By Lee Mariner

July 2003

This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark. It is a gay fantasy and will depict  homosexual acts between men and young men. It is intended for adult readers only and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and there is no relationship intended with any person or persons living or deceased.


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This work has been edited and proofed by my friend Sean and while you may not see the evidence of his work, I do.  Thanks much for your assistance Sean.


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Chapter #69

My fingers fumbled with the magnetic card that unlocked the door and under my breath I cursed wishing for a key.  Victor, standing behind me with his pelvis lightly touching my ass, couldn't  help nullify the excitement coursing through my body. When I finally opened the door, he followed me and after locking it, I flipped the interior lights on and turned to where Victor was standing in the center of the room and I paused in amazement, stunned momentarily by his physical magnificence. 

I could not help comparing Victor with Mark. The only difference I could see between them consisted of an individual perfection;  Victor was taller and bigger muscled than Mark.  His body gleamed a reddish bronze in the shaded lighting of the room's lamps and the shadows enhanced the smooth definition of torso and beautifully muscled thighs.  His brilliant blue eyes glistened and his flaxen hair shone like burnished gold.  He like Mark was the epitome of youth at the pinnacle of health.

I audibly sucked air between my teeth into my lungs and he smiled softly his brilliant white teeth flashing.  With a slow, deliberately tantalizing movement,  he ran his hands over his chest stroking downward over the ripped  muscles of his abdomen and sliding his fingers under the waistband of his light gray athletic shorts he hesitated and gazed at me still smiling. 

I understood the unspoken hint and followed his movements.  I was in a self-induced trance, watching the agonizingly slow erotic removal of his shorts. His eyes were blazing with blue fire and he locked mine with his. I could feel raw sexual energy flowing between us and I could see he was as excited as I was from the way his stomach flattened with each heave of his chest.  The room seemed filled with the euphoric aroma of testosterone as I watched his golden pubic hair and then the thick base of his cock slowly being revealed inch by tapered inch until its sheathed, blood engorged crown sprang free, jutting upwards from the silky golden nest surrounding its thick base and covering his low hanging balls. He kicked his shorts from around his still shoe clad feet and stood for a moment gazing at me, his eyes sparkling,  arms akimbo. As he slowly moved towards me, I kicked my shorts away and I could feel the hot blood rushing through my veins.  His arms were steel bands encircling me, his hard muscles pressing against mine. When our cocks touched a hot bolt of fire shot through the fibers of my being and my muscles quivered from the ecstasy of him in my arms.  He grinned and ran the tip of his tongue over my lips teasingly.  I grasped his head with both hands devouring his tongue and he gyrated his hips slowly and I responded,  our pre-cum slick cocks dueling for unattainable supremacy.

Leaning back he broke the kiss, released me and dropped to his knees. Holding the cheeks of my ass, his mouth was a raging inferno consuming my cock; every muscle in my body tightened from the intense pleasure rushing over me.  For a few moments I felt powerless to do anything. I wanted for him to suck the life out of me.  He was sucking my cock like a babe would suck its mother's teat and I was on the verge of total physical collapse.  I was reluctant to stop him but I moved my hips backwards pulling my cock from his mouth. When he looked up at me I reached down and pulled him up.  He had a surprised look on his face until I took his arm and led him into the bedroom.

We crawled into the bed without saying anything. When I laid beside him on my side, head to toe,  he didn't hesitate to receive my cock as it slid down into the depths of his throat and I swallowed his dripping thick 8".  

Throwing my arm over his waist, I played with his balls with the other hand and felt him doing the same.  We held each other tight and slowly started a mutual piston movement of our hips. His pre-cum, saliva slick cock slid in and out with ease and I opened my throat wide. The overpowering acrid odor of his sweat filled my nostrils and his pre-cum became for me a sweet aphrodisiac.  We thrust our cocks deep into each others quivering throats and I could tell from the swelling of his cock and the tightening of his nuts that he was as close as I was.  The intensity of passions increased with each thrust, his cock hardened deep in my throat and as he put his hand behind my head his muscles tightened, and a deep moan swelling upward from his diaphragm signaled his approaching climax. Holding my head tight, his cock erupted and I felt thick streams of his cream filling and flowing down my throat with each throbbing, pulsing spasm. The resonant vibrations of his moaning reverberated through my cock causing a cascading feeling that tightened my nuts and I felt my cock swell, erupting with the force of a cataclysmic explosion of cream gushing forcefully, filling his mouth and throat.

We held each other tight, our cocks pulsing and draining the sweet-life-giving fluids from tightened ball sacs.  Tightening our lips we drained the last few drops from wilting cocks as they slipped from each other's mouth.  Victor rolled over on his back and I could hear him gasping for breath.  I lay quietly a few minutes longer with my hand on his hard flat stomach until my emotions returned almost too normal before I raised up and twisted around to lay beside him.

We lay quietly for a few minutes enjoying the soft afterglow that follows the titanic effort of giving each other what we wanted, the sexual  pleasure that only two men can experience. He had his eyes closed and his sweat covered body glistened in the dim light from the night stand lamp. Touching his soft nipples he opened his eyes and turned his face to mine.  His eyes had softened to an azure blue and reaching over he slid his fingers along the lower jaw bone of my face.

The lust had evaporated and there was a softness on his face.  Thoughts of Mark flooded back into my head, remembering when we made love. He and Victor were a lot alike, young men filled with passion and desire.

I shook my head gently. "How about a shower Vic? We both need one."

                                                        * * * * * * * * *
The shower was warm and relaxing and when I was washing Victor I couldn't help but admire how much he and Mark were alike. The beautiful flowing symmetry of hard muscle, hard flat stomachs, each muscle melding with the other in a symphony of power.  They both were Adonis re-incarnated with the smooth sculpted beauty of David and they glowed from within radiating a charismatic confidence.

Finished with showering and drying each other off, we laid down on the bed.  I pulled the sheet up over us and he cuddled up to me like Mark did. I laid on the pillow with one arm under my head, the other around his shoulders. His warm breath wafted over my breasts and the herbal scent of shampoo mixing with Sandalwood body wash filled my nostrils.

He was breathing softly and for a moment I thought he had fallen asleep until he lifted his head and cupped my breast.      

"Forgive me for saying it Lee, but I knew it would be like this with you." He said softly.

"Maybe its you who should forgive me Vic.  When we were in the weight room and in the shower I couldn't help but compare you with Mark.  You are physically a little bigger then he is but other than that, you are as alike as two peas in a pod."  

Lifting up, he bent his arm at the elbow and rested his head in his hand.  He ran his fingers over my chest outlining each muscle and looking down at me, I could see a wistful look in his eyes.

"Why such a sad look Vic?" I asked somewhat timidly.

He hesitated a few minutes before answering. "I guess being with you makes me feel a little sad Lee. You said you were comparing me with Mark, that's okay, he's a hell of a good-looking guy and lucky. I just wish I had someone with whom I could compare you.  Terry and I have something going but it's not like what Mark and you have.  I can see how you and he feel about each other and we don't have that in our relationship."

"You and Terry Anderson are a couple?  He seems like a pretty nice guy."  I said trying to act innocent.

"I guess you could say we are a couple. We've only been going together for a few weeks. He likes working out and he has a nice body but he's not built like you are. In bed it's pretty much one-way, his way when he wants it.  There isn't very much feeling and when we do it and I feel sort of used afterwards. Sometimes I get my rocks off and other times I don't and I wind up jerking off after he's gone.  He doesn't like cuddling and playing with each other like we did, he just likes fucking my ass." He said, turning his face away as his voice trailed off.. . . . . . . .His body shuddered and I felt tears dropping on my ribs.

Stroking his shoulder, I thought back to some of the guys I had met like that in my early years and I could identify with what he was saying and his feelings.  There are some guys that lack the emotions and passion and as soon as they climax, it's all over for them regardless of their partner's needs.  I squeezed him a little closer and kissed his soft hair.

"Why do you stay with him Vic?" I whispered softly, waiting for him to calm down.

He hesitated not facing me for a few more seconds. His beautiful blue eyes were watery and his cheeks were tear-stained.  He took a deep breath before answering and he almost blurted out.

"Because I don't have any place too go.  I don't have any brothers or sisters, my parents are dead and the rest of the family doesn't  want anything to do with me because I'm gay. I wish I could meet someone like you." He said, his eyes downcast.

 Lifting his head with my fingers I could see the anguish in his eyes and I tried not to sound cavalier.

"I'm afraid Mark has first dibs on me Vic but I'm sure there is someone waiting  for a good-looking stud like you to come into his life."

"Yeah, all they want is a good-looking, well-built, tight-assed young stud.  I've met those types Lee. Most of them want their cocks sucked or want to fuck my ass and after they're satisfied drop a few bucks on the table.  Some guys make a living that way, selling themselves, that's not what I want, I'm not a male prostitute. Those guys get used, abused and grow old to fast."

Neil Avery flashed through my mind and I glanced at the telephone.  I didn't know for sure if he was in that business or not but I didn't want the phone to ring regardless if he was or not. Another thought popped into my head while I was thinking about Neil but I didn't know how I could ask about it except bring it right out.

"How did you meet Terry, Vic?"  I said, scooting up on the pillow and leaning back on the bed's headboard.  His head slid down my chest a little laying at the juncture where the pectoral muscles meet at the sternum and his arm was laying over my pelvis.

"I met him at the YMCA where I was living.  He was working out and asked me to help him with his spots. He was nice-looking and I admit, I was interested.  After we finished working and taking a shower he asked me if I would be interested in going to a motel with him.  It was pretty nice the first time we had sex. I like being fucked and even though he wasn't that big,  he made me cum.  I spent the night with him and later he told me he was the manager and asked me if I wanted a job. That's how it started." He sighed.

I could feel the tenseness in his body and hear the frustration in his voice.  Victor was another healthy, vibrant young man being taken advantage of and he was trapped  in an environment he didn't know how to get out of.   It angered me that Terry probably knew of Victor's personal and economic disadvantages and was using him for his own personal satisfaction.

"Vic, where would you go if you didn't work at the motel, any place in particular?"

"If I could afford it, I'd be on a bus too Pensacola, Florida.  I have a cousin there and he told me anytime I wanted, I could live with him.  Bud's five or six years older then I am but he's a nice guy. His brother is the real jerk, one of those holier-than-I guys who thinks everyone that don't believe in the Bible and go to church will wind-up in hell."

"When did you see him last, your cousin Bud?"

"I saw him when he came up for his mother's funeral last year."

"Do you think he meant it when he said you could live with him or was he just talking?"

"Nah, Bud isn't that kind of guy. We always got along good as kids and he wouldn't put me on about something like that.  He knows the score. My dad was his uncle and up until dad died, he acted like we were both his sons, not just me."  Vic said moving a little closer and laying his head next to mine, his soft warm breath blowing in my ear.

We lay quietly for a long time and I was thinking about Carl, Mark's friend. Not the same situation but Carl was alone except for his parents. Victor was alone except for a family of uncaring relatives.  He may not have thought about it but every time Terry took advantage of him he was selling the only asset he had, his body.  

I hadn't noticed that Victor's breathing had become deep and regular. His hand lay over my breast and it felt good. It was not Mark's hand but it still felt good.  I turned my head slightly trying not to disturb him. His eyes were closed and his mouth was half open and his face glowed with the same innocence I had become used to seeing in Mark.  

Two little boys with bodies that men yearned for.  Tucking the sheet around his shoulders, I laid back thinking about Mark and what he might be doing; my eyelids became heavy.

                                                         * * * * * * * * *