. Can I share yours?" he giggled.
    "Any time you want," I said hopefully.
    He suddenly looked around, craning his neck like he had done earlier and looking so cute. I looked around to see what he was looking at then realized he was just checking to make sure no one was around. Suddenly he reached over and stuck his hand in my trunks and grabbed my junk.
    I squealed like a little girl, then moaned as he began working the skin on my fast rising boner.
    "Uhhhh..."I grunted, "You surprised me again."
    "You said any time, right?" he said grinning.
    "Yup, any time. Can....can I touch yours too?"
    "Heck yeah, it feels way better'n doin  it myself, help yourself, "he giggled.
    So I did and he was already rock hard. His skin felt warm but he was a little sticky due to the swimming and  I sort of had to peel his hard dick off his belly. It felt good in my hand but I wanted to taste it. I looked around. The sides of the gazebo were about three feet high and there were only two opening, the one we had come in facing the garden path and one on the other side facing into the lawn. As long as we stayed below the wall no one could see what we were doing if they stumbled onto us.
    The question was, would Kenny enjoy my sucking him as much as I would enjoy doing it. Stupid question, right? What boy or man doesn't like to have his boner licked and sucked, right? But remember I was only 12 then and most of this stuff was all new to me. Fortunately Kenny was way ahead of me.
    He saw me looking around and sort of figured I was worried about us getting caught but I wasn't sure he knew why I was worried or what I wanted to do next. I let go of his dick and looked at him and swallowed hard before saying, "Ever have anyone suck ya?"
    "Yep, it's great. You wanna do that, cause I'm all over that stuff."
    I relaxed  a little then and managed to explain what I had in mind. He shook his head and grinned, "So I go first, or you?"
    "I wanna....uh, do you first," I stammered. Truth was that was all I wanted and if he did me back that was awesome but as long as I got to suck him I was one happy boy.
    I knelt down with my back against the wall and Kenny walked over and stood in front of me. This way he could see anyone coming up the path long before they got close enough to see anything and warn me and I could just scamper off to the right and sit down or something. Great play....right?
    Kenny lowered his swim shorts and I got a whiff of chlorine and his special scent and as I brought my face closer I could see that he had a few brownish hairs just above his dick but his balls were as smooth as mine. His ball sack was wrinkled from the water and looked like two walnuts and I almost laughed, but that would have been bad considering he was baring it all for me and I needed to make sure he knew I liked what he had. So instead of laughing at his balls I started licking them.
    I don't know, maybe he had never had his nuts licked, hell maybe this was all new to him, but for what ever reason he almost fainted dead away when I took his nuts in my mouth. He made a funny mewling sound like some kind of little animal and grabbed onto my shoulders and held on as he shivered and tried to keep from collapsing.
    I was so worried I pulled up and said, "Are you okay, do you want me to stop?"
    "You better not stop!" he said sounding impatient now, "You promised."
    I grinned and went back to work. This was something I used to do with my cousin and I was comfortable with it and hoped he liked it as much as I did, and if his reaction was any clue, he was. I got tired of licking and sucking his nuts finally and decided to move on to the prize before someone came along and ruined our fun.
    First I just licked his shaft from base to tip and he moaned softly and held on even tighter. After the first few licks I had the chlorine cleaned off and I could taste his clean boy skin taste and it was awesome. I knew he could come, I had seen that, but he didn't seem to have pre-cum yet, so there was no real taste yet. I had started getting a little pre-cum a month or so before that I loved the taste of it. Sometimes I would get my dick all slicked up with it and pull back my skin and wrap my hand around it and then lick my hand to taste myself. That always made me come harder when I finally let myself go and I knew that another boy's taste would really make me crazy.
    I finally took the head of his dick in my mouth and just held it as I ran my tongue around it. He moaned louder and now his hands were playing in my hair gently as if he were grooming me. It felt great and I took a little more of him in my mouth. He shuddered and sighed and I reached down and began rubbing his nuts gently as his knees buckled a little. I knew how he felt, my cousin had been amazing at this and that was where I had learned my technique. I was saving the best for last though but I didn't think he could hold out much longer so I decided to go for it.
    I gripped his hips in my hands and pulled him to me and at the same time I took all of his almost 5" of slender hard flesh into my mouth. I felt his pubes tickle my chin and he sobbed with pleasure. Yeah, I said sobbed. He was laughing and crying and moaning and grunting and If we hadn't been so far away from the others I'd of been afraid everyone would know by now what we were doing. Fortunately, he couldn't hold out very long as I swallowed his dick relaxing my throat muscles like my cousin taught me and suddenly he cried out louder and began to unload.
    His fist volley hit my tonsils and slid down my throat, but I was ready for the next one and wrapped my tongue around his dick head and caught the tasty liquid and lapped it up greedily before swallowing. The next two squirts were more like dribbles but they tasted awesome too and when he had stopped coming I gently squeezed his nuts and tried to milk out a few more drops. He was quiet now but breathing so hard I thought he would pass out but that only lasted a moment then he patted my head like a good doggie and pulled up his shorts.
    "Your turn," he said grinning and I stood up and stretched my aching knees.
    He sat down on the floor with his legs folded like a swami or something and pulled me in front of him. I didn't have a chance to pull down my trunks before his hands were there and yanking them down and my boner sprung up and he was sucking on it like a hungry kitten on a teat. What he lacked in technique he made up for in enthusiasm , and although his beejay wasn't as good as the ones my cousin gave, I came so hard I saw stars. Maybe it was because I was already in love with Kenny and just his touch turned me on, but to me that was the best feeling in the world.
    As soon as he had swallowed all my jizz he licked my head clean and pulled my trunks back up over my softening dick and just in time. From somewhere up the path I heard voices and quickly pulled Kenny up and herded him out of the gazebo. No sooner had we got onto the path then two boys came into sight laughing and shoving one another. I didn't know either boy but they looked younger than us and were very cute. They said hi shyly and after they passed I heard one of them say there was a cool fort or something up ahead and I laughed, kids....they're so much fun, right?
    We got back to the pool just as Dommie and Buster came out of the house looking rested and rubbing their eyes, I guess they really did take a nap, and I we went over to say hi. Suddenly I realized, it wasn't just me any more, it was and Kenny and I wondered if he felt that too. Could I be that lucky to have found some one so soon? I was beaming as Dommie and Buster saw us and waved. I think they already knew something was up, and surely it must show on my face now, both our faces, but I knew no one but another gay boy could recognize it and our secret was safe.
    Something had changed  for me 
that day and I knew I would never be the same scared, self conscious boy that  I had been before. I had found someone like me, well actually a group of them, but one special one who would be mine if I could make that happen and at that moment I felt like I had the world by the balls.

Chapter Ten
Crazy Bunch of Queer Boys

    I think that was the first time Buster and I had ever been in bed without having sex, but we did kiss when we woke up and Buster told me I had dragon breath. I cuffed him and he giggled and hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I was right behind him and caught up with him just as he started pissing. I moved up beside him and pulled little Dommie out and started peeing too and we crossed streams then I pushed him and he wound up wetting the back of the toilet and I giggled. We shook off and washed our hands and faces to sort of wake up and went down to  see where everyone was.
  The first thing we saw was Cody and Kenny coming from the garden. Was it my imagination, or did Cody have that laid look on his face?  We waved and they came over and Cody just sort of stood around unsure of what to say I guess. I could see that Kenny was still his old self but Cody was definitely different. He seemed more relaxed and confident and I only knew one thing that could cause that drastic a change so quickly because I had made that change myself after meeting Buster.
    So Cody is sweet on Kenny, I decided, but how does Kenny feel? It was hard to tell from the look on his face, but if Cody was looking ten feet tall and smug something must've happened between them. One thing was sure, if Buster and I could do anything to help you better believe we would.
    "Hey, you guys hungry?" Joe suddenly said running up from behind.
    Suddenly I was starved, the cake and ice cream having been worked off in the pool and in the shower leaving me famished. We followed Joe to a small dining room that had tiny little sandwiches, pigs in a blanket, chicken nuggets , and other small food all laid out on a table. There were paper plates and plastic forks and spoons and a big ice chest with sodas and juice in it. We loaded up our plates and took them outside and found a shady spot away from everyone else and Joey joined us after a few minutes. It was nice the six of us enjoying our food and cutting up and Kenny seemed to fit in just fine. He kept sneaking little peaks at Cody and once or twice I caught him staring at me or Buster.
    I wondered if Kenny suspected that there were two other couples there and if he and Cody made a third. I sure hoped so, because it would be so cool to have another couple like me and Buster at our school plus Cody deserved someone and Kenny was alright once we got to know him.
    Buster was cramming nuggets in his face and showing us the chewed up result and everyone was giggling and it was like we had all been friends forever. I smiled at Cody and he smiled and looked shy but I could see the twinkle in his eyes as he looked at Kenny. I wanted so badly to say something but I didn't want to queer things for them, lol. I got my tummy full and stretched out on the grass and watched the clouds float around above and suddenly Buster pounced on me and I almost puked. He kept mauling me around and pretty soon Joe and Joey joined in and I thought I was gonna not only puke but pee on them too. I was laughing so hard I couldn't tell them to stop but eventually they got tired and left me alone. All except Buster who started rubbing my tummy and you should've see the look on Kenny's face.
    I think he already knew the score, but after watching us that afternoon I was sure he had our number. I hoped he was like us too, but so far I was playing it safe. Buster rubbing my tummy was just a dumb kid thing and didn't mean much unless you knew more and put two and two together and if Kenny was doing that then maybe he didn't mind and wanted to do that kind of stuff too. I hoped so but I wasn't pushing the issue, this was Cody's deal, not mine.
   Eventually the other kids started to leave as their parents came to pick them up but curiously no one came to get Kenny. I looked at Joe and he said, "Oh, yeah...I forgot....Kenny's staying over too. His folks are going out of town and my folks said he could stay."
    I thought Cody was going to do a victory dance but he held still and just grinned, no doubt thinking that if he could arrange it he would be sleeping next to Kenny tonight.
    So far all I'd seen was Joe's mom and an aunt who had helped with the party but not his dad. So when about six o'clock this big football player looking black dude rolled out to the pool, I was like, who the heck is this?
    "Pops," Joe squealed and I knew it was his dad I had been wondering about.
    He ran over and Joe hopped up on him like a little kid and he carried him like he was a feather. I could see that Joe really loved his dad and I was a little jealous. I mean after all he had a mom that looked like a model, a dad who was a brick house of a guy, and lived in a mansion with  a pool, how cool was that?
    He quickly introduced all of us but of course he knew Joey and he surprised the heck out of me by grabbing up Joey just like he had Joe and gave him a monster hug. Well, I thought, after all Joey spends a lot of time over here and he is Joe's best (boy) friend, but I wondered if Joe's dad would be quite so friendly if he knew what went on between them.
    "You boys ready to camp out tonight?" Joe's dad asked as he set Joey down and tousled his hair.
    "Yep!" Joey said excitedly, "In tents, it will be so cool."
   So that was the plan, boy talk about one surprise after another, first I find out it's a sleepover and now that we're sleeping outside in tents. But the more I thought about it the better it sounded. No rents to disturb us and if Buster and I had our own tent, there'd be lots of sex tonight. And if Cody and Kenny got a chance maybe they could hook up too, if they hadn't already, which I thought they had. I knew Joe and Joey already had their night planned and was a little miffed again that they had kept all of this a secret. Then I decided it was all cool, that it was a surprise, but a good one and it would be a lot of fun and I by not telling me about it they had saved me worrying about it.
    Joe's mom came out and told us to go up to Joe's room and take a shower and get dressed and we could help Joe's dad set up the tents. I remembered the huge shower in Joe's room and wondered if we could all take a shower at once. There was plenty of room and I knew Buster and Cody would be cool with it but Kenny was the one I wasn't sure about...yet.
    Joe solved the problem by sending us four to the bathroom down the hall and it only held one at a time so Cody and Kenny took separate showers down there and then Buster and I took one together while Joe and Joey took theirs together in Joe's huge shower.
    We dressed in shorts and tees and tennies with no socks and ran out to see what Joe's dad was doing. Joe knew where he would be and we followed him down to the area where there was a huge lawn and a gazebo. There was trees and flowers and shrubbery all around and it looked more like a park than a backyard but there was a big clearing just past the gazebo and Joe's' dad had already laid out three tents and was starting to set them up.
    They were that kind that have the fiberglass rods that fit together and hold everything up and they were pretty easy to set up and once they were they were plenty big enough for at least four boys our size, but it looked like we'd be sleeping two to a tent and that was cool with me.
    It was almost as if Joe's folks knew they had three couples sleeping over and not six boys, but of course that was silly. They just wanted to make sure there was plenty of room for us to sleep and I guess they knew that we would still goof around outside the tents until sleep finally got to us and what better place than half a block from the house.
    The cool thing was that the pool house was close enough to go to if we needed to poop but for peeing there was bushes and trees, lol. There was an ice chest of sodas and juice and another with snacks for later and Joe's dad even ran an extension cord from the gazebo which had electricity and lights so we could hook up a TV and game system if we wanted. But we decided that we wanted to rough it although we did bring Joe's boom box down there and listen to some tunes.
    It was getting dark by the time we got everything situated and Joe's dad left us with a hug which was cool and the typical parent warning, "Be safe and have fun." and that was the last we saw of him till the next day.
    I couldn't believe Joe's rents were so trusting and so cool. We could've done anything down there and not once did they check on us that night. Fortunately we were basically good kids and mostly interested in sex, lol, otherwise we could have got into some major trouble.
    As it got dark we decided to go swimming for a little while. Joe said that afterwards we could use the pool house showers and just put our underwear on before we went back to the tents and Cody looked a little uncomfortable when he said that, but Kenny didn't bat an eye.
    When we got to the pool no one was around and there were no lights on in the back of the house so Joe suggested we skinny dip. Now if you've ever skinny dipped as a kid, you know how exciting and wicked that is and it didn't take much convincing to get us to try it. Even Cody who had balked at wearing just undies later jumped in bare-assed and we had a blast.
    We played grab ass and Marco Polo and threw a beach ball around and used Kenny for a raft again, only this time he had a mast, lol, and didn't even seen to care that we all saw his boner. I know Cody was staring at it and drooling and I could almost read his mind. Later he was gonna get him some of that thing, lol.
    We finally climbed out of the pool and showered two to a shower, Joe and Joey, me and Buster, and the newlyweds, lol, Cody and Kenny in the last  one. No one fooled around though, at least not for very long, and we got dried off and pulled on our undies and tennies and went back to the tents.
    There were some bug zappers hanging from the gazebo and every few seconds a bug would fly into one of them and there was this sizzling sound as the insect met his termination and I guess that kept the bugs off of us, which I was glad for. We sat around in a circle and all that was missing was a fire, but Joe's parents had made it clear that that was out of the question so we placed a flashlight in the center with a Joe's red shirt over it  and pointed it up and pretended it was a fire.
    Of course no camp-out is complete without a scary ghost story and Buster had one all ready to go. What is it about a lame story told by firelight (flashlight) that gets boys so creeped out that when someone yells boo they jump ten feet, lol? The last line was, "and then they dug the hook out of the back of the car and there was an arm attached." Of course everyone groaned and cuffed him but truth was we were all a little creeped out then even though we were sitting in the backyard of a mansion only minutes from civilization.
    Joe put on some tunes then and he and Joey danced and we all cracked up. I mean seeing my lily white lil bro dance like that was hilarious. Joe was pretty awesome though and I couldn't help but notice how sexy he looked as he did his pelvic thrusts and shook his cute bubble butt.
    Kenny got in on the fun and dragged Cody in and I smiled. It was clear that if he let him Kenny would be the leader just like Buster was to me. It didn't take long till Buster reached for my hand and led me out to the lawn and we danced barefoot in the moonlight. Buster is not much of a dancer, but when he shakes his booty who cares, lol.  Suddenly a slow song came on and I started to sit down but Buster grabbed me and pulled me against him and I melted into him and we forgot all about everyone else and just danced for us.
    I was vaguely aware of Cody and Kenny watching us closely and Joe and Joey holding hands and just sort of swaying to the music, but this was mine and Buster's dance and everyone respected that. When it was over Buster boldly kissed me and I kissed back. If Kenny hadn't figured us out by then, he never would.
    I heard Joe whoop and Cody and Kenny were clapping and cheering and I felt my face go red and then I dragged Buster over to the log and we sat back down. It was quiet for a few minutes and Joe got all of us a soda and we drank to replenish our bodies after the dancing and then we picked up right where we left off as if that touching dance hadn 't happened at all. Funny how something so small can affect people so much.
    For a while that night we were just six regular boys doing boy stuff and sex wasn't big on our minds. We told dirty jokes and talked about video games and Cody told us all about what him and his dad did to their 4-wheel drive truck and talked about his dog and he brought the werewolf thing up again and Joe thought it was very cool. Joe said his dad had actually seen a werewolf and we all laughed but Joe was drop dead serious and we were all like freaking out as he told the story.
    "My dad was like ten or something," he began, "and him and his family were vacationing in England. They were staying at this old castle that some friend of the family owned and my dad was sleeping in this big room with his brother, my uncle Jake, and he said it was pretty creepy and there was like black curtains on the window and a balcony and him and his brother heard this howling like around midnight and they opened the doors and went out on the balcony."
    Buster was cracking up, "This is so lame, Joe....did you read this in a magazine or something?"
     "Dude, just listen," Joe said looking angry, "I swear my pops told me this story, and my pops don't it must be the truth. Anyway he said him and his brother didn't see anything at first cause it was sort of foggy but the moon was full and when a gust of wind blew up and sort of swirled the fog a little they saw this figure down by this little pond."
     "Was it...a..a... werewolf? "Joey asked leaning into Joe a little.
    "I'm gettin to that. They thought it was a dog at first, but my dad said they decided it was too big to be a dog. Then they thought maybe it was a cow," we all cracked up laughing at that and made mooing sounds.
    "Shut up you guys," Joe said but he was laughing too, "I mean they thought maybe the fog was making things look weird. Then the wind blew the fog back in again and when they could see down there again, the thing was gone."
     "So, they don't really know what they saw?" I asked hoping there was more.
    "Not then, but the next night they decided to stay up and see if the thing came back. There was no fog that night, but it was raining a little and my dad said it was really cold. Those old castles are like freezing in the winter because they didn't have anything but fireplaces back then....when they built em, and him and his brother were liked dressed in warm clothes and watching out the balcony doors. He said his brother fell asleep once or twice and he had to wake him up and just past midnight they saw something moving down by the pond again."
     Buster was scooted up really close to me and he reached over and scraped his fingers against my back and I squealed and everyone laughed.
     "My dad said him and his brother were ready and they ran downstairs and out onto the lawn." We all moaned at that, what kind of kids would run toward something like that?
     "They had a flashlight and my dad had his ball bat just in case and even before they got there they heard the howling again. My dad said it made his teeth hurt it was so loud and he had goosebumps all over his body but he just couldn't stop running toward it. My dad is a big guy now and I guess he was a pretty big kid back then and my uncle, his brother is pretty big too, but they knew if it was really a wolf they were in big trouble.
      My dad said they were about twenty feet from the thing when suddenly it raised up on it's hind feet and growled at them."
     "Did it eat them?" Joey asked with wide eyes and we all laughed nervously.
     "Does my dad  look like some wolf ate him?" Joe giggled, "Seriously my pop said him and his brother took off running toward the house and didn't stop till they were back upstairs in their room with the door locked."
    "He said they slept under the bed that night instead of on it and the next morning they asked everyone if they had heard anything strange the night before. That's when the guy who owned the castle said it was a full moon and there was legend that when the moon was full, werewolves roamed the moors."
     "Ah, that sounds just like the movies." Buster said yawning.
   "Yeah, except this time it was like real life. See, my pops told me that him and his brother talked about what they saw that night and they both agreed that it looked like a wolf only it was way bigger than any wolf they'd ever heard about and it sort of stood up like a man. pops told me one more thing....this was when it was just the two of us and my mom wasn't around. See my pop is totally cool around me with sex and cuss words and stuff and he told me that wolf had a huge penis and it was hard and him and his brother ran cause they were afraid it was gonna rape them or something."
     We wanted to laugh, but we just couldn't. Something in the way Joe told that story and the look on his face sent chills down our spines, or at least it did mine. I could just imagine a big hairy wolf/man thing with a huge hard-on chasing my little white ass. It was something you didn't see in movies or read in books, but when you thought about it, it made a lot of sense. Everyone likes sex, even animals and if a thing was half man and half wolf it might be driven to have sex with men, women, or other animals.
      "I had nightmares for a week after my pops told me that," Joe said shivering for effect.
     If he was lying, he should get an Emmy, because no one laughed or disputed his story and I had to admit after that night I never quite looked at werewolf stuff the same way again.
    Eventually we moved on to other stuff and I was glad because I was sort of spooked after that and if some one had howled I probably would have shot out of there like a bullet. We went back to talking about normal stuff like school and the video games we all liked and eventually we decided to try to get some sleep.....(poke, poke, he he).
   There really wasn't any deciding about who slept where. Everyone knew me and Buster were tent mates and Joe and Joey claimed the tent nearest the gazebo so that left Cody and Kenny to bunk together. I could see the joy in Cody's eyes and Kenny looked pretty happy too even if he was yawning as they disappeared into the tent.
    As soon as we got inside our tent and zipped the door shut Buster was on me, "I thought this time would never come," he said kissing my neck and giving me goose bumps. My dick jumped to attention and as he pressed against me and I could tell he was hard too. I relaxed against him and we rubbed our boners together as we kissed. It's amazing to me now almost ten years later how romantic Buster and I were even though we were only kids back then. We weren't just two mindless kids having sex to get off, we were in love and intimacy was as important to us as sex was. We didn't know what foreplay meant, but that was something we did a lot. Oh sure there were times when we just grabbed each other and had sex, mostly because we didn't have a lot of time or privacy, but given a choice we preferred to take it slow and savor the feelings.
    That night was one of those times and we must've kissed for a good half hour as we slowly rubbed and felt up each other's body and prepared for what was ahead. I was licking Buster's nipples and stroking his cock when suddenly the tent zipper made a raspy noise and Joey stuck his head inside.
    "Hey what're you guys doing?" he giggled.
    Before we could answer or do anything he was inside and Joe was right behind him. Joe zipped the door shut and I looked up with Buster's nipple still in my teeth and grinned.
    "Well, I see you guys didn't waste any time, how many times you got off?" Joe teased.
    "None....YET!" Buster said faking annoyance.
    "Well, we were wondering...I mean, Joey wanted me to ask ya guys, if you wanted to like do some stuff together again?" Joe asked looking nervous for once.
    I looked at Buster and read his look, "Sure, I don't care as long as I get a crack at Lover Boy's butt later," I said finally letting go of his nipple.
    "All right!" Joey said slipping off his undies and sitting Indian style on the tent floor.
    I looked up as Joe skinned off his cute blue bikini briefs and let his big chocolate sucker loose. I swear his balls looked bigger that night and I wondered if he'd been saving up for tonight. I wondered what Cody and Kenny were up to, and if they suspected we were initiating an orgy next door, lol.
    The only light was coming in through the thin nylon fabric of the tent from the light in the  gazebo a few feet away but we could see well enough for what we were about to do and as we began I could see the intense look in the other's eyes. There was something between us that I can't describe even to this day, but to a bunch of boys our age it was rare. There was love of course, but so much more. There was respect and mutual interest in pleasing one another as well as being pleased. I mean I have met guys since then that were  interested in just one thing, getting theirs and to hell with the other guy, but all of us were as happy to give  as we were to get. Maybe that was just because it was all so new to us, but even to this day I am never satisfied until my partner (yes, it's still Buster) gets off.
    Nuff said about that, now for the play by play Since Buster and I had already started and were warmed up we just picked up where we left off and I went back to his nipples. I think I mentioned that he really liked that stuff and his nipples always got as hard as his dick when I licked or sucked them. I think if I had done it long enough he might have even nutted but I was always way too turned on to keep it up for long. I wanted to move down lower and get the prize but I always enjoyed the trip down there.
    I loved how his chest felt, not quite a six pack, but definitely well defined, and his flat smooth hairless stomach and that cute little innie of his. I loved to tongue that tight little knot till I had all the salty taste out of there and then lick my way down to his pubes. They had grown some over the past few weeks but they were still soft and oh so sexy and I loved feeling them. I licked his shaft from base to head and he shivered. He made a little pre-cum but not like buckets or anything and it was thin and almost tasteless but I loved it anyway and I licked his cock head clean before moving down to his balls.
    His balls are so awesome. A lot of guys balls are sort of gross looking but Buster's are as cute as he is. They are pretty big for a kid and about the size of pecans and there isn't a lot of loose skin like a lot of guys have. They are usually pulled up tight against his body but when we fool around they drop down some and I took them in my mouth and just held them as he moaned.
    I looked up and saw Joe and Joey kissing and feeling each other up and I smiled and Buster's nuts popped out of my mouth. He moaned and said something but I couldn't understand him and anyway I knew what he wanted. I moved down a little lower and he raised his legs to give me access to his butt and I tongued his hole till he was squirming like he had ants in...well you know. His hole was so tight when I first started working it but usually by the time I was ready to get down to business it is plenty loose. He tasted great that night, or I was just extra horny, and I ate his butt for a long time.
     Joe and Joey were fapping each other now as they kissed but I knew they wouldn't come that way. It was just to keep them excited for what came next. I had worried about Joe's big dick in my little bro's ass at first, but after fucking him myself I didn't worry any more. I guess us gay boys are built for butt sex, cause Joey loves it and do Buster and I. I think Joe likes to give more than get, but like I said he always makes sure Joey or any of the rest of us get off too and it's always a lot of fun.
     I wanted Buster's ass bad, but I wanted his cum first. I abandoned his ass and took his dick in my mouth and he groaned. I think one reason I enjoy gettin Buster off so much is the way he reacts to everything I do for him. When he moans or grunts or thrust up against me it is such a rush to know I am having that effect on him. To have that kind of power over someone is humbling and exciting at the same time. It is especially good though when you are totally head over heels crazy in love with someone like I was with Buster and even to this day I never get tired of that feeling.
    I could feel his dick throb in my mouth and his grunting was driving me crazy but I wasn't ready for him to come yet. I came up off his dick and started licking his balls again as I fingered his hole and he almost came up off the floor. I couldn't help but smile and as I looked up I saw Joe going down on my little bro and he had a happy look on his face. I moved around a little till I could get my free hand on one of Joey's feet and I started rubbing it as I worked on Joey.
    My own dick was throbbing and leaking like crazy and I hadn't even so much as touched it. If I could have got it near Joey's feet at that point I would have creamed them good, but I knew when I did get off it would be a good one. Buster was whining now and I knew I needed to get him off soon or he would get cranky, so I took his dick back in my mouth and went to work on it. As I bobbed up and down on it I ran my tongue around the head and up and down the shaft. I could taste his salty musky flavor and my nostrils were full of his hot boy scent. His dick felt so good in my mouth and I was in Heaven as I sucked and licked all the time fingering his ass and squeezing Joey's toes.
    Before too long Buster was making that cute little animal noise and I knew he was close. His breathing was labored and he was squirming and when he reached up and grabbed my hair he started coming. His dick throbbed and seemed to get bigger as he began to spurt and it was all I could do to keep up with him. His cum was thick and strong tasting but it had a sweet flavor as I gobbled it down. All that birthday cake and ice cream, I thought to myself, Yummy!
He shot two or three more bursts and then dribbled a little as I happily lapped it all up. I sighed contentedly as I came up off of him and licked him clean. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was sleeping, but I knew in a minute he's be up and ready to go again and this time it would be me coming buckets.
     I relaxed and watched Joey for a while and witnessed Joey's dry come as I rubbed his little foot and Joe sucked him off. Man it was so hot watching his face as he came and I couldn't resist leaning over and kissing him. His eyes popped open and he smiled and licked his lips and I kissed him again.
     Behind me Buster was stirring and I felt his hand on my butt and it sent chills through me but it was my time now and I pulled up from Joey and jumped Buster. I pinned him beneath me and kissed him roughly and he slipped me the tongue and I pushed it back with mine and growled into his mouth. Pulling back I whispered in his ear and he nodded enthusiastically. I raised up a little and he pulled his legs up and threw them over my shoulders and I lined my dick up with his hole. We didn't have any lube, but my dick was slick with pre-cum and a little spit on Buster's hole and we were ready to go. I slipped in so easy and felt that warm cozy feeling run through my body and I shuddered. No matter how many times we made love, it was always as exciting as the first time and that night seemed even more exciting. I turned to look at Joe and Joey but they were busy doing their own thing, and I turned back to look down at Buster as Joe positioned himself over Joe's little butt.
    I forgot all about them as I concentrated on Buster and the 4.5 inches of me that joined us together and I closed my eyes and began moving slowly in and out and the feeling was awesome as always. His ass felt hot and so smooth, almost like velvet or something and there was just the right amount of lube to make it feel good for both of us. Buster was humming with pleasure and  he was hugging me with his legs and bucking up against me as if he were trying to pull me deeper inside of him. I bent down and kissed him on the lips and he bit my tongue playfully. He gets so excited when he is being fucked and a little crazy but I know how to handle him and I took control and slowed him down. I wanted this to last and I laid down on Buster and stopped moving for a few minutes while we both calmed down a bit. I loved laying against him and inside him but I also wanted to get off  desperately so I pulled back up and began again, this time ramming him fast and hard.
    He was grunting and groaning and I worried that Cody and Kenny might hear us but after all that was really what we wanted anyway so I kept on grinding into Buster and he kept on moaning and then I started coming and I almost blacked out. I felt my balls pull up against me and the cum shot out so hard it almost hurt. I shot again and again then collapsed on top of him and he squeezed me with his legs. I was still hard and still inside him and probably could've gone again, but instead I kissed him, pulled out and rolled over beside him.
    Beside me Joe was pounding my little brother pretty hard but from the look on his face he was loving it. I considered licking his feet or sucking his toes while he was getting pounded but I was too tired to move and I just lay there propped up on Buster's chest and watched. I wondered if Joe felt the same kind of rush that I did when I fucked Buster and if he loved Joey as much but it really wasn't any of my business. They were obviously happy together and what they had seemed to work so it was cool with me.
    Buster and I witnessed Joe's rather messy orgasm as he pulled out of my little bro and splattered him with a quart of cum and then proceeded to lick it off. I was amazed by the whole scene and wondered what that would be like and made a mental note to at least try it sometime. They fell back on the tent floor afterwards and Joe threw a leg over Joey and snuggled up against him.
    "We should go get Cody and Kenny," Joe said after a little while, "they might wanna play too."
    "Only trouble is, we're not sure Kenny is down with it." I said sitting up.
    "Huh? Are you kidding, they are probly doin it right now. Hey, I gotta idea. Let's slip over there and listen, maybe even peek inside and see what's going on."
    "I don't know, that sounds dirty. You wouldn't want anyone to do that to you, would you?"
   "Ha, I wouldn't care. Might be hot having someone watch. Come on , we can at least listen."
    I looked at Buster and he shrugged, "Might be pretty cool. I say let's do it."
    "Sure, that's cool. Let's go," he said giggling.
    I sighed but decided if everyone else wanted to, I would do it. We slipped on our undies but didn't put our shoes  thinking we could be quieter barefoot and quietly slipped out of the tent. Their tent was about ten feet away and in a shaddowy part of the lawn and not as bright as mine and Buster's and we crept through the shadows until we were just outside the tent door.
    At first we couldn't hear anything and we thought maybe they had just gone to sleep but then I heard Cody's voice and he said....
    "I like you a lot, but I didn't know how you felt about me."
    "I like you too, you're really cool. I never really had a friend like you before."
  "Thanks, you're cool too. I...ummm...never had a friend like you either, but I was wondering......"
   "What?" There was no mistaking the nervous excitement in Kenny's voice or the fear in Cody's.
    I felt bad for listening but I couldn't stop myself or the others so I just sat there and strained my ears to hear more.
    "I...I'm afraid to say it. It's....hard to say....I don't wanna ruin our friendship...."
   "You wont'. Just say it. I won't get mad or anything, I promise." Kenny was sort of pleading for Cody to ask whatever it was he was hinting at.
    " know....I mean, you saw how Dommie and Buster danced."
    "Yeah, that was cool. They're really good friends too, aren't they?"
    "Really good...the best. They like each other a lot."
    "Maybe even love each other?" Kenny said sounding embarrassed.
   Cody didn't answer but I could picture him nodding and biting his lip like he does sometimes and I smiled. I guess I should of been upset that Cody was throwing us out there like that, but hell me and Buster hadn't exactly been Girl Scouts all evening around him.
    "I used to have someone like that." Cody said and I could hear the fear in his voice.
    "Really? a boyfriend?" Kenny asked and I could almost smell the fear he was giving off.
    "Uh, is that too weird?" Cody said sounding ready to cry.
   "No, no....not or something I guess," Kenny said and I could picture him smiling at Cody with  that goofy smile of his.
    "So......." Cody said with a shaky voice, "I was wondering......would it be too weird if I said I liked you like that too?"
    "No way, that'd be cool...cause I sort of feel that way about you. I know we only met like a little while ago."
    Where had I heard that before? Oh yeah, that was the way it was with me and Buster.
    "But, I feel like we are like good friend and I really liked what we did in the shower and in the gazebo. It great. Did, like it?"
    "What? Heck yeah, it was awesome. I wanna do it again," he said sounding happy then nervous again, "if you do I mean."
    "Like now?" he said sounding excited.
    "Well, I wouldn't mind if you didn't."
    "No way, that'd be cool. I uh....what should we do?"   
   "Whatever you want.....I mean it don't matter, I like it all. But if you want I could, ummmm show you some other stuff."
    Joe was grinning like a opossum and he signaled for us to back away and we were almost back to our tent when Buster tripped over a rock and sprawled  ass first on the ground and he yelled "Shit."
    The door to Cody's tent came open immediately and him and Kenny poked their heads out and looked at the scene before them. I was red faced and so embarrassed but everyone else just smiled and waved.
    "Just going for a walk," Buster said grinning, "Sorry, carry on...uh, I mean go ahead and do what you were doing." Then he picked himself up and dusted off his butt and I noticed he had a major boner. I guess all that sex talk back there had got to him or maybe he was just ready to go again, but either way, there was no way Cody and Kenny missed that tent in his undies.
    "You guys were listening? Weren't you?" Cody said looking as if he could crawl under a rock.
    "Sorry," I said speaking for us all, "I know it wasn't cool, but we just wanted to make sure, you know, that everything was cool with you too."
    "I can't believe you guys did that." he said I could tell he was pissed.
    I had to fix things up and fast or it could ruin it for those two. "Hey, Cody, can I talk to you in private for a minute?"
    I could tell he really wanted to tell me to go to hell, but I guess deep down inside he still liked me and Buster enough to at least listen. I managed to get him over to the gazebo where we were out of earshot of the others and I threw myself on him mercy. I told him it was Joe's idea and since it was Joe's sleepover and his place and all that we felt like we should do it, but I didn't really want to and I was sorry. I said I knew it was wrong but once we got started we just couldn't leave without knowing what happened. Then I turned it around by congratulating him on winning Kenny over and told him how slick he had been. Well, everyone likes a little praise and I could see him soften a little and when I hugged him and cried a little he forgave me and all of us but not before he gave me a punch in the arm that wouldnt've squashed a gnat.
    "You guys are jerks, but I forgive you, this time, but don't do that again....ever, okay?"
    "I swear on Buster's butt," I giggled, "and I really, really like Buster's butt so you know it's for real."
    "Okay, but can you guys...uh, leave us alone now. We were just getting to know each other a little better."
    "So we heard," I giggled. "Okay, okay...I'm sorry. We'll go now."
    We left Cody and Kenny to do whatever and went back to our tent and Joe was like fidgeting around and couldn't sit still. He kept going to the door and unzipping it and looking out and trying to hear what was going on next door and I had to laugh, it was so funny. Finally Joey dragged him over to where he was sitting and whispered something in his ear and he grinned and shook his head.
     I cocked my head and wondered what they had been whispering about but I soon found out. Before I could say anything Joey was scooting over toward me and putting his dirty little feet in my lap. I giggled and tickled them and he jerked them back and pouted until I pulled them back into my lap. I dusted the little bit of dirt and grass off them and began rubbing them then pulling on each little toe as he sighed with satisfaction. My boner was up now and I could feel a wet spot forming in my undies where the tip touched and I had to reach down to adjust it.
    While I was rubbing Joey's feet I noticed Buster just sort of staring at Joe and looking nervous so I reached over and grabbed his crotch and of course he was hard, "Go on, Joey and I got some biness to take care of and I know you got your eyes on that chocolate bar over there," I giggled.
    "Hey, I'm right here," Joe said faking being mad, "I aint chocolate, I am caramel."
   "Mmmmm, I love caramel," Buster said crawling over on all fours to where Joe was sitting, "may I have a taste?"
    Joe giggled and stretched out on the tent floor and Buster crawled in between his legs and pulled down his underwear. Joe raised his butt to allow him to take them off and kicked them free when they reached his feet. His cock was at full mast and even from where I was sitting I could see it was wet on the end and as I watched Buster leaned in and licked the wetness off the end. Joe moaned and ran his fingers through Buster's hair and closed his eyes.
    I watched for a few more minutes, just long enough to see Joe's dick disappear into Buster's mouth, and then I went back to Joey's feet. He was laying there looking at me with that cute mug of his and I wanted to squeeze him till he popped, but first, the feet.
     Dirty or not they were my little bro's feet and I wanted to taste them no matter what. I wiggled out of my underwear and used them to wipe down his feet and started licking and sucking on his toes while he sighed contentedly. I saw his little hand go to his crotch and into his undies and I stopped long enough to say, "Leave it little bro, I'll take care of it in a minute."
    He pulled his hand back but was sort of rubbing his butt against the sleeping bag underneath him and his eyes were glazed over. I just loved the effect my sucking his feet had on him and I couldn't get enough of those soft squishy piggies. I liked to lick the soles of his feet too and they tasted salty and a little different that night and it caused my boner to throb. I must've spent 15 minutes on his feet before I looked up to see Buster sitting on Joe's chest and feeding him his dick. I laughed to myself, he loved feeding his dick to someone like that (usually me) and I knew what was next.
    I decided to give Joey a special treat then and when I put his feet down he knew we were moving on to the next level. I usually gave my little bro a good beejay and then fucked his feet but something about being outside and in a strange place made me want to change things up. If we could make it work I was gonna let my little bro fuck me.
    I was shaking with excitement as I tried to decide what position would work best with his shorter dick and decided if I was on my back he might be able to just reach. I didn't tell him what I had in mind but once I assumed the position he figured it out pretty quick and the look on his face was priceless. He was trembling as he moved up against me and took his position. We didn't have any lube but we had spit and after all Joey wasn't all that big so once we got him in there it would be fine. I spit on my fingers and slicked up my hole as best I could and Joey used his spit to coat his dick. There was something extra sexy about knowing our spit was our only lube and I was shaking with anticipation as he started to push against me.
    At first it didn't go in so I reached down and sort of guided him in and he slid in easily. He didn't get in very far, after all his dick was only like 3.5 inches long but he had the head in and I knew that felt pretty good. He sort of closed his eyes and he looked so cute as he made a little face and began moving. I have to admit that even though he was only in an inch or so it felt almost as good as when Buster nailed me. Of course he couldn't reach that place inside that feels almost like fapping but it was nice just like it was. I loved the feel of his soft warm little body on me and when he bent down and kissed me I was so loving it. His lips were soft and warm and his little tongue was keeping time with his little wiener as it went in and out of my hole.
    I looked over at Joe and Buster and wasn't surprised to see Joe pounding Buster's ass from the back as he knelt doggie style. I just smiled, Buster had a hungry, hungry
    Joey was laying on top of me then and kissing my neck as he thrust gently against me, being careful not to pull out on  the up stroke. It must've been hard not to go crazy and fuck frantically but he knew if he did he's wind up popping out and ruining his rhythm so he was content to do the slow hump. I personally like doing that occasionally and I knew it could feel just as good as a wild fast fuck and I tried to help him every way I could.
    As he entered I would squeeze my ass muscles gripping his little dick head and he would grunt and when he pulled back I would relax. This went on for like 15 or 20 minutes and meanwhile Joe had busted his nut in Buster and they were laying there hugged up watching me and Joey. I smiled over at them and winked and they grinned and winked back. I could see the love in Joe's eyes and Buster looked like he wanted to join in but I guess he decided this was mine and Joey's time and he stayed out of it. Truth is I kind of wanted this to be our time too and I had never felt as close to my little bro as I did that night he made his crazy little boy love to me. Looking back I wonder at what point I had lost all my inhibitions about incest and came to accept that what we did was out of love and not lust and hurting no one, no even us, but I guess it was something that just happened over time.
    When Joey came it was so cute. He made a crazy face and his little mouth formed an O and he trembled and thrust against me and collapsed wiggling around like I used to when I humped the bed before I found out to fap correctly. He raised up once more then wiggled back against me and I could feel his little dick throb trying to squirt out the cum that wouldn't arrive for another year. His dry comes were always very intense and this one must've been especially good because I thought he was going to cry. His face looked so serene then and he collapsed against me and suckled my neck like a little baby at a tit.
    I rubbed his little back and down to  his cute butt and he purred. He raised up and kissed me and I covered his face with kisses afterward, his eyes, his cheeks, his forehead, even his little pixy nose and he grinned.
    "I wuv you Dommie," he sighed and my heart soared.
    "I wuv you too little bro," I said almost crying myself.
    He recovered quickly as he always did and raised up on his elbows and looked me in the face with a devilish grin, "Your turn. I want you to do my butt...please Dommie."
    I giggled, I had wanted that all along, but I didn't want to force it. I would have been fine doing his feet but that night I needed to be inside him and love him like he had loved me. I was shaking even harder as I rolled him onto his side and spooned up against him. In this position I could get a better shot at his little rosebud and not put any weight on him but still press a lot of flesh and it was wonderful.
   My dick was so wet with pre-cum and a little spit on his hole and I was in easily. I pushed all the way in and he moaned and pulled my arms around him and I noticed his little dick was hard again. I chuckled to myself, what a little horn dog he was then. Sometimes I think he was hornier than Buster and me put together.
    I moved slowly and gently inside him and tried to stretch it out for as long as possible, but he was just so hot and tight and I was so horny and pretty soon I was reaching the end. I stopped suddenly and Joey protested but not for long and then I was going at it faster than ever. I cold hear that wet slapping noise as I pounded his little ass and I forgot about everything else and just let it happen.
    When I felt the first burst it was almost painful and I wondered if Joey could feel it inside him. The second burst was almost as strong and I felt drained already but I wasn't down yet. Three, four, and finally five more bursts before my dick quit throbbing and then there was only a dribble.
     I was too tired to move and I just lay there inside Joey and rested with my arms around him, kissing his sweet neck and shoulders enjoying my afterglow. I sighed and could have fallen asleep right there and then if Buster hadn't scooted over and touched my shoulder.
    "Hey, there's someone here to see you."
    I jerked my head up and for the first time noticed Cody and Kenny standing near the door. I had had my back to them the  whole time and had been so wrapped up in making love to my little bro that I hadn't even heard them come in. Well, if they weren't sure what a bunch of sickos we were before they sure knew now.
    I pulled out of Joey and went soft instantly. I noticed a little bit of whitish brown on my dick and wiped at it with my underwear before putting them on. My dick itched and I wanted to scratch it but I was too self conscious in front of those two so I suffered.
    "What's up?"
    Cody cleared his throat and looked nervous, "We, uh....wondered if we could join you guys over here. Looks like you're having a lot of fun."
    I started laughing and couldn't stop. Later Buster told me he thought I had cracked but I guess it was just relief at knowing that Cody and Kenny were really like us after all. I finally managed to get it under control but still guffawed once or twice as they came in and sat down.
    I was exhausted but the prospect of watching Cody and Kenny engage in sexual activity was causing my boner to make a comeback and I noticed the others were sporting wood of their own.
    "So, you two work things out?" Buster asked once he saw I was okay.
    "Yep," Cody said reaching over and taking Kenny's hand. Kenny looked embarrassed but smiled at Cody and I could see that they had already made a commitment
of some kind to one another .
    "Cool. Well, as you can see us crazy bunch of queer boys here in the triple x tent have been getting bizzzy and while we are tired for now, I'm sure there is more to come....and come, and come, " he giggled.
    "Oh, mostly we just wanted to talk...I mean for now, right Kenny?"
    Kenny nodded.
    "So what do you crazy queer boys wanna talk about?" Buster chuckled.
    "Uh, you guys are so cool and you got it all worked out but we...ummmm, I mean we're sort of new at this. Except for my cousin I never really had a friend like....uh, Kenny before."
    "Ah, is that all? Well, just watch me and Dommie, we're like an old married couple. We know each other like a book...don't we Dommie?"
    "I guess...and you're a comic book," I giggled.
    "Very funny, very funny, and you're a joke book....ha ha," Buster said rolling his eyes.
    "Well, if anyone wants to know what I think, I think just joining in on the fun will learn you a lot," Joe said raising his eyebrows comically.
    "Yeah", Joey said giggling, "anyone like feet?"
    Cody looked confused and Kenny looked down at his own feet and I noticed they were kind of cute too. Maybe a little skinny but they looked soft and
    So that's how Cody and Kenny came into the fold and we showed them how to love and have fun. I could spend a lot of time telling you about all that went on that night but let's just say that mostly we helped Cody and Kenny find out what they liked to do together and we just helped. We didn't think they were ready to share yet, that takes a while and you really have to love and trust the other person like me and Buster, and Joe and Joey  did, but I figured eventually they would be just like the four of us.
    We didn't get much sleep that night but we had a lot of fun and got a lot of exercise and fortunately Joe's rents left us to sleep and let us eat later and then we swam and later in the showers we fooled around as couples and then it was time to go home. I hated to leave Joe's house and his pool and all that fancy stuff, but I was actually pretty glad to get home and the first thing I did was give my rents a big hug and thank them for letting us go and for being so sneaky about
    Joey and I played PS2 for a while then took a nap before dinner then we watched a move with the rents and it was so cozy and nice to just be a kid again and with my family and it almost seemed like I was two people. One was a sexy gay boy with a lover who had sex with all kinds of boys, even his brother, and the other was just a normal boy who loved video games and movies and spending time with his family. Sometimes being me was so complicated and guess what? It was gonna get more complicated.

End of Chapters Nine and Ten
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