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Little Saint – Part 6

Suddenly, a body pushed between the two boys and as a hand took each of theirs, Andrej said, "You may buy him the world, but I'm buying lunch!"

"God, you gave me a heart attack!" said Charlie.

"Kewl!" giggled Nicky as he turned and jumped up into Andrej's arms forcing the other boy to catch him or fall backwards. Andrej did catch Nicky and then hugged him in a tight embrace. Nicky automatically threw his legs around Andrej's waist.

"Ow!" he howled and grabbed Andrej hard around the neck while trying to thrust his own small waist away from the taller boy's hip bone.

Andrej immediately bent over and eased Nicky's feet to the ground with a concerned look on his face.

"What's wrong? Did I hurt you?"

"No," laughed Charlie. "He racked himself swimming and diving this morning and I think he forgot!"

"Hey! It's not funny!" protested Nicky.

"No, it's not," Charlie continued laughing, "But if you can't control where your bumping those babies, you'll still be howling at Christmas!"

"Humph!" replied Nicky, taking Andrej's hand and walking gingerly into the restaurant, "Just ignore him. He doesn't need to eat anyway!"

"Hey," said Charlie, "It's not my fault this time!"

"This time?" thought Andrej.

"Hi Nicky," said Lee Ahn from behind the counter, "Three regulars?"

Nicky looked at Andrej and Charlie. They answered at the same time, "Yes, three regulars."

"Coming right up," replied Lee as the boys moved into the booth in the window. Charlie made room on his left, but Nicky slid in the other side of the booth and seemed to cuddle right into Andrej's right side. Andrej put his arm around Nicky's shoulder and said, "Hey Little Saint, I didn't see you around. I thought with the holiday you'd be at the store?"

"Well," Nicky blushed lightly and stammered, "Well, ah, Charlie, uh and me, uh we were busy." Then all in a rush he blurted out, "He didn't ever live down here and I was taking him around and showing him stuff and stuff."

"Yeah," Charlie grinned, "We looked all around and Nicky took me up to the pool. Then he took me places I never knew about." As he said this he looked over at Nicky and winked.

Nicky blushed furiously and said," I'll get the drinks!" and he bolted from the booth. Again, having forgotten his sore balls, he came to a quick stop and groaned, then looked over his shoulders at Charlie and Andrej laughing at his sudden stop. He flashed them both a grimace-slash-grin and the finger as he moved more gingerly to the counter.

"There's a pool at your apartment?" Andrej asked excitedly.

"Yeah," Charlie replied. "There's a regular huge pool on the roof, but it's closed for winter."

"Oh," sighed Andrej with a dejected look.

"But there's more," Charlie quickly added. "In the exercise room there's this amazing lap pool. Nicky says he goes there everyday. It's way cool. The water moves like a river and you swim in the current. I couldn't believe how quickly it tired me out, but Nicky swims and swims and swims!. It's so neat looking at him, he enjoys it so much." He had looked over at his little brother pouring three glasses of water and getting a pot of tea and cups on a tray. His face clearly showed the love he held for his Little Saint and as he glanced back at Andrej he could feel Andrej's eyes drawn from Nicky back to his own. Realizing he might have said a little much, he, in turn, blushed a little and quickly looked down at the table.

"Wow," Andrej almost whispered, "I'd love to see that too."

"See what?" Nicky said as he set the tray on the table and slid in beside Charlie this time. Just then Lee brought the lunches and the boys began the noisy process of slurping it down.

All three boys were trying their chopstick skills first and there was much giggling, slurping, laughing and pointing as first one then the other would drop the noodles with a splash down, or dribble noodles all down their chins, or just come up empty three times in a row with the chopsticks spastically grabbing air instead of noodles. Charlie gave in first and switched to a spoon, Andrej was right behind, but Nicky stuck with the chopsticks, picking up his bowl and more or less shoveling the noodles into his mouth.

As he finished, Nicky sat back and leaned into Charlie's shoulder and then suddenly let a big burp work up and out. Andrej and Charlie both started laughing and the whole table dissolved into a giggling, laughing pile of boys.

"Okay, Okay!," Nicky gasped as the laughing took his breath away. "Enough, stop, oh stop, what was it you wanted to see Andrej?"

Wiping the tears from his eyes, Andrej stammered a reply, "Well, you! Or, uh, I mean you and the lap pool Charlie told me about. I loved to swim when I was little, but since we moved here I haven't had anywhere to do it. I was really good and going to be an Olympic Swimmer." he said, his chest puffing up with pride.

"Why aren't you?" asked Nicky.

"When we left Russia it was all we could do to find work and eat! The church that sponsored us was real nice, but we still had to learn more English and it was real hard. I didn't have time to swim or any place to swim."

"Oh, well you can swim with us!" Nicky blurted out.

"Really, do you think I could?" Andrej asked in awe.

"Sure! When do you want to come."

At this Charlie dissolved again into giggles, but Nicky slapped at his hand and looked over and said, "Hey this is serious, I'd die if I couldn't swim, uh, and, uh stuff." and he too was off into a fit of giggles. Both boys ended up laughing so hard they once again had tears in their eyes.

Andrej was smiling at their antics and as they came up for air he said, "I've got to work this afternoon, but could I come over tomorrow? It's been so long I don't know if I can still float!"

Charlie about died laughing and spluttered out, "Don't worry, in that pool Nicky can keep you up!"

Nicky was blushing furiously again and slapped at Charlie as he slid out from Charlie's side of the booth and moved back over to Andrej's side. "Don't mind him, he's just goofy for lack of sleep. He has to share my bed and he bounced and tossed around all night practically smothering me! I thought I was going to have to beat him off, before he settled down."

This set Charlie off again, and Nicky just blushed a little more and then cuddled into Andrej with the older boys arm around his shoulder. He just naturally put his left arm out and on Andrej's right thigh. then moved his hand down and under Andrej's leg giving it a big squeeze as he burrowed his head into Andrej's chest.

"Oh Little Saint, if this is the price, keep him tossing and turning every night." Andrej whispered into Nicky's golden head, squeezing the boy even tighter into the cuddle. He then felt Nicky's hand leave his thigh and slide up his leg. As Nicky withdrew his hand, Andrej was sure the boy had stopped just for a fraction of a second as his fingers moved across Andrej's crotch and up his ramrod stiff dick. He gasped waiting for Nicky to be shocked or grossed out and leap from the table, but Nicky's hand just kept sliding up his body and then around his back as Nicky's other hand reached across and Andrej was suddenly in a full hug with Nicky squeezing tight.

Lee had come to the table and began to clear dishes saying, "You boys acting like I put laughing powder in your noodles!"

This set all three boys off again and Lee walked away with the tray muttering. "Laughing powder good, but I make a fortune I find sex powder to put in noodles!"

As the boys got themselves together, Andrej paid the bill and they all walked outside, Nicky still rolling a little in his sailor's gait to keep his balls from hurting. He took both older boys hands and just squeezed and hummed a happy tune as they walked up the street.

"I've got to go back to work," Andrej said. "Did you really mean it that I can come swim tomorrow?"

"Sure," replied Charlie. "Nicky usually swims early, but we can go anytime."

"Can I come about 8?"

"You bet, that'll give us a couple of hours before Mom will want to do a big Thanksgiving lunch. Can you stay for that too?"

"You'd invite me to your family dinner?"

"Of course," Nicky squeezed his hand again, "You're like my family, watching out for me when I come to the bookstore."

"Wow, you really bless me Little Saint." Andrej whispered.

The boys arrived at the store and Andrej quickly hugged Nicky and then looked over at Charlie and reached out to shake hands, but Charlie just took his hand and pulled him into a hug too. Then Andrej quickly ran to the employee lounge. Glancing at the timeclock he saw he had a few more minutes and he rushed into the restroom. Locking the door he quickly dropped his pants and grabbed his still hard dick and furiously pounded it thinking of Nicky's hand sliding up and over it. In about 30 seconds he blew his load across the room and into the sink as all he could imagine was Nicky in the pool and Charlie hugging him and Nicky's short pause across his manhood. Staggering back against the wall he sighed and then slowly got his breathing under control. He put his now softening prick back in his pants and grabbed a towel wiping up his juices from the sink and the floor where they had stretched across the room. He walked out of the bathroom and saw the timeclock had barely moved. He groaned and thought, "It's going to be forever before tomorrow morning!"

Nicky and Charlie had entered the store also and headed for a big chair in the art section. Nicky pushed Charlie down into the chair and grabbed a big coffee table book of surfing photography and slipped into Charlie's lap. He curled up as Charlie turned the pages and they glanced at the stunning photographs. Then wiggling a little to get comfy, Nicky quietly asked, "Why'd you say those things. I thought I'd die if he knew and then I thought I'd die laughing!"

"I like him," Charlie answered. "He's nice and he likes you too. It was just funny and besides he didn't know what I meant!"

"Hummm," Nicky crooned as he wiggled a little more. He could feel Charlie's dick rising up to meet him and he wanted to feel it, but he just wanted to cuddle too. Both boys forgot the book and just kind of settled into each other enjoying the feel of body on body.

A few minutes later Andrej was watching the boys snuggle and snooze but when the book fell to the floor he knew he had to do something. Gently tousling Nicky's hair he rubbed Charlie's shoulder and said, "Hey guys, you got to wake up. The store manager hates people sleeping in the store."

Andrej thought Nicky mumbled something like, "Can I do it again Charlie?", but Charlie came more awake and seeing Andrej smiled and hugged Nicky then stretched as he lifted Nicky out of his lap and onto his feet.

"Thanx, Andrej, I guess I better get the little guy home. Looks like we laughed him out!" Then he reached over and while keeping the still sleepy Nicky on his feet against his body, he hugged Andrej again.

Andrej was instantly aware that Nicky's little cheek was pressed against his crotch and he would have sworn it was a little kiss Charlie planted near his ear as he whispered, "See you in the morning."

As the boys left the store Andrej made a mad dash for the employee restroom and another instant and unbelievable explosion of his sweet cream to visions of both Nicky and Charlie. As he went back to work he couldn't help but wonder what Nicky wanted to do again and what all those nearly sexual comments meant when Nicky and Charlie kept blushing and laughing.

"Little Saint, I think you've got more hidden secrets than meets the eye," he thought as he picked up the surfing book and returned it to the shelves.