My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 16]

by Sean O'Malley

Two weeks later…

I had spent the past two weeks sneaking around so that I could be with Raven every day. It wasn’t easy but at least my family (and little bro) thought that I was spending a lot of time in the library getting ready for school—made me seem smart. In reality I was over at Raven’s place making out and talking and having the best sex of my life. Then I’d come home very late and have more sex with little bro who couldn’t keep his hands off of me now that I’m going away. I think he thought that he’d never see me again.

So the day had come to move into my new apartment. My parents and little bro all helped me move in. It was a nice place not far from home but far enough. Little bro helped me set up most of my stuff; he even put together my bed for me which took some work. Good to have a strong little guy around to help. We sat on the bed and talked for a bit then we softly kissed a little. Little bro cried a little but I managed to help him see the good side of it all—more room for him at home, his own car, stuff like that. He smiled after a little talking. He got up and we hugged and he was in the car headed back home.

After little bro left I started to feel the freedom that I had just been granted. I proceeded to put stuff away, unpack boxes, get the kitchen set up. There was a knock at the door. ‘Little bro’ I thought, ‘back for some more reassuring.’ I opened the door and there stood the love of my life, Raven, in a pair of short running shorts and a white tank-top.

“Hey little man. Thought I’d jog over and see your new place.”

“Come in. Come in.”

I closed the door and wrapped my arms around his thick neck and gave him a kiss like we hadn’t seen each other in years—which it felt like. He kissed me back and wrapped his arms around my back picking me up off the ground and spinning me around.

“Oh, you’re all sweaty. I love you when you’re sweaty.”

Raven bent over and smelled his armpit.

“No, you smell great. You’re just sweaty from your run. Very sexy. Your tank clings to your big muscles and your whole body glistens.”

“You like my muscles, huh?”

He taunted me with those words knowing full well that I totally dug his big, hulking muscles.

“You know I do, my big dude.”

“I like that name. I’ve never been anyone’s ‘big dude’ before…Hey, how about a tour.”

“OK. Well, this is the kitchen, the living room is over there and through that door is the bedroom and bathroom.”

It was a one-bedroom apartment, there wasn’t much of a tour to give.

“Very nice little dude. You’ve got it fixed up very nicely.”

Raven walked over and sat down on the couch. He looked up at me and patted his lap. I walked over (ran is more like it) and jumped on his lap sitting sideways and wrapping my arms around his big neck.

“I’m really glad you have your own place now.”

“I know. No more sneaking around. Freedom at last.”

“You know little dude I really like being with you.”

“I like being with you too, Raven.”

“Sometimes when we’re in public I don’t know if I can keep my hands off of you.”

“I feel the same way. I want to hold you all the time.”

His big strong arms wrapped around me tighter and we kissed softly.

“Let’s go in the bedroom, little man.”

He scooped me up and carried me into the bedroom, placing me on the bed. He turned on the one desk light I had on my bedside table and focused it toward the end of the bed. He stood there in the light for a few seconds before extending his forefinger and beckoning me to the foot of the bed. I got on my knees and made way to the bed’s end kneeling right in front of him.

He took his right arm and bent it flexing his massive bicep. He held it for a few seconds then did the same with his left arm. He let them both relax, then flexed his right arm again, this time grabbing my hand and placing it on top of the gigantic mound. I moved my hand around feeling its hardness and tracing the veins with my fingers. It was so much larger than little bro’s. My hard on was straining in my pants and I could already feel a wet spot forming. Raven relaxed his right arm and flexed his left. I placed my hand on top of that mound as well. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. Still flexing his left, Raven brought up his right and did a double bicep pose for me letting me feel both at the same time. The symmetry of his muscle was incredible. Feeling both massive mounds of hard muscle together made me feel like I was going to cum right then and there. But we were only getting started.

“Take off my shirt,” Raven commanded in a low gravelly voice.

I grabbed at his tank, pulling the damp garment up and over his head exposing the most beautiful and enormous chest I had ever seen, topped by two deep purple nipples the size of lemon slices. He made his pecs dance for me before he took my hands once again and placed them on his chest square in the middle of the two massive slabs of muscle. I felt down the deep cleft between his pecs and traced it around and under each one. I let the back of my hands brush against the large nipples feeling them harden at my touch. I went back and pinched then slightly between my fingers. Raven let out a loud moan as I worked his hard nipples. His hands grabbed my head and pulled my mouth to his left nipple at first. I attached to it and started to tongue and suck on it. Raven let out another loud moan and pulled my head away from his nipple and repositioned it on the other side. He held my head tightly as I worked on the hard nub, tonguing and sucking the sweet flesh. His moaning grew louder the more I sucked on his nipples.

Raven took my head form his nipples and pulled me up to his mouth for a quick tongue-filled kiss. He then let me go. Next, he tensed up his abs forming an intricate series of canals across his stomach. He rolled them for me, showing off his dexterity. I placed my hand on his stomach and began to feel the rock-hard muscularity running my fingers through the inch-deep trenches and over the bulges of muscle. I got to his belly button and swirled my finger around the indentation. Raven let out a little laugh like he was ticklish. I took this cue and thrust my tongue into the small hole and swirled it around. While I was there I decided to lick through all the trenches of his abs. The feeling was heaven having so much muscle under my tongue.

Next, Raven pulled up his shorts a little bit to expose his tremendous thighs covered with veins. He moved them around and then froze them in a fully flexed pose. Huge mountains of muscle on muscle formed beneath his skin covered with veins like rivers on a map. I took my fingertips and traced the rivers as they snaked around the peaks feeling the rock-hard muscles. He did this with each leg showing off muscles like I had never seen before. I dipped my head down and licked his thighs feeling the pulsing of the veins beneath my tongue.

“Which part is your favorite, little man?”

I gave this some thought as I surveyed the giant before me.

“Your biceps I guess,” I said timidly.

“OK. They’re all yours.”

Raven stood there and struck the most awe inspiring double bicep pose I have ever seen. I dove onto one bicep with my mouth and onto the other with my hand simultaneously feeling and tasting the firm muscle. With my tongue I licked the bicep completely before kissing it and sucking on it. I ran my hand around the other one grabbing it and trying to get a hold on something so hard it was like trying to grab marble. Then something extraordinary happened. As I was grabbing and licking Raven’s biceps I felt my cock explode right in my shorts. My cum was trapped between my boxers and my skin making a rather warm feeling. I stopped making love to Raven’s biceps for a minute as I contemplated what had just happened and tried to recover from the head rush of my orgasm.

“Are you OK little man?” Raven seemed concerned.

“Yeah I’m great. You just made me come in my pants.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t be sorry. You’re just THAT hot.”

“Do you wanna get changed?”

“No, I think I’ll stay like this. I’ve still got some more worshipping to do.”

With that I pushed Raven’s forearms on top of his head and dove into his armpit smelling that musky “fresh from a run” scent. It was intoxicating, a smell that comes with being a man, something that I could quickly get used to. I licked each pit tasting his salty goodness and feeling his armpit hair on my tongue. I trailed my tongue down his side until I reached his large nipple again. I sucked and nibbled on it again and drove Raven wild with pleasure. I switched sides and did the same to the other. This seemed to be Raven’s most sensitive area so I gave it extra attention with both my mouth and my hands.

When my mouth reached his strong abs I pulled back and started punching him lightly feeling the hardness of the muscles beneath my fists.

“Just a minute little dude”.

Raven pulled my fists away form his abs. He started to slowly gyrate his abs until he ultimately flexed them in a stationary position.

“Go ahead. Punch me as hard as you can.”

I didn’t want to hurt him, punching him in the stomach so I kind of half-heartedly punched him.

“No little dude, as hard as you can. You can’t hurt me.”

I had to take his word for this. So I wound up and hit him as hard as I could square on the abs. He didn’t flinch an inch, and frankly I think I hurt my hand. His abs were like stone.

“Damn your abs are hard”

“Thanks little dude. Now let’s say you let me kiss you before I go crazy.”

I leaned in, still kneeling on the bed, and brought my mouth to Raven’s. He wrapped his strong arms around me and lifted me off the bed, swinging me around again as we kissed, my feet dangling off the ground. I could feel his hard cock in his running shorts rubbing against mine. We stopped kissing and he lay me down on the bed. Then he mounted the bed on all fours hovering above me. He kicked off his running shoes onto the floor as he slowly moved up the bed like a panther.

Finally his head reached mine. He brushed my hair out of my face and just starred at me for awhile with a big smile on his face.

“I think I’m starting to love you Reed.”

“I know how you feel Raven. I think about you all the time.”

“Same here little dude. I can’t get you out of my mind.”

I reached up and put my hands on his sides kind of stroking him lightly. He lowered his body until he was just on top of me. We could each feel the other breathing. Raven lifted his head and kissed me again, softly on the lips. He grabbed me and flipped us over so that I was on top, still kissing. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against mine again and all of his muscle beneath me. I took my hand and placed it between us right on his cock and started rubbing. He let out a soft moan into my mouth as I pleasured him.

“Make me come in my shorts too,” Raven whispered to me.

I grabbed his thick long cock and started to jack him of through the thin fabric as we continued to make out. I could feel him swelling with each stroke. His cock was so big and thick at this point I was dying to whip it out and into my mouth but I didn’t. I broke our kiss and moved my mouth down to Raven’s sensitive nipple and started to suck and nibble on it. Now he let out a loud moan combined with a gasp. I could tell he was close as his cock was throbbing in my hand. A few more nibbles on his hard nipple and I felt the first shot of hot cum soak through the fabric of his shorts. This was followed by 3 or 4 more shots soaking his shorts with his sweet man cum. I gently licked his nipple as he recovered from the orgasm.

“How was that big dude?”

“You know just what to do to me, little dude.”

He scooped me up in his arms and hugged me tight. Our two wet pairs of shorts were pressed together.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. I froze. Another knock came, followed by the sound of a key going into the lock. The door opened.

“Hey big bro. Are you home?”

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