By Lee Mariner

June 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark. It is a gay fantasy and intended for adult readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND THE MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and there is no relationship between them and/or any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #68

The lingering scent of Mark's Aramis cologne filled the room when I entered and I felt a twinge of loneliness, the big rooms felt empty without him.

Checking the small bar refrigerator I selected a Killian's and twisting the cap off, I took a long drink from the bottle instead of using a glass.  William would have given me a disapproving look if he had seen me drinking from the bottle.  The Irish Red lager tasted good and I pulled another from the fridge before going into the bedroom.  The king-size bed looked huge and I felt that twinge again.

"Maybe it won't be so big later on." I thought to myself.

"Finished the first bottle, I stripped down to my briefs. Stretching my aching muscles I looked in the mirror at my reflection and flexed.  "Not bad for someone in their 30's." I thought admiringly, tightening the abdominal muscles until they stood out hard and rigid. "Damn, I feel like Narcissus admiring his body." I said to my reflection. "What the hell, others had told me I look like him so why not."

Picking up the other Killian's I looked in the mirror again and Mark's image seemed to appear next to mine, golden flecks flashing in the depths of his hazel eyes and an impish grin on his face, we matched each other beautifully. His body was smooth, well sculpted, his muscles flowing covering his well boned frame. Unruly light brown hair and beautiful hazel eyes combined with an always-impish grin made him irresistible. The golden flecks in his eyes emphasized the depths of his passions and the subtle softness of his succulent lips was magnetic. Paul and Sharon might know what a magnificent young man they had created but I wondered, Mark was created to love and be loved. When he was in my arms or lying with me in bed, his body cleaved with the smooth cut, definition of mine and it always felt as if we merged to become one person.  

The thoughts of last night and earlier in the day flashed through my mind and I twisted the cap of the fresh bottle, a feeling of emptiness in the pit of my stomach and I knew that feeling would always be there when we were separated. 

Snapping the cap from the bottle and dropping it in the wastebasket, I took another long swallow and breathed deeply for several seconds before getting the palm from my attaché case.  Sitting down and throwing one leg over the arm of the chair I punched Phil's code for his telephone number and listening to the ringing, finished the bottle.

A smooth voice answered the phone. "Cohigg Realty, how may I help you?" The female voice asked.

"Is Mr. Cohigg available?"

"Yes sir, whom may I say is calling?"

"Lee Michaels."

The voice said, "One moment please." Click and soft Muzak music filled my ear.

"Damn." I mused, "Mozart."  

Phil's voice thunderous voice filled the earpiece. "Lee, Christ its good hearing from you, I just had you on my mind. Where are you, in town?" 

I held the phone away from my ear for a moment before answering, "If you will stop shouting, I'll tell you. Jesus, you damn near burst my eardrum. I'm in Louisville but I'd like to see you next week if you aren't going to be to busy. "

"Sorry Lee, I couldn't help it. When Carol said you was on the line I got all excited? I'll be here when you say buddy."

Remembering our days in the Navy, I smiled.  Phil always did have the hots for me and he wasn’t someone I'd kick out of bed either. He sounded like he was panting into the phone receiver.

"Ugh huh, I bet you did, calm down.  That deal you mentioned, is it still on?"

"Damn right it is, what time next week will you be here? No chance of getting here any earlier is there?"

"Afraid not, I've got several things I have to finish here and in Cincinnati before I drive out. Besides that, I'm going to stop off in Ashland and see my niece. Monday or Tuesday at best."

"Damn, just my luck." He mumbled before continuing. "You can stay with me instead of a motel while your here, okay?"

"No problem with me unless it's going to put you out. I can always stay in a motel."

"Like hell you will, I've got three big bedrooms and only one being used.  It'll give us a chance to catch up and chew the fat."

"That sounds good to me. I'll call you when I leave Ashland.  I said, hanging the phone up.

I had visions of the fat he wanted to chew on and it swung between my legs. Phil was built like a brick shit house and had plenty swinging between his legs but his tight ass excited me more. Thinking about him made me horny and my cock started swelling thinking about sliding it in his ass. 

                                                     * * * * * * * * *
On a sudden impulse I called Loretta in Ashland and she bubbled with excitement at first and then her tone changed. 

"Uncle Lee, I wasn't expecting you would call me, is something wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong Retta." I said using my nickname for her. "Can't an uncle call his favorite niece?"

"Of course you can. It surprised me when they told me my Uncle Lee was on the phone and then I thought something might be wrong at home."

"Everything is fine at home.   Mark went home today since he has to be in school tomorrow but I'm stuck here until Tuesday.  When I finish my business here I'm going to scoot back too Cincinnati for a day or two before heading for Delaware.  Since I go right by Ashland, I was thinking I might stop and visit with you over the weekend if you have no plans."

I hadn't been showing her, as much attention as Mark and visiting with her would be a treat for both of us.  I did love her but- - - - -not like Mark and I did feel a little guilty about more or less ignoring her.

"You aren't teasing me are you Uncle Lee? God, the girls and boys will be green with envy when they see the most handsome uncle a girl could ever have.  When will you be here, I can't wait." She said full of excitement.

"How about Friday afternoon? I'll have reservations made at the Holiday Inn and we can go out for dinner or whatever you want. You name it, I'm all yours."

"Super." She almost squealed. "Do you know how to get here?"

"I don't think I'll have any trouble finding the college. Where are you staying?"

"In Euclid Hall behind the Administration Building, you can't miss it. Just follow the signs on campus and the girl’s dormitory is a large two-story white brick building.  Creepers, I can't wait. Wait until I tell Janine, my girlfriend, you are coming. She will positively die with envy."

"And I will be proud to have the most beautiful girl on campus on my arm. See you on Friday then."

Loretta was still bubbling with excitement when she hung up and I felt pretty good about seeing her. She was damn near Mark's twin, full figured, sharing his hazel eyes and long flowing chestnut hair.
                                                   * * * * * * * * *
William and Cliff had already had a couple of cocktails by the time I arrived and were in a good mood. Uncle Bill conjured up a scotch Old Fashion and one more of those I would have caught up with their mood in no time. The conversation was mostly about Monday's schedule of events with an occasional mention of Mark and Calvin.  I could see that Uncle Bill was excited about making Calvin his legal son and that made me feel good. Charles was a comforting influence but he needed someone even closer in his life for his remaining years and I felt that Calvin would be to him as Mark was to me.

I went over the documents that Cliff had prepared for me and with the exception of a few legal "where as, hereafter's and where in's," they were exactly what I wanted.  

"Perfect Cliff, just what I wanted. Can we sign them now?"

"We could Lee, my notary status is effective in Kentucky but I would like another witness along with William.  A disinterested party would be better. We can take care of that tomorrow in court, taking care of William's petitions. I'm acquainted with the clerk of Civil Court and she would be perfect."

"That makes sense Lee. Even though Mark and Loretta are your nephew and niece, some people have a way of twisting things when it comes to legal matters involving relatives. I am not as acquainted with Loretta as I am with Mark but you and I both know of the conflict between you, John and your other brother. He could become very nasty if he wanted to be and make it difficult whenever those documents might be executed. With two disinterested parties witnessing your wishes he would have a difficult time claiming collusion."  William said, his meaning obvious to both Cliff and I.

He was right, I hadn't thought about my brother and I wondered if I should have included a provision that excluded him from interfering but Cliff advised against it when I asked him.

"You could Lee but if you had asked me, I would have recommended against it without some provisions made for John.  Signaling out your other brother would almost surely created a feeling of animosity and resentment that might no otherwise exist.  Time has a way of reducing ill feelings and in my experience; it is sometimes better if you let sleeping dogs lie. Cross that bridge if it ever comes up, don't anticipate what might not happen."

"Why does someone being gay always seem to cause so much trouble Cliff?"

"Fear and ignorance is the root cause. That and the feeling of being left out where family is concerned.  I don't know when people will ever realize that gay people are a very real part of the fabric of society. Probably not for several generations if ever."  Cliff said, exhaling with a long sigh of exasperation.

"Very probably the latter Cliff." William said as he rose from his chair. "Enough legal stuff, will you drive Lee? Lunch is fast becoming a memory and my stomach says it needs sustenance."

                                                             * * * * * * * * *
The drive too the Bluegrass Brewing Company restaurant took us about 20 minutes and after the usual amenities, introduction of Cliff and Claude remembering when I had last ate there, he led us to a secluded table that overlooked the restaurant gardens. In the pastures abutting the restaurant grounds several thoroughbred horses were grazing on the thick grasses in the ground mists that were settling in as the sun dropped in the west. His attentiveness to William was amusing and I had the feeling that they were perhaps more than just casual friends. He glanced at me with a wink as he sat down, Claude holding his chair for him.

Our waiter was a tall lanky but obviously well muscled young man in his early to middle 20's. His hair was a dark chocolate brown and in the subdued lighting his eyes appeared to be an almost jade green. Smooth shaven and very well groomed he made an impressive appearance.  He introduced himself as Neil. After introducing himself he recited the evening specials in a soft mellow baritone and then asked if we wanted something from the bar before dinner.

After he left, we settled down to a conversation about the gardens and of course the horses. Cliff was impressed with the rough hewn decor and the many obviously, to the expert eye, antique brewing and racing items on display against the aged bare planked walls. There was a two-sided stone fireplace in the center of the dining room and on the side facing us was an almost life sized portrait of "War Admiral" and on the other, "Sea Biscuit."  Any lover of fine horseflesh would appreciate the portraits of two of the finest stallions ever produced by Calumet Farms.  

Neil returned with our drinks and taking our orders without benefit of an order pad.  Anyone not aware of the chicanery used in the finer restaurants would have been impressed with his memory and competence.  He wore a hidden transmitter pack under his vest and a deftly hidden microphone transmitted our orders to the kitchens. A neat trick that only added to the ambiance of the restaurant.

William and I both had the Smoked Salmon, a house specialty and Cliff enjoyed a large serving of Prime Rib.  Neil was an extremely competent, attentive waiter and on more than one occasion I caught his surreptitious glance in my direction and I returned his look with a smile making a mental note that I would dine again at the Bluegrass on my next visit.  After dinner we finished an excellent complimentary Chablis that Claude had sent too our table and as we were leaving, I complimented him on it and the excellence of the food and service. Neil was standing at the exit thanking us as we left and he extended his hand, "Very nice meeting you Mr. Michaels, I hope to see you again soon." He said and I felt the card he pressed into my palm as we shook hands. I slipped the card into my jacket pocket and complimented him on his service, noticing that the jade of his eyes had deepened to a brilliant emerald green.  

I was itching to read the card Neil had given me but I resisted the urge.  When we arrived at William's he invited us for coffee but Cliff and I declined the invitation claiming tiredness, noting the time, it was almost 11PM.  Cliff excused himself to use the bathroom and William and I stood in the foyer talking about both Mark and Calvin. He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye.

"Don't lose the card in your pocket Lee, Neil is a fine looking young man. I wonder if he might consider a position at the motel?  Do you think he would?" He said, a mischievous smile on his face.

"He might Uncle Bill, with a little help from Claude if you see him again."  I answered just as mischievously."

William chuckled and leaning forward he kissed me. "We know each other to well, don't we?"

"I know what you taught me." I said caressing his cheek with my hand.

"I love you all the more for it. If I taught you anything, teach Mark as well."

"And you, Calvin." I whispered a strong feeling of love welling up inside of me as we gazed into each other’s eyes.

"I don't think either of us will have much trouble." He said just before Cliff walked up.

We thanked William for dinner and as we were leaving, I patted the pocket of my jacket and he smiled at me but I was thinking more about Victor than Neil at that moment.

                                                         * * * * * * * * *
When we reached the motel, a handsome young man was behind the front desk.  He was the same height as Victor and had dark if not black hair and his smooth dusky skin tone hinted at the probability of Hispanic or Arabic descent. He had broad shoulders and the motel uniform complimented his complexion.  He looked at us and he nodded in our direction as we walked in.
The lounge was still open and I invited Cliff for a nightcap before retiring, grateful that he declined. As he started to walk away, I asked him if he would like a call in the morning.

"Good idea, 8:30 would be fine." He answered.

"I'll leave it at the desk for you. Goodnight."  I answered and walked to the desk.

"Malcom, isn't it? Lee Michaels. Victor told me you would be relieving him. Would you call Mr. Adams at 8:30 in the morning?"

"Malcom Petulengro Mr. Michaels. I'll place Mr. Adams morning call for him.  Victor asked me to remind you that he would be in the Atrium when you returned. I believe he is there now." He said, giving no indication of curiosity as to why Victor would be waiting for me in the Atrium.

"Petulengro, that is an unusual name. My Spanish is rusty." I said quizzically.

"It is a hybrid of Basque and Aragon Spanish. It means in simple terms, "Smith." He said smiling his black eyes flashing with amusement.

"I'm sorry Malcom forgive me.  I didn't mean to be so inquisitive but it is an unusual name. It rolls off of the tongue but I can't imagine the connection with Smith."

"Not many people do unless they are familiar with the history of the people of the Pyrenees in Spain, Mr. Michaels."

"I'll be sure and read the history Malcom, call me at the same time you do Mr. Adams please." I said.  

I could almost feel his eyes boring into my back as I walked away musing, "Spanish and Gypsy, and interesting combination."

                                                              * * * * * * * * *

When I reached my room I took the card out of my pocket that Neil had given me.  It was embossed in gold with his name Neil Avery and a phone number.  Laying the card on the dresser in the bedroom, I stripped. After putting on a jockstrap and gray athletic shorts I looked at it again and dialed the phone number.  

After a few rings his answering machine kicked in, "Neil Avery here. I am sorry I am unavailable at the moment to take your call. If you would like, please leave a short message with your name and number.  I will return your call as soon as possible."

For a brief moment the thought that he might be a male escort flashed through my head. I almost hung the phone up but my interest was piqued and I left a message recording my name and the motel telephone number.

"If he should be an escort." I thought, "It will be interesting to find out and see what might develop."

 "An interesting development." I mused, collecting the Atrium key Victor had given me earlier.

                                                              * * * * * * * * *

The Atrium was locked when I reached it and I locked the door again behind me.  The room was warm but not suffocating as so many others were.  The hot tub had been relocated but the pool remained the same. The glass walls have be re-surfaced with an opaque film or new windows reducing the exterior ability for people outside to see who was using the facility. All of the plantings were artificial and that surprised me a little knowing that natural plants survived better in a warm humid atmosphere. The area around the pool and hot tub had been covered with a non-skid material that was not there before but the signs decrying running were still strategically placed at various points on the interior walls.  The attendant’s desk had been relocated to the left of the entrance giving a full view of who might be in the pool, using the hot tub or lounging on various lounges scattered around but still within the view of the attendant.  Not a whole lot of changes but still better than it had been.

The weight room was to my right and I heard the clanking of metal on metal.  Victor was changing the weights on the bar he was using when I entered.  His thickly muscled back was too me and I visually and mentally compared him with Mark. His shoulders were a little broader than Mark's as I already knew they would be and his torso tapered down in the classic "V" too a very small waist. He flexed his thickly muscled thighs and shook his arms to relax before picking up the weights.  His jockstrap was visible under thin cotton shorts when he leaned over and I stood watching as he curled what looked like 50 or 60 lbs with apparent ease.  His back broadened as he inhaled and exhaled with each curl, the muscles rippling smoothly under his unblemished skin. He had already worked up a sweat and his flesh glistened from the exertion. He had almost the same bronze hue that Mark had and the soft fine blond hair of his thighs and calves glistened with sweat in the glare of the overhead lights.

All four walls of the room were covered with ceiling to floor mirrors and unlike most bodybuilders; he was not looking at his reflection. He was looking at the development of his arms as he curled.  "My technique." I thought. I only did mirror evaluations of my progress after finishing an exercise, using the rest period to relax before starting another exercise.  Other men I had known liked watching themselves as they worked out but I had learned that mirrors do not give a true reflection of what you were accomplishing, the reflected image was magnified.  Victor worked his arms smoothly and from the where I was standing I could see his triceps bulge matching the view I had in the mirror of his biceps, deltoid and pectoral muscles and I could see the fine tuned precision as each muscle bulged, transferring the power from his forearms to biceps and deltoids before relaxing and starting again.  From the bulge of his chest muscles he didn't seem to be breathing very hard but I could see his flat stomach moving and hear his breath being sucked in and exhaling with each curl. His rhythm was smooth, pure, unadulterated masculine power.   

I didn't count the number of curls he did but when he finished he set the weights on the floor and standing up, he lifted his arms and bending at the elbow he clinched his fists. Flexing, he turned from side to side looking at his reflection.  When he saw me in the mirror he turned and slowly lowered his arms.  His chest was not heaving but rising and falling with an easy rhythm.  He was the image of a Nordic god and I could tell by the gleam in his eyes he was feeling the pumped up high that we all felt when muscles were filled with hot blood.  

My robe had fallen from my shoulders and I was breathing a little heavier, my cock thickening from watching him, experiencing the same effect I did watching Mark work out.  Nothing short of sex, ever matched the high that watching a magnificently built young or older man work out.  For a brief few seconds it felt like he and I were surrounded in a surreal other world permeated with male testosterone and then he shook his arms breaking the spell.

"Hey." He said smiling widely his even white teeth flashing. "I didn't know you were there."

Leaning over to pickup my robe and cover-up the excitement I was feeling I draped it over my arm moving towards him.  He picked up a towel and wiped the sweat off.

"Only a few minutes, you weren't looking in the mirrors but I was. You've got great definition, how much weight were you using?"  

"Only a 20 and a 10 on each side Lee.  That's what I start with and work up too 90.  How about you, how much do you start with?"

"I start with 40 and work up too 100. Those weights you are working with seem pretty light considering the bulk you have built." I said while draping my robe over one of the benches and trying to avoid looking at the very prominent bulge in his groin.  Most me usually had a semi-hardon when working out and at his age it was likely he had a full hard.  Hot rushing blood has that effect on one's body and the cock was all muscle in the truest sense of the word.

It was tough enough working out with Mark and keeping my emotions in check but working out with Victor was going to be a challenge.  They both were magnificently built except Victor was two or three inches taller and bigger boned. The way he was standing, toying with a 10lb barbell he had picked up, and looking at me with his soft blue eyes was not going to help in the least and I could feel a churning deep in my gut.

He bent over, placing the barbell on the floor, he started to change the weights but I stopped him. "I'll start with what you have on there Vic."

"Are you sure Lee, your starting out cold. Don't you think you should warm up with the barbells first?"

He was right but I didn't want to hold him up since he had already started. Standing around and cooling off, could cause the muscles to tighten up if you waited to long between sets. "What were you going to do next Vic?" I asked feeling a little foolish at my bravado.

"Lifts and squats before going into jerks and lifts. I was waiting for you before doing the jerks."

"Okay, let me catch up first. Drop the two 10s and I'll double the reps on the curls. We can help each other out with the rest of the program after that."

Vic removed the weights while I stretched and loosened up. The first lift sent a surge of fire through me at first until it was replaced by the flow of blood into my arms and chest.  He stood off only a few feet watching and I felt the electrifying effect of my muscles screaming in protest and then slowly recede as I increased the rhythm.  The power of blood gorged muscles straining and bulging; working against solid weight replaced the pain with sheer pleasure and excitement. The beat of my heart increased with each curl and I felt the flow of hot blood increase. The effect was almost as if I had taken an aphrodisiac. There was an indescribable feeling of power as I felt my muscles swelling, absorbing the blood as I pumped.  The only thrill that could compare was the excitement one felt when masturbating. My cock swelled, engorged with hot blood in the confinement of my jockstrap, screaming to be released.

Victor moved a little to the side of me and I could see the admiration in his eyes and sensed the stimulus he was feeling at watching the muscles of my arms and torso ripple smoothly in unison. His chest swelled as he breathed through his slightly open mouth, running the tip of his tongue over his lips and the nipples of his large breasts jutted out as hard as the muscles that hosted them.  His eyes were locked on my torso and when I sat the weight down and flexed, looking into the mirror, he breathed softly "Jesus" and I conceitedly enjoyed hearing it.  He turned standing beside me and we flexed together, muscles bulging and looking into each other’s eyes in the mirrors. The bright blue in his eyes had softened to a sultry indigo and I could see the passion burning in their depths.  It was akin to watching two panting racehorses in the starting gate, impatient to be released. His groin and mine were bulging and we both were almost panting, we were breathing so hard. 

Lowering our arms we both turned facing each other hardily a foot apart and he reached out slipping his arms around my waist and I didn't resist, letting him pull us together.  Feeling the strength of his steel hard arms around me and his heaving, hard muscled chest against mine I lost any thoughts of working out, I wanted this young stallion.  His lips felt like soft velvet, his tongue a hot probe touching mine as we searched hidden cavities.  The power in his groin pushing against mine was almost overpowering and slipping my arms around his neck I let myself go enjoying the hot pressure of his lips on mine, tongues in almost mortal combat feinting and twisting mixing the sweet taste of untainted saliva.

Breaking the passion of our kissing he laid his head on my shoulder whispering in my ear, "God Lee, I have wanted you ever since I first saw you.  I was glad when Mark leave today and I was hoping I'd have a chance to be where I am."

Running my hands over the smooth softness of his back muscles I held him close moving my hips slightly before answering.

"That puts us both in the same boat Vic. I've been thinking about you ever since he left." I said softly.

"Do you want to finish working out?" He asked softly, lifting his face to mine.

"We can finish working out in my room Vic."  I said brushing his lips with mine.

                                                      * * * * * * * * *