by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

About two weeks before Christmas, Dad and I were lounging in bed on a quiet Sunday morning. I was playing with his chest hairs and the phone rang. Dad answered it and it was Phillip. He heard Phillip crying in the phone.

"What's the matter Phillip?" Dad asked very concerned.

"It's Granddad." the teen responded in a panic. "Hurry."


"Phillip, what's wrong?" Dad asked in a panic. "Tell me what's wrong."

"Granddad's not moving." Phillip said in a frightened voice. "He's not breathing. Get over here right now."

Phillip was crying. I could hear him crying violently and yelling over the phone.

"Come on, let's go." Dad ordered as he hung up the phone.

We did not bother to shower, but put on the same clothes we wore the night before. We got in Dad's car and drove like madmen to get to Gramps' house. He only lived five miles from us, but the way my dad drove, it seemed were had just went next door we got there so quickly. We got out and Dad knocked on the door, out of respect for my grandfather's privacy.

"Hurry, upstairs, please hurry." Phillip's voice cried out in a state of terror.

Dad had a key to the house, unlocked the door, and we ran upstairs. Phillip was bound with his legs in the air and arms handcuffed to the bedposts. My grandfather was lying on top of him, with his 12" embedded in Phillip's ass. We did not react to the sight. My dad pulled Gramps off as carefully as possible.

"What happened?" Dad asked.

"We were making love this morning." Phillip explained. "He had just came and then he just started groan and gasp. He couldn't say anything, he just couldn't say a thing. Then he fell on top of me."

As he was explaining this, we unbound him from the bed. The minute the last restraint was undone, he shot up and grabbed Dad hard.

"I didn't mean to kill him." he wept. "Please believe me, I didn't mean to kill him."

He was crying so hard his entire body was shaking. Dad caressed his body and head. I came up and stroked his back.

"Shhhh, Phillip." Dad whispered soothingly. "Shhhh. It looks like Gramps had a heart attack."

We sat on the bed, but had to force Phillip to do so because he was afraid of it. Dad just held him.

"Jimmy, call 911." Dad instructed. "Tell them that your grandfather has died and we need an ambulance here. Do it now."

I did this a quickly as possible. The operator got the pertinent information and within fifteen minutes, an ambulance and a police car arrived at the scene. My dad could not remove the pulley system from the ceiling and the ankle straps. We did get Phillip dressed as he held Dad and was still crying. The police asked the questions, but we were in luck because the officers were friends of my dad and they just put down that Gramps had a heart attack, which the EMTs confirmed, but left out the parts of what actually happened, especially about my grandfather making love to a 14 year old boy. The EMTs, a couple of young men in their early twenties, loaded my grandfather on the stretcher. We did not think it was appropriate for him to leave his house for the last time nude, so Dad and I found a pair of shorts and t-shirt, and with some difficulty, put them on. The sheet covered his body and took him out for the last time. Dad and I somehow maintained strength through the beginning of the ordeal. We took Phillip downstairs to go home. Phillip was still crying and the police officers suggested we take him to the hospital to have him checked out. Dad shook his head, stating that all Phillip needed was some rest.

We got home and Dad put Phillip in my room and laid on the bed. He got him to drink some water, tucked him in, and kissed his forehead. He stood there until Phillip was able to fall asleep, slowly. He walked softly out of the room and faced me. It was at this moment it dawned on me that Gramps, that sweet wonderful man, had died. I grabbed Dad and began to cry. I wept bitter tears because I would never see my grandfather again alive. I would never be able to joke with him, hug him, or play ball with him. All I could think was life was not fair. As my dad and I went to our room, I felt him crying also. We lay on the bed just hugging each other, never wanting to let go.

A couple of hours after we got home, a loud scream emanated throughout the house. We jumped up and ran in my room. Phillip was sitting upright in bed, eyes wide open, and yelling.

"Grandpa. No Grandpa." he cried out. "Grandpa, please come back to me."

My father held Phillip in his arms and my friend began to cry again. The love of his life was gone. As he was crying, he kept muttering through the tears.

"Why? Can't live." he repeated over and over.

Dad began to worry about him and held him.

"Phillip, hush." he said in quiet tones. "We're here. We're here. Don't worry son, we're here."

We took him by the arms and led him to our bedroom. We lay him on the bed, Phillip in the middle, and we held each other tightly. We just made sure that Phillip was alright. We never bothered to undress and the evening began to draw nigh, my father called Aunt Penny to tell her the news. She got upset with him because he had not called earlier.

"I'm sorry, it was too much of a shock, Sis." he said. "I'm really, really sorry. Come over please."

About an hour later, Aunt Penny and Jenny were in the house. We were in tears again, supporting each other in our time of sorrow. Jenny had grown into a beautiful young woman, and like the men in our family, developed quite well. Her breasts began shortly after our talk and they had grown to a very impressive 36 DD. I swore if we were not gay, I would dated her. She had met Phillip and liked him. She thought he was a great guy. We never told them of the relationship between Gramps and Phillip, but Jenny suspected it considering Dad and my relationship. Dad was trying to explain it to Aunt Penny. As he was doing so, she was not taken aback, but a little upset that no one would let her know. She began to yell at Dad about it and of course my big mouth shocked the entire family.

"Well then what about the relationship between you and Grams?" I belted out almost shouting my head off.

You could hear a pin drop on shag carpet, the astonishment was so devastating. Aunt Penny looked in terror. Jenny looked at me confused and then with anger. Dad looked as if I took a big shit in the living room. Phillip was the only one not react because of his current state of non-reality.

"What do you mean Jimmy?" Aunt Penny asked, almost incredulously.

I explain what Jenny and I had talked about a couple of years back. I saw Jenny's reaction and anger growing. I explained how I knew about their relationship and about the picture of Aunt Penny and Grams. Dad looked at me, then looked at his sister, and then Jenny. I looked at my cousin.

"Jenny, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to reveal this." I explained. "But your mom had no right to get angry with Dad. It wasn't his choice to tell about Phillip and Gramps relationship. It wasn't mine. It was Gramps' and we all know that he would have told you in his own time and I wish we had more time with him."

Dad looked at his sister.

"Is it true?" he asked.

"Yeah." she replied. "I didn't want you to find out this way."

She began to cry and Dad took her by the hand.

"Penny, don't worry." he uttered. "I love you. Besides, Jimmy and I are lovers. We have been for over two years."

Aunt Penny looked at my father, gave him a weak smile, not knowing what to say. She knew what I said was true in a way, it was not our call. The two women went over and hugged Phillip. Aunt Penny looked at frightened teen.

"Phillip, you're family." she said. "Just know this, we love you. If Dad loved you as much as he did, we love you just as much. Believe me, we do."

He hugged my aunt and cried. We gathered for a group hug. We were a family that was torn by the lose of someone so precious, and yet it brought us even closer together.

Over the next few days, the funeral arrangements were made. Dad and Aunt Penny were magnificent with what they did. They kept the three of us calm and if we needed some comforting, they were there. I believe there was not one time where we were apart. We were given permission to miss school and the schools suggested grief counselors for us, but how could we explain the closeness of our family.

The wake was huge. We saw people from the town who knew Gramps and loved him for what he was, a generous and loving person. Distant relatives came and the funeral the next day packed the church. There were people the I could not even recognize, especially four people who were Asian-American. I had never seen them before, but they were there to pay last respects to my Gramps. No one ever mention what happened on the day Gramps died. That secret died with him. The minister's words were comforting and Dad asked if I would give Gramps eulogy.

"Dad, I really don't want to." I explained. "I don't think I could get through it without breaking up."

We sat down and he explained I would be able to do it. He said I was a strong kid and I would give my grandfather the true send off he deserved. I tried to write it down, but everything seemed phony or childish. I wracked my brain over and over to find the words, but in the end, I spoke what was in my heart.

"Gramps was a wonderful person." I began. "He made a lot of people laugh. If anyone needed something from the hardware store and they didn't have the money, he would issue credit without thinking about it. He told me No good deed goes unpunished and no good deed goes unrewarded. Gramps knew how to do great deeds. He taught my dad and myself how to take people for who they are in their hearts and souls as a person, not what they look like or what others say through gossip. Gramps would always made us feel good about ourselves. If we made a mistake, he just said Pick yourself up, try again, and learn from the mistake not to do it again. It's the only way you're going to learn. He loved my grandmother with a lot of passion and with that, they had two wonderful kids, Aunt Penny and Dad. They then had Jenny and me. Gramps was so huge, when a friend of mine was going to have to move because got a better job, but Phillip didn't want to leave, my grandfather took him in and treated like family. Phillip is family to us. I'm gonna miss him so much. He was a wonderful person. He would sit down with me, especially after my mom left, and put me on his lap. He would look at me and just tell me You and your dad have each other. Your love for each other is so strong. He seemed to know where I was ticklish and would make me feel so loved as I continued to grow. I'm gonna miss him. And not just my family, but he touched just about everyone in this church. People will miss his humor, loyalty, friendship, and love. I miss you Gramps. Be with Grams."

I began to sob and had to hold the podium. Dad had to come to the altar and bring me back to my seat. I put my head on his chest and just cried. Everyone seemed to be wiping their eyes. Phillip, who was sitting next to me, pulled me to him and hugged me.

"Thanks." he whispered.

After the service at the church, we went to the graveside. Dad and Aunt hand and watched the casket lower into the ground. We each had a rose and tossed it onto the casket. We then took a handful of dirt and tossed it right after.

Our friends were always there and as we went back to Gramps house, there was food and friends gathered around. Our friends sat in the family room to just talk. Tony noticed how much Phillip was hurting due to Gramps' death. He took me by the arm and led me to the porch. We sat on a couple chairs.

"Phillip's really broken up about you're grandfather's death." he said. "I know he moved in to stay and be with his friends. But I'm beginning to wonder what really is going on. If I didn't know any better, I would say he was in love with your grandfather."

My face betrayed that. My head shot up and looked directly at him. My eyes grew wide and he looked right into them.

"No fuckin' way." he whispered.

I looked at him.

"Tony, please, please don't ever say nothing to nobody." I begged. "Please."

He looked at my pleading face and desperate eyes. He nodded. He did have to ask a couple of questions.

"They've been lovers all this time?" he queried.

I nodded my head. He had asked some questions, some of which I knew the answers, but the ones I could not, I explained I did not know the answer.

"Please don't ask Phillip." I beseeched. "He's been in shock since the death and I don't think he could tell you."

Tony stood up and I followed. He then did something that to me was unusual. Tony was the type of guy whose idea of physicality was to punch you lightly on the shoulder or put his arm around your shoulder and give the neck a squeeze. He came to me, wrapped his large arms around me, and gave me a big hug. I do not know why, but I started to cry again. I was not sure if it was because my grandfather was gone forever or if there were things I would miss. My mind was a torrent of various emotions and I could not sort them out at this point. My friend let me cry on his shoulder for support and let me know he was going to be there for me. I was so glad he was there for me. Gloria, Tony's girlfriend, came out. We were friends and she knew about me in terms of my sexuality. She was funny, because when she would visit with Tony, and though I was masculine in my sexuality, but I would be so flaming to get a laugh out of everyone. We would sit and act like a couple girls dissing on our friends. She came out and saw me crying on Anthony's chest.

"Wait a minute." she said with false anger. "Are you making a play for my man?"

We looked at her, and with my tears still streaming, we began to laugh violently, because it was funny situation.

"You bet girlfriend." I said, with a faux lisp. "He's just too man for you. I'm gonna have fun with his ass."

I gave it a quick pat and Tony jumped.

"What do you mean having fun with my ass?" he said with the same lisp. "I'm just have fun with yours."

He patted mine and I smiled.

"Well bitch, you better get a bigger thing." I said. "Because I want my man to fill me, not get lost in the canyon."

I gave two snaps and kissed his cheek quickly. The three of us laughed so hard and Phillip came out when the conversation revolved around who was going to do who. He began to smile for the first time and Gloria hugged him.

As the people started to leave, the emptiness of the house began to fill us. We all decided to stay in Gramps house that night. Jenny and Aunt Penny stayed in her old room. Dad stayed in Gramps' room, while Phillip and I were going to stay in Dad's old room, but something changed that night. Phillip went into his room and touched the bed lightly. He then lay on the bed and snuggled up on the pillow that Gramps would use and he smelled it. Phillip smiled and hugged the pillow to him.

"I want to stay here tonight." he said firmly. "This is where I belong. This is my bed and my love will be here with me tonight."

I never heard Phillip with such forcefulness and Dad did not argue. The three of us lay on the bed. Phillip ordered, not asked or requested, but ordered us to strip and snuggle on the bed with him.

"I want to feel your bodies against mine." he stated. "I know you don't want to have sex, but please let me feel you against me."

We got under the covers and Phillip faced me and Dad spooned against his back. We fell asleep and Phillip held me tight. I woke up and felt him sobbing, so I stroked his face. He kissed me tenderly and fell back to sleep.

The next few days were uneventful and Dad had us at the lawyer's office. The will was to be read. We sat in the attorney's office, Mr. Richardson. He had been Gramps' lawyer for a number of years. Dad and Aunt Penny sat on a sofa, while the three of us on chairs that were to the side. My grandfather was not rich, but he was very well off. His business was well run and people would rather shop with him than at Wal-mart or Sears or Target, because my grandfather would make sure that everyone was treated fairly. The funny thing about Gramps was that if anyone owed him money, he would not hound them to pay him back. If they could pay it, they would come in to take care of their bills. He would take the money and smiled. The same people would come in later to ask for credit again and they were never turned away. If someone could not pay, if they needed something, my grandfather would just let them have it. I will miss that about him.

Mr. Richardson explained that he had the will written, but Gramps had it recorded. He pulled out what looked like a DVD or CD, put it in the DVD player and turned it on. My grandfather appeared on the screen. It looked like he had recorded it in his living room because he was in his favorite easy chair with pictures of all of the family surrounding him. A few seconds passed and the image began to speak.

"Hey gang." he began. "Well if you are watching this, obviously I'm not with you, at least not physically. But spiritually, I will always be there with you in your minds and your hearts. First of all, let me let you know, I knew this was coming. My lawyer might have told you, but I will tell you just in case he had not. I am making this a year before you're watching it. I am assuming it's a year, it might be less. At my last physical the doctor told me that my heart muscles have grown weaker and weaker. He didn't expect me to live more than a year. Nothing could me done and all I wanted to do is to spend time with the ones I loved the most. The only reason I never said anything was I didn't want you to worry or treat me like a doddering old fool. I hope that the day I died, you found me happy and peaceful. Now to the business at hand, my last will and testament. Though it has been written out for two years, I am just going to basically touch on the highlights. My lawyer will fill in the legalese as they call it, but I will basically tell you what is in the will. JR, you know my financial situation, so what I tell you will not come as a complete shock to everybody. All my worldly goods, with the exception of a few items which I will mention shortly, will be equally divided between my children. Kids, you two have given me nothing but joy and happiness since the day you were born and growing up. You have grown to be wonderful people and have raise wonderful children. I wish you nothing but happiness for the rest of your lives. To my two biological grandchildren, Jenny and Jimmy, I leave a trust fund in the amount of $250,000 each. Part of the monies will be used for your education, which you will attend a college of your choice, study hard, and become the great people I know you will be. To Phillip, who I've always considered one of my grandchildren, but also my love and my life in the last two years, I give you a trust fund of the same amount. Phillip, the last two years you have given me a joy and a love that I thought I would never have again after my wife had died. I love you so much my wonderful, wonderful boy. Again, the reason I never said anything was so no one would worry. And if I ever told Jimmy, that mouth would have had it on the evening news. He doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut sometimes. But it was this young man whose mouth also taught us to be ourselves. There is one more trust fund and it will be a shock to you. When I was overseas in the army, stationed in Vietnam, I met a young Vietnamese girl. I have felt guilty because I fell in love with her, and though I could not marry her, since I was married to your mother and grandmother, we did have a child. The child escaped Vietnam. JR, you have been wondering about those monthly payments of $10,000. It was to support my child, Le Ngyuen Phan. You have a stepbrother. I asked him to be here so that you may get to know him and his family. Please, please do not hate him because of my stupidity. The lawyer has a copy of this with personal messages attached for each of you. I would you prefer to view them in private. But if you want to watch them with the others, obviously I can't stop you and I hope that these messages bring comfort and happiness to you. Guys, I love you. Don't weep as I had a great life and that was because I had a great family that helped with this life. You helped me to do everything I needed to do in my life. Bye and I love you."

With this the picture faded, Mr. Richardson turned off the DVD player, and pressed an button on the intercom on his desk.

"Please send them in now." he said.

A tall, thin man in his forties entered the room, followed by a woman, and two children, a boy about thirteen and a girl I guessed to be the same age. I recognized them from the funeral and now I began to understand why they were there. The lawyer introduced them to us. The man we knew due to the DVD, but his wife Ming and his two children, who were named after Gramps and Grams, James and Penelope. There was an awkward moment, but my father went to his stepbrother, who extended his hand. Dad did not shake it, but embraced him tightly. We followed Dad's lead and hugged the entire family. The nine of us went back to the house and sat down. We tried to talk as one. We learned that Uncle Le escaped Vietnam right after the communist takeover. His mother was killed trying to save her child when pirates attacked their boat. Uncle Le was able to get to the United States and was taken in by a foster family near Sacramento. He was raised very American as he called it. He attended UCLA and Harvard business, got his MBA. He met Aunt Ming, got married, and raised a family. He knew who his father was and the Child Protection Agency in California contacted Gramps, who was surprised and overjoyed that his son was safe. He explained to them that he would love to have Uncle Le come live with him, but Uncle Le said he wanted to stay in California. Gramps started to send support checks for his son, which was kept in trust for him. Gramps did go out to see him when he was in college and they got to know each other. Uncle Le was angry at Gramps at first, but learned why he could not marry his mother. He learned to love his father. Gramps did go to the wedding, but kept his secret from us. This man who came into our lives was our family and we were happy to have him and his family as part of us. I wondered if Grams knew and if she forgave Gramps. Knowing her, she probably did and love him even more because he was a man who knew his responsibility. Phillip, Penny, and I took our new cousins upstairs to my room. Trying to distinguish on what to call them, James said he was always called Jamie and Penelope loved to be called Pepper. I could not figure that out until later. We sat down and talked. We learned they lived in Los Angeles and now that they learned they had cousins, they wanted to get to know us even better.

"Hey, this is a shock to us." I said. "Gramps was very closed mouth about this. Cousins. Way cool. We want to get to know you better."

We became more at ease and they said that they had gotten to know Gramps and he told them of us. We told them how Gramps was and how loved he was in the town. The five of us just talked, but Phillip became saddened as we talked about him. He got up and went to our room. He shut the door. I knew why he did this and decided to let him alone.

"What's the matter with Phillip?" Jamie asked.

"Well he loved Gramps very much." I explained, trying not to go into much detail. "Gramps was his guardian and now with him dying, Phillip's just sad and wondering what is going to happen."

This was the truth and allowed me to skirt the issue. What Gramps said on the DVD did embarrass me and I blushed. Jenny saw this and began to snicker at my expense. I nudged her knee in the lawyer's office and we just smiled. Dad called us and we went downstairs.

"Where's Phillip?" he asked as we arrived.

"He's in your room." I replied. "He's closed the door. I guess he wanted some time to himself."

"Jimmy, go and get him." Dad said. "We're going out to lunch. And if he argues, drag him."

I knew my father did not mean that literally, but I went up and opened the bedroom door. Phillip was looking at a picture of Gramps and Dad when they were younger.

"You know Granddad and your dad look so much alike." he said. "And you kinda look like them too."

"Yeah, I know." I responded. "I did get some of my mom's looks, which ain't too bad. She was very beautiful, but she was a bitch about it too. Hey, we're going to lunch and Dad said to come get you."

"Jimmy, before we go downstairs, thanks." he said quietly. "Thanks for being there for me and not telling anyone about Granddad and me."

"Phillip, I have to tell you something." I explained. "Tony knows. I didn't come right out and said anything. He saw how you were reacting and he guessed. My expression gave it away when he asked me. Trust me, he won't tell anyone. You know Tony, it'll go to the grave with him."

Phillip's eyes blazed when I explained, but he eased off when I told him I did not actually say anything. He did pop me upside my head and I looked at him.

"I want to play poker with you." he said. "I would clean up."

We began to laugh and hugged. Dad yelled up at us and we bolted down the stairs. We did try to figure out where to go and before anyone could come up with a suggestion, Jamie yelled out Chucky Cheese. The five kids readily agreed and in three different vehicles, we all proceeded to the place where a kid can be a kid. We got three large pizzas, the children got tokens to play games, and the adults were allowed some quiet time, if you can find it at that restaurant. We were very careful not to explain our true family dynamics to them, since we could not know what their reaction would be to it. The family wanted to stay over for the holidays and it was decided that it would be a fantastic idea so we could get to know our new family members better. When we got home, Aunt Penny and Dad sat down with Uncle Le and Aunt Ming to decide what to do with Gramps' house. They allowed the five of us to listen and allowed us a decision. We all agreed that the house should not be sold, but remain in the family. Dad, however, knew there were some things that needed to be removed. Uncle Le decided to move his family to our town. His decision was based on the lose of his parents and wanting to be near family, which meant everything to him. Dad and Aunt Penny agreed that they should move into the house and I knew it would be a wonderful Christmas for all of us, because we received four wonderful presents added to our family.

Uncle Le and Aunt Ming flew back to California to start the process of selling their home and get their belongings so they could move to our town. They were to be gone for a few days and be back in time for Christmas Eve. Jamie and Penny wanted to go, but their parents said they would do that to say goodbye to their friends. Jamie and Penny stayed my room, while Phillip, Dad, and I stayed in our room. That first night, I woke up in my birthday suit and needing to piss. I padded to the master bathroom, unloaded my bladder, and going back to bed, I heard some giggling coming from my room. The door was slightly ajar and I peaked in, I saw Jamie on top Pepper thrusting inward. They began to moan together and were kissing passionately.

"Oh yeah." I thought. "They are definitely family. We are very horny and oversexed."

Since it was dark out, I was able to slip in and watched as my cousin was slowly fucking his sister. My cousins would not be called typical Asian build. Jamie, at thirteen, was already 5'2", had his parents' features of jet black hair and coal-like eyes. His grin lit up the room. Penny was an inch shorter with the same hair and eyes, but she also was developed like Penny.

My cock was at its full measurement and I was standing over the bed. The precum leaked and hit my beautiful cousin's face. She froze, tapped her brother who looked up. Their expression was one of extreme horror and shame.

"Uhm, anything I need to know guys?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Oh my god." they both said. "Oh shit."

"Hey guys, it's cool." I responded. "Chill."

Jamie scrambled off his sister and as he did, he produced a magnificent 7.5" uncut cock.

"Damn, our genes run rampant." I thought to myself.

I could smell Penny's pussy juices all over his rod. I sat down and they just looked at me to see what I would do.

"Hey guys, no problem." I told them. "How long have you been doing this?"

Jamie explained that since they were twins, they were exceptionally close than anyone could know. They always shared a room and when their parents tried to put them in different rooms, they would throw tantrums not to be apart. When they were old enough, they began to explore each others bodies. They actually began having sex when they were seven by experimenting by touching and licking each other. I felt safe to let them know.

"Guys, you have nothing to worry about." I explained. "Do your parents know?"

Jamie looked down and Penny looked at me, still not knowing what I might do.

"We think they suspect, but we aren't absolutely sure." she answered.

We sat there and just stared at each other. I felt that with what I saw, I could let them in on the family secrets.

"Just so you know Dad and I are lovers." I enlightened. "Jenny and Aunt Penny are lovers also. Phillip was Gramps lover."

They looked at me in utter disbelief.

"Oh you mean you guys are gay?" Jamie asked with a quizzical look.

Smiles crossed their faces. Now it was my turn to wonder what was going on with them.

"What's so amusing?" I queried.

"Well not only do we fuck each other." Penny responded. "I have a girlfriend back home and Jamie has a couple of guys he likes to suck and they suck him and he fucks them too."

"We definitely have a family tradition here." I said.

By that time Phillip and Dad were standing in the doorway and tried to comprehend what was going on. Phillip looked at Jamie's cock, which was semi-hard and Dad's own 13.5" monster grew to its full proportions. Phillip's 6.5" dick was at full mast. We began to explain what was going on, but Dad came in the room, sat on the bed next to Penny, where he hugged and kissed her, then did the same to Jamie. The phone began to ring just then and we all were wondering who would be calling us at this time of the night. Dad went to answer, then returned.

"Kids, that was your mom and dad." he said. "They couldn't get a flight out tomorrow, but will be back the day after. We will be spending Christmas together. Then your dad wanted to warn me about your sexual appetites."

The twins just looked at us, then at each other. Though they thought their parents might know, now they fully understood that it was no secret and they had no problems about it. All of a sudden the five of us began to laugh hysterically. It was decided that Dad and Phillip go back to our room. Phillip asked Dad if he would be willing to make love to him. Dad looked at me and I just smiled and nodded my head. Penny came up to my ear and whispered something in it. I had to look at him hard.

"Are you sure?" I questioned in disbelief.

"He's always wanted to experience it." he replied.

"What are you two whispering about?" Jamie asked with a hard look.

Penelope and I began to chuckle.

"I understand you want a little rear action." I stated with a huge smile. "Penny says you've always wanted to experience getting fucked."

"With that?" Jamie uttered with a tremble in his voice as he looked at my cock.

"No time like the present." I retorted.

"You're gonna kill me." he snapped.

"Don't worry about it." I answered back. "Dad's been fucking me with his big thing and I've been doing the same with mine. Phillip had been long dicked by Gramps since he had a 12" pole. We know what we're doing and I won't hurt you on purpose. Now I won't bullshit you it won't hurt. It will, but it will definite be better. You're virgin hole is sacred."

"Well I will say I have had some dildos up my hole." Jamie said. "But nothing like that."

"Well it seems like you are prepped pretty well." I explained. "So I will go slow. Don't worry cuz, I will take it slow."

At that moment we heard Phillip yell out OH GOD YES!!! I explained that Phillip is total bottom and enjoyed being made love to and I was the one who broke him in to lovemaking.

"How are we going to do this?" he asked.

"Well, start fucking your sister." I suggested. "Slide completely into her and hold it there. Or better yet, let's try this. You guys know what rimming is?"

"I've read about it." Penny replied.

"I've had a couple of guys do it to me." Jamie added. "I really enjoyed it."

"Good. Here's what we'll do." I instructed. "Penny, why don't you rim your brother. Get him nice and wet. In the meantime, your brother will get me nice and wet. And I will get him moist for you."

We rearranged ourselves so Jamie and I were in a perfect sixty-nine position and Penny was behind her brother. She spread his cheeks and began to snake her tongue into his boycunt slowly. She seemed to enjoy what she was doing to Jamie and I felt him moaning on my cock. As I slid my mouth over his own pole, I tasted Penny's juices dried on it. I did not think it tasted that bad, but for me it was always cock and ass for me. We heard Phillip and Dad moaning and groaning in my room while we were prepping Jamie for his first true assfucking. When we were almost at the point of no return, I pulled of my cousin's rod and pulled my pole out of his.

"Penny, you can stop now." I stated. "I believe he is ready."

We shifted and Penny laid on her back with her legs splayed open. I saw the open slit waiting for her brother's cock to slide in to fill her. I smiled and winked at them as if saying Are you ready for this? He slid into her and gazed in her eyes. I spread his cheeks and exposed his pink, virginal, and hairless hole. He did not even have peach fuzz on his cheeks. I leaned down and gently ran my tongue into his ass a couple of times. This caused him to push further and this created an orgasm through Penny's body. She shrieked loudly and it echoed off the walls. I lined my 10" rammer to his hole and gently pushed into him. I met with resistance. I tried it two more times and met with the same opposition.

"Jamie, try this." I said soothingly. "Think as if you were planning to take a shit and push out."

He tried but again resisted my huge teen cock. I realized that the only way to do this was to redirect where the pain would be coming from. I reached around and found his dime sized nipples. I grasped them and squeezed them hard in my fingers. He yelped loudly and as he did, his ass muscles relaxed easily as his chest tightened. This allowed the head and 3" to slide in before he realized what happened.

"Oh God that is so big." he cried out. "It hurts. It hurts. Get it out."

I stopped so he might adjust to the invasion. It took several minutes for him to adjust to the assault of his body. As he began to relax, I pushed another inch in and he tightened. I stopped so he could regulate his pain, this time at a quicker pace. We continued to do this for almost thirty minutes until I felt my bush against his ass.

"I feel so full." Jamie voiced. "I hope that you're in me all the way."

"I am." I told him. "I said you could do it."

The twins had their nipples pressed against each other and this gave me a wonderful idea. I took both set of nipples together and began to rub them and slightly pinch them. Penny squealed with another orgasm. After a couple of minutes, I began to pull my cock back and took Jamie with me. I then proceeded to give him what he wanted, a good hard fucking. I began to move in and out. With each withdrawal, his own cock followed suit. And when I slammed back in, so did Jamie. This set Penny off with several orgasms as the hard slamming continued. We moved in unison for over an hour. When Penny had her last earth shattering orgasm, which lasted for almost two minutes, Jamie and I joined her. As he filled his sibling's cunt, I filled his boypussy to overflowing, since I felt my cum ooze out and down his cheeks and legs. When we finally came down from the bliss of sexual ecstasy, I slipped out of Jamie's hole and he slipped out of her. Penny finally was able to recover and smiled weakly.

"Oh my God, it felt like I had two dicks in me." she exclaimed. "It felt like both of you were shooting in me."

I smiled at them and wondered how Gramps would have thought about his grandchildren and their sexual predilections. We laid down, Penny between us and Jamie on the left, me on the right. Jamie began to suck his sister's tit and I followed suit, but thought it was Dad's. She howled as her brother began to finger her cunt. She came for what was the tenth time and fell asleep.

"You know Jimmy, I love my sister a lot." Jamie said. "We have a lot of fun. But after tonight, with you in me, it might change things. It was one of the most awesome things that have happened to me in my life."

"You know, you're gonna be living near here." I told him. "And now you know how life is like here."

I leaned over Penny and began to kiss Jamie on the lips and pushed my tongue in his mouth. We finally broke the kiss and looked at Penny. With her lips slightly open, we both began to kiss her. She returned the kiss, even thought she was still asleep.

"You know cuz, you know if I wasn't gay, I would make a play for your sister." I told him with a smirk.

We both smiled and then began to nod off.

The next day, Dad went to work. Aunt Penny dropped off Jenny at the house and she went to work. We told Jenny about what had been happening since she went home the previous day. It did not take the two of them to run upstairs and to get to know each other intimately.

Phillip, Jamie, and I went into our room and began to explore each other through and through. I had sucked and fucked both of them. Jamie also fucked Phillip and sucked him off, while Phillip sucked the both of us.

By the time Dad and Aunt Penny came home, there were five teens completely exhausted from their sexual passions and passed out on two beds. Aunt Penny found the girls in my room naked and wrapped in each other arms. Dad found us on the bed entangled completely sweaty and cum soaked. My dad woke us up, while Aunt Penny woke her daughter and her niece. We all paraded to the living room, naked as the day we were born, except the adults. My aunt just shook her head and smiled.

"Well, the saying boys will be boys." Dad said as nonchalantly as he could. "But is there a saying girls will be girls?"

We all chuckled, then Dad and Aunt Penny decided to make dinner. The five of us, still reeking from sex, went and took showers. The girls used the main bathroom and Phillip, Jamie, and myself used the master bath. We came back to the living room freshly scrubbed. The girls decided to wear t-shirts, with no bras, and Daisy Dukes. The three of us decided on shorts only. But my cousin, who loved to show off his favorite asset, literally, wore what would be classified as Daisy Dukes. This got the rise he was hoping for, because my Phillip, my dad, and I were immediately hard. We ate dinner, we talked about what we wanted for Christmas. We told them what we would want, but we also knew not to go overboard. As dinner wound down, Dad and Aunt Penny dropped a bombshell on us..

"Penny is going to take the girls home with her." Dad explained. "And for the four of us, it will be guys night as normal."

The five of us smiled at each other and knew what the night held in store.

"There are some interesting realms of possibilities for tonight." I said.

As we got up, it dawned on me that there was something that I wanted to do for a week.

"Dad, remember the DVDs we got from the lawyer?" I stated.

Dad nodded his head.

"He said that there were messages for each of us on the one we got." I continued.

"That'll be fine." Dad responded. "We'll go to the living room and you can go to the bedroom and watch it in private. No one will disturb you."

"I don't know why, but I want to share it with everyone." I uttered as I shook my head no.

Dad came over to where I was, knelt down, and took my head in his hands. He looked deep into my eyes.

"Are you sure?" he queried.

"Dad, I'm not sure about anything where it comes to Gramps." I answered. "But I know this is something I want to do."

I went and got my copy of the will and DVD. I put it in the player and it was loading. When it finally loaded, there were two chapters. One titled WILL and the other FOR JIMMY. I highlighted the second chapter, pressed play, and my grandfather came on the screen.

"Jimmy, as you know, the will has been read and everyone has a copy of it with their own personal message." he began. "I saved you for last for the following reasons. First you are my namesake. You are a wonderful kid. You will grown into a very special man. I want you to know, that as you grow, I see spectacular potential. You may not write the world's greatest novel, you may not cure cancer of the common cold, but what you can do is be yourself and be what you truly are. You are a person who loves people and see who they are inside. There are some trinkets that I told the lawyer to give everybody and they will be mailed out in time for Christmas. I had planned on this just in case I was not going to make it to the holiday. To you I leave my pocket watch. I remember as a baby, you used to grab it and hold it. As a toddler, you would take the chain and swing it back and forth. You almost broke it a couple of times, but like you, it could take a licking and keep on ticking. Inside, so that you will always remember, there is a picture of your grandmother and myself. I am so glad to give this to you. Take care of your dad. Love him as you have never loved before. And make sure that Phillip is happy in his life. Good-bye my wonderful grandson."

The picture went black and I was crying. I actually began crying the minute he came on the screen. These were his parting words for me and I loved him for it. As I looked at everyone, there was not a dry eye in the room. Phillip got up and got his copy. He took out my copy, inserted his, and closed the drawer. He handed me mine and I put it back in the case it came in. He pressed play and Gramps came on the screen.

"Phillip, my love, my darling." he started. "You made my last two years on this earth wonderful and loved. Never, ever be ashamed of who you are. And please, whatever you do, never be sad about my passing. I'm sorry that I did not tell you about my heart, but I wanted to live life to the fullest. There is one thing, and if you do this, never feel any guilt that you may betray because you will not. My lawyer, whom you met, is gay and very lonely. He lost his love a few years back. He wants you to love with him as his partner, if that is okay with you. If you don't feel comfortable with the situation, he will understand. But if you do, please do it with a full and open heart, with no guilt, no shame, and no remorse, just true happiness. I hope you agree. Everyone is going to receive a small token. For you, on Christmas, will be a locket. It will contain two pictures. One of both of us on one side and one of just me on the other. I want you to wear it everyday, just so you can remember me. Feel no sadness my love. Just feel happiness and joy, with the same happiness and joy you showed me."

He blew Phillip a kiss and the screen went black. The tears never stopped flowing. Dad then got his and put it in the machine. Each of us received a personal messages telling us how much he loved us, how proud he was of us, what tokens he was giving us for Christmas, and that we should not mourn or be sad about his passing, but be glad of his life and the love we had shared with each other. Aunt Penny and Jenny's message had his knowledge of their love for each other and how much he loved them so much. He also Aunt Penny that he knew of their relationship and that he did not hate her, but loved her even more. He explained that Grams told him and being the people they were, he told his loving wife that there was nothing to forgive and that he understood and loved her still, perhaps even more. When all five were played, Jamie and Penny felt an understanding of our family, but felt a little left out. Dad pulled out two more DVDs. He inserted one and it did not mention about the will, but was titled MY SPECIAL GRANDCHILDREN. He began to play it and Gramps appeared again.

"Jamie and Penny, though I have not known you as long as Jimmy and Jenny." he commenced. "I want you to know that you will always be in my heart. You are my family and I wanted you to know the following. First, your actual grandmother, your dad's mom, was a sweet little girl of seventeen. She was the finest person who loved people. She came from a little village called Nam Trang and I met her while we were in the area for a few days. I fell in love with her and she, in return. fell in love with me. If I was not married to my wife, I would definitely have married your grandmother. We spent two days together and she in turn made me feel special. When I left, I did not see her again until I received a message from Refugee Services about a little boy who had my picture and my name on him when he arrived from the Philippines. When the flew him into San Francisco, I went to meet him. he was the cutest little boy you could ever imagine. But being the morals of the day, I could not bring him home. They did find an adoptive family for him and through an interpreter I found out how his mother died. Your father probably told you what happened. Pirates boarded that little boat they were on and began killing the males and raping the women. They tried to kill your father, but your grandmother stood between them and your father. She died with pure courage. I wish you could have known her because that much love in one person, you would have felt that love flow over you. Your other grandmother, my wife, was a wonderful person. I loved her with all my heart, as I did your father's mother. These were two special women in my life. Now I am glad that you are part of our family completely. Your Uncle James and Aunt Penelope are two wonderful, loving people. You will see that Jimmy and Jenny will love you more that you will ever know. Phillip, who is part of the family, and they will explain that, will part of your family also. When I made out my will, I almost forgot one little detail. Each of you will receive a trust fund of $250,000. This will help you through college and become the great people I know you will be as much as your father and grandmother. I wish I could have been there a lot more than I had been. But remember this, I love you. You are my family and wish you nothing but love, happiness, and success in life."

The screen went blank. The twins were crying and held each other. We gathered around them and held them as much as we could. We got up and had a huge group hug. It was special because, though Penny and Jamie were part of our family, Gramps made it official. Penny, Jenny, and Aunt Penny left for their house. Dad, Phillip, Jamie, and I were still in the living room. My brain, I do not know why, thought about my grandfather and how we found Phillip and he. I began to laugh a little. My father was trying to figure out why I was laughing.

"Well I was remembering the day Gramps died." I stated.

Everyone was looking at me very confused.

"Well I know that this will sound sick and weird." I responded. "But I think Gramps died the way he wanted to."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dad asked.

"Think about it Dad." I replied. "He came...and went."

The three looked at me and I started laughing again. There were some groans, but then they began to laugh with me.

"I know it sounds sick and stupid." I said. "But I think that Gramps would have thought it was funny."

"You probably are right." Dad said, between laughs.


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