by: 70s Child

The following is a story based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. Though it is loosely, very loosely, based on the movie and the book, I am required to state that these are copy written materials. The book was written by James Hilton and the movie filmed by Columbia Pictures. Now that is out of the way, the obligatory warnings: 1) if you are underage, you should not be here, but I am not saying leave; 2) if you find love between men horrific, please get the hell out and why are you here anyway; and 3) if you find love between father and son or adults and teens offensive, just do not read. Also for those of you are very homophobic and rather see those who are gay die from AIDS or just getting attacked, I have two words for you - ** SUCK IT !!!!!! Just so you know, any relation to anyone who are real is purely coincidental.

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From the previous chapter:

I knew what happened. I just knelt down, held the pre-teen's hands, and hugged him.

"He's passed on." I said quietly.

The elders went into the woods and found him. The reverently carried his body back. The medicine man and two elders prepared the body for the final part of his death. He was dressed in a ceremonial robe that he only wore once a year. A funeral pyre was built and was lit by the Counsel of Elders, myself, his family (Scotty), and Vanu'I and Christopher. The natives chanted and we were taught the words and chanted with them. As the fire died down, the ashes were gathered and we scattered them on the four sides of the island. We said our final good-byes. The tradition of mourning was absence of sex for three days. We felt that this was appropriate and everyone actually talked about their love for Joshua and what kind of chief he was.


After three days of mourning, the time came for me to assume my rightful place as the island chief. I stood before the throne and faced the populace. Since we had been without a chief, the elders assumed temporary leadership of the island, with Ma'uni in charge Ma'uni was the native who met us on the first day. He stood behind me and addressed the men.

"Here is our new chief." he declared. "He has been measured and is truly a king. He is ready to take his place as our leader. Is there any challenge to this claim?"

I knew what was about to happen. This ascension to the throne was going to be contested.

"I challenge the right of chief." Vanu'I claimed loudly. "I challenge the right to be chief."

"Do you accept the challenge?" Ma'uni asked me.

"Yes." I said defiantly.

"Vanu'I, do accept the sentence if you lose?" the large man questioned my challenger.

"I do." he replied.

"Jimmy, as the one being challenged, you have the right of contest." the temporary leader said.

I looked as if I was contemplating my decision, as a leader would. But I had already known what I would choose. I knew that Vanu'I was a bottom and what I was going to propose would force him to back down. But I did want to humiliate him to realize that I was the true chief.

"I choose sex." I stated proudly. "We will have twenty volunteers who will be fucked during a period of six hours. The one who fucks the most to climax will be the winner. And to make it more fun, after each deposit of seed, the recipient will drop it in a specific bowl. If there is a tie on how many we fuck, then the amount of cum will determine the winner. Do you accept the condition of the contest?"

Vanu'I looked petrified. He wore a pink shell and he knew he could not make love, but could only be loved. He was ready to cry, but then I was then going to drop my alternate plan.

"Well I know you can't slide that hot cock of yours into someone." I stated. "So here's an alternate plan. I will definitely love my ten volunteers. And we will have ten to fuck you. But there is one condition for you. The amount of juice will not come from who slides their love pole in you, but how much you can produce yourself. It will be dropped into the bowl, but you nor anyone else may touch your rod. Do you accept?"

He nodded. I also said that our mates cannot participate in the contest. I saw Barry's crestfallen face, but I smiled and winked at him. I said that the contest will start at sunrise and continue until the noon sun. We went back to our huts and Barry hugged me.

"Are you sure you can defeat him?" he asked.

"Of course my love." I replied. "I know that I will defeat this challenger and the other challenger later in our lives. Trust me on this."

"How could you know this?" he inquired further.

"It's hard to explain, but I can tell you that I know when everyone will be here on the island." I explained. "I know when people will die and I will know when my own death is."

We kissed as we laid down on our mat. Dad and Stephen came in and saw us. They smiled as they relined on their own mat. I knew my first act as chief would be to unite them as mates. Scotty arrived at our hut with all his possessions. I explained he could stay in the chief's hut until I assumed the position, but he looked at us with a lost stare. I sensed he was in need of human contact.

"Jimmy, I want to stay here." he said quietly. "And I want to be one of the volunteers to receive your magnificent cock."

Scotty, you can move in tonight if you want." Dad replied.

"But remember that if you volunteer for tomorrow, I might ruin you for anyone else." I stated with a grin.

"Smart ass." Dad retorted.

Scotty slept between Dad and Stephen. I told the pre-teen he could be one of the volunteers. We fell asleep and I woke thirty minutes before sunrise. I had some fruit and juice. We met at the clearing. Ten males, including Scotty, volunteered for me to put my juices into their bodies and their smiles spoke volumes. Ten other males, with huge cocks, were ready to screw Vanu'I every which way they could. Ma'uni stood before the throne.

"When I say, you Jimmy with begin to insert your man pole in each love passage." he announced. "After your love seed enters them, they are to deposit in the bowl before you. Vanu'I, you will be filled with nampoles and you must deposit your love seed in the bowl before you. The winner will be the one with the most cum. If there is a tie, the winner will be determined on how much seed is in the bowl. If Vanu'I wins, he becomes the new chief. If Jimmy wins, then Vanu'I and his household becomes Jimmy's slaves for life and his to do whatever he wants. Are we agreed?"

We both nodded. As the sun rose over the trees, Ma'uni was ready.

"Go." he said..

My first volunteer was Charles. He wore a white shell, so I knew he would be willing to receive my rod. I slid into him easily and began to ride his ass hard. Within fifteen minutes, I slammed home and deposited twelve rounds of my juices and Charles deposited the load in the bowl. The bowls were the size of toilets. The next volunteer came up and it was one of the boys that was on the plane we arrived on two years earlier. He smiled and just begged me to fuck him hard and long, which I obliged. In short order, another deposit of my white fluids filled him. For me, I was able to fuck each of the ten nine times. I began to think if I would actually run out of sperm, but I seemed to be rejuvenated almost immediately after each fuck. When the contest was finally finished, I had cum ninety-three times and the bowl was filed to the brim. Each of my volunteers also shot load after load of their own juices and they were cleaned by their mates and family. Scotty was the best of the ten. He loved being fucked long and hard and he kissed me every time. He had his first cum, which Dad and Stephen were able to partake, but I was able to sample the divine juices. Vanu'I was fucked eighty-nine times, but he seemed to run out of his seed after the fiftieth round of man love. Ma'uni stood and made his announcement.

"Jimmy is the rightful and only chief of our island." he blared proudly. "Vanu'I and his household are now the property of our chief. Are you ready to assume the leadership?"

I approached the throne, sweaty and smelling that I had been in a three week orgy. I faced the residents and Ma'uni placed a crown on my head and a robe on my shoulders. I pledged to rule with dignity and fairness and promised that all who come to our island will be welcome with love and happiness.

"My first act is to united two people I love." I said. "Dad and Stephen, please step forward."

I felt that my joy overflowed during the ceremony. I looked at my father and Stephen and saw their love in their eyes and on their faces. I smiled as the ceremony joined them as mates.

"You may wonder why they are no longer mated to me." I stated. "Well it is tradition that I may have a counselor and my choice is my father. He guided my steps from birth and who better to advise me when I need it. But with this comes a price. It is unwise to have a mate as a counselor. And I know these two men love each other. I am so glad that I was the chief to join their mating. And Scotty will be living with them as a son and lover. My one mate, Barry is my love and I know he will be there for me."

I glanced down and saw my family extend further. I then saw the concern on the face of Vanu'I. I smiled and called his family and himself forward.

"Now what to do with my challenger." I smirked. "It is said that if you make your enemy an ally, he is yours for life. Vanu'I, we became friends when the three of us were selected to be the successor of the chief. I want you as my friend, but most important, my guard. You are strong in spirit and heart and I want that for me. But, I will ask a favor of you in the future. I will let you know when that is. Do agree to this?"

He just grabbed me and hugged my tightly. I kissed him and returned his embrace. The residents were amazed, but were happy that there was no retaliation on my part.

"I also have learned that the residents receive the love juices from the chief." I announced. "But after a day of sex, let's say my cock is very sensitive. And there is a large bowl of it. Vanu'I, you shall have the first taste of it and I of yours from your bowl. We shall mix these together and everyone shall enjoy the taste of the mixing of two great lines. And Charles, if you would, please add some of yours so that the three of us will be as one."

Charles obliged after Vanu'I dipped his gourd in the thick cream and drank it with relish. I took my gourd and tasted his tart, but wonderful teen jizz. Again, we kiss, then turned to kiss Charles. The residents drank of the future of the island and we relished until it was all finished. I held Barry back and he looked at me in amazement.

"Oh no." I said with a smile. "You get the fresh milk from the source."

Ma'uni told everyone that Barry and I will be the first to make love. We went to the chief's hut and set up household. We find a bed stuffed with palm fronds that were soft. We lay on it and my lover could not wait. Without lube, spit, or anything to prepare him, Barry took my stiff 20" and slammed his body onto it. It filled him completely and I saw the head pressing against his stomach. He let out a scream, but sat on my legs as he allowed the huge pole fill his body. He began to ride me slowly, pulled up slowly and twisted his ass as he descended down on it. His small cock was poking up and I played with it gently. His small genitals was an issue for him, but I told him that it was not a problem. I loved my half-brother as he was. We were of a kindred spirit and I wanted him to know how much he meant to me. He loved my cock filling him and flooding his bowels with my sperm. This was no different as he enjoyed my cock and our moans filled the hut and heard outside.

"Oh yeah baby, ride that cock." I ordered. "You know you're my hot bitch."

"Yeah baby." he replied with shorted breath. "I'm yours. Fill my ass. I wish I could have your baby."

He rode me and knew when I was ready to shoot. He stopped and controlled my body. He leaned down and enjoyed playing with the hair on my torso. He found my nipples and he twisted them hard. I grabbed his legs and squeezed hard. He began to move up and down again and I began to force him harder on it. I shoved my cock deep in him as he came down and he squealed with happiness. I saw his marble-sized nuts tighten to his body and I rammed up into his hole. As his ass twitched and tightened, my own seed flew deep into his hole.



Though I thought I could only produce a small amount of spooge, I was wrong. I felt fifteen rounds of thick cream fill his bowels and his ass seemed to milk my cock. His own cocklet produced two small blasts that hit my navel. As we finally ebbed our passions, Barry fell forward and nuzzled into my chest. I felt his tears wet the hairs and I knew why he was crying. I thought that if the foods hastened by growth, it might also do the same for my lover.

"Shhhhh." I said softly. "I know you're upset with your cock. I always tell you that it doesn't matter. But I will ask the elders to see if you can try some of the foods that I had been eating."

"Really?" he asked quietly.

"Yep." I replied. "Now, I have a cock that can use a nice tongue bath."

He moved down rapidly and swallowed my semi-hard rod and it stiffened within a matter of seconds. Barry was able to accommodate it easily and he sucked my monster with exhilaration. Within a matter of minutes, his sucking power brought me off again and he enjoyed a stomach full of my protein. We made love six times that night and we were content.

The next day, we arose and I had my first meeting of the Elders as chief. I did ask them about the food, but was told that it was for the chief only and the heir apparent. Ma'uni stated that there might be a way. He explained that Vanu'I is his son and I was confused.

"I thought only the chief could produce heirs." I inquired. "How could you have a son?"

"You need to talk to the medicine men." he explained. "It is done with my mate."

I was totally confused. I knew that my ability to see things to come was one thing, but this seemed to be beyond my comprehension. First, males cannot bear children, could they? Second, how was it delivered? After the first counsel meeting, with the new members, including Stephen and Charles, I met with the scientists about what Ma'uni mentioned.

"I was told that Vanu'I is the son of Ma'uni." I stated what I was told. "How can this be if he did not have sex with a woman?"

"We have serum that allows men to bear children." Dr. Jamison explained. "It happens, but there are some side effects on the child. First, the man can only bear one child and never do it again. Second, the child turns out to be gay, effeminate, and a bottom. Third, the man who bears the child will have his genitalia grow four times its current size."

"So if the person has a 2 or 3" cock, it will grow to 8 to 12" if I understand you." I said.

"Yes sir." he answered. "Why?"

"Well, Barry is very upset about his genitals." I explained. "And I know he wants to have my child. This would be the best thing."

"Well I understand." the doctor said. "But he will have the normal mood swings while pregnant, but it will be a shorter gestation period. And he will have to have a cessecarian section to deliver."

"I think he would do it if he had to deliver from his ass." I chuckled. "But I want to wait until I have to mate with the princess of Tra'ni-ka. And he can only bear once."

"That is correct." Dr. Jamison told me.

"What about someone who had been eating the same foods I have?" I questioned.

"I don't know." the scientist said. "It might not work or the genitals would not grow because the chemical basis is almost the same as the food, with some other chemicals."

I pondered this and left.

My life became a strict series of daily routines. Though I was chief, I was not given a lot of freedom. I sat on the throne each morning while I gave audience to my subjects. A lot of it was mundane, but occasionally I was allowed to make important decisions. I did learn how the penalty of rape and murder was dealt with on the island, which dated back to before Christ. The rapist was placed on a table, which was tilted. The cock and balls were cut off while the prisoner was fully conscious. He then bled to death, while the blood was gathered, then burned with the body and thrown to the water. A murderer was given a choice of beheading or staking. What I learned was, there was a smaller island completely surrounded and the only way there by boat. The prisoner was staked to the ground, a gag with a small opening was put over his mouth, and a substance was placed on the body. The guards left the prisoner there and the punishment commenced. The island was inhabited by large ants. They stripped the flesh of the body and opening in the gag allowed the ants to crawl in the body. I was told it took eight hours for the prisoner to be completely eaten. I knew that these crimes needed to be punished and death was the only retribution allowed. But I then thought of a couple of ideas that would allowed complete reprisal and pleasure for all.

I brought these to the counsel and the reason why I thought these would be a better form of punishment. For rapists, they would be given the choice of castration or the new punishment. Thanks to my dad, I thought of it. We would use the twine ball and cock binding. After the prisoner was tied to a table, he would have his cock and balls bound. Dr. Jamison told me of a serum they have that would over-stimulate the prostate that when it was slammed, the prostate would case the prisoner an instant orgasm. However, with the genitals bound, he could not release his load. The entire population would then be allowed to fucked the prisoner, beginning with the victim and ending with me. We had two rapists while I was chief. The first took the new form of punishment. He had raped a six year old. The victim did take his vengence with a wooden dildo. We saw the prisoner have several orgasms and he was exhausted, but with several hundred horny men, he was completely unconscious when it was my turn. We revived him and I slammed my cock in his hole. He screeched and begged to be allowed to shoot. I rode him for over an hour with the prisoner begging for release over and over. When I was ready to shoot, I nodded to Vanu'I. He placed a tube on the man's rod and cut the twine as I exploded in his hole. The first shot was the last time he breathed. He had a massive heart attack and died as his bodily fluids ran down the tube to a bowl. Again he and his fluids were burned and tossed to the water. The second prisoner saw this and he opted for castration.

For murder, I wondered what would happen if the prisoner was banished from the island to the fog. If going through the fog to the island kept us young, would it not have a reverse effect leaving. Dr. Jamison also had a serum to speed the aging process along if we needed it. One murder happened and it was over an argument dealing with who was smarter. A fist-fight ensued and the larger man crushed the jaw and side of his opponent. He was given the option of death and he decided to go with being banished in the fog. The doctor had him drink the serum and he was towed to the fog by the guards. We did not know what happened, however news did reach us of a raft found with nothing but dust in it.

The time for the mating had arrived and I was not really looking forward to this. I understood that this was my duty, so I took the duty with great respect.

"I hope she's at least good looking." I jokingly said.

"Usually it's the most beautiful on the island." Ma'uni responded. "But I will not say this will happen."

"Well we have heard the old princess had died." Charles said. "And they had two become the new princesses of the island. I guess you're going to have double duty mate."

I looked at him with a sneer and just wanted this to be over. We were then notified that a plane was downed and the new residents would arrive shortly. I took my place on the throne, with Barry at my side. I had not told him of the serum, but would surprise him for his birthday with was only a couple of weeks away, as we now counted time. As the new residents came, I saw several familiar faces. Phillip, Mr. Richardson, Jack and his boyfriend, Jamie and his boyfriend, and the Jennings. I saw them, but they were older. Phillip, Jamie, Alan, and Jack seemed to be in their thirties. Mr. Richardson almost looked like he was in his eighties, but they all looked great. They saw me and ran towards me, but were stopped by Vanu'I and his men.

"It's alright my friend." I explained. "These are my friends and brothers."

I walked down and they saw the same me when our plane crashed two years before, or was it longer? They also saw a different side of me. Where I was joking and loud, they saw a wizened and more quiet person who chose his words carefully. But when I hugged my brother, I could not help myself.

"So fag, what's been happening lately?" I smiled as I uttered the words.

"Not much queer. How about you?" he retorted with the biggest smile.

He looked distinguished and I could not believe that we were together at last. I explained what was going on. Mr. Richardson could not believe that we had only aged a couple of years.

"So do you two want to be mated?" I asked quietly.

"You bet your ass we do." Phillip responded before the question was completed.

"No, I believe it's your ass." I stated laughing.

"Is this the cock that filled your ass the first time." Joseph, Jamie's lover, asked him.

"No, it was much smaller than that." my cousin explained. "Damn boy, what have you been eating, Miracle Grow?"

I just laughed and explained our island and how we ran it. The new residence stripped and Dad appeared with Stephen. They saw him and it was a family reunion. Mr. Richardson explained one of the guys tried to take over, but everything was taken care of quickly. I introduced Barry to everyone and Phillip just smiled.

"You'll be glad to know your parents were bankrupt." he said. "Your mom left your dad and he committed suicide. Your trust is still intact and you are one of the richest men in the world. So are you and Dad."

I had to explain that I would be mating for the first time with the princesses of the other island. Phillip had to tease me.

"Bet you can't get it up." he said. "You'll be a limp noodle."

My 20" python rose and he stared in disbelief. He then saw Barry swallow it with great ease and I saw his mouth drool.

"Jack, I'm sorry." I said. "I didn't mean to ignore you. How have you been?"

"Great." he said quietly. "You remember Robert. We got married in Canada a few years back. But if you want to have us married here too, we'll be glad to do that."

"Well first, you guys are way overdressed." I stated. "No clothes. You'll find it very liberating."

They all undressed and I stood in awe of how great they still looked. We had a large ceremony that night under the stars and torches. They couples were shown their huts and our new residents were now part of our community. The next day they were given their duties.

The night before the mating of the females, I was given something to drink. It smelled rancid and tasted even worse. But I drank it down, just avoiding regurgitating it. Barry and Dad looked at me and laughed. Barry and I went to bed as usual, but the next morning feeling a body against me, I turned. I saw Barry and leapt out of bed.

"What the fuck am I doing in bed with a guy?" I thought.

The high priest and Ma'uni came to get me. They put my robe on me and took me to the far end of the island, where there was a huge house. There were four male servants and four female servants. The females took me to a large bathing area and they bathes me, taking extra care with my cock, which rose to full fruition. I was then taken to the bed chamber and was placed on a large king-sized bed with silk sheets. The females left and few minutes later, two females were led in, wearing only robes and veils, by the male servants. They looked at me in a strange way, then they saw my huge cock. Their robes were removed and their bodies were gorgeous. Their veils were removed and my face showed the shock I experienced.

"Oh my god. Penny. Jenny. You two?" I exclaimed.

They nodded.

"We were made princesses of the island three weeks ago." Jenny explained.

"When?" I asked quickly.

They told me the date and it was the same time I was made chief.

"Are you kidding me?" Penny asked.

"No." I said. "Dad's over there. Phillip, Jamie, and Jack just arrived a little while ago, but they have aged. They're in their thirties."

"And they wanted us to make love?" Penny queried.

Before I could answer, my thought patterns changed drastically. I grabbed both girls and pulled them into bed with me. They did not resist, but actually become very involved. We kissed passionately and my fingers found their moist holes. I maneuvered in their twats and they both screamed in ecstasy as their first orgasms hit. I became the quintessential macho heterosexual. I told the girls to lay on their back and spread their legs wide. My mouth dove in I began to eat them out. My brain did not distinguish this as pussy and I should dislike it. I relished this as a condemned man having his last meal. My tongue snaked in and I moved between the two. Their moans grew louder and louder.

"Fuck me you bastard." Jenny yelled.

Her hole was dripping juices and I grabbed Penny and shoved my cock in her mouth. She got it moist and I pulled out quickly. I place it at Jenny's love hole and shove it in her without mercy. She screamed and wrapped her entire body around me. I began to pound her hard and Penny got under somehow and began to tongue and swallow my large baby makers. This sent me over the edge and I exploded what seemed to be endless juices into Jenny. Her body continually shook with orgasm after orgasm. As my first load was deposited, I slid out and fed my cock to her. She opened and swallowed me, tasting her pussy juices and my cum. I had Penny sit on her face to get her ready. I then pulled my cousin from Jenny and rode her cunt doggie-style. When I slammed in, her orgasm hit quick and she begged for me to ride her hard. I obliged and like Jenny, her orgasms came rapidly and we were sweating heavily. And like Jenny, my load came hard and large. When we were finished, I fell on the bed between my cousins. They nestled up to me and smiled.

"So when did this come in?" Jenny asked. "I always like Uncle Jimmy's hairy chest. I see it runs in the family."

"I know. It actually come in the last year." I explained. "But it really became fuller recently. Something about the food. But explain, how did you become princesses?"

"Well how did you become chief?" Penny asked.

"Well three of us were taken this last year to learn about being chief." I explained. "And the one with the largest cock becomes chief. But I was challenged before I took the throne. I won, but I had to fuck over ninety times to get it."

"Wow, that's a lot of ass." Jenny joked.

"Yeah." I replied. "But where did you get these? The last time I saw you two, you were at 36. You're what now, 100?"

"No you moron." Jenny said snidely. "58 DDD. And we have the biggest snatches. We were told that the chief had a large cock. They use a smooth, wooden dildo to measure. We both took it easily."

"So how's Aunt Penny doing? And her girlfriend?" I asked.

"They are on the island." Penny said. "They love it. They work in the garden and they are so happy. So are we. Jimmy, I wish the whole family could be together again."

"Me too, cuz. Me too." I said quietly.

My cock then overtook my brain and we made love again. By the end of the night, I fucked my cousins eight times each. I remembered the chief said I would be able to have sex ten times. Well between the two, sixteen was not bad. We slept finally and snuggled closely. Jenny would wake and play with my chest hair. I would play with their hot breasts and they would moan in my ears. As the morning rose, we got up, had breakfast, and donned our robes. I loved my cousins and we planned to get together as soon as possible. I did explain that my half-brother was on the island and was my love. Jenny looked at me.

"You mean that bitch of your mom had another kid?" she spat. "And you love him."

"Yeah." I retorted. "You have to understand, she treated him like she treated me. And Dad's happy for us. Dad's my counselor and he wants me to be happy. Besides, he had Stephen."

"Who the fuck is Stephen?" Penny asked.

"He was the flight attendant on the plane when we came here." I said. "He's wonderful and Dad loves him. He is family now."

We hugged and kissed as the potion wore off. We went back to our people and I wondered why we could not merge the islands. I went to the Elders and asked why the islands never merged if the principles of the islands were the same. Ma'uni said no one ever tried. I asked about the third island. He shrugged and said that there was a new leader there also. I asked to see about an audience with the leader.

While the meeting was being set up, we heard that both cousins were bearing my children. I strutted like a peacock, feathers showing. Everyone congratulated me, except Barry. He felt he let me down, but my surprise was about to happen to him the next day.

I planned his birthday and we had a quiet dinner. I presented him with a robe that matched mine and then gave him a drink with the serum in it. He drank it and he felt light-headed.

"What the fuck?" he said. "What's happening to me?"

"Remember what you always say to me when we make love." I said.

"Yeah, I wished I could have your baby." he replied.

"Well your wish will come true." I explained.

I led him to the bed and we were facing each other. The serum worked like a love potion and Barry's legs were wide open to my love muscle. I slid in and slowly moved in and out. I looked in his eyes and the love he showed me was priceless. We made love for over two hours and Barry shot his juices seven time when my final thrust exploded deep in his body.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" I moaned. "I love you Barry."

I lost count after fifteen, but I kept shooting and I buried my love under me. When I finally finished, I slowly moved out and expected to see a flood of my juices streaming out of his teenpussy, but none left his body. I fell on my back and pulled him to my chest.

"Now what are you talking about?" he declared. "How can I have a baby?"

"Well that drink had a serum that will allow you to have our baby." I said. "It can only happen once, but it will be ours."

"How will I deliver it?" he said with a fear in his eyes.

"C-Section. The doctor said it's the only way safely." I explained. "But there is something about the baby. He will definitely be gay, effeminate, and a bottom. And your cock and balls will grow. About to 12" and the sac with really grow. I think it's because our son will be drinking mother's milk and probably daddy's milk too."

Barry began to weep and I was beginning to think the hormones were kicking in at that moment.

"Now what?" I asked, a little upset.

"I'm so happy." he said. "You thought about me and what this meant. I love you so very much."

We kissed and I was finally content.

I was told a few days later that the leader of Mailni-ka'ri would meet with me and my cousins. We donned our robes and were taken to the island by boat. When we arrived, two men greeted us.

"Please follow us." one said quietly, but forcefully.

We were taken to a magnificent house and let to a large room. As we were seated, a lispy voice echoed.

"So you still what some of this ass?" he said with a deep bass.

I got up and faced my dearest friends, Tony and Gloria. We embraced and my cousins hugged them also.

"How are you doing?" I said. "I knew you wanted me."

"My god, you have grown." Tony uttered. "And Jenny, Penny, you two have gotten to be so beautiful. So what can we do for you?"

"You're the leader?" I asked incredulously. "You couldn't even lead your dog on a walk."

"Fuck you faggot." he said jokingly. "We got here last year. When you disappeared, we decided to see what happened. We went down and we wound up here. I knew about your islands, but we didn't know the leaders. So who are they?"

"Us." I said pointing to the three of us. "The reason we came is to see about unifying the islands. Rule jointly and having our peoples living as one."

"Well, we would have to discuss this with the elders." Tony said.

"We? Let me guess, Gloria, you really run things." I smirked.

"Well you know how it is." she responded. "Behind a great man is a better woman. But I would love to see our islands as one."

"Well let's get our advisors to iron out the details." Jenny said. "Then we can be one."

"Oh what is this about you two being pregnant?" Gloria asked. "Who's the father?"

They just turned and looked at me. My friends looked and just rolled their eyes.

"Well he does have the biggest cock I've ever seen." Penny stated.

"Really, let's see." Gloria said.

I opened my robe and they saw the huge monster. Both eyes bulged and jaws dropped.

"That would kill me." Gloria said. "And you too baby."

"That would kill anything." Tony reiterated. "How did you two deal with it?"

My cousins opened their robes and showed their large, spacious valleys of pleasure. Again the couple were amazed. All of a sudden the torches went out in the room. We were looking around and a light glowed all a sudden around us. It became so bright, we had to shield our eyes. As quickly as it appeared, the light diminished and four beings stood before us. They could not be called men nor women, but beings. One was white, one yellow, one red, and one brown.

"Fear not." the brown one spoke. "We came to tell you of what you do."

The five of us were very confused. We stared at each other and at the beings.

"The best way for you to understand is we are the guardian angels of the islands." the yellow being explained. "We have been watching over the people of the islands for several thousands of your years."

"And now for the world will end when you do." the white being continued. "You five were the ones that would united the islands and bring peace to all. But when the last of you die, the world will end, so to speak. Actually recycle, a term you can understand, is what will happen. Your children will continue, but be removed until the world can reclaim itself. They then will repopulate the world. Can you understand this?"

We looked at each other and Gloria spoke.

"You mean that when the last of the five of us die, the rest of the world does the same?" she asked. "And our children will go on?"

"Yes." the red being claimed. "You see, the world will go through a fire storm that will cleanse it. And then your offspring will then inhabit the earth and make it better."

"Do you know who it is?" Penny queried.

"Within a year you all will die." the yellow being stated. "Jimmy, you will be the last to die. You all will live long lives in your timeframe. But a short period in our time. But you will see your children grow to adulthood and they will continue what you have left off."

The five of us stared at each other and wondered what we were actually listening to. I could understand what they were saying, but I could not understand why we were the link to an ending. I was ready to say something, but they brown being spoke.

"You five have proven what you are in your hearts and minds." it said. "You need to understand, most of the world is at war or destroying itself. You are the ones who will produce the future and hopefully a better world."

The five of us comprehended what was being said and wondered if it was worth it. But as if they were reading our minds, the yellow being gave us hope.

"We just want you to know that with your love and compassion, your children will bring that to the new world." it said. "You have shown what was supposed to be from the beginning. And you five are destined to live in heaven, nirvana, or an afterlife that you might believe. We are only here to let you know that you are the parents of a new future."

And with that, the light returned and the beings left. Our eyes blinked and we wondered if we had hallucinated. But how could five people have the exact same hallucination or dream. Could it be real or could it be a dream? We decided that our unity was the best thing for all our peoples. The house that Jenny, Penny, and I made love would be the best place for us to live. We departed to bring the ideas to our peoples, but decided not to tell them what was going to happen.

After I met with the Elders, I explained what the islands would be doing. The older members were not pleased, but I explained that this would bring all our peoples together. A large clearing was set up around the mating house for the Elders of the islands. It was decided that we would rule in unison. The other residents met each other and found that there were relatives they had not seen in quite a while. They embraced and formed real families. Aunt Penny and her wife found us and there was a huge reunion. Uncle Le and Aunt Ming saw us and the family was complete. Everyone learned of our impending new family members. All of my relatives commented on how I had grown and Aunt Penny said that if I had slid my rod in her, she would probably be straight again. Jenny told her mother that if I did, she would never let it go.

Five months later, Barry carried our child to full term. I was told that this would be the normal time frame for childbearing with a man. When his water broke, we got to the doctors, who performed the necessary medical procedure and a seven pound six ounce baby was born with brown hair and blue eyes. His cock was already measured 2.5" soft.

"Here we go again." I thought. "Another long-dicked Parsons."

Dad, Stephen, and the rest of the family was there for the birth. Barry and I had several arguments about the name. He wanted the boy to be named after me and I wanted him to be named after Barry. We finally agreed on Jarry. We were ready to feed him, but milk seemed to make him sick. I remembered what Dr. Jamison said to me and we deposited several loads into bottles, which our son drank with relish. I saw this child wanting an endless supply of father's milk.

Four months later, Penny and Jenny went into labor. They delivered three children each, three boys and three girls. I had seven children and I looked to the sky.

"Gramps. Grams. Here are your great-grandchildren and the future of the world." I said quietly.

We named the babies after family members or people who we loved dearly.

Our lives went one. Jenny, Penny, and I continued to have our yearly romp in the sack and Barry took it all in stride. But the doctor was not correct in terms of Barry. He was able to get pregnant three more times and each boy was beautiful, gay, and had my hair coloring and large cock. Barry was also happy because his cock did grow to just under 12" and his balls grew and produced large amounts of cum to feed our children. My cousins and I had six children each year for twelve years. Our boys and girls learned who we were and why we were there. Their own love expanded to shine for others. Tony and Gloria had a large family, twenty-eight. But Gloria never lost her figure and her love for her children and Tony showed to all.

Now Vanu'I wondered what my favor was going to be. I revealed it to him on my twenty-first birthday. Barry was expecting our third child and he wanted to know what I wanted for my birthday. I told him what I planned, but he was not happy. I explained and told Barry I loved him with all my heart, but I wanted Vanu'I that we were brothers. I had him come to me at the house.

"My chief, how can I help you on your birthday?" he asked with a smile.

"Well my friend, I know you want me to fill your manhole with my hard rod." I smiled at him. "You know that I am correct."

"Yes my lord." he responded. "I have wanted it for a long time. Why?"

"Well you are going to get your wish." I told him. "But there will be a catch."

He looked at me with a suspicious eye. I handed him a drink of coconut milk and he drank it all. He began to get light-headed. He then pulled me to the bed and actually forced me on my back. He then rode my cock long and hard for over an hour until my seed filled his body. But he would not get up. He kept me hard and rode me harder until I filled his body with my man juices. He got up and cleaned my rod. I then swallowed his hard 18" and drank his love twice.

"What did you do to me?" he asked as he came out of the fog.

"Remember I told you that you owe me one favor after the challenge." I reminded him. "Well it's time to pay off the favor. You are pregnant and will have my child. Your mates knew about this and agreed to it. It will be our son and part of a wonderful future. You are my friend and I love you like a brother. You and I will have a family. But you must realize that our son will be like you, submissive. Can you handle it?"

Vanu'I hugged me tight and kissed me. Our child was born and Vanu'I was the best parent possible. This was the only of my children that did not have my characteristics, other than my cock. I though believe that it was a mix of both our genes. His mates cared for the child and fed him their juices, but Janu'I, as he was named, was very much part of our family.

After a few years, we noticed fewer people arriving and we heard that the outside world was in complete disarray due to war and money troubles. Our community seemed to maintain its own life without trouble.

I continue to wonder if, when I die, will our children create a brighter future. I know they are capable of it. The five of us raised our children to love unconditionally and to teach others about love. I just hope their future will be the best for all.

I would see all who I loved die. I remembered a movie called The Green Mile where the Tom Hanks character was given a gift and a curse. I never thought this a curse, but I know that what I learned in my life is that everything has its purpose and I have been blessed to see a wonderful lost horizon expand before us. I also contemplated whether to tell our offspring what the future would hold. As I consider this, I think that I have been very lucky and blessed in my life. With the exception of one person, I have had a family who loved me for who I am and who I became. I hope that when the world is reborn, that our descendents will continue to live and love in peace and harmony as one.


NOTE: This is the final chapter of the story. It was fun writing it and I am so glad quite a few have enjoyed reading it. As I explained when I first started this, this is loosely based on the book and movie Lost Horizons. I had heard a radio version of it when I was working and thought it would be a great story to do. I know I went on several tangents, but I tried to end it on a high note. Two movies that I used a bit of the plots from, The Green Mile and Knowing seemed to fit well in the story. And most of this chapter was redone as I thought of new angles. Again, I am glad people have enjoyed the story and there are several more that I have completed in terms of rough drafts and now it is time to type them and send them. If you have any comments again, whether good or bad, please feel free to email me at writhot@yahoo.com. Pleas put the title of the story in the subject line. Please put who you are and where you are from so that I may add you to my Readers' List. I hope that everyone had a great holiday season.


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