Me & My Uncle

Part 1

Let me see, how should I put it, okay, my name is Alex, 21 years and I stand six feet tall with a very trim and an athletic body. My cock is six and a half inches when soft. When I get hard it grows to ten and a half inches. The head is three and a half inches wide. I have a large amount of light brown hair surrounding the base and in my ass and I am gay. At presently, I am doing my degree in mechanical engineering and I live with my uncle. Let me introduce my uncle to you. He's name is Tim, 30 years old and he stands about 5 feet 6 inches tall with a muscular frame.

We both practically lead a very simple life, where I am student and he is a state soccer coach and a part time physical trainer and all. So basically, we did not have much time to chitchat. I leave the house around 7.30 in the morning and come back around 9 in the night after all the extra classes whereas my uncle leaves around 6 in the morning and come backs around 11 in the night. We barely see each other.

It was a public holiday that day, where my uncle and I were at home. I woke up early that day about 5 am, to submit my assignment before 8.30 a.m to my lecturer. I left early and I came back before 6.45 a.m. As I entered the house, I saw my uncle in his nylon tracksuit bottoms, shirtless and exercising; the usual indoors stuff. At a very quick glance, I saw my uncle's greasy eight-packed body. It really stimulated my bodily chemicals. "Could I join you, uncle Alex," I asked him. "Yeah, but change first, I don't want you to tear your pants when you bend down" he said. I quickly changed to a nylon tracksuit bottoms, shirtless and joined him. "Wow, you sure have a real hunky eight-packed body Alex," he said. "Right back at you uncle" I replied.

After a short while, we both sat down next to each other with our bodies greased-up with sweat, exhausted. Then something happened, my uncles legs were apart and I could I see a mound bulging out through the center of his tracksuit. I realized that he was having a massive erection. "If only I could stroke that bulge of his," I said to myself. At the very moment I said that, I had a mound of my own. I was feeling very horny and I could feel my cock penetrating through my tracksuit. I saw my uncle, and he was reading the daily newspaper and I took the opportunity to stroke my bulge but I could not take it any longer. My bulge was getting bigger by the minute.

The next unbelievable thing happened, my uncle rested his hands over my right thigh and he gave me a look that could make you hypnotized in an instant. He then, gently stroked my right leg, in long strokes from my knee to my upper part of my thigh. I relaxed and I knew that this is going to be fun.

At first, I did not know what to do, whether to reciprocate what he did or just play dummy. I rested back in the sofa, parting my legs wider as if to invite him to do whatever he wanted.

"I want you to rub my cock through my trackies and see if you can make out what I'm wearing underneath them," he whispered.

I reached across and let my hand make out by feeling the shape of his mound. It was large, but soft and giving. I pressed lightly through the nylon tracksuit and slid the material over the bulge. It slipped and slithered over the tightly contained package beneath. As I continued lightly to stroke my uncle, I felt his hand move further upwards and towards my center. Then the hand gently groped mine, massaging the warm mound of my young teen boy cock and fat juicy balls. For a couple of minutes we just sat like this, side by side, stroking each other's swelling bulges, enjoying the sensation of the confined hardness pressing urgently through the underwear contained beneath the nylon bottoms. I had never before been felt up like this, and loved it! He seemed experienced and confident, gently working my mound beneath his skilful hand so that mine grew and filled my briefs. He seemed in no hurry to remove the tracksuit, and to get working on my naked young cock. Far from it: my bulging package contained in tight briefs beneath the trackie, sliding and moving under his hand, was a fantastic turn-on to him. For his part, I was thrilled by the mystery of working on the unseen cockshaft of my uncle, which though trapped in underwear still presented me with the unmistakable shape of a firm hard dick that I worked with the palm of my hand. As I stroked the long shaft, my uncle shifted again in the sofa in such a way that seemed to push his stiff cock upwards, and my hand slipping further downward cupped the large juicy ball sac, which moved gently within the confining soft material under the tracksuit. My uncles' fingers now gripped my hot hard cock through the nylon trackie, and he gave a few wanking strokes to my eager prick. By feel, he was trying to make out what kind of briefs I was wearing - what were they made of? He wasn't sure, but they seemed to be quite slippery - and not just from precum! Beneath the nylon tracksuit bottom, he seemed to make out the distinctive texture of - what was it, silk? Nylon? - He was certain that I wasn't wearing cotton briefs, but something much more exciting.

'Let's get out of these' muttered my uncle, and raised himself momentarily from the sofa and tugged his own tracksuit down; then with another swift move he pulled mine bottoms downward as well. In the brightness of the house interior, the whiteness of our bulging underwear glistened. My uncle looked hungrily at the tight white briefs of mine by him, glistening and sparkling, his own straining jockstrap swollen with his throbbing cock. I was wearing a pair of thin white nylon briefs, already damp with the precum being to seep from his cut cockhead. I assumed that my uncle would pull them down as well, and start wanking me, so I was surprised when my uncle's hand cupped the front of the nylon briefs and continued to rub me off. My uncle loved the warmth of my young cock in its nylon package, moist and already juicy with the sappy precum. He worked my prick in the shiny nylon of the white briefs, sliding his hand over the front of the glistening material, urging more precum to ooze from the fat mushroom cockhead. He wanted the nylon briefs to be sodden with teenage precum, warm and aromatic, so that when he sucked the my cock through the bulging briefs, as he planned to do very shortly, his nostrils would be filled with the delicate scent of hot boy juice in the warm nylon. For his own part, he his now fully erect cock was leaking drips of clear precum into the cotton jock stretched tightly across the large mushroom cockhead. He took my hand and guided it over his jockstrap, encouraging me to feel him up. I immediately responded, and through the thin cotton rubbed and massaged the hard flesh of the firm erection. Again I went down to my uncle's big balls, and lifted and pressed them in the cotton bag. Then back to the prick, starting slow wanking strokes of the kind that my uncle was applying to my own hard cock. He was excited by the size of the cock in his grasp, by the heat generated in the sexy white sports jock, and by the damp spot spreading from the swollen mushroom head clearly evident in the cotton.

'That's really good. Don't you think so?' asked my uncle. 'I love the feel of our big cock in these hot nylon briefs. God, it looks so sexy, seeing you with your legs apart and your hard young cock pushing out the front of those white briefs. Even in the dark I can make out the shape of your dick and balls, and I can see your bush of pubic hair showing through the nylon. Do you like being tossed off in your briefs?'

'Yeah, cool, fuck that's fantastic.'

`OK; now let's push our bulges together and feel our cocks against each other. Your cock is just fantastic in those nylon briefs, and I want to feel them slipping against my jock and your hardness pushing into mine. Come on, let's lie facing each other.'

We moved on to our sides on the sofa, our white bulges moving with the excitement of our shuddering cocks. My uncle pressed closed on me where I responded by moving up the sofa. Our swollen packages moved closer still, and then met, and I gasped with the excitement as for the first time in my life my cock pressed into the soft cotton package of another guy's mound. Each of us could feel the hard eager dick of the other, fighting for freedom from our clothed prisons. He moved up and down, so that his thin cotton jock rubbed firmly against the sparkling white nylon of my precum-glistening briefs. Just by rubbing together like this, the excitement of the friction made my cock tingle dangerously, and I knew that without much more of this I would be shooting my spunk. He too was getting close, the excitement of having stripped me down to my nylon briefs in his house and now masturbating me in these precum-juiced pants was almost too much for him. But he didn't want me to cum just yet. He needed to suck my cock through the hot wet nylon. So he slipped further down the sofa and knelt on the floor, the bulging mound of nylon-trapped my teen cock and balls just inches from his face. He moved in, the sweet scent of honey-precum filling his nostrils, the delicate tang of my teen boy cock trapped in hot nylon unmistakable. He moved right against the glistening whiteness, and his mouth covered the mound of my meat. It was delicious, wet and slick with precum, the nylon package of boy joy slick and moving gently. He sucked hungrily and gratefully on the cock-engorged nylon, the full fat balls of mine, heavy with teen spunk, ready to deliver our load of gushing boy cum. The briefs were getting slippery with my precum, and my cock began to buck within the nylon prison, and he worked the dick relentlessly, bobbing up and down the length of my shaft, suckling delicately at the ball sac, moving me ever closer to what he knew would be a sensational orgasm.

I was in ecstasy; the sensation of being sucked through my briefs a completely new one for me. My uncle's mouth was now positioned over my cockhead, and somehow he managed to take it into his mouth, still in its nylon sheath. He sieved yet more of the pearly flood of precum through the nylon and drank eagerly. Then he allowed himself the luxury of slipping my cockhead free from the top of the briefs, the proud naked rod with its pearly drips quivering before him. He took a final suck of my naked mushroom head, and then at once slipped my cock back into his wet briefs and continued to suck through the nylon. He bobbed fast on the head, whilst with his left hand agitating the shaft. Within seconds I gave way, and with a stream of loud moans began to pump my warm spunk into the nylon briefs, shot after shot of creamy boy sperm flooding the glistening white bag, the first pearls of cum forcing through the tight hugging briefs, unable to contain all of this hot juicy load. My uncle lapped eagerly on the escaping boy spunk, and breathed in the hot odour of young cum. His own cock was ready to pump, and after I had released the last drops of my own jizz, he moved back to the sofa and pushed my hand back to his swollen jock. 'Wank my cock, now, please. I want to cum in my jock.' He slipped his own hand inside his jockstrap for a few seconds, and stroked his hot wet prick, smearing his precum all the way down from his cockslit to the base of his shaft. Then he removed his hand, to allow me to wank him off.

I needed no encouragement. I masturbated his wet cock through the cotton jock, and after about ten strokes I felt my uncle tense and arch his back, and then groan as the spunk pumped into the thin white jockstrap. I watched as cum began to ooze through, and he began to rub his own fingers in the overflow and brought them to his lips. I however wanted to try something myself, and I bent down and began to suck the spunk through the cotton. I had never tasted anyone else's spunk before, and it was like nectar to me, warm and creamy. The hard cock beneath the jock continued to jerk and throb as the last wads of sperm emptied into the cotton. My briefs were heavy with spunk, and my uncle had certainly produced as much precious boy juice in his jock.

Afterwards, we pulled our tracksuit bottoms up over our spunk-filled underwear and went back to each other's room where we cleaned up. That was the first of my experiences with underwear sex and bulge play, and I was an immediate convert! I wanted badly to explore my uncle more to experiment with, and it was not to be long before I struck lucky. Very lucky indeed.

To be continued...

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