By Lee Mariner

Part #40

DISCLAIMER: This is a gay fantasy involving homosexual acts between gay consenting men & boys. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS MATERIAL OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF SUCH MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE.

The author assumes no responsibility for any similarity between the characters in this article or with persons living or dead as this is strictly a fantasy work of fiction.

"Thanks John, I'm pretty sure things will be okay. George has always been straight with me." Lee says.

"I hope so Lee, you didn't sound very convincing though." John says. "Don't let those boys overwork you when you get below. I can hear those weights clanking down there."

"No problem there bro. They still have a little way to go before they catch up with me." Lee says.

"Just be careful. See you this afternoon." John says as he and Sharon walk out the door.

Lee stands on the deck and watches as John and Sharon walk down too their cars on the lower level. The sun is up and the early morning mists are clearing from the onslaught of its warmth, another warm day coming and he had things to get done that had him concerned. He had tried to sound lighthearted but knew that John knew better. He was right about George and not sounding very convincing about the future. Waving as they pulled out, he turned going back inside.

Lee gets his address book from the bedroom and pouring himself another cup of coffee he picks up the telephone dialing George's number. After a couple of rings, he hears the now familiar "MDPP, how may I direct your call?"

"George Whittstone, please." Lee says.

"One moment please and I'll see if he is available sir. May I say who is calling?" Lee identifies himself to the very monotone voice on the other end of the line.

Almost as soon as the operator places him on hold Lee hears "Lee, Lee, where in the hell are you? I hope you are going to tell me you are on your way, please tell me you are!!!!"

"Whoa George, slow down. What are you in such a sweat about? I told you I would be leaving on Friday morning and I will. Will you tell me why the panic and what is going on there since I left on vacation?" Lee says.

"I sure wish you were on your way back Lee so I could get the big boys off my back. I can't tell you much on the phone Lee. There has been a big shakeup here that even I did not know was in the works until it was sprung on us. McKay has been replaced as CEO and there are other changes that you will learn when you get back here." George says.

"McKay has been replaced? Who is CEO now, when did that happen? Who is this guy Carter Paul that answered the phone yesterday?" Lee asks.

"Carter Paul is my new assistant for now. He was brought up from New Castle, Delaware and you are his replacement. McKay retired voluntarily after MegaData was taken over by a conglomerate called FlowServe. They are huge and always replace top management when they take over another company. A lot of things have happened and more then I can really tell you on the phone Lee. I'll bring you up to speed when you get here. I made the reservations for you but the company won't stand good for them since it is not really company business according to them." George says with a long sigh. "Lee don't ask me anymore now please. Just get your butt back here as fast as you can and then we will go over everything."

"Okay George, I won't. You are leaving me on a limb but I'll leave here in the morning like I said and I'll give you a call on the way. Thanks for making the reservations for me. I'll get with accounting on that when I get there. See you tomorrow night George." Lee says.

"Have a safe trip buddy. I need you here." George says, as they hang up with Lee still not sure what is going on in Philadelphia.

Lee had helped build MegaData Processing & Programming and had a good contract with them along with stock options so he was not really worried that much. He didn't really understand why Melvin McKay would sell out after all of the hard work they all had put in building the company but was sure there were good reasons for it.

Lee didn't hear Mark come up the steps while he was on the phone and thinking. When he felt his hands run down his chest and his weight pressing against his shoulders, he looked up and saw him.

"What's wrong Uncle Lee?" Mark asks. "I heard the last part of your conversation and I can see you are pretty upset." Mark says as he lays his head alongside of his uncle's.

"Just some work problems sport but nothing for you to worry about. How is the work out going? I was just getting ready to come down." Lee says.

"Carl & I wondered what was keeping you. He really is hot for you Uncle Lee. Want to do a threesome with him? It would not take much to get him too." Mark says.

"My heavens Mark. No!! I don't want anything like that, at least not now." Lee says.

"You didn't mind it with Calvin and me in the motel." Mark says with a twinkle in his eyes.

"That was a lot different Mark and not something that you or I are going to be involved in very often if ever. I prefer one on one. Two is company and three is a crowd, remember?" Lee says.

"I guess so. Coming down now? Maybe we can go out for lunch after we are finished?" Mark says.

"Yeah, I guess. I was going to call my stockbroker but that can wait until later. Lets go on down." Lee says.

Walking into the weight room, Carl stands and faces them. Lee is struck by the similarity in the physiques of Carl and Mark. Except for the hair and eyes, they could almost be twins. Carl stood there wearing only a jock strap and breathing deeply from just working on the BowFlex machine. For a moment, Marks question about a threesome flashed through his mind.

"You want to work on the BowFlex Mr. Michaels?" Carl asks.

"Yeah Carl. You and Mark work on the weights and spot for each other. I'll catch up with you shortly as he sets the tension at 280."

"Do you want a jock strap Uncle Lee? I think it is more comfortable then working in sweat shorts." Mark asks.

"Okay sport, where are they??

Mark pulls one from the box and hands it to Lee. Without turning, he pulls his sweats off and takes it from Mark, his cock swing freely. Running his hands over his body for just a second before pulling it on, he sees Carl's gaze hasn't left him as he stretches.

"Man it is going to feel good to work out a little. My muscles feel like they are all knotted up. You guys go ahead while I put this on and get started." Lee says.

Mark punches Carl's shoulder and nods to the corner where the free standing weights are and grins as he watches him staring at his uncle. "You still want to work with the heavy stuff Carl or you got something else on your mind." He asks.

"The weights smart ass and no I don't have anything else on my mind." Carl answers, blushing.

Grinning Mark says, "Yeah, I bet you don't. You spot me first and don't drop it."

Lee works his biceps, lats, deltoids, calves and thigh muscles at the 280 tension. Dropping the tension back to 180, he does curls and feels his triceps and forearms stretching as the blood rushes back through them. His thigh muscles ached from doing the leg curls but it felt good. Looking over at where Mark and Carl were working he could see Mark was putting on a show for him by trying to press double his body weight.

"Mark." Lee says. "Have you tried that before? Doubling your body weight takes time to build up too."

"Not full weight Uncle Lee but pretty close."

"Mr. Michaels." Carl says. "He has only pressed 280 consistently and that leaves him about 50 to go for double."

"Drop it back Mark and work up in 10 lb spots of 10 reps each until you are comfortable with the increase and don't rush it." Lee suggests. "You can reach it but it takes time and you have to stick with it and maintain that weight and the results. If you want bulk that's the way to go."

"We don't want bulk Uncle Lee." Mark says. "I like the way I am and unless I grow anymore, I want to stay this way. Carl wants more definition then I do though."

"I can almost guarantee you will grow more, your dad is 6'2" and you might reach that height. Just change your workout to accommodate the added height. Carl will have to change his diet and you better talk with your doctor about that and not just start taking all of those miracle herbs and potions they advertise."

"How did you get your definition Mr. Michaels?" Carl asks.

"First either you call me Lee or Uncle Lee or I drop a weight on your foot. I changed my diet as I said and worked out using Isometric exercise. I can give you a book illustrating the exercises but not your diet. See a doctor about that." Lee says.

"Yes sir, Uncle Lee." Carl says embarrassed.

As they are talking, the phone rings and Lee walks over to answer it on the wall phone. Mark and Carl watch and listen, hearing Lee answer angrily.

"George, I told you I would leave here in the morning and I would call you on the way. You can tell those people that are bugging you they can come here and get this damned equipment if they want it that bad and you can have my resignation if they do. Understand me? I am not going to kill myself over some mistake someone there has made." Lee says very agitated.

Mark and Carl can't hear what is being said on the other line but they can figure out that someone is really pushing Lee and he does not like it. Hearing the threat to resign upsets Mark and Carl wonders if they will be leaving in the morning. They both stand there waiting.

"George" Lee says. "There is no need to call again. I am not leaving this afternoon and driving half the night. I have already made promises to my family and the young man who is driving with me has his family to consider. I will do what I said but you might remind the bosses that my contract with Mega still runs for another 3 years and they better look at the fine print. McKay gave me 4 weeks vacation a year and I have taken just over 2 weeks this year. Mega paid me for the time I would have lost in Saudi Arabia since I could not take it but I want all of the time I am entitled too. If they want to discharge me, they better look real close."

Hanging the phone up, Lee stands for a moment or two before turning to face the boys. "I'm sorry guys, you shouldn't have heard all of that. It's part of the problems I mentioned before Mark." Lee says.

"Lee." Carl says. "Will we still be leaving in the morning? I could leave today but I wouldn't want to unless it helps you out."

"No Carl, we leave in the morning. Thanks for the offer. I appreciate it. We might leave at about 6 o'clock though instead of 8 if that would be okay." Lee says.

"Anything you want Lee just let me know. I better be getting on home and see if Mom needs anything." Carl says.

" Carl, check with your Mom and shower real quick. We are still going to run down to McDonalds for something to eat if that is okay." Mark says.

"Yeah Carl, do that. How about half an hour, that enough time?" Lee says.

"Yeah, plenty. I'll be back. I am hungry after the workout." Carl says as he heads up the stairs after pulling his sweats on over his jockstrap.

Lee moves over to the seat on the BowFlex and sits down with a deep sigh. Looking at Mark, he sees the apprehension in his face and sliding sideways, he pats the padded surface of the seat, "come on over here sport and sit with me for a minute."

Still wearing only his jockstrap and his body sheathed in a cooling sweat, Mark moves over and sits close to his uncle feeling the warmth radiating from him. Without looking up, he asks "are you in trouble Uncle Lee?"

"In trouble only if you should suddenly stop loving me sport. I can handle anything that comes my way except that. Do what you want, go to bed with other men, fall in love with someone but never tell me you don't love me. That I cannot handle." Lee says as he slips his arm around Mark's broad shoulders and pulls him tighter to him. "Jobs come and go Mark. Loving you is forever."

Mark lays his head against Lee's neck and runs his hand over his tight muscled torso as he says, "I guess we both are the same Uncle Lee. I can't stand the thought of losing you and seeing you up set like you were, I get upset."

Well sport, lets take a quick shower, pick up Carl and get a bite of lunch. You got to be as hungry as me. As for the other stuff, don't worry about it, let me do that." Lee says as he stands pulling Mark into his arms for a soft passionate kiss. Looking into Mark's eyes he says, "I love you sport."

"I know Uncle Lee." Mark says as he presses his body tighter and feels his passion rising.

Breaking away, Lee pushes Mark back a little before saying, "not now sport. How about later, on the lawn under the moonlight like the other night? I would love that."

"How about now and then Uncle Lee? I want all of you I can get before you leave tomorrow." Mark says as he grinds his groin and hardening cock into Lee's now swelling rod."

Feeling his cock swelling and hardening with the pressure being applied by Mark, Lee pushes back and groans "lay on the mat sport and he holds him by his arms slowly lowering his still sweat covered body."

Dropping down beside Mark, he pulls the straps of his jockstrap as he arches his back. Pulling the pouch slowly down he sees the thick base of his cock nestled in soft silky golden pubic hair and watches as it springs free, its full uncut length slapping up against his hard stomach. Mark groans deeply as he feels his body being massaged and then his hard nipples being sucked and nipped by Lee's teeth first one and then the other. The pain is ecstatic as it radiates through his body and into his nuts. Slowly Mark feels Lee's hot tongue sliding over his ribs and into his navel leading down to his pre-cum dripping cockhead. He is lifted to a level of erotic desire and need as he feels his cock being slowly consumed by Lee's hot mouth and then slide deep into a cocoon of intense warmth being massaged by thousands of small muscles.

"Suck it Uncle Lee, take me slowly." Mark moans through clenched teeth.

Lee feels his body responding as his cock stretches hard and thick against Mark. Twisting slowly he stretches out beside him and feels his cock being gripped and then guided into the warmth of Mark's mouth as he slides an arm under his waist pulling him in deeper until he feels his pubic hair pressing against Mark's chin. Both young men start a slow thrusting tempo in and out feeling their cocks being massaged with each thrust. Slowly their bodies are slipping into sexual overdrive and the control is no longer theirs but an overload of the nerves and muscles that drives them onward to the eventual resounding crashing explosion of their joint ejaculations. Swelling, hardening cock meat fills throats and mouth as suddenly the rapture of shooting their loads rushes up from full scrotums and gushes in great raging hot torrents as they feel their bodies arching to drive their cock deeper into the receptacles they are trying to fill with their life giving fluids, the sperm that they need and crave. It is the ultimate expression of love in the giving of a life's force to a devoted partner, companion.

Both Lee and Mark hold each other tightly as their cocks surge and great streams flow deep into hot throats. Slowly they feel the softening as their passion subsides and their body muscles relax with their breathing returning to normal in a deep exhalation of expanded lungs caught in the tense tightening of muscles at the peak of ejaculation...they both collapse in near exhaustion laying there with arms around hips and waists.

With a final kiss of Mark's now flaccid cock, Lee turns and faces him as they both lay beside each other. Gently stroking his body, he can feel the love flowing between them and looking into Mark's eyes he sees a deep soft need as he says "God knows I never have done anything to deserve you Mark."

"I know what you are saying Uncle Lee. I don't know how to explain the feelings I get with you. It feels like my entire body has turned into a cosmic force that needs to explode and enter into yours. I just love you more then my own life Uncle Lee." Mark says as he turns and brushes his lips lightly over Lee's.

Lee does not respond. He does not know how he can respond to such a declaration since he feels the same. Running his fingers softly and gently over the hard definition of his nephew's body, he kisses him gently on the forehead.

"I guess we better get showered sport. Carl will be wondering what has happened to us." Lee says.

"I think he knows Uncle Lee but you are right as you usually are." Mark says as they stand up together.

Moving into the downstairs bathroom, both shower and rinse off quickly together. Drying off, they dash upstairs for clothes and then outside laughing like a couple of kids not an uncle with his nephew.

Carl sees them coming out of the house and shaking his head and smiling he thinks to himself, "if someone did not know better they would never know they were related except maybe as brothers but not an uncle and his nephew. God how he envied Mark."

Running across the lawn, Carl say's "you guys look like you are having fun."

"We usually do Carl when we are together." Mark says with a little glint in his eyes.

"Yeah, I bet you do." Carl says with a grin on his face. "I guess wrestling on the grass could be fun?"

Mark and Lee glance at each other quickly before Lee says "Lets get something to eat..."

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