by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

"Oh yeah Phil. Yeah." my grandfather would cry out. "Shove that in Grandpa's ass. Yeah. Yeah."

"Oh Granddad. Yeah. Yeah." my friend was moaning. "Fuck my little hole. Oh yeah, shove it in please. Harder. Harder."

I heard each of them have three orgasms. With each of Phillip's orgasms, the moans would grow louder and louder. Dad and I were laughing as we listened to it.

"Well, they are making each other really happy." Dad said with a chuckle.


We did not say anything to the two the next morning, but they could see on our faces the leers that we gave them. Phillip caught up with me on Monday and pulled me to the boys' restroom. He made sure the coast was clear and pushed me against the wall.

"Hey Phillip, we haven't time for this." I said. "I got English in a couple of minutes."

"It's not that." he said seriously. "I have to tell you something and don't laugh when I say this."

"What?" I asked.

"Uhm. I don't know how to say this, but I think I love your grandfather." he said. "Don't laugh or be mad."

"I know." I responded. "And I think that Gramps feels the same way. But remember this, if you ever hurt him, I will kill you."

"Never worry about that." he responded. "I would never hurt him. He makes me feel so wonderful. I wish my father was like yours and your..."

"Go ahead and say it." I told him. "Call him Gramps. I think he would love that, unless you have a special name for him already."

Phillip blushed and pushed me in a playful way.

Phillip became a regular fixture at our house, especially on the weekends. He would stay over on Saturdays and received further training. Phillip became so adept at sucking cock, he could take both my grandfather and father to the base. I had been to his house a few times and there seemed to be an aloofness towards him. He had an older brother and younger sister. Jack, his brother, was sixteen and an arrogant asshole. He was a super jock and was a constant source of pride to his parents, which made Phillip left out. The only attention was when his father was teaching the finer points of basketball, but most of the attention was directed to Jack.

"Hey shithead." he called Phillip. "Why don't you and your fuckwad friend get out of the room. I have something important to do."

We left and were going to play basketball. I asked him what his brother had to do to kick him out of their room.

"He just wants to jerk off." he replied.

"Have you seen him do it?" I queried.

"Yeah." Phillip responded. "And he isn't in your league."

We both laughed at that and played basketball. After an hour we stopped and I came up with an idea.

"Let's go back to my house." I suggested. "I want to get something and we can come back."

We ran to my house and I went to my room. I found a miniature recorder that Dad gave me for school, but I never used it. I ran downstairs and we headed back to Phillip's house. We went in and heard the shower running across from his room.

"What did you have to get?" my friend asked.

"This." I answered as I pulled out the recorder. "Let's have some fun. Next time your brother kicks you out, turn this on before you leave and we can hear what he's doing."

We were laughing as Jack came back into the room.

"What are you two faggots laughing about?" he snarled.

"Nothing." I said.

Jack was wearing a towel and he dropped it on the floor with his back to us. He had the hottest ass that was ripe for fucking, but he was not worth the time or effort. He turned as he was putting on his briefs and I caught a glimpse of his cock. He had a heavy bush, but it almost hid his nonexistent dick. It was only 2" soft. He finished dressing, mumbled something at us, and left. Phillip his the recorder under his mattress.

A couple of days later, Phillip's parents were at a function at the college and Jack was out late. Phillip was babysitting his seven year old sister and they had gone to bed. Phillip's parents were going to be quite late, so an hour after going to bed, he heard Jack stumble up the stairs. He thought this would be a great time to record his brother jacking off, so he pulled it out, turned it on, and placed it under his bed. Jack had almost fallen through the door. Phillip knew he had been drinking with his friends, so he figured that Jack would just plop down on the bed and fall asleep. His brother staggered to Phillip's bed.

"Hey faggot." he slurred. "Faggot, wake up."

"W-W-What?" Phillip answered, feigning sleepiness.

"My girlfriend wouldn't put out." Jack said unsteadily. "I need relief. I know that you want my dick, so you're gonna be my bitch tonight."

Phillip could not believe what he was hearing. He saw Jack undo his jeans and they dropped to the floor. He was so drunk, his dick was not even erect. His brother placed the tip at Phillip's mouth.

"Open up bitch." he said. "First you're gonna suck it and then you're gonna get fucked."

Jack was the same height as Phillip, but had eighty pounds on his younger brother. Phillip tried to get away, but Jack caught him by the arm and threw him back on the bed.

"Jack, d-d-don't." Phillip pleaded with his brother. "Don't do this."

"Fuck you." Jack responded. "And if you try and tell Mom and Dad, I'll just tell them that you came on to me. They know you're a fag and they'll believe anything I'll tell them."

Phillip tried to resist further, but his brother pushed his crotch into Phillip's face. The small 4.5" pressed his lips and my friend resisted until a sharp blow hit his left temple. This caused Phillip to see stars and open his mouth to yell. That was short-lived when the cock was shoved into his mouth. Jack had grabbed his hair and forced his brother on and off his cocklet. Phillip just let his mouth be used, but did not encourage anything, as he did not suck, use his tongue, or throat. The one redeeming factor of Jack's inebriation was that within two minutes, he shot his two squirt load on Phillip's tongue. As he finished, Jack stumbled backwards and fell on his bed, with his jeans and briefs still around his ankles. When Phillip was sure that Jack was asleep, he called our house.

"H-H-Hello?" I said groggily.

"Jimmy, it's Phillip." the voice said. "Please help me."

"Phillip, what's the matter?" I asked almost fully awake.

Dad had woken up and was hearing the one-sided conversation. He took the phone from me.

"Phillip, this is JR." Dad said. "What's the matter son?"

He had explained the events of the last half-hour and was scared if his brother would wake up. He asked if we would come and get him.

"We'll be there in a few minutes." Dad said. "Just put on some clothes and wait for us downstairs."

Dad was about to hang up the phone when I reached for it.

"Phillip, did you use that item I gave you?" I asked.

"Yeah." he responded, still shaky.

"Get it and bring it with you." I instructed.

We got up and got dressed quickly. We ran downstairs and got in the car. We were at Phillip's house when his parents drove up. Phillip was in tears when the four of us walked to the door. Dad and Mr. Anderson shook hands.

"What's the matter Phillip?" his mother asked.

He could not answer. He kept crying and I saw the recorder in his hands. We went into the house and Dad explained what Phillip had told him. His parents were in a state of disbelief.

"JACK!!!" Mr. Anderson bellowed. "JACK, GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW!!!"

We heard Jack stumble in his room and he came staggering out. His mother could not believe it and his father was turning scarlet from the anger he was feeling.

"Jack, did you try to rape your brother?" his father asked in a demanding voice.

"What? What did that liar tell you?" Jack responded. "I didn't do anything?"

"Are you drunk?" Mrs. Anderson inquired.

"Well I had a couple of beers." he replied.

"Boy you are drunk." his father said. "But did you try to rape your brother and did you force him to have oral sex?"

"The kid's a liar." Jack stated. "Besides, if anyone tried to rape someone, he tried to do it to me. We know he's a faggot and he always is checking me out. I guess he took advantage of me because I found my jeans and underwear around my ankles when you woke me up."

Phillip's parents turned to him. Before they could say anything, their little sister came down.

"Mommy. Daddy. What's wrong?" she asked softly.

"Nothing that concerns you sweetheart." her mother said soothingly. "Go back to bed."

"Is this about Jack being mad with Phillip?" she questioned. "I heard Jack yelling and I got up. I saw Jack throw Phillie on his bed. He pulled his pants down and made Phillie kiss his private area a lot of times."

Jack turned white. His parents were dumbfounded. And I began to smile.

"Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, if there is any doubt in what Susie said, here is some further proof." I stated triumphantly.

I turned on the recorder and the full conversation of what happened in that room came to light. Mr. Anderson was ready to lunge at his oldest son, but Dad came between them. Jack was truly frightened. Mrs. Anderson, in a state of shock, began to weep. Phillip just sat there in a daze. Susie was looking around and I went to her. I led her back to her room.

"Jimmy, what's the matter with everyone?" she asked with tears in her eyes. "Daddy wanted to hurt Jack. What is the matter with everyone?"

"Susie, Jack did something very wrong." I tried to explain. "He hurt Phillip and lied about doing it. What's going to happen, I don't know. Just let my dad and your dad sort this out. But remember, you are not to blame. As a matter of fact, you are a heroine."

I kissed her cheek and closed her door, making sure the nightlight was on for her. I went back downstairs where the yelling was at its peak.

"How could you do that?" Mrs. Anderson demanded. "How could you try and do that? I want you out of my house."

"Mom." Jack pleaded. "Dad, talk to her."

"You're lucky you aren't in jail right now boy." Mr. Anderson responded.

"Jeff, let's sit down." Dad said, trying to be calm. "You can't kick him out. He's still a minor. Unless you plan to put him in jail, you really don't have a choice."

"I don't want to see him." Mr. Anderson told my dad. "I think he should be arrested and taken away. My son, the rapist. How great does that sound?"

"Let's do this." Dad suggested. "What Jack did was reprehensible, but unless you call the cops, he has to stay here. You know Phillip is welcome at our house. Let him stay with us for a few days, then we can take it day by day. Jack, my suggestion, keep yourself scarce around here. Oh and if you ever come near your brother again, your dad will be the least of your worries."

Jack ran to his room and locked the door. I followed and knocked on it.

"Jack, let me in." I ordered. "I need to get some of Phillip's clothes."

I heard the lock click and he opened the door. I went in and grabbed a few pairs of briefs, undershirts, shirts, pants, and socks. I found his backpack and books and got them together. I found a small bag and shoved his clothes in them. I began to leave, but turned and glared at Jack.

"If you ever come near my friend again, I'll hurt you so bad." I spit out. "You small-dick wonder."

"Who are you calling small-dick?" he snarled half-heartedly.

"This." I stated.

I put the bag and backpack down. I unzipped my shorts and fished out my soft 7" so he could see. His eyes bulged and he could not keep them off of it. I stuffed it back in my shorts and began to laugh at him sardonically. I picked the bags back up and I went back to the living room, but Phillip was the only person there.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Kitchen." he responded. "Your dad wanted to talk with them."

I dropped them again and we went to the kitchen. Dad was explaining about Phillip's sexual orientation.

"I suspected." his dad said. "It's not what I hoped for, but I'm glad your son is there to be his friend. Is Jimmy gay also?"

"Yep, and proud of it." I chimed in. "Mr. Anderson, I became friends with Phillip not because he was gay, but he's a great guy and I like him. So do most of my friends."

"Phillip, we love you." Mrs. Anderson said. "Hopefully we can get past this and move forward. I just have to know, who's idea was it to plant that recording device?"

"Mine." I said with a smile. "It was actually to play a joke on Jack, but this became a life saver for him."

"Be good and we'll see you tomorrow." she said.

She kissed Phillip on the cheek and then did the same to me. I was shocked since my mom never kissed me or hugged me. We left and drove home. Phillip slept with us. Though there was school the next day, Dad said we could miss it due to all the excitement.

My friends accepted Phillip, with the exception of three. Though we never announced of Phillip's sexuality, every got to know him and accepted him. The three just would not let go of the rumor, without gathering facts. They did not want to know him.

"Well if you associate with him, then you're fags too." Joey announced.

One of the boys, Jason, got in my face. I just stepped in his face.

"Well I might be a fag." I said. "But how come you're always looking at my dick, boy."

Jason was ready to swing on me, but a true friend, Anthony Peters, stepped between us. Anthony was in the ninth grade, was on the football team. He had a great physique, and it would only get better. Jason knew better than to swing on Tony. Tony was straight, but looked at Phillip.

"If you're gay, cool." he stated for everyone to hear. "If you're straight, cool. But you're a nice guy and no one messes with my friends."

Word got around that Anthony was Phillip's friend and a lot of the jokes about Phillip's sexuality dwindled almost to nothing. What actually turned out to be the biggest joke was Jason, when he reached high school, was the biggest cocksucker of them all. I should know. I have emptied many a load into his throat.

My dad and I had decided to take Gramps and Phillip's virginity on the same night and in the same way as we did for ourselves. My dad booked a two bedroom suite at the same hotel where I took his virginity. Dad prepped it as it was before. The manager of the hotel knew us and we had fun. He knew what was going on, but he smiled when we came for a stay.

Again, the four of us went to the room. I took Phillip by the hand and showed him the Jacuzzi tub. It was only large enough for two. Phillip smiled because I had told him what was going to happen tonight. Phillip threw me for a loop. It was planned that I would take Phillip's virginity and Dad would take Gramps.

"Jimmy, would be upset if I let Granddad take my virginity?" he asked.

I looked at him and smiled a little.

"Phillip, is that what you really want?" I asked. "You know Gramps is larger than me."

"Jimmy, more than life itself." he said. "I love him."

I hugged my friend, I knew then and there our bedroom time would be over. Our friendship would never die, but he was embarking on a bold venture and I was happy for him and a little jealous. I took him by the hand again and led him to the bedroom. It seems that Gramps told Dad the same thing. I ran to my grandfather and hugged him.

"Gramps, do you love Phillip?" I asked. "Like you did Grams?"

"Yes and no." he said. "I love him with all my heart, but my love for your grandmother will never go away. She will always be a part of me and Phillip will be another part of me. Does that help you understand?"

"I think so." I said with tears in my eyes. "I'm so jealous. I know I sound like a baby, but will you still love me?"

Gramps leaned down and kissed me on my lips and hugged me tight. I could feel his muscles ripple and I knew he was truly happy.

"Well Dad, I guess that leaves me and you tonight." I said smiling. "I hope that you don't mind leftovers."

"Well with those leftovers, it's like having filet mignon every night." he retorted with a laugh.

Dinner arrived and we all sat down to eat. Phillip and Gramps held hands all through dinner, while Dad and I did the same and watched the two lovebirds smile. As dinner ended, it was decided that Gramps and Phillip use the Jacuzzi first. They went in as Dad and I cleared the table and put it in the hall. We sat in the living room area ad watched television. We heard moaning and giggles from the bathroom.

"Were we that silly when we made love the first time?" I asked, knowing the answer.

"Probably more so." Dad said with a smile.

He kissed me deeply and I just held him. I snuggled against his body and enjoyed the same feeling I had experienced day after day, probably from the day of my birth. After thirty minutes, they emerged in robes and smiled.

"What, no good night kiss for us?" Dad said, with a feigned look of hurt.

The two came over and kissed us both. Phillip pulled me to him.

"I want to feel you in me." he said. "If only once, but my virginity belongs to that wonderful man."

"I understand." I replied. "If only once, I want to make love to you. But, like me, your heart belongs to someone else. And I know his belongs to you."

We hugged and they went to one of the bedrooms. Dad and I went to the bathroom and enjoyed the tub. We luxuriated in the bubbling water and I felt safe and secure.

"Phillip does want me to make love to him." I told Dad. "But I also understand that his heart belongs to Gramps. Would you be upset if I did make love to him just once."

"Jimmy, my love." Dad said softly. "I can think of nothing better than the both of you enjoying love once. And your grandfather wants me to take his virginity tonight. He said that Phillip is a total bottom and cannot bring himself to making love to your grandfather. Are you upset?"

"Well that was the plan for the evening, wasn't it?" I stated.

We smiled and kissed. An hour later, we got up and went to the other bedroom. While we were in the tub, we could hear the newlywed couple making love.

"Oh yeah you hunk." Phillip squeaked. "Shove that wonderful cock in me. I want to feel you fill me up. I want you. Make me yours completely."

"You sexy thing." Gramps retorted. "This wonderful ass is mine and I am going to claim it. Feel my hard rod in you. Beg for it boy."

"Oh Granddad, fuck me." the preteen begged. "Make me yours. Fill me with your love. Please. Harder. Harder. Haaarrrderrrr."

I could feel Dad's massive member poke through me legs and I reached out for it. I rubbed the head and he began to moan.

"So where do you want to put this?" I said smirking at him.

"I want to fill you." he said, almost begging.

I stood up and leaned to show my boycunt. I let him look and his mouth was open, with his tongue sticking out and licking his lips.

"Like what you see big boy?" I teased with a Mae West accent.

He nodded and began to approach my ass. I stood up and my raging preteen cock met his cheek with a slap.

"Nope." I said. "This is for use only after you begged for it to my satisfaction. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir." he said, with pleading eyes. "Please sir, may I look at your wonderful boypussy? Please?"

"Okay, but no touching." I instructed.

This domination/submissive role we have had assumed in our love life was actually becoming more fun. I turned and showed him my hole again. I could feel his bated breath on my hole and I knew he wanted to taste me, but I had other plans. I looked and he was stroking his monster.

"STOP!!" I ordered. "You will not touch yourself. I do not want to loose any of that wonderful daddy juice in this tub. Do you understand me?"

He nodded meekly and I spread my cheeks again. He so wanted to touch me, but I would not let him. I told him to put his hands behind his head as if he were going to be arrested and handcuffed. This way I knew he could not play with himself, nor touch me. He submissively did as he was told. We were told that this would be our lives from here on by the therapist. He explained that Dad was submissive due to Mom's personality. I inherited it, but unlike Mom, my dominance only permeated in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, Dad was in charge and I would never have it any other way.

While we were in our foreplay, we heard only squeals and moans of delight from the bedroom. Phillip seemed to be in seventh heaven and Gramps was somewhere near that same place. Dad and I got out and went to our bedroom where I forced Dad on his back. I began to tongue bathe him from head to toe, but I would not allow him to touch himself. Each time I thought he was close to releasing his jizz, I grabbed his cock and balls roughly, which caused him to lurch forward in pain/pleasure. As he ebbed, I resumed my oral attention to his body. I wanted him to feel wonderful pleasure, but know who was in charge in bed. As I finished with his feet, I moved up and planted my ass on his face. I spread my cheeks and let him sniff my boy scent. He still would not touch my hole unless I told him.

"Okay, get me moist." I ordered. "Stick that tongue deep in me. I want to feel it in my throat."

Dad's tongue snaked in my ass and I just leaned back to enjoy the feeling. He knew exactly where to his my in my hole to make me feel good. My cock was leaking precum all over his chest and it matted the hair. I rubbed it in and tweaked his nipples. This caused him to shove his tongue hard into me and I squeaked. Oh the wonderful feeling he gave me ran shivers up my spine. I teased his cock by just rubbing the head and pulling the foreskin back and forth. Each time I did this, it made him push further and further in my boytwat. After several minutes, I pulled off and moved over his cock. I held it to my hole and shoved the entire length in me. The pain was excruciating, even though I had been filled by it many a time. But the pain was wonderful, because it meant that my father, my lover, my being, was in me and I gave myself willingly to him. I know this sounds like I am being submissive, and perhaps I am. But is it true submission to want to love someone fully. I felt it hit my prostate and I yelled out.

"OH MY LORD!!" I screamed.

My load wanted to release, but I grabbed my cock hard. I did not want to shoot without my father filling me with his seed. I began to move my body up and down and felt my boypussy open to him fully. I loved it and my dad wanted to bring me off, but I slapped his hand away and shook my head no. I wanted to shoot without anyone touching me. I had done it before and wanted to do it again. I rode my dad faster and faster. I reached back for his balls and knew he was ready to shoot. My teasing him caused a huge chain reaction. I felt his cock begin to swell and I thought I was not going to shoot with him. But when I went down, I had angled it wrong...or was it right. It caused my juiced to blast forth like a super soaker water gun. As I began to unload, Dad erupted and filled my love chute with his baby making batter. I felt every drop in me as my own juices covered my father from his hair to his stomach. After several minutes of bliss, I fell forward and my mouth met his. We kissed as his cock was still embedded in my body. I snuggled with him and we nodded off.

About two hours later, Phillip and Gramps came in our room. They were standing over us with smiles on their faces. They shook us awake.

"Is there room for two more?" Gramps said with a smile.

We untangled ourselves, which was a small problem because of my cum gluing us together. When we pulled apart and I took some of Dad's chest hair with me, we looked at the happy couple.

"So how was it?" I asked with a huge grin.

"Three times." Phillip said. "Three wonderful times. But now it's your turn to show me if you can measure up to your grandfather."

"Oh ain't that just wonderful." I said sarcastically. "My trying to measure up to Gramps is like you trying to measure your basketball skill against Michael Jordan. You're great, but come on now."

Phillip punched me in the arm and I pulled him on the bed. Dad did the same to Gramps and we kissed our partners.

"So how do you guys want it?" Dad asked.

"Doggy style." Gramps said.

Phillip agreed and there were four hard cocks ready for more action. There was no foreplay. I felt Phillip's hole and there was enough cum in him to keep him pregnant for a life time. I guess it is another item of the Parsons men. We seem to have an inexhaustible supply of sperm stored. I cannot figure that one out, but we definitely can impregnate the entire city of New York...okay Hoboken. Dad had to lube Gramps and his cock. While he did that, Phillip pulled down, kissed me deeply, and whispered in my ear.

"I finally came." he said. "I shot my first load in Granddad's mouth. He said it tasted wonderful."

I was proud and jealous. I wanted to be the first to taste his juices, but at least it was kept in the family.

"So when do I get to taste the magic elixir?" I asked.

"Tonight." he replied. "After you fuck, I mean make love to me, I want you to suck me hard and long. Please."

"My friend, who could say no to you?" I responded.

We kissed again and my father and grandfather were ready for some action. Where I was able to put my entire cock in Phillip's hole, Dad had to take it slow with Gramps. Though the patriarch of the family had a 12" rubber cock in him, Dad of course was much larger in terms of length and girth. I waited until Dad was ready to move in Gramps, so I played with Phillip's body, especially his cock, which was leaking heavily, and his nipples. With the precum, I took it and licked some and fed some to Phillip. Once I took it and let my father taste the boy under me.

"What, none for dear old Gramps?" he asked.

"Nope." I replied. "You had your fill tonight. Now it's time for the rest of us to taste the vintage."

Dad became fully impaled in he hot, hairy ass of Gramps. We then moved in unison, pulling out and pushing back in with a rhythm that synchronized swimmers only could make. As we moved in and out, Gramps and Phillip leaned to each other and kissed. Dad and I followed the lead and the four of us enjoyed the feeling. It did not take long for us to shoot. It was wonderful as I felt my cock expand in Phillip and I could tell Dad was going to shoot at the same time. I looked at Gramps and saw the look of ecstasy on his face as he was about to blast his juices. But what surprised me was Phillip. We was truly part of the family as his own orgasm struck him. All you heard were loud moans as we all exploded our seed wherever it might hit. Gramps and Phillip unloaded their on the bed, while Dad and I blasted in their cunts. I pulled out before my father and a couple of shots hit Phillip's cheeks. I leaned in and rubbed them into his skin like it was the most expensive cream that could be purchased.

"Makes your skin smooth and silky." I said laughing.

The three looked at me and only Phillip began to laugh. The older gentlemen were not privy to the joke until we told them. The two wonderful men in my life laughed so hard, I thought they would have heart attacks or strokes. We all lay on the bed, but true to my word, I moved down to Phillip's rod and snaked my tongue to the piss slit. I tongue fucked it for a couple of minutes and then swallowed the entire shaft down to the base. Phillip just thrashed and squealed like a stuck pig. He felt me move up his shaft and grabbed my head. He pushed it down and I felt it pulse in my mouth. I enjoyed the feeling of him making me take his rod. I was able to move up and down, ran my tongue under the shaft, and teased the head. It did not take long, even though he had already shot four other times. His cock expanded and shot his load on my tongue and down my throat. This happened three time and I held it in my mouth. As his limp cock dwindled and I released it from my mouth, I moved to Dad and shared the wonderful taste of boycum with him. We swallowed it and I looked at Phillip.

"You know, Gramps is right." I said. "It is the nectar of the gods."

The four of us fell asleep on the bed. Phillip and I were in the middle facing each other. Dad spooned against me and Gramps against Phillip. I dreamt we were all on a deserted island with food and ourselves. I saw us romping around with no clothes and holding each other. We made love to each other and had no cares in the world. Dad had taken some leaves from a palm tree and made rings for all of us, where upon we exchanged vows for us only. I awoke to feel my back against Phillip and my cock embedded in Dad's manhole. I began to love him slowly and lazily. I nuzzled his back and played with his nipples. My father reached back and just pulled me to him, found my hole and inserted his finger. The minute he did, he found my love nut. When he pressed it, I exploded and filled him with my love juice. I also felt him having his orgasm as his ass muscles clamped and eased several times. I then felt a couple of hand play with my body and kiss me. Gramps and Phillip began to assault me with their love. As my cock slipped out of its port, Dad turned and kissed me deeply.

"My love, I could never see my life without you." he said. "I wish we could get married and spend it as one."

"I feel the same way Dad." I responded. "I could never marry anyone but you. But society hates the idea. Maybe one day. And the same for Gramps and Phillip. And Au..."

I almost let the secret out, but stopped myself before it went on. We fell asleep again, then it was time for us to have breakfast and leave the wonderment of this moment.

After we left, our lives changed a bit, but too much. Phillip spent most of his time at Gramps, but they would come over for dinner and fun. Quite often, we would wind up in what I called a super sixty-nine and bring each other off. One thing we did not do was fuck each other's partners, with one exception. On Gramps birthday, he and I got together. He had actually asked Phillip it was alright and my friend readily agreed, because it was for Gramps. Gramps, a man in his early sixties, had a huge amount of stamina. We made love five times and I was exhausted. The next morning he teased me but calling me a wimp and I could not keep up with him. I stuck my tongue out and he wiped his precum on it. Phillip walked in and I just turned to him and said he's all yours. But normally, it was exclusively Dad and myself and Phillip and Gramps. But our company was the best thing.

If I brought my friends home, they were kept in the dark of the arrangement, but they also knew Phillip and I had lovers. We would not tell them, and they did not press the situation. Our school year was fun and we had the best time. Phillip took me to the boys room again and pushed me against the wall.

"What's up?" I said as I tried to stop him.

"This is my reward to you." he said. "For being a true friend. For bringing me to a true realization about myself. And for brining my love to me."

"Phillip, you're welcome." I stuttered. "But you don't have to pay me. You are my friend and you have made my grandfather so very happy. I love you like a brother, or is that my grandmother."

He punched me lightly in the ribs and we hugged. Joey walked in and was wide-eyed.

"Uh oh the fags are going at it." he said.

I was ready to rush him, but then I noticed where his eyes were looking. He saw the bulge in my jeans and I just smirked.

"Is this what you want jizz mouth?" I said.

Word had gotten out that he was starting to suck someone's cock, but no one knew that person was. He just glared at me and sauntered to one of the stalls. We started to go, but I had to get one last shot at him.

"Guess you want some privacy to swallow that load, huh." I retorted.

Phillip and Gramps went to San Francisco and experienced a wonderful weekend, of course with Phillip's parents permission. One day, as the school year was winding down, Phillip's dad got word he was to get a head coaching job at a major university whose basketball team needed a strong coach. He accepted, but it was over 1,000 miles away. Phillip was devastated. His father saw his despondency and came up with a solution. Dad could be his legal guardian as long as Phillip was taken care of properly. Dad explained it would be alright, but Gramps had an extra room and it was close by. He would be willing to take on the chore of guardianship, if Phillip's parents would agree. They had met Gramps several times and liked him. They agreed and signed the necessary documents to the effect.

"Just so you know, he's been like a second grandson to me." Gramps said to Phillip's parents. "I will make sure he wants for nothing and he is well protected."

"We'll come by for Thanksgiving and Christmas." Phillip's mother said. "And you must come out for Easter."

Dad and I smiled because that was our special getaway time and explained why we could not come. Phillip and Gramps said they would be there no matter what.

Phillip's stuff was moved into Gramps' house and they lived as a married couple. There was a faux bedroom for appearance sake, but we knew which room Phillip slept in, if he slept at all. But like Dad, when it came to school, there was no fooling around.

The eighth grade was almost a blur to us. Phillip grew another three inches in height, where I grew another two. His cock actually increased in length by 3" and was almost 3 inches around. Mine, however, grew another inch in length and almost another inch in girth. All I could think to myself was I was a freak of nature and Phillip started to call me tripod. I would jokingly tell him to fuck off and soon the nickname stuck. Tony and all my friends teased me with the name and I just let it slide. We would go to Saturday games when Phillip's dad's team was playing. We would fly to the city, stay in a great hotel, and see the game. Afterwards, we would go to their house for dinner. Jack actually became more civilized to Phillip and myself. After one game, which was a close win, Jack had us come to his room. He sat down and looked at us. For someone who was almost eighteen, he seemed almost preteen with his hemming and hawing.

"Guys, I want to apologize for everything I said to you." he finally blurted out. "I know I was a shit and you have every right to still be angry with me. But could you find it in your heart to forgive me."

"Why this sudden change of heart?" I asked, seeing that Phillip was reluctant.

"Two reasons." he said. "First, I've been attending a church here and they have been preaching one thing. God is love and nothing else matters."

"Second?" I queried.

"Well, this." he responded.

He pulled out a series of letters that was tied with a ribbon.

"From you're girlfriend?" I pressed.

He handed them to me. I took one and read it. When I finished it my eyes bulged out so far, I thought they would roll on the floor. I handed it to Phillip and he had the same response as I did. It was from a gentleman that Jack had been seeing and making love to for almost a year.

"That night, when you showed me your dick." he started. "I got a weird feeling in my stomach. Not a sick feeling, but my brain told me to suck it. I couldn't believe it. Mom and Dad had been down on me since that night and I wanted to make things right. Phillip, you have every right to turn your back on me. What I did was despicable. But after we moved here, I went to the library and I met a man in the same aisle I was. He saw me and I glanced at him from the corner of my eye. He's about 35 years old and very good looking. I took a couple of books that I needed for a school report and sat down at a table. He sat across from me a few minutes later. I looked at him and my stomach started to get butterflies. He is so handsome and he just smiled at me. We sat in silence for fifteen minutes until he broke the silence. Do you want to have a cup of coffee? he just asked and I nodded. We went to a coffee place, sat and talked. That's all we did. He did tell me he was gay and thought I was cute. Don't ask me why, but I wanted him. My entire being needed him. We parted company and we exchanged numbers and email addresses. I wasn't home two minutes when I got my first email from him. We exchanged emails everyday and I told him about me feelings and what I did to you. He said he would like to talk at his place. I went over and we talked. He let me unload on him and he just kissed me. I had kissed a lot of girls, but his was the first that really sent me into a new high. When his lips touched mine, I shot off in my pants. I was embarrassed, but he smiled and held me. We became lovers that night and have been ever since. When I graduate, I'm going to move in with him."

Phillip and I just stared at each other and then rushed him. He thought we were going to beat the hell out of him, but we just kissed him tenderly.

"Jack, just so you know, I have a lover." Phillip told his brother. "And he's in this house."

"Oh you and Jimmy." Jack responded. "Well duh."

"Nope." my friend replied. "His grandfather. The men in his family have huge dicks. His grandfather is 12" and can last a long time. Jimmy's now at 10" and his dad is the largest at 13. How big is your lover?"

"Well not as big as that." Jack answered. "He's a good solid and thick 8.5" and I love every bit of it in my ass."

"Well I guess that runs in the family." I said. "So does Phillip. If you ever come back to town for a visit, stop in with your lover. By the way, what does he do for a living? Can he support you? What are his intentions?"

"Whoa there." Jack said. "Who are you, my father interviewing my prospective beau."

We laughed at that and Jack did tell me his lover was a lawyer and associate partner in a major law firm.

"Well he better be good to you." Phillip said. "Or he'll have to answer to me. Jack I forgive you and I love you. Just be happy and careful. Please for me."

We had a small group hug and went back to the living room. The four adults saw the smiles on our faces and wondered what it was all about. I did ask Jack if his parents knew and he said no. He could not muster the courage to tell them, thinking he would just give them another disappointment. We supported him and nudged him.

"Mom. Dad. I have to tell you something." he said.

"Oh Lord, what is it?" his dad asked. "Don't tell me you got a girl pregnant or you tried to rape someone again."

He was ready to back out, but Phillip and I held his hands for moral support.

"I-I-I'm gay." he blurted out. "I'm gay and I have a lover."

His parents sat there in shock for a few minutes. Before they recovered, Dad and Gramps got up and hugged him. Jack's parents, after the initial shock wore off, got up and went to their son. His mother kissed his cheek and his dad just hugged him.

"So who is this boy?" his mother asked. "When can we meet him?"

"Well he's not a boy." Jack said. "He's a lawyer and I want you to meet him. He's an alumnus from the university dad and he's told me how great you're doing as the new coach."

"How old is this man?" his dad asked sternly. "Did he have sex with you? Did he force you?"

"He's 35 and I love him." Jack said. "Yes, we've had sex and no he did not force me. I love him and I want to move in with him after graduation. Please don't be upset."

"Son, I'm not upset, but you are still 17." Jeff said. "Are you sure this is love? And are you sure about your sexuality?"

"Yes Dad I really am sure on both counts." Jack answered. "And he's helped me feel good about myself, not only loving me, but spiritually. He's been taking me to the MCC church and they teach about love and forgiveness. We need to go as a family. Please, for my sake."

"Well, we'll discuss that later." his mother told him. "Well there goes the grandkids."

"Well you do have Susie." I said. "Unless she becomes a lesbian."

The second I said it, I knew how stupid I could be. Everyone looked at me as if I had grown a second head or become hunchbacked. I shook my head and began to apologize. Before I could get it out, Jeff Anderson began laughing loudly. The other adults followed, except Mrs. Anderson, then Jack and Phillip joined in. I went to Mrs. Anderson and apologized. She looked into my eyes.

"Jimmy, you are smart." she said. "And as a teenager, it is natural to say stupid things. But watch what you say. But between us, it was funny."

She hugged me and kissed my cheek. Jack's dad told him he wanted to meet his lover. They suggested over Thanksgiving weekend and then entire family could get together.

We returned home and enjoyed the remainder of our last year in junior high and could not wait for high school to begin. When the ninth grade began, Phillip topped out at 6'7" and was adding muscles. I was at 5'6" and truly developing some solid muscle tone to my body. When the 11" fairy hit my dick, I finally figured, good it won't grow for a few more years. Phillip's own rod hit an impressive 8.5" and very thick. But he always said his best "ass"ett was his ass. Though we went to a new school, our new friends there got to know Phillip and myself as who we truly were and accepted our sexuality. We even started Gay/Straight Alliance Club at school. One of the English teachers, Ms. Porter, was our sponsor. She was great and got a history teacher to assist, Mr. Wathers. They were both gay and were happy to be associated with us. Our friends assumed that Phillip and I were a couple because we were always together and we were not going to let them in our family secrets.

When Phillip and I were alone, we would joke around about him being my grandfather. If he hit me, I would tell him I was going to tell Dad. Phillip's favorite retort was I'm his father, what can he do to me. We would laugh about that.

About two weeks before Christmas, Dad and I were lounging in bed on a quiet Sunday morning. I was playing with his chest hairs and the phone rang. Dad answered it and it was Phillip. He heard Phillip crying in the phone.

"What's the matter Phillip?" Dad asked very concerned.

"It's Granddad." the teen responded in a panic. "Hurry."


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