Losing Mum 6

As the Indians had won in our play session, I was given the option of doing whatever I wanted.

The Doctor called everyone together for a barbeque lunch and I was happy to be regarded by all the other men as being a welcome new addition to their group. Then I found out something about my dad I had never even imagined.

When he was about my age, he had met one of the older men, who was a lot younger then, in similar circumstances to myself and Alan, hence my dad's response when I told him about Alan.

At the same time he had found a sex friend with a boy at his school who was in a grade higher than himself. They had become really great friends in all regards, and had engaged in many sex games. The older man, who was still part of the group had been in his late twenties then and he had been a friend of the Doctors.

Dad then introduced me to his schooldays friend. His name was Barry and he was very handsome, and always liked to be an Indian. His cock was really nice, long and normal thickness with a knob head almost the same size as his tube. I was surprised at how his balls were no where near as big as my dad's, and had very few hairs on them.

He came and sat with me and his warm gentle hands played with my cock and arse all through lunch. I responded and played with his cock, which like mine was stiff all the time. The difference was that his was leaking lots of slippery clear pre-cum.

He asked me if he could fuck me as he wanted to be the second man to do it after my dad had taken my virginity earlier that morning. I agreed, and Barry announced it just as lunch was finishing.

The others in the group had all become friends through sex and most of it had been as a result of being involved with the lovely Doctor.

What surprised me most was that they all had circumcised cocks.

Two of the later Indians had been living together since they had left school. They had gone to university together and one was a solicitor, the other an accountant. They were also very nice looking men.

Now Brendan, who was 14, was the complete slut. He had been picked up by one of the guys when he was 11. He had been looking at the guy's cock at the local swim centre and Brendan had accepted a lift home with the guy. He at first was just played with and sucked, but soon the Doctor had opened his arse with the same device he had used on me, and Brendan was taking cock on a regular basis. One of the group guys worked as a chemist with a nearby company of pharmaceutical product manufacturers. He was well into anabolic steroids and had developed some drug that assisted the growth of hormones and that resulted in large cocks. He had given Brendan a series of doses and his large cock had resulted. I was eager to also have this done, but the Doctor informed me that it was reasonable certain that I would have a big cock anyway, as my father had one, and he had never taken these drugs.

We all put some long trousers on after a rest following our lunch and then we all set off on a hike around the farm. We all got a bit sunburnt. It was very interesting to be told about the farm and the birds and animals. What excited me, and I think all the men, was seeing a stallion breeding a mare in an adjacent farm. I had never seen a horse cock before and the size of it and the flattened knob made me very interested.

I had seen dogs fucking before, but I didn't really know what they were doing.

We were all very tried when we staggered back to the farmhouse. Some of the guys swam in the pool, as I did. Then we all showered and dressed for a meal, which some of the others prepared, giving the Doctor a rest.

We all sat around as the Doctor put a video on and there was Brendan being fucked, when he was a year younger. I loved the close-up shots of the cocks going into his arse. That got everyone horny and so it was time for my second fucking.

A mattress was brought into the main room and Barry undressed me. He kissed me and sucked my ears and neck and then my tits and finally in between my thighs and up to my balls and very stiff cock.

Then he lifted my legs as he removed his own clothing and my dad lubed up my arse and Barry's cock.

Everyone crowded around as his cock head breeched my arse. I felt to good, being the centre of attention. Also I felt tingly as the cock slid right up inside my tiny hole. Barry started to gently fuck me and my body gathered this warm glow and then his rhythm increased.

Suddenly my face felt a warm wetness and as I opened my eyes I realised that the guys were jerking off and showering me with their cum. I opened my mouth and gather a few drops but then the Doctor started to gather the cum on his fingers from off my body and I sucked all I could from his soft old fingers.

Then Barry started to fuck hard into me and I knew he was going to fill me with his man cum. He reared up as he punched his cock into me and then shuddered.

I could really feel his cock exploding inside my arse. He shuddered again and again and then fell over to one side, letting his softening slippery cock slide out of my arse with a swishy plop.

Dad bent down and licked my body and cock and then with his tongue out slid his face up my tummy to my waiting lips. We kissed with a passion I still enjoy.

I slept with dad that night. During the night I heard lots of fucking noises, as well as guys moving around. Most had changed partners during the night.

I woke up with dad sucking me, his own cock dripping copious quantities of pre-cum. He gently lubed up my arse from a dish on the bedside table and soon I was feeling his big cock pushing inside me. He was so gentle and instead of fucking me hard as he got closer to his climax, he continued to fuck me in a smooth gentle way. As he was reaching his highest point he slipped his cock out of me and moved up so when I opened my lips his head fitted and he filled my throat with his cum.

Later in the morning it was getting time for some of the guys to leave, but the final act was for me to suck each of them off. I must have swallowed a teacup full of cum then. I must say that my jaws were very sore from being wrapped around all those cocks, but I loved it.

Then dad told everyone about what Alan and I had been doing on a Saturday morning in the toilet in the park.

They quizzed me about whether I thought Alan would be suitable to join the group, but I wasn't really qualified to answer that.

They told me they would like to meet Alan, so I advised them about the park and time. They asked me to be there the following Saturday, and dad agreed.

I cuddled up with dad all the way home. His hand cupping my cock and balls and my left hand wrapped around his stiff cock.

I was so in love with my dad.

We were in bed early on that Sunday evening and slept soundly all night.

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