By Lee Mariner

July 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark. It is a gay fantasy and it will depict homosexual acts between men and young men. It is intended for adult readers only.  IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE.  All characters are fictional and there is no implied or intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #71

Terry Anderson's was seething with anger when I turned my back on him.  I could almost feel his eyes burning holes in my back but I felt good.  He may or may not take my admonition to heart but whether he did or not was immaterial. I had no intention of leaving Louisville without warning William that he probably had another Cyrus Coleman in his employ.  

An old saying came to mind as I walked towards my suite, "Birds of a feather flock together." Coleman and Anderson seemed to be perched on the same branch. The big difference between the two might be that Coleman was not as subtle in his activities as Anderson.

I hated  using a ruse without telling Victor but at the moment, it was the only method available in order for me to see him privately.

Stopping in the suite on my way to the Atrium I changed into a jockstrap and athletic shorts and then extracted ten $100.00 Travelers Checks from my attaché case.  Filling Victor's name in on the payee line I placed them in the Stratford Travel agency folder with his plane ticket.  

The maids had hung my robe in the bathroom linen closet but it only took me a few seconds to find it.  Grabbing one of the towels from the racks in the bathroom I put the robe around my shoulders with the folder in one pocket and the magnetic access card in the other. I pulled the robe around me and left the suite. I felt good.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

The heat was almost oppressive when I walked into the Atrium.  There were several older adults sitting around the edge of the pool watching over the kids swimming and a middle aged couple in the hot tub.  Heads looked up as I walked across the room and I nodded back in response to their nods.  

A young attendant maybe in his mid-twenties sat behind the metal desk and when he started to get up I waved him away indicating I was going to the weight rooms.  He smiled, nodded his head and sat back down.  When he stood, I could see he was wearing Speedos and the loose open shirt he was wearing revealed a light covering of dark chest hair.  He had Italian features and a very thick, wavy, shock of neatly trimmed dark brown hair.

"Not bad." I mused to myself as I passed trying not to be to obvious.

Victor was waiting in the weight room and I was thankful for the air-conditioning.  He was leaning over the bar attaching weights and when he heard the door shut he looked behind him without straightening up.  He was wearing the same gray shorts he had worn before and leaning over like he was I could see the straps of his jockstrap.  Shrugging my robe off I tossed it over one of the white plastic chairs and did a few limbering up exercises while he finished securing the plates on the bar.  

Walking to where I was exercising he had a smile on his face.  "I've already set the bar weights at one hundred ten for you." He said.

The comparison between Mark and him was remarkable.  But for the age, hair and eye difference they were physical twins. Smooth hard sculpted chest muscles and biceps with thick forearms.  Like Mark he had a "treasure" trail of light blond hair leading down from his naval between twin ridges of hard abdominal muscles disappearing into the waist band of his shorts.  The silky soft hair on his thickly muscled thighs and calves gleamed golden.  They were two magnificently built contrasts in male beauty.  Victor was a golden blue eyed Adonis while Mark  had the sultry look of David.  Both sexually desirable but every inch masculine.

"Lee." He said snapping me out of the self-induced state of reverie I had slipped into.

"Sorry Vic. I was a thousand miles away. "I don't think I'll use the weights this afternoon. I just want to tone up some on the Bowflex."

"Oh, I thought you might want to finish up  where we started last evening."

"Not this afternoon.  I usually work out with weights early or late.  I'm having dinner with William and I don't like looking to pumped up when I'm out.  The Bowflex will be fine."  

"Great, do you want me to set it for you?"

"Set it at ieghty pounds Vic and we'll work up one hundred forty in tens after twenty reps."

"Would it be okay if I use the other machine with you?"  He asked.

"Sure but no competition.  I just want a light workout."

"You call working out in twenties up to one hundred forty a light workout?"

"Sure, it works for me."

"I can see that." He said setting his machine while I did a couple of initial pulls.

We worked out side by side and every time we finished twenty reps he would jump up and make the ten pound adjustments until we reached one hundred forty.  He matched me stroke for stroke with ease and I could feel and see the sweat pouring from our pores.  The waistband of his and my shorts darkened with sweat and when we finished he was hardly breathing heavily; his sweat covered body glistened under the glare of the overhead florescent lights.

"You should use the Bowflex more often Vic instead of the straight weights. You would lose some of the bulkiness but it would tone your muscles better.  Mark and I use the flats lightly and then finish up on the machine." I said, feeling like an instructor. Victor didn't look like he needed instructions in bodybuilding but he would look better with more toning than bulk, he had plenty of that.

"I haven't seen Mark but if he looks like you, I'm going to change my routine." He said while he shook his hands and arms to let the blood flow more evenly.

"He comes close Vic." I said, turning around on the bench for forty leg and thigh reps using the reverse leg bar.

When we were finished I grabbed a towel from the stack on the table and tossed him one.  When we finished toweling off the sweat, I put my robe on tucking my towel in around my neck and he draped his towel around his neck.  The bulge in his crotch was larger then when we started and I could feel the strain of my cock cramped in the pouch of my jockstrap.  Victor was an exciting young man to look at but that was not my reason for getting him in the weight room.

"Come over here Vic and sit with me for a minute. I'm not going to take a shower now, I want to cool down first."  He had a disappointed look on his face when I said that but he moved over to where I was sitting and pulling a chair closer he sat next to me.

"You looked surprised when I saw you earlier. When did Terry get back?"

"Sometime last night.  He asked Malcom if he knew where I was at but Malcom didn't say anything about me working out with you.  He warned me that Terry was looking for me but he told him I had gone home to the "Y."

I wasn't concerned about Anderson knowing Vic and I had been together, I didn't want Vic to have any trouble because of it.

"I'm not concerned about Terry, Vic.  Malcom appears to be a pretty smart kid.  Has he been approached by Terry?"

"I  honestly don't know Lee, Malcom is pretty tight lipped. He has told me about his girl friend and I'm sure Terry knows about her.  I don't think he would try anything otherwise. Terry did hit on Glenn in the dining room though. I don't know Glenn all that well but I've seen him make himself scarce whenever Terry goes in there.  The motel doesn't have a dining room manager and Terry sort of runs it until they hire one."

"Another chink in any armour Anderson has left." I thought to myself.

"Victor if you were serious about wanting to go to Pensacola with your cousin you won't have to worry about Anderson any longer."  I said, watching his face close.

His eyes lit up for just a moment and then he looked serious. "Lee I think I know what you're going to say but I can't let you do it."

"And what do you think I was going to do?"  I said teasingly.

He didn't answer at first but I could see his chest moving as he breathed a little faster. Taking the towel from around his neck he started twisting it and looked at me with tears welling in his eyes.

Lowering his head and with a slight tremor in his voice he swallowed whispering almost inaudibly, "You're going to offer to help me and I can't let you do that.  There's no way I could ever pay you back."

Reaching over to him I put my fingers under his head and lifted his face to me.  Tears were starting to roll down his cheeks. I took the towel from his hands and wiped his face feeling his emotion inside of me.  "Victor, who said anything about pay-back?  What time is your shift over tonight?"

"It's over but Terry wants me to go with him and meet some friends of his." He said, his voice quivering.

"Do you want to go with him?" I asked.

"No, I've met his friends before."  He said softly and averting his eyes from mine.

I had a good idea what he meant from the way he said it and it angered me more.

"Then don't go with him.  I want you on a plane out of Louisville in the morning Vic."

"But Lee......"

"Unh, unh.  Take your shower get dressed and come to my room. I've got to make a call."

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

I left Victor in a bit of a daze but I saw him going into the locker room as I shut the weight room  door. I almost invited him to take a shower in my suite and as nice as that would have been I knew it was wiser that he didn't.  He was too gorgeous a young man.

When I was inside the bedroom I tossed the robe off after taking the Stratford Agency folder from the pocket.  Sitting on the bed I glanced at the clock, 5:20PM. I dialed the number on the cover and after a few rings the well-modulated voice I recognized as Noll's answered.

"Stratford Travel, may we help you?"

"Noll, Lee Michaels.  I was in earlier."

"Yes Mr. Michaels.  Neal said he hated missing you when I told him you were in. What can I do for you, nothing wrong with the flight arrangements I hope?

"Nothing wrong Noll but I wonder if the departure time can be changed to the 9:15 morning flight."

"That should be no problem the morning flight is seldom full, give me just a minute." He said smoothly and I heard the clicking of computer keys.

"It's done Mr. Michaels, there were still plenty of seats on the plane.  Mr. Mullins leaves in the morning. Is there anything else I can do? The airlines are giving some terrific rates right now."

"That makes me wish I were flying but I'm driving this trip.  Thanks for your help and tell your brother I'm sorry I missed him, maybe we can hook up the next time I'm in town."

"I'm sure he would like that Lee." He said almost purring. "Maybe we could have dinner or cocktails. Tell Mr. Mullins to have a safe flight and call us again when we can be of service."

"I'll do that and thanks again." I said feeling my cock starting to swell. He had lowered his voice an octave to a conspiratorial suggestive softness.

"He would like that Lee,"he had said rather seductively. Those words along with 'we' and 'call if we can be of service', oozed sex.  I mused to myself.  The words fairly dripped with double meaning and he had voluntarily used my first name.  The idea of a ménage a´ trois  flashed though my head.

                                                                * * * * * * * * *
When I heard Victor's knock at the door I put my robe back on and stuffed the ticket folder in the pocket.

Victor came into the room looking fresh and bright as a newly mint penny.  He was carrying a small athletic bag in one hand and he had his motel jacket over his arm.

"You look great Vic.  Would you like a drink, beer, soda?"

"No thanks Lee but are you sure you know what you're doing? I never expected anything like this to happen because we went to bed last night."

"Sit down Vic, I'm going to have a beer. Sure you wouldn't like one with me?"

"I don't drink that much Lee, but I'll have one with you."  He said, sitting down.

"Vic." I said while opening two bottles of Killians. "Last night has nothing to do with it and you don't owe me a thing.  You are way too nice a kid to be wasting away in this motel and staying in a YMCA.  They are nice enough for an emergency but not to live in, that's no life."  I said handing him his beer.

"You don't know anything about me Lee!!

"I know enough Vic and what I saw this afternoon I know you or no one should be treated the way Anderson was treating you. Last night was great, I enjoyed it and you." I said leaning towards him and extending my hand with the ticket folder.  

Vic took the folder and after sitting his beer on the table opened it.  He sat quietly for a few moments, his head bowed with his hands between his thighs clutching it. When he looked up tears were running down his cheeks and his lips quivered.  

"I.....I.....don't know what to say."  He whispered haltingly.

"Don't say anything Vic, just be on that plane in the morning." I said feeling a lump in my throat and remembering what Cliff had said about the times he liked being a lawyer. That's how I felt, being able to help someone else.

Vic sat quietly; his head down with his broad shoulders sagging. I got a hand towel from the bar and dampening it, I handed it to him.  He wiped his face and inhaled deeply, then he sat up straight.  

He looked up at me standing over him, his soft blue eyes shining.  Looking into their depths  I saw the thanks and sincerity which was all the thanks I needed.  He stood up and put his arms around me, they felt like steel bands crushing me to his broad muscled chest.  He held me for several moments with his head pressed against my shoulder.  A warm feeling rushed over me when he whispered in my ear. "Tell Mark for me, he is lucky to have you."

"He knows that Vic and I'm lucky to have him. He feels the same way I do about helping someone.  How are you getting to the YMCA?"  

"Terry usually takes me or I catch the bus in front of the motel." He said releasing me. "I still have to turn the jacket in; it belongs to them."

"Leave it here.  Is there anything else in the motel that's yours?" I said going into the bedroom.

"Nothing, I don't have that much anyway." He said following me.

"Then you won't be overweight when you get on the plane." I said pulling on a pair of slacks and a light sweat shirt.  "When you get to Pensacola Vic, use some of the money in that folder and buy yourself some decent clothes.  It pays to look your best when you interview for a job.  Come on, I'm taking you to the "Y" and when we walk out the front door, don't look back."

                                                        * * * * * * * * *

Anderson was standing behind the front desk with Malcom when he saw us crossing the lobby.  He called Vic's name and mine several times.  Vic didn't cringe or shrug down, he walked straight up alongside of me.  Vic directed me to the YMCA and I noticed we passed within a block or two of William's store and apartment.  

The YMCA didn't have a parking lot, they never do for some reason. Parking at the curb I turned in the bucket seat and faced him.  "Can Anderson get up to your room?" I asked.

"No, he isn't a resident and I don't have to go out,  I can eat in the cafeteria."

"Good, stay inside and use a cab when you go to the airport. I don't think he will do anything but there is no need to take chances. If you need any money, there should be a branch bank in the terminal where you can cash one of those travelers checks.  One thing more, that ticket is an open ended round trip. If things don't work out with your cousin, you can come back to Louisville if you ever change your mind and decide that's what you want to do.  Are you going to call him and let him know your on your way?"

"I'll call him when I get there, he told me to come down when ever I felt like it.  Will I ever see you again?" He asked reaching for my hand.

"You never can tell Vic, I move around quite a bit.  I put my business card in the folder and I want you to call me when you get there. I'll still be at the motel but you call my cell phone." I said squeezing his hand.

"I will, I promise. Thanks again Lee, I'll never be able to pay you back but I sure appreciate you doing this."

"You don't have to. Take care of yourself and use the Bowflex."  I said softly, grinning at him.

"I will." He said. Leaning over he brushed my lips with his before opening the door.  

I watched him run up the steps and when he got to the door he turned and waved. his golden hair was brilliant in the setting sun.  He disappeared through the door and I felt a lump in my throat as I pulled away from the curb.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

Walking back into the motel I heard my name being called and when I turned I saw Malcom walking towards me.

"Mr. Michaels, Mr. Woolford called while you were out and he said his driver would be here at seven thirty. If that was to early he asked that you call him."  

"Thanks Malcom.  Is Mr. Anderson still here?"

"He is in his office but I believe he is leaving shortly."

"Would you ask him to join me for a drink in the lounge?"

His face broke out in a wide smile and his black eyes danced. "Yes sir."

I ordered my usual scotch and soda and the bartender brought it to me at the small table I had selected facing the lobby.  When I saw Anderson almost running across the lobby I motioned for the bartender and he arrived at the table at the same time as Anderson.

"What will you have Terry?"  I asked dryly.

"Bourbon and water no ice." He said.  "May I sit down?"

"Of course."

He sat down nervously and fidgeted until his drink was brought. Taking a big swallow he sat the glass down and looked at me, his eyes filled with fear. All I could think of was Coleman sitting almost in the same position and I waited for him to speak.

"When will Victor be back Mr. Michaels?  I told him I needed him tonight."

Taking a swallow from my glass I looked him in the eyes. "He won't be coming back and I believe you know why he won't. You better start looking for another desk clerk."

"But....but...he....he didn't give me any notice that he was leaving. I can't find a replacement that quickly."  He said his eyes downcast and twisting his glass with both hands.

"You better call a temporary employment service or work in his place until you do find someone Terry, Victor will not be back.  He has left the city, he has left Kentucky. Enjoy your drink, I've got to get ready for dinner with Mr. Woolford. Tell the bartender to charge the drinks to me."  I said coldly.

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

The shower felt good and I felt good but I was not patting myself on the back. Initially we thought that Anderson would be an excellent replacement for Coleman but it seems we had erred. I had no immediate control over who did or did not work in the motel but history had repeated itself and the same situation had again reared it's ugly head. I felt comfortable in my own mind that William would like to know about it.  I wasn't trying to be a head hunter but some things were intolerable and sexual harassment male or female was one of them.

Charles drove under the motel canopy just as I walked into the lobby.  Malcom was behind the front desk but no sign of Anderson.  I lifted my eyebrows sending him an inquisitive look and he shrugged but with a smile on his face.

Charles opened the rear door of the car as I walked out of the lobby.  There was a rare twinkle in his intensely black eyes.  "You are feeling well this evening Mr. Lee?" He asked quietly as was always the case. Charles never raised his voice.

"Extremely Charles and you?"

"Quite well." He said as he slid into the drivers side of the car and pushed a small blue button on the dashboard.

I had never noticed that button before but it could have always been there.  I never paid attention to what Charles did when he was driving.  There was no need to, he was an excellent chauffeur and always seemed to know exactly where he was going.

"What's the button for Charles?"  I asked out of curiosity.

"It's a device that William had installed.  It sends a signal that I am returning from any errands he has sent me on. It allows him to be better prepared if someone is returning with me in the car. I'm not sure I understand this new technology stuff but since Calvin installed a computer in his apartment, William has become quite interested in it.   He wanted to install one in Calvin's truck but I convinced him that it might seem like he was trying to keep track of him. You know how young people are about what they consider as restraint?"

"I don't think I would like it either.  How is the young Mr. Woolford?"

"He's puffed up like a peacock but William is worse than him. It delights me to see how they have taken to each other.  It saddens me though that Calvin has a burden much like mine when my sons were ill." He said softly.

I knew that he was referring to Calivin's mother's illness and it shamed me that I had not gone to visit her.  I didn't know her that well but Mark had visited her with him.

"How is Calvin's mother doing Charles?"

"Not well Mr. Lee.  Calvin does not speak of her often but you can see he is grieving. William didn't go with him but after the reception he took the certificate of adoption with him and visited her.  He was a little subdued when he returned but he will be having dinner with you and William this evening.  Calvin is a strong boy."

"He is indeed." I thought to myself, thinking about his and Mark's earlier differences.

It surprised me at first when I saw the both of them standing at the bottom landing of the steps when Charles drove around the building to the rear.  They made a handsome couple standing together but I was even more impressed by how fit William was looking and the way he fairly glowed.   

When Charles opened the door, I started to shift to one of the jump seats until I saw Calvin walk to the front of the car. William slid in beside me and Calvin sat in the front.

"Hi Uncle Lee." He said looking back through the interior privacy window.

His face was beaming and there was a soft glow in his dark blue eyes. "Hi yourself.  You look like the cat that ate the canary." I said.

"I don't think he has gotten over all of the flattery that was heaped on him at the reception." William said.

"Why should I Dad?  It felt good hearing people call me Woolford and shaking my hand."

William and I both grinned when Charles cocked his head slightly in Calvin's direction saying, "Don't let it go to your head young man. There is more too being a Woolford then just the name."

We both almost laughed when Calvin opened his mouth and then shut it. He knew better then get into a verbal battle with his self-appointed guardian.

The rest of the drive was small talk and every now and then Calvin would whisper something to Charles.  I didn't want to dampen the evening with talk about Anderson, at least not yet.

                                                                * * * * * * * * *

Cho Lin was all smiles when we entered through the rear private entrance to his restaurant. He wore a simple unadorned crimson kimono with a gold sash. The robe didn't hide the sculpted magnificence of his torso, it enhanced the very obvious definition of a well taken care of body.  Lo and My Win, his twin cousins, were clad in matching skin tight black silk pantaloons that flared at the bottom and similar but not as wide gold sashes.  Black silk open vests revealed their tight smoothly muscled chests and the silk clung to them like a second skin.  I noticed the absence of ChoLin's magnificent nephew HocChow and when I asked him, he replied very simply that he had another engagement.  I noticed a twinkle in his black eyes when he said it.

Dinner was as sumptuous as I had come to expect. The twins were a subtle but pleasant distraction and it was difficult not to look at them.  They paid particular attention to Calvin and every now and then one of them, I never knew which, would whisper in his ear and he would grin shyly.  It was not difficult to figure what they were saying.  ChoLin and William occasionally spoke with each other in hushed whispers.  I didn't feel like an outsider but I missed Mark not being with us.  

On the drive home after dinner Calvin sat with us in the back on one of the jump seats and when William asked him about the twins, he blushed crimson.

"Are they always so polite? I'm not sure which one, maybe it was both of them. I couldn't tell them apart but they told me they would be delighted if they could entertain me after dinner. I'm pretty sure I know what they meant but I've never heard it asked that way."

"That is Cho's influence." William said grinning. "I'm pretty sure he put them up to it although I did notice them giving you the eye on one other occasion.  The Chinese are a very subtle people unlike Caucasians, they are not brazen.  I have learned a great deal ever since Cho and I have known each other.  They won't force themselves on you but they have a sly way of letting you know they are attracted to you."

"Obviously they found Calvin attractive."  I said chuckling softly as Charles drove to the rear of the house.

"Ahhhh home and I am stuffed. Would you care for a nightcap Lee, Calvin?" William asked.

"I'd like one Uncle Bill.  Cho Lin's rice wine is all right but a snifter of scotch would be nice.  I have something I would like to discuss with you before going to the motel."

"I thought perhaps you did Lee.  Calvin?" He said.

"If it's all right with you I'll excuse myself. Good night Dad, Uncle Lee." He said opening the door on the side facing his small garage apartment.

"Good night Calvin." I responded as he got out and closed the door quietly behind him.

I was a little surprised at his sudden leaving and I glanced at William as he watched Calvin get out of the car. His eyes did not show any hurt or dismay.

"He is still adjusting Lee." He said softly.  "Suddenly being elevated to having a father where none existed before is somewhat overwhelming and he is still trying to face his mother's illness."

"I hope his little tiff with Mark hasn't dampened his enthusiasm any.  I'd hate to think that."

"Heavens no. Charles told me they were crying in each other's arms before they were out of the city limits.  No, Calvin compartmentalizes and he solves problems individually.  He talked with me about Mark and I know that Mark has spoken with you about Calvin.  You were much the same way when you were their ages if you remember. Lets have that drink shall we?"

                                                     * * * * * * * * *

Charles had opened the car door while we were talking and then disappeared as he always seemed to do.  When we reached William's den, he had sat the scotch decanter on the cocktail table with glasses and a soda dispenser.

William fixed our drinks and when I had finished relating the events at the motel, he fixed another. He didn't interrupt or say a word while I talked but his eyes didn't leave my face.  I could see the wheels turning behind his eyes.

Smiling, he took a sip from his fresh drink.  " I am beginning to like scotch more as I grow older Lee.  What you have told me confirms what your friend Paul at the motel has told me."

"Paul Prescott." I exclaimed surprised at hearing his name.

"Yes, Paul Prescott.  He was there when we talked with Cyrus if you recall.  Paul stopped by the store a couple of weeks or so after Mark and you left the last time you were here. He was extremely apologetic but he felt I should know what had transpired after we elevated Anderson to the manager's position.  Frankly I was shocked at first, I'd thought better of him.  In retrospect, Coleman did hire Anderson and I should have known that Cyrus never did anything without a reason.  He was good at having people that supported him, much like when we were in the army together.   I made a discreet investigation and your story confirms much That I learned.  What you have told me about the Mullins boy could be the final nail in Anderson's coffin. Your handling of that difficulty is typical of what you would do Lee.  Makes me the prouder of you.  Would you like to stay in Lousiville and take over the motel?"

"I'm sorry Uncle Bill but you know I can't stay here. I've interests in Delaware and elsewhere. I really do appreciate the offer though. Under other circumstances it would be very tempting."

"It was just a thought Lee. What do you think about Paul as manager?"

"Damn, you read my mind as well.  Have you mentioned it to him? I think he would be great."

"I mentioned it casually before he left for that softball trip or whatever it is.  He has been training his brother Erik in the lounge and Paul does a restaurant and business background.  There is nothing untoward in his background and he and his brother being lovers wouldn't be a detriment."

"You have already made up your mind Uncle Bill, haven't you?"

"More or less.  I wanted to talk with you about it before you left.  Paul will be back tomorrow and if you would like to have lunch with me tomorrow we can talk with him further about it. Would you care for another drink?"

"No thanks, my heads whirling now with everything you've told me."

"Would you like to spend the night, that is, if you don't have any other plans."

"I'm sorry Uncle Bill.  It's been a really full day and you've just topped it all off.  As much as I would enjoy it, I would like to get a full nights sleep."

"I understand.  I'll meet you tomorrow at noon." He said a wistful tone in his voice as he placed his glass on the table and stood up.

He escorted me to the door and visions of previous times with him flashed through my head.   He had never asked much of me.

"Uncle Bill." I said slipping my arms around his waist. "Is the black comforter still on your bed?"

"And clean sheets are under it." He said his eyes lighting up.

I heard the car start up as we walked together up the steps. I never would understand how Charles seemed to know before we did.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *