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Little Saint – Part 7

Andrej felt Nicky's little cheek pressed against his crotch and almost creamed right there . Then he swore it was a little kiss Charlie planted near his ear as he whispered, "See you in the morning."

As the boys left the store Andrej made a mad dash for the employee restroom and an instant and unbelievable explosion of his sweet cream to visions of both Nicky and Charlie. As he went back to work he couldn't help but wonder what Nicky had meant that he wanted to do again and what all those nearly sexual comments meant when Nicky and Charlie kept blushing and laughing.

"Little Saint, I think you've got more hidden secrets than meets the eye," he thought as he picked up the surfing book and returned it to the shelves.

Nicky was completely out of it as Charlie led him home. He had a hand wrapped around Charlie's waist and his head buried in Charlie's side and he could barely stumble his way. In fact, he was asleep against his brother in the elevator and Charlie picked him up and carried him to the apartment door. Then, putting him down on his knee, Charlie fumbled in the little boy's pocket to find the key.

"Uhm," Nicky cooed, "that's nice."

"Well I wish I was digging for gold babe, but I just need the apartment key."

"Okay," Nicky sighed, but didn't do anything to help.

Finally Charlie dug the key out and opening the door, picked his Little Saint up and carried him into their shared bedroom. Laying him on the bed he stripped the little boy marvelling again at his naked beauty and tucking him under the covers. Charlie kissed him on the head and went to the kitchen, grabbed a coke and settled in front of the tv.

An hour or so later their mom came home and after changing from her suit came in and sat with Charlie in the living room. They talked about college and how Charlie liked it and discussed his dorm life and what friends he had made. Charlie complemented her on the great apartment and told her he loved Nicky and how great a little boy he was. As she was talking about the difficult decisions she felt she made everyday between work and Nicky, Nicky opened the french doors between his room and the living room and came stumbling in rubbing his eyes and heading for his mom's voice.

Charlie and his mother traded amused looks because the sleepy headed Nicky was naked as a jay bird and as stiff as a telephone pole.

Nicky's mother hugged her little one and quietly whispered, "You need to put your pants on Nicky."

"Okay," he mummbled, but instead of heading back to the bedroom he looked over at Charlie and then smiled and walked to Charlie and crawled up in his lap. Curling up in a little ball he whispered, "Love you Charlie," as he fell back asleep.

"You look so good together," their mom said. "I'm so glad you've learned Nicky is more than just a little pest."

"He's a Little Saint," Charlie replied, smiling across at his mom as he pulled the afgan across Nicky and cuddled him close.

"I'll order a pizza, okay?" she asked.

"Great," replied Charlie. "Oh by the way, we invited our friend Andrej to come swimming tomorrow and to stay for lunch. Is that okay?"

"Sure, is he the book store kid?"

"Yeah, he's real nice and used to swim in Russia, but hasn't for a long time."

"Well you boys have all the fun you can. I've got to go in again in the morning for a deposition, and I thought we'd just go out for Thanksgiving lunch. Andrej's been so nice to Nicky at the bookstore he's more than welcome to join us."

"Thanks, mom. You're the greatest!"

"You guys are pretty great too! Now let me order the pizza."

When the pizza came, Charlie managed to get Nicky awake enough to put on some shorts and eat a piece. But he was clearly wiped out and quickly mummbled, "Mom, I'm sleepy."

"Okay honey, let's go to bed."

"No! Charlie, take me!"

"Okay, Okay," Charlie said. "Hop up here and let's go." He held his arms out and Nicky hopped up, but grimaced when his balls brushed Charlie's hip.

"What's wrong, is he sick?" asked their mother.

"No, he was showing off and swam a lot, then he did a belly flop and smacked himself on the water. He's a little sore and that's probably part of why he's so tired."

"Well, boys will be boys. I remember when you came in from playing and ..."

"Okay, mom, stop it! Let me get him to bed." Charlie quickly interjected. "I'm pretty tired too, so I'm going to bed also. Night mom."

Charlie carried Nicky back to the bedroom and laid him gently on the bed. He eased his fingers across the little boy's waist and slipped one hand in his waistband as he undid the button on his shorts. Then he carefully pulled the shorts away from his brothers little stiffy and slowly pulled. He held the zipper tab with his middle finger and thumb and let his index finger glide against the top of Nicky's penis drawing a shudder from Nicky and a little happy kind of groan.

"Sssh, mom's in the next room." He whispered into Nicky's ear.

"Okay, but come to bed and hold me." Nicky replied.

"I'm just getting undressed." Chalrie answered. He pulled Nicky's shorts off and lifted him onto the center of the bed and then turned to take his own clothes off. He skinned off his shirt and then sat on the edge of the bed and took his socks off. Standing again he unbuttoned his own jeans and let them fall around his ankles. Stepping out of them he put a hand on either hip and slowly lowered his underwear.

Nicky had never watched before, but with the city lights shining on Charlie's back, the slow lowering of his CK's caused Nicky to groan again. "You're so handsome, Charlie." he sighed.

"You're so beautiful!" Charlie replied. "Come here!" Charlie slid into the bed and held his arms out and Nicky just melted into his big brothers arms.

Charlie wasn't sure if Nicky was humming or purring, but it was utter contentment, and Charlie drifted into the theta waves rolling off his brother and soon both boys were sound asleep.

Charlie woke to the gentle prodding of Nicky's dick. Looking over at Nicky he saw he was still asleep, but thrustng his dick against Charlie's thigh. Every little thrust bringing a little wince and groan as if his tender balls were still complaining of their earlier treatment.

Charlie gently turned toward his brother and pushed his shoulder so Nicky lay on his back. He softly ran his hand down Nicky's chest, circling each little nipple and the little inny belly button. Then moving on down and taking Nicky's little dick between his thumb and forefinger. Nicky moaned and thrust his dick up into Charlie's hand, but pulled away as Charlie's other fingers brushed his tight sac. Charlie pulled his hand away and tried to think of how to help his brother with his obvious need while keeping from hurting him more.

Then he knew exactly what to do! Pulling the covers back he scooted down the bed and slowly, gently leaned into his brother. Placing his ear against Nicky's tummy he took Nicky's dick into his mouth.

He'd never thought of doing this with anyone before and in fact had never had it done to him before his precious Little Saint had given him that gift just 24 hours ago. Now he savored the feel of his brother. He remembered Nicky's comment that his own dick was hard and soft and he now knew what that meant. The little boy's dick was like a steel rod, poking and prodding against his tongue and the roof of his mouth. But it was also soft. Soft and velvety on it's swollen head, soft and squishy as the skin slid up and down between his lips. He noticed the smell, clean and fresh, but a little musky and pungent too. Nothing remotely dirty, but just the clean clear scent of his brother. He knew immediately he'd remember that smell and recognize it the rest of his life.

Nicky, for his part, moaned a little and spread his legs apart, causing his dick to slide a little more of it's length on each stroke.

Charlie savored Nicky's flavor and explored with his tongue and lips, searching out the little ridge of Nicky's corona. He traced the crease which traveled down from the tiny slit and seemed to tie the head and thrusting pole together. He sucked a little as Nicky backed his dick out and sucked a lot as he thrust it in. He started a game of trying to circle the little head twice each time it reached his lips on the out stroke and then again once as it reached it's deepest point in his mouth. He found he couldn't really go around it when it was all the way in, but he could curl his tongue and felt he was amost completely encircling this little gift from heaven.

Nicky's body naturaly responded to the sensations surrounding his penis. He thrust his hips again and again, but not with the wild abandon of this morning in the pool. Now his thrusting was a steady and long stroke, as if he wanted the feelings to last and last, as if he was recording them for a lifetime of memories.

Charlie ran his hand down Nicky's thigh and then up and under the perfect globes of his ass cheeks as his own tongue continued it's exploration of Nicky's little wand. Thinking of Nicky's comments of this morning, he lifted his head a little and on one out stroke he lifted off Nicky's dick and instead put his own fingers quickly in his mouth. Nicky groaned a protest at the loss of the warm envelope encircling his pleasure. Charlie quickly recaptured his little wiggle worm and as he tongued it anew, he placed his moistened fingers against Nicky's crack and gently probed beneath the boy's balls searching for his most secret of places.

Nicky's stimulated, yet sleeping body reacted on its own and his knees lifted slightly and spread apart revealing his tiny rosebud directly under Charlie's questing fingers.

It was like an electric shock to Charlie. He knew instantly his finger tip had touched his brothers most sacred gift. And while his hand could feel the soft and tender skin of Nicky's thigh and butt, his finger found the incredibly smooth surface of a thousand little valleys and hills which made up the outer circle his brother's anus. He began another game where he would circle Nicky's dickhead with his tongue as it almost left his mouth and then circle Nicky's anus with his moistened finger as he thrust back in.

Nicky was now groaning almost non stop although his thrusts were no more urgent than before.

Charlie felt his finger drying out and lifted it away and to his mouth again. This time he simply opened a little wider and as Nicky's cock slid in, Charlies finger followed along. As Nicky pulled back Charlie quickly curled his tongue capturing as much saliva as he could and letting it slide off his tongue and onto his own finger. Then as Nicky pushed back in, he curled his finger and carried his saliva back out and down against Nicky's hole.

As if questing for the lost finger, Nicky's butt was bouncing around a little, but when the finger returned he sighed and spread his cheeks a little further apart.

Charlie circled his brothers little hole again, then traced a line right down its middle feeling the slit that followed Nicky's butt crack like a little compressed pair of lips. Then as Nicky thrust his dick again deeper into Charlie's mouth, Charlie brought his finger back up across the little pucker and was surprised to find it opening and seemingly sucking his finger tip directly inside.

Nicky grunted once and thrust up again both driving deeper in Charlie's mouth, but also pushing against the finger forcing it deeper in his ass. A full three inches was thrust up in him and the only thing that stopped the penetration was that Charlies finger had been bent at the second knuckle.

Charlie couldn't believe how tight his bother's anus was and how firey hot it felt around his finger. He wiggled his finger tip a little and felt the slick yet incredibly soft interior of his brother's body.

Nicky squirmed as Charlies finger wiggled inside his ass and thrust his dick hard into Charlies mouth. He grunted and then pounded up one last time as his orgasm hit him. Crying softly, "Ungh, ungh, UNGHHH!" his body twitched and twitched, then collapsed back on the bed. His knees dropped down and his muscles relaxed, his spinchter gently pushed Charlie's finger right out.

"Oh, Little Saint, I love you inside and out!" Charlie whispered as he moved back up the bed and Nicky, still asleep, cuddled up against him.