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Little Saint Part 11

Charlie poked again with his tongue and found he could enter that tempting crack. He was shocked he was doing this, but just as shocked to find it tasted grand. It was his Nicky, his Little Saint; a hint of chlorine, a hint of sweat, a taste of salt and a wonderfully full bouquet of boy. His boy, his bother, his god. He wanted more, he wanted to taste ever single cell. He licked and lapped and drove his tongue deeper and deeper into the sweet crevasse.

Nicky backed even more into the invading tongue and spread his legs a bit.

Charlie suddenly could see the little pucker he had so lovingly touched just yesterday. The pink rosebud of the entrance to his brother's body was presented, clean, quivering and ready for his touch. He ran his tongue across it and felt more than heard Nicky's begging assent. He poked his tongue as he lapped again. The taste was heaven, it drove from his tongue down to his hips and thrusting up into Nicky's working mouth, he dislodged the boy causing him to fall back. Falling back the quivering hole impaled itself directly on his searching tongue. He felt himself inside the door, inside his brother's body. Nicky screamed his pleasure and then grabbing Charlie's thrusting dick he squeezed and squeezed and managed to get it back inside his mouth. As Charlie wiggled his tongue tip trying to drive it deeper into the boy he felt himself explode. His straining cock filled his brother's mouth as his desperate tongue rammed itself another time still deeper into heaven. Then Nicky screamed again and his whole body shook. Throwing up his head he forced his butt down stronger on Charlie's writhing tongue and cried out his delight. Then shaking with his orgasm, he clenched his tiny ring and forcing Charlie's tongue outside he moaned that it had escaped. Collapsing as he lay upon Charlie's heaving chest, his own lips found themselves again at Charlie's dick and gently taking it inside, they suckled softly getting every drop of Charlie's gift.

"Little Saint, I worship you." Charlie whispered to his brother's winking hole.

"God! Oh Charlie!" Nicky moaned. "That was so, so, wonderful. I knew you were the angel inside me yesterday, but today was just heaven!" He wiggled around and turned his whole body on top of Charlie's chest. His head just below Charlie's chin. His still ramrod straight boyness just above Charlie's softened cock. He clenched his legs together and used his toes to dig down between Charlie's knees trapping the softened dick between his thighs.

"Hmmmm," Charlie moaned in reply. He reached around his little brother, rubbing his hands up and down his back and over the tiny, lovely buns his tongue had been exploring. Hugging Nicky to his body, he gently rocked the boy against himself, feeling the rock hard boyhood poking him in the stomach, his own boyhood lengthening and stretching up and into the cleft between Nicky's thighs.

They lay together, rocking and hugging. Charlie continuously running his hands across the smoothness of his little brother; Nicky squeezing his thighs in time to the rocking. They loved the feel of each others' body as they shared every piece of skin they could press together.

"Charlie?" Nicky asked quietly.

"Yes, Little Saint?" Charlie whispered into his hair.

"Do you think Andrej could share our bed tonite? I really like him."

"I think it's up to him, Nicky, but my guess is he could hardly stay away."

"Cool," Nicky cooed. "Hey, I'm hungry!" and he pushed himself up on his elbows driving the little points into Charlie's shoulders, but melting him with a look deep into his eyes. "What's for breakfast?"

"You!" Charlie laughed and grabbed the boy and flipped them both over so Charlie was now on top. Then with a maniacal laugh, he began licking and nibbling all over the boy's chest.

Nicky was dissolving in giggles and squirming, screaming and laughing, smacking at Charlie's back with his little fists. Charlie reached out and grabbed the boy's arms and pinned them against his stomach as he moved further down and suddenly was nibbling directly on Nicky's still rigid staff. Mouthing it with his lips and frantically twiddling the end inside his mouth with his tongue, he could feel the little boy tensing and changing from a squirming mass of boy trying to escape tickling, to a squirming mass of boy desperate to get more of himself into the warm and frantic action of his mouth.

Nicky's knees came up and his little legs were wrapped around Charlie's chest and his heels digging into Charlie's shoulder blades trying to drive Charlie even further onto his completely captured stake. His toes were curling first up and then down as Charlie opened wide and sucked the tiny balls inside beside their brother spike.

Using his lips to press against the slender rod and orbs, his brother's Trylon and double Perisphere, Charlie moaned his pleasure at the joy of tasting him so intimately again. The soft pleasures of the sac of joy, the velvet cushyness of the nearly popping head with it's ridge which he could flick with his tongue, the spongy yielding moveable feast of the skin rising up and down the shaft. He could taste the chlorine of the pool deep within the pores as well as the salt of nightsweat from under the sac where it lay moist and warm through sleep. He could smell the musty pleasure of the trail from balls and sac down between the thighs. He had tasted that jewel just minutes ago and could still smell the wet firm fullness of the ring of muscle which had so strongly ridden his tongue. His nostrils and taste buds and eyes worked together to bring him the total feast of his brother's beautiful body. He dropped Nicky's clenched hands which immediately moved to his head and hair and began to make a kind of love of their own to his ears and neck and cheeks. His now free hands reached underneath and cupped each their own sweet mound of flesh, finger tips touching over the backside crack, thumbs balanced just around the slight crease where buns met thighs, the thumbtips held against the pubic bones. Then like the opening of a peach, he pressed his thumbs in and rotated each hand up and out bringing the the full flower of the pistol caught between his lips deeper and deeper within his mouth. Sucking and basting with his tongue, he drove the little boy beyond himself and into pleasure striking from his curled up toes to his arching neck and back.

Nicky screamed a silent scream of ecstasy as his body tried to push the center of his pleasure even farther than it could possibly reach within the fire of Charlie's mouth.

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