by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

"Jimmy, if we do this, no one must ever know about this." my father stated.

"I understand Daddy." I responded. "You are my one and only love. I would never, ever do anything to harm you or break your trust."

I began to nod off on my father and enjoyed the warm protection of his body. I then heard him breathing shallowly and knew he began to fall asleep. I nuzzled further into his body and fell asleep.



The next morning, we kissed, arose, showered together, and our morning woods stood tall. We massaged our cocks slowly and brought ourselves off, spewing our loads between us. My father shot his thick load all over my face, chest, and abs. Mine hit his cock, balls and legs. We did not want to waste it, but school and work awaited us.

As I came home, I changed out my school close and got into a t-shirt and pair of shorts. I did my homework and then prepared dinner for my father. My dad came home and brought in a huge shopping bag. He just looked at me and smiled.

"This is a little surprise for later." he said.

I smiled and laughed a little and nodded.

"Hmmm, I wonder what this is?" I queried with a smirk.

It was a non-descript bag, so I could not tell where it was from. I began to wonder what my dad was planning. We cleaned up and put everything away. My father reached into the bag and pulled out a DVD. He put it in the player, pressed play, sat back, and the images came on the screen. It was gay porn.

"Whoa!!" I uttered.

We sat there and watched it. It was not just regular porn. My dad got a copy of a man and boy making love. Though the man was not the size of my father and the boy was definitely smaller that I am, the pleasure was seen on the movie. They kissed and stroked each other. They exchanged blowjobs, then came the piece de resistance. The man began to fuck the boy in his ass and I was dumbfounded. Though he was not as large as Dad, his own cock was quite impressive. The boy was no older than nine years of age and he took the cock with no problem. I then looked at my dad.

"Daddy, I would like to try that." I said.

My father picked me up, tossed me over his shoulder, swatted my behind, and picked up the bag, where we went to our bedroom. I laid on the bed and my dad almost tore his clothes off and I scrambled out of mine. My dad pulled out a dildo, about 6" in length and not too thick. He then pulled out a bottle of Astroglide and poured it on the dildo, then put some on his fingers. He had me turn on my stomach. As I did, I felt his fingers slide to my ass crack and I enjoyed the feeling of him playing with the little hole, that until that moment was only used to produce excrement. His fingers danced around the pucker, the smooth area. His middle finger began to insert itself. It met with resistance the first couple of time out of fear and the natural human reaction of a foreign object inserting into the body. But my father got his middle finger to the middle knuckle until I began to tighten again. He left it there and the other hand stroking my back. I just enjoyed the feeling of his finger playing in my ass, wiggling it around. I thought to myself if this feels good, then what will his DICK going to feel like. I then felt a second finger apply itself to my hole and I retightened, but it was a shorter time for me to relax. I did cry out in pain, but I felt that it was well worth it. When I yelped, my father looked at me with great concern.

"Baby, are you okay?" he asked. "Did I hurt you?"

I just looked at my father and gave him a smile of reassurance.

"It was nothing Dad." I replied. "It was something unexpected, but I am okay."

He proceeded to move his fingers in until it reached the third knuckle. At that point, he hit something deep inside of me. I did not know what it was, but a sharp, tickly feeling enveloped my body. My cock, which had become erect when the first finger entered my body, but deflated when the second went in, became harder than ever. I felt that wonderful feeling, as if I was ready to release my being all over the bed. My father felt my love nut and began to play with it and I just moaned in pleasure. As he kept sliding his fingers across it and pressed on it, my balls released their load. I had not touched myself and I shot all over the sheets.

"OH JESUS CHRIST!!!!" I cried out.

Four shots came barreling out of me. The first hit my chin, the second, third, and fourth came out almost with the same force, and with great enjoyment. My father continued to play in my ass and I kept on feeling the same sensation over and over. My dick never deflated after the first release and it seemed that within just a few minutes, my second orgasm struck hard and again I shot out and it felt endless.

"OH LORD HAVE MERCY!!!" I bellowed.

My father then released my boycunt from his fingers and I was ready to collapse on the bed, but there was no rest for this weary one. Almost instantly, he inserted he small dildo in my ass. I felt it slide in, and it was longer than my father's fingers, but the joyous feeling was there. It began to fill me. I silently prayed thanks that he did not get one that was thicker because I knew I could not have been able to take it. The length did not seem to bother me because I felt the bottom against my as cheeks and I really enjoyed it. My father began to move it in and out slowly, a little at first, but then with longer and deeper strokes. I felt it fill me over and over and the only thing I could feel is a delight overcome me as every time he moved the big (to me at this time) rubber instrument and it constantly hit my prostate.

"Oh Daddy please fuck me." I cried out. "Oh yes. Oh yes. I'm your little boypussy. Oh Daddy fuck me. Harder!! Harder!!"

Where this was coming from I do not know. I had read stories online, but began to think that things are not supposed to be what you read, but you never can tell. My third orgasm hit, but it was a dry one and the intensity just shattered my being. I clamped my ass hard on the dildo, feeling the rubber expand into my ass until the ecstasy died down in my body. As I relaxed, my father moved the fake cock in and out and again, some fifteen minutes later, the fourth orgasm exploded from me. My head shot back.

"OH FUCK ME!!!!" I screamed out.

Again my ass clamped around the rubber pole and it felt so wonderful. My father thought I had enough and proceeded to pull it out of me. As he removed it, there was a slight trace of blood and a little fecal matter. My father had been a little worried about this, and just looked at me.

"Jimmy, I don't know if we should do this." he said, very concerned.

He showed me the dildo. My mind was starting to clear from the sexual haze that I was in, and I tried to concentrate on my father and his words. I looked at him curiously.

"But Dad, aren't virgins supposed to bleed a little when you take their cherry?" I said with a stupid grin on my face.

He began to chuckle and slapped my ass, not too hard, but hard enough for me to feel the sting in my body.

"Hey, what's that for." I asked.

"That's for being a smart ass." he said laughing. "Next time you'll know better."

We both laughed.

"When you get home from school." Dad continued. "You will find this hanging in the bathroom."

He pulled out a big rubber bag with a nozzle and hose attached to it.

"This is an enema bag." he stated. "Fill it with warm water, insert the nozzle into your cute ass, release the clamp, and let the water fill you. When you feel full, stop it, hold it in as long as you can, then release your bowels. Continue to do this until the water is clear. No shit."

He did get a wash cloth. He proceeded to wash my ass with warm water and soap, and I did enjoy the feeling because it took me back to the times when I was a small boy and he would bathe me. Now he was doing it as a lover caring for the person he loved the most. My father then laid on his stomach and I tried to push him on his back.

"No Jimmy." he responded. "I want you to do to me what I had done to you."

"But Daddy." I retorted. "Aren't you gonna be the one on top?"

"No Baby." he replied. "There is a reason I want you to do this."

He explained to me as he was growing up and having male-to-male sex, that everyone he partnered with only wanted him to be the top. They did not care if they got anything back. Dad always wanted to know what it would feel like as a bottom.

"Jimmy, you are going to learn that in this world there are people who tops, there are those who are bottoms, and those who can do either." he said.

It took a little while for this to sink into my brain.

"Dad, you are sure about this." I stated.

"Yes." he answered. "And I want you to be the first and only one to make love to me."

A few tears filled my eyes, not out of sadness, but here was a man who was willing to make love to me, but also have me make love to him and be true lovers.

I did everything my father did to me. I started with my fingers and not being as long as his could not connect with his magic button, but I was able to get two into him, without causing him any pain and he seemed to really enjoy the feeling of his ass being filled constantly. I then got the lube, applied it to the rubber cock and his very hairy ass, then inched the dildo into his ass. My finger were not as thick as the artificial cock, so it did cause my dad some discomfort and I was ready to stop and pull it out.

"No son." he grunted. "Just let me get used to this. I do want to feel this, because this will allow me to take you and your love in me."

I continued with the anal play, slowly and surely, inching it in, stopping when his ass muscles clamped. I allowed him to relax and enjoy the sensation, then moved in further. When it finally reached bottom, my father did not yelp in pain, but moaned with pleasure. I moved the rubber rod in and out of him and saw that his huge cock was against his belly and within a few minutes, his balls tightened and his monster was ready to release. He moved his ass up and his head lay on a pillow and his load shot out of him like an M-16 on automatic fire. The first load hit his face.

"AAWWWHHHH FFUUUCCCKK!!!!" he cried out.

He groaned loudly after that. He shot nine further rounds, as it hit his body and the bed. I loved seeing his face with the pleasure and pain that he was receiving. I continued to do this without rest. My father and I are alike because his vocalization rang in my ears.

"Oh yeah Jimmy." he growled. "Fuck your daddy. Fuck him harder. Yeah. He's nothing but a little pussyboy. Fuck him harder. Harder."

I did oblige him on this matter. That pliable cock worked in and out of his hole, with my help, harder and faster. Within thirty minutes, Dad's balls erupted again, covering the sheets and his body with his cum, seeming that he wanted to cover the world and universe with his seed. All he did was growled lowly, then the volume rose as it echoed through the house.

He finally collapsed on the bed, upon which I pulled the dildo out of his ass. As like me, it had blood and shit stains on it. I smiled at my father.

"Well, it got another virgin." I said, smiling.

This caused us to laugh riotously, we were in tears in a short time. I took the washcloth Dad used earlier and used warm water and soap, then cleaned his hairy, brown hole and the dildo, gently. I climbed in bed with him and kissed him gently and passionately. He looked at me.

"Son, if this was a tenth of what our lovemaking is going to be, we will be truly happy." my father said.

He got a serious look on his face.

"Jimmy, my boy and my love." he started. "I want you to know this. If you find a classmate that you find attractive and want to bring him home, that is fine with me."

I looked at him with a surprised expression.

"It is not that I am wanting this to stop." he continued. "I want you to understand a very important thing. Learn to love someone around your own age. But be very careful of what and who you have sex with. But I want you to understand that I will not be mad, upset, or jealous if you do bring someone home. Just so you know, your ass belongs me and mine belongs to you. You might fuck other people, but we only make love to ourselves."

I looked at my father and a tear trickled down my face.

"Dad, I love you so very much." I said. "If you find anyone that you want to get to know, I understand. I won't be jealous because I know our love is true."

We kissed and laid together intertwined, me against my father and feeling the wet cum against my body. I looked up and began to lick the seed off his face, because as we kissed, I realized how much we shared between us. I shared it with him. I kissed him, smiled, and fell asleep so content and happy that I figured nothing could ever be better than this.

As the days went by, we continued to prep ourselves for the inevitable time in which we would actually make love. For my father it was not that long a wait, since we started with a dildo that was about the size of my hard 7". After about a week my father was ready to have me fill him and it would be such a special occasion. We also proceeded to move from using fingers to prep ourselves, we learned various rimming techniques and I loved eating my father's ass. We also learned to take the dildos in our asses in various positions. I think our favorite position is on our backs with our legs at our heads and the knees on either side. The reason we loved this position was, with my flexibility and my cock dangling over my mouth, I could reach my tongue out and flicked the knob easily. As I came, it would fall into my mouth and I would curl my tongue to have it act like a funnel. My father, because of the size of his dick, was able to actually take 4" into his mouth and give himself a blowjob. He would shoot a load and swallow most, but save a good portion for me. It was so much fun for us to do that.

The night I actually made love to my father was so wonderful. He decided not to do it at home, but got a hotel room at the fanciest hotel in the area. He had already called ahead, got us a suite, and explained that this would be a honeymoon for us. The hotel staff arranged the room for the occasion, though they were not told of the couple checking in. There were rose petals strewn over the suite, a Jacuzzi tub, champagne, and candles lit around the tub and the bed. It was the most romantic setting that anyone could ask. My father took the day from work and made sure the room was prepared properly. He picked me up from school and we proceeded to the hotel. It was the most amazing thing for me. He had me prepare myself, so I went into the bathroom to prepare the Jacuzzi and my father ordered dinner. I unclothed and sat in the tub and wished my father was in with me. I got out, dried myself, and came out in a large marshmallow robe. I wore nothing underneath and sat with my father. We had dinner of lobster, asparagus with hollandaise sauce, but this did not matter to me, because of the romantic feeling that we were having. I had my first taste of champagne. I did enjoy it and it gave me a euphoric feeling. I did not get drunk, it just made me giddy, a little lightheaded, but it was something I enjoyed. We finished dinner, my father wheeled the portable table into the hallway, but I had him keep the champagne, and he put the DO NOT DISTURB on the door. We then turned off the lights and only had the candlelight. My dad took me on his lap and he held me close. I could feel his heartbeat and it was racing, I believed from the upcoming event. We kissed and cuddled. I nestled against my father's chest and felt secure. After about an hour, we went to the tub and, though I had already bathed, I got in a second time and enjoyed it with my father. He turned on the jets the splashed around us. My father caressed my body and kissed my hair. I leaned back with my head upturned, he leaned down and we kissed passionately. We stayed in the Jacuzzi and enjoyed each others company. We did not touch cock or ass, but enjoyed the closeness we had. His chest hairs tickled my back and that was like a warm blanket enveloping my body. We continued to kiss and we just chatted about the day. We turned off the jets, got out, and dried each other off. We were heading to the bedroom until I grabbed my father's hand. He stopped and just looked at me.

"Haven't we forgot something?" I queried with a smile on my face.

"What?" my father responded.

I pulled out the enema bag and leered at him. I started to fill the bag with warm water and my dad began to protest.

"If you think I'm gonna stick my dick that nasty hole, you have another thing coming." I retorted. "Get your ass over here."

Where the dominance was coming from, I could not figure out. I loved this man, but I was starting to become power-hungry. My dad, unrepentantly, obeyed with his head hanging down.

"Yes sir." he said meekly.

"Get on all fours." I ordered.

He responded quickly and was facing away from me. I applied lube to his hole and the nozzle, the pressed it into his body. I hung the bag from a shower rod and let the water flow into his body. I could hear him moan as it filled him and I saw his stomach become distended and the entire bag was in his body. I removed the nozzle, but I would not let him get up immediately. I held his hairy cheeks together and told him to hold it as long as possible. After several minutes, he was squirming like a small child needing to use the potty.

"Get on the crapper." I told him sternly.

My father followed the orders and vacated his bowels. The sound of the rush of water and fecal matter bounced of the walls. As the last splashed resounded, I filled the bag again.

"Wipe your ass and flush." I commanded.

Again my father timidly obeyed and I had him on his hands and knees again. I again put the nozzle in his ass and released the water. It filled him and his stomach distended again, but as much as the first time. After the bag emptied, I removed the nozzle and my father was able to hold it much longer, but I laughed when I heard his stomach rumbling. He sat down and the liquid spewed into the commode. I had my dad stand and there was just a small amount of fecal matter in the toilet. I repeated the process once more and the third time was the charm...my dad was completely clean. I got a wash cloth and gently cleaned his hole.

We walked to the bedroom and lay on the bed. I looked at my father passionately.

"Well my love, how would you like it?" I asked.

My father raised his legs back to his head and exposed his glorious mancunt to me. He spread it wide for all to see. I took the champagne bottle and poured it on his hole. This caused him to jump, but he settle down quickly. I then dove down with no sense of hesitance and ran my tongue deep into the hole, which I had tasted on many an occasion. The sweet taste of his manpussy filled my nostrils and throat. I learned that my father loved being eaten. Every time my tongue penetrated his twat his precum would not dribble out, but flow like the Fountain of Tivoli. It made me that I was giving my father the greatest pleasure he had ever known each and every time. I ate him for about fifteen minutes until my father looked at me.

"By baby," he said, almost begging. "I want to feel it now."

I had applied some lube to my extremely hard pole. The feeling was so great that I was going to make love to my father for the first time. As I aligned my cock to his brown pucker, I looked deep into his eyes.

"Dad, are you sure about this?" I asked, hoping he would not back out.

He looked at me, smiled, but no words were spoken. The look of love and lust on his face was the reassurance I needed to proceed and make us one. I pressed my dick into him and it slid in with great ease. I guess with all the preparation we had done in the previous week, this was not going to be hard, but it still amazed me that my father could take me so quickly. His mancunt was hot and tight. I bottom out in one motion and leaned forward and kissed my father with a great passion. I saw his own monster spew precum all over his hairy chest. I also knew what my father wanted only second to what I was going to do to him. As he held his legs for me, I placed his massive pole to his lips and 5" slid into his mouth. My father drank his own juices as his son proceeded to make love. I slowly pulled back a little, then pressed in. My dick was long enough to hit his love nut every time I pressed forward and Dad moaned like a new whore. As I continued to fuck my father, the aggressive nature I felt when we in the bathroom returned. I could not rationalize why at the time, but we later learned in therapy. I looked at my father's eyes and he into mine and his massive meat in his mouth, I became a new person.

"You like this you sorry bitch, don't ya?" I growled at him.

My father, eyes widened, looked at me, mumbled and nodded in agreement. I proceeded to fuck him harder than I had earlier planned. With each stroke, I became more dominant to him.

"Yeah bitch, you want this." I barked in his ear. "Tell me you want it. You need me in you, making you the bitch I know you are. Take this hot cock. Yeah you worthless bitch."

All my father could do was mumble and nod with a mouth full of cock. But he nodded with great ferocity. It moved up and down as if relaying he wanted more and harder. Another thing that happened was that with each stroke of my cock into his ass moved his cock deeper into his mouth until he had almost 8" deep into his mouth. He was choking a bit and as I moved back, it allowed him to catch his breath. But this also made me slam into him more and harder.

"Oh yeah bitch." I moaned. "Suck that dick while I fuck your sorry ass. You know you wanted to be used like this."

I moved harder and faster. I grabbed Dad's hard, wet, and sticky nipples and twisted them hard. This caused my dad to moan louder and suck his dick harder.

"Oh yeah." I groaned. "You love getting used and abused, don't ya? You loved getting used by a hot boy. You loved getting fucked don't ya bitch?"

My father was nodding and agreeing with me vehemently and I did not know why at the time. It was so hot.

My father was moaning, groaning, sucked his cock hard, and thrashed on the bed. I could not believe that I was giving him that much pleasure. My father had only been sucking his cock and I felt his need to release. He was so close and I began plowing his hot chute harder and faster than I thought was possible. I continued to abuse him verbally.

"Oh yeah you whore." I snarled. "You love getting fucked and abused, don't ya? Oh yeah."

I slammed harder and deeper. I felt his ass ring constrict around my cock as if it were ready to snap it off. Dad moaned in great pleasure as I felt his cock shoot deep into his throat via the pulsing of his ass. I could feel his throat swallow over and over, taking the life juices into his body. Some came out of his mouth. When the first shot hit him, this caused my own pole to explode like I had never felt like before. With one great thrust, I drove as far as I could into my father.

"OOOHHH FFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!!" I cried out as the first volley entered into him.

I lost how times my father came as my own orgasm overtook my senses and I knew that this was the most intensive and highly erotic sensation I had ever felt in my life. I shot eight times into Dad's bowels and each seemed to drain me more and more. When I finally finished filling him, I looked at him, smiled, and eased myself with a semi-hard rod from his mancunt. His legs finally came down and I heard him groan a little in some pain, not from the lovemaking, but from having his legs in the same position for so long. His cock came out with a POP and I climbed up and licked the residue of his essence from his lips and chin. I felt the wet juices all over his chest against mine and I enjoyed the feeling. Dad kissed my head, lifted my chin and kissed me on the lips.

"That was so awesome." he said. "You were so forceful and great Son."

I had never heard my father use the word before and he sounded like a teen and it make me happy that I could actually bring such great pleasure. It dawned on me how abusive I was to my father and I began to cry.

"Jimmy, what's wrong?" he asked, very concerned. "Jimbo?"

I felt like a little kid and so ashamed of what I did. Not of the lovemaking, but the abuse.

"Daddy, I treated you like Mommy did." I sobbed. "Is there something wrong with me? What's going on?"

My father, who could not provide an answer, because even he did not know what the answer was.

"Jimmy, I'm not sure." he responded. "It could be several things. Now you grew up in a situation where your mother did abuse me and I let it happen. It could be something in your genes where are definitely an alpha male and dominant. But so you understand, just as long as you don't hurt anyone when you are dominant, it probably be alright. Besides, I loved you doing it. I guess I an truly a submissive person and enjoy someone dominate when I am making love to them. I'm not sure, but there is a therapist I know who could help up and he won't be judgmental of us."

I cried a little more and let it sink in. It seemed plausible and we would need to learn more about our relationship even further. I snuggled on my father and I felt his cock begin to rise, the feeling which was not lost on me and caused my own dick to respond in fashion.

"Well are you up for round two?" he asked me with a smirk.

"You ready for it old man?" I responded with a leer.

"All the time Jimmy my love." my dad answered. "All the time."

We made love three more times in various positions. First was doggy style, then as he rode me as I lay on my back, and the fourth time was my favorite. We spooned against each other, me snuggled against his back, my arm draped over his torso and rubbing his furry chest. I verbally abused Dad the second and third time, and he responded verbally in kind.

"Oh yeah, I'm your whore." he responded. "I'm your cocksucking bitch."

The third time, as he rode me, he tried to play with his dick, but I slapped his hands away.

"Don't touch yourself." I told him. "You only cum when I let you."

Each time he was ready to shoot, I grabbed the base of his rod and ballsac to stay off his impending release. I slammed in from the bottom and he moved more on my cock. He looked begging in my eyes to let him shoot. I felt my own orgasm approach and as it eased its way up my shaft, I stroked my dad a couple of times and we shot our load simultaneous. His flew everywhere on my body and bed and mine added a third coat of sperm white to the walls of his cunt.

The last time had us just gently making love. No real verbalization, just moans and cooing as we slowly enjoyed this. I was amazed that my father, who in his thirties, was able to shoot like he did. We fell asleep, with my cock in his ass after I shot my last load, held him tightly and he held my arm around him. It was well worth everything we had been through.

As the weeks moved on, I had been fully developed to accommodate a huge, massive dick in my ass. I knew that I would enjoy the pleasure of my father in my ass soon. Ironically, it was over Easter Break. Each year my dad would take me someplace special over the Spring Break and that time he decided to take me to a special place - New York City. He booked the Royal Terrace Suite at the Plaza Hotel. It had a great view and like the first time I made love to my father, he did the same thing. He made sure the room was ready to his specifications with the candles, rose petals, Jacuzzi tub, and special dinner. He told them he was on his honeymoon, which is what it was for the both of us. The first time was for him, the second time for me. We flew to NYC, got a limo and went to the Plaza. We proceeded to the suite. The bellman, who was nice looking guy, when he took us upstairs to the room, gave us an awkward glance. I just smiled at him demurely and batted my eyes at him, which caused two effects. I did not realize I could create such an effect on anyone. First he smiled, almost a chuckle. Second, I caused him to become stiff. I smiled the same smile again, my father tipped him generously, and we headed to the balcony, which had a great view of Central Park.

"This will be awesome." I said.

My dad chuckled and nodded in agreement. We arrived early, so my dad decided to go siteseeing. We went to the Empire State Building and FAO Schwartz. My dad let me loose on the store and I picked up a couple of video games, a laser tag set, and a huge stuffed gorilla.

"Jimmy, aren't you a little old for stuffed animals?" Dad asked.

"Yeah, I guess." I replied. "But this thing reminds me of you."

My dad slapped me on the butt and I began to laugh. Dad began to chuckle and the sales clerk who heard the remark also had a good laugh. Then an evil thought entered my mind.

"You know Dad, he doesn't remind me of you." I added. "He has far too little hair than you, especially in certain places."

My dad turned beet red, especially seeing the evil grin I had on my face. The clerk, a good looking young man in his late twenties, gaped at my remark, where upon I just winked. I knew this could get me in serious trouble, but I knew it would wait until we got home.

We went back to the hotel and as soon as we got in and put the packages down, Dad picked my up and put me over his lap. He yanked my trousers down without unfastening them and proceeded to spank my ass hard. The sound of flesh smacking flesh resounded around the room and I was crying hard.

"Don't you even think about what you say before you say it?" he stated while crashing his hand on my ass.

What seemed to be an eternity, he finally finished and stood me back on the floor.

"Jimmy, you have to learn what to say and when to say it." he said sternly, but not angrily. "That was highly embarrassing and could have gotten me in a lot of trouble if anyone else had overheard, especially a police officer."

My dad did not mince words, but he also said that certain words should never be used to describe people. One of which was cop for police. Even though it is common phrase, my father said certain people deserve our respect, especially teachers, police, and the military.

"People would think I am abusing you and put me in prison for a very long time." he added. "I could not live without you son."

I ran to my dad and hugged him as a five-year-old would and begged for his forgiveness. He finally was able to pry me loose from his neck and just looked at me.

"Please be careful on what you say." Dad said.

A knock came on the door and dad went to see who it was. He backed up in amazement and opened the door. The sales clerk from FAO Schwartz was there with a boy who could have been about my age or a little younger.

"Come in." my dad said nervously. "Is there a problem?"

"Oh no sir." the clerk said. "I apologize for the intrusion, but you left without your receipt. It was a good thing the store detective did not stop you. It could have been a very uncomfortable situation. Besides, I wanted to tell you that I know what you and your son are doing and I won't say a word."


My dad looked at him reluctantly, but offered the pair a seat.

"My name is Alan Jennings." he said. "And this is my son Alan, Jr. He's 10 and shall we say loves his father very much in many ways."

It took me a few seconds to comprehend what was being said, then a huge grin crossed my face. Dad excused Alan, Jr. and myself to the bedroom, so I grabbed the bags and gorilla and we scurried to the bedroom and shut the door. As I did, Alan came up to me and kissed me. This had taken be aback and I was not sure how to respond. I pulled away and he looked at me crestfallen.

"Don't you like me." he asked sadly.

"It's not that." I responded. "I don't know you and I just don't kiss just anyone immediately. Do you and you dad do that all the time?"

"Yep." Alan responded. "He is amazing and I love him so much. How about you and your dad?"

"We make love every night, but it's only been me in him." I explained. "Tonight is my honeymoon. My dad is going to make love to me."

"Kewl." the boy uttered. "My dad makes love to me every night too. Since my mom died, it's been just me and him. And I love him."

"I love my dad too." I clarified. "My mom took off with another guy and we have been alone since. I hope you understand why I am sort of standoffish."

Alan nodded his understanding and we got out the laser tag set and read the instructions. We began to play and were making quite a bit of noise. Our fathers entered the room and saw us playing and wrestling. We stopped when we heard a noise at the doorway.

"You know that looks like fun." Dad said. "Wish I bought another pair."

"Well we have a pair at our house in Queens." Alan, Sr. uttered. "How long are you going to be in town?"

"For a week." Dad replied.

"Why don't you come out on Saturday." the salesman said. "We can have a battle, the losers must capitulate to the winners no matter what they want to do."

My dad winked at me and agreed. Alan, Sr. said they would have a barbque that evening so come early and make a day of it. We shook hands and the Jennings left us to our evening of love.

"Alan explained the relationship between his son and himself." my dad told me. "He just wanted to reassure me that what you said was not going any further."

I smiled and my dad called down and ordered room service. The dinner was the same when we made love for the first time. We prepared and lit the candles to give us a romantic setting. The dinner arrived and the server brought the tray in and set up. He looked at us and just winked at me. He opened the champagne and whispered something into Dad's ear, which caused him to smile. My dad signed the check and the server's eyes grew wide.

"Thank you sir." he said. "If you need anything else, just call for Jorge."

I prepared the Jacuzzi, but did not fill it just yet. I thought this could not get any better. We held hands, toasted each other, and we were so very happy. My father put the table in the hall, placed the DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door, and locked it. We went to the Jacuzzi and I filled it with very warm water, not too hot. Dad removed my clothes and I removed his. We got in, and like the first time, I snuggled against my father and we kissed passionately. The jets relaxed us immensely and we stayed in the tub almost an hour. We finally got out and dried each other off. My dad almost forgot the most important thing and I grabbed his wrist again.

"What am I going to do with you young man?" I scolded. "Haven't we forgotten something?"

I pulled out the enema bag and filled it with warm water. My dad took the bag, placed a couple of drops in the water, lubed it, and placed it in my stomach. He did not order me on my hands and knees. I instinctively bent forward, and when the nozzle filled my ass, he released the water into my bowels. This caused my preteen cock to rise quickly and pop me on my chin. My dad laughed and tried to chuckle, but the enema water expanded my stomach and I was feeling great discomfort. As it filled me and the bag emptied, I was ready to release everything, up and including Jimmy Hoffa's body. My dad held my cheeks together until I could not hold it any longer. I sat on the toilet and my insides came flooding out. All you heard was water running and my huge sigh of relief. As the contents of my bowels emptied, I wiped and Dad refilled. Twice more I was filled and the third time was the charm for me as my bowels were clean through and through.

My father lifted me as a bride on her wedding night, laid me on the bed, climbed on the bed after me. We began to make love. We kissed and I felt that wonderful passion that we always had grow further and further, wider and wider, more enjoyable for the both of us. My father then proceeded to suck on my nipples, stroke my ass, caress me as he made love to my body. He looked at me deep in my eyes. Like my father, I assumed my favorite position, with my cock dangling over my mouth, my legs on either side of my head, and my father looking at the pink hole, waiting for him to enjoy. He did as I did, took a little champagne and poured it on my hole, and dove it to make my hole open for him. His tongue penetrated my boypussy and I just squeaked with delight. It was at this point that I did not realize that my cock had grown, because as my mouth opened for the noise, the head entered my mouth.

"Look Dad." I breathed out.

I took the head back into my mouth and my father smiled at me.

"So it looks like you are going to enjoy pleasuring yourself, aren't you?" he stated.

He continued to eat my hole very lovingly and I enjoyed every bit of it. It was fun and hauntingly sexual as my dad probed deeper and deeper into my body.

"Oh Dad." I moaned around my cock.

He continued to pleasure me until I was at the point of no resistance. I popped my dick out of my mouth and looked at him.

"Oh Daddy, please make love to me." I begged. "I need you. Please."

My father applied lubed to his own monolith and he looked at me very carefully.

"Jimmy, are you absolutely sure?" he asked.

"Oh yes Daddy." I retorted. "I need you and I want you to fill me and make me yours forever."

"You are mine Son." he responded. "But I want you to feel great pleasure and no pain."

Now the longest cock I have taken was 12" but was extremely thick, just about the size of my father. So my father place his cock at my hole, I placed mine back in my mouth. and my father proceeded to push in. I resisted just a little, but not much. Just enough for my dad to know I did feel him and my rosebud opened completely for my father. As it opened, my dad pushed in a little at a time and my ass began to feel the fullness of the massive member that was filling my body and being. I felt his balls and pubes against me and then I realized I took the largest cock I had ever seen, real or artificial. My eyes went wide and my father smiled at me.

"Yes my love." he said proudly. "Your mother complained that I was too big for her and you took it like a man. I am glad you are my lover."

There was a little pain at first, but when he pressed in and hit the prostate, the sensation that I was enjoying also sent my fluids deep into my mouth so that I may enjoy my love potion deep into my throat. My father began to slowly and methodically make love to me. He would grind in my ass. He moved back and forth a little at a time and caress my body. Then something in my mind clicked on. I removed my cock and reached under the pillow for something I placed there when we first arrived and my father had to go to the bathroom. I produced a jockey's whip and my father did not notice this until it was too late. Not even realizing that I had removed my cock from my mouth, I began to bring the riding crop against his ass as far as I could reach. He yelped and looked at me strangely, but a bit submissively.

"Oh yeah bitch." I said. "You are going to ride my ass and make me feel good. I want to be able take more than just the head of my dick in my mouth. I don't want you to cum until I let you. Everytime I think you are failing, I will stroke you like a jockey does his mount. You understand bitch?"

"Y-Y-Yes sir." he replied.

I stroked his ass again and he began to plow me hard and my ass and cock felt a surge of elation that I never had felt before. I put my dick back in my mouth and my dad was very obedient. As he slammed his cock in me, another inch or two filled my mouth. I could not believe it was that limber. If I felt that he was not riding me to my satisfaction, I slapped his ass harder and he regained his vigor. As he filled me over and over, I felt my balls tighten and I shot a huge load deep into my throat. Normally, I would have shared this with Dad, but this was my night and I was being a selfish bastard, which I later regretted and felt guilty about the next day. After the first load was deposited, he hammered me again until a second orgasm hit my body and another huge load filled my mouth to the brim and leaked out and down my cheeks and chin. After forty-five minutes, I was ready to come one more time, so I pulled off my cock and looked at my dad, who wanted to shoot, but seemed to be afraid to do so.

"Okay whore, you ready to come?" I queried.

"Yes sir." he answered.

I love the power and I told him to get ready to blast but not before me. I felt my load ready to explode out of me and my father could sense this. He continued on a rapid pace and as my orgasm hit me, his also erupted out of his body.

"OOHHH FUCK!!!" he cried out as 16 loads of spunk entered my body and oozed out of my ass.

The third load filled my mouth, but I held it to share for my love. As his monster withdrew, we heard a loud pop and we began to giggle like two teen lovers. Dad collapsed on me and I began to kiss him and shared my juices with him. We exchanged the fluid and drank down our shares. We rested and just kissed. My dad looked at me.

"Where did you get that riding crop?" he asked.

"Jenny." I said matter-of-factly.

Jenny is my cousin. My dad has a sister Penelope, but Penny for short. Her husband died during one of the Iraqi wars, but they had Jenny, who is my best friend, as well as my cousin. Dad and I had gone to the therapist and he did explain that his marriage to my bitch of a mother made my father extremely submissive and he could act on those wants or try to change them. My father told the therapist that he was too set in his ways to try to change, so I thought I would oblige and maybe open up new venues for our love. The therapist also had me tested on my aggressive nature and gave me several MRIs that showed my frontal lobes is excited over dominance and my alpha male personality will probably do me well in life. So I brought the crop and decided to see how far I could go with my father.

"I wish you had told me before hand." he said.

"But what fun is that?" I replied. "I wanted it to be a surprise."

Like before, we made love 3 more times, doggy style, I rode him like a horse, and spooning. We seemed to come simultaneously every time and it was wonderful to feel.

The next morning I was feeling guilty about not sharing the first two loads with my father.

"It was you special day my love." he replied.

I just hugged him tightly. The rest of our stay in the Big Apple included a trip on the Staten Island Ferry, the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, and two Broadway plays that I had always wanted to see, Phantom of the Opera and Spamalot. We spend Saturday at the Jennings house and it was boys v. the men and I guess since we were so low to the ground and maneuver so well, we won the game of laser tag, though our fathers complained that we cheated and it was unfair and every other excuse one could think of to get out of a loss. When they finally relented, we made them our sex slaves for the evening, making them suck us and we fucked them any time we wanted. I made sure they did not come until we allowed them to do so. Alan, Jr. was a cute kid with a 4" thin cut cock. His father had a nice juicy 8" and very thick, almost as my dad's. Alan, Jr. was a total bottom, but he enjoyed his first taste of manpussy and his father was not one to let the fact he was a top get in the way of paying off a bet. We fucked our fathers once each and made them suck us until we were exhausted. We fell asleep on the sofa and our fathers carried us to Alan, Jr.'s room, or what was to be his room for guest coming over. He actually slept with his father as lovers and my dad and I did.

I woke up to a loud yell and this roused JR also, as I found out he like to be called. We headed to his dad's room and the door was ajar. We peeked in and saw Dad ramming his massive tool in JR's dad's hole. His dad was begging for my dad to go harder and faster. My dad was one to always oblige a request. I took JR by the hand and we went back to his room and we were laughing.

"What do you think?" I asked him.

"That was hot." he replied. "You want to try some of this?"

He got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks for me. I dove in and shoved my tongue deep in his hole. He squirmed and squealed. He pushed his ass back on my face and I took it as a great sign. My cock sprang to life and I wanted to make this kid walk funny. I was ready to spit in my cock when JR handed me a bottle of lube. I made sure I was nice and wet.

"How do you want this?" I asked. "Soft and sweet or hard and rough."

"Fuck me big boy." he said. "Make me walk funny like my daddy does."

I took my cock to his hole and shoved it in with one mighty push. He drew a deep breath and held it. After about thirty seconds he exhaled and ground back on my ass. I took this as a good sign and began to plow him with long, hard strokes and he moaned in pleasure.

"You are a hot little whore." I said. "You love getting this hot little boycunt of your rammed hard, don't ya?"

"Oh yes sir." he whimpered. "Please fuck me and make your bitch."

I slammed into him hard and long. He whimpered and begged me to be his master. I heard his dad begging my dad for his ass to be widened. All I could thing is how these two sluts could ever survive without dick. I rammed harder and harder. I could sense that JR was ready to have an orgasm and I wanted to flood his hole with my love. I felt his orgasm sweep over his. He became rigid, his cock jerked, and he spasmed.


My own cock exploded as his ass contracted on it.


Seven shots of cum filled his hole. I pulled out and lay next to him. He reached down and touched my cockhead which was sensitive. He moved down and licked the residue off and got me clean. He tried to get me hard again my I had to push him away.

"Don't, it's too sensitive." I complained.

We then heard his dad scream like a banshee. I had never heard anything like it. Then we heard Dad yell that he was cumming, and JR and I giggled. We fell back to sleep and Alan and Dad woke us up for breakfast.

"Get up sleepyheads." Dad said. "We're going to breakfast as soon as you two get cleaned up."

Alan, Sr. showed us where everything was and we were ready in a matter of minutes. JR asked me to pee on him, but I refused. He turned is hose on me and hit my crotch. I started to get angry but it caused me to get stiff. I told him if he comes to our town, I'll return the favor. We were clean and dressed, though Dad and I were still in the same clothes as the day before. We had a great breakfast. JR and I exchanged emails and phone numbers. Dad and Alan did the same and I kissed JR deeply this time and Dad did the same to Alan. We then changed partners and I was so glad that we met the Jennings. It would be a while before we would see them again, but it was a great reunion.



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