By Lee Mariner

August 2003

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark. It is a gay fantasy and will depict homosexual acts between men. It is intended for adult readers only. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE, IN YOUR LOCALITY, TO BE READING THIS STORY OR YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no intended or implied relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #72

An almost imperceptible knock woke me from a deep untroubled sleep and for a moment I forgot where I was until William murmured softly and pulled me tighter against his hard muscled body.  It has always amazed me how a man of his age has maintained the beautifully toned body he has.  I felt the soft pressure of his flaccid but half hard-cock pressing into the crack of my ass.  Memories of when he had first held me in his arms as a boy flooded my brain and I snuggled closer, hearing his deep voice.  “Wasn’t last night enough?”

Twisting in his arms I looked into his slate gray eyes and whispered, “Would it disappoint you if I said no Uncle Bill?”

“Not really, I know you too well.”  He said, chucking me under the chin and brushing my lips with his.   

“You should.” I said snuggling against his soft hairy chest.

“Your appetites were just as insatiable when you were a boy. Why should it be any different now than then?”  He said while stroking my hair.

“Your appetite or energy doesn’t seem to have diminished all that much.”

“Generally they have not but the recovery time is not what it once was. Eventually you will find that out.  Now though, we have some unpleasant business ahead of us and unless I am mistaken, I heard Charles enter the room a few moments ago so there should be juice and hot coffee on the table.”

William was right as usual.  Charles had set a tray with a silver thermos decanter of coffee on the table along with fresh orange juice.  William was a not overly modest man but sitting around naked and drinking coffee or juice was not his forte, he produced two white silk Chinese robes from an antique standing black walnut armoire.

After the morning refreshment we showered separately and while I was bathing, Charles brought fresh clothing for me into the bedroom.   I had another cup of coffee while William was showering and after we had dressed we went down to the dining room.

The table was set for two and he waited until we had sat down before asking what we wanted for breakfast.  

“Something light for the both of us Charles. Perhaps a poached egg and toast with some fruit.  Sound all right Lee?”

“That’s fine with me Uncle Bill.” I said as I poured coffee for the both of us.

“Charles. Did Calvin have his breakfast this morning before leaving for his classes?”

“ He was up early for his morning run William.  I started his breakfast when I saw him return.  He left a little after eight o’clock.”   

“Will Calvin be with us at the motel?” I asked, sitting the decanter on its silver tray.  

“I don’t think so Lee.  He has classes until eleven o’clock and then he visits his mother.  He tries to have lunch with her before working in the store.  The poor woman doesn’t really have much time left and it’s going to be really hard on Calvin when her time comes. I dread that day Lee.”

“I don’t envy you that task.” I said sympathetically.

“We have talked about it but it will still be hard. Losing any parent can be very traumatic.”

“I know, losing our parents was difficult for John and I.  I never did know how Doug felt about it, he was stone faced at their funerals.”

“People grieve differently Lee.  One thing that bothers me is that Calvin has a tendency to keep his feelings inside. You saw it in his little disagreement with Mark.  While Calvin keeps his feelings inside, Mark is just the opposite. You on the other hand are a little of both.  Everyone can see how you feel outside but not know how you feel inside until you express yourself.”

We sat quietly for a moment until Charles finished serving our breakfast.

“There’s nothing wrong with being conservative and try not to offend anyone Uncle Bill.  Mark is still young and learning; he is starting to settle down.”

“Much like you were Lee.  Are you going to stay here until we go to the motel or would you like for Charles to drive you there now?  I’ve got some work to do in the store before leaving and I’d like to double check Calvin’s plans.  Are you having dinner with us tonight?”

“I want to get an early start in the morning so I’ll take a rain check on dinner.  If Charles will call me a taxi I won’t bother him with driving me too the motel.”

“You know Charles won’t stand for that and neither will I.”

                                                  * * * * * * * * * *

The drive to the motel was quiet and my mind was filled with the events since Friday.  It had been a hectic time and I felt drained, tired.  When I noticed Charles start to pull into the main entrance I asked him to use the side entrance instead.  I didn’t want a confrontation with Terry Anderson without William present.

Williams’s dismissal of Cyrus Coleman had been difficult for him since they had been friends. Termination of Anderson would not be quite as bad since there was no friendship involved.  Both men had betrayed the trust that had been placed in them for the furtherance of their personal sexual agendas and that was something that neither William nor I, for that matter, could accept.  They both were guilty of what amounted to sexual slavery by threatening termination of employment if their demands were not met. They both knew that young gay men could not risk exposure.

I had more or less hoped that the discovery of what Anderson had done with Victor ended when I arranged for Victor’s departure.  I guess that is why I felt a little uncomfortable with having reported him to William but I had not told Terry out right that I would not report his conduct.  One consoling factor was that Paul had recognized what was going on and had taken the initiative and spoke with William.     

As soon as I arrived in my room I took another shower even though I had just taken one at William’s.  The hot water that splashed over me and the spray stung but it felt good.  After drying off I felt a little better emotionally but still tired. Since there was almost three hours before we met with Anderson; I slipped between the bed sheets and almost immediately fell asleep.

                                                            * * * * * * * * *

The melodic tinkling of my cell phone roused me from a dreamless sleep and Victor’s voice brought me instantly awake.

“Lee, Vic.  You told me to call you when I got here.  I tried calling you yesterday evening but the mobile operator said your phone was not in use.”

“I’m sorry Vic, I was out for dinner and I didn’t get in until late.” I fibbed.  “How was the flight?”

“It was great.  I called Bud and he picked me up at the airport; I’m calling you from his place.  He was surprised until I told him what had happened.  Bud said I could stay as long as I wanted to, I think it’ll be okay.”

“That’s good Vic.  Is he going to help you find a job?”  

“You’re probably going to think I’m nuts Lee but I was thinking about that on the airplane.  I’m going to talk with Bud about it but I think joining the Army or Marine Corps is what I should do.  I thought about it before I started working at the motel but I wasn’t sure.”

His remarks surprised me at first but then I thought, why not?  The Navy had helped me and countless other young men so why not Victor?

“I don’t see a thing wrong with one or the other Vic.  It’s a different way of life but I think you might enjoy it.  I did it and it helped me.  The only piece of advice I can offer is; don’t let hormones blind your thinking.  Use your common sense about whom you meet and become buddies with.”

“I’ve thought about that too but I think I’ll be all right.  I don’t want to hold you up; I just wanted to let you know I’m okay.  Can I say something and you won’t think I’m stupid?”

“Sure, shoot.”

“I really do appreciate what you’ve done Lee and I’ll never be able to repay you.  I’m not going to gush a lot of stuff about how much I love you and all that but I’ll never let you down Lee, count on it.”

His emotionally charged voice told me more than his words and my earlier concerns about Anderson left my mind.  “I appreciate that Vic.  Just do what we talked about and be true to yourself.  Everything else will work out if you do that.  Stay in touch and drop me a line every now and then and let me know how you’re doing, okay?”

An emotional “Yes sir” came through the phone and it went dead.

I sat on the edge of the bed with the phone in my hand feeling the same emotions.  After a few seconds I breathed deeply saying to myself “Vic’s a good kid, he’ll be all right.”

                                                     * * * * * * * * *
After cleaning up and dressing, I went to meet William for lunch.  There was an attractive young lady behind the check-in desk but Anderson was nowhere in sight.  She looked up and smiled as I walked to the lounge where Paul was behind the bar.  A scotch and soda was waiting for me by the time I sat on the stool.

“How was the softball tournament Paul?”

“We placed third Lee and Eric had to show off his muscles, the idiot.  He looked like a lobster before the weekend was over. Kids never learn do they?  I thought you would be gone when I came in this morning. Change your plans?” He said with a glint in his eye.

“Just a little, I’m leaving in the morning.  Will Erik be on duty this afternoon?”

“Yeah, he will.  The burn wasn’t really that bad but he will be uncomfortable for a few more days.  He should have known better but he’s hardheaded just like his brother.”

“That’s not all that’s hard as I remember.”  I said grinning.

“Don’t we know?” He said chuckling under his breath. “Are you expecting Mr. Woolford?  His car just pulled up out front.”

“We’re having lunch Paul.” I said turning on my stool towards the lobby.  

William walked into the lobby and hesitated for a moment looking around. When he spotted Paul and I in the lounge he smiled and went to the check-in desk.  After speaking to the young lady, he joined us.

“Good afternoon Paul, Lee.  I’ll have a Napoleon over ice please.  How did your team do in the tournament?”

I was just a little nervous thinking about the reason we were together but William was as calm as he always was.  He was immaculately groomed and not a strand of his silver gray hair was out of place.  His voice was smooth, warm and conversational.  He had made his decisions and I knew from experience nothing would deter his actions.  William was a businessman first and foremost and he had taught me the value of making informed decisions and then carrying them out.  His slate gray eyes did not betray his thoughts when he glanced between Paul and I.

Paul fixed William’s drink and sitting it before him he met his gaze his blue eyes unwavering.  “I was just telling Lee that we placed third Mr. Woolford.  Eric got a bit of a sunburn but he’ll be in for work later.”

“Third place Paul, maybe next year first?  Sorry to hear about Eric.  Sunburns can be dangerous but youngsters never think about those things. They are immortal,” he said sipping and standing at the bar.

“Now where have I heard those words before?” I said.

“I’ve preached them to you often enough, you should remember them.  The young lady told me her name was Greta.  How long has she been here Paul?”

“Not very long sir. She and Victor worked together but I haven’t seen Victor this morning.  It’s not like Vic to not be here and that could be the reason Mr. Anderson left a little while ago. He might have gone to the YMCA where Vic lives to see if he is okay.”

“He probably has.  Greta said he mentioned being back at two thirty.” William said glancing at me.  “Are you ready for lunch Lee?”

                                                        * * * * * * * * *

There was a stir in the dining room when we walked in together. It was obvious everyone knew who William was.  A nice looking man, probably in his early thirties, whom I hadn’t seen before, greeted us and bowed slightly. “Good afternoon Mr. Woolford. Right this way please.”

“Good afternoon Henry. Have you met my nephew Lee Michaels?”

“No sir. It’s nice meeting you Mr. Michaels.”

“It’s nice meeting you Henry.”  I said with a vague idea that I had seen him before lingering in my mind.  

Henry was a handsome young man with brown hair and eyes.  He stood just a little taller than I but his build was slimmer.  His black suit was tuxedo styled but not overly formal.  He moved through the tables and chairs with an experienced grace that indicated he was at home in a dining room.

We followed him to a table in a small alcove and after he placed the menus in front of us he leaned over and whispered something in William’s ear.

“That will be fine Henry.  I’ll talk with you later. Ask Paul to fix us two more drinks and we should be ready to order when you get back.”

“Yes sir.”

“You saw him at the Black Knight Lee.”

“I’m sorry Uncle Bill, was it that obvious?”

“I saw you studying him.  Think back to when I took you and Mark to the Black Knight for dinner.  Henry was behind the bar.”

“That’s where I remember seeing him.  I couldn’t place him but now I do.”

“I met Henry before John brought you too me. He was a couple of years older than you were then.  We became friends but his family problems dictated he had to move elsewhere when he disclosed he was gay.  So many young men have that problem it seems.” He said wistfully.

“Too many,” I said thinking about Victor.  “How long did he stay at the Black Knight?”

“Not very long, just over a year or so.  When he came home I talked with Paul and Scott about a job.  I’m afraid I made a mistake there.  Paul and Scott can be pretty overbearing and insist on certain things that not everyone likes.   Henry came to me right after you and Mark left the last time you were here.  I asked Terry to put him on in the dining room or the lounge.  I would have rather he worked in the lounge with Paul but he had asked about Eric working there so Henry is here. He told me they were short on staff and he would be serving us. From what I have found out along with what you and Paul have told me, it all changes today.  I’m tired of petty tyrants working for me.”  He said with a glint of anger in his eyes.

Henry returned with our drinks and we placed our order for lunch.  While we were eating, I saw Anderson hurriedly come through one of the door’s leading to the kitchens.  He headed straight for our table.

“Mr. Woolford.  I’m sorry but I didn’t know you would be here today.  I wish you had called and I would have been here.” He said nervously.

“That’s all right Terry.  As soon as we have finished eating, I’ll see you in your office.”  William said with a tone of dismissal in his voice.

We finished our lunch and as we were leaving the dining room I started to go to the lounge but William put his hand on my arm.

“Stay with me Lee.  It’s like d’j’a vu, first Coleman and now Anderson. Will it never end?” He said resignedly.

Anderson was waiting in the manager’s office.  He stood without saying anything when we entered.

                                                           * * * * * * * * *

I took a corner seat and Anderson sat down behind the desk after William sat in one of the chairs facing him.  I could see Anderson’s eyes glancing back and forth between us.  I had the haunting feeling that I was attending an execution, albeit an administrative one

William pulled a long envelope from the inner pocket of his jacket at the same time he spoke to Anderson.

“Terry, a problem has developed.  Would you read this for me please?” He said while extracting several folded sheets from the envelope and handing them to him.

The blood visibly drained from his face as he read the report that I assumed was from the agency that had investigated him.  The only sound in the room was the shuffling of the report sheets.  After he read the report he sat with his head down for several seconds before speaking and then not for very long. “I, I don’t know what to say. . . . . . .”

“I don’t think there is very much you can say Terry.  Do you want to refute what the report says?”

“Would it do any good if I did?” He said quietly.  

“Not really, the report has been documented and attested to.  Your behavior has been reprehensible.  Not only here but also in St. Louis and Houston.  You are lucky that no one has ever pressed charges against you.  The young underage boys in Houston and St. Louis are bad enough but you were charged with sexual harassment on three other occasions.  My God man, I would have thought after what happened with Cyrus you would have learned a lesson.  I’m surprised Victor and Malcom did not report you to the police for harassment. You don’t seem able to keep your hands off of young men and boys.”  William said coldly, waiting for a response but Anderson only hung his head clinching and unclenching his fingers.

I didn’t say anything but the mention of Malcolm’s name surprised me for a moment.  Victor had suspected but he did not know for sure if Malcom had been approached.  The room was deathly silent until Anderson raised his head and looked at me with venom in his eyes.

“I guess it is all right, since Michaels is a friend of yours, that he sleeps with a young boy he claims is his nephew. “ He said, sarcasm dripping from his words.

I sprang from my seat like a bolt shot from a bow and took two steps towards him a sudden rage boiling within me.  “Easy Lee, easy.” William said holding his arm up, his eyes blazing with contempt at the remarks.  

I stood, breathing heavy, itching to get my hands on Anderson.  Only William restraining me stopped me from pummeling the crab out of him.

“Sit back down Lee. I don’t think Terry wants to go there do you Terry? “

“I don’t see what makes him any different than me if it’s true.”  Anderson said vehemently trying to defend himself.

“The big difference between you or anyone is that you are an accused pedophile. I can prove sexual harassment here if I need to and it wouldn’t surprise me if a few people you would rather not see might show up if you want to force it any further.  I don’t think you would like it if they did.  You have gotten away with it before now Anderson but if you don’t want this report made public you better think twice before you start accusing anyone.  I would love to hear you stand up in court and claim Mark is not Lee’s nephew.  Mark’s parents would come down on you like a ton of bricks.”

The room became quite quiet but the fire burning in me had not subsided. I still wanted to break his jaw and I think William knew if from the way he looked at me and shook his head.  We waited for Anderson to speak next.

“It seems I don’t have much of a choice. What do you want Woolford?”  

I started to growl Mr. Woolford when I saw his fingers lift slightly.

“Oh but you do have a choice.  It depends on you which one you make.  Put your signature on this letter of resignation and quit claim. In exchange I have a check with me for three months salary. Give me your promise that you will leave Louisville and that you will not mention this conversation to anyone and it’s yours. Louisville is not your home so that should not be a hardship for you.  If you attempt to use this motel or me as a reference, the inquirer will be told that you left for personal reasons.  Your credit record will reflect the same reason if we are asked for an employment update. Refuse those conditions and you are terminated forthwith. This report will be turned over to the Louisville Police for whatever action they deem necessary.”

With his shoulders sagging, Anderson signed the document and dropped the pen on the desk. William took it and after glancing at the signature he asked Anderson for his keys and motel identification card.

When he took the proffered check from William I moved to the office door and blocked his way. “Anderson, don’t take what Mr. Woolford has said lightly, he is letting you off the hook a hell of a lot easier than someone else probably would.  For my part, don’t let me see your ass east of the Mississippi again.  If I do, give your soul to God, your ass will belong to me.  Do we understand each other?” I hissed, anger still boiling inside of me.  He didn’t answer but I could see the hatred in his eyes when he went out the door.  If looks could kill, I would have been a dead man.

                                                      * * * * * * * * *

When Anderson left, we followed and William stepped to the front desk.  Malcom had come on duty and had relieved Greta.  

“Ahhhhh yes, you must be Malcom Petulengro.” He said cheerfully.

“Yes, Mr. Woolford.  May I help you?”

“Yes, you may. Do you know how to operate the fax machine?”

“Yes sir.”

“Good.  Send this notification for me please; the address is in the heading.  Bring the receipt notification to the lounge when you receive it.”

“Yes sir.” Malcom said taking a sheet of paper from William’s hand.

“Lee, I think we need a drink. Go ahead and order, I’ll be right in.”  He said over his shoulder while turning towards the dining room.

Paul and Eric were behind the bar when I entered.  Eric did look a darker red than he normally did but it enhanced his blonde hair and green eyes. He saw me in the bar back mirror and turned around.

“Hello Lee, I thought I saw you with Mr. Woolford a minute ago?”

“He’ll be right in Eric. Fix two scotch and sodas please.  Are you going off duty Paul?”

“Eric is taking over but I’m not off duty yet.  I’ve got to take care of the books from the long weekend we took.”

“You can do that after you have a drink with us Paul.” William said behind me.  I hadn’t seen him and Henry walk in but when I saw Henry with him and then when he asked Paul to join us for a drink, I had an idea of what he had in mind.

The future of Holiday Inn – Louisville would change completely in the next hour.  Malcom delivered the fax receipt that removed the motel from advanced reservations until further notice; only walk-in clientele would be accommodated.  Paul was offered and accepted the managership and William gave him thirty days to re-staff and complete the remodeling.  Henry was given free range to operate the dining room and kitchen in consultation with Paul.

The Oval Turf Lodge was born that afternoon.  

                    * * * * * * * * *