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Little Saint Part 13

Andrej felt Charlie twirling one nipple ring with his finger and suckling the other with his mouth and it was more than he could take. He arched his back and cried, "God, I'm cuming!!!!!!!!!"

Nicky felt the balls clench closely into their sac and draw up tight to the root of Andrej's shaft. He had tasted the sweet precum leaking out of Andrej's dick. He had found the little nuggets of dried cum and pee folded into the foreskin. Now he wanted to find out if Andrej's sperm did smell as wonderful as Charlie's. Feeling the swelling of the dick in his mouth, he withdrew and clamped his hand over the end of the waving pole like he had done with Charlie the first time. As he felt the first squirt slam against his palm, he released a little and let it leak out and around his hand. Then, to test the taste as well as smell he promptly plugged the pole back into his mouth and took the next shots against the roof of his mouth, his tongue and then plunging down, directly into his throat. He was humming with the joy of giving his friend pleasure and swirling the juices around in his mouth he knew it was just as good, yet different than the taste of his Charlie.

As Andrej's spurting prick slowly eased the force of it's stream, Nicky left it laying in it's hairy bed and he scooted up the other boy's body to join in the kissing and cuddling that followed their love making.

As he spread the sperm from his hand on his chest and neck so he could bask in the heavenly smell, he heard Charlie whisper, "Oh, Little Saint. You are a gift from Heaven."

Andrej lay beneath both Charlie and Nicky and moaned with the heat of his exploded passion. He didn't know when he'd had an orgasm which shook him as deeply as the one he'd just had. He'd tried to watch the sweet little mouth surrounding his cock head, but when he had succumed to the pleasure washing his dick he had lost control of his entire body and his eyes had gone wide and unfocused as the waves of feeling overwhelmed him. Now he felt the heat of Nicky's body and watched the little one spreading cum across his chest and neck and he could smell the scent of sex which had exploded from his own balls.

Nicky lifted his still sticky right hand from his chest and sniffed it, then grinning offered it to Charlie for a sniff saying, “See Charlie? Andrej's sperms smell kind of like yours, but different!”

Charlie sniffed and then slowly reached out his tongue and caressed the palm of the offered hand.

Nicky pulled his hand back giggling. “That tickles!” he protested.

No,” Charlie gave an evil grin, “This tickles!” and he plunged his tongues between Nicky's chest and arm searching for his armpit.

Nicky exploded into a laughing, wiggling fit of 9 year old and soon Andrej was alternating between assisting with the tickling and helping Nicky hide from the onslought.

Somewhere in the moments of wrestling around Andrej found his hand pinned between Nickys soft butt cheek and Charlie's rock hard penis. He instictively cupped it, then more firmly grabbed it and began to slowly stroke along the shaft.

Needless to say Charlie was distracted from the tickling match and Nicky, finally getting releif from the attack, slid away from the two older boys and sat up on the bed on his knees. He watched Andrej's hand sliding up and down his brothers boner and absently began to fondle his own little cocklet.

Andrej looked into Charlie's eyes and saw them glazing over with the sensations rising from the as yet unrelieved sexual tensions. He smiled to remember that same glazed look in Alexi K's eyes and he and Dima had worked together on their coach's huge uncut dick. Charlie's dick was smaller around than what his hand remembered for Alexi's, but then again Andrej's hand had grown along with the rest of him in the intervening years. Andrej wondered if Dima still stayed with Alexi and how it would feel to be stroking his friend after all this time.

Nicky had enough of watching and leaning in and placing his mouth above Andrej's stroking hand began licking at his brother's cock head when Andrej was at the bottom of his stroke. He looked up at Andrej and the older boy was mesmerized by the look of pure lust in the little boy's sparkling eyes.

It had been so many years since Andrej had been with his friends, but his hand had lost none of its muscle memory of the way to move to bring pleasure. In fact, having nothing but his own hand and dick had perhaps trained the muscles even more into how to move and where to touch and when to squeeze.

Charlie was groaning under the combined ministrations and it was all he could do to keep from thrashing on the bed each time Nicky's hot tongue played across the exposed head of his dick. He reaced one hand up though and captured Andrej's head and shoulders and pulled him down into a kiss.

Thrusting tongues between the older boys and lapping tongue of the younger one soon had Charlie in complete heat and he was moaning and writhing across the bed. AS his orgasm began to control his body he could no longer keep contact with Andrej's mouth.

Andrej, in turn, wanted more than just tongue and moving his shoulders down Charlie's body he gently nudged Nicky away from swelling cock inside the palm of his hand and plunged his own mouth down completely buring Charlie inside his lips and throat.

Charlie rose off the bed driving even deeper and with a strangled cry of swallowed breath he clenched his ass cheeks involutnarily and the muscles of his prostate spasmed shooting shot after shot of thick white chucky boy sperm down Andrej's eagerly swallowing throat.

Nicky had plunged back on Andrej's stiffened pole and with one strong lick of his tongue across the super sensitive cockhead inside its foreskin jacket had brought Andrej's balls up against his pelvis and had him shooting again just minutes after seemingly being drained.

All three boys collapsed into a tangle of dazed and sated suckling, Andrej and Nicky with a cock between their lips, Charlie sucking in much needed oxygen as he breathed out a whispered, “Oh, Little Saint, you bless me.”

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