by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

We fell asleep and awoke a few hours later. We were somewhat glued together as my cum glued me to my grandfather, while his load stuck the three of us together. When we finally parted, and some hair went with it. We showered, dressed, and went to dinner as Gramps had planned. It was a going to be a fun dinner since it was for my 12th birthday. I could never figure it out, since I could go where ever I wanted, but I decided on Chuckie Cheese. My grandfather called Aunt Penny and Jenny and the five of us went to the restaurant for food and games. Jenny and I played games. The adults were laughing at the table and Jenny and I would hear the funny stories about Grams when we went to get more tokens. We saw the old spark in our grandfather's eyes as if she were there with us. While we were playing games, she whispered something in my ear.


"Come on outside." she said lowly. "There's something I need to tell you."

We snuck outside and sat on my dad's car.

"You can't tell anybody this." she said secretively. "If you do, then Mommy and me can get in real trouble."

"What?" I queried. "What can get you in a lot of trouble? You know I won't tell anybody."

"Well, you know how much I love playing sports with you?" she responded.

"Yeah, it's so much fun." I replied. "And you know how much I love playing dress up with you."

"Well I don't like dress up." she retorted. "I hate it."

This was a disappointment for me, because it was fun. She saw the look on my face.

"Don't worry, we'll continue." she told me. "It's just I don't like dresses."

I just looked at her trying to comprehend what she was telling me.

"Well about six months ago, a girl in my class." she continued. "An older girl actually came up to me and mentioned how much I loved to dress in jeans and t-shirts and pull over shirts, basically how I loved dressing like a boy."

"Yeah." I answered.

"Well what happened was she actually asked me if I liked boys." Jenny kept on. "I told her no and she kinda smiled and asked if I tried anything with a boy, like kissing him or hugging him. I just responded with eecchh are you kidding? She took me in the girls' bathroom. She hugged me and began to kiss me on the lips. I was ready to pull back and run out of there. But I began to get a strange feeling that it felt good and I liked it."

"So what happened?" I pressed further. "Did you run or what?"

"Well, she began to touch me down here." my cousin resumed.

She pointed to her vagina, but remember my father never was one to sugar coat things.

"Oh you mean your pussy." I answered her.

"Jimmy, you're not supposed to say things like that." she uttered in shock.

"Jenny, Dad taught me about sex." I said with an air of superiority. "He doesn't try to be nice about it. Okay, I shouldn't say it in public, but you brought it up. How about vagina?"

"Well yeah, she touched me in my...pussy." she said quietly. "And I began to get a real funny feeling. Well, as school ended, she invited me to her house and we went to her room. We kissed again and she started to play with my pussy again. She took my hand and put it on hers. I kinda fondled and touched it a lot. It really weird, but fun and naughty. I began to get a little scared, but then she moved away. I thought she was going to hurt me, but she began to undress herself. She's one those girls who develop really early. She was already wearing a bra."

"That's interesting." I declared.

"Well she had me get undressed myself." Jenny went on. "As I did, I began to get a funny feeling around my pussy and my stomach. She was developed because she had boobs and hair around her pussy. She laid me on the bed and began to play with my little titties and sucked on them. I felt really good."

"She's beginning to enjoy real pleasures." I thought to myself.

"She then moved down and spread my legs." she continued. "I began to get really scared, but she began to lick around my pussy area. The more she did it, the more tingly I became, it felt so wonderful. At one point I became rigid and screamed out. I then just collapsed back on the bed. When I opened my eyes, she looked at me smiling. She just said now it's your turn. She was a great teacher and told me what to do. I sucked on her big nipples and she began to moan so loudly. I began to feel something wet when I touched around her pussy and I thought I was doing something wrong. I began to look at her. She told me not to stop because she was feeling so good. I moved down and when I got to her pussy area, I stuck my tongue around the area and tasted the moistness and I really enjoyed it. I licked the same areas that she did on me and she writhed as if she were having a fit. I stopped and asked if I were doing something wrong. She was emphatic when she told me to continue. I kept licking and I hit this little nub and she really went wild, then all of a sudden her midsection moved up and she yelled out OH FUCK ME over and over, then laid back on the bed. She opened her eyes and pulled me to her and began to kiss me. Her tongue went into my mouth and it felt so wonderful."

"So you like girls, right?" I asked.

"I think so." she replied.

"Well I'll keep this secret, if you keep this one." I told her. "I like guys."

"You're kidding me." she uttered in amazement.

"No." I voiced. "As a matter of fact, I have a boyfriend. Is this girl your girlfriend?"

"No." she responded. "But I do have a girlfriend. Right after this, I began to look at my mother and you've seen her. She has some big boobs."

"Yeah, she does." I said.

"I look at her pussy when she gets out of the shower." Jenny continued. "I pretend to pee just to be there and look at her. My mom smiles at me as she dries herself. One day I went into my mom's room and I found a box she keeps thing in her closet. There were pictures of women doing things like what this girl and I did. All different things.

"Aunt Penny." I said with a smile. "Way cool."

"You can't tell anyone." my cousin warned me. "Remember it's a secret. But there is one picture that truly shocked me."

"What?" I prodded.

"A picture of Grams and Mom in bed naked." she explained. "Mom was about my age."

That statement almost had me in a catatonic state. My grandmother, who was so religious, a closeted lesbian with my aunt. I could not believe it. I sat there and just turned to Jenny.

"Well have you and your mom done anything?" I questioned.

Jenny kind of looked down at her feet and nodded her head.

"Mom's my girlfriend." she said softly.

I just smiled and lifted Jenny's chin up and hugged her. She was surprised when I did that.

"Don't worry." I whispered. "Dad and I are lovers."

She pulled her head back and looked in my eyes.

"Well it does run in the family I guess." I said with a laugh. "We're are a mega gay family."

"What about Gramps?" she asked worried.

"He knows about Dad and me." I responded smiling. "And he has been with us. So don't worry, he won't get mad."

The two of us continued to talk in the parking lot when our parents and grandfather came out.

"What are you two doing out here?" Aunt Penny asked.

Penny froze, so I spoke for the both of us.

"She wanted to tell me something about school." I answered. "It was just too noisy in there so she didn't have to shout it out for everyone to hear."

Jenny and I gave each other furtive glances and half smiles. We went back our house. Gramps, Dad, and Aunt Penny were in the living room having a glass of wine. Jenny and I went to my room, for show only. We shut the door.

"What do you and Uncle Jimmy do?" she asked.

I proceeded to tell her all the things we have done in great detail. She looked with wide-eyed amazement and I smiled.

"So what do you and your mom do?" I asked.

She explained that they would eat each other out, use dildos on each other. I asked her what was the largest one she had in her and she held her hands apart about 9".

"Well how thick was it?" I prodded further.

She formed a circle with both her hands.

"Well I got you beat." I said smugly.

"No." she responded in disbelief.

"Yep." I stated.

"Well how big have you ever had?" she asked doubting.

"You wanna know with a dildo or a real dick?" I retorted.

She blushed when I would use words you would hear kids say around the schoolyard, trying to show off that they could get away with it.

"Well, how about a dildo?" she asked.

"12 inches." I stated matter-of-factly as if everyone could take it.

"How thick?" she urged further.

I put my hand in a large circle.

"How about in real life?" Jenny continued.

"Well Dad is 13.5" and really thick." I told her. "And Gramps is almost as big, just a little bit shorter."

"You mean Uncle Jimmy and Gramps are really big." she said in shock.

"Yep." I said. "And I'll be just as big as they are, maybe bigger."

"Naw, no way." Jenny said.

I do not know why I did this. I guess it was pride being tested. I just dropped my trousers and underwear and let her see my developing dick. I began to play with myself and it began to grow to its almost 8". Not as thick as Gramps and Dad, but thick enough.

"Whoa." was her only response.

"Told you so." I said with an air of superiority.

There was a knock on my door. I scrambled to get my pants up. My dad was at the door.

"Jenny, time to go." he said. "You're mom want to get home."

We looked at each other, gave a wink, and smiled. We went to the living room.

"Gramps, you gonna stay tonight?" I asked with some enthusiasm.

"Do you want me to?" he answered.

I had a big smile on my face.

"Well Gramps, what do you think?" I retorted, after dropping my trousers and exposing my hole to the world.

That night my grandfather proceeded to make love to me and my father followed right afterwards. I fell asleep between them full of hot, loving man juice in me. Each time we made love, we came at the exact same time, which proved to me that we were destined to be lovers for all time. This created a true fullness in my body and heart.

After my 12th birthday, I had a sudden growth spurt. I grew 4" in height, but cock did more. I grew to 9" and very thick all of a sudden. The kids at school were amazed at that, especially when we were taking gym.

There was one boy, Phillip Anderson, who kept looking at me, then turning away. At first, I did not pay too much attention to him, but word was getting around school that other students were calling him queer, fag, homo, cocksucker. This angered me quite a bit. I would not participate and I thought he could use a friend. Phillip seemed to be a bit of a loner. No one would sit with him at lunch. As my friends and I would sit and joke around, he seemed to be so sad.

One day, I decided to take a bit of responsibility and delve into the real world, or close as you can get to it in junior high school. I sat across from him at lunch. He looked up and saw me, but had a puzzled expression on his face.

"Anyone sitting here?" I asked nonchalantly.

He looked down and shook his head no. I started to eat my lunch.

"Phillip, why do you sit by yourself?" I asked, trying to break the ice.

He looked at me, as if I lost my mind.

"It's none of your damn business." he retorted defensively.

"Whoa, dude." I uttered. "Don't be defensive. I just asked question. Jeez."

"Well why are you sitting here?" he asked. "You've never sat here before."

"Well I see you sitting here by yourself." I answered. "I just wanted to talk to you. I mean you're really good at sports in gym class, but you seem to be by yourself the rest of the time. Just thought I would talk to you."

He looked at me again.

"Jimmy, right?" he said. "You hang out with the cool kids in the school. Aren't you gonna be worried what people would say by sitting here with me?"

"What?" I came back.

"You've heard the names they call me." he responded.

"Yeah. And?" I replied.

"And nothing." he sputtered. "People don't want to sit by me because I'm a fag, a queer, a homo."

"And are ya?" I asked.

He glared at me.

"And if I am, what?" he snapped.

"And nothing." I said calmly. "I just want to get to know you, maybe join our group."

He still looked at me with a bit of suspicion in his eyes.

"You don't mind being seen with someone who's been called all that?" he said. "And might be."

"Man, my dad raised me a lot better than that." I rejoined. "I look at people on who they are, not who they could be or what people think of them. I just want to get to know you as a friend. If you don't want to be friends, fine. I get up and leave and I'll see you around school."

As I proceeded to stand, he grabbed my wrist. There was a jolt. I do not think was absolute love, but a feeling of wanting to get to know him and being friends, or maybe something else. I saw a tear well in his eye.

"Don't cry." I whispered. "Don't cry."

I sat down and he wiped the forefinger and thumb across the bridge of his nose, so no one would think he would be crying. We sat and talked. We did avoid the big question of his sexuality.

"Would you like to come over?" he asked.

"Well I have chores to do, so I would be over late in the morning." I explained. "Or if you want to come over, you can play on my X-Box, while I'm finishing my chores."

"Where do you live?" he asked.

I gave him my address and we found out we lived four blocks from each other. Imagine that close and not knowing it.

"Why don't you come over about 11:00." I said. "I get up around 7 and I usually have everything done by then."

"Alright, cool." he responded and a smile actually hinted on his face.

We proceeded to exchange phone numbers and he got up.

"I'll see ya in gym." he said, a little more lighthearted.

As I was walking out of the cafeteria, a couple of my friend met me in the all.

"Jimmy, what are you doing sitting with that fag." one asked.

I glared at him.

"Hey, you don't know if he is or isn't." I said, with a little anger in my voice.

"Hell, I don't know if he is or isn't. But I want to be a friend to him and if that is too much for you guys, then screw you."

Joey looked at me and we went to our different classes. I got home and Dad and I were sitting in the living room. I explained what my plans were for Saturday and explained to him about Phillip.

"Well Son, it took a lot of guts to stand up to your friends like that." he said proudly.

"Dad, what bravery?" I responded. "You taught me to respect people of who they truly are, not what others think of them."

Dad gave me a huge hug and kissed me on my lips.

"Just for that, we're gonna have some extra special lovemaking tonight." he stated.

We went to bed that night. Dad caressed me and held me tight to his body and I began to feel my cock slide into his hole. He had positioned himself so that my 9" would slide into him without me noticing until it happened. He laid me on my back and he began to ride me. My hips thrust into his body. I grabbed the uncut monster and stroked it slowly and gently. We wanted to make this time to last as much as we could. My father continued and brought me to the brink of ecstasy and I him. Each time he would stop, so would I. We learned to bring each other to point of release, then stopping to make it last longer, to enhance our pleasure that much more. We have been able to do that for over an hour. This time was even more special as we were able to continue this lovemaking for over an hour and a half. This night, our eruptions felt like the beginning of the universe - the Big Bang. I could not even count how many times we shot, but when I recovered to get my bearings, my father was leaning back and looking at the ceiling and I felt his hot jizz on my face, neck, arms, chest, stomach, some in my mouth, and one actually went up my left nostril. All I could think at that point was I could have used Dad as a fire hose as he sprayed everywhere. He cleaned my off with his tongue and fingers as he fed his juices to the both of us. I then moved and cleaned his wonderful meat with my mouth. I felt that he was holding his ass cheeks together and I was not sure why until he could not control a loud flatulence that emanated from his body. As it sounded, my juices flowed like the mighty Mississippi. It eased out of his body onto the bed and soaked the sheets. My dad, the ever prepared one, has already had a rubber sheet over the mattress. The look of relief my father had made me laugh. The last little dribbles came out and there was some brown in the mix, so we got up and changed the sheets.

"Well I guess I need to fit you with some diapers if we do this." I joked. "You can't handle such a load."

He swatted my ass and it made me lurch. We kissed as we started the washer, then Dad had be to do to bed, since it was a school night. I reluctantly did so and fell asleep waiting for my father and lover. I felt a wonderful familiar feeling on my back as my dad spooned against me and his furry chest was my security blanket.

That Saturday, I got up at my regular time, made breakfast for Dad and myself, and coffee for him. He padded into the kitchen and his dick was swinging like a grandfather clock pendulum. I reminded him that Phillip was coming over later.

"That's okay." he said. "I'll be over at Dad's to go over his accounts for the stores."

"Okay." I said. "We'll probably hang out here and play some hoops and video games."

"I'm glad that you're taking an interest in him." Dad said with a beam on his face. "If you guys get hungry, make some sandwiches. And don't make a mess huh."

"Dad, when my friends and I ever made a mess?" I asked.

"Well let's see." Dad retorted with a smile. "There was the time..."

He pretended to make up some events, but I knew that they were not true, but let him have fun.

"So what do you want for dinner tonight?" he asked.

"How about pizza?" I replied.

"Sure." he said. "I won't be home until about 6:30 or 7 tonight. When we finish the accounts, we'll be over at the stores to check the inventory. You want Gramps to come over too?"

"Does a bear shit in the woods?" I retorted with a huge smile.

He popped me upside my head lightly, leaned down and kissed me passionately. He went upstairs, showered, dressed, and headed out the door, but not before giving me a wonderful good-bye kiss. I cleaned up the kitchen, put the dishes in the dishwasher, got a shower, put on a pair of ratty shorts with holes almost everywhere, especially in the ass and groin areas. I did my chores and planned on Phillip arriving around 11. What I did not expect was how lonely he was. I was vacuuming the living room and the hallway and did not hear the doorbell sound. I forgot to lock the door as Dad has often reminded me and was surprised when I saw Phillip right behind me.

"Oh fuck." I sputtered. "How did you get in?"

"I rang the doorbell several times and got no answer." he responded. "I tried the doorknob and it was unlocked. I hope I didn't scare ya."

"Well yeah, ya did, but I'm okay." I said with a smile. "Imagine, 12 year old has heart attack, wearing holey shorts, film at 11."

We both started to laugh, and Phillip's laugh became more of a nervous one as he saw my shorts from the front. I saw him swallow hard and his eyes were glued on my cock.

"Earth to Phil." I said. "Yo Phil, come in Phil."

His eyes finally diverted to mine and shook his head.

"Sorry about that." he apologized. "I didn't mean to stare."

"Hey I'm used to it." I told him. "I'm almost finished. Come on upstairs and you can play with the X-Box while I finish."

I took him to my room and he saw my flat-screen television, my computer, my video games, and just smiled.

"Man, you have it made." he said.

"Naw, my dad has me work for everything I get." I replied. "Trust me, this is my hideaway if I need some quiet time. Go on and load up a game and I'll be finished shortly."

I looked at Phillip and he was wearing t-shirt, shorts that were way too tight, and tennis shoes. As he bent to look at the video games, his hot bubble boy ass was staring at me, and I popped a tremendous woodie. I rushed downstairs to finish my chores and ran back up. Instead of playing video games, he was on my computer and found my stash of gay porn. His shorts were tenting severely almost to the breaking point and he was rubbing his cock through the shorts.

"Ahem." I said smiling. "Found something you like?"

He twisted in his seat and saw me. He began to get up and wanted to run, but I stopped him. He began to cry and I just hugged him.

"Hey, don't worry." I said quietly. "This is our secret. Calm down."

Now Phillip was 6'2" and was only 12. He was on the skinny side maybe 110 or 115 pounds. He had blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and had braces, as if he did not have enough problems. I sat him back down and he began to calm down. I leaned down to see his eyes.

"Phillip, there is nothing wrong with what you were doing." I told him. "I just didn't expect you to find my porn stash."

"So you're gay?" he asked.

"Yeah, for the longest time." I said.

"And the kids are cool with that?" he queried.

"Only the ones I know that can handle it know." I explained. "The others I have to use judgment with. So are you cool with it."

He just hugged me for the longest time and I returned the embrace because it helped Phillip and it felt wonderful to me.

"So what do you want to do today?" I asked.

"Do you have a basketball hoop?" he responded.

"Yeah." I answered. "I shoot around, but I'm not really good at it."

"Well let's play." he told me. "And I'll try to give you some pointers."

"What can a twelve year old teach about basketball?" I thought.

I got up and changed out of my ragged shorts. I had my ass turned to him and he kept looking at it. This caused me to stiffen knowing I was really giving him a show. As I bent over to put on my jock, my sweet hole was open to him and I saw him get hard. I thought b-ball first, real fun later. We grabbed the ball and went to the driveway. We were shooting and he was amazing at the sport. I knew he was on the team, but did not know how good he was since I did not attend any of the games. That would change. I watched him hitting shot after shot after shot and not missing one. It was like watching some of the greatest players perform. I tried to keep up with him, but it was pitting Jerry Lewis against Kobe Bryant. He taught me how to shoot the basket and he was great at teaching me. He had an instinct about basketball. After a couple of hours we were drenched in sweat and went in to get a couple of sodas. We sat at the kitchen table.

"Man you are awesome." I said with respect.

"Yeah." he explained. "Dad's a college coach and he taught me. He's a really great teacher."

We sat in silence.

"Phillip, just so you know a couple of guys said they didn't want me hanging around you." I told him. "But I just said to fuck off."

He went a little bug-eyed.

"What?" I asked.

"What if your dad was here?" he replied. "Won't he get mad if you use that kind of language?"

"Nope." I said. "Dad is a very point blank person. He has no problem with me being point blank either. But all my dad said was never to use the language outside the home, but they had really pissed me off."

He chuckled.

"Phillip, I have noticed that you have been eyeing me in the showers at school." I said. "And when I changed upstairs, you popped wood looking at my ass. Is there something you would like to tell me?"

He blushed and tried to look at anything but me.

"Ain't no big deal Hoss." I uttered. "Ain't no big deal. If you ever notice, most of the straight guys look at me in utter amazement, and I'll bet you that half of them get hard too."

"The one thing I have wanted to do is suck that thing you have." he said.

"Have you ever done anything with anyone?" I asked.

He shook his head no.

"Do you want to?" I inquired further. "Do you really, really want to?"

He looked into my eyes and nodded his head yes. I took him by the hand and led him up the stairs and into our room. My dad and I agreed if we brought anybody home, then we would use our room.

"I thought we were going to your room?" Phillip asked.

"This is my room, well where I sleep." I replied. "This is my dad and my room."

"You mean your dad?" he asked in shock.

"Yeah, we're lovers." I retorted.

"That's so weird." he responded.

"What's so weird?" I countered. "We love each other and we make love."

"Oh man." he said quietly.

"Well while you're thinking about it, get those close off." I said with a smile.

"Why would I need to take my clothes off if I'm gonna suck you?" he asked.

"You think you're gonna be the only one who is going to get pleasure from this?" I responded. "I've always wanted to get to know you too. I thought that you were so cute."

"No way." he said. "Your so full of shit."

He blushed when the word came out and I laughed.

"Feels great to have a little freedom." I told him.

He was a little reluctant to undress, so I began to wrestle with him. I tugged at his shirt to pull it off him, he fought back, and it went back and forth until we were on the bed, rolling around on it. I found out he was very ticklish, so I worked on his stomach and he tried to ball up, but sitting on his legs, I had the advantage. He was thrashing around and I was able to move his shirt up further until I was able to get if off him. He had no hair under his pits. I continued to work on his shorts. He resisted, but with the advantage of being faster, I got the waistband of his shorts and pulled them straight off. All that remained was his tighty whitey briefs, socks, and tennis shoes. He had a nice package under the briefs, not as large as mine, but I always considered myself a freak of nature. But hey, some people like freaky things in life. He looked at me and I smiled. I removed my t-shirt and shorts, and all I had left was my jock. He saw the burgeoning container with open mouth amazement and started to drool. He kind of smiled, grabbed his briefs, and literally tore them off his body. His own cock about 5" and cut, popped against his groin. He had no hair and he looked so cute. He felt a little embarrassed.

"That's a nice mouthful there." I said to make him feel at ease.

I was ready to push him on the bed, when the aroma of our basketball playing hit my nostrils. I could see that it hit him at the same time.

"Whoo hoo." I yelled. "Man are we rank. Let's hit the shower."

Phillip was ready to find the other shower in the house, but I pulled him to the master bath. It had a huge stall which my dad and myself would often enjoy each other's company while getting clean. I started the shower and got both of us under the spray. Phillip was still a little intimidated and I broke the tension with a kiss to his chest. This caused him to shutter a little and I reached for his neck. I pulled him to me and began to kiss him tenderly. His knees began to weaken and I braced him against the wall. My tongue invaded his mouth. I do not know what set him off, but he just grabbed me and hugged me tight to his body as we kissed. I could feel like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Our cocks were poking each other and I knew if we were not careful, we would waste a load of juice in the shower. I pulled back and looked into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Damn boy, can you kiss." I stuttered. "But we better get clean so we don't lose a load."

I began to soap up a cloth and started to wipe Phillip's body all over, just avoiding his crotch. I had him turn around and worked his back and legs, then moved up to his beautiful ass. I spread his cheeks and saw the beautiful, virginal hole, so pink, needing special attention. I placed the cloth and wiped the left cheek first, then the right. I then move to the split and teased around the hole. I could feel Phillip tense as I played with the hole.

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna fuck you." I said. "At least my dick won't."

He turned his head and looked at me quizzically. I spread his cheeks again and wiped the cloth in his pucker slowly. My finger went in to the first knuckle and he tensed. I let him take it at his pace and he finally relaxed a little. I inched to the second knuckle and he tensed again. I was not doing to go further with my finger. As he relaxed, I stated to wiggle it around and Phillip began to moan.

"Oh that feels so strange and good." he cried out. "Don't stop."

I thought I might be creating a monster. I removed the washcloth and started to inch my tongue to the hole. He felt the intruder and pushed back instead of rejecting it. I realized that Phillip is more than likely a bottom. I pushed my taste receptors into him further and he pushed back further onto my tongue. He moaned loudly and it reverberated off the tiles.


His body shuttered as he humped my tongue and the wall. His ass muscles contracted around my tongue and held it there. I was hoping it would not snap it off. As he finally ended his spasms, his ass relaxed. I pulled back and turned him around. There was no cum on the tiles, so I figured it was a dry orgasm. He leaned against the wall.

"What the fuck just happened?" he asked bleary eyed.

"Well, I guess you just had your first orgasm." I clarified. "You mean you never jerked off at least."

He shook his head no and hung his head. I lifted his chin and smiled.

"Hey, just think of this as a new adventure." I said.

Phillip began to soap me and worked all around my body, but left the crotch. He turned me around and did the same thing, saving my ass for last.

"Phillip, you don't have to do this if you don't want to." I told him.

"Jimmy, I want to learn everything." he explained.

He kissed my left cheek and then the right. I smiled as he did this. I felt my cheeks part as he inserted a finger in and was amazed that I took it to the last knuckle. He wiggled it around and found my pleasure zone, which made me groan and my cock leak precum on the tiles. He saw how much he was pleasuring me and tried to insert a second finger, which I took with great ease.

"Oh yeah Phillip." I moaned. "Stretch that hole. Come on lick that hole. Make me feel good."

He was very reluctant to do so, but he also enjoyed the feeling I gave him when I tongue fucked his virgin hole. He pulled the two digits out and spread my cheeks and tentatively sniffed the area.

"Hey, just use some soap and water to get it clean." I suggested.

He did as I instructed and once I was sufficiently cleaned, he stuck the tip of his tongue at my boycunt. He realized it was not bad and began to probe further into my hole. This caused me to push back onto his face and he froze. I realized what happened and just turned my head and smiled.

"Don't worry, I ain't gonna smother you." I chuckled. "You're a natural at rimming."

He dove in and began to probe me deeply and had me wiggling my ass to him. Phillip was definitely a quick learner, but the biggest test was about to come up.

"Keep this up and you'll waste a good protein shake." I said shuddering at his ministrations. "Let's go to bed."

He unwillingly pulled back and I turned off the water. We dried each other off and Phillip was careful not to touch my leaking cock, but he did put his finger to the hole and took some of the precum off and tasted it. His own dick was hard again, so I took him by his rod, led him to the bed, and pulled him on it. We began to kiss deeply and we held each other tight. I moved to his ears and licked in the hearing area and sucked on his lobes. I then worked down and began to suck his nipples, lightly biting them along the way. He yelped a little and squirmed when I worked on his ultra-sensitive nubs. He grabbed my head and press it to his teats so I would work on them. But I did have other plans for this one. He finally released my head and I moved further down on his body, licking and kissing, until I got to his navel. I let my tongue work on it and he started laughing and begged me to stop. I continued for several minutes and then moved down to the glory. I teased the head by just barely caressing it with my tongue. The first pass had his pelvis jerk up and I opened my mouth and swallowed it whole. My tongue traced the underside of the shaft and he moaned.

"Oh Jesus." he uttered lowly.

I moved up and down on the shaft and enjoyed the noises he was making. My head was bobbing on the hard boycock and I teased his nut sac with my fingers. His body just moved all over the bed and several times his hips moved up to meet my movement. About the third time, I inserted a finger as he came down and it struck pay dirt. The digit hit his prostate and he just screamed.


Then it sounded like he was taking in tongues because he made no sense what so ever. His body quivered and quaked, it twisted and turned, but I would not let his 5" out of my mouth until he was sufficiently taken care of. He continued for almost two minutes, because as it seemed that he was finished, a touch of his cockhead sent him over the edge again. When he finally came down from his sexual high, I gently ran my tongue over the shaft and came of with a kiss. It took him almost fifteen minutes to get some semblance of where he was and what just happened. As he was recovering, I just held him and kissed his sweaty forehead. The salt tasted good and I relished that I was able to give him a wonderful feeling. He finally opened his eyes and gave me a silly grin.

"Tell me, is sex always that good?" he asked.

"Better." I replied. "But are you okay? You were worse than a tornado in a trailer park."

"Yeah." he answered. "I hope that I can make someone feel that great."

"You will." I told him. "With practice, you will. So you want to try now."

He smiled and I pulled him on me. As I said he was a quick learner. He worked on my ears and had me twitching. He then moved and really enjoyed teasing my nips by biting them and caused me to yell in pain, but it was in exquisite pain. He licked and kissed down and was met by my hard 9". The precum tattooed his chin and he licked the clear juices off. He moved his mouth on the head and tried to swallow me whole, but only 3" entered him when he began to gag and sputtered. He pulled off and coughed violently. He looked at me with a dejected look.

"Hey, just take it slowly." I told him. "It took me several weeks just to be able to deep throat my dad. Take it a little at a time and breath through your nose."

He tried again and began with only a couple of inches and swirled his tongue around the head. I loved this and let him take his time on my rod. He began to move up and down and finally was able to take just over 4" before he began to gag again. He pulled off and I was smiling at him.

"Phillip, you are a natural." I told him. "Now suck my balls."

He moved down and took my baby making sac in him mouth. This was very sensitive to me and made my body spasm and twist. He swirled one nut in his mouth, then moved to the other to bathe it in his spit. He then moved back on my cock and proceeded down to his comfort zone. He was so good and he jacked the area that would not fit in his mouth. It felt so wonderful and I was trying to hold off as much as I could. His talent was amazing and my balls were ready to dispense his reward.

"Phillip, I'm getting close." I warned him. "I'm gonna shoot. Please Phillip I will blast in your mouth."

This virgin in every way kept his mouth clamped on my cock. The first blast shot into his mouth and he sputtered.


The next rounds caught him in the face and then he moved back onto the erupting volcano. He was able to take most of the load, though a bit was trickling out of the corners of his mouth. He swallowed and as the last of my boy cream flowed out, he pulled up and made a POP sound and he did. We giggled and lay back on the bed.

"You're a quick learner." I said. "But we need to get you cleaned up."

I took my finger and pulled some of the white juices off his face, then placed it at his mouth. He took it like a baby taking a bottle of its formula. I took some and swallowed my sweet load. I did this between the two of us until there were some small streaks. I then licked those off and proceeded to kiss Phillip passionately. We kissed for several minutes without coming up for air. As we broke it, Phillip looked at me with tears in his eyes.

"I wish you were my boyfriend." he wept. "I need someone in my life that would love me like this."

"You will get that special someone." I replied. "I wish it were me, but you know my heart truly belongs to someone. But no matter what I will be your friend."

"I appreciate that." Phillip said with a slight smile. "By the way, when we were in the shower and you put your tongue in me, it drove me crazy. You hit someplace in there that got me excited."

"That's the prostate." I explained. "It's a small thing that men have that when stimulated will cause them to get excited and have an orgasm."

"Do you have to put some thing up your bum to get that reaction?" he queried.

"No." I continued. "Look what you did to me. But you can with a finger, vegetable, dildo, or a dick."

"Whoa. A dick?" he asked with wide-eyed shock.

"What do you think my dad and I do, play blackjack?" I said sardonically.

"Yeah, but you actually take his dick up your butt?" he asked.

"Sure and he takes mine." I responded. "Now it does hurt the first couple of times, but when you're used to it, it feels amazing. But don't think that we did it the first time out. We prepped each other."

"How?" he questioned.

I got up and went to the closet where we kept the dildos. We decided to retire them, but maybe it was time for a Brett Farve. I pulled out the smallest one and showed it to him.

"This is the one we started with on each other, until we were ready." I explained. "For my dad, this was the only one since I was about the same size at the time. We then moved to larger ones on me until we got to this one."

I pulled out the huge 12" rubber monster and Phillip looked like he was about to have a heart attack. I smiled and he looked at me as if I were insane.

"You took that in your ass?" he inquired in disbelief.

"Yep, though it is not as large as my father." I responded. "Dad is much bigger in length and width. And when we did make love to each other, we called it our honeymoons, because it our first time to make true love to each other. Phillip, you need to understand the difference between the two. Sex, anyone can have. Love is a special bond between two people and I know that the kind of person you are, you're gonna find that special someone who will love you with all their heart and soul. Trust me on this."

He smiled at me and hugged me and kissed my lips lightly. He then took the dildo from my hand and studied it.

"I want to try it." he said with great nervousness. "Just please go slow."

"Phillip, are you sure?" I asked with great concern. "Are you absolutely sure about this? Once you go forward, there is no turning back."

He nodded slightly and lay on his stomach. I placed a pillow under his pelvic region and got some Astroglide for lube. I placed a large amount on the rubber phallus and then spread his cheeks. I then dribbled some on his hole and he jumped.

"Shit, that's cold." he said without looking.

He then began to laugh. I looked at him and then lay right by his head.

"What's so funny?" I questioned.

"You know, I never cussed in my life and now I feel like I have so much freedom." he answered. "Man, you are my best friend."

"Phillip, just remember, don't say it outside the house." I said. "You're parents won't be too happy about the situation if they found out where you heard it."

I spread his cheeks again and pushed the lube into his hole. I worked my index finger first and wiggled it around. Phillip tensed a bit, but then relaxed and actually pushed back on the digit. I then added my middle finger and he did not tense at all. He took it like a trooper and I found his love nut. Once I hit it, he was stiffer than an over starched shirt. I moved more in his ass and he begged me to fuck him. That was my cue to insert the 7" rubber cock. I slipped my fingers out and before he could close, I place the dildo at his hole.

"Okay, now push out like you're gonna take a dump." I instructed.

As I pushed in, he pushed out and the head of the appliance popped in and Phillip's entire body went rigid.

"Oh fuck me." he yelled. "That fuckin' hurts."

"I warned you." I reminded him. "Do you want me to take it out?"

"No, just let me get used to it." he replied.

The initial pain caused his cock to deflate, but we just stayed like that for several minutes. His ass muscles and then his body began to relax. I pushed a little further in and he tensed again. This reminded me of my first time with the rubber dick in me and I just lay beside Phillip and let him take his time. This continued for almost thirty minutes until his entire ass took the artificial rod.

"You have it all in you." I told him triumphantly.

He turned his head, his forehead covered in sweat, and smiled weakly. He lay there for a while.

"Okay, now fuck me." he said forcefully.

I began to slowly pull the rubber pole out and then slowly plunge it back in. I continued at this pace, because I thought it would be the best pace for him. What happened next actually shocked me.

"I said fuck me." he said, even more forcefully. "I want to feel that think in me. Now fuck me hard."

After I got over the shock, I began to plow his ass as he wanted. He raised his body up and took the cock hard and fast. His rod was against his stomach again, but his arms and hands were propping him up. His own body moved with the rhythm I had and he seemed to be trying to pull it all the way in his body. All I could think is he is gonna make some top very, very happy. His body then went tense, then he spasmed.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" was all he uttered.

His ass muscles clamped and I saw the dildo's base expand as if some great pressure was trying to cause it to explode. After several minutes he finally collapsed on his stomach. He body went totally limp, so I slowly removed the dildo from his body and laid next to him.

"Phillip, you okay?" I asked as I looked at his calm face.

"Man, that was so awesome." he answered with a stupid smile.

I pulled him to me and we fell asleep in each others arms. I woke up and looked at the clock. I knew Dad and Gramps were not going to be home for a little while and my hard cock pressed at Phillip's ass. I reached around his body and found he too was in a state of erection. He turned around and began to kiss me. After a few seconds, he pulled back there was a look of horror on his face. I turned around and there was my father and grandfather standing in the doorway, neither smiling nor frowning, but just stood there. Phillip tried to get up, but I held him fast.

"Don't worry, we're not in trouble." I said. "Dad. Gramps. This is Phillip, the boy I told you about today."

"Hi." Dad said casually.

"Hello, young man." Gramps said in the same manner.

"Hi." Phillip squeaked out.

Dad and Gramps kept looking and smiles crossed their faces.

"I bet you boys are hungry, aren't you." Dad said.

They went to the living room and Phillip and I got out of bed. He was reaching for his clothes, but I stopped him.

"Why bother." I said with a smirk. "It's all out in the open, especially us. They saw everything, complete and unabridged."

We went to the living room and Dad had already ordered the pizza for dinner. Dad and Gramps were sitting on the couch with a beer each. I got a soda for Phillip and myself. Dad tried to make Phillip at ease by trying to be nonchalant about the situation.

"So boys, what did you do all day?" he said, trying not to smile.

"Okay Dad...right...uh huh...funny." I said.

"I'm so dead." Phillip said shaking.

My dad and grandfather began to laugh hysterically.

"Well I hope you had fun." Gramps said, still laughing.

I began to laugh, and Phillip realized there was no trouble, no chance of being harmed or humiliated, he began to relax.

"Phillip, just so you know, you can be yourself while you are in this house." Dad reassured him. "Don't let anyone ever tell you that being gay is wrong, because it is who you are. This son of mine made me realize what life is about and I was able to be more open about myself. My father and myself lived in a time of true homophobia. You just need to realize that you need to forget about that and be the greatest person you can be."

"Well sir, your son has been a real friend to me." Phillip told him. "I thought he was trying to set me up, but he's been real nice to me. He's done a lot to make me feel better about myself."

My father looked at me and smiled. I looked at Gramps who had a huge grin on his face. My father reached out, took Phillip by the hand, and just held him, as a father would do to his child to comfort him and let him know everything would be fine. He released Phillip and the preteen stood up.

"I have tell you something, Jimmy's got the biggest damned cock I've ever seen." Phillip said loudly.

"Compared to Dad and Gramps, I'm a midget." I retorted.

The two older men went wide-eyed and Dad began to blush deeply. I just looked at Dad.

"It's okay." I comforted them. "He won't tell."

Dad was very upset with me and he did what I never thought he would do with a non=family member there. He grabbed me, pulled me over his knees, and spanked me with his bare hands. The blows came fast and furious. I tried to reach back, tried to squirm free, but he held me in place, and I was crying from the pain I was feeling. After twenty blows, he stood me up and looked me dead in the eyes.

"Don't you ever say anything to anyone ever, ever again." he said coldly.

I knew from his tone he was very upset and I had not told him about Aunt Penny and Jenny, and I was torn on whether to tell him or not. Phillip was embarrassed for me and saw how red my behind was. My father pulled to him and kissed me on the cheek.

"Remember, we could get in trouble." he reminded me.

Phillip put my father at ease that no one would ever find out about our love for each other from him. The doorbell rang and I sprinted for the door.

"I'll get it." I said.

"Halt." Dad cried out. "Where are you going?"

"To get the pizza." I said. "He might want a tip."

I took my dick in hand and shook it. Gramps sprayed beer as he started to laugh. Phillip just looked at me. Dad got up and pulled me to the couch.

"I don't know what I'm going to do with you." he said with a deep sigh.

He got the two large pizzas, put them on the kitchen table, pulled out some paper plates, and we began to consume the food. Phillip and I actually had the lion's share, because we were still growing boys. Dad and Gramps had two slices each, but there were no leftovers in the boxes, except for a few crumbs. If we had mice, they would have starved.

"I knew there wasn't going to be anything left." Dad said.

Phillip and I laughed.

"Do you want to spend the night?" I asked.

He was hesitant because he did not know what was going to happen.

"I have to call my dad to see if would be alright." he said.

He called and Dad talked with Phillip's father for a few minutes. He hung up the phone.

"Phillip can spend the night under the following rules." Dad explained. "First, we have to get him back so he can go to church. Second, what goes on here tonight does not leave here. Third, your grandfather will be joining us."

I had a huge cat eating the canary grin on my face. Phillip looked a little surprised and thought his grandfather's gonna be with us tonight too? My father decided for some pre-bedroom entertainment and looked at Gramps.

"Dad, have a seat." he said. "Boys, I'm gonna flip a coin. Since Phillip is the guest, he's going to call it in the air."

"Heads." my friend called.

That's what came up and I knew the outcome, because Dad had a two-headed coin that he used just for fun.

"You won." Dad said to Phillip. "You get the choice on who you are going to suck. Me or my father."

Phillip just looked at Dad.

"What?" Phillip asked puzzled.

"You are going to either suck my cock or my dad's cock." Dad instructed him. "Which one do you want?"

Phillip looked at me and I just smiled at him.

"Take my dad." I suggestively whispered. "Take my dad."

He looked at my dad, then Gramps.

"Sir, if you won't be too upset, your dad." he said meekly.

"Well son, if you're gonna have cock in your mouth, it's JR for me and Gramps for my father, okay?" Dad told him.

"Yes si...I mean JR." he replied with a little more confidence.

Phillip moved to my grandfather and I would learn that my gramps has a dominant side to him.

"Oh your knees boy." he ordered. "Crawl over to me if you want this dick."

Phillip was confused, but very obedient. He got on his knees and did just as he was told. But I decided to show everyone who the true alpha male was in this room.

"Hold on a sec." I said. "There seems to be something amiss here. Two people seem to be dressed inappropriately. Okay everyone. ATTENTION!"

Everyone turned to me and popped to attention. I looked at my grandfather and father.

"Okay you two." I barked. "STRIP!"

The pair obeyed quickly and clothes flew everywhere. Phillip and I had to duck when their shoes came flying overhead. When the last barrier of nudity was stripped away, my friend looked, whistled, and just smiled.

"You weren't kidding when you said your dad and grandpa had huge cocks." he uttered.

Gramps sat back down and I looked at him.

"Did I say sit soldier?" I snapped. "Stand at attention while this lowly maggot crawls to you on his knees and you present that cannon of yours to blow the back of his head off."

Phillip was on his knees and extended his middle finger to me with a smile. I actually thought that I had created a monster with him, but it allowed him to become himself further. Dad was ready to sit, but saw the look on my face.

"At attention mister." I growled. "Present cock."

He looked and smiled as his huge howitzer stared at me and I knelt before it like a disciple honoring a god. And this was my god, my father, and my life. This was the man who was so special to me and I to him. There was nothing we would not do to make sure we were safe and sound. I pushed him back on the couch and I dove on his cock so fast it caused him to suck in air for support. I had been able to deep throat my father for several weeks now and I wanted to please this man. I bobbed up and down on his rod while my hands were busy else where. My right hand played with his heavyset balls and the left worked to his sweet mancunt. I had two fingers in him and he just moaned like a whore. I knew what I was going to be doing tonight. I heard Phillip sputtering every so often and tried to use my peripheral vision to see what was going on, but could not.

"That's is son." I heard Gramps say. "Take is easy. Don't try to take it all the way down. You're doing fine."

I heard the love in his voice so that my friend would not be afraid of doing this ever again. I moved off my dad's cock just to see what was going on. Phillip had actually had half of my grandfather's cock in his mouth and I was truly amazed. I nudged Dad, who just smiled.

"Quick learner." he said.

Phillip also learned to work the heavy nut sac and the hairy ass of my grandfather. To say he was a quick study would have been the biggest understatement in the world. As he continued, I returned my ministration of my dad. I swallowed him and kept working my tongue along his shaft, particularly the large vein that ran under it. It always drives him crazy when I do that. He began to pump his cock into my throat and I allowed it to expand it wide. I had learned how to breath properly, I guess that is why I am so good at swimming. I could feel my dad ready to shoot as his balls began to pull to his body, so I pulled off. Once I did, I grabbed the balls and the base of his cock and squeezed.

"Is Gramps ready to shoot?" I said.

Phillip nodded and I instructed him to pull off and grab the cock and balls. Once he did this, the two men looked at us.

"Oh no you two." I said. "You ain't gonna get off that quickly. Just relax. Phillip, how many fingers you got in Gramps ass?"

"One." he replied.

"Stick three in and wiggle them around." I said smiling. "We're gonna drive these two nuts."

He did as instructed and I shoved a third in Dad. I moved them around and still held onto his cock. I saw his eyes were closed and he was thrashing on the couch. Gramps was doing the same on the big recliner.

"Okay Gramps, move your wrinkled ass over to the sofa and sit beside your son." I demanded.

He was in no position to resist, since Phillip had him by his pleasure points. Phillip moved along with him on his knees. I could see that this boy would be a great bottom and would love every minute of it. I told Phillip that if Gramps was ready shoot again, to do the same thing, but continue to suck and play with his ass and balls. We both dove down and I could see that Phillip now had another inch in his mouth. I felt so proud, like a teacher who saw his student do well. We moved up and down, played with their balls and asses constantly. I could feel Dad was ready to shoot again and I repeated the same maneuver to prevent him from shooting. Phillip came up the same time and I knew that this family was in synch when it came to shooting our loads.

"Please, please let me shoot." Dad begged, almost weeping. "I need to shoot. Please let me shoot."

"Yes, please." Gramps chimed in. "Don't do this to us. Please let us shoot. Pleeassee."

"What do you think Phillip?" I asked. "Should we grant their wish or should we make them suffer a little more?"

Phillip, who never was asked his opinion on anything, smiled.

"Let's let them shoot." he said. "I think they suffered enough."

"Oh bless you my boy." Gramps said. "Bless you."

I whispered in Phillip's ear and he smiled. We dove back down and moved up and down with a fury. My fingers on Dad's balls were working overtime and the three fingers in his ass had him screaming like a schoolgirl getting fingered for the first time and getting her first orgasm. I could feel his balls pull up and my right foot nudged Phillip's left. At that moment we rammed our fingers deep in their hole and slammed their respective prostates. This caused them to shoot hard and fast.


Phillip and I pulled off and aimed their cocks at each other and the cum flew high and crisscrossed each other as it landed on the other's body. If it were a fireworks display, we would have been amazed at the choreograph of the sight. It hit their faces, chests, stomachs, and finally as it dribbled, on the sofa and our hands. Dad and Gramps breathing was rapid and it seemed it would not slow down. But finally it did. After several minutes, they opened their eyes and looked at us.

"Did you plan that?" Dad asked weakly.

I smiled and nodded. I moved up and began to lick his face and neck to get Gramps nectar down my throat. Phillip followed me in action by licking Gramps' face and neck, tasting my dad's cum. We then switched and I licked my grandfather hairy chest and Phillip doing the same to my father. We switched again and finally got them cleaned up. The men got up, pulled us to them, and hugged us. We could still feel a little of the sticky solution on them, but did not mind this a bit. They were ready to lead us to the bedroom, but my dominant side came out.

"Where the hell do you think you're going?" I snapped.

"To the bedroom." Dad said.

"Oh hell no." I said. "On your knees soldiers."

This was one of our favorite role-playing games to allow my alpha male to shine forth, but not to be overly dominant. I was like a drill sergeant and Dad loved playing soldier. Dad was quick to obey, but Gramps was not. I leaned in and swatted his ass. He jumped at the sudden stroke and fell to his knees.

"Now you two jarheads are going to pleasure two real men." I said and winked at Phillip.

Before we started, I leaned in and whispered something to Dad. He just nodded and I grabbed Gramps' head and shoved my 9" into his throat and he gagged. I backed off and allowed him to breath. Phillip tentatively did the same with Dad and shoved his 5" into the man's mouth. I grabbed some hair and face fucked my grandfather with great zeal.

"Yeah bitch, you like sucking this cock, don't you." I said to my grandfather. "You want to feel this boy's cock ravage your throat. You want to be my cocksucking whore don't ya?"

Gramps was new to this situation, but nodded with a twinkle in his eye. He continued to work my dick with a passion. What surprised us all was Phillip.

"Yeah you fuckin' whore, you want this cock." he bellowed. "You want to be my whore don't ya."

I looked and knew at that point I had created a monster who was really getting into the scene. I also knew I needed to talk with him. I saw Phillip was getting into the situation and kept hitting my father's face with his groin area. I knew we would not last very long and I wanted to see what Dad had planned for tonight anyway. I was ready to shoot and Phillip was just as close.


I let eight rounds of liquid bliss enter my grandfather, who swallowed as much as he could, but even he could not take the full load. Phillip's body went very rigid, then he shook. Dad supported his body as his dry orgasm struck every part of his being. He only moaned, but made no other sound. He began to slump to the floor and Dad eased him to a lying position and put the boy's head on his lap. My own body became a bit unsteady and Gramps sat me down on the floor. After several minutes for us, we both began to regain some semblance of strength to go to bed. The two men sat us on the couch and sat down beside us, Dad holding me and Gramps holding Phillip. Gramps cuddled Phillip against his chest and stroked his hair and cheek. I felt a pang of jealousy, but I also knew that the man holding and caressing me was the only man I wanted for my love ever. I could see something in Phillip's face that also made me feel warm inside. I saw him look at Gramps in a way I had not expected. Phillip was becoming infatuated with my grandfather and the other way around. I did not think Gramps would every find love again, but this might be the beginning of something wonderful.

We proceeded to the bedroom the bedroom so that I could make love to Dad. Phillip and Gramps were also learning to take cocks in the ass, where I also explained that I has used the smallest one on Phillip earlier in the day.

"I guess we're both in training." Gramps said with a smile. "I guess we can work on each other tonight."

They smiled at each other and they went to "my room". Dad and I made love four times that night. There was no domination, just pure love and bliss as we moved around the bed over and over. I could not believe I was able to come six times in a day, but that is what youthful exuberance can do. Dad came with me each time and each load seemed to get larger and larger. Our bodies were drenched in his juices and when we fell asleep, me on his body, we cemented our love this way in more ways than one.

In between our lovemaking sessions, we heard Gramps and Phillip in the other room. To say that they got along would be like saying Is the Pope Catholic, because the obvious was there.

"Oh yeah Phil. Yeah." my grandfather would cry out. "Shove that in Grandpa's ass. Yeah. Yeah."

"Oh Granddad. Yeah. Yeah." my friend was moaning. "Fuck my little hole. Oh yeah, shove it in please. Harder. Harder."

I heard each of them have three orgasms. With each of Phillip's orgasms, the moans would grow louder and louder. Dad and I were laughing as we listened to it.

"Well, they are making each other really happy." Dad said with a chuckle.


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