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Little Saint Part 12

Charlie's nostrils and taste buds and eyes worked together to bring him the total feast of his brother's beautiful body. He dropped Nicky's clenched hands which immediately moved to his head and hair and began to make a kind of love of their own to his ears and neck and cheeks. His now free hands reached underneath and cupped each their own sweet mound of flesh, finger tips touching over the backside crack, thumbs balanced just around the slight crease where buns met thighs, the thumbtips held against the pubic bones. Then like the opening of a peach, he pressed his thumbs in and rotated each hand up and out bringing the full flower of the pistol caught between his lips deeper and deeper within his mouth. Sucking and basting with his tongue, he drove the little boy beyond himself and into pleasure striking from his curled up toes to his arching neck and back.

Nicky screamed a silent scream of ecstasy as his body tried to push the center of his pleasure even farther than it could possibly reach within the fire of Charlie's mouth.

Driving his spike up and up into Charlie, Nicky thought he'd pass out with the intense pleasure coursing through his little body. He couldn't believe his toes could curl up any more, he knew his neck would snap if it arched back any farther. His tiny balls were desperate in their schizophrenic desire to first draw completely back into Nicky's body and hide from the overstimulation and second to drop completely out and stretch farther and farther into the driving warmth and moistness of Charlie's mouth. The head of his penis was on fire as the tongue caressing it fluttered and fluttered across it's tiny tip and then swirled around the ridge. His nerve endings all seemed to explode at once and he went into a spasm of shaking and quaking as he plunged full over the cliff of pleasure. He knew his mouth opened in a scream, but his body had no breath and no ability to make a sound. His pleasure overwhelmed him.

Nicky woke later that morning to the insistent pressure of his bladder. Sliding across Charlie's still sleeping body, Nicky skipped to the bathroom and seemingly filled the bowl. Just as he flushed, the doorbell rang. "Goodie!" he cried, "Charlie! It's Andrej! Wake up, Sleepyhead!"

As he shouted to his brother, he skipped down the hall to the door. Not being tall enough to see out the peephole, he shouted, "Andrej?"

"Yes, Little Saint!" he heard back through the door.

Pulling the chain off and releasing the lock, Nicky threw open the door and launched himself into Andrej's arms. It was all the older boy could do to drop his backpack in time to catch the little rocket.

"Man, do you always greet people at the door wearing nothing?" Andrej laughed as he kicked the backpack inside and then hugging Nicky stepped into the apartment.

"Yeah, when I know they are you!" Nicky shot back, cuddling his head into Andrej's shoulder. His legs were twined around Andrej's waist and his feet were hooked over each other so it was like he could hug Andrej with his arms and his legs.

Andrej had one arm and hand holding Nicky to him, with a full palm of little boy bun and he used the other hand to stroke Nicky's cheek and then down and across his back. "Well, I feel privileged to hold you, but you need to give me a little more warning. I almost dropped you!"

"No I don't," Nicky declared, "Neither Charlie or you would drop me, I know!"

"Right now I couldn't! You're stuck to me as close as a speedo!"

"Kewl," sighed Nicky snuggling into Andrej's chest where he began to finger the left nipple ring visible just beneath the shirt. "I haven't been swimming yet today. Do you want to go?"

"I'd love to take you swimming. If you don't stop that though I won't be able to fit in my speedo."

"Hmmmm, then we'd just have to find something else to do?" Nicky replied as he continued twiddling the ring. Looking up into Andrej's eyes, he made a little face and then put on a little grin. Unhooking his left foot, he used the inside of his thigh to stroke the front of Andrej's jeans. "Why don't we go into the bedroom first." Nicky purred.

"Oh, God," Andrej groaned, "I know I love you anyway, but when you look at me like that I just melt!" He turned and relocked the apartment door and then walked towards the bedroom holding the little boy who had rehooked his feet, but moved his hand from the nipple to the crotch.

As they entered the room Andrej could see Charlie lying asleep still in the mussed bed. As he watched the sleeping teenager, he became aware that Nicky had unhooked his belt and slipped his hand down the front of his jeans.

"Come on," Nicky giggled. "Put me down and get your clothes off. Let's wake Charlie with kisses!" Nicky was attacking Andrej's belt and jean zipper. As he got them done, he dropped to the floor and began tugging at Andrej's tennis shoe laces getting them untied and ready to be kicked off. As he hopped back up, he was pulling down on the jeans and urging Andrej to hurry up.

Finally, in spite of the help, Andrej was undressed and standing a little embarrassed as Nicky reached out and cupped his balls and then moved up and grabbed his rock hard dick. He watched fascinated as Nicky put his hand around the head under the foreskin and slowly pushed down causing the head to gradually appear from it's hood.

"That's so cool," Nicky whispered. "It's like it's hiding and now it wants to come out and play. Come on, you take this side and I'll start on Charlie's other side. Let's just kiss him awake." With that he let go and bounced to the other side of the bed. Looking at Andrej, they both eased down and towards Charlie.

Matching each other move for move, they each first licked and then began to suck on Charlie's nipples. Andrej watched Nicky and followed his lead, moving from nipple up toward Charlie's neck and face. Charlie for his part began to moan and wiggle a little. He was still sleeping, but his body was clearly responding because as they kissed his cheeks, Nicky pointed down at the erection tenting the sheet. Then flashing that evil little grin again, Nicky stunned Andrej by lifting the sheet and in one gulp seemingly swallowing the entire boner rising from Charlie's pubic mound.

Sure, Nicky had fondled him and Charlie and even brought them to climax and he had sucked Nicky and prolonged the orgasm with simple tongue moves, but he had not considered the little boy taking his or Charlie's dick in his mouth. Yet here he was watching as the little one attacked his brother's pole as if it was made just for his mouth.

Charlie woke from the best sex dream of his life to find it wasn't a dream! Nicky had his pole and just beside his eyes Andrej was ready and waiting for some serious kissing. Moaning his pure pleasure, Charlie reached out and brought Andrej to his lips. God, he was a good kisser. They were into serious tongue dueling and explorations when Charlie felt his dick pop out of Nicky's mouth. The sudden cold air caused him to suck in his breath, well more accurately sick in Andrej's breath because it came directly from his friends lungs. Then exhaling gently, he blew it back into Andrej's lungs. The intimacy of the sharing hot breath directly was unbelievable. Then he was sucked dry as Andrej in his turn sucked the air from his lungs. Being totally out of breath, he broke the kiss just as Andrej let out a huge moan. Glancing down his body Charlie saw why Nicky had released his dick; he was now giving full attention to Andrej's foreskin and dickhead with his sweet little tongue and lips.

Andrej thought he'd explode as Charlie traded breaths with him and then he had almost cried out as he felt Nicky tickle the top of his dick head through the foreskin. When Nicky's hot mouth had followed the tickle and engulfed his pole he'd had to break the kiss to get enough oxygen to survive. Now the little tongue was wiggling into the folds of foreskin and teasing out the cherry pink knob within. Andrej hadn't been pleasured like this since the last night he and Dima had celebrated their love with Alexi and he was driven wild by the warmth and the questing of the little tongue. Then he felt Charlie twirling one nipple ring with his finger and suckling the other with his mouth and it was more than he could take. He arched his back and cried, "God, I'm cuming!!!!!!!!!"

Nicky felt the balls clench closely into their sac and draw up tight to the root of Andrej's shaft. He had tasted the sweet precum leaking out of Andrej's dick. He had found the little nuggets of dried cum and pee folded into the foreskin. Now he wanted to find out if Andrej's sperm did smell as wonderful as Charlie's. Feeling the swelling of the dick in his mouth, he withdrew and clamped his hand over the end of the waving pole like he had done with Charlie the first time. As he felt the first squirt slam against his palm, he released a little and let it leak out and around his hand. Then, to test the taste as well as smell he promptly plugged the pole back into his mouth and took the next shots against the roof of his mouth, his tongue and then plunging down, directly into his throat. He was humming with the joy of giving his friend pleasure and swirling the juices around in his mouth he knew it was just as good, yet different than the taste of his Charlie.

As Andrej's spurting prick slowly eased the force of it's stream, Nicky left it laying in it's hairy bed and he scooted up the other boys body to join in the kissing and cuddling that followed their love making.

As he spread the sperm from his hand on his chest and neck so he could bask in the heavenly smell, he heard Charlie whisper, "Oh, Little Saint. You are a gift from Heaven."

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