by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

"Listen, there are other people on this plane." I said. "Now we would like some quiet time. Do sit...down...and...shut...the...fuck...up."

My dominant side came through and I smiled. No one was not expecting anything like that.

"Hey Son." Dad said. "I understand, but don't hit him."

"I wasn't" I whispered. "I just wanted to put a scare in him. It was a kid dealing with a kid."

He nodded and the flight continued. Or so we thought.


As we floated along, the flight attendant, Stephen Henderson, was nice to us. He was able to keep the rafts together and made sure we were not scared. I was very scared, even with my bravado, I needed to be reassured that we would be fine.

Stephen was about 6'2" tall, weighed about 185 pounds, with brown hair with highlights, and the greenest eyes I had ever seen. He was very good looking and if I did not have my father for a lover, I would have made a play for him. He told us that he was twenty-six years old.

The four boys and two men were from a private school near Boston and were on the trip from the school. The two chaperones were in their thirties and very good looking. The four boys ranged in age from twelve to fifteen. My father and I did not get to know the six while we were floating, but at that point, names were not of much importance. We were adrift for several days, but there was enough water and food supplies to last for a week. The weather was hot, but Stephen made sure we were hydrated and fed. On the third day an unusual weather occurrence happened. An extremely dense fog rolled through, which was so thick we could not see the other raft. If it had not been tied together and we had not called out every so often, we could have been separated. The chatter between the two rafts was constant and it was needed to keep our sanity. Stephen saw how close I was to my father and as we were floating along, he did ask what our relationship was. I explained that we were lovers and that we loved each other so much. I told him that our relationship had been going on for over five years. The fog was so thick that we could barely see each other in our raft. But my dad held my right hand and Stephen held my left. I was very frightened and these two men gave me assurance that everything would be alright. I would squeeze their hands and they would reciprocate the gesture.

We do not know how long we were in the fog. It could have been minutes, hours, days, or weeks. There was no light or dark for us to know. But as we came through the fog, we began to see land. In the distance we saw what looked like five large outrigger canoes and they were approaching us. I recognized them from our trip to Hawaii with Phillip and Mr. Richardson. As they came closer, we could see they were manned by very large, bronze-skinned men wearing nothing at all. When I say large, each outrigger had one person standing and they had to be at least 6'9" or larger. They made no threatening motion towards us and the largest of the men spoke to us in English.

"We have found you at last." he uttered.

We were confused by that statement. How did they know we were coming? We were brought aboard the catamarans, the rafts were tied behind two, and we were rowed to a massive island chain. I noticed that each wore shells around their necks of varying colors, either blue, pink, or white, and some only had one, while others had two.

"Is this Fiji?" I queried.

The large man who spoke to us in the beginning began to explain what was happening to us.

"You are about to enter an island called Shir-la'ni." he began. "On this island, there are only men. There are two other islands. One is call Tra'ni-ka, which only women live. The third is called Mailni-ka'ri. On this island, men and women live together. The three islands are joined by connecting bridges and boats. On the islands, you are free from prejudice in your native land. You are ones who enjoy making love to men. On the other islands, they love who they want to love. They are people who are not mean to those whose love is different from where they come from. As you see, you are about to enter paradise. Our rules are very simple and clear. No clothing is worn at any time. You may take a mate when you want and you may have multiple mates. You will work on the island unless you are a young one. Young ones will learn. There are two laws that will bring you death. The first is killing another. There is no second chance. The second is to make someone to mate with you that does not want. That is big taboo. Our chief will meet you when we arrive and he will tell you what you must do while on the island."

The boy, who was causing all the problems on the plane, got very indignant.

"I ain't no fag." he bellowed. "You better figure out how to get my ass home."

The large man backhanded him.

"You need to be silent." he said to the boy. "We know about you and what you like."

As we arrived at the island, we disembarked, and led to a large clearing. We were instructed to shed our clothing which all but the blonde boy did without hesitation. Most the four boys and the two chaperones saw the Parsons legacy. And quite a few of the natives whistles in amazement at what we sported between our legs. Stephen glared at it also and smiled a bit. I saw that he sported a huge cock himself. In the middle of the clearing sat what most people call a throne. On the throne sat an elderly man, who I estimated to be in his seventies, with white hair, with white hair that surrounded his huge engorged cock, and a ten year old boy was servicing the blood engorged rod and the child seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. The cock was the largest I had ever seen, even larger my father's. I believed it to be 15" in length and very thick. As we approached the man, who we learned was the chief, waved us forward and called us all by name. When I heard the blond boy's name, I began to see red. Barry Hinson, Jr. The son of the man who destroyed my dad by taking my mother from us. And he turned out to be a spoiled little bastard. I was ready to hurt him, but Dad put his hand on my shoulder. What made things even stranger was how he knew our names. It was my dad, the true no-nonsense person was the one to step up.

"How did you know who we were?" he asked matter-of-factly. "You never met us before."

"We have known about you for a long time." the chief said with a smile. "We have known about you and your son. Your father and Phillip. Jamie, Penny, and Jenny. We know that you love each other. That you enjoy some of the more of, how shall I say it, the unique of the sexual desires and appetites. Be not afraid sir. You are all welcome here, as your son is. You nine have been known to us and that is why you were sent the special invitation to come here. And Stephen, isn't it unusual that you were selected to be the flight attendant on a trip to Fiji on your first trip? This is planned and that is why you are here. Tanaui has explained our laws to you. Once you are here, you can never leave."

"Ever?" we all uttered in unison.

"Ever." he replied quietly. "If you do, then the secret of the island will be revealed to you. As our time passes, you body will age as it seems, year after year. But there is something about this area that is different from the rest of the world. Time slows here and when you leave and pass through the fog, your true age will affect you quickly and terribly."

"So that explains the pilot and co-pilot." Stephen stated.

The chief nodded his head.

"But sir, not to be disrespectful." I responded. "You are a man in your seventies, I would say. But..."

The chief began to chuckle.

"Jimmy, if I may call you that." he answered. "I first came to this island when I was thirty years old and that was in the year of 1785. Many of these islanders are well into their hundreds, though they look like they are in their twenties, thirties, or forties. This young boy here, who looks ten, came to us when he was six in the year 1932. He is much older than you young man. Your care are forever gone."

I began to look at him very strangely.

"But what about the people we love?" I questioned. "Phillip. Mr. Richardson. Jamie and Penny. Jenny. Everyone that we know."

"Have no fear." the chief answered. "They will eventually end up here. Don't ask me how I know. I do. We wanted you to be part of our family. And you will learn more than you will know, especially you Jimmy. Over the next few years, as we experience them, your friends and family will be on one of the three islands. They are selected for who they are and how they treat people. Trust me and have no fear. Live the life you were all meant to live."

"When you die, who takes over?" I asked, with my every curious mind working overtime.

"It is done easily and quickly." he explained. "We know when we are going to die. My death will be within two years. I have lived a long, fruitful, and happy life hear. My successor will be selected in a simple, yet most unusual way. As you can see, my cock is rather large. The one who has the largest cock will be my heir, if you will. This will be done two days before my death and I will pass on my wisdom and secrets to that person. The six with the next largest cocks make up the Council of Elders. This is our government. Mating is decided by the person who is the dominant in the relationship and you may have as many mates as you wish. But there are some conditions. You may not abandon them, but may release them if it is agreed by both and there is another who wants the mate. You may not force them to do anything they are not willing to do. And the dominant partner must be able to satisfy them. Normally when it is an adult and child or teen, like yourself, the adult is the more dominant of the pair. In the situation that we know of, you will be the one who will be choosing your mates."

"You mean that if I want more than one partner, I can?" I asked. "If I want my dad and another?"

"You must ask them and they must agree." the chief responded. "If they agree, then you will be mated. Your father is a foregone conclusion about who you want as a mate. You must go through our mating ceremony. At that point you will be able to take that person to your bedchamber. Huts have been set up for you and you will be taken there. But remember, do not bite off more than you can chew."

"Finally we can be married." I said to Dad.

"Was there someone that you wanted to marry?" he asked me quietly.

I looked into my dad's eyes and nodded. I explained my reason why I wanted Stephen as part of our family. I told my father that Stephen was there for us and made me feel secure along with Dad. I also saw that Dad wanted Stephen with us. I then turned to Stephen.

"Will you please be a mate to me?" I asked, almost going to a knee. "You are so wonderfully special and you were there for us. And I know Dad wants this too."

"Only if you are willing to put up with this." he replied and he stroked his magnificent pole.

The island ceremony was very simple. We were bound at the wrists by vines. Stephen was to my left, myself in the center, and Dad was to my right. Stephen was very understanding with my feeling for my father. Stephen had captured a place in my heart, but he also knew that Dad was and always would be my first, true love. Stephen also told us that he was versatile and enjoyed a hot dick in his manpussy as much as sliding his massive rod into a nice hole. My soul soared when we recited the words of our unending love, to protect each other from all harm, and to be true to each other. We had a wedding dinner and the people of the island taught us to eat simply. There was ample meat, fruits, and vegetables. We also learned why we were told to have our lives in order. The islanders had our monies linked so that we could help purchase items that were not native to the island. We did not mind and our contributions helped our new lives to progress. We were taken to our hut, which was simple, but spacious. It was a thatched hut, like something from Gilligan's Island. It was open and mats on the floor. We moved them together and spent our first night as partners and soul mates. Dad was in the middle and on his side. I moved my hard cock and eased my 11.5" into my father's waiting hole. Stephen moved into a hot sixty-nine and swallowed my dad's massive 13.5" like a professional sword swallower. Dad deep-throated Stephen and had the bull balls in his nose. We moved as one and it was the best night we would have. After almost an hour, we felt our loads ready to spill and Stephen was like family. As my dad and I always came at the same time, Stephen was with us at the same time.

"OH FUCK!!!!" I yelled.

I shoved twelve loads of cum in Dad's bowels. I felt both men pulsating through my father's ass. Dad swallowed fourteen blasts of man cream, while he shot fifteen rounds of jizz down Stephen's throat. As we came down from our honeymoon bliss, I slipped out of Dad and we all kissed passionately. Dad put Stephen between us and we made a cuddle sandwich out of him. He began to play with the forest of chest hairs on Dad, but also played with the hair that was developing on my body. I had quite a bit of hair on my stomach and between my pecs.

"I know what is about to happen." Stephen said. "I have never been penetrated. Please be gentle."

"My love, I will." I said as I kissed him.

All three of us were hard again. He got on his back and Dad lifted his legs to expose his hole. I dove in and ate his hairy mancunt as if I were starving. My tongue slid in him and he moaned loudly. My father gave him something to quiet him. Dad's hole lowered on Stephen's face and his tongue pressed into Dad and he lapped up my seed and it ran on his tongue. When I thought he was ready, I spit on my cock and slipped in slowly with just the head. Stephen stiffened and I let him adjust to my thick pole. We remained still for almost fifteen minutes when he finally relaxed. I inched in him and stopped when his ass muscles clamped on my rod. It took almost an hour to be completely in my second husband.

"Stevie." I said. "I'm in you. You are mine."

Dad got up and Stephen's eyes were moist with tears of pain. I was ready to pull out but he stopped me.

"No Jimmy." he said. "Please let me feel it. I need to feel it."

I leaned down and Dad followed me. We traded kisses between the three of us and it was special. When Stephen was relaxed, I slowly pulled back and started to make pure love to him. Dad offered his cock and it slipped in again to the wonderful oral orifice. I then bent my body so I could swallow the hot twelve inches of my new love. It hurt a bit, but I had to have the sweet juices from his large sac that was waiting for me. We made love for another hour and again we released our loads simultaneously. Dad roared as Stephen and I enjoyed the protein we were ingesting. As we came down from our second ecstasy of marital happiness, I did have my dad eat Stephen's hole and take my load without swallowing. As he finished, I pulled him up and we shared our cum loads and swallowed when I said it was permissible. Stephen was almost as compliant as Dad. We continued to make love until just before the dawn and were not disturbed until mid-morning. Stephen revealed he was a virgin. He had no sexual contact with anyone.

"Thank you for being so gentle." he sighed. "I love you both."

An Asian boy, about the age of fourteen came to wake us with a smile on his face. I noticed he had a pink shell around his neck.

"If you would like something to eat, you better get up." he said.

I was not sure how long we slept, but we seemed to be fully refreshed. The young man handed us gourds of water and we seemed to be fully awake. I could not understand the full effect of what this island had in store for us. As we left our hut, the entire population was having something to eat. The position of the sun was overhead and we estimated it was probably around the noon hour. We were hungry from our sexual escapades. We ate very well and the chief called us over and he placed our shells around our necks. He place blue around mine, pink around Dad, and white on Stephen.

"The shells signify two things to the population." he explained. "The blue is for the dominant person in your relationship. Pink is for the submissive and the white for the one who can do either. Also if there are two shells, it means that you are mated and cannot be asked to mate. A single shell means the person is available and can be asked to mate."

"Why is it called mating and not marriage?" I asked, trying to understand.

"The natives do not understand what marriage is." he answered. "But they know what mating is, so it is simpler to call it mating. Just so you know, I was a minister when I was in Massachusetts. My name is Joshua Phillips. I was trying to explain that homosexuality is not wrong and in 1785, it was not a popular thing to say. I took a ship to Pennsylvania and a storm raged one day out. We then came through the fog and to the island. I have been happy since. So Jimmy, James, and Stephen, you are married in the eyes of your community and to me, in the eyes of God."

My father's job was what he did back in our old world. He was given the job of an accountant and maintained the monies that were placed at the island's disposal. He was also given the job of maintaining the supplies. Stephen's job was one of helping around a household. One of the natives had a large number of mates and Stephen was there to help keeping the house in order and prepared their meals. He would leave immediately after breakfast and work until the dinner was ready. He was not required to serve, but his cooking abilities were second to none. When he was finished, he came home to us and we made sure he was taken care of after a long day.

The boys and teens were educated and our lessons were very advanced. We did learn about the island's culture, history, and lore, but all aspects of schooling. We were taught various languages, histories, sciences, and cultures. We were also taken to a part of the island where medicine was advanced beyond what we left behind. Using herbal remedies and modern medicine, there were cures for a number of illnesses that would be a boon to mankind. We saw a cure and prevention for the HIV virus, cancers, heart conditions, and many more. But we were told that these were never to leave the island and were for our population only. I learned that there had been many AIDS patients that had come here and were given the necessary combinations to allow them to be cured and live. Two were teens that I had become friends with and they were healthy and happy. They had become lovers.

We also learned that religion could be practiced or ignored. There were a number of Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, Muslims, Hebrews, and even the natives had their own form of religion. Since I did not come from a strong religious background, I investigated them all and learned as much as I could about each. I found it to be fun to learn and many of those welcomed me with open arms to learn.

In the class, I noticed that a majority of the boys had pink shells, while a few had white, and fewer blue. A lot of the boys, both native and non-native, would gather around me and look at cock and balls, then feel my chest hairs. I actually thought this was a bit strange, but still enjoyed being the center of attentions. The four boys who were on the plane with us had pink shells around their necks and three were already mated. Bobby, who was twelve, was mated to an native. He explained hat the natives were gentle in their lovemaking and they believed that all should receive the ultimate pleasure. The pre-teen told me that he would have multiple-orgasms while making love. They other two were mated to the chaperones and they seemed very happy. Barry, on the other hand, was different. He was lonely and I would have felt sorry for him, but he seemed to be constantly punished due to his mouth. Corporal punishment was used in the classroom and Barry seemed to be receiving a large portion of it. I would always think if he would just shut up and listen, he would find someone to love him.

Barry and I sat down to talk. He seemed to be more reclusive and disobedient as we continued to live there.

"Man do you like getting paddled?" I asked. "You just need to chill. This place ain't so bad."

He looked at me defiantly, but then lowered his head and began to cry. I did the only thing I could think of, I caressed his back with my hand, just like Dad did when I was upset. I rubbed his back up and down and enjoyed his smooth skin.

"My mom's a bitch and my dad's a sorry ass motherfucker." he wept bitterly. "They don't want me around. They send me on trips when I have breaks. They don't want me around the house and I don't know why."

I put my hand on his chin and lifted his head so his eyes could meet mine.

"Trust me bro, I know that for a fact." I told him. "I really know."

"How? How could you know what I'm going through?" he spat at me.

"Hey, I know." I said simply. "When I called you bro, it's not because I'm down with you. We're related. Your bitch of a mom is mine also. And your dad is a true motherfucker. Did they ever told you about me or my dad?"

He shook his head no as his eye widened with amazement.

"Yeah, she ran off with your dad when I was five." I explained to him. "When I realized who you are, I was ready to beat the shit out of you because of the pain they caused. But now I know what you have been going through. Let's be friends. Or better yet, brothers."

He tentatively took my hand as I extended it and I pulled him to me in a huge hug. He embraced me and began to cry again. I held him until he was all cried out.

"Aren't you happy here?" I queried. "Isn't it better than being around them?"

He nodded his head yes, while the tears streamed down his face.

"Answer me this. Are you gay or what?" I questioned.

Again his head went up and down. He explained that he was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland. The boys and teachers would use him and the smaller boys. At first he resisted and was raped. He then adapted to it, then actually began to enjoy it. There were a couple of boys he loved to suck and get fucked by. The boys never reciprocated and he was used to his role as being a sex toy. He then was shipped to the school outside of Boston and the chaperones would use the boys at will. It was a common occurrence to hear sex coming from the teachers' rooms especially boys being forced. This angered me and I knew my half-brother needed us as a family more than ever.

"Listen, do you want to be my mate?" I asked softly.

He looked at me in disbelief, wrapped his arms around me, and buried his face in my chest hair to weep. I knew this was the right move for all. Dad came to look for me because normally I would be home after school.

"So why are you two sitting here?" he asked.

I explained out talk and what I proposed. Dad, still had not forgiven Barry's parents for the pain they caused us, but he just smiled wryly. He agreed that my half-brother should be part of our family. We went to the chief about my wanting Barry to be part of our family as my new mate.

"Are you sure that you could handle three mates?" he asked amusedly.

"Oh most definitely." I replied.

We went through the ceremony and my half-brother became my new lover. He was very submissive and very embarrassed about the length of his cock. It was only 3" and cut with a small ballsac.

"No problem." I told him. "I know that you love being fucked. And besides, it is so adorable."

I knelt before him and swallowed his cock and balls, which caused him to shoot his small load in a matter of seconds. His bladder then released and that caught me off-guard, but to reward him I swallowed the small golden fluid. I got up and saw the terror on his face.

"I'm so sorry." he cried. "My bladder just went off."

I hugged him and smiled. I kissed him with the tang of pee on my tongue.

"Don't worry." I smiled. "It just caught me by surprise."

I laid him on his back and lifted his legs. I saw his pink boycunt and shoved my tongue deep in him. This caused him to screech loudly and twist all over.

"Oh yeah." he purred. "Shove that in me. Oh that's so great."

I smiled as I tongue fucked his hole. After I worked on his hole for fifteen minutes, I was ready to fuck him, but I was beaten to the punch.

"Please fuck me." he whimpered. "Please make me yours."

I just smiled as my massive rod prodded his hole. As I pushed in, his own boycunt opened wide and I slipped in with one motion. I looked at him and I saw lust in his eyes because I felt him have a dry cum. His hole clamped on my cock fast.

"Oh yeah baby." I said with a smile. "Your so hot."

I started to slowly long fuck him. I kept hitting his prostate, which was hyperactive, because with each pressure on it, he kept having a hard orgasm. He reached up and massaged my hairy chest and he twisted my nipples over and over. I knew I could never last long with this manipulation, so I decided the first lovemaking session would be quick. After ten minutes, I rammed hard in Barry as my balls emptied them in his body.


Ten blasts of my love cannon had my juices fill Barry. As I pulled out, my jizz flowed like a river out of him. I planted myself on my back and I pulled him to my chest. He began to play with my hairs and kissed me.

"I hope I would never disappoint you." he said meekly.

"Never." I uttered. "You are so wild."

We kissed as Dad and Stephen walked in the hut. They smiled at us. Barry looked at their cocks and began to drool.

"Like what you see?" I asked with a smirk.

My brother/lover nodded with lust.

"Well I have never tried a four-way." I said. "Now how about Dad, you take Barry's pussy, while Stevie, you fuck his mouth. I will then fuck Dad. Then you get to switch, and I will fuck Stevie while he fucks Barry."

We moved and had a night of lovemaking that could have been heard on all three islands. I had fucked all three twice each and was definitely exhausted. Our lives would be so happy, or so I thought.

A week after I took Barry as my mate, I had to ask Dad about the smile he had on his face when I mentioned it to him.

"A bit of quid pro quo, so you think?" he replied. "Barry took your mother and now we took their son. And a lot more than that."

"Huh?" I said with a puzzled look.

"Well son, the company I worked for was an investment firm." he explained. "And I became the owner with the three guys you got mad at me. They are my junior partners and are running the company with Mr. Richardson overseeing the company. Well Barry, our lover, has a trust fund that was handed to us to invest. He is now worth almost $100,000,000. But his father's accounts were sent to us. I would estimate that in about a year or two, they will be bankrupt. Oh the house they live in actually belongs to Barry."

"Dad, don't you think the other guys would try to screw you?" I questioned. "They did before, literally."

"No son." he responded. "I have several fail-safes to prevent that. Don't worry."

I smiled and did not tell Barry until later what was going on. When I did, he smiled and agreed that it was the best thing for them. He was the most amazing lover. He made you think you were the only person on the planet and nothing mattered. All three of us loved him so much and we appreciated what he was to us.

After the first year, my last growth spurt hit. My body shot up 6" and I gained quite a few pounds. My chest hair came in thick, but my dick was the biggest surprise. It actually grew to just under 16" and became very thick. My dad looked at me and smiled.

"Told you it would happen." he laughed.

"But Dad, it grew way too big." I retorted. "I am a freak."

"Wait until the guys see it." he said. "They will want lots of it."

I grabbed him and kissed him hard. I thought I would teach him lesson but letting him have it hard. I had him on his knees and slammed all of it in him. He just wiggled back on it and squeezed it with the muscles.

"Yeah baby." he begged. "Fuck me. I'm your bitch."

We made love for two hours and I came twice with out taking it out. Stephen and Barry came in and get beside us with their own love. I leaned back after the second load and Barry dove on it and took it to the base. I was amazed and just shot a large load after thirty seconds. He swallowed the load and kept nursing. I was ready to pee and he refused to let go, so I let him have a large dose of my golden juice.

At the same time, three of us were separated from the rest of the boys and teens. We were taught by the chief about the island and other things. Other than myself, there was a native teen, Vanu'I and a British kid, Charles Smythe III. We were fed different foods and learned quite a bit. When I would go home, I would feel tired and fell asleep. The only problem, it was a fitful sleep. I would have strange dreams and woke up feeling sore. I seemed to grow again, but I thought that was impossible. The same thing happened to Vanu'I and Charles. We became inseparable. Some of the others thought we were snobbish, but we were kept that was by the orders of the chief. I did notice I became even taller another 6" and gained quite a bit of weight, but the muscles grew at the same rate. My chest hair seemed to be even thicker, even more than Dad. But my cock grew and I knew it for a fact. Dad and Barry loved it, but Stephen was wondering what was going on.

Almost a year after that started, the chief called the entire island to the clearing.

"I have to announce I will be dying in two days." he stated. "And as per tradition, everyone's manhood will be measured, the largest one becoming the new chief."

All were given a potion and after an hour, it had the same results as Viagra. We were lined up and a large stick was produced. Everyone was measured, whether boy, teen, or man. Each measurement was marked on the stick and I was one of the last ones measured and after each was measured, the chief came to the throne.

"James Earl Parsons will be my successor." he announced. "Step forward young man."

I was in a bit of shock and I was pushed forward by my father. The chief put his hand on my head.

"In three days Jimmy will be my successor according to tradition." he said.

How the succession happened was only known from to chief to chief. I was taken to a secret room the chief's hut, which was a very spacious one. I would be required to move into it after the chief died. In the middle of the room was a large crystalline object on a pedestal.

"Jimmy, place your hands on either side of the crystal." he instructed me.

As I did so, he placed his hands over mine and pressed it hard into the object. All of a sudden, the crystal glowed brilliantly, brighter than anything I had ever seen in my life. It was as if we were one and I could read his mind. I felt all his thoughts and those of others. It seemed that if the universe was open to me and I gained the knowledge of all into my mind and body. It seemed like hours, but only a few minutes passed. As the chief removed his hands, mine slowly came off the crystal, and my body seemed whole.

"Jimmy, in two days I will die." he uttered quite calmly. "I have known this since I had become the chief. You see this allows you to see everything. This is a good thing and has a curse. You will see the deaths of others and you are not allowed to interfere. You will know when your death is and will prepare for that day. You will know the people who come to the island and this will allow you to prepare them for their new life. Just so you know, you were not arbitrarily chosen for this position. I had seen it, along with the two others who were chosen with you. It was not by chance that you would have the largest cock. It was, as it is said in your society, a rigged contest. The foods that you had been eating, combined with your natural growth, allowed it to enhance nature. You saw the effects on Vanu'I and Charles, but neither came close to your growth. But the main reason you were one of the three chosen is that I had know about you for a long time. Yes, you are the person needed to lead this community into the future. You have a wisdom, a natural curiosity, and a love that will keep our people going. You proved yourself when you took your half-brother as a mate. I knew when you saw him when you both arrived on the island that you wanted to hurt him as his parents hurt your father and yourself. But you did restrain yourself, which showed a wisdom. You are allowed a counselor, but please do not allow it be a mate. It would be more complicated than a help. I know who you are thinking of, but if you do, you need to remove him as a lover. Two other things I must tell you. First, you will be required to mate with the princess of Tra'ni-ka once a year. You will be given a potion in which on that one day your entire thought process will change from being gay to heterosexual. The princess will also be given that same and will be ovulating, so that you may produce children. You will make love, and at your age, probably ten times. Who she will be, we do not know. The second thing is that anyone my challenge you for the throne of chief. If it is done, you may select how the challenge is to be done. If you lose, the challenger takes your place. If you win, he is bound to serve you for life. Take all challenges seriously."

"You knew that I want my father as my counselor." I responded. "But how could I remove him as a lover? He was my first and my true one."

"I know." the chief explained. "But think about it. You know Stephen and your father are more closer to each other now, as you and Barry are more true loves. You know it is the right thing."

"I will take all challenges seriously." I told him. "But do I really have to have sex with a girl?"

He nodded and I knew he was right about everything, but I needed to talk with my family that night. He did explain that he would remove his belongings so I may move in. I told him not until is death, but what about Scotty, the now twelve year old that was his lover when we arrived.

"I know that someone will take him as a lover and family." he said quietly.

I had my first sight and knew who it would be to take the young boy. As I left the hut, all came to me and paid their respects. It was very uncomfortable at first, but I grew accustomed to it. But there was one who was not happy with the decision, Vanu'I. I met with my family that night and explained what would be happening over the next few days.

"Dad, please tell me I can do this." I said with the confidence of a six year old. "Am I doing the right thing?"

"Jimmy, I know you are." he said, with all the love in his eyes. "You have so much compassion that if there is anyone who would be able to do the job, it is you. I see before me a wonderful man. Yes son, a man who knows how people feel and makes them feel that they are the best in the world. But there is something you are holding back. What is it?"

"Dad, I am allowed a counselor, and I want you." I said with a quiver in my tone. "But the chief said that if I chose you, we should not be mates any longer. I know what he said is right, but you are my love."

"Jim, he is right and you know that he is right." Dad said with a tear in his eye. "And you know that Stephen and I are more suited for each other, while Barry and you are more perfect. I told you when we became lovers, that you need someone closer to your age. Never feel bad. I would be so proud to serve you as a counselor. You are my son and my love will never diminish. But there is one other thing you want to ask me."

"It's Scotty." I said. "He needs someone to look after him. Would you and Stephen do that?"

Dad smiled and hugged me. I kissed all my mates for the last time. Barry and I would move in the chief's hut and Dad, Stephen, and Scotty would be their own family. I got up and found the chief and Scotty in their hut.

"I talked to Dad and everything is settled." I said. "Scotty, would like to live with Dad and Stephen?"

He nodded his head with tears. He knew his love would be dead soon, but he had looked at Dad and Stephen with a lust in his eyes. I hugged him and told him now we were brothers.

"I never had a brother." he said with a squeak in his voice. "I am so glad you are going to be mine."

He was going to be a great addition to my family. The chief then told me of a tradition that is not required, but would I be willing to participate in it.

"It has been tradition for the new and old chiefs to make love in public." he elucidated. "It sort of passing of the torch, but in this case the passing of the love."

I hugged him tightly and kissed him lightly. He caressed my chest hairs and told me he wished he could have time to get to know me better. Our love making would take place the next night as the entire would be present and enjoy the evening.

The next morning, the chief, in his last act, dissolved the union between Dad, Stephen, and myself. I would be allowed to perform their union in five days time as my first official act as chief. Barry and I had packed our belongings to move to the new hut and Scotty had prepared to move in with Dad and Stephen.

That evening was a night of love. The chief and I arrived at the altar and I laid on it with my legs up and hole exposed. My hairiness extended to my ass and the chief smiled at this. He dove in and began to gave me a centuries learned tongue fucking. He probed me deeply and I squirmed on the smooth stone table, while I moaned like a whore. It felt like his tongue was actually dancing with mine from the opposite end. The feeling was so wonderful and I wanted to last forever. He moved up and began to kiss me deeply as I felt his hard 15" was at my hairy hole. I opened and it slipped in swiftly with no pain, but pure pleasure. He began to slowly fuck me deeply and I felt so happy with his masterful movements. I felt my balls churn as my cum slammed hard from my body.

"MMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!" I cried as his mouth covered mine.

It seemed that my entire love seed left my body. I felt as if I would not stop shooting between us. The juices hit my face and the chief's. We were saturated with the white cream and my ass began to milk his turgid rod. He tried to hold off, but my rectal muscles would not allow that to happen. He stiffened and bellowed as he emptied his contents into my body and soul. I felt him spasm and after the sixteenth spurt, he fell on me exhausted. I kissed him and looked at his tired eyes.

"We don't have to do it again, if you are not up to it." I said with great concern.

"Oh no." he said with a weak smile. "You are going to plant your love in me, which I will take to heaven with me."

"I don't know if I have any left." I giggled. "You seemed to drain me."

"Trust me chief, you will definitely have something for me." he stated.

We moved into different positions and I began to move my tongue into his hole. His tanginess hit my taste buds and I slithered deep into him. He made me look like I was dead. His moans, groans, and body shakes had everyone watching very excited. I worked his mancunt for over an hour. He begged me to fuck him several times, but I wanted his last lovemaking session one that he would make him feel he was in heaven. I finally removed from his hole and place my very hard cock at the entrance. He looked at me and smiled brightly. I slid in slowly and he arched his back.

"Put it in me." he ordered. "Shove that pole in me now."

Who was I to refuse my chief. I slammed deep in him until my balls was hitting his ass. He screamed in pain/pleasure and sat on my cock. He kissed me and began to force himself up and down on my pole. I smiled and let him do all the work.

"Lay down boy." he barked.

I obliged and placed my back on the altar. I scooted up and the chief began to move on me. He rode me like a bronco buster on a hard core horse. I pushed deep into him and grabbed his erect cock. I stroked him as he plunged on me. He manipulated and seemed to know when I was ready to shoot. He would stop and relax. I knew when he was ready to shoot and squeezed his cock hard. We were like that for almost two hours and we were doused in sweat. He was the first to climax and the cum shot out and arched in the air. It hit the altar and my body in a continuous stream. I was covered with both our jizz and it was the most sensual thing I had ever been in my life. His ass clamped on my cock and it milked me so completely. A vacuum should have that much suction. I literally passed out from the bliss. It was like a fairy tale when the prince woke the princess from a deep sleep with a kiss as his mouth met mine. My eyes fluttered and I smiled. We were do engrossed with our lovemaking, we forgot we had an audience. Many were making love or slowly stroking each other while kissing. Others were just holding and kissing. We heard applause and I began to laugh.

"Oh to have this kind of reactions back in the other world." I thought.

I saw the small boys and younger teens eyeing the cum on my body. I figured this was the perfect parting gift the old chief could give.

"Okay boys, come and get it." I shouted with a laugh.

I was deluged with hot, young tongues licking me all over. The matted hair was cleaned, though still slicked down. Some of the teens lifted my legs and ate the drying cum from me. They were told not to lick the juice off the altar. The old chief smiled at the sight, but did not allow his manhole tongued. He was very serious about having that part of me in him when he died. I felt sadness knowing he would be gone from us, but so proud on the faith he had in me.

He mentioned that the final measurement had my cock at just over 20" in length and it was the largest he had ever enjoyed. We walked off to his hut together. I stood at the door and hugged him.

"Thank you for your trust." I said with tears streaming down my face. "I will do my best to make you proud. I know you will be in heaven. Please look out for us."

It was the last words between us. He kissed me tenderly and went in the hut. Scotty came up and hugged me.

"Thank you for finding me a family." he said. "I will miss Chief. He has been the most wonderful lover and I don't want him to die."

"Scotty, you may be way older than me." I said still crying. "But we all die. I will miss him too. We'll help each other get through it."

I kissed his cheek and left for my hut one last night.

During the night, while Scotty was sleeping, Joshua got up and went into the woods. He found a quiet spot, reclined on the grass, and his spirit passed from the earth. In the morning, we got up and Scotty came running.

"Chief's missing." he cried. "You have to find him."

I knew what happened. I just knelt down, held the pre-teen's hands, and hugged him.

"He's passed on." I said quietly.

The elders went into the woods and found him. The reverently carried his body back. The medicine man and two elders prepared the body for the final part of his death. He was dressed in a ceremonial robe that he only wore once a year. A funeral pyre was built and was lit by the Counsel of Elders, myself, his family (Scotty), and Vanu'I and Christopher. The natives chanted and we were taught the words and chanted with them. As the fire died down, the ashes were gathered and we scattered them on the four sides of the island. We said our final good-byes. The tradition of mourning was absence of sex for three days. We felt that this was appropriate and everyone actually talked about their love for Joshua and what kind of chief he was.


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