My Muscular Little Bro

by Sean O'Malley

It had been a long day at school and I was looking forward to a nice slow jerk in my room. I lay down on my bed and pulled out my aching 17-year-old cock, already hard and ready to go. My hand wrapped around it and started to slowly move the skin up and down. I watched as the head disappeared inside the foreskin and then reappeared again. It felt so good. Suddenly the door to my room flew open. I heard it smash against the wall. As I looked up I saw him, my little bro standing shirtless over my bed, his baggy shorts hung down to his knees.

He wrapped his hand around my cock and squeezed. “This belongs to me”, he said looking straight into my eyes. “This is mine”, he reiterated stressing each syllable so that I would not forget what he said.

Seeing his tan, muscular torso and watching him assert himself over me really turned me on. He let go of my dick and it slapped loudly against my stomach. His thumbs hooked under the waistband of his shorts and he slowly slid them to the floor exposing his half-hard dick and huge muscular thighs. I was in awe of his body. At 15 he was already a hulk of a boy with nice thick pecs and big round biceps. His abs were made of steel as were his powerful still hairless legs. I watched as he mounted my bed standing with one foot on either side of my body. He spit into his hand and reached down wiping it all over my already pre-cum soaked cock. Then with perfect balance, he lowered his ass until it hovered right over my fully erect cock.

He leaned in and whispered I my ear, “It’s all mine, big bro”. And with that he lowered himself onto me and took all 6 inches into his ass. The feeling was ecstasy not just for me but for my little bro as well. He let out a quiet gasp of pleasure as his ass reached my pelvis and rested there for just a moment before he started to gently bounce up and down, riding me like only a little brother can. His muscles tensed up with each downward thrust and released on the retraction. The sight of him was pure heaven. He rested his strong hands on my shoulders as he increased the speed of his thrusting. My cock was close to exploding and I knew that’s what my little bro wanted. He wanted me to fill him with my juice and make him feel like a little slut. I was all too happy to oblige.

“I’m getting close little bro. You want it?”

“You know I do, big bro”.

His hands released my shoulders and he put them behind his head showing off his big biceps and hairless armpits for me as he continued to work my sore dick. I grabbed his hard boy ass with both my hands and squeezed the firm muscle, kneading it as it continued to bounce up and down. Pre-cum was leaking out of his 5-inch cock like a faucet covering my chest and stomach. I could tell he was close too. Sweat was dripping down onto me from his hovering body like salty rain giving me a taste of my little bro. I closed my eyes and savored each drop that fell onto my tongue.

Suddenly I felt a thick drop fall onto my face. I opened my eyes to see my little bro’s cock exploding onto my face and chest. I stuck out my tongue to catch as much as I could, savoring the salty sweet taste. I could feel my cum welling up in my gut and just as my little bro stopped bouncing I shot my first shot of cum deep into his ass. Then another and another, each one filling his ass more and more. He moaned loudly as the hot liquid was injected into him, and his sweaty hard body fell on top of mine. We laid there for a bit, hugging, my cock still in his beautiful ass.

“You know I love you little bro”, I said to him.

“Yeah, I know big bro”, he replied.

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