By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER: This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark. It is a gay fantasy and intended for adult readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND THE MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and there is no relationship between them and/or any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #67

After talking with William, I started for the bar to see Paul before returning to the room. An older man about my age was behind the bar and I remembered that Paul and Erik were out of town until Tuesday.  Doing an about face, I returned to the front desk. Victor was on the telephone and finished  his conversation just as I got there.  

"Did you forget something Mr. Michaels." He almost cooed his voice was so soft.

"Not really Victor. I thought you and Terry might like to know that Mr. Woolford will be here around 1:30 for lunch."

If I had surprised him, Victor didn't show it.  Usually when someone hears that the owner of where they worked was visiting, panic set in but from his demeanor it didn't show. He was very calm and it impressed me.  Victor would have a good future ahead of him.

"Mr. Anderson is out of town until Tuesday and I'm sort of filling in for him. I appreciate you telling me though and I'll be sure and let the dining room staff know.  Mr. Anderson will not like missing Mr. Woolford but the trip was unavoidable."

"Just enough information but not to much." I thought to myself before answering.  "I think you can handle it Victor, Mr. Woolford is not an ogre.  Filling in for Terry makes for a long day though doesn't it?"

"It does a little. I'll be on the desk until Malcom comes in at 10 o'clock until 7 in the morning."


"Yes, he is one of our new night desk clerks.  Since Mr. Coleman left we have changed the staff and now we only have men on at night. You haven't met Malcom Carter or the girl on the daytime shift from 7 until 3.  Martha Whitman is usually here but she asked for the weekend off and since we haven't gotten fully staffed we all are pitching in for now.  Mr. Anderson wants male/female on duty during the day. With Mr. Coleman, no one really knew what shifts they would be working. I wish Calvin was still with us, he would be perfect."

"That does put a load on you Victor. Not much social life working all of the time."

"A little bit of a load Mr. Michaels but I manage and I enjoy it." He said smiling, the blue of his eyes deepening as he looked at me.  

Listening to his very subtle hint, my gaydar kicked in and I looked into his eyes before replying but not quite as subtle.

"I'm sure you do Victor but right now, I better help Mark with his packing. He is leaving this afternoon."

"Yes Sir." He said as the telephone rang.

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

Mark was in the bedroom when I entered with music of the Bee Gees playing just a little to loud  and didn't hear me. He was wearing white athletic socks and briefs with a silly Cincinnati Reds ball cap on his head.  From his antics he was moving his body in time with the music and singing.  I had never heard him sing and I stood just outside the bedroom doorway listening.  He was singing in a soft not unpleasant baritone and half dancing with the music while he packed.  His athleticism was obvious from the way he moved, his muscles rippling smoothly and I wished I had a video camera.

He went into the bathroom with his back to me and I stepped inside the door way.  When he came back in, he jumped and dropped the can of shaving cream and razor he was carrying.

"Damn Uncle Lee, you scared the hell out of me."  He said wide eyed, his muscles tightening.

"Sorry Sport, I didn't mean to. I was standing outside watching you dance and sing. The dancing could stand improvement but I didn't know you could sing."

"For your ears only." He said leaning over at the waist to pickup his things. "How about a duet."

"I only do a duet in the shower."  I said, watching him straighten up with a smile on his face, golden flecks flashing in his eyes.

"How about a little harmony in the rain." He said moving towards me, his golden body gleaming in the filtered sunlight the pouch of his briefs stirring as his cock swelled.

I started pulling my tucked in shirt out of the waist of my slacks when he stopped me with both of his hands on my wrists and then he ran his arms around my chest pulling us together.  His eyes were gleaming, filled with golden flecks and inhaling deeply we embraced tongues searching the recesses of our mouths.  Leaning his head back he squeezed me tighter, his arms were steel cables around my chest and pressing the bulge in  his briefs against me with a grin and that impish little boy look on his face. His eyes were sparkling and I groaned softly, dropping my arms over his shoulders.

"I can't undress very well with you holding me like this." I whispered softly.

"I don't want you to undress, I want you to fuck me just the way you are."

"You want what?"  I said incredulously.

"I want you to fuck me with your clothes on. Drop you pants and fuck me leaning over the table.

"I watched a video on the computer of some guy fucking a girl with his clothes on.  She was dressed bending over a table and he pulled her panties down screwing her from the rear.  I couldn't tell if he was fucking her in the ass or her cunt but it made me so hot I jerked off two loads before he was finished."  He said, his breathing becoming more ragged.

"Get the lube unless you want it dry." I growled

"Dry, like in the video." He said, throwing his briefs across the room.

His thick cock  dripped pre-cum , his chest heaving as he breathed and his hazel eyes blazed with excitement.  Grabbing a pillow from the bed he put it on the table. Spreading his legs he laid across the table and gripped the opposite edge. His balls hung low like a bulls and after I dropped my pants I reached between his legs listening as he groaned when I squeezed them.  Reaching in front I milked his cock a few strokes filling my hand with his pre-cum and combined it with mine covered my cock with it.  Squatting a little and spreading his cheeks I thrust my hips forward aiming for his quivering rosebud and when he felt the contact he pushed his ass back. His sphincter snapped around the head of my cock as it entered Mark groaned loud, "Oh yeahhhhhhhh, fuck my ass, drive it all the way in."

Leaning over his broad back I slid my hands between the pillow and his chest, gripping  the top of his shoulders. Kissing the nape of his neck I waited for him to relax before driving my cock in his tight ass, listening as he moaned with each throbbing inch filling his ass. I felt my pubic hair pressing against him, our balls touching and we both were breathing faster almost gasping at the hot sensation of his ass being impaled on my cock. Raising up I gripped his hips with both hands and deliberately withdrew until my cock was about to slip out and I held feeling the pressure of his ass ring squeezing just behind the head of my cock. With easy, slow hip pressure I watched my thick 8" cock slide in and out of his ass. "Do you like that Mark? Do you like feeling my cock filling your ass?" I said, the thrill of his tight gripping ass rushing over me.  

He moaned softly hunching a little with each thrust of my hips driving my cock deep the same way a cow hunches when the bull slams his cock deep in her cunt.  Mark wasn't a cow, he was a gorgeous, magnificently built young stud that enjoyed being fucked the same way I did.

The tempo increased with each driving motion of my hips and I felt the juices in my balls boiling. Sweat from my armpits ran down over my ribs and Marks back glistened with sweat.  Each time I twisted my hips and brushed his prostate he groaned and his back muscles would swell as thick as ropes.  My cock started aching and I could feel it swelling and getting harder in his ass. Leaning forward I reached in front of him and took his dripping cock in my hand stroking it with each thrusting motion of my hips growling, "I'm almost there Mark, you ready to cum with me?"

"Do it Uncle Lee, do it now." He answered.  I felt his cock thicken and  harden in my hand.  I covered the blood engorged head with my hand just as he screamed and I went over the edge with him filling his bowels with thick sperm as he filled my hand, overflowing on the carpet.

Hot electrifying fire shot through me from my loins into my brain when his ass ring would tighten around my gushing cock  with every shuddering blast of his cock erupting in my hand and I heard him whispering softly, "Jesus, Jesus, holy Christ."

My legs felt like rubber and I laid on his back gasping with him. The thrilling rapture of the last sperm draining from wilting cocks covered us both and I could feel his straining muscles relaxing beneath me, the strength slowly returning to my legs. Spreading his sperm over his glistening back I leaned down, licking it off tasting his sweat mixed with his creamy cum. He stiffened when my tongue touched his back, sucking air into his lungs and then he relaxed with a long low sigh just as my soft cock slipped from his ass.

Smacking him gently on the butt, I straightened up a feeling of inexplicable sensation of excitement still  flowing over me. Gripping his waist I pulled gently, feeling his abdominal muscles tighten as he raised up and turned facing me. His arms went around my neck and our lips met in a long probing kiss.  When he leaned his head back we looked in each others eyes and he said, in almost a whisper, "That was awesome Uncle Lee."

"It was wasn't it?  I haven't done it that way for a long time but you, you imp, I'd swear you have been practicing with Calvin. Have you?"

"Nope. You said try everything and that way looked so hot, I wanted to try it."

"Those videos are made by professionals Sport, they are paid to make it exciting so you will buy the video. Whoever you do it with again, if you do, just be careful. Some guys can be really savage. Lets get cleaned up, Uncle Bill and Calvin will be here for lunch."

                                                                 * * * * * * * * *

Showering with Mark was always exciting. We both enjoyed playing under the spray and I loved washing him, feeling his muscles rippling under my hands and watching his cock swell, the blood engorged head sliding out from its foreskin as it stretched to a thick tapered 7".  The teasing look on his face as he washed me, running his hands over me.  We both knew the secret places that would bring us to the brink and then stop enjoying the excruciating feelings of being so close.  Hard cocks throbbing and our chests heaved as we gasped sucking in air and with muscles tightening we would embrace each other while the ecstasy of pending climaxes receded.  Reaching the brink of climax and then avoiding that extreme moment was one way we knew the love we had deep in our souls for each other.  More than once though, contact finished what we had initiated with our playing and the warm water of the shower washed the seed of our loins down the drain and we held each other all the tighter.

This was one of those times and when I felt Mark quiver, his cock pulsing, we kissed and he moaned deep in his throat. He drove his pelvis into mine and when I felt his thick cock spurting  hot cum between us I squeezed him tighter, my throbbing cock gushing thick streams of sperm, mixing with his.  We both trembled from the intense feelings rushing through us. He sighed softly as he exhaled and slid his arms around my neck laying his head on my shoulder.  "I love you so much Uncle Lee, please, don't ever leave me." He said softly.

"Can't do that Sport, we belong too each other." I whispered, running my hands through his wet hair and over his soft satiny back.

Washing the cum from our cock nests, we dried each other and dressed.

Not realizing the time, William, Calvin and Cliff were standing at the front desk talking with Victor and when he nodded in our direction Calvin and William turned looking at us.

"I was about to ask Victor to call your room. Did we oversleep?" William said grinning with a twinkle in his eye.  

"You could say that Uncle Bill. We were finishing up Mark's packing and lost track of time, sorry."

The young man who had served us at breakfast was standing in the doorway into the dining room. He glanced at Mark and Calvin, who were talking, and led us to the small alcove I had asked Victor to have ready.  During the meal it was difficult to see who he was checking out the most, Mark or Calvin. They both made a striking couple and I caught William's admiring glance and his eyes would twinkle when he looked at me.  Mark and Calvin were talking so low we couldn't overhear them but from their body language we could see they were reconciling their differences.

While they were talking, we set the appointment times for Monday and while doing that, William cell phone rang and he excused himself to answer the call.

"That was Charles." He said, closing the phone.  He should be here in about 20 minutes.  Calvin, why don't you help Mark with his luggage while we finish our coffee and we will meet you in the lobby."  

After they had left we talked some more about Calvin's adoption and Cliff said he and I would finish with the documents he had brought for me to sign.  William asked what I was doing and after explaining it, he mentioned to Cliff he intended on doing the same since Calvin was going to be his adopted son. William didn't anticipate any problems but he wanted everything to be legally recorded.  Cliff told him they could do all of that after the final adoption was in place. He would have Dorothy call him and between them they could draw up a rough draft and he would go over it and call him when he had the final documents completed.

Our young waiter had been hovering just out of earshot and William waving him to the table, signed the bill.  Cliff surprised the both of us by handing the young man a $20.00 bill afterwards.

When we reached the lobby, Victor, Calvin and Mark were standing by the main entrance talking.  Mark had changed into kaki shorts, a yellow collar less pullover and white Nike walking shoes.  Calvin had on light gray slacks, a light blue dress shirt with the cuffs folded back and black penny loafers.  The contrast in dress between the three of them was obvious but Victor's physique was well displayed by the taper of his jacket and the snug fit of his trousers displayed thick thighs and muscular calves.

William saw me looking and leaning over he whispered in my ear, "Three awfully good looking young men, wouldn't you say?"

"You noticed that did you? I have a preference between them though."

"As do I Lee but I have two."  He said softly with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

We hadn't intended for Cliff to overhear us and we both were caught of guard when he spoke.

"Whispering is rude but I get your drift." He said with a chuckle and I think we both blushed at his comment.

Just as we reached the three, Charles pulled up at the doorway. He came inside and apologized for keeping us waiting and carried  Mark's luggage too the Lincoln. Stowing the bags in the boot, he opened the rear door and waited.

The lobby of any Holiday Inn is really not the place for two men to hug but Mark put his arms around my chest and squeezing, he kissed my cheek. 

"When will I see you again." He whispered.

A little flabbergasted, I hesitated before answering and then I thought "what the hell" putting my arms around him.

"Soon Sport, I'll call you. You have a birthday coming up remember."

Releasing each other he turned away but not before I saw the tears in is eyes.  Victor stepped back behind the front desk and William walked with Calvin to the car.  He said a few words to Charles and waited for them to leave.  I had a lump in my throat watching the car drive away and my eyes felt a little watery. Cliff noticed it and leaned his head closer to mine.

"You really love that boy don't you Lee?" He said in a whisper.

"I don't think you will ever know how much Cliff."  I said, moving to the door and holding it for William.

"Charles told me he and Calvin should be back around 11 or so, depending on what the boys wanted to do. Would you two like to drive over too the house with me? We can have a drink or two if I can find where Charles hides the liquor and decide on dinner tonight." He said laughingly, knowing full well where Charles kept the liquor.

"If you don't mind Uncle Bill, I have a few calls I have been neglecting to make and afterwards, I'd like to lie down before dinner.  I can drive over around 6 and after dinner Cliff can come back with me. Without Charles, there is no need for you to be driving back and forth.  As for dinner, how about the Bluegrass over on Shelbyville Rd.? The last time I ate there, they served a delicious Smoked Salmon."

"An excellent suggestion Lee. How about you Cliff?"

"You guys know more about restaurants in Louisville then I do, Cincinnati is my forte."

"The Bluegrass it is then. Victor- - - - " William said turning to the front desk.

"Yes, Mr. Woolford."

"Would you call the Bluegrass and ask them for reservations for 3 around 7:30?" He said looking at us.

We talked for a few more minutes while Victor placed the call. When he had finished he came to where we were standing.

"They seem to know you at the Bluegrass Mr. Woolford. The mai'-tre d' asked me to give you his regards and he would be delighted to have you and your guests for dinner."  He said, giving me a not to subtle glance.

"He should, I've known Claude for years. We will see you a little later Lee. Since Mark has left perhaps you should ask Victor to call you in case you should oversleep again."

"That's not likely Uncle Bill. I'd like to get a workout in but that will have to wait until later this evening."

"The Atrium is open until midnight Mr. Michaels or I can give you a key if you think you might be delayed."

"I don't think that will be necessary Victor but I'll take it just in case. With these two who knows."

I walked with Cliff and William too his car. Victor was waiting for me at the entrance with the Atrium key and when he gave it to me he asked what I had anticipated.

"Since Mr. Anderson is gone, I'm staying in the manager's suite.  If you would like a workout partner, I wouldn't mind helping out.  Some of the weights can be pretty tricky but I'm sure you know that already."  He said softly, his eyes sparkling.

"Good idea Vic. Mark usually works out on a Bowflex but I do prefer the heavier weights.  It's always good having a spotter.  Mr. Adams and I should be back around 10 or so."  I answered looking into the deep blue depths of his eyes and noticing the quickening of his breathing.

"I'll see you then. Enjoy your dinner Mr. Mic- - - - - -"

"Call me Lee." I said with a wink.

"Yes sir." He said as I walked away.

                                                       * * * * * * * * *