My Muscular Little Bro [Chapter 3]

by Sean O'Malley

So it’s a year later. Our parents are out for the evening and I’m just watching TV in the living room. My little bro, Grant, is upstairs in his room doing god knows what. The show ends and I head upstairs to my room to go to bed. When I walk by Grant’s room I notice the door is slightly ajar and there’s loud music blaring. I decide to take a look and am treated to the sight of my little bro in just a pair of sheer black shorts, lifting weights in front of a full-length mirror.

Let me describe what my little bro looked like at age 14. His shoulders were at least twice as wide as mine and corded with muscles--his biceps had grown to the size of small cantaloupes. His forearms were thick and corded with veins, his hands big and muscular. His pecs were like 2 thick pillows of muscle topped with the most delicious silver-dollar sized nipples that stood erect. Deep troughs of abs covered his belly. His ass was round and filled his shorts nicely. Thighs like tree trunks protruded from his waist and led down to massive calves. His body was still hairless and he had a perma-tan that kept him looking brown and hunky.

So this is what I saw through the crack in the door. Needles to say I had a raging hardon in my pants. My little bro was such a stud and I wanted him so bad. I started to rub my cock through my pants, closing my eyes momentarily to fantasize about the teen god on the other side of the door.

Suddenly the door flew open and a hand grabbed the collar of my shirt pulling me. Before I knew it I was in my little bro’s room with my back against the door, his muscular, sweaty hand on my chest holding me in place. I was a little stunned and very turned on.

“So you like to watch, huh, big bro?” he said with a devilish little smirk.

I honestly couldn’t tell if he was pissed and about to kill me or just playing. He was so strong he easily held me in place. Just then I realized that my dick was tenting in my pants and had made a big wet spot. He saw me look down and I watched as his gaze followed mine and landed on my crotch. He took his free hand and grabbed my cock. The feeling was heaven. He rubbed back and forth over my hard cock.

“I see you DO like to watch me big bro”, he said slyly. “You know what? From now on this will be mine”, he said as he grabbed my cock a little harder in his big strong hand.

Then he did a most unexpected thing. He brought his mouth to mine and gave me a very deep passionate kiss. His tongue explored my mouth and invited mine to do the same. He broke the kiss just long enough to grab my shirt and pull it over my head. Then he pressed his hard body against mine as we continued to make out. I slipped my thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down over his muscular legs. His cock sprang up—5 inches of hard muscle meat. Light brown with a slightly darker head, pre-cum dripping out.

He grabbed me and threw me onto my back on his bed. He grabbed my pants and pulled them off of me leaving my hard cock pointing up at the ceiling. He jumped on top of me sitting on my stomach and flexed his biceps for me. I reached up and grabbed each one in my hands feeling the power of my little bro’s body. My hands then trailed down over his chest and tweaked his nipples. He let out a little moan as his head fell back and his eyes closed. My hands fell further over his deeply cut abs and belly-button down to his beautiful cock.

I grabbed his dick and gave it a slight squeeze. I could tell it was the first time anyone had held his cock. He moaned more and exhaled loudly. He reached back and pulled my cock into the crack of his ass and started moving up and down against it. My pre-cum lubed his crack and made my dick slide easily against the hard muscle.

“I want you inside me big bro”, he whispered in a very sexy voice.

He looked down at me as he said that and I smiled back. I couldn’t believe that all of this was happening, but I was so happy that it was.

He lifted his ass further off of my stomach and guided my cock into his tight 14-year-old hole. Just a few inches at first, then slowly he took it all. I could feel the muscles of his ass clenching and releasing, massaging my cock. When he had taken it all he just sat there for a second and smiled.

“I’ve wanted this for so long, little bro”, I said to him.

“I know big bro”, he replied.

He leaned in and we kissed again, his black wavy hair brushing against my face. As we kissed he started to rock on my throbbing cock bringing me close to orgasm. He broke the kiss and sat back up starting to bounce giving me another view of his beautiful body. His cock was leaking like a faucet and I took the opportunity to sample his boy juice dipping my fingers in the puddle and bringing them to my mouth. The taste was so sweet—like sugar. I got some more on my finger and lifted it to his mouth. He sucked it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around my finger.

Having him suck my finger was more than I could take and I started shooting my load into his tight muscular boy ass. He let out a loud moan and started shooting his load onto my chest and face. Every muscle in his body tensed up and seemed to double in size as he came. His face reddened. His cock seemed to cum for minutes on end shooting the most delicious pearls of his boy juice, all of which I devoured.

Having spent himself he fell on top of me drenched in sweat. My cock still resided in his hungry hole. I softly stroked his long wavy hair.

“You know I love you little bro”, I said to him.

“Yeah, I know big bro”, he replied.

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