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Little Saint Part 10

As Nicky's thrashing slowed, Andrej leaned forward again and gently suckled the little cock back into his mouth. With soft sucking and barely touching the underside of the dick, he seemed to keep Nicky twitching and moaning for a full five minutes. With Nicky finally whimpering he released his captive dick and eased him down on the bathroom carpet and then standing he hugged Charlie and began a passionate kiss with the little boy's older brother.

As he broke the kiss, he embraced Charlie and whispered, "Little Saint, you've given me the greatest Thanksgiving. I can't believe this dream; my Little Saint and his big brother!"

"God, Andrej," moaned Nicky from their feet. "That was the kewlest thing I've ever felt! I thought my body would explode. If that's a hedonodentist, then that's what I want to grow up to be!"

Andrej and Charlie collapsed to the floor with their little imp and dissolved into a group hug. "What have we created?" they exclaimed almost simultaneously.

"A tickle monster!" Nicky cried and began poking ribs and squeezing. Knowing that he was far outweighed and at the disadvantage, Nicky bolted from the bathroom and tore down the hall to the bedroom. Andrej and Charlie were right behind, but Nicky had them stymied with the bed between and a ready quip, "You better get some clothes on. Mom will be here soon."

"Just wait, little squirt. You'll get yours later."

"I'd rather have yours!" Nicky laughed and dashed back to the bath.

Laughing at the turn of the jest, Andrej sat on the bed and began to dress. Charlie went to the closet and started dressing on his own and both boys guarded the hall to see if they could catch the little boy, but he remained locked in the bath.

Just as they finished dressing, the boys' Mom returned and called down the hall. Andrej and Charlie went into the living room and Charlie introduced them. As Andrej was thanking her for allowing him to join them for their lunch, Nicky came skipping out of the bath wearing nothing but a grin.

"Hi, Mom. We had a great swim! I'm starving, when do we eat." The little boy sang as he hugged her then went to Charlie and holding out his arms demanded to be lifted up.

Charlie picked him up and held him on his hip as Nicky snuggled into his chest. "I think you need to change before we can go." he laughed and looked over at Andrej.

Andrej was standing with his mouth open and then furiously blushed as the boys' Mom glanced his way. "Forgive him, Andrej. I think he thinks that clothes are just a nuisance."

"They are!" asserted Nicky. "They just get dirty and need to be picked up. If we didn't have to wear them think how much cleaner my room would be?" he directed at his Mom.

Laughing, Charlie carried him into the bedroom and stood him on the bed. Then tossing him underwear and socks he whispered, "Little Minx, you shocked Andrej once again."


The Thanksgiving Dinner was a wonderful time. They enjoyed the restaurant and as they were finished walked slowly back to the apartment. Nicky held hands with both the older boys and their Mom walked beside Charlie enjoying the happy glow of her boys and their friend. They casually walked through the shops of the 16th street mall and enjoyed the beauty of the day, the colors and excitements of the store displays and each others company.

The rest of the day was spent with football, dvds and eventually pizza. The boys just vegging on the couch and floor. Andrej seemed to be at ease and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Of course he wasn't challenged by Nicky again as the little boy kept his clothes on and his hands to himself.

As the news came on, Nicky jumped up stripping off his shirt and announced, "I'm going to do my laps. You guys can come up if you want, but I'm going to swim a lot!" He was kicking off his pants and underwear as he hopped out of the room and then he was back hopping on one foot as he tried to get a pair of pure white speedos on. Hopping around and getting his left foot caught between the leg holes, he fell into Andrej's lap and wiggled around until he got his suit on and up. Charlie could tell by Andrej's look that this little show had resulted in a concerted grope by the little boy. He tried to ease his friends embarrassment by scooping down and lifting Nicky up and hoisting him across his shoulders. Turning to the door, he gave a little tickle and clamped his brother hard into his grip. "Okay, Little Saint, but I think I owe you at least one dunk!" and he carried him out of the apartment.

Having tossed the boy into the pool and then setting up the flow he returned to the apartment. Andrej and his mother were picking up the remains of the pizza and popcans and generally cleaning up the kitchen.

"Charlie," his Mom said, "I'm not sure I should ask, but you and Nicky get along so well. I've got a chance to spend the rest of the week skiing up at Vail. One of the partners has his family here and they have extra room. Would you be willing to stay with Nicky so I can go? I'll leave some money for food and the number where we'll be staying."

"Sure, Mom, you don't have to give it a thought. I sure would have bitched and moaned last year, but Nicky and I get on great now. He's a cut little twerp and we'll be fine."

"That's wonderful. I don't know how long it's been since I had a few days off from work and worry. Andrej you can come swimming anytime. Charlie, you or Nicky need to be with him at the pool according to the rules. Why don't you boys change and we'll go up and see how our minnow's doing."

Charlie and Andrej changed back into suits and Andrej threw on a tee shirt. As they met Charlie's Mom in the hallway, she stopped them dead by staring them up and down and then pronouncing, "My you two are handsome. Charlie we need to get you a sexy suit too." As Charlie blushed crimson, she turned to Andrej, "Now don't be embarrassed, but are those nipple rings hiding under there?"

Andrej turned his own shade of red and managed to mumble, "Yes, ma'am."

"Well, let's see 'em. I don't suppose you got them just to hide them away!" and she stood stock still until Andrej shyly lifted off the tee. "Oh, those are hot!" she said and winked at Andrej sending him another few shades of red. "I always wondered about getting one, but I remember Charlie here when he didn't think he was getting enough milk! Little gums and teeth can hurt like mad and that always made me pause. Then when Nicky tried to bite them off, I know I couldn't stand the pain!"

"Yes, ma'am, it hurt a lot, but my friend in Moscow held my hand and they were for us."

"You must have loved them a lot to get those."

"Yes, ma'am, I do." he answered

"Well, let me take these two young studs up to the pool. I have some etchings to show you!" and she broke out laughing grabbing a boy by each elbow and leading them to the elevator.

"Aw, Mom," Charlie whined, but he was pleased to make her happy.

As they entered the pool area, they could see Nicky swimming strongly in the current. He must have been going for almost a half hour and as Charlie glanced at the dials he whistled, "He's at 10! That'd send me through the concrete at the back of the pool!"

Andrej confirmed, "It's very fast, he's very strong."

"I worry about him. Maybe he's doing to much."

"No Mom, just think how happy he is here and how his eyes sparkle when he comes and goes from swimming. I wish I'd been as happy when I was 9."

"Oh, Charlie, me too. I'm so sorry, we should have handled life a whole lot better then."

"Mom, you were a great Mom. I didn't mean it that I wasn't happy."

"I know son, I know. Well, you boys head for the spa, I'm going to just sit and watch my baby, no my babies, for a while."

"MOM!" Charlie protested, but then he kissed her cheek and he and Andrej settled into the hot tub.

Nicky swam and the boys soaked and their Mom watched in reverie. After another 15 minutes, Nicky bobbed below the surface and came up at the end of the pool. Pulling himself up, he looked around and saw his Mom by the window and like the little boy he really was he rushed to her and crawled into her lap. His swimming glow was all around and his cocklet poked straight out with the glory of his body's ecstasy at the work out. She didn't notice, she just basked in his glow and the warmth and love pouring from his body into hers.

As she held him, she told him of her skiing plans and as the other boys joined them, he hollered, "Great! I'll be good! We'll have a lot of fun. Can Andrej stay, too?"

"Well, yes, I guess he can. Okay, boys," she admonished. "A lot of fun, but no one else and NO GIRLS!"

"GIRLS! YUCKK!" Nicky howled.

Charlie rolled his eyes and Andrej just nodded yes.

As they left the pool area, Andrej gathered up his clothes and promising to return for an early morning swim made his way home. Charlie and Nicky took quick showers and as their Mom made them a cup of hot chocolate, they snuggled on the couch. Nicky was soon asleep against Charlie's chest. His mother came and took the mugs and kissed Nicky on the head, Charlie lifted him and carried him to bed.

It was very early when Charlie heard a knock on the bedroom door and his mother's voice saying, "Bye boys, be good! Food money and the phone number's on the kitchen table!"

"Bye, Mom," he called back. "Have a great time skiing."

"Mmmm," Nicky mumbled through his sleep. Charlie cuddled him close and fell back into a snooze.

Charlie startled awake. He'd peed the bed! His dick had been so hard, so hot, he couldn't believe he'd lost control. But then he realized he was wrong. Right before his head the two little globes of his brother's bubble butt were weaving back and forth. Between his legs his brother's perfect lips had a firm hold on his dick and that's what was so warm. He was as hard as he'd ever been. The rasp of the little tongue moving up his shaft, the fiery warmth of the mouth. It wasn't pee, it was pure sex. "God!" he groaned and Nicky hearing him awake twirled his tongue around the pole and twirled his butt in front of his brother's face.

Charlie didn't even think. He propped up his elbows and reaching forward with his tongue found he could just touch the crack presented so temptingly before him.

Nicky arched his back at the touch and managed to scoot back another inch or two closer to the searching tongue without releasing a smidgen of the captured dick.

Charlie poked again with his tongue and found he could enter that tempting crack. He was shocked he was doing this, but just as shocked to find it tasted grand. It was his Nicky, his Little Saint; a hint of chlorine, a hint of sweat, a taste of salt and a wonderfully full bouquet of boy. His boy, his bother, his god. He wanted more, he wanted to taste ever single cell. He licked and lapped and drove his tongue deeper and deeper into the sweet crevasse.

Nicky backed even more into the invading tongue and spread his legs a bit.

Charlie suddenly could see the little pucker he had so lovingly touched just yesterday. The pink rosebud of the entrance to his brother's body was presented, clean, quivering and ready for his touch. He ran his tongue across it and felt more than heard Nicky's begging assent. He poked his tongue as he lapped again. The taste was heaven, it drove from his tongue down to his hips and thrusting up into Nicky's working mouth, he dislodged the boy causing him to fall back. Falling back the quivering hole impaled itself directly on his searching tongue. He felt himself inside the door, inside his brother's body. Nicky screamed his pleasure and then grabbing Charlie's thrusting dick he squeezed and squeezed and managed to get it back inside his mouth. As Charlie wiggled his tongue tip trying to drive it deeper into the boy he felt himself explode. His straining cock filled his brother's mouth as his desperate tongue rammed itself another time still deeper into heaven. Then Nicky screamed again and his whole body shook. Throwing up his head he forced his butt down stronger on Charlie's writhing tongue and cried out his delight. Then shaking with his orgasm, he clenched his tiny ring and forcing Charlie's tongue outside he moaned that it had escaped. Collapsing as he lay upon Charlie's heaving chest, his own lips found themselves again at Charlie's dick and gently taking it inside, they suckled softly getting every drop of Charlie's gift.

"Little Saint, I worship you." Charlie whispered to his brother's winking hole.

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