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Little Saint Part 14

Charlie rose off the bed driving even deeper into Andrej and with a strangled cry of swallowed breath he clenched his ass cheeks involuntarily and the muscles of his prostate spasmed shooting shot after shot of thick white chunky boy sperm down Andrej's eagerly swallowing throat.

Nicky had plunged back on Andrej's stiffened pole and with one strong lick of his tongue across the super sensitive cockhead inside its foreskin jacket had brought Andrej's balls up against his pelvis and had him shooting again just minutes after seemingly being drained.

All three boys collapsed into a tangle of dazed and sated suckling, Andrej and Nicky with a cock between their lips, Charlie sucking in much needed oxygen as he breathed out a whispered, “Oh, Little Saint, you bless me.”

It seemed like half the morning, but in actuality the boys lay in their sated state for less than 30 minute. Nicky was the first to rouse from the somnolence and as he hopped from the bed he was none to gentle in watching where his elbow and knees pressed against the two older boys bodies.

Charlie groaned plaintively as one of Nicky's errant elbows pressed against his lower abdomen reminding him that despite the early release of night made seminal fluids, the same night made waste fluids were still filling his bladder. “Oh God! I gotta pee!” he groaned and tried to disentangle his legs and feet from the combined shroud of Andrej's body and the bed sheets and covers.

Not being quick enough he was surprised by his little brother's sudden pounce, “Oh yeah?” Nicky laughed an evil laugh that certainly contradicted his nicknames implication, “How bad you gotta' go?”

Charlie almost wailed as Nicky began more or less bouncing on him.

Andrej was giggling and moving fairly quickly away from the brothers. He paused at the edge of the bed to watch the perfect little globes of Nicky's ass cheeks alternate between squeezing Charlie's now pee hard dick against what must be a over straining bladder and rise above the same tumid organ and accentuate its size in relation to the little boy.

Charlie was pleading with Nicky to let him up and Nicky responded by bouncing even harder.

If Charlie had ever thought about the helplessness of the little boy when a tickling match was declared, he would have realized that he was now in that same predicament. With his bladder screaming its need for release, and his brother's concerted effort to out bounce the bounciness of Tigger, he was doomed to what must be sure humiliation for a teenager: his bladder won, his continence reflexes lost and suddenly his dick was flooding his bouncing nemesis, himself and the bed with a steaming stream of liquid gold.

Not the liquid gold of Texas fame, but that peculiar early morning deep dark golden stream of piss.

At the first blast of the hot liquid against his ass and back Nicky had screeched his pleasure at winning the battle of the bladder. He quickly bounced and turned to face the flowing stream and grabbing Charlie's fountainhead he waved it around and round splashing the liquid against his own chest and stomach. Aiming higher he sprayed his head and face.

Andrej was fascinated to see the little one actually lean his body into the shower and run the force of the liquid all across his face, including opening his mouth and aiming it directly between the tiny ruby lips.

As Charlie's bladder finally seemed to empty itself of countless gallons, Nicky turned again and collapsing on Charlie's wet chest he more or less wallowed in the liquids running off their bodies and into the cotton sheets ready absorbing nature.

Then he was dragging Charlie up and out of the sopping bedclothes and laughing like a demented imp that they had to hurry up and get to the swimming pool because if they didn't they'd surely “...smell like a toga factory!”

Pulling Charlie like a he was a sack of coal Nicky got him to the dresser, threw the baggy swimming suit that Charlie wore at his brother's flushed and panicked face and practically dove into his own drawer and came up with a tiny emerald green Speedo. Dragging it up his legs he turned to Andrej and giggled, “Well silly, you going to sit there with your mouth open? Or you going to quick gather up the sheets and throw them in washer?”

He left Charlie fumbling with the swim trucks trying to figure front from back and pounced on the nearest corner of the bed. Starting to quickly gather the sheets toward the center he motioned Andrej to follow suit and suddenly the bed was denuded, the wet sheets were all in a pile and Andrej was gathering it and following Nicky to the small closet in the kitchen where a washer/dryer combination stack was hidden.

Once sheets were shoved roughly inside the machine Nicky had Andrej's hand and was pulling him back toward the bedroom and his brother.

Charlie had managed to pull up his shorts and the whirlwind that was Nicky just grabbed a hand in his free hand and began pulling both older boys toward the apartment door.

Andrej was at the door and Nicky had it open when suddenly Andrej realized he still was naked from their earlier games. Gasping and grasping Nicky, he broke the little demon's hold and dashed back to the bedroom and his gym bag. By the time he'd pulled on his own pair of Speedos and returned to the apartment door he found that both the other boys were gone. Shutting the door he prayed that Nicky had a key and he ran to the center of the hallway and punched the elevator button and waited impatiently for the other car to arrive so he could hurry after them.

Opening the spa door Andrej saw Charlie's head bobbing in the hot tub and heard the whishing of the lap pool water as it flowed endlessly down it's length. He walked over and looked into the stream and watched Nicky as the little boy stayed absolutely motionless in the middle of the pool as the water flowed across his back and away from his fluttering feet and almost silently windmilling arms. Andrej marveled at the raw talent so perfectly tucked into an emerald ounce of nylon. He wondered what Alexis would have thought of Nicky, and if Nicky had been around in Moscow if he and Dima would have even had a chance at Alexis attention. He laughed to answer No if Alexis would have also known the little one's other remarkable talents.

Turning from the lap pool he walked over to the hot tub and slowly lowered himself beside his Little Saint's older brother.

Charlie was still caught somewhere between embarrassment and mortification at losing control of his bladder and peeing in the bed and on his little brother. “I'm sorry....” he kind of mumbled at Andrej while apparently watching for his own toes beneath the bubbles.

Hey, with that bouncing it's surprising you lasted as long as you did?” Andrej laughed. Seeing Charlie turn an even deeper red in his embarrassment Andrej scooted closer and more or less drew Charlie into him. It was less than a hug, but more than a friendly arm around the shoulder and it seemed to be just what Charlie needed because he more or less melted into Andrej's side.

They sat like that for minutes in silence, then Charlie kind of sniffled, “Oh God, he's so little, but when he bounced on me he felt like he weighed a ton! I really couldn't help it.” He looked into Andrej's eyes seeking confirmation and understanding.

Andrej did hug him this time and whispered back, “It's okay, it's okay, I know.”

Charlie's head nestled against Andrej's shoulder and they shared the warmth of the tub and the warmth of their feelings for each other and their incredible, but naughty, Little Saint.

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