By Lee Mariner

DISCLAIMER:  This is the continuing story about the relationship between Lee Michaels and his nephew Mark.  It is a gay fantasy and will depict homosexual acts between adults and young men. It is intended for adult readers only and IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE IN YOUR LOCATION OR SHOULD YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OBJECTIONABLE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and there is no intended relationship with any person or persons living or deceased.


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Chapter #74

I’m not sure if Mark being in bed had anything to do with it but I slept more soundly then I had in several days. Perhaps it was due to the pleasure of his warm body next to mine or subconsciously knowing that we were going to meet the future together. I don’t know but whatever it was I slept like a baby.  

His arm tightening around my chest awakened me and when I glanced groggily at the digital clock on the dresser; it registered seven-forty-five. I could feel his piss-hard cock pressing against my thigh and then the sudden pressure in my bladder and the swelling effect it had on my equally hard cock registered. When I tried lifting Mark’s arm from my chest he tightened his hold grumbling, “I don’t want to get up.”

“If we don’t Sport we both will be taking a golden shower. My bladder is about to burst.”

He was suddenly fully awake and twisting his head he looked at me grinning, “I’ve heard about those. It sounds kinky but I bet someone pissing on you would feel icky.”

“They are supposed to be and if you don’t let go we both will know what kinky and icky feels like.”

I couldn’t help but think about some of the gay videos I had seen where men moved around the room with raging hard cocks waving from their groins. Mark and I must have looked like that as we moved with an urgent need to the bathroom. Two golden streams splashed in the commode water and I could tell he was feeling the same sense of relief that I was. When we had finished milking the last few drops of golden urine from wilting cocks I took him in my arms.

“Good morning Sport.” I said as I brushed his lips with mine.

Leaning back in my arms with his pelvis pushed tight against mine he gazed at me for a moment, his lustrous hazel eyes sparkling, before saying softly “Good morning Uncle Lee.”  

His face broke into a brilliant smile and I saw the golden flecks glittering in their depths. His thick hooded cock was swelling against mine and the strong temptation to make love to him was almost overpowering but I knew we had much that needed to be done and there would be other times.

“Not this morning you horny devil. As much as I enjoy making love to you, we have a full day ahead of us.” I said reluctantly removing my arms from around his waist.

“Why do adults always have to be so logical?” He said as he took his arms from around my neck.

“Because we know there is a time and a place for everything and this is simply not the time for sex Sport. We both have to get cleaned up and dressed. Following that clothes have to be packed and I don’t know about you but I am just a little hungry. You can shower while I’m shaving and then you can dress while I shower.”

“I think you better shower first Uncle Lee. I’ve got to do something other than piss right now.” He said with a sudden look of panic on his face.

He turned quickly away and sat on the commode. His face and eyes had the look of a deer caught in the headlights of a car and stepping into the shower I turned the water on grinning. “It’s never wise to ignore mother natures early warnings.” I thought when I heard Marks groan of relief.

                * * * * * * * * *

We dressed quickly after showering; unfortunately Mark would have to wear the same clothes he had worn driving down from Cincinnati. It surprised me that he had not brought a fresh change with him and when he saw me watching him dress he said. “Okay, okay Uncle Lee, I know what you’re thinking.  I was in to big a hurry and I didn’t think I’d need more clothes.”

“And just what did you think you were going to wear, the same clothes all the way to Delaware?” I said laughingly.

“Really Uncle Lee. I didn’t know if I would be going or not and besides, I only wore these for just a little while yesterday.”

“It never hurts to plan ahead Sport but you can wear what you have on to Ashland.”

“As far as Ashland? I thought we were going to Delaware?” He said looking at me quizzically.

“Yes, I promised your sister that I would stop and see her on the way. Loretta won’t be expecting you and I’m sure that will be a surprise.  If we don’t dilly-dally around we can take the Mustang home and have plenty of time to pack some of your clothes. If I know your mother, she probably has been packing since you left yesterday.”

“I don’t know if Mom will or not but I’m sure Loretta will be surprised as hell.” He said over his shoulder while he closed my last suitcase.

I hated rushing but it was almost nine o’clock when we sat down in the restaurant. Henry had reserved the table I had asked him for and the young lad who had served us breakfast earlier served us again. I could see he had eyes only for Mark and he looked disappointed when I told him we were pressed for time.

While we were eating Paul came into the restaurant and walked to our table.

“Good morning guys. I saw your luggage in the lobby and figured you must be at breakfast. I hate seeing you leave but maybe you can stay longer the next time you’re in town.”

“Morning Paul.” I said. “It might be awhile before we make it back. Maybe you and Eric can visit us after you get things settled here. We should be pretty well established by then.”

“We!!” He said with an astonished look on his face as he sat down.

“Yeah Paul.” Mark said excitedly. “Uncle Lee is taking me with him.”

Paul sat sort of dumbfounded for a few seconds before speaking. “Glenn.” He said motioning to the young waiter. “Bring me a cup of coffee please, black.”

“You can’t be anymore surprised than I was last night Paul. Mark wheedled permission out of his parents and since the school year has only just begun there is not much reason he can’t go and finish high school there. Going now or going later, what’s the difference as long as my brother and his wife say it’s okay.”

“There’s nothing like doing things on the spur of the moment.” He said as he leaned back from the table so Glenn could serve his coffee. “That’s just like Eric. He does things on the spur but I’ve gotten used to it. We can usually work it out. What are you going to do about the Mustang? You aren’t going to drive it and the Jimmy are you?”

“No, I’m going to follow Mark and leave it at his parents. After we take care of a few things there and stop off to see his sister in Ashland we should be in Dover by next Monday.”

“Whew!! Better you than me Lee but I know you’ll work it out.” He said as a young lady I didn’t recognize approached the table.

“Excuse me Mr. Prescott but there’s a call for you.” She said.

“Thanks Ursula, I’ll be right there.” Paul said, rolling his eyes in mock exasperation.

“That’s the lot of being the manager Paul.” I said glancing after the girl as she walked away.

“I called Ursula yesterday afternoon Lee.” Paul said noticing me watching her walk away. “She’s the daughter of a friend of my mother. She hasn’t been out of college long but I think she will do well here. I’ll see you out front before you leave.” Paul said as he got up from the table and left.  

“She’s pretty enough.” Mark said surprising me.

“Oh, you noticed that did you?” I said with a grin.

“Who wouldn’t Uncle Lee? She is pretty.”

“Your right Sport, she is attractive.” I said as I pushed my chair back from the table. “If your finished, we better be getting on the road.”

I could see Paul on the telephone behind the registration desk so Mark and I carried the luggage out and stored it in the back of the Jimmy. Mark had parked the Mustang on the side of the motel and while he went to get it Paul came out of the lobby.

“That was Mr. Woolford on the phone. He asked if Henry and I would stop at his place this evening. I hate goodbye’s Lee and in your case even more. I’ll miss you.” He said as he hugged me and kissed my cheek.

Before I could say anything he turned away and I felt a lump in my throat as I watched him walk away as Mark pulled up.

“Your going to miss him aren’t you Uncle Lee?” He asked, looking in Paul’s direction.

“Someone once said – parting is such sweet sorrow - Sport. It’s never easy leaving friends and that is why your great-grandfather never said goodbye. He always said I’ll be seeing you. We’ll see Paul again.”

                * * * * * * * * *

The pastures of famous horse-breeding farms sped by as we drove north on I-75.  I was impressed by the way Mark drove the Mustang and I couldn’t help but admire the way he looked driving it. He kept his speed within a couple of miles of the legal limit and for the most part stayed in the cruising lane and only passed slower vehicles. When he signaled a turn off at the Corinth exit, memories returned of our visit to the family cemetery and his sexual encounter with his cousin Glenn, came into my head. It was innocent enough from what Mark told me but I think Glenn would have liked to have explored it further considering his invitation to Mark to visit the farm again.

We pulled into the same service station we had stopped at before but we didn’t need to buy a shirt this time, just a couple of drinks and a short break.

Traffic became heavy as it usually does when you reach the outskirts of Cincinnati and rolling up the windows I turned on the Jimmy’s air-conditioning. I was hoping Mark would turn off on Columbia Parkway and use the cross-county highway until I remembered that it was the longer way.

When we turned onto Hunt Rd I checked the dashboard clock. It had taken us just under two hours to make the short trip from Louisville.
                * * * * * * * * *

Mark waited while I parked next to John’s pickup before backing onto the graveled parking area where the car had been. Like most teenagers he gunned the engine before turning it off and the deep-throated rumbling of the exhausts must have alerted John and Sharon. I looked up at the kitchen window seeing John and her looking down at us. John had a grin on his face but Sharon disappeared from the window.

She was not exactly flying when she came down the wide stairs from the pool area but she was moving pretty fast with John following. She made a beeline for Mark when she hit the concrete parking area in front of the garage.

“She’s been worried about him ever since he left Lee.” John said as walked towards me.

“I can see that bro. How will she be if he goes with me to Delaware?”

“She will worry like all mothers are wont to do. We’ve talked about it and she knows he won’t be happy here. He was miserable after he came home Sunday. At first I didn’t know if it was because of that young fellow Calvin that came with him. After he left, all he could talk about was going with you so we both knew it was you he wanted to be with.”

“How about you John, how do you feel about it?”

“You know how I feel Lee, I went through it with you, remember. Let’s get a couple of beers and talk on the patio while they get his things together. Sharon bought him a set of luggage yesterday and started packing his underclothes but she wasn’t sure what else he wanted to take with him.”

While John went into the kitchen for the beers I put up one of the table umbrellas on the patio and sat down. Sharon had her arm locked with Mark’s and was talking with him as they followed John inside.  

I didn’t feel any guilt but I felt a certain empathy for her remembering how I felt when I left home. Leaving loved ones is always difficult even if the parting is only temporary.

John joined me with two beers and handing me one as he sat down he shook his head. “Lots of sniffling and snuffling going on and I think it’s the both of them.”
He said as he twisted the cap from his bottle.

“I hope Sharon doesn’t hold me at fault John. I’d hate for there to be any friction between us.”

“Oh hell no Lee.” He said as he took a drink. “We both knew it would happen sooner or later. She was the same way when Loretta left for school. Deep inside she is happy he will be with you. At least he will be safe, that has worried her more than anything. Seeing your children leave Lee is not easy for any parent. We have tried teaching them independence but there are things we have no control over that can’t be foreseen. Loretta has matured faster than Mark but I think girls do for some reason. The worst thing for Sharon is that he will always be her little boy no matter how grown-up he is and he has grown up considerably since you returned from Saudi Arabia. Seeing the change in him since . . . well since we talked about his and your feelings for each other has really been a relief for both Sharon and me.”

“At least he has parents that understand him.” I said wistfully remembering when I was younger.

“And he has an uncle that loves him. We were pretty sure of the outcome when he left to go back to Louisville. Since he is still a minor, we went to our lawyer and had a custody agreement written. You may not need it but if you do, you will be his legal guardian until he is eighteen. I went to Dr. Feldhaus for his medical records and stopped at the school. Do you remember old man Shell, the principal? He was really helpful in getting his school transcripts and a letter of transfer together on such short notice. He told me he hated losing Mark as a student but when I told him Mark had mentioned he wanted to go to the University of Delaware after he finished his last year of high school, he brightened up quite a bit. He told me to tell you that he would be happy to furnish any recommendations that you might need since they know him there.  His daughter Dorothy earned her BA in English at the University of Delaware, the same school Mark wants to attend.”

John didn’t say if Shell had asked who Mark was going to be living with and I didn’t ask since I knew John would have said something if it had been asked about. His comment about Dorothy Shell caught my attention though. We had been pretty close to each other.  

“I didn’t know that John. I wonder what ever happened to Dorothy?  I always liked her.”

“She lives in Chicago now. I think she works in a lawyer’s office or for one of those big corporations. How about another beer?”

                * * * * * * * * *

 It had been a long time since I had thought about Dorothy Shell and when we were in school. We were the same age and for some reason we seemed to click with each other. My problems were the older boys snickering and making hurtful jokes implying I was a little “faggot” but they all hurt her just as bad. Being the school principal’s daughter was difficult enough but being intelligent along with it was double jeopardy. She caught as much abuse as I did but she never complained about it to her father.  

We managed to sort of sustain and protect each other until my older brother Doug beat the crap out of me for being gay.  That event changed my life completely and Dorothy and I lost contact with each other. I always suspected she knew I was gay but she never said anything about it.

I had slipped into an almost self-induced state of hypnotic reverie thinking back over the years when John returned with two more beers and interrupted my thoughts.

“Hey bro, Mark and Sharon are almost finished packing his things. I didn’t realize that boy had so much stuff. Sharon insisted he take a few winter clothes with him and the rest we will pack up and ship when you let us know where you will be staying. I don’t guess the winter’s get as cold in Delaware as they do here but he might need some of them.”

“It’s not so bad there John but it does get cold. I’ve been watching him load the truck. He’s dropped the back seats down for added space and from what I’ve seen him carry out it’s going to be a load.”

“When him and his mother are finished it will be. If your going to stop in Ashland and see Loretta why don’t you take the double AA highway instead of backtracking through Lexington and taking I-64. You can save some time that way.”

“There’s no hiding anything from you. Did Mark tell you we were going to stop on the way?”

“No.” He said grinning at me. “Loretta called and told us. She is tickled pink. She said she is going to show her handsome uncle off to her girl-friends and Mark being with you will be a bonus.”

“It should be fun John but it’s only an overnight stop. She doesn’t know Mark is going to be with me though.”

“It won’t make any difference Lee. She adores both of you.” He said. Finishing his beer he stood up and motioned in the direction of Mark and Sharon coming up the steps with their arms around each other’s waists. “It looks like the packing is finished. I’ll get the papers and records and meet you down below.”

                * * * * * * * * *

I never liked goodbyes and Sharon didn’t make it any easier. She was crying as she hugged me and I had a lump in my throat. Mark was trying not to blubber like a baby but when his mother put her arms around him he failed. I left them and joined John at the truck.

He handed me a thick manila envelope and after I put it in the console he threw his arms around me.

“Take care of him Lee and take care of yourself. You know where home is,” he said. Kissing me on the cheek he turned and went back in the house.

Sharon didn’t come down to the truck with Mark. She stood at the top of the steps and waved. I saw John watching through the door glass as I turned the truck around. He waved and we both waved back.

                * * * * * * * * *

John had suggested taking the double AA highway east off of I-275 but I figured on taking US32 east across southern Ohio to US23 south. US23 went through Ashland and connected with I-64 almost at the West Virginia state line. The Holiday Inn that I had made advanced reservations was just off of the interstate.    

Mark sat silently looking out the window until I exited I-275 onto US-32 He looked around for a minute before looking at me.  

“Look familiar Sport?” I asked.

“Isn’t this the way we went before with Carl?”

“Unh huh.” I answered.

“Don’t we go though the town were Uncle Bill’s farm is?”

“Mt. Orab, it’s only about 35 miles. We’ll stop there and while I gas up you can get us some drinks and a couple of sandwiches to take with us.”

“Can’t we stop at the farm Uncle Lee?”

“I’m afraid not Sport. Mr. Kendall, Uncle Bill’s caretaker keeps it closed up pretty tight. The only time it’s open is when Mrs. Kendall cleans and that is only if Uncle Bill calls and tells them he is going to be coming up.”

“Who takes care of the horses?”

“Mr. Kendall and his grandson Toby. They take them over on their farm in a horse trailer.”

“You mean no one is at the farm when Uncle Bill is not there?”

“No one is in the house Sport. In exchange for taking care of the place and the horses Mr. Kendall grows hay on it for his livestock. Mr. Kendall backed Uncle Bill when the developers tried to buy up the small farms so they could build houses.”

“I heard Uncle Bill and Mr. Adams talking about that. I’m sure glad he didn’t let them buy his farm. I wish it were mine, I’d love to live on it someday.”

“You might get your wish someday.” I thought to myself as I pulled into the Mt. Orab Exxon service station.  

                * * * * * * * * *

After instructing the service station attendant, a rather grubby looking individual, to fill the Jimmy with premium and check under the hood we went to a small diner adjacent to the station.  

“Would you rather have lunch or take some sandwiches with us?” I asked.

“I’d rather eat here instead of while your driving if that’s okay.” He answered.

“It’s okay with me Sport.”

Instead of sitting at one of the small tables we sat at the counter. A young girl brought us menus and after making our selections Mark excused himself to use the restroom.  We both ordered tuna fish sandwiches with a side dish of cottage cheese and milk.

The diner was an old-fashioned railroad car that had been sided in asbestos shingles. The interior floor was small black and white octagon shaped tiles. The walls and ceiling were painted white enamel small lamps had been attached to the walls over the tables. Large board menus hung over the back counter and there was a small window that the food was passed through. The most impressive thing was the cleanliness.

The young girl serving us brought water and utensils just as Mark was coming around the end of the counter.

“My turn Sport.” I said as he sat down.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t try and go at the same time Uncle Lee. There is barely enough room for one person.”

“That’s why I didn’t go with you. Most of these diners have small restrooms.”

He was right; the restroom was small and clean but with the almost overpowering odor of a wall sanitizer. I couldn’t help but notice the lack of graffiti on the walls. So many people find it necessary to fill the walls at eye level with what they want or where they can be contacted or will be. If you believed half of what was written, there are plenty of big cocked men available.

Mark had not eaten his sandwich but was finishing his cottage cheese by the time I re-joined him. His milk glass was almost empty and I ordered another as I sat down.

“I never knew you liked cottage cheese.”

“Loretta and I both like it. Mom used to get a kick out of us eating it when we came home from school. Most kids want cookies or chips with a soft drink but not us.”

“I like it to with salt and pepper. Have another dish if you want it.” I said glad that he was starting to talk.

“No thanks.” He said. “That and the sandwich is enough. What time do you think we will see Loretta?”

“We should be in Ashland about four thirty. I’ll call her from the motel. Are you anxious to see her?”

“I guess so. I just hope she doesn’t get mad at me that’s all.” He said softly.

“Is that what’s been on your mind since we left the house? You’ve been worrying she won’t like you and me living together.” I asked.

“Loretta is kind of funny Uncle Lee. I know she knows about us but she never said very much about it. She sort of expected me to take care of Mom and Dad while she was away at school.”

“And when she finishes school was she going to take your place while you were away at college? Your Mom and Dad will miss the both of you Mark. As much as they don’t like thinking about it they knew that you and Loretta would eventually leave home. I don’t think Loretta will be as upset as you think she will. Your sister is a pretty smart girl.”

“I guess your right.” He said; I paid for our lunch.
Mark drove the rest of the way until we reached US23 where I took over and drove the short distance into Ashland. After we checked into the motel I called Loretta and made arrangements to meet her at her dormitory after we had cleaned up. She bubbled with excitement when I told her Mark was with me and questions ran one into the other.

“We’ll explain it all to you when we see you Loretta.” I said remembering that she didn’t like my nickname of Retta.

“Did she sound mad Uncle Lee?” Mark asked as I hung up the receiver.

“She was to excited too be mad Sport. Lets get cleaned up.”

                * * * * * * * * *

Loretta was waiting on the steps when we drove up and as we got out of the truck she almost flew down them squealing right into Mark’s arms.

I stood to the side waiting while they hugged and kissed each other. The closeness between them belied Mark’s fear that she would be mad at him. They loved each other too much for that. After she had hugged me she hooked her arms into ours and walked between us.

Loretta was doing most of the talking and Mark’s answers to her questions were pretty general until she asked when he was going back home. He gave me a plaintiff look before answering her.

“I’m not going home Sis, I’m going with Uncle Lee.” He said in a strong voice. “It’s what I want and Mom and Dad said I could.”

Loretta stopped dead and looked at both of us for a minute or two before speaking.

“Are you going to finish school?” She asked.

“I have all of his transcripts so he can register as soon as we reach Dover Retta.” I answered.

“And this is what you want Mark?” She asked looking directly into his eyes.

“More than anything else Sis. I love Mom and Dad as much as you do but I want to be with Uncle Lee.”

Except for the evening carillon bells chiming in the distance nothing else was said for what seemed like an eternity. As much as I loved both of them I didn’t try and intercede. They had to assure each other of their feelings without interference and I stood aside.

Loretta’s reaction to what Mark had said was to throw her arms around him exclaiming softly, “If it’s what you want and it makes you happy then I am happy for the both of you.”

“You mean it Sis.” He said bright eyed and smiling.

“Of course I do goofus.” She said smiling at me. “I’ve known for ages that you wanted to be with Uncle Lee. Mom and Dad knew it to. They will be a little sad for a while but they’ll get over it. It’s not like either one of us going away forever and besides that, I wouldn’t want you with anyone else.”

I couldn’t help but marvel at the way Loretta had suddenly blossomed into a beautiful young lady.

“You are growing up Loretta.” I said. Then se whispered as she hugged me and kissed my cheek:

“Take care of him Uncle Lee, please.”

“Count on it.” I whispered back. A feeling of hidden relief drained away as she squeezed me.  

                * * * * * * * * *

I had intended for the three of us having dinner at a restaurant but Loretta insisted we eat in the students’ cafeteria. She said it wouldn’t cost me, as much and she wanted her roommates to meet us.

I hadn’t eaten in a cafeteria in a long time but the food was delicious. She was right about one thing; we ate for less then twenty dollars.  

Her three roommates were young and pretty like her and giggled between themselves while they glanced at Mark. I could see he was embarrassed and Loretta kept kidding him about the girls he was going to meet when he was in college.  I was the adult in the group but all in all it was a very pleasant evening.

As we walked back to her dorm I told her we were leaving first thing in the morning and she pouted playfully, wanting us to stay a little longer but she understood why we couldn’t.

After a hug and a kiss I slid behind the steering wheel while she and Mark hugged. When he got into the truck he reached out the window and took her hand saying, “I’ll write Sis.”

“You be sure you do or I won’t forgive you. Uncle Lee, make sure he does.” She said looking through the window at me.

“He will Retta and you take care of yourself. I’ll let you know where you can reach us.” I said as I started the engine.

Mark waved at her as I pulled away and I heard Loretta call out “Bye, I love you.” Mark settled down in his seat after she disappeared from view. He swallowed a few times before looking at me.

“She’s the greatest isn’t she?”

“Just like her brother.” I answered feeling a lump in my throat as well.

                * * * * * * * * *

When we were back in the motel room Mark surprised me by showering alone, not together as he liked to. I shrugged it off thinking he might still be feeling melancholy from leaving his parents and Loretta.

I took my shower and after drying off and brushing me teeth I joined him. He was in the bed and when I walked towards him he held the sheet up for me. His magnificent body gleamed in the subdued light and his eyes sparkled as he waited for me to lay with him. Dropping the sheet over me as I slid into bed, he put his hand on my ribs and holding me tight he snuggled closer laying his head on my shoulder.

His skin felt soft and satiny, his still damp hair exuding the odor of shampoo. The warmth of his breath wafted over my chest and I shivered a feeling of excitement flowing through me. He flexed his biceps and drew me closer his swelling cock pressed tight against my thigh. He blew into my ear and whispered, “I love you.”

When I started to answer he rolled on top of me and pressed his lips to mine muffling my response. His mouth and tongue tasted sweet and I could feel the passion growing and flowing between us. Lifting his head he looked down at me with a smile on his face the depths of his passion reflected by the telltale flash of golden flecks in his eyes. His hips moved in a slow gyrating motion rolling his hard cock over mine. I locked his legs in place with mine and placing my hands on his hard muscular butt cheeks and inhaling deep I sighed softly, “Easy Sport, don’t rush.”

He locked his arms in place on either side of my chest and started to slowly hunch driving his pelvis tight to mine and then return to the slow gyration of his hips. Each time he hunched I met the pressure by lifting my hips to meet his. He threw his head back and moaned and I felt a hot thick stream of his pre-seminal fluid flow from his cock mixing with mine.

We merged as one in an erotic and euphoric symphony of togetherness. Sweat rolled down over the straining muscles of his golden chest dripping between us. I felt the heat of our combined passion building as he increased the tempo of his gyrating hips. His body tightened and I moved my hands upwards gripping his lateral muscles with my thumbs inserted in the soft depths of his armpits. A fire raged in my loins and I could feel my hot sperm rising as magma does in the throat of an erupting volcano. The veins in his neck and arms bulged as he strained in the throes of the rapture that flowed though him as his back arched and he groaned loudly, “Oh yeahhhhhhhhh.”

The throbbing of his swelling cock spewed thick streams of his young seed over my chest and stomach and sent me over the edge; I felt hot sperm rushing up the length of my pulsing cock and exploding from the lips of its crown with cataclysmic force. Holding him tight over me I watched fascinated as thick creamy sperm flowed from the ethereal lips of our cocks.

The raging erotic feelings of passion slowly receded and I released my grip. He lowered his body and lying on my chest with his head next to mine he breathed heavily for a few minutes as his muscles relaxed and I felt the beat of his heart slowing. We both lay in the warm embrace of the after glow of feelings that spread over us and I rubbed his soft satiny back.

It was several minutes before he turned and kissed my cheek.

“That was awesome Uncle Lee. We’ve never done it that way.”

“You took the lead Sport, I just followed. I don’t think I ever explained dry-fucking but you seemed to know what you were doing.”

“It seemed natural and when you held me like you did I thought that’s what you wanted.”

“What comes natural is always the best Sport. Right now though we better shower before we are stuck together for good.”

“Would that be so bad?”

“Makes it a little hard getting around.” I said.

·    * * * * * * * *

After showering we got back into bed and Mark moved next to me with his head on my shoulder and his arm over my chest.  It was becoming a natural position and I liked feeling him that way.  We didn’t say anything else but my mind was full of flashing pictures of the past and what the future held for the both of us. After a few minutes his soft easy breathing told me he had fallen off to sleep.

Kissing his sweet smelling hair I whispered, “Sweet dreams Sport, it’s you and me now.”

                * * * * * * * *