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Little Saint Part 9

Nicky continued to play with the right ring and then moved his hand across Andrej's chest to touch the left ring also. He felt Charlie rise like a pulsing probe beside his butt. Trapped between Charlie and Andrej, his left hand had nowhere to go and suddenly he found it in Andrej's lap, idly running along Andrej's straining cock trapped against his leg. With an evil little grin, he took charge again, saying, "Okay, move apart a little, I want to sit here," and turning to face his brother and their friend, he placed his knees between their knees so that he was straddling a pair of legs, one from each boy. Without a pause he took Charlie's hand and placed it on Andrej's nipple, forcing a circle which gave Charlie the hint and got him caressing nipples and rings. Then he had both boys gasping as his hands each found a throbbing cock and he began to massage them through their swimsuits. He quickly worked his body up a little and got his hands down their waist bands, now stroking their straining cocks in unison. Although he had only touched his first cock barely a day ago, Nicky instinctively knew the best ways. Using his hands on cocks and alternately using his tongue on first Charlie's hard nipples, then Andrej's jeweled nipples, he soon had both boys panting and moaning. It wasn't long and each of the older boys felt their moments approaching. Looking at each other, they tucked into a kiss and probing tongues seemed to connect with fisting dicks and they simultaneously spewed their fluids to mix with the swirling waters of the hot tub.

Nicky gave a last tug at softening cocks, then grabbed them around the necks, literally forcing his mouth into their shared embrace and kisses. As Andrej came up for air he said, "Oh, Little Saint, all the bells in Moscow and Denver are ringing for our love."

Charlie moaned through a grin of pleasure, "Did I tell you earlier that Nicky was an exhibitionist? I think I was wrong. I think he's hedonist!"

"Hey! I'm no hedonodentist! I hate dentists! Don't even talk like that!" Nicky protested.

"It's not a dentist, Nicky, a hedonist is someone who is almost a slave to pleasure," Andrej replied.

"I don't know about the slave part, but I love giving Charlie pleasure! And it seems like you enjoyed the 'pleasure', too!" giggled Nicky.

"Oh, I worshiped it!" said Andrej. " I had dreamed of holding you, but didn't think it would ever happen, and now, you have made a dream come true."

"I think there's much more than that dream to come true," answered Nicky as he cuddled into both boy's arms.

They lazed in the hot tub for a few more minutes, just enjoying each other's close company. Nicky continued to be fascinated with the glinting of the lights on Andrej's nipple rings as the boy's breathing slowly eased into a tranquil rhythm.

As Nicky softly breathed into his brother's chest, Charlie stroked his back and quietly hummed a tuneless song. Each boy lost in their private thoughts in the afterglow of orgasm and the relaxing heat of the tub.

Charlie gently lifted Nicky and told both the other boys they needed to head for the shower. "Mom will be home soon and we want to be ready for dinner," he said.

The boys quietly left the pool and headed back to the apartment where they all crowded into the bathroom. Nicky was first in the shower as Charlie quickly adjusted the temperature and then stripped his suit off and joined his little brother. Andrej stood watching with an unsure look on his face.

"Hey, get in here!" Nicky laughed. "After making your sperms cum out I get to look at it too!"

"I told you," groaned Charlie, "A definite hedonist!"

Blushing, Andrej slid his suit to the floor and stepped into the shower with his friends.

"How come your dick doesn't have a head?" asked Nicky.

"What? Oh, you mean like yours and Charlie's," Andrej answered. "Well, it does, I just also still have my foreskin, see?" and he grabbed the skin near the end and slowly pushed it back revealing the deep pink head.

"Wow, it gets to play hide and seek all the time," Nicky said. "How come ours isn't like that Charlie?"

"Well, most boys in the United States have the skin cut off."

"Ouch! I didn't have mine cut off!" Nicky grabbed and cupped his dick protectively.

"Yes, you did, and so did I. The doctor did it when we were just babies so we don't remember."

"I'm glad I don't remember. That would really hurt! Can I touch it again Andrej?"

"Yes, let me shampoo your hair and you can touch it while we wash."

The boys ended up in a combination of grab ass, sweet caress and sudsy tangle as they washed, explored and generally touched everywhere. As the water began to cool, Charlie lifted Nicky out of the shower and stepped out himself . Andrej followed and he and Charlie wrapped Nicky in a big towel and vigorously rubbed the boy drying him as they rubbed. Andrej ended up kneeling before Nicky and when Andrej's hand rubbed the towel in Nicky's crotch he felt the little boy stiffen in response. "Look Charlie, it might have been a pee nubbin this morning, but here's the telephone pole you warned me about."

Nicky giggled and moaned as he leaned further into Andrej's touch.

"Hummm, I think that pole needs climbing, Andrej," laughed Charlie.

"Yes," Andrej replied, "I think it didn't 'come' to our little party earlier. Let's see if it can come and play now!" With that he leaned forward and with one quick movement sucked the little boy's throbbing 4 inches all the way into his mouth.

Charlie was ready and had his hands under Nicky's arms as the overpowering feeling of having his cock engulfed in Andrej's mouth caused Nicky's knees to buckle. Andrej seized the moment and swirled his tongue wildly around the smooth morsel in his mouth and then smashed his lips down on the little boy driving the cocklet into his throat and sucking the nuts in with the rest of his tasty treat. Tickling the under side of the balls with his tongue he began to hum a deep sustained note with Nicky's sensitive dick head near his vibrating vocal cords. Nicky thrashed and moaned, but Andrej stayed glued to his pubic mound driving the boy deeper into his throat. As Nicky's orgasm engulfed him he cried out again and jerked completely out of Andrej's fiery mouth. Charlie watched from above as his little brother's cock twitched and jerked in frantic attempts to drive his still unformed sperm up and out.

As Nicky's thrashing slowed, Andrej leaned forward again and gently suckled the little cock back into his mouth. With soft sucking and barely touching the underside of the dick, he seemed to keep Nicky twitching and moaning for a full five minutes. With Nicky finally whimpering he released his captive dick and eased him down on the bathroom carpet and then standing he hugged Charlie and began a passionate kiss with the little boy's older brother.

As he broke the kiss, he embraced Charlie and whispered, "Little Saint, you've given me the greatest Thanksgiving. I can't believe this dream; my Little Saint and his big brother!"

"God, Andrej," moaned Nicky from their feet. "That was the kewlest thing I've ever felt! I thought my body would explode. If that's a hedonodentist, then that's what I want to grow up to be!"

Andrej and Charlie collapsed to the floor with their little imp and dissolved into a group hug. "What have we created?" they exclaimed almost simultaneously.

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