Losing Mum 5

After swimming around and mucking about for about 40 minutes, we all got out, dried off with towels and then the Doctor started to cook some meat on a big gas barbeque.

Brendan helped him a bit then came and sat next to me. His hand rubbed around my now healed cock, and he grabbed my hand and placed it on his stiffening monster cock. It really was long and thick and the head was much bigger than the tube. The feeling of it was great. It was hard but soft. It was hot and moved as I touched certain parts of it. Then he took my hand away and whispered that there would be plenty of time for some great fun soon.

We had a great meal and it felt nice to be sitting there with my dad, naked and in the company of two other naked guys.

I cuddled up to dad and without realising how late it was, I drifted off to sleep cuddled inside my dad's warm arms.

As the warm sun streamed through the house window next morning I realised that I was still cradled within my dad's beautiful arms. My cock was stiff as was my dad's and my hand rubbed all over the big knob smearing the slippery clear around.

Dad stirred and moved his head around to kiss me full on the lips.

He whispered gently to me that he loved me and I cuddled him harder, for I knew I loved him very much too.

The Doctor came into the room wearing his Indian outfit with a band around his head with two feathers sticking up from it. Brendan followed , now wearing a leather loin cloth to hide his big cock. He also had a feather in a band around his head. He looked great.

A small loin cloth and a feather band was handed to me. The Doctor them opened a cupboard and there hanging was what looked like cowboy outfit.

Dad got up, his big cock sticking straight out from his crotch, and started dressing in the cowboy gear.

He had sleeveless leather jacket with leather laces across the front. Then he put on a pair of leather chaps. These looked interesting as I soon realised that they had no front or rear material. Dad's big cock, and nice rounded arse where both fully exposed.

After a breakfast of juice and fresh fruit, it was decided that we should play "Cowboys and Indians". I thought this was great, as the Doctor had all the guns and bows and arrows and stuff.

Dad, as the cowboy eventually captured us three Indians and he tied Brendan to a tree with his arse out. Then he captured me and tied me arse up over a wooden form horse. Now he got the Doctor and bound him to a large post that was set into the ground. The sun was starting to warm my arse as I heard a lot of noise.

From around the front of the house came four other guys, all wearing cowboy stuff. Again all their cocks and arses were exposed and I soon realised that three of them were guys about dad's age, but one was much younger being about 17 or 18. He was nice looking too.

The game became great then as the new men started to touch our bodies and finger my arse. I felt some cold oily slippery stuff being poured in my arse crack. When I looked up Brendan had also been strapped over an imitation saddle and his arse was also being lubed.

The Doctor was now also being spread-out over a wooden form that was brought out from a building near-by. I saw the young guy pour the lube into the Doctor's arse and run his fingers along the crack of his big arse.

Dad now came over to me and in mock cowboy indian talk he say to me, " wow, happy face chief boy now get cowboy fun." I started to laugh at his poor effort at mock indian speak.

One of the cowboys was rubbing his big cock along Brendan's arse and then as my eyes opened wide he pushed his cock almost straight into my school friend's open arse.

One of the older guys was now fucking the Doctor, and dad was rubbing his cock along my arse crack.

Again he addressed me in stupid indian type talk, saying, "me give red skin boy good opening and nice time."

I knew he was going to fuck me, and I was full of joy at this act.

Then just as his cock head pressed against my virgin arse around the farm house came four guys all dressed as indians.

They fired mock bows and arrows at the cowboys and all started to play dead or captured.

It was so much fun. The tied dad up and one of the indians, a guy really old, started to suck dad's cock. Brendan now reversed the position on his fucker and started to fuck him, with the Doctor also now fucking the younger cowboy, whilst two of the recently arrived indians had the other two cowboys on their backs and their arses finding cock.

Brendan was the first to climax, but then the Doctor rammed the young guy whose name was Raymond, whilst I watched with delight as a mock indian fucked my dad. He looked like he was enjoying being fucked too.

But I was missing out. Then two of the new indians grabbed me and lay me on a big mattress that they had drawn out from the nearly barn type building. They made a lot of fuss over me and covered my body with lots of olive oil, and it smelt nice.

Then they brought dad over and took off all his cowboy gear. He too was coated in oil and pushed onto the mattress with me.

Dad slipped over to me and started to make love to me by kissing my lips and then my tits and then my cock. His fingers now roamed all over me eventually finding my lubed arse. Soon my legs were over his shoulders and then I felt the knob of his cock pushing against my hole.

I scared and thrilled at the same time, wondering what sort of pain I would have to endure.

But it didn't happen. Dad pushed against me, and remembering what Alan had told me I pushed down like I was having a big shit and the next thing I felt was the fullness of dad's big cock head inside me.

He looked at me and then bent his face and kissed me with his tongue seeking to invade my lips.

Soon I felt really full and I knew that dad's big cock was further inside me. He started the fucking motions and I was surprised at how good it felt. There was no pain or hurt, just some awkward sloppy noises from my arse. I realised also that my throat was gurgling as I became excited as dad fucked me harder. My first fuck was terrific with my dad continuing to pound me. Then he lifted his head, pushed really hard into me stopped and then gave an almighty shuddering shove. He was filling my guts up with the same cum that had assisted in creating me.

I was on a high of greater feeling that I had ever felt before.

I wrapped my legs around dad's waist and my arms around his chest and back. I kissed his with true passion. My first fuck was the best ever. My dad had done it, not a $50 guy in a public park toilet.

What was also great was that in this game of "cowboys and Indians" the indians had won.

And so had I.

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