My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 14]

by Sean O'Malley

Around 2:30AM…

“I gotta go Raven. My parents are gonna flip.”

I spoke calmly, not scared by the possible wrath of my parents, very relaxed.

“Are you sure little dude?”

“I’m afraid so. I don’t want to, but I think I have to.”

“OK, Reed, if you have to.”

He kissed me once more and then picked me up in his strong arms, carried me to the door and set me on the ground. We stood there staring into each other’s eyes. I could see the moon reflected in Raven’s big blue eyes. He was so beautiful, unlike anything I had ever seen.

“Will you call me?” I asked feeling stupid the minute I said it.

“You know I will, little dude. You’re my little dude now.”

I melted and wrapped my arms around his huge and mighty body, not even getting them all the way around. He hugged me back. He held each other for awhile then broke the hug. We exchanged cell phone numbers and then I left. Raven stayed at the top of the stairs as I walked out. I turned around and he waved at me, smiling. I got in my car, beaming, and headed home.

It was nearly 3:30AM when I got home. My parents were in bed so I easily snuck in and upstairs. I noticed a light was still on in little bro’s room so I stopped in.

“Where have you been big bro?”

“Oh, I was in the library doing some…”

I concocted some lie about falling asleep in the library, which was believable, because the library was open 24 hours. It didn’t sound completely false so I thought little bro would buy it.

“Oh, I was worried about you. It’s so late.”

“And you stayed up for me?”

“Well, yeah. I couldn’t sleep.”

“You are the best little bro.”

I walked over to the little guy and gave him a big hug. In just his boxers I got to feel his naked skin on my fingers. After my night of making out with Raven I was so horny I needed some release and this closeness just increased the need.

“You wanna sleep in my bed tonight little bro?”

“Yeah that sounds great.”

“Well, come on over.”

We walked across the hall to my room where little bro sat on my bed and watched me get undressed. I stripped down to my underwear before I realized I had a huge boner in my pants. I turned with my back to little bro and stripped off my boxers freeing my hard on from its cage. When I turned around I heard a gasp.

“Well, big bro. The library must be a very stimulating place.”

He laughed that cute little laugh of his. I laughed back and sat down on the bed next to him.

“Why don’t you take off your boxers, little bro.”

He stood up and dropped them to the floor revealing his fat soft cock nestled in his 2 big balls. He sat back next to me on the bed. I wrapped my fist around my hard cock and turned to little bro.

“Remember who owns this?”

“I do,” he said rather aggressively.

“So what are you gonna do about it?”

“Lay back big bro,” he commanded.

I complied and lay back on the bed. Little bro knelt on either side of me, his huge thighs flexing with his posture. He grabbed my cock forcefully in his grip.

“This is mine. I own this.”

He was somewhat menacing in his demeanor.

“Always remember that. This is mine.”

His face turned to a wide smile and he laughed a bit. He placed his ass above my straight up pointing dick then started to rub it against the crack between his two hard orbs of muscle. Pre-cum from my cock slicked up little bro’s ass and made my cock easily slide up and down. He grabbed my cock and pushed it further into the crevasse so I could just feel the new growth of soft hair. I was moaning like crazy, being so horny and with little bro making my cock feel so good. I ran my hands up and down his steely thighs also noticing new hair growth. Little bro was becoming a man.

Having teased me long enough, little bro let go of my cock and rested himself on my knees. He then leaned forward and swallowed my cock whole. I let out a gasp of excitement as I felt my cock rest against the back of little bro’s throat. I grabbed his head and mussed his hair as I writhed on the bed. He pulled off only to swallow me once again, this time using his tongue to lick my sensative cock head. As he pulled off a long string of saliva and pre-cum ran from his mouth to the tip of my cock like spun silk. I took my finger and broke the strand and brought it to my mouth.

Now that my cock was well lubricated I knew exactly what little bro would do. He raised again like he had been, spit in his hand and rubbed it all over his hungry hole. Slowly he lined up my cock and his ass and just as slowly he lowered himself onto me, taking all of me in one smooth motion. Then he sat there, letting us both adjust to the sensations swirling around our heads. Gently he began to move again this time in an upward motion raising off all but the head of my cock. He was an expert in the art of seduction when it came to fucking me. He knew just how I liked it.

With the balance of a gymnast he teased me with his motions. Slowly raising and falling back on me, rubbing my cock between the lips of his muscular hole. Little bro’s cock was rock hard now and bobbing up and down just above my chest. I grabbed it and started to jack it forcefully begging it to cum on me. My grip was tight and I slid it back and forth at an alarming speed. Little bro threw his head back and moaned loudly as he increased the speed of his ass.

I aimed little bro’s cock right at my mouth and stuck out my tongue. I could see it dripping huge amounts of pre-cum on my chest, I knew he was close. I jacked him a few more times and I saw the head swell and turn purple. BAM-in a second little bro was spewing his boy juice into my mouth and onto my chest. It was sweet as always and very thick. Gobs fell onto my tongue and chin and chest. Little bro impaled himself fully on my cock as he came throwing me into a sensation that caused me to shoot my load deep into little bro’s waiting hole. I could feel my cum gathering around the head of my cock. It was warm and very wet.

Little bro sat like that for a few more minutes before he pulled himself off of my cock. He then proceeded to lick my cock clean before he licked my chest clean and fell on top of me.

“That was incredible big bro. What got into you?”

“Must have been the nap at the library, I guess.”

Little bro slid off of me and lay down next to me draping his arm over my chest. I stroked his arm lightly as he lay there.

“Have I ever told you how much I love your muscles little bro?”

He flexed his bicep for me. I grabbed at it and at his bulging forearm and his strong hand. They were all huge and yet still smaller than Raven. I really had Raven on my mind as we lay there on my bed, our bodies intertwined. What was I gonna do? What was I gonna do?

“You know I love you big bro.”

“Yeah I know little bro.”

There was only one thing I could do.

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