My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 15]

by Sean O'Malley

Yes, there was only one thing I could do…but I was hardly ready to do that. I couldn’t tell little bro about Raven and Raven about me and little bro. They’d both freak out, I’m sure. For the time being I would just keep them separate.


Little bro and I woke up in each other’s arms once again welcoming yet another beautiful day. All day all I could think about was Raven and when I’d next get to see him. Little bro was hanging out with Jimmy from across the street most of the day so I had some time to myself to think about my situation. Around 2PM my cell rang. I answered it.


“Hey. How’s my little dude doing today? No hangover I hope.”

He laughed about the hangover thing.

“Raven? Hey. I’m fine how about you?”

“I’m good except I’m wondering why you’re not here.”

“Sometimes it’s hard for me to get away with my parents and all.”

“Oh that sucks dude. Well a few more weeks and you’ll be free.”

“I know that, I can’t wait.”

“Can you manage to sneak over here tonight maybe? I should be back from the gym around 8.”

“I think I can swing that. I know I can.”

“Cool. I’ll expect you around 8 then, OK little man?”

“OK. See you then.”

The rest of the day dragged on like you wouldn’t believe. Finally it was 7:30, time to go. I told everyone I was going to the library (my new favorite place) and I was off.


I got to Raven’s around 8PM as we had planned. I knocked on his door and was greeted by a vision in a sweaty white tank top and black shorts, also sweaty. I came in and Raven immediately engulfed me in his arms. His smell was pungent and beautiful, so manly and tough. We stood there for awhile just holding each other—it was nice. Eventually Raven let go.

“Better let me change dude. I must reek.”

Raven went into his bedroom and I sat down on the couch looking around his apartment. It was a very nice place, I liked being there, it felt safe and comforting. I heard the shower turn on. Part of me wanted to drop my clothes and jump in there with him but I decided to play this one cool. It was just like our second date—maybe our first—depending on how you look at it.

The water turned off and I a few minutes Raven emerged from his bedroom in a pair of short white shorts and nothing else. His super-broad smooth chest with extra large nipples and deeply etched 8-pack were all on display, not to mention his massive arms, shoulders and thighs.

“Did you have a good shower?”

“Yeah. I was kinda hoping you’d join me little man.”

Raven smiled at me, that exquisite smile of his. I thought ‘DOH!’

“Can I get you something to drink?”

“No, I’m good thanks.”

“I’m gonna have some iced tea. Sure you don’t want any?”

“Well, OK I’ll have some too.”

Raven poured us 2 glasses of iced tea and brought them over to the couch. He sat right next to me and put his large arm around my shoulders. I took a sip of tea.

“You know I really like you Reed. I’ve liked you for a long time.”

“I’ve liked you for a while too Raven. Ever since that night at the gym.”

“That was another time I tried to get you in the shower”

Raven and I both laughed. He pulled me tighter into him.

“I wanted to go into the shower with you that night. I even came back to the gym later but you were gone.”

I let my hand stray onto Raven’s naked thigh, feeling the tight muscles beneath the silky skin. I just kind of stroked him as we sat there in silence, both of us feeling the other. I looked over to find Raven looking over at me. I pressed my mouth firmly to his. His tongue fought to enter my mouth and gained easy access as I eagerly parted my lips. My tongue went into his and fireworks started to ignite in my head. Our tongues pared and thrusted back and forth as our hands explored every inch of the other’s body.

Raven grabbed my legs and pulled me onto his lap. I could feel his erection beneath my ass and the warmth that it was radiating. My fingers grabbed at his nipples pulling on the dark purple flesh making it hard. Raven pulled my t-shirt over my head exposing my upper body to the groping of his strong rough hands. I was so small next to him, yet I felt completely safe in his mighty arms.

“Do you wanna slow down, little dude?”

“No. Do you?”

Raven picked me up off the couch and carried me into his bedroom. He lay me down on his king-sized bed and proceeded to drop his shorts. His erection, a nice fat 8 inches, popped up and slapped against his hard abs. He then grabbed my shorts and pulled them off followed by my boxers and my shoes. He lay down next to me, both of us on our sides, and stared into my eyes as he stroked my hair. He moved in and we began to kiss some more, this time more passionately than before. His hand moved down by body until it rested firmly upon my very hard cock. He started to gently stroke me as we continued to kiss.

Our long kiss broke and Raven started kissing down my body. First my chest then my stomach, my belly button and finally his face was deep in my crotch. He grabbed my cock and jacked it a few times them took it all into his warm mouth. I let out a gasp as I felt his wet tongue make contact with my throbbing member.

After a few minutes of pleasuring me, Raven flipped his body around into a 69 position giving me full access to his muscular cock. I dove into his pubes, swallowing his cock and grabbing his balls in my hand. His muscular thighs were right in my face as I sucked him off and fondled him. I took his cock from my mouth and licked his strong legs feeling the hard muscle beneath my tongue. Raven took each of my balls into his mouth and gave them each individual attention, rolling them around and sucking on them. I returned the favor and did the same to him.

10 or 15 minutes later I could feel myself nearing orgasm just as I could feel Raven getting close. His cock began to quiver and shake and seemed to get even harder than it had been. Suddenly I was treated to the taste of real man cum, shooting deep into my throat, thick eruptions of warm gel, passing over my tongue. At the same time I shot my cream into Raven’s waiting mouth.

After we each had reached our screaming orgasms, Raven turned back around and kissed me some more exchanging our cum in our mouths. He really liked to kiss and he was so good at it. He pressed his muscular body right against mine so that I could feel each individual muscle against my smooth skin. Our noses were pressed against each other’s. Raven stroked my face lovingly as we spoke in whispers.

“That was incredible little dude. You’ve got some mad skills.”

“You’re not so bad yourself big dude.”

“Big dude? I like that. You can call me that…but only you.”

He expertly handled me in every way, bringing me more ecstasy that evening than I had ever felt.

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