by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

"Well I was remembering the day Gramps died." I stated.

Everyone was looking at me very confused.

"Well I know that this will sound sick and weird." I responded. "But I think Gramps died the way he wanted to."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Dad asked.

"Think about it Dad." I replied. "He came...and went."

The three looked at me and I started laughing again. There were some groans, but then they began to laugh with me.

"I know it sounds sick and stupid." I said. "But I think that Gramps would have thought it was funny."

"You probably are right." Dad said, between laughs.


As we finally stopped the laughter, we began to move to the bedrooms.

Jamie and Phillip wanted to get to know each other better. My cousin pulled me to the side.

"I would love to have your dad fuck me." he whispered in my ear.

"Hey, remember that you just took my dick." I reminded him. "Dad's rod dwarfs mine. You need t build up to that monster. It took me weeks to do that myself."

The five of us became extremely close friends. We would only tell each other things that we knew we could never tell our parents. I took Phillip aside before we retired for bed. We sat down and we talked. I mentioned this to Dad.

"Hey Phillip, I wanted to talk to you." I said. "I didn't want to bring this up before because I know how much you loved Gramps and how embarrassing it was when we found you. When did you two get into tying each other up?"

"Well it was something that I wanted to try some months ago." he replied. "The more we got into it, the more we loved doing it. Granddad never caused me extreme pain. And I loved being dominated, like you do with Dad. I find it a great turn-on because I know it's not being mean but play acting."

"So what else did you two kinky guys do?" I queried further.

"He used to spank me." Phillip continued. "We had a few paddles and we acted like teacher and student. He wouldn't hit me hard. Just enough to have me feel tingly all over. He also used to uuhhmm, don't think this gross. He used to pee on me and in my mouth. I did the same to him. One time I peed on him in the tub and he just shot off without touching his dick. I just hit his cock with my pee and he just erupted."

I thought back to the days when Phillip and I first got together and the Jennings. I remembered the smell and light tang of Gramps pee. I never thought much about it. I was not turned off by it, I just thought I would not want to do it. I realized how kinky it was. Phillip and I hugged and kissed, then went to our separate bedrooms.

I climbed into bed with Dad and just held him. It had been several days since we made love and I wanted to feel him in me and me in him. As time went by, Dad never had to use a dildo because as I grew, his ass had accommodated my growing schlong. I knew my cock was growing, not my measuring it, but how it felt in him. As we lay in bed, I looked at Dad and told him what Jamie wanted.

"You know, we have got to stop creating these monsters." he replied.

"Well Dad, you have to realize, the monster between your legs is what people wants the most." I stated with a huge smile on my face.

He swatted my but and my body jerked. I then slapped his and instead of a jerk, he moaned. Something clicked in my mind and realized how much my dad loved to be dominated and discipline. I spanked his ass again and got another moan. I looked at him and took his face in my hands. I looked deep into his eyes to ask the question I knew I needed the answer.

"Dad, Phillip and I talked about what Gramps and he used to do." I said. "And I want to try that. I think you have been wanting to do it too, but was afraid that I might be upset if you suggested it. Dad, let's face it, you are submissive and love being told what to do."

Dad tried to avert his eyes from mine and then they began to well up.

"Dad, I want to make you happy." I added. "I want you to feel what true pleasure is. If true pleasure and happiness is me paddling you, dominating you, then that's the way it will be."

"Jimmy, I didn't want you to think that I was perverted or a freak." Dad said looking in my eyes.

"Dad, after what we have been doing, how could you think that?" I responded. "Besides, short of you telling me you hate me or if you betray me with our promises, I could never hate you or hurt you. You're my love and my life. You have always been there for me. When we're in bed and my using profanity, it's what we enjoy doing. If you want to take it to a new level, I'm with you. I would never cause you any pain you could not handle."

My father hugged me tightly and kissed me passionately. He got out of bed and went to the closet. He proceeded to pull out a huge paddle. The handle itself was round with the tip almost looking like the head of a cock. The paddle itself was about 24" long, 6" wide, and 2" thick. My dad handed it to me and bent over the bed. I could not figure out how hard he wanted me to hit him with it, but I knew he wanted it. I got behind him and swung. You could hear the thwack, but it was not too hard. Dad looked back at me.

"Hit me harder." he demanded.

I reared back and came down. The thwack echoed off the walls of the room. He yelped in pain, his cock jerked, and then he let out a low moan.

"Please sir may I have another." he begged.

I slammed his ass again with the paddle and got the same results. I hit him ten times total, and though it was weird to me, but I thought it would fun. If Dad's happy, then so am I. I dropped the paddle, pushed him on the bed, and spread his ass cheeks. Without lube, I rammed my raging 10" all the way in his mancunt. He screamed and I pulled his head back.

"Come on bitch, you know you love that." I seethed in his ear.

He cried a little and nodded his head.

"Yes Master, please Master." he whimpered. "Please fuck my worthless ass. Fuck me hard."

I continually pounded his hole with long, hard thrusts. He continued to beg.

"Please Sir. Please use your bitch." he pleaded. "Please fuck me hard. Please use me. Please Master, fuck me. Make me yours. Oh yeah."

"Yeah, my little bitch boy." I exuded. "You love getting dominated. You love getting your hole filled my your Master. You love this hard cock in your pussy."

"Oh yes Master, oh yes." he wept with joy.

"You're gonna do what this Master tells you to, ain't ya." I groaned in his ear.

"Oh yes sir. Please sir." he beseeched me. "Oh yes sir. Please fill me. Oh yes. Please sir fill your bitch."

We became a symphony of lust and dominant/submissive love. I would bring myself to the brink, then stop. I made sure that my father came either. I planned to torture him severely this night to make him want more. My mind went to a different realm of sexual satisfaction and I wanted to make sure my father had what he wanted in his life. Four times I reached the pinnacle and each time I prevented my father from spewing his load. I grabbed the base of his cock and squeezed, then snatched his heavy sack and pulled down. This elicited moans of pain/pleasure. After about an hour, I rammed hard, grabbed his cock and balls to prevent him from cumming. I could feel his hard 13.5" wanting to explode all over the bed, but I was in control and I wanted Dad to feel the ultimate release when I wanted him to have it. I released my load deep in his hole.


"Oh yes Master." Dad moaned. "Fill me. I'm your whore. I'm your bitch. I'm unworthy of your wonderful seed. Please fill this unworthy man whore."

Twelve times my load pulsed in him. It flowed out of his ass, down his crack, then his legs and balls. I knew by his whimpers that he wanted to shoot his load, but that was not for him to decide. I collapsed on him and when I recovered, as hard as I pushed in, I pulled my still hard cock out. I moved off him.

"Turn over bitch." I ordered.

My father looked at me with a little fear and total amazement with the wonder in the new world we were embarking on in our lives. Dad's cock was so hard, it probably would be tender to the touch and precum flowed like the Mighty Mississippi. I looked at my father with a determined gaze.

"Now I know you." I stated. "You didn't just get the paddle. You brought some other fun toys home with you, didn't you."

He shook his head no, but I knew the man better than that. I grabbed his hair and slapped his nuts with just enough pain. Dad snapped in response.

"You did, didn't you bitch." I demanded.

Again he shook his head and again I hit his nuts harder and he screamed.

"I'll ask one last time." I said deliberately and firmly. "You...did...bring...some...other...things...home...didn't...you."

He nodded.

"Where are they?" I asked decisively.

"In the closet." Dad answered meekly.

As I got off the bed, I saw Jamie and Phillip standing in the doorway. They were looking at the scene. My dad saw them, but he did not care. He wanted relief, so his hand moved to his cock and I saw this.

"Hold it bitch." I snarled. "I didn't say to touch that meat."

He stopped and I turned to the door to my brother and cousin.

"Watch him." I ordered. "He's not allowed to touch himself. He cannot even move. NOT ONE INCH."

I turned to my father.

"Spread your arms and hold the head of the bed. NOW!!" I demanded.

He obediently did this. Phillip, who knew of my dominant nature, was a little shocked on how truly aggressive I became. Jamie, who had never experienced any type of dominant/submissive behavior, was truly amazed on what was happening. I went into the closet and found a box with various "toys" in it. There were handcuffs, leg cuffs, whips, belts, gag balls, leather hoods, nipple clamps, and the items it install the pulley gears that we found in Gramps house. I knew my dad was a submissive, but this brought it to a new level that I had not even dreamed about. I then noticed another box in the corner, under some old clothes Dad was planning to give to charity. I removed the clothes and found almost a thousand homemade DVDs. I called Jamie to help me to pull it out, which we were able, then pulled the "toys" out. As I dug in the box with the playthings, I found a ball of twine and instructions. It said to cut about 2' of twine, halve it without cutting, and wrap it around the scrotum. Then pull it around the back of the legs, pull to the front, and tie it off at the base of the penis. I was trying to picture this in my mind, then decided that if it was in the box, Dad wanted it to be used. I cut off 3' as a precaution, and followed the instructions to the letter. This caused my dad to squirm and squeal. I made sure it was tight and saw the pain he was in, but he seemed to enjoy it. As he laid on his back, I had him move so his back was against the headboard. I then pointed to the box of DVDs.

"What the hell is this?" I asked with a sneer on my face.

All they had on them were dates, nothing else. Some of them had the same dates, usually two. I was trying to figure out what they had on them. Knowing my father's meticulous nature, they were in chronological order. I picked out the first one. The date seemed familiar to me, but I could not remember why. I inserted in the player we had in the room, turned on the TV, and the three of us sat on the bed with Dad to watch it. As is popped on, I noticed it was the bedroom we were in. A couple of minutes later, Phillip and I came in the room. It was at this point, I knew when this was. I saw the horror cross Phillip's face as he recognized that day over two years ago. It was the first time Phillip and I ever got together. I was amazed at what I saw and was turned on. I looked at my father and saw his right hand starting to inch its way down to his cock.

"Pass me the cuffs." I said to Jamie.

I took one set of cuffs and latched him to the headboard. Jamie did the same to his other arm. I then slapped his balls and he moaned in pain/pleasure. I smirked at him, knowing that he was really enjoying this.

"So you like making kiddy porn?" I said with a harsh and mocking tone. "You're nothing but a dirty old man."

I learned why there were some with the same date. Dad had installed camcorders in both bedrooms for actual protection and they were motion activated. Dad would change the DVDs each day, date them, and store them.

"It's a real nice collection of porno you have." I said laughing. "I guess my dad loves watching his son and friends in states of undress and in having sex."

I reached in the box and read the date.

"October 22nd. Huh?" I said. "It must be a good one."

I noticed my dad's face and a look of horror was etched on his face.

"No. Please Jimmy, please don't put that in." he begged, his head shook his head violently. "What ever you do, don't put that in."

Now as a fourteen year old, this peaked my curiosity as well as my companions.

"Huh. Well, well, well." I stated. "I guess we really need to see what's on this, if you're that ashamed of it. What is it? Me sucking Gramps and getting fucked by you? Let's take a look."

I popped it on and it was our bedroom. The way dad had the camcorder set up, you could see the clock on the nightstand. The date was a school day and the clock read 12:45 pm. My dad entered with a guy I had seen at his job. They both stripped. The man that was with Dad was a nice guy and he was nice to me. He had a nice build and average sized cock, about 6 - 7", fairly thick and a nice set of balls. And Dad and I agreed to having outside partners as long as our asses were off-limits. That was our pledge to each other. He pushed my father to the floor. He held his cock out.

"Suck it bitch." he ordered.

Now I was beginning to see how my dad became somewhat submissive. This man, who was a subordinate of my father, was dominating him. My dad followed his orders by deep-throating him. He alternated between sucking the cock and working on his balls. After about fifteen minutes, Dad got up off the floor and his co-worker pushed him on the bed face first. He got on the bed, spread my father's ass cheeks, spit on the hole, and plunged all the way in his manpussy. This caused my dad to scream. My reaction was of true anger. I felt my entire body flush with hate and anger. My father, the man whom I loved and adored, was on the screen and betrayed the one thing we pledged to each other. I glared at him as he hung his head down. I grabbed his hair and forced him to face the television.

"Look at that you sorry motherfucker." I spit out with venomous hate. "Look what you took from me."

He did with tears streaming down his face. His ass was being ravaged by the man from work for twenty minutes and we heard the grunting and groaning from both men. As he shot his load in Dad's ass, Jamie and Phillip saw the anger in my face. Tears welled in my eyes from the betrayal of the man I loved. The screen went blank after the men dressed and left the room. Phillip got up and turned off the television. I looked at my father with a hatred I did not think I could possess.

"How could you, you sorry sack of shit?" I seethed.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." my dad repeated over and over. "I didn't mean to. Please forgive me. I'm so sorry my son."

I knew I was going to punish my father, but could not figure out how to do this. My anger took over all my senses. I then saw the paddles, whips, and belts. I turned to my cousin and brother.

"Uncuff him and turn his ass over." I demanded.

I then looked at my father with such hatred, the fear shone in his eyes.

"Get on your goddamned stomach bitch." I fumed. "Then get that fuckin' ass in the air."

Phillip and Jamie got my dad turned over and recuffed to the bed. Dad then obeyed by raising his ass in the air. I selected a thick leather belt, about 50" long, 2" wide, and very thick. I grabbed the buckle, reared back, and came across his ass. The sound echoed around the house like thunder. My father yelled so loud, that he could be heard around the house. If the neighbors wanted to investigate, they would have seen a strange sight. But our house was off the street quite a bit, so my dad could have screamed bloody murder and no one would have hear us. And our neighbors went out of town for the Christmas season. But just to make sure that no one could hear, I had Jamie put the ball gag in his mouth and secure it. At that point I began to whip him severely. I hit him twenty times, Jamie later told me, and welts were raised on his ass. A little blood trickled down his ass and legs. The love I had for my father was not in my mind and heart because of the betrayal I felt. Phillip and Jamie stopped me from continuing. I dropped the strap and Phillip looked into my eyes.

"Are you okay?" he asked with great concern. "Calm down. You could have killed Dad."

He began to cry as I looked at the man on the bed. He had been sweating from the pain and he passed out. Jamie went to the bathroom, got a damp washrag and began to take care of Dad gently with soap and water. He also found some salve in the bathroom, which I never noticed before. He applied it to the wounds that I caused my father. They then uncuffed Dad, rolled him on his back, applied a cool cloth to his forehead, and let him sleep. We walked out of the bedroom and sat in the living room. My mind was still racing about what I saw on the DVD and if I could ever forgive the man I loved. How could I? After about thirty minutes we heard my father stir.

"I'm sorry my sweet boy." he cried out. "I'm so very sorry. I didn't mean to do it. Please forgive me. Please, please forgive me."

We went to the room and my father could not even look at my gaze. The shame overwhelmed him and he cried.

"Jimmy, please forgive me." he wept without even looking at me.

"Dad, I want to know." I uttered as my stare bore into his soul it seemed. "Was this the only time?"

My dad could not answer me and I knew by the silence what it was - yes there were others. I began to get angry again, probably even more enraged than I was the first time. Phillip and Jamie began to collect everything in the room that was in the box, fearing what I might do with this new information.

"How many Dad?" I demanded. "HOW MANY OTHERS??"

"Two." he cried not even looking at me.

He tried to reach for me and I pulled away. I left the three in the room and went to my room. I slammed the door and locked it. The three began pounding on the door and wanting me to open it up.

"We need to talk Jimmy." Dad begged.

"Fuck off." I shouted. "I don't want to talk to you. I hate you forever. I don't care what you have to tell me. You hurt me you motherfucker. I don't care. Go to hell."

This cut into Dad's heart deeply. He walked away crying bitterly. My cousin and brother still knocked on the door wanting to talk with me. I really did not want to talk with anyone.

"Leave me alone." t told them.

After a couple of minutes, they realized that I was not going to open the door. I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. I forgot about my nudity and just tried to collect my thoughts. What was I to do? What should I do? I needed to think, so I closed my eyes and placed my arm over them. After a couple of hours, something seemed to wash over my body. I heard something in the room that echoed in my room, a ticking like that of a clock or watch. I thought it odd since my watch and clock are digital and they do not make noise, I always thought. As I was trying to contemplate the noise, I then sensed something or someone was in the room. I tried to glance around and then I thought I saw my grandfather. He seemed to walk to me and sat on the bed next to me. He just looked at me.

"Jimmy, son." he said in a gentle, soothing voice. "Don't judge your father. He made mistakes as we all have and all will. Trust me, he loves you more than anything else in the world and right now he wishes that he could take it back. Jimmy, you need to forgive him in your heart and mind, because you know he loves you and doesn't want to hurt you ever. Just remember that and think on it."

I thought about it and then I just jarred awake.

"Was it a dream?" I questioned myself. "Was I asleep all this time?"

I began to comprehend where I was, so I sat up. I began to really think what I believed that Gramps had told me. He was right. He forgave Grams and she forgave him. Uncle Le forgave Gramps and I knew that Dad loved me. I understood that I was reacting like a teenager who caught his first love cheating on him. I could not lose my father's love. I began to weep and I unlocked the door. I ran to the bedroom but no one was there. I ran to the living room and saw the three sitting there silently. The dejected and shamed look still shown on his face and I ran to him.

"Daddy...I'm so sorry." I wept as a I grabbed him by the neck. "I forgive you. You love me too much and I should know that. I'm just a kid who doesn't know better. Please my love. Please my daddy. Forgive me for hurting you."

"Oh my baby boy." Dad sobbed. " I shouldn't have done this. And I want you to know, it won't happen again. Please forgive me."

We held each other, never wanting to let go. I loved the feeling that he still wanted me after the pain I caused him. We kissed gently and I looked in his eyes. I then glanced at Phillip and Jamie and reached to them. They joined us, We had a huge family hug.

"Jimmy, I want you to know that the DVD was the last time anyone has been in the bedroom or in my ass, other than family." Dad explained. "And I guess you are even after that spanking I gave you when you first told about our family secret. I'm sorry that I did betray your trust. My love is for you and only you."

"Daddy, I know that you are so much of a man." I said. "But remember that this belongs to me."

I grabbed his ass and patted it lightly. Dad flinched with the touch and I began to cry again for the pain I caused him. I then remembered how his cock and balls were trussed. I smiled when I realized how I could torture him without extreme pain. He then picked me up like his bride and the four of us went back to the bedroom. Dad then tossed me on the bed and I bounded two feet off it. Jamie and Phillip climbed on, but we let Dad get in the middle. He grabbed a soft towel to place under his sore ass. The three of us began to play with his cock and balls, teasing them to the point that he begged for release. The rope was better than a cockring or grabbing the dick and sac to prevent ejaculation. We continued to work on him until almost two in the morning. I whispered to Jamie to climbed off the bed and got the cuffs from the box. I made sure Dad was not going to touch himself. He smiled as we fell asleep.

As the morning rose, I grabbed the phone and had Dad call in sick. I wanted him home with us so we could make up properly. After he finished, I had Phillip get a pair of scissors to cut the twine. While waiting, I began to slowly give Dad a great blowjob and he was squirming on the bed.

"Oh fuck." he squealed. "I have to cum. Please son, let me shoot. I need to shoot."

I smiled as I moved up. I had Jamie work on his nuts and resumed my mouth action on his rod. When Phillip got back, he saw what we were doing. I had him working on Dad's nipples, which were pronounced. We continued to work on my father for almost an hour, but I also knew Aunt Penny would be dropping the girls off. With sweat glistening his skin, I knew Dad was ready to explode like he never had before. I took the scissors and cut the twine. As I untied him, the three of us faced the monster anaconda. I touched the head and the first shot sailed almost to the ceiling and landed on Phillip's cheek.


It seemed like we pulled all the bodily fluids from his being. The four of us were covered in the white man juice. There was cum on our faces and necks, in our hair, ears, and nostrils. When Dad finally pushed out the last of his load, we looked like glazed donuts. The four of us smiled and my father began to nod off.

"Oh no you don't." I ordered. "I still have a bit of punishment and you will take it willingly."

I led him to the bathroom and had him sit on the toilet.

"Now you are going to get your morning protein and juice." I said with a definite leer.

I had Phillip go first. His morning wood was pronounced and Dad took him in his mouth very willingly. He sucked with all he was worth and was soon rewarded with a huge load from my best friend and brother. Dad kept working his dick.

"I've got to pee." Phillip announced.

"Let it rip." I said.

Dad was ready to pull off, but I kept his head in place. Phillip's yellow torrent filled his mouth and my father swallowed it with a grimace on his face at first, but then a smile as he drank it. When the last drop entered his throat, Phillip pulled out and Dad opened his mouth. Jamie was next and the sight of what was happening had my cousin shoot his load in a matter of minutes. He then let loose his own piss and Dad drank it down very willingly. When Jamie pulled out, I grabbed the hair of my father and slammed my 10" in one move into his throat. I face fucked my father hard, but when I was ready to shoot, I would stop fully embedded in his larynx. I did this three times, then shot a load that was not to be believed. I groaned and growled as eleven shots of my teen jizz filled my father. When the last drop of my cum entered his stomach, it was quickly followed by an inundation of piss. It felt like I had drunk several sodas and held it. I felt my dad's Adam's Apple move up and down on my cock. When the last little drop came out, Dad ran his tongue along my pole. He was ready to stand up and piss, but I pushed the back of his head on the head of his cock. He realized he was going to drink the recycled liquids we just put in his body. He blasted into his own throat and swallowed, but some of it seeped out and down his cock and balls into the toilet. When I felt him finish, I released his head and he smiled at me. He did get a little revenge as he grabbed me and kissed me on the mouth. I tasted the tangy flavor on his tongue and I did not back away. He broke the kiss and we smiled. The four of us showered and we made sure Dad's ass was gently cleaned and I began to cry again as I realized what kind of temper I had. After we were fully cleaned, I had Dad to brush his teeth several times and rinse his mouth with mouthwash almost that same amount.

"You don't want to greet the day with piss breath." I joked.

We all laughed and Dad swatted my ass. All seemed to be forgiven and my father did not want to feel that guilt again. He went to the box of DVDs and removed the three to throw them away. I smile reassuringly at him.

"No Dad." I told him. "Let me have them. There is nothing to forgive. Don't worry. I just want to hold them and look at them one day. I want to see what men abused my father."

Dad had pulled out a fourth DVD and handed it to Phillip specifically.

"This is you and Gramps when you first made love in the hotel room." Dad told him. "He recorded it so you can see how wonderful and special you were to him and always have been."

Phillip had tears streaming down his face and hugged my father tightly. Then something dawned on me.

"Were the camcorders running last night?" I queried.

"Yeah, they were." he replied.

"Well now we have something to have for posterity." I uttered. "And I want it as a reminder on how bad I was to you. Please Dad, forgive me."

"Don't worry baby." he said. "You are so special and I don't want you ever to feel that anger again."

My father took the DVDs out of the camcorders. He then put new ones in and I thought it was so cool that we do keep our escapades. He dated them, then put them in the cases. I did take the one from last night in my room to look at it to see if I was hallucinating or not. Dad looked at me curiously.

"I can't explain right now but I have to look at this." I stated. "But hopefully I can explain later."

Dad was glad I had him call off from work. He decided to go Christmas shopping and then pick up Uncle Le and Aunt Ming from the airport. Aunt Penny would be by soon to bring by the girls. I took the DVD into the bedroom and turned it on. I fast forwarded to the point where I slammed the door and locked it. For over two hours I watched it and saw myself staring, then closing my eyes. I did see myself reaching out and calling for my grandfather. I realized it was a dream, but one that was so real that I believed that he visited me to let me know. I cried a little, but had a great feeling fill me. I put the DVD back in the case and put it away.

The girls were dropped off and Aunt Penny kissed us. The five of us had no special plans, so we horsed around, played games, and watched television. It was Christmas break, so we had plenty of time to kill. We did play video games and had lunch, not trying to make a mess. The girls went upstairs for a couple of hours. We could hear them giggling and moaning. The three of us just laughed.

"I thought guys couldn't get enough." I said sarcastically.

As the girls came back to the living room, Penny sat next to Jamie, took him by the hand, and looked deep in his eyes.

"Jamie, I love you a lot." she stated. "We're twins and that will bond us no matter what. But, I really love Jenny and I believe I am a full fledged dyke. Would you really be upset if we were together all the time?"

Jamie feigned a hurt look on his face. He gave such a performance that he should have gone into acting.

"How could you?" he cried. "How could you do this to me?"

He even got a teat to flow from his eye. He turned away, looked at Phillip and me, smiled, and gave a quick wink. He then turned back to Penny to continue his presentation. She was a little upset and Jamie could not hold his glee inside any longer. He began to laugh and she punched him in the stomach.

"Sis, I just want you to be happy." he told her. "I just want to be sure that you are happy in your decisions."

"I am." Penny replied. "I just don't want you to be mad at me or unhappy."

They hugged each other.

"How about one more fuck for old times sake." she whispered in her brother's ear.

Jenny had not seen them do this and Jamie readily agreed. It was supposed to be a little voyeur for Jenny, but Jamie had other ideas.

"Okay, here's the way it's gonna go." he stated. "While I fuck you, Jimmy is gonna fuck me. You're gonna eat Jenny out and Phillip is gonna get sucked off by me."

I was trying to imagine the logistics in my mind and could not see it actually working. But somehow it did. We went to my room and decided to use the floor. I pulled the mattress off the bed and placed several towels on it. Jamie slipped his 7.5" deep into his sister's pussy. I then ran my 10" into my cousin's boypussy. Jenny sat on her new love's face to feel the tongue run in her. Phillip faced Jamie and pushed his 8" cock into the wet orifice. There was an added surprise. Jenny, who never tried what she was about to do, spread Phillip's ass and began to rim him. I thought this was the hottest thing I had ever seen, a lesbian eating the ass of a gay guy. This caused me to ram my turgid rod into my cousin's ass harder than ever. This caused Jamie to fuck his sister with even more fervor. Jamie's mouth worked overtime on Phillip's stiff teen rod as he was being worked on both ends. Phillip's ability to maintain was quickly diminishing. He grabbed my cousin's head and kept ramming his pelvic region hard. Within five minutes, his body tensed and he shot his load deep into Jamie's throat. His ass tightened hard on Jenny's tongue, which caused her eyes to bulge. She was not expecting a vise-like grip on her taste buds. As the load went down his throat, Jamie's reaction caused him to blast his teen jizz into his sister's womb. As she felt the explosion in her body, her tongue worked at a fever pitch, lapping the clit and hole and Jenny had a hard, body wracking orgasm. With Jamie's cum, his ass clamped hard and I could not stop me from shooting my load deep into his body. It took us five minutes to come down from our sexual escapade. The girls went to the main bath to shower, while the three of us went to the master bath to truly clean.

Dad came home with Uncle Le and Aunt Ming, followed by Aunt Penny. My cousins were informed that they would be returning to California to pack everything, bring back what they would need, and say good-bye to their friends. Dad did inform them from the airport that the house was ready for them to move into if they wanted.. We agreed to go over right after dinner.

"Well, I hope that you were not offended by our children's sexual proclivity." my uncle stated.

Jenny, Phillip, and I smiled wryly and began to laugh at the statement.

"Oh no, it was no bother." I retorted. "But let's say their proclivities went in different directions."

Without going into much detail, my cousins explained to their parents of their orientations and that Penny is in love with Jenny. Jenny's mom was a little jealous, because she was losing her love and little girl, but knew this was for the best. She had met another woman that she fell in love with and wanted to develop a relationship with her.

"Mon. Dad." Jamie spoke. "I May or may not get married, but I feel that I am truly gay. I hope that you are not mad about that."

Uncle Le was not surprised, but was worried about his son.

"Jamie, I am not angry." he told his son. "We just want you to be happy. Just find someone who will love you and that you will love you with all your heart. Be sure that you find that person who will not hurt you nor you hurt them."

I smiled on how cool my relatives were. They accepted people on their true value, not what others say should be correct. They were non-judgmental, happy, and allowing things to follow their natural course. My dad hugged his half-brother and then shocked the room. He announced that he wanted to marry me when I was old enough before all. He produced a box and opened it. One would have expected an engagement ring, but there were two wedding bands. Mine was measured for my right ring finger so I would not have to explain it to anyone and since my left ring finger is the same size, it was perfect. We slipped them on our fingers and vowed never to remove them. We kissed and my uncle and aunt were mildly shocked, but knew that this was part of our family. Phillip made a decision on his life.

"Dad, I want you to know that I love you." he said. "You, Jimmy, and Granddad have loved me so much. But I'm gonna take my love's advice and get to know Mr. Richardson. And if he loves me and cares for me, I think I will be very happy."

Dad pulled Phillip to him, embraced, and kissed him.

"That's all that Dad wanted for you." my father explained. "He just wants you to be happy. Now whether it's Mr. Richardson or myself, you know that you will always have a home here."

Bryce Richardson was a very nice person. I knew that Gramps would never have had him as an attorney if he was not. He was just over 6' and weighed about 175 pounds. He was in his late fifties, but very nice looking. He had grey hair and blue eyes. He had his own practice and he seemed to care a lot about Phillip. Dad called him and notified him about Phillip's decision.

"Mr. Richardson did not hide his happiness about your decision." Dad reported to Phillip. "He did say that you should stay with us over the holidays, but you will move in with him after the new year starts. I did invite him over for Christmas now that he's party of the family."

I knew that Phillip would be taken care of with his new love. I later learned that Mr. Richardson did not smoke and drank very rarely. He ate healthy and exercised regularly. I knew this was the right thing for my friend and brother, but my heart was torn. Here was someone I saw almost everyday and we would tell each other our little secrets. Now that would be changed drastically.

Christmas came and went. Mr. Richardson came with the gifts that Gramps had left for us. These were gifts that we would keep close to our hearts due to they came from our grandfather.

"Phillip, I know what that locket means to you." Mr. Richardson uttered. "I would never ask you to take it off. I actually would be upset if you did. James was a good friend and he told me that he loved you with all his heart. Please never take that love for granted. It is a part of you forever."

When the new year came, Phillip left the house for the last time. My heart hurt as he did. I hugged him and cried, which caused his tears to flow. We did not want to part, but we also knew this was the best thing for him.

"I'm gonna miss you fag." I said through the tears.

"You too queer." he replied. "You're my best friend and my brother. You were there when I needed a friend and still there when my love died. What I'm gonna do without you."

"Probably be a whore." I smiled. "You know you can't get enough."

He pushed me lightly and I pushed back. We hugged again and I had to move away. I could not bring myself to see Phillip leave. The others hugged and let him know how much they loved him. I knew Phillip would be around for family functions, but still it was not going to be the same. I heard the door close and I went to my room. I had to think and knew what Gramps wanted. Dade came to me and rubbed my arm.

"It's for the best." he said. "Phillip will be fine with Bryce. You're both growing up, but your friendship will never end."

"I know Dad, but it still hurts." I explained.

"He'll be over." my father replied. "Let him move on."

I smiled at my dad weakly and we went to the living room. Uncle Le and Aunt Ming took my cousins home, but were going to be back for dinner. Aunt Penny and Jenny stayed and we had a light lunch. Aunt Penny told us about her new love, Felicia and how much she loved her. Dad was the quasi-typical father and big brother and wanted to know when we were going to meet this person. Aunt Penny just blew him a raspberry and said that they were going to have us over for dinner. Later that day, we had dinner with my uncle, aunt, and cousins.

I would see Phillip at school and he kept me up on his new life. He said that for the first two weeks, they would get to know each other. They would shower like Gramps and he would do, then just cuddle in bed. He did say that Mr. Richardson was smooth, except for the moustache and goatee. He kept his pubes trimmed and he did have a really large cock, but not as big as Gramps. He did tell me that he was gentle their first night and they make love every night, but unlike Gramps, Mr. Richardson was not into some of the fun Phillip used to have. He did occasionally would get into water sports, but nothing too extreme. They seemed to enjoy more a marriage and they loved each other deeply, but every year of my grandfather's death, they would both go to the cemetery to put flowers on his grave.

As we grew, Jamie did find a boyfriend and they became an item. They were together all the time and Jamie told me that Marcus could compete with me in the cock department. Marcus came from mixed parentage. His father was black and his mother was Thai. He was very good looking and we did see each other after basketball games. My cousin was correct as his lover was only an inch shorter than myself.

"You know, for a white boy, you could be part nigger." he joked with me.

"You know for a black kid, you ain't got nothing in the dick department." I retorted with a laugh.

Dad and I expanded our love more and more. We would make love and my dad became almost an exclusive bottom. Every so often he would make love to me, but he had to be dominated in doing so. It became very apparent that our roles in bed were going to be set for the rest of our natural lives, myself as he dominant top and Dad loved it as the submissive bottom. Dad's kinky nature expanded to new boundaries, which we were glad to cross. As the S&M moved forward, we also looked online and read about other kinky activities we could participate. We tried diapers, which Dad seemed to enjoy. He told me that he loved it when I would change him and the feel of the urine spread across his groin in the night. He also enjoyed being fed a bottle and being burped, though it was tough for me to do. We also found some outfits for him to wear. Though he made an ugly woman, he seemed to enjoy wearing a French maid's outfit or a cheerleader's uniform. If he wore the maid's outfit, he would actually serve my friends. Dad was a little hesitant at first, but really enjoyed it because my friends thought he was cool about being open with them. My friends did keep their mouths shut to the parents. He would actually speak with the worst French accent and loved sucking our cocks. The cheerleader outfit was the most fun. Dad and I had a bet which he lost and he had to attend one of our basketball games in he outfit and cheer for us. Some of the parents thought it was totally disgusting, but the team and others thought it was hilarious and congratulated my dad on his team spirit.

Now our relationship outside of the home was more traditional. If I ever got out of hand, Dad would punish me accordingly. The worst case was the championship game and the party we had. Phillip, Marcus, and I were on the team and we made it to the state championship. We won it handily and Phillip was the star. His abilities were assuredly get him a scholarship on a major college team. After the game, one of the guys had a party at his house. Dad and Mr. Richardson agreed to let us go, but reminded us not to drink any alcohol. We went and met Marcus and Jamie there. The night went on and we kept to soft drinks, but one of the guys on the team were trying to push a beer in our hands.

"Hey guys, come on." I said. "We can't drink."

"Pussy." he retorted. "I knew you faggots can't handle being a man."

Well any teen that is confronted with his masculinity will try to prove it. We all grabbed a beer and drank it. Though I knew I did not like it, I slammed it back. Another was pushed into my hand and I drank it down quickly, as did Phillip and Marcus. Jamie still was able to hold off. After an hour, we were not feeling any pain, considering I had drank down eight beers, while Phillip and Marcus finished off six. We staggered out the door, just to get air. We were happy drunks and just wobbled all over the front lawn. At that time, Jack was driving down the road. He had come into town with his boyfriend to see the game. He pulled over and got out. Jack came up to us and grabbed his brother my the arms.

"Are you guys nuts?" he asked in a stern voice.

"Jackie baby." I smiled stupidly. "Give us a kiss."

"You guys are fuckin' drunk." he growled. "How could you?"

"Schimpl." Phillip said. "Drink a beer. Remember that bro."

He swung on Jack, who ducked and grabbed his brother as Phillip fell. He pulled him up and dragged the both of us to his car. His boyfriend got Marcus, who was belligerent. Jamie followed quietly. Jack and his boyfriend got in the car and drove us to my house. They pulled us out and let us up to the door. It was one in the morning and Dad was not happy when he saw us.

"What the fuck?" he roared. "What the hell is going on?"

"I found these guys at a house drunk." Jack said quietly.

"Did you get them this way?" Dad demanded.

"No sir." Phillip's brother answered. "I just happened to go down street and found them. I brought them home."

"Sorry Jack." my father apologized. "I know they should know better."

I looked at my dad and smiled crookedly. His stare could have blazed a hole in my body. At that point I did not care because of my condition. Dad called Mr. Richardson, then Marcus' parents. The last people he called were Uncle Le and Aunt Ming. It seemed that the adults descended on us quickly. The yelling commenced, but the beer decided to make its appearance at that time. Three teens rushed to the nearest bathrooms and we were hanging over toilets. The Technicolor yawns were heard all over house. I thought after about twenty minutes of being sick, there would be sympathy. But no luck. Dad and Mr. Richardson had already agreed on their course of action. Marcus' parents took him home and Jamie got off lucky since he did not drink. After we were stripped, we were shoved in a cold shower. After that we were put in bed with diapers, then cuffed to the bed.

"What are you doing?" I asked, very dizzy.

"Well if you want to act like babies and not listen." Dad explained. "Then you will be treated like children."

"But Dad, I got to pee." I stated.

"Well go ahead." he said casually. "You will remain in bed in those diapers until daybreak."

The two men left the room and Mr. Richardson left for his house. Dad stayed in my room. We were left like that for over six hours and our bladders released their contents most of the night. When the sun rose, Dad came in the bedroom. He opened the blinds and let the sun stream into the room.

"Okay boys...UP!" he said loudly, but not shouting.

We woke up as he uncuffed us and my head was swimming and hurt. Dad pulled us up and pushed us to the bathroom. We removed our full diapers and got in the shower. We cleaned ourselves and dressed. Mr. Richardson brought some clothes with him for Phillip. We went down, but we knew we were not wanting to eat. Dad set two glasses in front of us.

"What's this?" I asked with a queasy stomach.

"The hair of the dog that bit you." Dad said. "Drink."

We did and it was the nastiest thing I ever digested. After we finished drinking it, we were sat in the living room.

"Okay, what happened?" Mr. Richardson asked calmly.

I explained what happened, the best I could remember, through the drunken haze.

"So you decided to get drunk to prove your manhood?" Dad asked sternly.

We nodded our heads, though that maneuver hurt.

"Well you boys are grounded for a week." Dad stated. "And you will be having fun today. You will be doing yard work here and over at Bryce's house. Mowing, bagging, weeding, and edging. Get ready to move."

We went out and I started the mower. The sound echoed in my head severely. We did get the yard done, but with the sun beating down on us, it was very miserable. We then were transported to Phillip's house and did the same. I knew I just wanted to die when this was finished. Mr. Richardson carried me home and Dad told me to get ready for bed. I was not wanting to eat anything. I showered and fell onto the bed. My head still spinning, I fell asleep quickly. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt Dad beside me, holding me close to him. His cock was impaled in me and I snuggled against him. I could not believe how stupid I was. When we woke, Dad sat me down and just wanted me to remember so I would not do this again.

"Dad, I'm sorry." I said. "I know better, but they egged me. Please forgive me."

"I do baby." he told me. "I just you punished yourself a lot."

"But you helped it along." I smiled very weakly.

I grew a bit and my cock hit the 11.5" mark. My Dad and I loved grew more as time went by.

Our trip to Fiji was planned for several months. Dad found a travel agency that offered the trip. The strangest thing Dad explained that it said to have all our affairs in order. But Dad arranged it and we were off. He wanted to see the South Seas and so we can have a wonderful time. This was supposed to be an exclusive resort.

We were on the plane with six others, two men and four boys. One blonde boy of about fourteen years old was being a pest. He looked a little familiar, though I could not figure out why. While he was being a nuisance, the chaperones were trying to discipline him, but his snotty attitude did not help matters. The three other boys tried to keep him in line, but to no avail. I knew my friends would have kicked his ass. Dad and I were just sitting and held our hands. He was about my height and weight and I decided I could not deal with him any longer. Dad kept rolling his eyes with the boy's attitude. I got up and confronted him.

"Hey kid, if you don't sit down and shut up, I will knock your ass out." I seethed.

"I'd like to see you try that." he challenged.

I grabbed him by his shirt and jacked him up. I do have some muscles and he was surprised that I would do that.

"Listen, there are other people on this plane." I said. "Now we would like some quiet time. Do sit...down...and...shut...the...fuck...up."

My dominant side came through and I smiled. No one was not expecting anything like that.

"Hey Son." Dad said. "I understand, but don't hit him."

"I wasn't" I whispered. "I just wanted to put a scare in him. It was a kid dealing with a kid."

He nodded and the flight continued. Or so we thought.


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