My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 12]

by Sean O'Malley

It was a few weeks later and I was driving across town to pick little bro up at the gym. It was around 10pm, closing time at the gym, and I didn’t want to be late. I pulled up at 10:05 and the gym looked deserted from the outside. It was OK because little bro often stayed late. I got out of the car and walked up to the gym, opened the door and went in. The place was deserted, all the lights were on but there was no one around.

“Hello,” I called out.

There was no answer. I called again. Finally I heard footsteps coming from the locker room area. It was Raven, little bro’s trainer. He was bare-chested and just had on a thick white towel cinched around his small waist and pair of flip-flops. His hair was all messed up and dripping wet. Water was glistening on his smooth chest and arms. He was so beautiful I almost wept.

“Oh, hey Reed dude. You must be here for Grant”, he said in his surfer-cool voice.

He grabbed at his towel pulling it up a bit.

“Yeah, hey Raven. Have you seen him tonight?”

“He left a few minutes ago, dude. You totally just missed him.”

“Shit. I knew I was running late but not that late.”

“It’s OK little man. He got a ride home with that kid Jimmy. Don’t beat yourself up.”

Raven reached out and put his hand on my shoulder like he was consoling me. It felt good—strong. I liked having his hand on me. He seemed to leave it there just a little too long. I felt a stir in my underwear.

“OK thanks. I better be getting home.”

“No sweat dude. I gotta get back to the showers.”

I admired his body as he walked back to the showers. As he entered the hallway he turned his head and looked back at me smiling, seemingly inviting me to join him. I pondered the possibilities for a moment and what little bro might say if I acted upon these feelings. I got back in my car and started to drive back home.

I drove around our town for about a half-hour before I decided I should act upon these feelings for Raven. ‘He’s 22 I’m 18-it’s a perfect match’. I hurried back to the gym but by the time I got there the lights were out and the doors were locked. I drove around again for another half-hour just thinking about what might have been.

I got home around 11:30. Right when I came in the door I heard the sound of someone coming up from the basement. It was my little bro. He was dressed in his usual workout clothes, a muscle shirt, baggy shorts, a weight belt and a pair of construction-type boots. He ran over to me and gave me a big hug in his oversized sweaty arms.

“I was worried big bro. Where have you been? I thought something had happened to you.”

(Have I ever told you how much I loved this little guy?)

“I went to the gym but you weren’t there. I guess I missed you. Then I just drove around for awhile.”

He let me out of his embrace—not that I wanted to be let out—but he did.

“Oh sorry big bro, I left a few minutes early. Jimmy gave me a ride home.”

“Yeah, Raven told me you caught a ride with Jimmy.”

“You saw Raven at the gym?”

“Yeah, he was the only one there when I showed up. I think he was in the shower.”

“Did you see him in the shower?”

“No, he came out in a towel and we talked for a sec. He’s a cool guy.”

“Yeah he is big bro. He’s a good trainer. Speaking of training I gotta go finish my workout for the night.”

With that he was off back down into the basement. I was still kind of horny from seeing Raven so I decided to follow him down and watch him workout. He always liked when someone watched him, he loved an audience. He would strike various poses along the way in between his reps. I loved to see him flex, I thought he was so sexy, and he really was. About an hour later, it was past midnight, little bro was done. He walked over to the couch where I was sitting and did one last “most muscular” pose for me. I melted instantly. He was dripping with sweat and I hungrily started to lick it off of him as I knelt on the couch. It was the sweetest tongue bath I could imagine. I covered every inch of his body that wasn’t covered with clothing—mainly his biceps, his tasty armpits and his calves.

Then in a move very much like little bro, he undid his weight belt, dropped it to the floor and pulled down his shorts to expose his cock and balls. I dove in and licked the sweat off of his balls before I greedily took his whole fat cock into my mouth. Little bro just stood there sighing, holding his shirt up over his abs as I masterfully brought him to erection. Working out always made him extra horny so I knew he wasn’t going to last very long. His hard cock throbbed in my mouth begging to be brought to climax to release the tension. I swirled my tongue around the head, his favorite move, and sucked its whole length in and out of my mouth. In seconds it burst forth sweet boy juice that filled my mouth and rested on my tongue. I swallowed every drop before releasing it from my mouth, letting it fall back to little bro’s stomach.

“You’re the best big bro a boy could have, Reed.”

“You’re not so bad yourself, little bro.”

I got off the couch and stood next to little bro just looking at his face, his beautiful face. I took my hand and grabbed his chin then stroked my fingers up his cheek. I took one finger and traced the outline of his full lips.

“You know I love you more than anything, don’t you little bro?” I whispered.

“I feel the same way big bro” he whispered back.

Our lips met and we engaged in a long, deep, wet kiss while our hands explored the others body. I ran my hands down little bro’s back until they rested on the hard roundness of his sweaty ass. I grabbed at the fleshy orbs and ran my hand between them. Little bro acted likewise and inserted his hands into my shorts and grabbed at my ass as we continued to make out, our tongues jousting in each other’s mouths.

This would continue on for many more hours. Then for the first time ever we would share my bed for the night, little bro cuddling up next to me.

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