by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

Alan, Sr. showed us where everything was and we were ready in a matter of minutes. JR asked me to pee on him, but I refused. He turned is hose on me and hit my crotch. I started to get angry but it caused me to get stiff. I told him if he comes to our town, I'll return the favor. We were clean and dressed, though Dad and I were still in the same clothes as the day before. We had a great breakfast. JR and I exchanged emails and phone numbers. Dad and Alan did the same and I kissed JR deeply this time and Dad did the same to Alan. We then changed partners and I was so glad that we met the Jennings. It would be a while before we would see them again, but it was a great reunion.


After we got back from New York, we got a call from my grandfather. My grandmother had died in her sleep. The doctor said she had a heart attack, but she went peacefully and quietly. This devastated my grandfather since the two had been married, at that time, for over forty years. Aunt Penny, Dad, Jenny, and I were there for my grandfather. When my grandmother's funeral came around, we were there to be strong for Grandpa, because he seemed to grow old right before us. He was a man who loved Grandma so very much and cared for her. She was a wonderful person. She might have been very religious, but she was so kind and gentle to a lot of people, especially her children and grandchildren. She saw people of who there were in their hearts, not as others saw them. As Dad once told me, she would not have been happy about our lifestyle, but she would not have disowned us, because she knew what kind of people we were. She was even kind to my mother, as she once told me that people need to be forgiven and not scorned.


Jenny and I were about the same age, though I was actually 3 months older. She was fun to be around, because she loved to do things I would like to do. We would play ball, tag, hide-n-seek, and catch tadpoles and frogs. I would like to do things I thought she would like to do, like play house and dress-up. Aunt Penny and Dad thought it was hilarious when their children would come out dressed like runway fashion models. Our families were so close, that when there was a problem, we would be there to make sure we got through with it. When Jenny's dad died, Dad and I stayed with them for a couple of weeks. And when Mom left, they moved in with us to make sure we were getting through it. Jenny and I had no secrets from each other, but one. That was for Dad and myself to decide when to come clean with the situation.

A few weeks after the funeral, my dad told me that Grandpa wanted to take us out to dinner. They had agreed on the day and time, and since it was on a Saturday, Dad and I were making love, with me enjoying his massive member deep in me. We were kissing and caressing when I heard the bedroom door creak. My eyes popped open, looked at the door, and there was my grandfather staring at us with an amazed and stunned look on his face. I tapped my father on the shoulder, where he turned and looked. We looked like two deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming tractor-trailer. We did not know what to do. My dad was balls deep in my ass, my legs were wrapped around him, and we gave each other the look of what are we gonna do now? My grandfather did not turn away, but came in the room and sat on the bed. He took a deep breath and collected his thoughts.

"Jimmy. Jimbo." he said. "I am not going to be upset. I am a little surprised, but I'm not angry. Okay, I'm really surprised. Are you okay Jimbo?"

It took me several seconds to answer, since I was still in a state of shock of being caught. I looked at him in the eyes and smiled at him.

"Gramps, I love Daddy." I answered him. "This is what I've wanted all my life. We're lovers. Pl-Please don't turn us in. I don't want to lose Daddy."

My grandfather saw the worried look on our faces and my dad still imbedded in my ass, just smiled.

"I'm not." he stated calmly. "I see that you are in love with your father. He's not hurting you and the love he has for you shows in his face."

He turned to my father and looked deep in his eyes.

"Junior." he uttered. "I love you and I know you love Jimmy here, but if you ever hurt him, I will kill you where you stand. I know you're the boy's father, but nothing will ever stop me from hurting you."

My dad tried to respond, but with me on my back, his cock still at full staff, the position was very awkward.

"Dad, trust me, I would never hurt this boy." Dad replied. "If anyone ever hurt him, I would be going to prison for murder, because I would kill that bastard myself. And if I would hurt him, I would not want to live. I can't kill my son, my love, and my life."

I smiled with the reassurance that I would be protected by the two men I loved the most. I then noticed that my grandfather had a sizable lump in his pants and he was just within reach of my hand. My hand was drawn there as a magnet to metal. I grasped it and it jumped a little. I stroked it and I realized that huge dicks run in this family. I smiled at him.

"Um Gramps." I uttered. "It seems um that you have a little problem here. Would you like me to take care of it for you?"

My grandfather, in utter disbelief, could not move. I lowered my legs, which had become stiff, and my father disengaged himself from me. Grandpa, still stunned with what I was doing, was being undressed by Dad and myself. We did have to stand him up, but that was okay, because as I lowered his pants and boxers, I was met my a 12" anaconda spring free. My grandfather was as tall as my father, but more built since he did not believe in letting employees do things he would not be willing to do himself. He would go to his stores and hoist boxes and crates with everyone else. His employees were amazed at his ability to work hard and still be the boss. We proceeded to lay him on the bed. My father kissed my grandfather passionately. As I began to work my mouth over that wonderful member my grandfather was blessed with and played with his huge nut sac with one hand and moving down on him with my mouth deeper and deeper. My grandfather, not knowing what to do, just moaned in my father's mouth. I felt that my grandfather had not been pleasured, even by himself. It was not too long after I began to suck his long, thick member that I felt his sac tighten against his body and I was waiting for the release, which came hard and filled my mouth. It was thick and salty, with the greatest taste I could ever imagine, because it was from a person I loved so very dear. My grandfather loved me and who cared for me.

After my grandfather relaxed on the bed and I let his dick out of my mouth, but I nursed it so it would not deflate completely. After a couple of minutes, my father and I looked at Grandpa, who had a look of fear, shock, and complete shame on his face. My father and I were on either side of him and held him down as he tried to get up.

"No let me go." he cried. "Please let me go. I have to get out of here now."

We held him firm and my grandfather looked at us.

"Dad, you have nothing to be ashamed of." my father told him. "You have nothing to be afraid of. I love you. Jimmy loves you. There is nothing we would not do to make you happy."

"But this is all wrong." Gramps replied. "How can I live with this? Naked in bed with my son and grandson? It can't be right. It can never be right."

"Dad, lets face it." Dad explained. "We both know I more than likely gay when I was growing up. And I had to hide that. Not because of you and Mom, but because of the times we were growing up in. Dad I love you. And you told me one time that you too sometimes played around with your friends when you caught me in bed with Billy."

My grandfather looked with shock at my father, not realizing he would reveal the deepest, darkest secret that my grandfather kept buried. He began to cry and we held and caressed his body and I noticed how hairy that my grandfather was, with white as well as brown hairs mixed. I played with it, while I kissed his cheek and neck.

"Gramps, I love you." I told him. "There is nothing you can do that would make me ever be ashamed of you."

After several minutes, my grandfather's sobs ceased and looked at me deeply.

"Jimmy, what your dad said is true." he affirmed. "I guess it must be true for all boys growing up that they experiment with each other. And I knew in my heart that I enjoyed it quite often. But I met your grandmother and it was love at first site. It was not a passing thing between us, because you knew how much I loved her."

"Gramps I know how much you loved Grams." I responded. "She was a wonderful person. And what we did here today just proves that you loved her very much. But you need to realize that we are here for you."

My grandfather just looked at me and I leaned down and gently kissed him on the lips. He pulled me down and held me tightly to his body. It felt like I was being held by Dad and I was safe and secure.

"JR, I love you so very much." Gramps said. "I always wanted to protect you. If you are so sure about this, your love for Jimmy, then I will never, ever do anything to stop it. I know how much you love this boy."

"Dad, there is nothing in this world that I would do to harm this child." my father replied. "But Dad we want you to be part of our love. Anytime you want to come over and just lay here with us and cuddle, then we want you to know that we will be here for you."

My grandfather looked at us and gave us a little smile because he was unsure of what he wanted. I looked deep in his eyes.

"Gramps we want you to be loved." I told him. "We want you to be here no matter what. But will you two quick calling me boy, kid, and child."

"Well, look who thinks he's all grown up." Dad said with a smirk.

"Grown up to take that monster of yours." I retorted and stuck my tongue out at him.

Gramps then felt Dad's hand on his cock, again bringing it to its foot-long status.

"Dad, we want you to know that we will help you in any way." my father told his father.

"That meat between your legs and that chunk of schlong that Jimmy has would satisfy anyone." Gramps said.

Dad and I smiled at each other, then my dad was going to tell Gramps about our pledge of faithfulness, but I stopped him, pulled him down, and whispered in his ear. Dad looked at me and shook his head no, but I nodded.

"It's Gramps." I explained. "It's family."

My dad looked at me and relented.

Dad, what I was about to tell you is that if you wanted us to suck you or fuck you." Dad spoke. "We would be more willing to oblige. But you would not have been able to fuck us, because we pledged our fidelity to each other. Jimmy made me realized that being family that you should be able to enjoy our love also. If it wasn't for you, I would not be here, and Jimmy would definitely not be here. If you ever want to come over and make love to us, we would gladly welcome you to our bed. We will be glad to surrender ourselves to you and have you become our third lover."

My grandfather's tears rolled down his face. As we kissed him and tasted the salty liquid, we held him tight.

"I just love you two so much." he wept.

I loved the fur on these two men and I wanted to feel them pressing their bodies against mine. I started to climb over Gramps and got between them. I pulled him to face me and then reached back to pull Dad against me. I felt I was being encased a huge wool blanket and I loved the feeling. My father's cock had diminished a little, so I grabbed it and he stiffened quickly. I placed it at my boycunt.

"Push it in." I ordered. "You haven't finished have you?"

He slammed it deep in my body and I yelped.

"Jimmy are you alright?" Gramps queried. "JR, what did I tell you?"

"Don't worry Gramps." I responded. "I love when he does that. He is so very obedient to my wants."

I took my grandfather's hard uncut cock in hand and placed it between my legs. My own hard almost 8" rubbed against his salt and pepper covered abs, which rubbed up and down, while my father made love to me. Both men kissed me all over, my face, cheeks, neck, shoulders, back, stomach. Both men fought on who would tease my nipples and they took turns. Gramps moved his massive dong between my legs and I squeezed them together so he would feel a wonderful tightness to enjoy. It felt like I was being fucked in two different areas. My own cock was getting its own workout as it rubbed against Gramps. The feeling was so wonderful and I felt my orgasm about to hit my body. I knew my father was ready to come since we were so in synch with each other. What we did not expect was my grandfather erupted his own spooge at the same time we did. Our moans echoed off the walls, my grandfather sounding like a wounded bear. Dad's cock softened and slipped out of me. I felt the wonderful rush of my jizz cover my grandfather's and my stomachs, where his own eruption spewed on my ass and my father's hairy legs. We held each other tight and I kissed my grandfather with great passion, but I also sensed his guilt that he might be betraying Grams.

"Gramps, I know how you loved Grams." I said. "But don't feel guilty about our love for you and you for us."

"How did I get such a wonderful and astute grandson?" he asked with a slight grin.

"I guess your just lucky." I said with a huge smile.

"Smartass." he retorted as he slapped my ass.

We fell asleep and awoke a few hours later. We were somewhat glued together as my cum glued me to my grandfather, while his load stuck the three of us together. When we finally parted, and some hair went with it. We showered, dressed, and went to dinner as Gramps had planned. It was a going to be a fun dinner since it was for my 12th birthday. I could never figure it out, since I could go where ever I wanted, but I decided on Chuckie Cheese. My grandfather called Aunt Penny and Jenny and the five of us went to the restaurant for food and games. Jenny and I played games. The adults were laughing at the table and Jenny and I would hear the funny stories about Grams when we went to get more tokens. We saw the old spark in our grandfather's eyes as if she were there with us. While we were playing games, she whispered something in my ear.

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