Losing Mum 3

When we got to the Doctor's surgery I was surprised to see a boy from school sitting in the waiting room. I knew his name was Brendan and he was in two grades ahead of me. I knew he would be about 14. He was really nice looking with curly light brown hair and a chubby pretty little boy face.

He was a good sport and was a junior champion at tennis. He also played cricket and was a top kid.

He smiled at me. I was just about to leave dad and go and chat with him when the Doctor's receptionist called Brendan in through one of the surgery doors.

After about 15 minutes the door opened and Brendan, his chubby face all flushed and blushing, came out. I noted that his shirt was a little hanging out from his school shorts and also that the front of his shorts was bulging out. He smiled a funny way and waved to me as he hurried out the door to the street.

The nice receptionist now came out and called dad and I into the room. The Doctor was really nice. He was a lot older than I had imagined he would be, looking like a grandpa.

He spoke nicely to me and suggested that I remove my clothes and lie on the white-sheeted examination table. I stripped off every item including shoes and socks, and lay up on the table facing up.

The receptionist came in with a tray of items gave me a smile and left.

The Doctor turned now and immediately took hold of my cock. He pulled the skin back and rubbed his fingers around under it.

Then he poured some clear water like stuff into a bowl and proceeded to wash my cock, including under the skin. The stuff was cold and then I realised that my cock had no feeling. The man then took a small hypodermic needle from the tray and after pushing some stuff out the end he grabbed my cock and stuck the needle in, pumping the stuff into it. I couldn't feel a thing.

He then started as I lay back feeling a little sleepy.

The next thing I knew I was sitting with dad in our SUV and we were driving home. My pants were off and my cock had a big bandage around it.

Dad looked at me and then lifted up a little jar with my skin in it in clear liquid. He had saved my foreskin for me.

I didn't go to school the next day as I still felt tired and my cock had started to ache a bit.

Dad took off the dressing and my cock was really swollen and I could see the stitches and some dried blood.

Dad washed it carefully with water and then applied some lotion and bandaged my cock.

I cuddled with him that second night with my naked skin but we didn't have any sex.

Dad informed me that I couldn't touch my cock for at least two weeks. The next evening he washed it again but this time he didn't apply any bandage as the swelling had reduced and most of the blood was now washed away.

I rather liked the look of my puffy bruised cock.

Now I was worried, as I had been keen to be with Alan that coming Saturday at the park. I had been keen to meet those two men again.

At school on Thursday I spoke with Alan. I wasn't sure about telling him about my circumcision, but eventually I did. Naturally I had to show him and he was really interested.

His cock, like my dad's had been operated upon just after he was born.

I told him I couldn't be with him on Saturday, as I didn't want to have any one play with my cock, or really tempt me to get it stiff. I was frightened that if it got stiff the stitches might break and I could bleed.

Alan was very understanding and we hatched a plan.

I decided not to tell dad about Alan and our adventures just yet. I wasn't really sure how he would react.

Dad wanted to go away on the weekend but I wanted to be near Alan on the Saturday morning to see what happened with the two men.

I asked dad if we could stay at home this weekend as I wanted to have some time with the guys, and he was pleased I was getting along so well with my schoolmates.

At that stage no one knew mum had pissed off. Most people thought she had gone away for a holiday with my younger brother and sister, and that dad and I had taken them with us on that original weekend we had gone to the beach.

Early Saturday morning I went and met Alan near the park. We had found a bush area near the toilet block and I hid in there.

Alan went into the toilet and soon the two men drove up in their car. The older guy went in first and then before he came out the younger guy joined him.

After about 20 minutes they both emerged with Alan and he was smiling. Then they all went over to the car and Alan got in with them and they drove away.

I didn't know what to do, as this wasn't part of our plan.

I waited another 5 minutes before emerging from my hiding place and then ran all the way home.

I didn't know what to do.

About 3 pm on Saturday I walked over to Alan's home. He wasn't at home and his mum said he hadn't come home from shopping that morning. She thought he might be with his other friend Brian.

As Brian lived not far away, I walked there but he hadn't seen Alan at all.

I was a bit worried now as I imagined all sorts of happenings with those two men.

I then decided to go to the park and see if anything was happening at the toilets. Nothing was evident from outside, so I gave the lavatories a tour. No action at all. I sat on an outside bench keeping the toilets in sight and waited.

Just as I was about to go home, even more concerned, a familiar car pulled up and Alan got out as the car drove off.

I jumped up and raced over to see him. He was really happy and smiled at me. Then he hugged me when I started to cry knowing he was unharmed.

He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out $50.

We went off to McDonalds and he told me that both men had fucked him in the arse, but best was when he had to suck them off, as he loved sucking cock now.

He told me he had swallowed all their cum, as well as having them shoot it up his bum.

He gave me $10 from his change and said that the men would pay him $50 if they could fuck me.

Now I quizzed him about being fucked and he told me that it hurt a bit at first but with lots of slippery lube in his arse and on their cocks they slipped in easy once you learnt how to relax your hole muscles.

I now realised that my cock was straining against the stitches and it was the first time I had had a hard on since being circumcised.

When I got home dad was wearing only shorts and when he sat down his cock head and balls fell out. I thought that was terrific, so I went over and sat on his lap and rubbed my fingers over his cock head and felt the slippery stuff ooze out. I also rubbed his hairless balls and soon his cock was a raging stiff and so I kissed it.

Dad picked me up and we went to our big double bed and we both got naked and played with each other. My cock was straining more against the stitches but dad sucked me and I felt good. He didn't bring me to a dry climax, but I sucked him to orgasm and swallowed his cum.

We lay cuddled together on the bed.

The following Tuesday dad again collected me from school and we went back to the Doctor's surgery. The Doctor was pleased to see me and I got naked on his examination table. Now he carefully removed the stitches and told me that he was pleased with the job he had done.

Then he lifted my legs up into a sling that he drew down from the ceiling. His fingers started to rub around my arse and the feeling was nice. Then he rubbed some cream on my arse and the feelings ceased.

I then noticed him with a funny looking metal tube, and he placed this into my arse. I couldn't see anything but felt him opening up this tube. Dad was watching and I could see his eyes getting bigger.

What the Doctor had done was put a device into my arse that would expand and it opened up my arse so much that he could have put my dad's cock inside me.

I now realised that he was getting my arse ready for cock. I wondered when I would be fucked and I got excited about this happening, after having watched the man fuck Alan in the park toilet.

I also thought about the $50 I had been offered. The Doctor left the expanded tube in me for ages as he and dad chatted. I couldn't hear everything they said, but I did feel good with that thing in me, except that cold air seemed to be flowing high up into my body through my arse.

The Doctor suggested that I come and visit him each afternoon for the rest of the week, as he wanted to continue to check out my cock and arse. The Doctor also gave dad a cock shaped dildo, which he suggested I push into my arse each night and sleep with it in me.

Dad agreed to pick me up from school, and so for the remainder of the week I lay on the Doctor's examination table for about 30 minutes with the 'arse expander' in my hole.

When I got home it was easier to shit so I liked what the Doctor was doing.

I couldn't go to the park with Alan that following Saturday as dad wanted me to go with him to get some new clothes and shoes.

We visited this clothing shop that dad said the Doctor had told him about.

There were lots of different clothes and I tried on lots, with the assistance of a young guy who was my salesman. He would come into the change rooms with me, and I figured he wanted to see my cock so I gave him some good long views and also bent over lots to let him see my expanded arsehole.

I knew I affected him as his cock got hard and I could see it pushing out his trousers. I was learning the art of sexual engagement fast.

The owner of the shop gave dad a terrific discount. The young sales guy suggested to me that I call after school the next Wednesday as he has some new speedos coming in, and he thought I needed a pair.

I knew what he wanted, and then I found out that the storeowner played golf on Wednesday afternoons.


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Losing Mum 4

I went to the clothing shop the following Wednesday, and sure enough I ended up with a new really small pair of light blue speedos. I also had my cock sucked and I also sucked off James nice uncut cock. James was 17 and had a large patch of dark pubes around his cock and some hairs on his small balls. His cock head was small and I could swallow a lot of his cock.

He made me feel good but I still didn't have a wet climax.

He did tell me that the shop owner had sex with him, but he couldn't explain why he had given my dad such a generous discount on my clothes the Saturday before.

It had me wondering.

I returned to the Doctor on the following day as he had telephoned dad about me. Dad couldn't pick me up from school so I caught the bus and eventually arrived at the Doctor's surgery, but 20 minutes late. I was concerned that he wouldn't be there, but despite the fact that the surgery appeared closed, he was waiting for me. He got me naked on the examination table and then to my surprise bent over and sucked my small cock into his mouth. His tongue did magic things to me and soon my body was bucking and bouncing around on the table. As I stiffened and bucked on one occasion the Doctor's finger found my arse and went straight inside me. It felt terrific when he wriggled it around inside. Then he added a second finger.

He pulled his fingers out and took his lips from my cock. Then he announced that he thought I was ready for some exciting fun.

He asked me if I had been sleeping with the dildo in my arse and when I said yes, he smiled.

"Did you find it gave you a great feeling?" he asked, and I was truthfully able to nod my head as a yes.

"Now you tell your father that he is invited to be at my country place tomorrow night, and of course, you are invited as well."

With that he lifted my legs and put a much larger dildo into my arse. Then he pressed a switch and it started vibrating. Now that was really terrific, and soon my body was bucking and I could hardly breath. Then the speed of the vibrations increased and my entire body went into the lightening bolt of ecstatic pleasure.

It was the best feeling that I could ever remember.

When the Doctor drove me home, dad had just arrived so the Doctor told my dad the message he had given me.


The following afternoon Dad and I drove off towards the beach as soon as I got home. He asked me why I was so quiet and finally I told him about Alan and the men in the park toilet, and how they fucked Alan and gave him $20.

I thought he would have been angry, but he wasn't. Dad laughed at me for being stupid, and also for not having enough guts to tell him what I was doing.

From then on I knew that I could trust dad and tell him everything.

Instead of going to the beach we turned off through some gates to a big farm.

Soon we stopped and there was the Doctor and beside him the boy I had seen at his surgery, Brendan. The Doctor was wearing a lap-lap like American Indians wore in movies. Brendan had nothing on except a band around his head with a feather in it. His cock was really long and hanging down over his big balls. He had a small patch of light coloured pubes. But his entire body was tanned. There was no white area where swimmers or underpants usually protected your cock and balls.

He raced up to me and hugged me and I could feel his cock pressing against me.

As we parted I saw that his cock had started to get hard and it was a monster, much bigger than even my dads.

On the other side of the large farmhouse was a beautiful swimming pool and we all jumped in naked. The Doctor also had a large cock, with big hanging balls. He had more hair on his chest than my dad, but it was starting to go white.

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