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Little Saint Part 15

They sat in silence for minutes, then Charlie kind of sniffled, “Oh God, he's so little, but when he bounced on me he felt like he weighed a ton! I really couldn't help it.” He looked into Andrej's eyes seeking confirmation and understanding.

Andrej did hug him this time and whispered back, “It's okay, it's okay, I know.”

Charlie's head nestled against Andrej's shoulder and they shared the warmth of the tub and the warmth of their feelings for each other and their incredible, but naughty, Little Saint.

The morning's unexpected wild shenanigans had energized Nicky it seemed. Had the pool been Olympic sized Andrej was certain that the little boy would have done at least 3000 meters by the time he finally came up for a breather. The older boys had climbed out of the hot tub after 20 minutes or so and sat at the end of the endless pool, their feet dangling in the water flowing off Nicky's sleek small body.

When Nicky popped up in his perfect porpoise dive and then emerged just between their feet they couldn't help but smile to see the look of utter peace on Nicky's face. He had that silly grin that said his body had reveled in the workout he just gave it. As he pushed his arms down on the pool deck and lifted his body up and flipped around between them it was obvious from his rigid pricklet in the emerald casing that more than just his grinning face told of his bodies rejoicing in the exercise.

Charlie giggled and petted the little spike straining against its nylon prison, “No wonder he swims so straight Andrej. He has a keel here that any sailor would be proud of!”

Andrej laughed back and hugged Nicky to himself while grabbing Charlie's hand away from Nicky's lap, “True and I think most sailors would pay good money to get a chance to be hauled on his keel. Good thing we're a million miles from the nearest port, we'd have trouble with harbor master for sure.”

What's a keel?” Nicky kind of whined into Andrej's chest. “You guys making fun of me? I can't help it it gets all hard and happy when I swim?”

No, Little Saint,” Andrej spoke reassuringly, “we're not making fun of you. A keel is the part of a boat that sticks down in the water and helps it go straight. And don't forget, mine gets that way too when I swim.” He squeezed Nicky again and then slipped from the pool deck down into the water, pushed off the pool wall and came to rest in his own almost flawless crawl in the center of the flow.

Wow, he didn't even turn the speed down!” Charlie whispered.

Nicky draped himself across his brother's lap and they watched Andrej dig his perfect furrow in the constantly advancing water.

After ten minutes or so Charlie realized Nicky was shivering in his arms. He lifted the little boy up and carried him across to the hot tub. He briefly thought about just tossing Nicky in, but looking down at the trusting boy's sweet face he couldn't bring himself to be either playful or mean and just slowly walked down the steps into the tub. As the hot waters rose around his legs and then his waist he hugged Nicky a little closer and then eased on into the water.

Nicky gave a big shiver as the waters rose around him and a deep sigh as his waist was finally submerged and the water rushed over his thighs and up between his legs and surrounded his tiny balls. His dick had relaxed from its previous rigid state and the hot water enveloping his balls caused them to stretch their tiny sack while the dick actually shriveled more into his body. He sighed his contentment and once again snuggled into his big brother's chest.

A few minutes of just soaking and then Nicky was squirming around in Charlie's arms. He looked up and grinned at Charlie and then quickly slipped from his lap and was up and out of the tub. He set the spa timer and punched the button to get the jets bubbling and then fairly jumped back into the tub. He hopped up on the upper step and did a kind of little dance wiggling his body and waving first his tiny butt and then his groin at Charlie's face. Suddenly his hand went to his shoulders and then slowly trailed down his body in a classic strip tease.

Charlie was laughing to see his brother play the perfect minx and then gasped as Nicky's thumbs hooked inside the waistband of the emerald Speedo and quickly drew it down his long sleek legs. There was Nicky, bubbling waters up to mid calf, twirling his tiny green Speedo around one finger and shaking his hips back and forth causing the distended balls to bounce against his thighs while his little cockhead was barely visible where it had drawn up into his pelvis.

Tossing the suit on the pool deck, Nicky gave one final pelvic wave and then launched himself at Charlie and with a huge splash against the foaming waters he had Charlie by the neck and his feet were burrowing behind his big brother and he was pressing his tiny package against Charlie's abdomen.

Charlie's own dick had risen to the strip tease his brother had performed and was riding hard against the waistband of his own swim suit. He felt Nicky's ass cheeks bouncing above it like it had earlier in bed. This time though it was not his bladder that the boy was tormenting. Every tiny bounce combined with the flowing waters and the bubbling underwater jets were driving Charlie to one of the hardest erections he thought he had ever had.

Take that silly suit off,” Nicky whispered into Charlie's ear. “I want to feel you on my butt again. I'm sorry I made you pee this morning, but it felt so awesome. Please Charlie?”

Nicky sat back and using his butt muscles he kind of squeezed Charlie's dick beneath the fabric as he looked into Charlie's eyes.

Charlie saw the lust and love in Nicky's face and couldn't resist his little brother's invitation. He reached beneath them both and pulled the drawstring knot undone and wiggled around loosening his suit. Nicky reached down to help and pushing against the hot tub wall with his feet while holding the waistband of Charlie's suit he jerked it back and down off Charlie's leg.

Charlie let out a yelp as the waist band caught his raging boner and stretched it backwards almost painfully beyond what it could bend. Just at the point of real pain the waist passed over swollen head and the whole rigid pole snapped back and slapped against his stomach.

Ooops, sorry,” Nicky giggled, but his grin suggested he wasn't the least bit sorry at all. Holding up the swimsuit like a trophy he waved them around a couple of times then tossed them up on the pool deck.

Both boys now naked beneath the swirling bubbles, Nicky resumed his position against Charlie's chest but pressing his whole body down he firmly trapped Charlie's hard spike between his own soft thighs. He could feel the hot throbbing muscle forcing apart his legs. The rigidness of it forcing Nicky's small balls to either side and pushing the little knob of Nicky's cockhead back even further into his body. Nicky ground himself against it.

Charlie couldn't believe the feelings flowing from his groin to his head. Nicky's butt muscles were basically massaging his own balls and the base of his dick, but before he could even comprehend how that felt he felt his shaft forcing Nicky's balls apart and then the little boy's tiny cockhead was riding hard and insistent against the most sensitive spot on his own cockhead, just below the ridge, right where all the pleasure zone nerves seemed to come together.

Nicky's grinding pelvis had Charlie's cock pinned between them and the little one's swimming strong leg muscles soon had Charlie writhing with the waves of pleasure. Nicky's cock was growing too, coming from its hiding place, poking more insistently, more urgently against Charlie's rigid shaft. Poking, poking poking. Sliding slightly up and down across the tip. Driving Charlie into the delirium that was nirvana.

Charlie threw his head back as his eyes rolled upward and he ground his own hips forward, as he lost his sense of reason, as his body spurted stream after stream of hot boy cum back against the pleasure point that was his Little Saint.


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