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Little Saint Part 8

In Nicky's dream he felt a gentle caress right down his most private of places. It seemed as if an angel wing was quietly tracing a circle around his little hole again, then tracing a line right down its middle defining the slit that followed his butt crack like a little compressed pair of lips. As he thrust his dick again deeper into the warm, wet, center of it's captor, he felt the angle wing move back up across the little pucker of his ass hole and was surprised to feel it opening and seemingly sucking the wing tip directly inside.

Nicky grunted once and thrust up again, both driving deeper into the warmth, but also pushing against his anus forcing the welcome invader even deeper in his ass. A full three inches was thrust up in him and he felt how tight his anus was against the foreign object, and how cool it felt against his inner tissues. He moaned and moved his butt and the angel wing wiggled a little and slid against the slick, soft interior of his rectum.

Nicky squirmed as Charlie's finger wiggled inside his ass and thrust his dick hard into Charlie's mouth. He grunted and then pounded up one last time as his orgasm hit him. Crying softly, "Ungh, ungh, UNGHHH!" his body twitched and twitched, then collapsed back on the bed. His knees dropped down and his muscles relaxed, his spincter gently pushed Charlie's finger right out.

"Oh, Little Saint, I love you inside and out!" Charlie whispered as he moved back up the bed and Nicky, still asleep, cuddled up against him.

Nicky woke first in the early dawning and looking into Charlie's face he knew he'd found the angel in his dreams.

As Charlie opened his eyes and saw his little brother lovingly boring into his brain, he giggled and said, "A penny for your thoughts."

"They're free to you," Nicky laughed. "I was just thinking of the dream I had with an angel hovering over me and me being in the angel, but the angel was in me all at the same time. It was so real and yet so impossible. But now, I look at you just lying here beside me and I think you were the angel. I think that somehow I was in you and yet you were in me and it was so special. I want to try it again and again."

"We have a lifetime to try things," Charlie answered. "But right now I need to piss, and Andrej will be here shortly."

"Yeah, kewl," replied Nicky as he made room for Charlie to crawl out of bed. They both stumbled into the bathroom and with a little elbowing for position began a little dueling battle using their pee streams to define the boundaries of the toilet bowl. Charlie was amazed to run out of pee first, and Nicky was triumphant in his victory, jumping up and down and running around the bedroom shouting, "I'm the greatest pee-er, I'm the Champ!"

Charlie just shook his had and pulled on his swim suit and headed for the kitchen. About halfway there the doorbell rang and Charlie turned aside to answer it. Knowing it was probably Andrej, he had his hand on the handle before checking the peep hole. Sure enough, Andrej stood looking down the hall and waiting to be let in. Charlie opened the door and before he could even say "Good Morning." Nicky was jumping into Andrej's arms.

With a, "Yippee, Andrej, I won the pee war, Charlie couldn't even come close." Nicky was seemingly all over their friend.

Charlie quickly pulled them into the apartment and Andrej seemed thunderstruck because Nicky was still as naked as when he had danced out of the bathroom. Finding himself with armfuls of naked, boisterous boy, Andrej could just look at Charlie and grin and blush and stammer.

"Oh, man, Nicky!" Charlie said sternly at his little brother, and then more apologetically to Andrej, "I'm sorry, I think he's an exhibitionist. You should have seen him practically poke Mom's eye out last night walking around with that little pee nubbin' standing up like a telephone poll. I don't know what I've created here."

"I, uh, don't mind, uh Charlie, uh it's just like those bells are ringing even more!" Andrej stammered.

Popping Nicky's clearly available butt target, Charlie said, "You, Pee King, go put on your Speedo, we've got some swimming to do."

"Yes, Master," Nicky giggled and hopped out of Andrej's arms and scampered into his room coming back almost instantly with the brightest emerald pair of Speedos that Charlie could imagine. "What do you think, Master? Are these kewl or what?"

Both older boys just looked at each other and then groaned their appreciation.

"Last one in the hot tub's a girl!" Nicky squealed and dashed from the apartment and toward the elevators.

As fast as the other boy's were, Nicky was gone in an elevator of his own and smugly soaking in the hot tub as they approached. Andrej was staring all around and kind of stunned by the health club. As Charlie stepped into the tub with Nicky, he seemed to come around and without much ado took off his shoe and socks and then dropped his pants. He too was clad in a Speedo, albeit a more stately jet black pair. As he stood up and began to lift his shirt Charlie stared and Nicky gasped as his nipples came into view. They were each pierced with a shining golden hoop and the contrast with his overly white skin was striking.

"Oh, Man," Nicky managed to whisper and then he scooted against Charlie and cuddled into his embrace.

As Andrej finished removing his shirt he stepped into the hot tub also and all three boys slowly sank into the warmth finding their sitting positions. With Charlie and Nicky together on one side and Andrej nearer the steps, Nicky let out a little whistle and said, "Those look so cool Andrej, do they hurt?"

"No, Little Saint, they don't hurt, at least not now."

"Wow," Nicky replied. Then as nine year olds are wont he bossed," Hey Charlie, sit over there by Andrej. I want to sit here where I can see you both."

Charlie moved around beside Andrej and they all just relaxed and enjoyed the bubbling of the pool.

When the timer expired, it was Nicky who was up like a shot and racing around the deck. "Let's try the lap pool. That's why Andrej came, come on guys, get over here."

The older boys looked at each other and shook their heads again at the explosive little ball of fire, but climbed from the hot tub and over to the lap pool. This time it was Andrej's turn to whistle as Nicky did a data dump, showing him the workings and intricacies of the controls.

"And I usually swim here on 8, it goes to 15, but Charlie couldn't even do 4!" Nicky gloated. "Watch, like this!" and he was off to the end of the pool diving up and in without a trace of splash. Next thing they saw his head was bobbing exactly at mid pool in his even and effortless crawl.

Andrej whistled again as he watched the little boys smooth and powerful stroke. "He's good," he whispered to Charlie.

"He's incredible," Charlie whispered back.

Nicky suddenly stopped swimming and let the force of the water move him back against the end of the pool and climbing onto the deck he shook like a wet dog and ran over grabbing Andrej's arm and pulling him to the pool end. "Turn it down two, Charlie," he called and then he watched the water slow a little and practically pushed Andrej into the flow.

Andrej's dive was nearly perfect, but it took him a few minutes to regulate his stroke to the flow. He moved up and back in the pool as he adjusted to the physics of the water and suddenly he was rock steady in the center swimming in his own effortless appearing crawl.

"Whoopee," yelled Nicky. "Look he's got it!" and with that he gave the control a notch more power increasing the speed to seven.

Andrej first moved backwards in the pool but quickly adjusted and returned to his center point, just in time for Nicky to give it another notch. This time Andrej barely moved, he seemed to sense the increased power of the water and matched it staying centered the whole time. Nicky just watched him swimming and glowed like a father watching his son learn and master a new skill.

Andrej pulled up letting the flow move him back against the pool end and asked, "Is that eight? Can I try ten? I'd like to just swim for a while. It feels so good to stretch these old muscles. Is that okay?"

Nicky looked to Charlie and seeing his nod yelled, "Ten it is, we'll set the hot tub for ten minutes and come get you . Ready, Steady, GO!"

Andrej pushed from the end as if making a racing turn and settled directly in his spot, swimming a crawl that never seemed to break the surface of the water.

Charlie and Nicky didn't leave the lap pool side and stood watching Andrej swim, mesmerized by the water flowing over his shoulders and down his sides. "Look," Nicky pointed, " the water never breaks low on his back. My coach says that's a perfect crawl if you can do that!"

"Your coach?" Charlie asked.

"Yeah, I told you there was lots I haven't shown you yet. I swim in the City league at the Y and the coach says I'm a natural!"

"A natural exhibitionist!" Charlie chided! "Look at you, just watching Andrej swim you're stiff as a board."

"Hey that's from being here with you! Jerk!"

"Yeah, Jerk Off, you mean," laughed Charlie.

"Want too?" Nicky slyly replied reaching under Charlie's baggy swimwear. "We've got to get you a decent suit!" Nicky hissed, "This pair hides all the goodies!"

Just then a splash brought their attention back to Andrej. He must have done his own porpoise dive, because he was just coming up into a back stroke and both boys attention was riveted first to his golden nipple hoops and then the obvious erection straining to break free of his Speedos.

"Wow," Nicky said again. "Look the water can't get past his earrings, er tit rings, oh whatever! And look at that stiffy. He gets the same juice swimming that I get! Kewl." Turning to look Charlie in the eyes, he said." Do you think his stuff smells as good as yours?"

"Whoa, Nicky, go slow, you don't want to freak him out!"

"Okay, Charlie, I won't do anything to freak him."

As if his internal timing had activated, Andrej stopped swimming and let the force of the water push him to the end of the pool again. "Oh man," he said to the two watching boys, "This is so great, thanks for letting me come swim. I'm pooped, but I loved it."

"Yeah, we saw," giggled Nicky wiggling his own little package to give Andrej the message. "Looks like swimming gets you the same way it gets me. I love it!" he squealed, dancing a little pirouette and then stopping. "Come on, let's all get back into the hot tub and decide what to do next."

Back in bossy mode, Nicky had Charlie and Andrej sit near each other and then climbed up onto Charlie's lap. He began pumping Andrej for information on his swimming and offered what his coach had told him. Andrej answered that he had been swimming since he was 4 or 5 and had been on the All Moscow team. Sports had been really important and he had loved swimming and his parents had helped and encouraged him in every way possible. He had been a City and than Regional Champion by the time he was ten and was planning on entering the Olympic School when it seemed all Russia had begun to fall apart. The school had closed, but the coaches still tried to keep the best kids swimming and he had struggled through another two years until his father had found a chance to emigrate. The whole family had been sponsored and come to Denver when he was twelve. He hadn't had a chance to swim at all until today.

As the talking continued, Nicky had maneuvered himself to be sitting on Charlie's lap with his feet dangling in Andrej's lap and all three boys were snuggled close together in the pool. Nicky's head was leaning into Charlie's chest when suddenly he reached up with his right hand and asked, "Can I touch them?"

Even as he said it, his middle finger gently touched the golden ring in Andrej's right nipple. Charlie was literally frozen watching his little brother and seeing how erotic the white skin, brown nipple, golden ring and little boy's finger were all together.

Andrej quietly answered, "Little Saint you can touch me anywhere, you already touch my heart."

"Nicky looked up and smiled and then carefully traced the golden ring. After his first touch he became a little bolder and ran his finger across the tip of the nipple above the ring and watched it stiffen and protrude. Gasping a little, he asked, 'Does it hurt?

"No, Little Saint, it feels wonderful. Touching the nipple brings pleasure and touching the rings brings pleasure and even having you look at them brings pleasure."

"When did you get them, and why? Did that hurt? Were you afraid? What did your mom say?" all came rushing out of Charlie's mouth as he continued to watch his Little Saint reverently moving the ring around and up and down.

"Ha, ha, oh that's a story!" laughed Andrej. When I was ten I meet another boy also trying to swim in the wreck of the sports clubs. He and I were best of friends. We went everywhere and did everything together. In fact his mother and my mother couldn't decide if they had one boy or two, we were so close. Or coach, Alexi K, could see how inseparable we were and he had us swim all the meets together. To help with many of the costs he helped to feed us and found extra suits and towels and even had us stay with him sometimes so we could practice in the late night or early morning when no one else wanted the pools. Dima, my friend, and I were practically twins for two years. Then my father told me we were leaving. Dima and I cried and cried, Alexi cried with us but helped us understand it was best for me and my family. He had been feeding us for almost those two years and he too was on the edge. My family had to do something and the job for my father to use his science training in the United States was just too good to pass up. Dima and I thought and thought of what we could do to celebrate our love and be a reminder of our other selves for the rest of our life. Alexi helped us understand the love and sharing and then we settled on our reminder. Dima loved to touch my chest and snuggle, so I decided I would get these rings to remind me everyday. Dima decided on a tattoo of a shark because he thought it would help him remember how hungry I was for his touch and how my mouth was like a shark attacking him when we celebrated our love and how fast we'd swim together. He got his tattoo on his leg to scare away the other fishes trying to catch him and I got my rings to lift me up and show the water I was protected by my friend. It did hurt when I got them, but Alexi held one hand and Dima held the other, then we held his when he was tattooed. My mother doesn't know, because I don't swim and I'm too old to give a bath. Now I live on my own and even if she saw I would tell her they are for Dima's love."

"Wow," was all Charlie could say.

Nicky continued to play with the right ring and then moved his hand across Andrej's chest to touch the left ring also. Charlie's body couldn't take the eroticism of his little brother's motions and his dick rose like a pulsing probe beside Nicky's butt. Nicky's left hand had nowhere to go, trapped between Charlie and Andrej, and suddenly he found it in Andrej's lap, idly running along Andrej's straining cock trapped against his leg. With an evil little grin, bossy Nicky took charge again, saying," Okay, move apart a little I want to sit here," and turning to face his brother and their friend he placed his knees between their knees so that he was straddling a pair of legs, one from each boy. Without a pause he took Charlie's hand and placed it on Andrej's nipple forcing a circle which gave Charlie the hint and got him caressing nipples and rings. Then Nicky had both boys gasping as his hands each found a throbinh cock and he began to massage them through their swimsuits. He quickly worked his body up a little and got his hands down their waist bands, now stroking their straining cocks in unison. Although he had only touched his first cock barely a day ago, Nicky instinctively knew the best ways. Using his hands on cocks and alternately using his tongue on first Charlie's hard nipples, then Andrej's jeweled nipples, he soon had both boys panting and moaning. It wasn't long and each of the older boys felt their moments approaching. Looking at each other, they tucked into a kiss and probing tongues seemed to connect with fisting dicks and they simultaneously spewed their fluids to mix with the swirling waters of the hot tub.

Nicky gave a last tug at softening cocks, then grabbed them around the necks literally forcing his mouth into their shared embrace and kisses. As Andrej came up for air he said, "Oh, Little Saint, all the bells in Moscow and Denver are ringing for our love."

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