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Little Saint Part 16

Nicky's grinding pelvis had Charlie's cock pinned between them and the little one's swimming strong leg muscles soon had Charlie writhing with the waves of pleasure. Nicky's cock was growing too, coming from its hiding place, poking more insistently, more urgently against Charlie's rigid shaft. Poking, poking poking. Sliding slightly up and down across the tip. Driving Charlie into the delirium that was nirvana.

Charlie threw his head back as his eyes rolled upward and he ground his own hips forward, as he lost his sense of reason, as his body spurted stream after stream of hot boy cum back against the pleasure point that was his Little Saint.

Nicky felt the force of Charlie's explosions as a shuddering and quivering of Charlie's pelvis against his tiny cocklet. The insistent jamming of the bigger boy's much bigger dick against his own hard little spike was at that point where he couldn't decide if it was pain or pleasure driving up his body. His small balls spread wide apart by the hot tub heat and Charlie's pounding pole were protesting somewhere in the back portion of his brain. His cock head though was screaming in the forefront of his brain; screaming pleasure and then pain as it was smashed again and again against his own abdomen muscles. He thought it was going to actually break when suddenly Charlie quit slamming against it and just pushed it almost inside his stomach and just stayed there quivering and shuddering and sending the most intense feelings of pleasure throughout his whole so small, so ready body.

Nicky threw his head back and smashed against the pole now smashing him and squealed as his own orgasm once more overtook him. He collapsed back into Charlie's arms and both boys just drifted off into the heat, the pleasure, the glory of their sexual release. While shooting stars revolved around inside their heads their bodies floated on the bubbles and the bliss.

Andrej finished his workout and was just getting out of the endless pool when the timer stopped the bubbles in the hot tub. He walked over and looked down at the tiny boy he'd come to know through his visits to the book store. He marveled at the thought that he had been blessed by the little one first with friendship and now with intimacy beyond all that he could hope for. Watching Charlie hold and Nicky as they floated on the love between them made him both happy to be included and sad to think of his own lost love for his childhood friend in Moscow.

Charlie felt Andrej's presence and opening an eye he looked up to see Andrej looking down at them in the hot tub. Charlie could see the look on Andrej's face and recognized the mixture of happiness and sadness and he simply reached one arm out silently inviting Andrej down into the hot tub, into the happiness and loving that he was willingly ready to share.

As Andrej softly moved to join the embrace between the brothers Charlie sighed in happiness and laid his head against Andrej's shoulder. The three boys let the contentment of their friendship soak into each other as the hot tub's heat soaked into their bones.

It might have been forever, it might have been but a few moments, none of the boys would have been able to tell. They lay together in the hot tub and could have stayed that way except that the rest of the building was waking and their solitude in the pool room was broken by the arrival of someone else. Charlie was suddenly wide awake and painfully aware that his and Nicky's swim suits were laying on the pool deck in little clumps and out of reach but clearly in plain sight.

The older woman who had entered the room walked right to Nicky's little emerald Speedo and picked it up between two fingers. Laughing she walked over to the boys and said, “Nicky, looks like you lost your suit again! I declare boy, as small as these are they sure seem to fall off you way too easy!”

Nicky held his hand out to catch them as she casually tossed the across the hot tub to him. “Thanks Mrs. Gardner. This is my brother Charlie and my friend Andrej. We've been swimming our laps!”

Hi boys, good on you for the exercise. Got to keep young bodies toned or they end up old and flabby!” With that she turned to the lap pool either not noticing, or not mentioning Charlie's suit laying on the other side of the pool deck.

Andrej,” Charlie hissed, “Get my suit without her knowing!”

Andrej giggled, but got out of the pool and made a show of getting them towels from the rack near the hot tub. As he tossed a couple to near Charlie and Nicky he made a little bull fighting flourish with his own wrapping it around himself and casually bending and picking up Charlie's suit while the towel was hiding his movements.

Charlie was surprised that Nicky just hopped out of the hot tub naked as could be and began a little dance of hopping around on one foot pulling up his Speedo while chattering across the room at the woman who had invaded their privacy.

Oh, you're not old and flabby Mrs. Gardner, you swim too good to be like that.”

Thank you little one,” she beamed at him and then she jumped into the lap pool and began her own work out.

Charlie sighed with relief that he had managed to get his suit on without her knowing he was naked in the hot tub. As he climbed out of the tub and wrapped the towel around himself he noticed that the woman was side to side and up and back in the never ending stream of water in the lap pool.

She's not a very good swimmer I think,” Nicky was whispering to the older boys, “but she's real nice and sometimes brings me and mom some cookies!”

Scamp!” Charlie flicked his towel at Nicky. “Let's get out of here before your exhibitionism gets a bigger audience.”

Hey!” Nicky squealed at the towel's snap near him. “I'm not no Bishopnist!” and he raced out of the room and toward the elevators.

As the older boys caught the second elevator to their floor and stepped into the hallway they were greeted by the sight of Nicky wiggling around with his knees pressed together and his hands clasped firmly on his dick within his Speedo.

C'mon Charlie! I gotta peee!!!!!!!!!!” he pleaded as he danced around.

Charlie made a great show of slowly checking the pockets of his swimsuit and then bringing his hands up empty. “Hmmmm, well I don't have a key, so what are going to do now?”

Please Charlie, you gotta have the key. I really gotta go!” Nicky whined while almost doubling over holding himself so hard.

Seems I remember somebody else that had to go this morning and nobody helped him,” Charlie gloated.

Charlie! The key's in the little flap pocket. I felt it when I threw your suit out of the pool, PLEASE!” Nicky was almost in tears.

Andrej wondered if Charlie was going to let the little boy pop as Charlie was slowly reaching into his suit for the hidden little flap pocket. Then Charlie was holding up the key like a trophy when Nicky flew against him and grabbed at it. Charlie held his arms high over his head and laughed as his brother alternately danced up to reach for the key and down to reach for the straining penis. Andrej took pity on the little one and reaching over Charlie's head he snatched the key and inserted it into the door. He hardly had the door unlocked before Nicky shoved him aside and raced for the bathroom.

Don't want to have to mop the hallway,” Andrej snickered at Charlie, “doing the bed laundry is enough for today.”

Yeah, I guess,” Charlie grinned back.

The boys headed for the bathroom to shower and found Nicky standing in the middle of the shower with his Speedo still on and a river of pee pouring out of the nubbin of his penis inside the suit and then running down his leg.

See! I told you I had to pee, I didn't even have to time to get my suit off before it came out!” Nicky pouted at the two.

Well, you did kind of start the pee wars today,” Charlie laughed as he reached into the shower and turned on the water.

Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! That's cold!” Nicky screamed and turned to run out of the shower.

Andrej was right there though and grabbed Nicky up into his arms and turned his own back into the stream of water. “Getting warmer already,” he nodded to Charlie and then whispered into Nicky's ear, 'I gotta pee too.”

He let loose his bladder and as his stream started pouring against the flimsy fabric of his Speedo Nicky squirmed down and yanked Andrej's suit loose and grabbed the spewing cock and pointed the golden stream against his own chest and then sprayed it all over himself.

Yeah Charlie! Real warm and wonderful now!”

Charlie just shook his head and stepped into the shower behind Andrej and watched as his little brother happily splashed in the flood of urine. He put his arms around Andrej and just kind of hummed in his ear and held him wondering at the strange events of the last few days that had him naked in the shower with these two.

Andrej's stream of pee was almost done when he was surprised by Nicky dropping to his knees and opening his mouth and aiming the last of the flow into it. He was even more surprised when the little boy leaned in and just engulfed his still spitting dick inside his little mouth. As the pee stream stopped the blood flow started and he felt his cock rising to the pleasures of the little boy's talented tongue poking around the loose foreskin. Soon it wasn't so loose and the shudders he felt as Nicky's tongue probed inside his foreskin and teased out his swelling cockhead had him melting backwards into Charlie's embrace.

Nicky lifted off his friend's rigid pole just long enough to look up with innocent eyes and say, “I'm still thirsty and you haven't cummed yet this morning. Will you make me some sweet spermies?”

Andrej groaned his pleasure as Charlie's hands wrapped around him and began fiddling with the nipple rings as Nicky's lips wrapped themselves back around his burgeoning dick. The tongue flicking across his exposed piss slit and the little hand pulling and pushing against the straining of his engorged shaft was joined by small fingers playing gently with his balls. As Charlie twirled the rings and then pinched his arrect nipples he couldn't last any longer and his butt cheeks clenched and his prostate spasmed and his sperm shot into Nicky's mouth and against the little boy's throat.

Nicky swallowed but the second shot was too fast and too much and as sperm was forced up into his nose and out around his lips he sputtered once, but wouldn't let the spewing cock go. He moved away just enough to take it out of his mouth, but held it so the rest of the ejaculation coated his face and hair.

Charlie was so turned on by the sight of his brother's face swimming in Andrej's cum that his own cock pressed up inside Andrej's butt cheeks and responded to the clenching and shuddering by erupting on its own. It wasn't much since he had just unloaded in the hot tub, but it was enough to coat Andrej's ass with hot boy juice.

Nicky had grabbed one of Charlie's and one of Andrej's hands and was using them to spread the pint of ooze all over his face and hair and neck and chest. He was so happy showering in the smell and slickness of the cum that he buried his face into Andrej's chest and just rocked and hummed his pleasure.

Andrej floated in the bliss and whispered, “Oh, my Little Saint, you are incredible.


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