My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 2]

by Sean O'Malley

Well, I guess after reading chapter 1 you’re wondering how this all got started—me being so into my little bro. The first time I realized I needed to have him was about two years ago. He (Grant is his name) was 13 and I was just 15. I’m Reed by the way. I was sitting on the couch in the basement reading a book and across the room my little bro was working out on our exercise machine. He had just started working out about 6 months earlier but already showed great promise. His arms were thickening as was his chest and his always flat stomach was starting to show definition. This particular day he was working on his legs, laying on his back pressing the weight away with his feet. I couldn’t help but notice how sexy his hairless legs looked as they flexed and relaxed. My dick started to harden the more I watched him strain and press the weights. My hand wandered down to my pants and started to rub my aching cock beneath my jeans. I knew he couldn’t see anything across the room so I slowly unzipped my pants and began rubbing my cock through the thin fabric of my underwear. He continued with his workout completely unaware that I was macking on him from across the room.

“What cha reading big bro”, he asked as he took a break.

DAMN! Had he seen me? Was he just being coy now? Does he even know how to be coy? I gingerly zipped up my pants and pulled my shirt down over my crotch.

“Nothing squirt. Just some book”, I replied casually.

Then he got up off the bench and walked over to the couch where I was laying. He stood there in just a pair of sheer black shorts, his body covered in sweat his scent lofting over my face. For the first time I got a close up look at my sexy little bro’s body. It was magnificent! He was still completely hairless and this made his muscles all the more defined. He held a towel around his neck causing each of his biceps to flex slightly and I watched as the sweat dripped down his arms and into his smooth armpits. My cock was harder than ever. I thought for sure he’d see, but he just made some comment about having a good workout and needing to take a shower and he left. Luckily his scent stayed behind and I drank it up thinking of him.

By the time I made it to my room, his scent had vanished but my hard-on was still going strong. I locked my door and stripped off all of my clothes. I jumped on my bed dick I hand and started fantasizing about my little bro. Him coming into my room right out of the shower and kissing me then ripping off his towel and flexing his muscles for me. Giving me a real muscle worship show. One body part at a time, toying with me tantalizing me with his muscle boy body. Just 13 and he’s already able to give me a raging hard-on. I had to have that stud.

But this was no time for plans. I had business to attend to. I grabbed my cock a little harder and focused in on my little bro pumping iron. Within seconds I knew I was about to come. Think of those legs and that broad chest with those dark nipples on top. Hard nipples. Waiting for my tongue to lick them and suck on them, lightly bite them. See my little bro’s face as I pleasure his body. Hear him beg for more.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”, I let out a moan as quietly as I could as I came all over my stomach and chest, a few drops making it to my face. I could still see my little bro’s body in my mind’s eye as I milked the few remaining drops of jism from my still hard cock.

That’s when I was sure I had to have him.

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