My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 11]

by Sean O'Malley

Little bro got into the shower first and turned on the water nice and hot like we liked it. When I got into the shower I saw little bro, his arms outstretched, with his hands against the wall. His head was turned down and the water was streaming off of his wavy black hair, down his back and over his tight round ass. This is how he relaxed after a long workout. I got up behind him and put my arms under his and reached around his upper torso. My arms could barely reach.

“Gosh little bro, you’re getting huge. When are you gonna start competing?”

Little bro looked up and smiled back at me.

“Raven says I got another year then I can start competing in the teen division.”

[Who’s Raven you ask? He was a trainer at a gym that little bro went to a few times a week. He was 22, blonde hair & blue eyes, built like a MAC truck. Your typical Nordic God type. He had become a very good platonic friend of little bro’s and had helped him in is quest to get big.]

“I can’t wait to see you compete little bro. You’ll blow them away.”

Little bro let out a little laugh and then flexed his bicep for my enjoyment. I ran my hand over the huge orb of muscle feeling its slick, wet surface. Little bro relaxed his arm and put his hand back on the shower wall. I reached back around and started running my hands over his massive slab pecs, pinching his soft nipples between my fingers. Little bro let out a soft moan.

“Oh, that feels good big bro. Keep doing it.”

I reached back and grabbed the bar of soap, filling my hand with its foam. I reached back around and soaped up little bro’s chest paying special attention to his sensitive nipples. I started kissing his thick hard neck and shoulders as I continued to soap up his upper body. The steam in the shower was intoxicating and I felt myself getting very horny. I let my hands trail down onto little bro’s abs running my soapy fingers through all the grooves and over the bumps of muscle.

Little bro turned around. I watched as the soapsuds ran down his chest and abs and gathered in his pubic bush just above his thick erect penis. Little bro pushed his mouth to mine opening my lips with his tongue, his hands explored my backside as I did his. We held each other in this embrace for an eternity. His muscular body heaved as we kissed rubbing soap all over mine. My hands found his hungry hole and began to tease it with my fingers. Following suit, little bro started to do the same to mine, tempting me with his thick strong fingers. Much to my surprise I felt one of little bro’s fingers enter my ass—the feeling was glorious. He slowly began to fuck me with his wet finger.

“I think I’m ready to fuck you big bro.”

I was glad to hear this. For all the time little bro and I had been together he had never entered me. He always said he wasn’t ready yet, but now today was the day.

“Are you sure little bro?”

“Yes. I wanna show you how much I love you big bro.”

“I’d like that little bro.”

I broke our embrace.

“Do you wanna do it here or in bed?”

“Let’s try here.”

“OK little bro.”

I turned around with my back to little bro and put one foot up on the edge of the shower. I grabbed the towel rack on the wall and looked back at little bro and smiled. He was soaping up his thick cock with the bar of soap. He smiled back.

“I’m all yours little bro.”

Little bro moved closer to me and lined up his cock with my hole. He grabbed my waist with both his hands and I felt the tip of his cock against my ass. Slowly and deliberately I felt the head of little bro’s cock enter my hole. Then he stopped as if to allow me to enjoy each bit—and I did. A few seconds later, I felt the rest of little bro’s thick cock slide into me. I grit my teeth a bit to alleviate the pain of the intruder, but in a few seconds the pain was gone and I had my little bro completely inside me.

Little bro froze like that for a few seconds.

“Are you OK big bro?”

“I’m great little bro—you feel incredible.”

Slowly, and with some trepidation, little bro started to fuck me, sliding in and out, his grasp on my waist tightening. I moved back to meet each thrust of his hips. In no time we had a rhythm established. I rest my head on the tiled wall as the water from the shower bounced off of little bro and splashed me on my face and back. He picked up speed causing my whole body to move with each down thrust.

Little bro continued to push deeper and deeper into my ravenous hole. His grip on my waist loosened and his hands started to move up and down my wet body. The feel of his strong hands on me had my cock dripping all over the shower floor. All of a sudden little bro lifted me off the ground and held me suspended in air impaled on his thick, strong, young boy meat. After a few seconds he put me down and got back to work.

“I’m getting close big bro.”

I reached down and grabbed my hard cock and started jacking myself as little bro got even faster. I knew I was close too but I wanted little bro to come first.

“Come inside me little bro.”

“OK big bro. I’m close.”

A few more seconds of thrusting and I felt the most rapturous explosion in my ass. Warm and silky smooth, little bro shot his wad deep inside me—shot after shot of hot cum filling my insides. Simultaneously, I shot my load all over the shower wall. When I felt that little bro had exited my body I turned around and took him in my arms in a tight embrace. I think I had tears in my eyes.

“Are you OK big bro?”

“I’m great little bro, just great. That was incredible.”

“Well, I’m good I don’t know about incredible.”

We both laughed. I gave little bro a well-deserved kiss on the cheek.

“Come on, let’s get cleaned up.”

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