Danny (Ch. 04-06)

by DannyR

Copyright 2005-2006. All rights reserved

Story Codes: MM/t, MMM/b, oral, anal, incest, pedo, ws

Acknowledgment: This story wouldn't exist without Damian Fitzroy, a Brit with a wicked sense of humor and an even more wicked mind. There are more details about his inspiration for these stories in the introduction (Max's Boys 00) and Max's Boys 01. So if you like what you read below, you really owe it to Damian. This story never would have existed without him.

Disclaimer: Some folks apparently have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and reality. This story is a fantasy. It didn't happen. Never will. And anyone who attempts to do in real life all or any of the things depicted in the story needs to be hanged, then drawn and quartered, and then turned over to the local cops for the harshest penalties the law allows. Now that we're clear on what's what, and what's not, read on.

Author's Note: Max's Boys is the first story I've posted that is actually an ongoing story. The Another Mike series, the Incest Tales, and even Sex Crimes Unit are a series of interrelated stories, but each of them can be read without needing to know what happened in the earlier stories. While the knowledge may help, it isn't necessary. I think there's a lot in this story that won't make sense unless you've already read the introduction (Max 00) and the first part (Max 01). But you're all adults...yeah, right, no one under the age of consent could/would ever sneak through the Nifty back door that opens on the alley, take a quick break in one of the video booths with the active gloryholes, and then quietly step into the library, and settle down in one of the large easy chairs that Nifty provides for your comfort, with the end table beside it holding poppers, lube, and a variety of cum rags from towels to jock straps to underwear. Yes, all those donations do keep the Nifty library well-supplied for the adult reader. So as adults, you can choose to refresh your recollection first, or just grab the lube and go sliding right into Max's Boys 02.


Chapter 4

Not very long.

Not even `til I was done with my sandwich.

It never lasts.

See, there's this empty space inside. Sometimes if I do good, it's like, well, it all fills up with light. Maybe winning a swimming race. Getting a good grade on a test I was worried about, not that they would ever know I was worried. All that brightness, `n then, what the fuck, it fades away. Quick. My not-dad prick not-father bought this big, glass-fronted case to keep my swimming trophies and medals in. Then he put it in my bedroom where only I could see it. `n mom, with the "that's nice, dear." I mean, she at least said it to my face when I showed her a prize, or a report card, and tried to make it sound like she meant it. `cept I never thought she really did.

Used to be it would last between the good thing and when I'd been in my room for a while. By myself. Longest time it lasted was when I was nine. Two whole days. I won the National Spelling Bee, got my picture taken with Vice President Gore, and mom and not-dad were there, all smiling and happy and stuff. I thought it was all true. Then it was back to the same shit.

Well, not quite. I actually had a memory to jack off to and give myself a great dry cum. I got to see some vice presidential dick and some Secret Service dick. I heard the Veep ask where the men's room was, and a Secret Service guy took him there, and I just followed. The Secret Service guy outside the door didn't want to let me in, but I told him I had to pee really bad and I guess he figured a skinny little boy wasn't going to assassinate Gore.

Secret Service guy and Gore were one urinal apart, so I took the one right between them. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my very hard, very little prick, and then I looked at Secret Service guy. Or, well, at his dick. Kinda thin, with a big head, and pissin' like he was emptying out a couple of gallon jugs or something. Then I looked at Gore. Wow. I remember my not-dad getting' all pissed about something Gore had done, or not done, or something, and not-dad muttering about a fuckin' dumb backwoods hillbilly pencil dick son of a bitch.

I guess I said the "wow" out loud, `cause he looked down at me, and there was this nine year old kid with a stiff cock starin' at his meat with this big smile on his face. Guess I should say "our" faces. `cause Gore got this big old smile too. I couldn't help myself, though. I looked back at that dick. Guess my dumb not-dad had never been in a toilet when the Veep unzipped or dropped trou or he wouldn't have said something that dumb. That was no pencil. That freakin' thing had to be, well, mom had this dumb half-dollar from the old days that she wore on a chain sometimes. His cock had to be at least that big around. And long, and uncut, and, well, kinda done pissing and starting to look like it was going to get hard. Soon.

Fine with me. I already knew I liked to look at men's dicks and play with myself. If somebody important like Gore didn't mind, I wasn't gonna argue. And he got a little stiffer and his right hand started moving. Oh, wow. The Vice President of the whole damned U.S. of A. was gonna start jackin' right in front of me.

Until Secret Service guy coughed. Loud. It wasn't one of those "somethin's in my throat, can't help it, gotta cough" coughs. It was kinda like a "you can't do a Clinton in a public john with a little boy" cough. Gore looked up and over at him, and I turned around just in time to see Secret Service guy tuck his own dick, real hard, not just part hard, back in his pants. `n by the time I got my head back around to the Veep, he was all zipped up. But he tousled my hair, and asked my name, and told me real friendly like if I ever got to Washington to come see him.

Yeah, right. But still, that whole trip to Washington was real fun.

Pretty much the last real fun besides the blink-it's-gone fun like grades and medals and stuff. At least until I walked into the airport john.

Anyway, we were hardly in the door back home when not-dad-the-prick-fucker started in on me. I don't remember what he said. Just, well, just, oh hell, it felt like he was standin' inside me, with this big fuckin' shovel in his hands, and he was diggin' in me, and scoopin' stuff out and tossing it away, and goin' faster and faster and it wasn't fast enough so there's this big fuckin' backhoe helping him, and then it was done. And he was gone. Leaving just me and this huge empty space.

That was the first day I stuttered. The day I stopped playing with the only friend I had.

After that, I was just left with the wonders inside. Naw, not that kind, not something great or beautiful or like that. The wonders. Wonder why dad doesn't like me. Wonder why they don't care. Wonder why no one's proud of me. Wonder when someone's gonna find out about the empty place and know there's nothing inside. Wonder why I want sex with men so bad. Wonder why I want to sex little boys, really young little boys, even more.


It's all gone again. I was ridin' a freakin' high when the captain jacked off in the toilet and came buckets all over my chest and belly. I wasn't just the pretty, geeky, skinny, four-eyed freak. A man wanted me. And then Eddie wanted me. At least, I thought he did. He got hard. Y'got to like a guy at least a little to get hard, don't you? He's a really big cummer and messed me good, and made me mess myself good. `n I was a good toilet for him. He pissed me good and I swallowed his piss, too. `n jacked myself again and left me a stinkin' pissy cummy mess. Big freakin' high.

But it's all quiet now. And I'm alone. Eddie's up front, forward, whatever the fuck. Guess he's got no more orders to do sex things with me. Just me and my wonders. Why Uncle Max is doing this. Why now. If he's got so much money, why he waited so long? He coulda had me nine years ago. Tom wouldn't have fought him. Mom, well, mom probably woulda said something about all the advantages I could have. And besides, he likes little boys. The pics showed that. He has to be sexing my cousin, if whatever-the-hell-his-name-is was takin' pics when Uncle Max was finger fucking me and sucking me and drinking my boy piss.

Probably just the virgin thing. He's tired of buying kids, or seducing them, so he spies on me and figures I'll be an easy fuck. He gets my cherry, maybe fucks me a while, and then pats my ass and sends me back to hell.

I am so not crying.

It's just my eyes burning because I didn't sleep last night and Eddie got piss in them.

Chapter 5


See those three asterisks? That's time passing. When nothing happens or I don't want to tell you. Clever. Original. Yeah, right.

Time musta passed `cause all of a sudden there's this voice saying "I have to piss" and I know it's not my voice `cause I don't have to piss. Musta fallen asleep. And I was not sucking my thumb when the hand that went with the voice shook me. I just, well, curl up sometimes, wrap myself all up in me, and my fist winds up in front of my face, and it's just the knuckle on my thumb that's pressed against my lips. I'm not a baby. I'm not.

Another shake and this time I wake up. I blink a couple of times, `n look up at another new man. I figure it has to be a new man, though the only thing I'm lookin' at is this skinny cock hanging out of his fly, and I sure as hell don't remember this prick.

"C'mon, slut, I need to piss, `n Eddie says you're a good toilet."

Yeah, I am. Or was. For Eddie. Now some other guy wants to piss me. Fuck. Whatever. There was a cover on the chair. Like I cared if it got pissy. "So piss."

Guess he didn't like that. He leaned over, grabbed my shoulders and yanked me up so I'm sittin' on the edge of the chair. "If you're gonna be a toilet, kid, you better learn to be the best. Y'got a lot of competition." He held my shoulders tight. I still hadn't looked up at his face.

What the fuck. A freakin' be-all-that-you-can-be commercial at 35,000 feet. Where's the recruiter? I wanna sign up. Oh. Forgot. The Army don't want fourteen year old pedo fag boy slut toilets. I grabbed onto his crisp black trousers, holding onto the sides of his sort of muscular thighs, and way down inside there was this tiny, tiny smile at the thought of how my hands were fucked up with cum and piss and steak juice and barbecue. I bent my head, opened my mouth, got his knob end in, closed my lips and waited.

"Oh, no, kid, you gotta do better than that. Swallow me down. I want to hose your throat right down to your belly."

Why not? I did what I was told. I woulda thought, hell, I did think, that if you got a guy's mouth on your dick and he's swallowing it `til you got his nose buried in your pubes, you're gonna get hard. I was hard again. Not him, though. I was sniffin' his musky crotch hairs with his zipper kinda scrapin' the side of my nose, `n he sighed and then let go. Fuck did he ever let go. Couldn't really taste his piss, `cause he was thin enough he was down in my throat, but I could feel how damned fucking hot it was. He just held onto my head and then real slow like started pullin' back and then he was just at the back of my mouth and I started tasting it while I gulped it down. Nasty stuff. What I deserved.

He pulled back again, leaving just the head inside and telling me to get a big mouthful, let my cheeks get all puffed out with hot piss, and then gulp it down. Again and again and again until he finally slowed down, and then it was just a faint trickle. He told me to open my mouth wide. I did what I was told. He shook off the last few drops of piss into me, zipped up, turned away and went up front. Never saw his face. Sat there, eyes shut. Felt a hand stroke my hair, kinda gentle, and slide down to my cheek. Almost leaned into it. Didn't. Opened my eyes. I recognized Eddie's dick. Opened my mouth. Guess he needed a toilet, too.

Guess he didn't. He used a finger under my chin to shut my mouth, pulled me up, told me to step out of my sandals, `n still holding my hand, led me toward the back. I figured he was just gonna take me to the toilet. Ha. A toilet for his toilet. But he didn't. Instead he took me to this huge bed. Made me sit down. Then he undressed me.

I let him. Easy job. He just peeled off my tee, dropped it on the floor, shoved me just a little so I dropped back on my elbows, unbuttoned, unzipped my jeans, told me to lift my hips. I did what I was told. He peeled them off, too, and they joined my tee. I kept on staring at his crotch. He wasn't hard. Neither was I. Then he started to strip, too.

I mighta been interested, if, well, I'd been interested in much of anything right then. But I wasn't. Interested, I mean. But maybe you're interested. In what he looks like. Didn't tell you when I was typin' up all the earlier stuff. He's like maybe a fuckin' inch taller'n me. Real short brown hair, blue eyes that're kinda crinkly at the corners. Guess he's like really old or somethin'. Thirty maybe? Skinny, like me, `cept he's built like a man. Plenty of muscles. No tan anywhere. Tits that stand out like pencil erasers when he's turned on. No hair on his body, I mean, like no pubes, nothin' on his balls, in his pits. Even his balls are hairless. They hang way down in a real loose sack. Always thought if a guy put out a lot of cum he'd have huge freakin' balls. Not Eddie. And he's not even the gold medal cummer. His cock's nice. Seven inches. Thick. Cut, with a scar you can see about an inch back from the head which is a lot pinker than the rest of his meat.

"Like what you see?"

I nodded. I know these things. Read up on `em. If you're gonna be a slut you gotta like whatever the guy's got, or least pretend good. Grossest man on the whole freakin' planet, and you still gotta make him believe he's the finest stud anywhere. Guess Eddie was still following orders and findin' it kinda hard to do. Well, not hard, `cause he wasn't. I guess gettin' hard for me again was the hard part. All that praise earlier, the hot stuff. Shit, he was pretending, just like a slut's gotta pretend. `cept, dumb asshole me, I really believed him.

"You ever fuck anybody?"

Guess maybe Eddie's security clearance ain't that high. Uncle Max and all those people spyin' on me had to know I was a virgin. Well, used to be a virgin if all this recent stuff counted. `course maybe it didn't, since all it really was, was hand jobs. So I shook my head "no."

"Well, kid, if you could fuck anyone at all for your first time, who would it be?"

Yeah, right. I had such a freakin' lot of choices. Unless, of course, Max was gonna just grab somebody off the street or somethin'.

I guess he saw I was confused. "Don't worry about a name. Give me a type. You want to fuck a man? My age? Older like Max? Like a granddaddy? A teen boy your age? A little older, a little younger? A little boy?"

I musta reacted. "Okay, kid, so you want to bust your cherry with a little boy. If you had a bunch of them all lined up, pick any one, how old would he be? Eight? Nine? Ten?"

Eight would be nice. My dick agreed. Stiff again. I looked at Eddie and his cock was starting to thicken up, too. He tugged on it and got harder. I said, "Yeah, eight, that would be okay."

Four would be better, but I wasn't about to tell him that. Eight is sick enough. No way was I gonna admit to two.

His cock plumped up even more, half hard now, kinda curvin' out and down. "Huh. We figured you for younger. Well...." He walked toward a huge cupboard. "You probably ought to practice up for the real thing."

Y'know how you get these really dumb ideas? Stupid stuff. Stuff that ain't gonna happen, can't happen. Well, for one freakin' second I thought he had a real little boy hidden inside the cupboard. `cause that's exactly what it looked like he was carrying back to the bed. Only it was a dummy. Only it looked like a naked little boy. With a tiny stiff prick.

Yeah, I've seen these fakey blow-up dolls on the Net that straight guys grease up and pretend they're fucking cunt or ass. And the smaller things. Like where some woman porn star has a mold made outa her cunt or her asshole and then they make it in rubber, so guys can put it on a bed and lube up and shut their eyes and pretend it's her who's gettin' plowed. And, yeah, it wasn't just the straight toys I saw. Like dildos, Jesus there's a fuckin' lot of dildos out there, made from porn stars' dicks, too, `n wondering what it would be like to have one of `em up my hole. `n the rubber imitations of a guy's butt and asshole, `n me pretending I was fucking some stud. Or, well, really, pretending it was a tiny tight young boy's cunt I was reamin' out.

I started playing with my dick while he sat down next to me and held the "boy" on his knee, that hard little dick pointing right at me.

"You like to pretend when you're jacking off, don't you?"

"Yeah," I said. My voice sounded all gaspy. But all of a sudden I was feeling...interested.

"When you're jackin', you can pretend whatever you want, make a movie in your mind. So, if this little boy is gonna be in your movie, what's his name?"

"Timmy." Just blurted it out. No idea where.... Oh. Yeah. All those Timmy stories on Nifty.

I squeezed my dick. I couldn't believe what Eddie was doing. He was playing with, with the dummy, like it was a real boy. His right hand was squeezing and fondling the little prick, his left was tweaking the boy's, no, the dummy's, tits. And it was turnin' me on.

"Timmy here is five, Danny, almost six. See how stiff his little boy dick is? He likes having men and teens play with him. He's not much on sucking, but his daddy started fingering him when he was almost three. Got him used to having a couple of greasy fingers up inside his boy hole. Then his daddy fucked him on his fourth birthday, put that big fat daddy cock up inside his little boy's hot tight hole. Timmy loved it. Oh, sure, he squealed real loud when that daddy-meat got buried all the way, but a stroke or two later and he was beggin' his daddy for more. Now me, I don't think I coulda waited that long. I woulda been dickin' his pussy for a long time by the time he hit four. Wouldn't you?"

Jesus. Fuck. It was only a doll, yeah, sure, but it was a fuck-I-can't-believe-it's-not-a-real-boy doll, and it was so fucking real looking. And Eddie's voice was wrapping around me, pulling me in. "You want to be a pedo, don't you, Danny? Learn how to sex little boys like this? Slide your teen dick up inside a little boy's hot pussy until you cum buckets?"

"Oh, yeah."

"Want to fuck Timmy's boy cunt?" He didn't even wait for the answer he could tell I'd give. He stood up, still holding Timmy, fuck, the dummy, aw double fuck, Timmy. Turned around and got up on the bed. I scrambled to follow him. He carefully laid Timmy face down, then grabbed a pillow and put it under his hips so his butt was up in the air, all soft and pale white. He reached between Timmy's legs to be sure his cock and balls were resting okay, and then spread Timmy's legs.

He gestured me in closer. I was on all fours, my stiff cock and aching balls forgotten while I watched him grab some KY from the nightstand, put a glob on his fingertip, and then gently massage it into that little pink pucker. Christ, so fucking real! Then he slid it inside, just a little. Then a little more, then all the way. Timmy didn't, no, of course the fuck "Timmy" didn't react, he's a fuckin' fuck toy, but Eddie was talkin' again, soft `n hot `n horny, and I gave up tryin' to figure out real and fake and just started makin' a movie inside my head, like Eddie had to be doing too.

"Oh, yeah, Timmy here's a great little fuck. Loves fingers up his hole. Loves dick more. See how well he takes just one finger. And two. Would you like to see Timmy fucked by a man, Danny, before you sex him? A pedo just like you. You get to watch how he fucks the kid and then you get to do the same, only part of your grease will be hot, wet mancum. And Timmy, well, he's a talented cunt for pedos, his ass will be tight and hot for you, too."

"Yeah, yeah, fuck the kid, Eddie," I kinda half-moaned, half-whimpered. I was still up close and personal, resting my weight on my left hand while my right jacked slow and easy. Eddie slicked his cock with lube and then moved his hips forward `til his knob end was resting against Timmy's rosebud. I stopped jacking, reached out, held Eddie's dick steady as he slid through my hand and punched his knob end inside. In my movie Timmy squealed, nice and loud. Did he in Eddie's? `n then he begged Eddie to fuck him. Hard. Eddie did. Rammed his man dick balls deep into the little boy's hole.

"Fuck, yeah, you little cunt. You like man dick up your hole. Or teen dick. Any pedo meat will do. Fuckin' slut cunt. Gonna ram your pussy so hard my dick'll be out your fuckin' mouth. Fill your fuckin' hole full of man cum and then use that to lube up the other pedo here, get his teen meat inside your boy pussy, breed you, too."

Movie Timmy was writhing and whimpering and thrusting his tiny hips back at Eddie's hairy groin, begging to be fucked. Ah, Christ, Eddie's rump pumping up and down as he fucked harder and harder. `n just like that, snap! or something, he fucking lost it. Screamed. Shouted. Grunted. Swore. Clamped his hands down on the little boy's shoulder to keep the cunt in place, and then with a final big shove he started unloading his daddy juice inside the boy cunt. He slumped over Timmy for just a bit, and I wondered if the poor kid could breathe, even though Eddie wasn't all that big. Then he took a deep breath, and slowly pulled his almost-hard cock out of the boy's hole, and sat back on the bed. There was a big glob of cum on the end, half in, half out of his piss slit.

Eddie looked over at me, grinned. "Your turn, pedo boy. Fuck this little slut." He used his right hand to strip his cock of lube and cum, and I moved closer, to let him jack me and lube me. We traded places. This time it was me with my hard teen dick at Timmy's pucker. If this was practice, then maybe I was gonna get some real boy.... The movie faded back in and there was just Timmy, eager to have his slut pussy plugged again with cock. Pedo teen cock.

Before Timmy could say anything more I slammed home into him. Hard. Hard as I could. Jesus fucking Christ on a cross. Nothing had ever felt so good around my cock. I've got my freakin' greasy dick, all slick with lube and man cum, up inside five-year-old boy cunt. I couldn't help myself. I started rabbit-fucking the kid, pumping his hole as fast as I could. I heard Timmy squeal a couple of times and then start pleading with me to use him and use him good. I was outa my fuckin' head. `n Eddie, he was behind me, talkin' to me about how hot it was to watch a stud teen boy fuck tiny boy pussy, `n he was playing with my balls, feeling up my ass, oh Christ oh fuck, sliding his finger, no, two fingers, up inside me, finding my prostate, fucking me with his fingers as fast as I was fucking the little boy, rubbing me and then I started bucking and screaming and shooting out another load of fucking cum into the kid's tiny hole.

When I finally calmed down, you know, six months later or so, it was my turn to slide my softening dick out of the hole. I thought we were done, but Eddie wasn't finished with me yet. He rested a greasy hand on the back of my head and started pushing me down toward the asshole. I knew what he wanted me to do, wanted to try it, wasn't sure if I could. But I could. I got my tongue up inside little Timmy's boy hole and sucked and slurped all of Eddie's cum out and my cum, too. And swallowed it down. Sat up again.

I shut down the movie in my mind, too. No need to watch the final credits.

I turned, then slumped down on my back, tossed an arm over my eyes, breathed deeply. Fuck, what a fuck! I didn't really pay attention as Eddie moved Timmy, no, not Timmy, just a fuck toy again, off the bed. He got two more pillows, tucked one under my head and lay down next to me, on his side, his head resting on his right hand. His left hand was stroking my body, face to chest to belly to cock and back again. Felt fucking good. My dick even started to take notice. Fuck. I didn't remember taking any little blue pills.

"You know some pedo who likes to fuck teens is gonna take your cherry soon, don't you, Danny?"

I gave him my patented "well, du-uh," look. I think I patented it when I was three or four, so the patent still had a few years to run. Not that it was worth much. No one had ever seen the look before, except my mirror. Too afraid to let anyone see it. But Eddie musta liked it, `cause he smiled at me, and twisted my right tit. Just a sharp little twist but damn it made me gasp.

"Smart ass. Now, `Timmy' here," and he jerked his head toward the other side of the bed, "he's a real slut and you'd be surprised how much dick he can take. Not real bright, of course. Kind of a dummy, in fact."

My groan was in my grin and I guess Eddie picked up on it. He squeezed my balls a bit. Then he put his hand down between my legs and I spread them a bit so he could play with my hole. "You ever had anything put up here, kid? I mean, besides Max's fingers when you were little?"

Right. Sure. A whacked-out not-dad who woulda freaked if he ever knew his not-son was queer, much less a pedo wannabe. A home where the zucchinis were counted, it seemed like, so no chance to experiment there, and I really never wanted to borrow a carrot and then contemplate which one had been up my ass when we had dinner that night. Well, one exception. My fingers. Or rather, just one. Which is what I told him. Just the one-finger stuff.

"Well, you want to get your ass loosened up and lose your cherry at the same time? Or would you rather be ready for it?"

Okay, so with all the Nifty reading and the other story sites I found, I knew what he meant, but, still, that's just stories and he was talking about a real man's dick and my real teen butthole, and there wasn't gonna be any "never" about that twain meeting. So it's not like I've got a freakin' clue about what I should do. Scream and bear it? Scream at practice? So I just blurted, "What would you do?"

Okay, I know what you're thinkin'. Smooth, Danny. Like he's gonna tell me to wait. He's a pedo who likes little boys, `n I guess likes teens too. Sure, he's just doin' this stuff with me `cause Uncle Max told him to, but no way to fake gettin' hard so he must be enjoyin' some of this. So he's got a choice. Tell me to wait. Or tell me I need help loosening up so he can get his pedo hands on me some more. Well, duh.

Eddie just smiled, real smug, `n looked down at his stiff meat. What? He own stock in Viagra or something so he gets a discount? `course I haven't seen him take anything. But damn he gets hard again awful fast for an old guy. "All fours, kid, get that ass in the air."

So I did.

He squirted some more KY on my hole, and slid a finger in. This stuff was easy. I could do this. Finger slidin' in and out of my hole, and me clampin' down on it. All that stuff on Nifty about pain was just stories. Ouch! Shit. Damn. Okay, so well, maybe there was somethin' to the pain bit after all. Two fingers. Yeah, I'd had two fingers up my hole when I was fuckin' little Timmy, but I was so turned on I guess I didn't notice. After a few strokes it wasn't hurtin' at all. Felt kinda good. Like it was, well, right, or something to have fingers `n dildos `n dicks oh my up my ass.

Then he stopped and pulled `em out. Now that sure the fuck didn't feel right. "Hold still, keep that boy ass in the air, and shut your eyes."

I did. I could feel him moving off the bed and then back on. I was resting my head on the pillow, turned to my left. He dropped something close by. And then told me to look. Fuck me, daddy. Please. Dildos. Four. Balls and all. One short and thin. One short and thick. A longer one and thin. And then the longest, thick again. The big one was like Eddie's dick size, maybe bigger. I moaned.

Then he set another one down.

Oh, no! No fuckin' way. Not in my hole, not now, not fucking ever. That was a goddamned fucking Jeff Stryker dildo. I've seen pics of that cock in action, seen the dildo on a porn store Web site. I didn't see how the men he was fucking could take it up their holes, but none of Jeff's bottoms were young and tiny like me. I opened my mouth to voice my opinion, nice and fucking loud and no uncertainty at all, but Eddie stopped me.

"Not today, kid. Not this one."

He let me relax, you know, kinda sigh and let the tension ease on down the road and out of your body? Then he tensed me up again. "But you are gonna get the real thing later. Just thought you ought to know."

"Jeff Stryker's gonna fuck me?" I thought he was dead or somethin', or so old he couldn't get it up, or what, straight and just pretendin' `cause of the fucking money he made in gay porn.

Eddie laughed. "Naw, kid. Stryker's not into boys. Strictly a top for men. Well, not quite so strict, I guess, since I know he's bottomed at least once for Max and his dad. He always used to say no one could afford the price for him to take dick up his butt. Max could. But I don't really think Max paid him a dime. I think Max and Jon just got him alone, got him sexed up until he was so horned he couldn't think straight, gay, bi or sideways, and then they just used the fuck out of him the whole damned night. Man was sure walkin' funny the next mornin' when he went out to the helipad, kinda bowlegged. With a big old stain around the butthole in the sweats he was wearin'.

"Sorry, kid, got a little sidetracked there. Where was...oh, yeah. About the Stryker-sized dick that's gonna be fucking you. Actually, he's probably bigger than Stryker. Anyway, he doesn't have any problems with loosening you up for, well, `ordinary' dicks. But he's planning on being the first big cock up your teen cunt, and he wants to feel you strainin' to take him, and how tight your pussy is gonna be when he works all that fucking meat up inside you. Damn, but I hope I get to watch that first time.

"So, anyway, let's get that hole of yours loosened up. There's lots of ordinary cocks out there that are gonna want to fuck your cunt."

He picked up the smallest dildo and I raised up on all fours and looked over my shoulder and watched him grease it up and put the tip against my hole. He used his left hand to grip the front of my left thigh hard, his fingers curled right under my dick and balls, not letting me move, and then shoved the dick head in. I gasped. Nifty was right after all. Fuck but that hurt.

Then the fucking prick freakin' bastard pedo fucker son of a bitch got mean. He started talkin' to me.

Oh, so you don't think talkin' is mean, huh? Like he was just sayin' nasty stuff to me and makin' me cry or something, and poor little me for getting' my poor little feelings hurt? Shows what the fuck you know, ass wipe. First mean: tellin' me I had to jack but couldn't cum until he said I could. Second mean: the whole fucking time he was using the fucking dildos on my fucking hole he was tellin' me about how he got started getting sexed. Sadistic fucking bastard.

Okay, so here come some more of those asterisks. Yeah, yeah, I know I said they meant time passing or stuff I didn't want to tell you. So I changed my mind. So sue me. This time they just mean the start `n stop of where Eddie's talkin', you know, in that sick sadistic mean way I just told you about? Not like I was taping it, y'know, but I got a good memory. He let me get used to the dick head in my ass, and then kinda, well, punched it on in, I guess about half way. Then he started talkin', `n sliding it the rest of the way, then holding still, and sliding it out again, and repeat and repeat, `n all the while the mean motherfucker is turnin' me on.

Chapter 6


I was lucky, kid. Had sex the first time when I was three, and sure wish I'd started earlier.

My parents both worked, and they left me during the day with the man next door. I still don't know why he was home during the day, but what the fuck. I figure they wouldn't have been leaving me there if they'd known what was going on before the, well, the big day. Not that anything ever really happened. I don't remember much before two, so I don't know if the guy was doin' anything with me or not. But once I was old enough to get around on my own two chubby little feet, I remember him waiting until he was sure my folks were gone and weren't coming back for something they forgot, and then telling me we were going to play a real fun game, and that it was free time. And boys and men who had free time played naked. So I couldn't tell my mommy or daddy. I promised and he took all my clothes off.

He stripped, too. And that whole next year, maybe a little more, a little less, whenever I stayed with him we were both naked. His dick got hard sometimes, but most of the time it was soft. You can't keep a perpetual hard. And he'd touch me, sometimes like an accident, sometimes intentionally. Real gentle. Stroking me, rubbing me. And I'd get a baby boy stiffie, too. He kept me entertained, pretty much like a "regular" babysitter would, well, other than us bein' naked, and more and more I realized how much I liked looking at his dick, and wondered what it would be like to touch it.

I even tried to see my daddy naked. I didn't have much luck. Nobody went naked around my house, and the doors were always kept shut. Still, I did go into the bathroom one time when I knew he was taking a shower. I waited until I heard the shower go off and then went in. Daddy was standing on the mat, drying his hair, and his dick was just hanging there. I didn't say anything, just stood there, and daddy knew I was looking at his dick. It twitched a little, like the neighbor's did when it was going to get hard, but then he wrapped his towel around his waist, and told me I had to get out. He wasn't mean or anything, but just said it wasn't right for people to walk in when the bathroom door was closed without asking first. I asked a couple of times after that, when he was getting out of the shower, but he always made me wait just a bit and then when I came in he had a towel around his waist. So no more daddy dick. After a while I just gave up.

Anyway, I'm three, and staying next door, watching TV, and he leaves the room to take a piss. And doesn't bother shutting the door. So I've got a perfect view of him holding his soft, fat cock, with this big damn piss slit, spraying a heavy stream of piss into the toilet. I don't know why I went over to him that day. I'd seen him piss before. He never closed the bathroom doors. But for some reason I got up and went into the bathroom, and stood next to him while I watched him piss. He was watching me, too. I was playing with myself and my tiny, tiny dick was hard. I just reached out my hand like I was going to touch his dick, and then stopped. He said real soft that it was okay for me to touch him if I wanted.

Christ did I ever want.

I took that adult cock in my three-year-old hand, and then aimed that hot piss all around the toilet, kind of giggling while I did. He wiggled his hips and some of it splashed on me and I laughed. Then he was done pissing and I probably would have let go, but he wrapped his big hand around my tiny one and started stroking it up and down his dick. I stared in amazed awe as it grew bigger and bigger. I didn't know the word then, but he was a real horny pedo. By the time he was all the way stiff, he turned toward me and the head of his cock was just inches from my little mouth.

He asked me if I liked it, and when I nodded, he said, "Kiss it. Show me you like it."

I leaned forward and kissed it. It felt good on my lips. I kissed it several more times before he told me to suck it.

God, I was in heaven. The feel of his big pedophile cock sliding into my mouth, the taste of dick and piss on my little tongue, the look of perverted lust in his eyes. I remember every fucking second. I was hooked. He taught me to suck pedo dick right, sliding his rock hard cock in and out of my toddler mouth, gently holding my head, training me to please him. And as I later found out, to please other men, other pedo friends of his. I sucked and licked and loved every second.

Suddenly he pulled me off his meat, picked me up, sat me on the toilet, crouched in front of me and enveloped my hard little boy prick in his wet, warm mouth. Christ, it took two minutes, less, before I went into spasms as I experienced my first dry orgasm. I thrashed and moaned, beside myself with pleasure. Then he lifted me up again, closed the lid, and made me kneel on the seat, my hands of the back of the toilet. He got back on his knees again and I felt his soft hands spreading my tiny ass cheeks, then he started lapping at my baby asshole with forceful licks. It felt better than almost anything, almost better than sucking me had felt, and I kept pushing back on his tongue for more. He must have rimmed me for almost twenty minutes, licking over and around and into my little hole, digging into it with his tongue and lapping the inside of my ass, then sliding his little finger in until the first knuckle was buried in my three year old virgin hole. I went through two, hell, three or four more dry cums while he molested my hole, and sucked my dick, and I loved it.

Finally he gasped, pulled away and stood up, turning me around once more but harder, almost like he was angry, but not. Still, his voice was kind of harsh as he said, "Open your mouth, baby slut."

I did and he crammed the head of his cock and a few inches of shaft into my mouth. I choked but sucked anyway, while he thrust in and out and jacked with his big right hand while he used his left to hold my head in place, and then he let out a roar, and pulled his dick out of my mouth. I wanted it back! I leaned forward to suck it in again just as he started to spray huge ropes of thick, hot cum all over my young face. It felt so good splattering on my face, and I think I had another dry cum then. He stuffed the head back in my mouth and I started swallowing right away, instinctively. It tasted so good to me. He told me I was drinking down daddy juice, hot pedo cum, and I lapped at the slit where all the wonderful white juice was spraying out of, and sucking for more.

When his cum stopped flowing he pulled out of my mouth and started smearing his dick all over my face, spreading the cum around. I gazed up at him, loving how that felt. I kept on looking up at him while his dick got softer, and then he aimed his dick at my chest and started pissing, and I loved that too. It was hot and wet and so naughty. He squeezed his cock to stop the flow, and stuck it into my open, waiting mouth. As I started to suck, he let loose and I was swallowing his piss as fast as I could. Some escaped, and flowed down my face like a hot river. It felt so good.

Right then, kid, I knew that was what I was for. It just clicked. I loved adult cock. I wanted to do it all over again. A lot.

He left me sitting there on the piss-covered toilet seat, with piss and a few drops of cum splattered everywhere. He came back in with a camera and took a picture of me like that. A naked three year old boy on a toilet, his tiny body covered in cum and piss, a semi-hard adult cock between his lips, and a look of pure bliss on his face.


See what I mean? Telling me all that while he's stroking the small dildo in and out of my hole, getting me all worked up, until I ask him, real nice, not desperate at all, if it would be okay if I came.

Son of a bitch said no.

Then he switched dildos, same length but thicker. I only yelped a little when he punched it inside and slid it up my butt in one stroke. Then the sick fuck started talkin' again. About his first fuck `n stuff.



I had to wait almost a year before I got fucked the first time. Years later he told me he waited as long as he could because he didn't think a boy as young as me could really take a man's cock up his shitter, but he finally couldn't wait any longer and took my cherry just a couple of days before my fourth birthday. Him and his two best friends.

Not that I wasn't happy after that first time. I couldn't get enough of his dick. Or his balls or his asshole. I spent every minute I possibly could with him, even when my parents were home. He had them so conned about what a great and gentle man he was, how caring, how generous, they never noticed anything. I kind of think, though, that after about six months or so of the neighbor and me getting our rocks off, well, mine were dry and invisible, my dad may have suspected something was going on. A couple of times when I came back from "playing" at the neighbor's house—he had all these computer games and other games and so that's what we were supposedly doing—looking all flushed, daddy would ask me questions. Mostly it was times when I had so many dry cums from getting sucked and finger fucked and drinking piss and cum that I was not only flushed but kind of staggering when I walked.

Mostly, he'd just ask me if I was okay, if everything was all right. This one time, though, I really remember. Because it was the first time my neighbor invited his pedo friends over to use me. An older black guy, all grey-haired, with his ball hair grey and black, a belly I think, and a nice dick. Not the huge dick like so many black men have, and like I've sucked and been fucked by later on. Just a really nice cock. The other man was white. Older than my neighbor. Mid-thirties, I think. Really thin, tall, with this long thin dick with big ropy veins. They took turns licking and fingering my hole, sucking my dick and taking turns getting sucked by me, until I had sucked them off twice. Then they took turns pissing on me and making me drink it. Damn, I loved those men.

So anyway, this time daddy was more persistent. But still, he didn't ask me anything direct. Nothing like just plain asking me whether they'd been putting anything in my little boy pussy hole, or if they were making me suck their dicks. Finally, he let me go, but as I was about to go around the corner, I looked back. He was sitting there, with his eyes shut, and he was squeezing his dick through his pants. I just stood and stared, my own little cock hard again even though I'd cum so many times at the neighbor's that my prick was sore. All of a sudden he opened his eyes and looked right at me. And knew where I was looking. He stopped squeezing, paused, then lifted his hand away.

I gasped. There was this big old long hard daddy dick outlined down the right leg of his slacks. I could see it. He let me look, and then put his right hand down to squeeze the head and shaft, and with his left hand he tugged and played with his balls. All just staring at me. And me looking back and forth between his face and his crotch. Then he just stopped, put his hands on his knees, and said, real sad-like, "Go on, son, go on up to your room." He wasn't mean or anything, but no way could I disobey. So I went. He never asked me any more questions when I came back from the neighbor's house. And that was the last time I saw my daddy's dick all hard, even covered up in clothes, until that last time.


Eddie, the cunt-pleaser, prick-teaser, just stopped then. The short fat dildo was up my ass, filling me real nice, and he wasn't moving it at all. I kind of writhed around to give him a hint to get shoving again, but he didn't. And no matter what Eddie says I was not whimpering. Breathing heavy, with my dick leaking precum like a freakin' bad faucet, but no whimpering.

He changes to dildo number three. As long as Eddie's, but like I said, thinner. I was sure I was going to love real dicks that long up my hole.

So he asks me if I want him to tell me about the second time with his father, like, what, I'm on all fours with a dildo up my shitter, turned the fuck on, and I'm gonna tell him no?

So I just politely said, "Yes." And there was no goddamn whimpering before, or after, or around it. You understand? No whimpering.

Aw, fuck.


Maybe a little whimpering. But just a little. And only because I was turned on.


My mom died when I was twelve. By then I was a full-blown, and frequently blown, and frequently fucked, boy slut. Too old for most of my regular pedos, the ones who'd sexed me while I was growing up, which is why I helped find young ones for them, and for me, to play with. But anyway, my dad found out he had cancer when I was sixteen. I don't know the name, blocked it out, I guess. It was one of the quick kinds, like in here-today-dead-tomorrow (or not long after that). But dad was stubborn and he fought back as well as he could.

It happened on his last trip to the hospital. I got off school and went to see him like I always did, and his doctor was there. He was a really good doctor. Really good fuck, too, since he'd been using my holes off and on since I was nine. Not much any more since he preferred young boys, but once in a while a for-old-times ramming into my teen cunt, or the occasional butt-squeeze, or package-fondle out in public. He was waiting for me, and told me to spend time with dad, that it wasn't going to be long.

He had a private room. But I still pulled the curtain thing around and went to stand by the head of the bed. He was sleeping. And thin. Really thin. But still my dad. He woke up and looked at me and smiled, and then I pulled up the chair, sat down, and we talked for a while. Not important stuff, just dad-son stuff. I could tell he was tired, and he looked kind of worried, and I was going to suggest he get some rest, that I'd just sit and read for a while, but he shook his head.

He asked me to get up and come stand close to the bed, by his head. Kind of weird I thought, but what the hell. And then he totally freaked me out by grabbing my hand, and asking me if I remembered the day I watched him playing with his dick. I just stood very still, staring down at him, before I nodded. He let out a little breath like he'd been holding it. And told me to tell him just what happened when I was over at the neighbor's that day. Not what I said had happened, but what really happened.

I was trapped. I'd always hated lying to my dad, but despite that one time I figured he'd hate me even more if he ever knew, but still, I couldn't lie to him again. I told him. Everything. Every finger stroke up my hole. Every dick-stroke into my throat. Every drop of piss and cum splattered on me. And when I was done, and crying softly, he just squeezed my hand and asked me if I liked it. I nodded because I was too upset to speak. He squeezed my hand again, and his thumb rubbed on it. "You still do it?" he whispered.

I nodded again.

"Will you do something for me, Eddie?"

My dad hadn't screamed at me or rejected me when he found out what a slut I was, even though he didn't know I'd been a pedo for years, too. No way could I have turned him down, even if the doctor hadn't said what he said. "Sure, dad. Anything."

He got this odd glint in his eyes. "Then, since my boy has always kept his word, I want you to fuck your old man's mouth and let him eat your cum."

The "What?" from me was more of a soprano squeal that was entirely too loud for a hospital room with a dying man inside, than just a plain question.

I didn't have time to think up anything else to say, or try to figure whether to argue or give in, because dad took it in his own hands. Literally. His grip was surprisingly strong on my crotch, which didn't exactly make my dick go limp. Au contraire as they say. He kneaded my hardening prick, and looked at me with a sense of urgency. I unbuckled my belt, but instead of opening the 501 buttons one at a time like a tease, I just grabbed and pulled. Only one button popped off. Then I was pulling my hard dick and balls out.

His eyes widened. "No hair?"

I blushed. "No. They, uh, they like me like that. And, well, I do, too."

It was kind of difficult for him, but he scooted closer, laying on his side, and the bars for the bed were down. He tugged and I leaned in and then my daddy's lips wrapped around my teen prick for the first and only time in my life. He wasn't very good. Definitely a virgin cocksucker, especially with the teeth. But I quickly found out where I inherited my quickness to learn new things, and just maybe, far too late, my natural cocksucking talents. But still, he was my dad, and while I was fucking turned on I was just letting him take the lead.

Until the bastard reached between my legs, yanked down my balls and squeezed. Hard. Fuck but he still had some power in his right hand. The grunting "Unnnh!" that I just barely managed to contain was proof of that. He pulled off my slimy dick and still holding my now aching balls tight looked up at me.

"When those men were fucking your mouth, did they ever hold back?" He could see in my eyes that they hadn't. "You ever make them fuck your face nice and gentle?" He saw the answer again. "Then do what the fuck you promised me. Do just what I said." I nodded.

Grabbed hold of his head. Gently, but still in control. Slid my dick back into his warm, wet mouth, and then down into his throat.

And then I fucked my daddy's face. Hard. Holding his hairless skull tight, so tight he couldn't move, I used him the way my mouth and my boy cunt and teen cunt had been used by men who wanted to get their rocks off and didn't give a fuck whether the hole they were using was hurting or enjoying. Daddy took it. Somehow. Some way. Held on to my thighs, keeping me close so the only thing I could move was my fucking, my mouth-fucking hips. And then damn but there I was. Pumping cum into my daddy's mouth, down his throat, hearing him moan and whimper and slobber over it, and gulp every bit of my load down.

I slowly pulled my dick out of his mouth. Not wanting to.

I wanted to collapse over him I was so drained. I wanted to jump in bed and hold him tight. I wanted to cry, more than ever. Loud, gulping cries for suddenly a million reasons. I kept it to just your basic tears streaming down your face so hard you can barely see. "Dad, oh god, dad, that was so fucking good. I just, jeez, all the time...."

I think the sound that came out of my throat just then was a cross between that nasal "nnnh" sound when you get hit and an "urp." Dad squeezed my balls even harder than the first time as he said "No!"

Hurting my balls always manages to get my attention.

He looked up at me with an odd half-happy, half-sad look in his eyes. "No, Eddie. None of this shit about time wasted, might have been crap." He was fondling my balls now. "Did you grow up knowing I loved you, would do anything for you, love you that way right now?"

Way to go, dad. Just the thing to stop my tears. But I couldn't let that go with a nod or a mumble. "Yes, daddy."

I hadn't called him "daddy" in years. But it was right, right then.

"And you love me the same way." No question in his voice. Just a statement voiced with complete certainty.

"Yes, daddy."

"Well, then?" And he gave a little shrug of shoulders that were no longer the Atlas-bearing-the-world type I'd known all my life. I smiled back at him in answer.

Then he sucker-punched me with a question. "You weren't quite four, were you, the first time he fucked you?"

No need for words to answer. The way I went white and then blushed, full goddamn body type blush, told him. The look in his eyes said he wanted me to tell him about it, but he didn't say anything, just kept playing with balls and my sticky cock.

So I told him.

About how much I loved the taste of cock and cum in my mouth that first time. How I couldn't wait to have the man baby sit me again. How it took me almost a year to get the man to fuck me.

Back then, I didn't know what fucking was. Not at first. The first, oh, five or six times with our neighbor after that it was pretty much the same. Getting my mouth fucked until I swallowed down his cum, and then him washing it down with piss. Pissing in the man's mouth and getting sucked off to my own dry cum.

Then came the pictures. I remember that day really well. Mommy and daddy were going to be gone almost a whole Saturday afternoon, and then they were going to have dinner with some friends and maybe catch an early movie. I was ecstatic. Hours and hours and hours of pedo sex. That was another new word that I learned that day. Pedo.

I was a big boy, so I took a bath by myself. I was in my room dressing, tee-shirt on, starting to pull up my shorts when daddy walked in. I knew it was daddy, because mommy always knocked, but daddy said it was just us guys so he could come in. And he said, "No undies, kiddo?"

I was in a panic and froze with my shorts at my knees and my tiny prick and balls very, very visible to daddy. My hard tiny dick. I knew I couldn't tell daddy it was because the man told me that that way I could get naked faster for play time. But all daddy did was kind of chuckle and say, " `s okay, kiddo. Lots of men do that. Even daddies." And he winked at me. And then he looked down and told me to cover "that" up before it poked someone's eye out. I blushed all over, pulled my shorts all the way up, feeling very grownup, like my daddy, not wearing undies. I slipped on my sandals...faster to get off than shoes and socks...and walked over to daddy.

Then the panic started again. He took my hand and said, "Let's go, Eddie. I'll walk you over."

I tried and tried to explain I was a big boy and I could walk over by myself, just like I'd been doing the last couple of times. I didn't try to explain that the last time I went over my baby sitter opened the door naked with his dickie all hard. I was pretty bright for a three-year-old, but even a dumb one could've figured out if that happened everyone was in deep shit. Especially me. Daddy just let me run down before he told me he was walking me over, and gave me "the look." Looking back, I'd say that daddy's "look" was every-daddy's do-not-pass-go-do-not-collect-two-hundred-dollars-go-directly-to-spanking-if-you-say-one-more-word look. Once in a while I was dumb enough to say something but not that day.

Fortunately my baby sitter was wearing clothes when he opened the door...and looked really surprised to see both of us there. Unfortunately, he wasn't wearing very much. Barefoot, a sleeveless undershirt that kind of pooched out a little over his belly and a pair of shorts. Fairly tight shorts. That didn't hide the hardon. "'re early."

"No, we're right on time. 2:00. Unless this is a bad time for you?"

"Well, sh...ucks, I thought it was three. No, fine, fine, c'mon in. I just need to...uh, well...."

All this talk had been going on over my head. Literally. I didn't care because I was staring at the stiff dick I wanted in my mouth, licking my lips, thinking how good was gonna feel sliding in. That's when the silence dawned on me and I looked up. To find them both looking down at me. Busted. Daddy had this really odd look on his face, and then he looked back at the man. "You probably just need to...clean up a bit, put things away?"

"Uh, yeah, right, I, uh...sure."

We stayed just inside the door while our neighbor rushed over to turn off the movie projector that was showing a film on the portable screen, though we couldn't see what it was, grabbed up some magazines from the table by the chair that was facing the screen, a tube of something...KY I learned later...a little brown bottle and a rag, walked over to a cabinet with an open door, shoved everything inside, and then locked it. And put the key way up high on some bookshelves. He came back over to us, still pretty much hard.

Nobody said anything. Remembering "the look," I kept my mouth shut. Then daddy sighed, squeezed my hand, and told our neighbor that he and mommy would be back at 8. They'd call so he could send me home.

Daddy squeezed my hand again, said "love ya, kiddo," and left. And he never walked me over there again.

When I was telling dad about that day, remembering it with all the adult wisdom of my sixteen years, I asked him whether he'd really bought the crap about our neighbor mistaking the time, and being interrupted in the middle of a jackoff session complete with porn, lube and poppers.

Dad told me, "Not really. It was an easy out, and, well, I didn't want to know." He paused a long time. "If I knew, then I'd have to face the reality of another man having what I couldn't have, what I wouldn't allow myself to have. It was easier not to know. And to go home and jack off without admitting to myself why I had to."

Anyway, back to the day I learned about fucking and pedos. The man went to the window, I guess to watch daddy until he was out of sight, and then he turned back to me. I was already naked and with a stiffie. He just shoved his shorts down below his balls, and yanked me forward. I opened my mouth and his stiff dickie went right where it belonged. He held my head and started fucking my mouth fast. "Oh, Christ, my little cum slut whore, your daddy almost caught us," he said and then he was filling my mouth with splooge. I was really disappointed when he didn't piss after that. But he pulled me off of him and told me we had plenty of time.

We sat and watched some TV, had a soda, and then he asked me whether I'd like to see some pictures of other little boys having fun. I said "sure," not really caring about pictures of boys playing games or something. I was very wrong. He went over to the cabinet he'd locked up, opened it, and brought everything back to the big chair. He sat down in it, and lifted me up so I was on his lap, but close to the arm so his big dickie could stand up stiff and tall.

Then he started showing me the pictures. Black and white pictures, not all of them real clear. But still...real clear as to what kind of fun the other little boys were having. Cocksucking fun. Little boys smaller than me with big dicks in their mouths, or older boys with adult cocks, all of the boys hairless, some with their own stiffies, some not. Black cocks, white cocks, dark-skinned cocks, old men with sagging bellies and way low hanging balls, middle-aged men, college age, even teenagers, all getting their cocks sucked by young boys. Pictures with little boys like me with their faces all covered in cum, sometimes from more than one dick. Little boys getting pissed on, or sitting or standing with their mouths wide open while some man pissed in their mouths and it splashed out and ran down their faces and bodies. And all the while I was looking at picture after picture after picture, the man was playing with my stiff little cock, and my balls, and whispering dirty stuff in my ear about the boys and the dicks and the cum and the piss.

The next set was different. Really different.

The first picture was of a boy who was probably about five or six. Very thin. He was on his back with his legs in the air. And between his legs was a very big black man. With a very big dick. Which was half way into the little white boy's asshole. I gasped. "He's got his dickie in that boy's poopoo hole!"

The man laughed. "No, he's got his cock in the boy's cunt. He's fucking the little boy."


"That's when a man puts his dick inside a little boy's bottom hole and slides it in and out real fast until he pumps the boy's bottom full of the cum you've been drinking from my dick. Pedos love to fuck little boys."

"P...pedos?" I looked up at him in confusion.

He smiled at me. "Pedophile. That's a big grown-up word that means a man who loves little boys. Like me. I'm a pedophile, but mostly people just call us pedos."

I clapped my hands eagerly. "Wow. Daddy is a ped...pedophile too. `cause he loves me, and I'm a little boy."

I think the look on his face right then was a mixture of fear and surprise, with more of the fear. "Whoa, son. Your daddy ain't no pedo." I think he figured I was about to cry, so he rushed to explain, "See, pedos are just the nice men who want to have fun play times with little boys, and love them that way. And you don't suck on your daddy's dick and drink his cum, do you?"


"Well, then? Y'see, your daddy would have to have you suck his dick and be puttin' his dick in your little hole before he'd be a pedo. So, he's not a pedo. Okay? He loves you real special, but different. So you can't tell him he's a pedo, and you can't tell anyone about you `n me, either."


He sighed and then hurried to show me the next picture. The same little boy, only this time the dick was almost all the way in him, and the boy's face was all scrunched up, and his mouth was open like he was crying or something.

"He's hurting the boy. You said pedos loved little boys."

"Oh, Jack does. He's a good pedo, little one. But the first time a man puts his big dickie in a little boy's hole, it's gonna hurt. Sometimes a lot. But then the hurt goes away and the boy feels really, really good. You like how you feel when I suck your dickie, don't you?"

"Uh huh."

"Well, getting a man's dickie up inside your bottom hole is even better. A whole lot."


"Here, look." He showed me the rest of the pictures in the series. Sure enough, a few pictures later while the black cock was buried to the hilt in the boy's pussy, or drawing back so that the boy's ass lips were pulled out, the kid was smiling. He showed me a lot more pictures. All of very young hairless boys getting fucked by all types of men and teens, sometimes with dickies in their mouths and in their boy cunts at the same time.

Yeah, that's what the neighbor taught me. As soon as I got a dick in my bottom hole that would make it a pussy or a cunt, and all the pedos he knew would be real happy for me, and they'd come over and make me feel really good when they fucked one of my holes, or maybe both just like some of the pictures.

Then he turned on the projector and watched a special movie. My neighbor was in it! And so was a boy down the block. The pictures didn't show any of the men's faces, but the movie did! It was great to watch. I played with my neighbor's cock and he played with mine, while we watched him get sucked by Davey, and then he fucked Davey's pussy really, really hard, and then another naked man got in the bed. It was Davey's daddy! They took turns fucking both of his holes, and then the neighbor man went out of sight and the camera moved in on the little boy's smiling face, and then the two men jacked off and covered his face in cum! And then they scooped it up with their fingers and he licked it all off.

I got down on my knees between his legs then and gave him the best blowjob ever. After I licked him all clean, we switched places and it was his turn to kneel and suck my little dickie. Only this time he put some slick stuff from the tube on his little finger and while he was sucking me he worked it into my bottom hole. It didn't hurt! It felt great and he kind of moved it in and out and then I had a really, really, really big dry cum.

So I asked him if he'd please, please fuck me as soon as he got another stiffie.

But he turned me down, saying I was too small, and that if he put his dick in me he might hurt me real bad, and then he'd wouldn't be a good pedo any more, and he was sure my daddy wouldn't let him baby sit any more either.

So for almost a year it was sucking and pissing and cumming, dry and wet, and him finger fucking my hole. And me constantly whining about how much I wanted to have a cunt instead of just an asshole and wouldn't he please, please, please, please fuck me so I could have one?

I don't know whether I wore him down, or he just got so horny and so tired of waiting, but three days before my fourth birthday he baby sat for me again, and that's when I got my pussy.

My neighbor invited the same two pedos who'd been the first men other than my baby sitter to use my cum slut toilet mouth. The old black guy and the white guy with the thin dick. My neighbor was right. It did hurt a lot when he started to put his dick inside my boy cunt. Even with the grease, and getting two fingers up there first, it hurt really bad. But I really, really wanted it. I just couldn't stop screaming and finally the black guy said to give me some poppers.

I was on my belly with a pillow under my hips and my stiff dickie pressing into it, and the old guy told me to lift my head. When I did, I could see him kneeling in front of me with his big belly and his stiff dickie standing straight out. He had a his hand and told me that he was going to break it under my nose and when he did I should inhale through my nose a couple of times, really fast and really deep. I got all kind of foggy, and my body relaxed and all of a sudden my neighbor's dickie was all the way inside me. I could feel his balls against my legs, and his rough pubic hair against my tiny, soft, white little ass.

Only it wasn't an ass any more. I had a cunt! I was real pussy boy for pedos to use. Santa couldn't have given me anything I wanted more. That made me really happy. It made the three pedos happy, too, `cause they spent the rest of the afternoon fucking me. After I asked politely, of course. Which I did. I remember my neighbor starting off with a gentle fuck, but he pretty quickly lost control and started me faster. He rolled over on his right side, staying deep inside me, and raised my leg so the white guy could see me getting fucked real clear, while the black got up close to me and held my head so he could fuck my mouth. The white guy started sucking me, and worked his hand between my neighbor's legs, and all of a sudden the baby sitter started fucking me really hard, shouting something about finger fucking his pedo cunt while he fucked a three year old's cherry cunt, and then he shoved inside me really hard and I could feel the spurts of his cum going up the tube of his cock, just like when I sucked him, and then the hot splashes inside me. I couldn't squeal loud with the black dick in my mouth, but I sure did my damnedest while I went through a dry cum like nothing he'd ever given me before.

My neighbor pulled his dickie out of me and collapsed on his back, but the white guy just grabbed me, making the black dick pull out of my mouth and then I was on my back and he was slamming his cock balls deep in my fresh new, cum-filled pussy. He fucked me through two more cums before he unloaded, and then the old black guy took his turn, putting me face down on the bed. I screamed a little when he thrust home `cause he was bigger than the other two, but my neighbor gave me some more poppers. I was the happiest boy cunt in the world right then, making my three pedo friends happy. Then the black guy was shooting cum up my hole and when he was done he pissed inside me! I could feel it making my tummy swell up, just like when daddy gave me an enema, so I knew I had to be a brave boy, just like daddy taught me, until one of would lift me up, with his fingers pressed against my little hole, until they could set me on a potty and I could let go. Instead, they had me squat over my neighbor's face and let him suck out all the piss and cum.

The rest of the afternoon I made my pedos very happy. They each came in my mouth so I could taste their cum, and I got to drink their piss, and I got fucked four more times. I lost track of how many dry cums I had.

Well, when I finished telling my dad that, with a hard dick staring him in the face again, I asked him how he knew I'd lost my cherry that day. He told me it was the way I was walking, just a little bit bowlegged, when I came up the sidewalk to our house. And the three big globs of cum inside my shorts, which he was sniffing and licking and then jacking off into, imagining that it had been him fucking my boy cunt. The second time dad jacked off, he was using my shorts again, licking up his own cum and imagining he was sucking two loads of his own cum out of my boy pussy.

I was floored. He told me he never did anything, even though he was pretty damned sure what was going on with the neighbor, and the two men he'd seen go into the house before I went over there, because he loved me so much that if I rejected him for trying anything, he didn't think he could stand losing my love. I asked him if he would really have fucked me when I was three or four if I'd asked him, and after a pause and a sigh, he just nodded.

That's also when I realized what a selfish asshole I was being right then. What with telling the story, and dad playing with my cock, and watching his reactions, afraid of what I might see, I hadn't noticed the tent under the bedcovers. The big tent. Dad had a hardon! And I wasn't doing anything with it or to it.

"You want me to take care of that?" I asked, nodding towards the mountain.

Dad's eyes got wide with shock. "Well, fuck. When did that happen?" He shook his head. With all the drugs he'd been taking and the treatments to keep him alive so he could be with me as long as possible, he said he hadn't had a "stiffie" (with a little laugh) since he couldn't remember when.

I knew what I had to do. I flipped the covers back, first, to get my first look at my daddy's hard cock, up front, live and in person. I ignored the weight he had lost, how thin and frail his body looked. There was nothing thin and frail about that long thick tower of daddy meat standing up tall. I toed off my shoes, moved down the bed, leaned over and deep-throated the daddy dick that made me. Dad's right hand rested gently on my head as I bobbed up and down, licking and slobbering on his dick until it was wet with spit and precum. I lifted my head, straightened, grabbed my waistband and peeled my jeans off, doing the leg hop bit so I could get naked from the waist down.

Dad always was able to tell what I was going to do before I knew it, hell, sometimes before it was even a glimmer of an idea. "No, son, you can't. Please..."

"You can suck me, but you can't fuck me? I don't think so, daddy."

I turned my back to him, bent forward, bracing myself with my right hand, mooning him...until I reached back with two spit-soaked fingers and shoved them up inside my cunt. I did that a couple more times, refreshed the spit on his dick, clambered up on the bed, straddled him, reached behind myself to hold his cock in place until the fat head was nudging my pussy lips, and then sank down, hard and fast, but not enough to put any weight on him. But, Christ, I had daddy dick in my cunt! The one dick I'd never thought I'd have in my hole. I wanted to make it last forever, but knew I couldn't. Door shut or not; dying man or not, a nurse or somebody could walk in at any moment, and while I might have gotten my act together with dad's blowjob fast enough so that we wouldn't get caught, no way could I cover up the fact that I was in my dad' daddy' bed getting my teen cunt pleasured by his cock.

I could tell from the expression in dad's eyes, just before he closed them and relaxed with this huge grin on his face, that he understood this wasn't going to be a long slow fuck. And it wasn't, damn it. But I did what I had to do to take care of my daddy. I used every trick my well-trained cunt knew to make my pussy the hottest, tightest hole he'd ever been in, and to make it the best, well, at least the best quick fuck he'd ever had. I think I was kind of fogged out, babbling about having daddy dick in my hot boy pussy, and daddy was just repeating "oh, son, oh God," over and over again, and then I felt him swell up and he started pumping cum inside me. I hadn't touched my dick but that was enough to have me shooting again, all over his belly and that stupid robe with no back. Hell, there was even a drop on his chin, which I leaned over to swipe up with my tongue.

I crouched over him, panting like I'd just finished some fucking marathon, not putting any weight on him at all, and then I slowly raised myself and his cock slid out. I clamped my hole tight. No fucking way was I gonna let daddy cum slide out of my ass.

And that, Danny, is how I got my first blowjob and my first fuck from my dad.


Okay. I admit to begging him to let me cum. I didn't grovel, though. Groveling means you give up yourself and your dignity, and even though I'm just fourteen I have plenty of goddamn dignity. So begging it was. And a couple of moans when he switched dildos again so that the longest (well, the longest but for the Stryker dildo laying right next to my face, and I was still panicking over that) was now inside my almost teen cunt.

Even though I'm not religious, a "thank you, Jesus" slipped out of my mouth when he said I could cum if I wanted to. The sneaky bastard. I started to speed up my strokes on my dick, when his tone suddenly hit me. So I stopped stroking.

"But what?"

"But what, what?"

"C'mon, Eddie. There's something else. Something else happened."

"Well, yes, there was. But you've been jacking so long, it's okay to cum now. I can always tell you some other time. Well, if we run across each other again. And we're going to be landing pretty soon, so maybe you should just get yourself off. I'll use the dildo on you until you're done."

"No. Tell me."

"But, Danny, you'd have to keep on jacking and not cumming. And I might not finish until it's time to put the seatbelts on and then you wouldn't get to cum at all. You sure you want to take that chance? It's about a two hour drive to the Harris Place, and you'd be under orders not to cum again until your uncle said you could, so you'd be in pretty bad shape. No, I really think you ought to just jack and cum."

"No fucking way. I'll take my chances."

"Okay. But don't blame me...."

Friggin' sadistic fatherfuckin' freak bastard shithead! My voice was very calm when I said, "I won't."


Still part-naked I moved up to my dad's head again, and leaned over to kiss him. It was intended to just be a kiss on the cheek, like I'd done for the last five or so years. Dad had other ideas. He wanted another first. He'd blown me, fucked me, and now he wanted to kiss me. Really kiss me.

As if I'd object to a frantic, passionate, tearful, loving tongue-fuck session with the only man who'd ever given me unconditional love.

When we finally stopped I started to look around for my jeans so I could get decent again, and had another shock. Daddy was hard again. Which gave me an idea.

"Daddy, you sure you would've fucked me when I was that little...if I'd asked?"

Dad sighed. "Son, I thought we said no re...."

"No, daddy. Not regrets. Just, well, an idea. Please. Would you really have fucked my three or four-year-old boy cunt?"

Well, how's that for forcing your father to actually admit out loud that he's been a life long pedo, at least for the length of your life, and would've fucked you silly when you were very, very young if he'd ever had the chance. "You had such a tiny, hot fucking little butt, son. Fuck yes, I would have."

I picked up the phone, dialed the nurse's station, asked for dad's doctor. Turned out he was at the station. I found out when he answered and knew it was me, that he'd given orders we weren't to be disturbed, and had stuck around to be sure. I asked him to come to the room, that dad and I needed to talk to him. His tone changed, and I had to assure him it wasn't an emergency but that it was, well, important.

I hung up, propped my naked right hip against the side of the bed, which was still raised to a three-quarters sitting up position, and stroked my dad's forehead, looking down the bed to admire his still hard meat.

"Eddie! Get your clothes on. He'll be here any second."

I laughed. "Jeez, dad, he's our doctor. It's not like he hasn't seen me naked before."

"Edward Thomas...."

Oops. When my dad starts using all three of my names I'm in serious shit. It was always an alternate version of "the look." Just as effective. So I cut the teasing and reassured my father with the truth. "Daddy, it's okay. He's a pedo, too."

Daddy's "Mark Monroe is a what?" was mostly scream but just enough whisper not to be heard beyond, oh, say, city hall, which was about fifteen blocks away.

That's when the door opened and we heard footsteps, and then the doctor's voice saying "I'm a what?" as he came around the curtain.

His jaw dropped. I don't think he'd expected to see a man he'd delivered, and then been a life-long friend, laying in a hospital bed with a hardon, while his half-naked teen son, equally hard, leaning against the bed.

Before either of them could say something stupid, I said, "Daddy, I'd like you to meet Dr. Monroe, our pedo doctor. He fucked my boy pussy and let me suck him off a lot until about four years ago. Doc, I'd like you to meet my pedo daddy. He just gave me a blow job, fucked me, French kissed me and admitted he'd have been fucking my three year old boy cunt if I'd ever asked him. Everybody up to speed now?"

We still had to go through the stupid adult shit of but this, but that, what if, how could, really sick, you can't, you did?, you liked? you would? so did I...before they finally ran down. And daddy was still hard. And leaking.

Doc also had a hardon. He's not as big as daddy, but thicker, and he wears boxers, which allow his meat to really show if his cock gets "interested." Like it was right then. Yeah, doc is primarily a pedo, but he's an enthusiastic cocksucker, too. And his dick and mouth were very interested in the father-son hardons he was looking at. But I had a better idea.

I grabbed the remote, flicked the TV on, turned up the volume, and told daddy to play with himself and keep a hardon, and then dragged the doc up to the door, my stiff dick leading the way. Speaking softly so daddy couldn't hear, I asked him if any of the young boys he was sexing could somehow be brought to the hospital and right away. Daddy had a hardon now, and I wasn't going to take a chance on his having a stiff dick tomorrow, much less if he'd even be around then.

It was a "going away" present for him, I told doc, my eyes almost overflowing with tears. But I also told him even if it was possible it had to be a boy who wouldn't freak out over how daddy looked and how sick he was. In other words, a slut just like me who loves to get his pussy filled with cock and isn't always too discriminating about the source of the meat. Doc thought a moment, nodded his head and went out. I stood there jacking my dick.

I knew doc had several little boys who serviced him regularly. Hell, just last week when I came to visit dad, doc had grabbed me, hauled me into the nearest toilet, bent me over the toilet in the handicapped stall and after getting my cunt wet with his tongue, he started fucking me hard and fast. All the while telling me about the six-year-old black boy he'd started buggering that morning. His mother had offered him instead of paying a medical bill, but even though her boyfriend had already fucked the boy, he was still young and tight, and doc really got off on his thick white granddaddy meat sliding into black young boy holes. Doc had been thinking about going into the john for a quick jackoff session while imagining several of his older white pedo friends joining him in fucking black boy pussy, but he'd spotted me and decided a quick hard fuck would be even better. Doc fucks me rougher now than he ever did when I was little, but I enjoy it, so much so that I came all over the floor. We got our clothes together and left the blobs of cum on the tile.

So maybe it'd be the black boy. Or any of the three others I knew about. Doc had a very active pedo sex life. I stopped jacking and went back to daddy. Who was glaring at me. I guess the sex and the emotions helped just a bit, `cause he had more color in his face. That wasn't going to change anything really, but still....

The glare naturally stopped when I leaned over and deep-throated him again. I worked his cock for a while and then lifted my head and said, "Be quiet. It's a surprise." He blinked, blinked again, and then gave me that special slow, warm grin of his. That line was one we used on each other to stop questioning about a surprise one of us had for the other. Daddy played with himself, I played with myself, and we both went from hard to half-hard to nearly soft and back to hard again a couple of times before there was a knock on the door and doc's voice announcing the arrival of the surprise.

Which turned out to be almost as big a surprise to me as it was to daddy. Doc didn't bring one boy, he brought two. Both his grandsons! Andrew was five; Arthur was thirteen. Daddy and I had known them all our lives. And doc was looking very, very smug.

"Andrew, Arthur, I'd like you to meet two pedos who like to fuck little boy cunt. This is Eddie. He's sixteen and I've been fucking his pussy since he was, what, a little over four, Eddie?"

Oh shit. He wasn't.... Fuck. He was.

I moved daddy's hand to my dick. Maybe that would be enough of a distraction.

It wasn't. Oh well, fucked again without benefit of lube and poppers.


"You see, Eddie's neighbor, who used to baby sit Eddie lot, and fuck him a lot, too, and he was a friend of mine. Well, more rough trade than friend."

Daddy's jaw dropped to his chest. So did mine.

"I met him when he was a not-quite-young hustler and found that he could handle the pain when I was in the mood for some really rough sex. Damn, but he has a fine man-pussy. Once he was tied and gagged, with a ring to spread his jaws so he could be mouth fucked or used as a urinal, he was ready for anything. I never found out what his endurance level really was, but he stayed hard through spankings, whippings, tit work, clamps, electrodes, whatever I wanted to use on him. And then I could fuck him, ride his pussy long and hard, until he finally came with me definitely not touching his dick, and then I fucked him some more, usually to another cum, if I had the time, before cumming myself."

Dad's jaw was on the bed. So was mine. The boys were shocked, too.

"Andrew, Arthur, where are your manners? Don't you think you should be getting naked? Pedos like these two like to see little boys, and young teens with their first hairs, naked and stroking their hard dicks.

"Now, where was I? Oh yes, your neighborhood pedo. Over the years I used him when I wanted that kind of sex. He got his act together, and from time to time I'd loan him money. He always repaid it, always on time, but if he was late he got used, well, shall we just say, extra hard? And then, right about the time Eddie was born, I realized he had another interest. Little boys. Just a few clues that suddenly fell into place, and the next time we talked, one hint led to a return hint, and on and on until eventually we were taking turns fucking the same boy in my apartment. Nine year old Latino, I think. Naturally, I couldn't take a chance on visiting him when he lived next door to the two of you, so all of our sex was elsewhere.

"Ah, good boy, Andrew. Now let me help you up, yes, that's it. Now, you don't mind if little Andrew sucks your cock while we talk, do you?"

Daddy's shit-eating grin was answer enough. Andrew was kneeling between Dad's slightly-spread, oh so damned thin, legs, working his dick like the obvious pro he was. And then I felt warmth and wetness on my own dick. Arthur was on his knees, sucking my cock. Doc had his own dick and balls hanging out of his flies, and he was stroking himself lightly. Doc has this thing about sexing boys when they're naked, but he's fully dressed. I got naked.

"Very good, Arthur. Just remember, don't bring them off. They don't want to cum yet.

"He and I didn't really share boys. We moved in different circles and so our boy sources were generally pretty different. But every once in a while one of us would find a special boy that we thought ought to be shared. Like you, Eddie. He invited me to your gang bang."

Yep. That was dad's jaw hitting the floor. Naked teen sucking off an older teen. Naked little five year old boy expertly sucking your cock. Not enough distraction. TMI, doc! Too fucking much information.

"Gang bang, Mark? You gang-banged my son?" I think if daddy had been strong enough he'd have been off that bed and punching out one of his best friends in a second.

"Allen!" snapped Doc, right back. "If you'd been sexing your little boy back then, fucking his mouth, fucking his tight little pussy, would you have shared him? Gotten off on watching other men use his holes? Gotten off on the chance to use other little boys while he was watching, too?"

"No! Goddamnit, I...." He sagged as realization hit. "Well, oh shit, yeah, I probably would."

"Okay. Besides, I didn't know it was Eddie at first. All he told me was that he'd started fucking a four year old a couple of months earlier; that the kid was a fuck slut who couldn't get enough cock in his holes, so he was setting up a gang bang with some of his friends and wondered if I might want in. Hell, yes, I wanted in.

"I even stayed in after I found it had to be at his house. The place he usually used wasn't available; he didn't hint at using my apartment, and he assured me that he knew your plans, and that all of you would be gone for the evening, actually, until quite late. So I could be there, help him and his friends gang fuck some four year old boy cunt, and be long gone before you all got home. I had no idea the reason he knew your schedule so well was because he was Eddie's baby sitter.

"In any event, I arrived later than I'd expected, so I knew they would have started without me. He'd told me where the key was hidden in case I was late, so I used it to quietly unlock the back door, then put the key back, went inside and locked the door again. The basement door was open and I could hear the usual pedo gangbang sounds. `Oh yeah, fuck that little cunt.' `Yeah, baby boy, daddy's gonna ride your little cunt rough and hard when it's his turn.'

"I stripped off, leaving my clothes by the door, figuring even if I wasn't last to arrive, I'd probably be the first to leave. The sight that greeted me made me less certain I'd be leaving anytime soon. There you were, Eddie, laying in that little-boy-size sling suspended from the ceiling, your legs up and spread and tied to the chain. Six men surrounded the sling, while a seventh was fucking you, with just one bright focused spotlight shining on the joining of cock and boy cunt. A real stud, Eddie, from what I could see of his naked back and legs and ass, built like a football player, probably college age, his hairless skin shiny with sweat as he pumped you hard, muttering how tight your pussy was and then he shouted out his cum. With all the men around the sling, and the way the light was so tightly focused, everything was pretty dim outside the light. I could see a bit of slightly plump little boy chest, with his head thrown back, supported by something, so that the long thin cock that was fucking your throat, Eddie, could have a clear shot.

"The quarterback was grunting out the last of his cum, shaking his head back and forth in pedo ecstasy, his long mane of dark hair flying, until he saw me. And froze. And stared at me with panic and fear flaring in his eyes. It was Kyle. One of my patients. And only seventeen. Before the fear could take over, I put a hand on his shoulder and then with a rueful smile glanced down. His eyes followed mine, saw my right hand jacking my hard and oozing cock. The panic died. I was there for the same reason he was.

"To make sure the fear was gone I used my left hand to pull his head toward mine and kissed him hard and deep, while my right hand twisted one tit and got an oh-yes grunt, and then worked down to where he was pulling his slimy dick out of the little boy's pussy."

Doc chuckled. "I later learned that when Kyle was fourteen and sucking cock in a very cruisy toilet in Hamilton Park, he gave your neighbor a blowjob. And then got talked into going with him to the trails that led into the woods to meet a `hot young stud who wanted to be fucked' and your neighbor offered to share. The young stud turned out to be an eight-year-old redhead with lots of freckles, who almost ran off when he saw two people instead of one, even though one was just a skinny freshman. Kyle almost bolted, too, until the man talked them both into staying, mainly by pulling out his hard dick and explaining just how much fun they were going to have.

"So Kyle got to watch while an adult stripped a little boy naked in the park, put him on his hands and knees and fucked him. Although Kyle wasn't just watching. He was getting his very first blowjob from a little boy. Eventually, after what seemed an incredibly long time, the man came in the boy's ass, and Kyle got to fuck his first boy cunt. And got his first rim job. And lost his own cherry to your neighbor's third hardon. Kyle considered shouting for help, but figured he'd have some explaining to do if he complained about being raped while he was fucking little boy pussy."

Doc looked around at us. "So fucking hot," he murmured. Then he went on with the story. "The rest of that year, his senior year, Kyle was really helpful in finding new boys. What little boy wouldn't be thrilled to have a football star like Kyle take an interest in them. Wouldn't be eager to spend some quality time with his idol. Wouldn't be eager to help him...he was so stiff he hurt, and if he didn't get help the team might lose the game that afternoon. There was one seven-year-old.... Well, anyway, Kyle's a doctor now. A pediatrician, of course. Off in New York.

"Sorry, guys, just remembering how hot he was is a fucking turnon. Anyway, there I was, playing with quarterback cock, and your neighbor had replaced the thin cock that had been fucking your throat, Eddie. Only he was pissing in you. And you were gulping it down with no trouble at all.

"He waved a hand at me, and said, `Hey, guys, you mind if he goes next? He has to leave soon, sort of a cum and go thing.' Nobody objected, so I took Kyle's place. But before I shoved my aching cock into that dripping hole, I got on my knees and lapped and slurped and tongue-fucked his slimy cunt, sucking out some of the thick cum that filled his little rectum. I stood up, mixed the cum with saliva, spat into my right hand and used it to lube my cock. Not that I figured I'd need it.

"I asked how many, and Kyle told me I was the fourth. I nudged your pussy, Eddie, and I was getting ready to slide it in when your neighbor, still with his dick in your mouth, leaned forward and twisted your tit. I saw how your cock jerked in response, so when he told me to shove it in hard, that you liked it that way I did.

"Christ, Eddie, three hard fucks and you were still tight. So tight I didn't think I was going to last as long as I usually did. So tight I figured if I came quick I'd have to stay for another, longer fuck and the hell with the risks. That's when your neighbor pulled his dick out of your throat and asked you whether you'd like to meet the pedo who had his big dick in your little cunt. You must have said yes, because he gently raised your head so you could look at me, and then said, "Eddie, this is your pedo fucker. Doc, this is Eddie.' And then he laughed at the looks on our faces.

"I think I might have been able to stop, but then you said, `Oh, doc, you're a pedo, too? Wow!' Your pussy clamped down on my cock and I still managed to ask if you wanted me to do this. You remember what you said, Eddie?"

Jesus, how the fuck could I forget. "Yeah, doc. I remember. I said, `please, doc, please fuck my boy pussy. Fuck my little cunt hard.' And that's what you did."

I paused. "Though not for very long."

Doc laughed and tossed his head back. "Damn right. A few really hard strokes into your cunt and I was a gonner. But the second time was a good one, although after being fucked eight was Kyle who went twice, too, wasn't it? were a lot looser, but damn you were hot. And still are."

Doc shrugged off the memories. "So, Alan," he said to dad, "you figured out your surprise yet?"

"I get to watch an orgy? You all jack off on me?" There was a slight undercurrent of bitterness, which dismayed me.

"No, daddy. Oh, no, God, no. I thought, well, I thought since you never got to fuck me when I was little and since you were horny, maybe, well, maybe you'd like to fuck a little boy, too. Like Andrew."

He looked up at me and managed a smile. "Okay, kiddo. So how do we do this?"

Christ. I hadn't really thought of that. But then it hit me. "We lower the bed until it's closer to level, you get on your left side, and Andrew slides your big dick into his little boy pussy."

It took a little doing, but we got dad on his side, his back propped up with pillows and my jacket, his thick meat thrusting straight out. A little more doing and with a gasp of wonder, dad had his dick buried in his first...and I refused to dwell on the "only" part...little boy cunt. As dad gently started to fuck Andrew and we watched, a thought occurred to me. Maybe selfish, maybe not. I decided to let dad decide.

"Daddy, would you...well, would you want to make this, well, sort of an orgy, if you were part of it?"

There was a flare of lust in his eyes, but he seemed so tired. But then he shook it off. "How?" He chuckled then. "Or like the two queers in Khartoum, will we have a terrible fight all through the night about who will do what and to whom?"

We all laughed and the tension eased.

"Well, do you think you might like to suck off Arthur? Would you like that, Arthur?"

"Oh, yes, please." He was remarkably shy for such an excellent cocksucker.

One cock down. Two to go. And I was suddenly shy myself. Maybe daddy would be offended.... No. He could decide. "And, uh, well, daddy, I was wondering if, maybe...."

"You want to fuck me, son, and turn this old asshole into a man cunt?"

I blushed, and ducked my head, and grinned. "Yeah. I can climb in behind you."

One cock to go and only two feasible holes. I was about to suggest that Doc fuck his older grandson, but Doc suggested fucking me. So that's what we did. The positions we were all in, except for dad, sandwiched in the middle, were fucking awkward. Arthur helped to brace dad while gently fucking his throat. Dad and I worked out a gentle rhythm for me to fuck him and him to fuck Andrew. And Doc, in the most awkward position of all, sort of standing, sort of squatting behind my ass, which was pretty much thrust out over the edge of the bed, somehow getting his cock in my pussy and getting in sync with us. Still dressed, of course, so that I could feel his zipper on my ass when he thrust all the way in.

It shouldn't have worked. The timing was awkward, the positions were awkward. Men...straights, queers, pedos, whatever...don't fuck that way. Not easy. Not gentle. No hard thrusts, no pounding, just soft in and out strokes of whatever hole we were working.

And then we were all cumming. No, not some miraculous simultaneous thing. Just each one of us in a sequence it's too blurred for any of us to remember. Arthur down daddy's throat. Andrew shaking and shivering in a dry cum. Daddy clamping down hard on my dick as he filled Andrew's cunt. Me doing the same for Doc while I came in daddy, and Doc came in me.

When we were all done, we separated. Quietly. No words. But no shame, no embarrassment. Somehow contented. Andrew and Arthur used the bathroom to clean their cocks, balls and asses, and got dressed. Doc just stuff his dick and balls back in his pants and zipped up. I stayed naked. We all exchanged hugs, and then they were gone, Doc assuring me no one would bother us during the night. And that all the monitoring devices would be turned off.

We adjusted the bed until it felt right, and then I climbed back in behind daddy, still on his left side, wrapping my arms around him to hold him close. We fell asleep and some time later daddy woke me up with a whisper. "Fuck me again, kiddo."

Instant hardon. I used spit to slick up my cock, moved my hips down and then slid my dick inside his warm, welcoming hole. Daddy sighed. "I like your dick in my man cunt, son."

"I like it there, too, daddy."

Daddy was hard again, so I jacked him while I fucked and with little whispers he directed the fucking...harder, softer, faster, slower, until he let the speed and the force build up and up, though nowhere near what my swimmer's hips could have done, until finally we both grunted our releases. And gradually came down from an incredible high.

I was drifting off to sleep, still inside him, when he said, "Get dressed, son."

I opened my mouth to say something, but he went on, very reasonably. "Look, Eddie, if we fall too deeply asleep someone is going to find you naked in my bed with your dick in my ass. You can still sleep with me, just with your shirt and jeans on again."

Again I opened my mouth to...argue, plead, whatever. And suddenly I knew...despite the darkness, despite the fact that daddy was facing away from me, that I was getting "the look." I sort of "heard" daddy's grin when I just said, "Yes, sir," and did as I was told.

We fell asleep, daddy held close again in my arms, and sometime during the night, dad's sleep became...permanent.


I was crying. Horny, hurting, hard, a now-motionless dildo still in my ass. And I was crying. So was Eddie. And the expression on his face said, even to a dumb fourteen-year-old like me, that he really hadn't intended to tell me all that. And I ached for him, and for me even if no one had died on me and left me alone, and I wanted to shit out the dildo and turn and just grab him and hold him and have him hold me and bawl my eyes out.

The insensitive bastard captain picked that moment to announce, "Gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing."

I became a really selfish little shit right then. Because I started moaning, thankfully just inside my head, that I was so fucking hard I hurt and now I wasn't going to be able to cum for...for-fucking-ever. Or not until Uncle Max said I could. I thought I kept the moans from appearing on my face. It was dumb and stupid and selfish to want to cum right then, and I wanted to show Eddie that I was a man, that I wasn't dumb and stupid and selfish, or at least, not all of the time. And not right now. And I was going to do and I did.

And then Eddie blinked away his tears, and said, "No, damnit! Cum now."

He glared at me, as if daring to talk back. "You're a fucking cum slut whore who loves to be pissed on, who loves to have his cunt reamed out with dildos, who's gonna love having cock in his ass and in his mouth, who's gonna love drinking more piss, who's gonna fuck little boy cunt as soon as he gets the chance, so goddamnit you fucking cum right now."

He started ramming that dildo in and out of my pussy, my hand was suddenly under someone else's remote control, working my dick in a frenzy and then I came with a loud wail, splattering my belly, my chest, my chin, the bed, my shaking left arm with globs of cum. I collapsed on my stomach.

Eddie yanked the dildo out of my cunt and tossed it down beside me. "Get in your seat. Fasten your seatbelt. Do it fucking now."

I knew without looking that quiet, "may I help you with that," flight steward Eddie had learned "the look" from his daddy and learned it well, so I avoided the deep shit by keeping my fucking mouth shut for a change, made no objection to sitting in the big, fancy leather chair in all my greasy, pissy, cum-stained glory, and fastened my seatbelt with just a little wince when the cold buckle hit my bare pubes.

Not long after that we were down, and Eddie told me to put my clothes back on...which were of course as messy and smelly now as the rest of me was...and grab my stuff.

That's when the awkward moment was. I almost did my usual duck-run-avoid, you know, pretend the stuff that made you feel awkward never really happened so you didn't have to think about it any more. But I couldn't. Just freakin' couldn't. So I stepped up to Eddie, put my arms around his waist, and laid my head against his chest. "I'm sorry," I whispered to him. "I'm sorry about your dad, `n sorry about being so selfish and wanting to cum after what you shared, `n I promise I won't say anything to anybody. Not even Uncle Max."

After a little hesitation, Eddie's strong arms enfolded me, and he leaned his head down to kiss the top of my head. "It's okay, kiddo, it's okay. I trust you." He gave an odd, soft little laugh. "A hell of lot, it appears."

He used his crooked right finger to tilt my head up to look at him. And then he kissed me. A real kiss. Not an "I want your pussy and cock in bed" kiss. Not a "well, that was a good fuck, so fuck off now kiss." A real kiss. Soft, gentle, caring. A three-bears kiss, not too short, not too long, just perfectly right.

When he broke it off, we were okay, and smiling at each other. He caressed my hair. "You really have to go, Danny. The plane has to be thoroughly cleaned, re-stocked, and in the air again as fast as possible. We have a passenger to pick up in Witchita." He chuckled at my expression. "Business, Danny, business. Not boy business. Your uncle's business, which we don't discuss. Now scoot."

I asked him where the nearest men's room was, one with a shower, so I could "scoot" there and at least clean up a little bit. He told me there was no time for that. I was being met at the gate.

Met at the fucking gate? Right now? At one of the busiest damned airports in the country? Walking through an airport full of people looking and smelling like the Olympic gold slut of southern Florida? No fucking way.


A private jetway. A private gate. A large man silhouetted against the bright sun.

Uncle Max!

I started to run to him.